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Children's Chapter Books 6/8/2011-6/12/2011

These are the Children's Chapter Books books released on Kindle between 6/8/2011 and 6/12/2011:
For a general introduction and statement about why this blog exists see About the New Ebook Release Blog.
The book lists is divided into two portions, the books that are published by an agency publisher (which generally means they are of more interest) or which I personally found interesting, and those which are not.
The second list will contain some very interesting books on average, but will also have a much larger number of books to look through. For a more detailed discussion of this distinction see Agency Books

I really have no great insight for Children's Chapter Books books, if some of these books are of special interest, please comment on them below

Agency Released Books
TitlePriceAuthor(s)Release DatePublisher
Dragon Castle10.99Joseph Bruchac6/9/2011DIAL
Non Agency Released Books
TitlePriceAuthor(s)Release DatePublisher
How To Date The Hottest Women... Online And Offline - Dating tips eBook Superstore,0.99eBook 4U6/8/2011Amazon Digital Services
Poogle the Discoverer3.99Christopher Ackerman6/10/2011Trafford
Princess Cookies (Fun Rhyming Picture Book Plus Delicious Recipe to Try with Your Child)2.99Sharlene Alexander6/8/2011Amazon Digital Services
Ivy, Homeless in San Francisco9.60Summer Brenner Brian Bowes6/10/2011PM Press
What We Keep Is Not Always What Will Stay7.96Amanda Cockrell6/8/2011Flux
Lake Caerwych2.99J Conrad6/10/2011J. Conrad
Worm Farming2.99Darren Cook6/10/2011Amazon Digital Services
Coexist (Keegan's Chronicles)2.99Julia Crane6/10/2011Valknut Press
DOG OWNERS GUIDE-OWNING AND TRANING YOUR DOG!3.99Paul Daniel6/8/2011Amazon Digital Services
A MAN'S DATING GUIDE TO FIND PERFECT WOMEN!3.99Paul Daniel6/8/2011Amazon Digital Services
Die Nebelhexe Gisela (German Edition)4.50Claudia Duhonj-Gabersek6/8/2011Amazon Digital Services
The Bracelets: A Short Story Taken From "The Parent's Assistant - Stories for Children"2.99Maria Edgeworth6/8/2011Petra Books
The False Key: A Short Story Taken From "The Parent's Assistant - Stories for Children"2.99Maria Edgeworth6/8/2011Petra Books
Channelled (The Region of the Summer Stars)4.99Nicola Edwards6/8/2011Amazon Digital Services
Pointing the Finger (Little Tyke Murder Mysteries)4.99Ann Evans6/8/2011Amazon Digital Services
The Dumpy Princess9.99Karin Fernald6/8/2011Frances Lincoln Ebooks
Bertie's Big Adventure2.99Peter Fogarty6/9/2011Amazon Digital Services
Ilona wird Kibbuznik (German Edition)7.99Anita Friedrich6/10/2011Aaronis Collection
Andher Nagari2.99Shwetha E. George6/9/2011D C Books
The Adventures of Little Dog Koko4.99J.R. Hardin6/8/2011Boutique of Quality Books Publishing Company
Peter Goldthwaite's Treasure: A Short Story for Children Taken From "Twice Told Tales"1.99Nathaniel Hawthorne6/8/2011Petra Books
The Prophetic Pictures: A Short Story Taken From "Twice Told Tales"1.99Nathaniel Hawthorne6/8/2011Petra Books
Wayward (The Silver Falls Series)3.00Casey Head6/10/2011Amazon Digital Services
The Return of the Brownies (The Gate Between the Worlds)9.99M.E. Heller6/8/2011Celestine Press
The Return of the Brownies (The Gate Between the Worlds)9.99M.E. Heller6/8/2011Celestine Press
BOTH SIDES THE BORDER [DIGITALLY ENHANCED]1.35G. A. (George Alfred) Henty6/8/2011Classics-Unbound
BY CONDUCT AND COURAGE [DIGITALLY ENHANCED]1.35G. A. (George Alfred) Henty6/8/2011Classics-Unbound
CAPTAIN BAYLEY'S HEIR [DIGITALLY ENHANCED]1.35G. A. (George Alfred) Henty6/8/2011Classics-Unbound
CONDEMNED AS A NIHILIST [DIGITALLY ENHANCED]1.35G. A. (George Alfred) Henty6/8/2011Classics-Unbound
A GIRL OF THE COMMUNE [DIGITALLY ENHANCED]1.35G. A. (George Alfred) Henty6/8/2011Classics-Unbound
A JACOBITE EXILE [DIGITALLY ENHANCED]1.35G. A. (George Alfred) Henty6/8/2011Classics-Unbound
A KNIGHT OF THE WHITE CROSS [DIGITALLY ENHANCED]1.35G. A. (George Alfred) Henty6/8/2011Classics-Unbound
The Purple Car2.99Robert Holland6/8/2011Frost Hollow Publishers, L.L.C.
The Girl with the Crystal Gun5.99KT Holmgren6/10/2011Publish Green
Vordak the Incomprehensible: How to Grow Up and Rule the World9.30Vordak T. Incomprehensible6/8/2011EgmontUSA
Serões honestos: contos portugueses (Portuguese Edition)1.47Cipriano Jardim6/10/2011(zero papel)
The Life and Times of Elizabeth and the Duchess (Caspian University Novels)3.97Etta King6/8/2011CreateSpace
Capixaba (Portuguese Edition)4.99Ivan King6/10/2011Valley Group Media
Peter Page and the Book of the Bad2.99Don Larson6/10/2011Amazon Digital Services
CURSE OF THE NORTHERN WITCH0.99Jeffrey Legere6/8/2011Jeffery Legere
A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO BUY A PET DOG4.99Andrew Lim6/10/2011Amazon Digital Services
Exile9.99Rebecca Lim6/9/2011HarperCollinsChildren'sBooks
Gill Zillian and the Gloom of Goodhill Manor (The Wish Keeper Chronicles)7.00Adrian Lindery6/8/2011Amazon Digital Services
Mortal Ghost0.99L. Lee Lowe6/8/2011Amazon Digital Services
The Forgotten Locket9.99Lisa Mangum6/9/2011Deseret Book Company
Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer: The Thrill Points Race3.19Jamie Michalak6/10/2011Candlewick
Child's Guide to the Prisidents of Mount Rushmore2.99Charles Morris6/8/2011A. J. Cornell Publications
Far Off or, Asia and Australia Described - also includes an annotated bibliography on select works associated with Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand0.99Favell Lee Mortimer6/8/2011Amazon Digital Services
Inside-Outside Dinosaurs17.99Roxie Munro6/10/2011Marshall Cavendish Corporation
Blue Monkey2.99Diane Pankratz6/8/2011Pankratz Creations
Best Friends Forever17.99Beverly Patt6/9/2011Marshall Cavendish Corporation
LITTLE BRONZE PLAYFELLOWS - A Phantasy for Children and Grown-Ups1.99Stella George Stern Perry6/8/2011Oak Grove
Samantha Smart: Time Traveler2.99Maxwell Puggle6/10/2011Exocubic Media
Basils Birds17.99Lynn Rowe Reed6/9/2011Marshall Cavendish Corporation
Dash (Saderia Series)5.00Sarah Renee6/10/2011Tiger Print Books
Glacier Kings2.99Richard C. Rogers6/10/2011Amazon Digital Services
Bandit's Surprise16.99Karen Rostoker-Gruber6/9/2011Marshall Cavendish Corporation
A Job for Susan (The Susan books)9.99Jane Shaw6/8/2011Bettany Press
eBook on How To Date The Hottest Women... Online And Offline, eBook Stash Dating..0.99eBook Shelf6/8/2011Amazon Digital Services
Keep Her Safe5.99D.M. Simons6/8/2011Matador
How To Boost Your Self Esteem2.99NLC Staff6/8/2011Newbie Learning
The Quicksilver Faire: The Scions of Shadow Trilogy, Book 27.96Gillian Summers6/8/2011Flux
Way to Wedding Budget Made Easy! "Marriage eBook Shelf"0.99eBook Superstore6/10/2011Amazon Digital Services
BFF, Boyfriends Are Not Forever3.99Emily Turner6/9/2011Amazon Digital Services
Condors' Quest (The Astral Legacies)2.99Gordon Volke6/8/2011Top That! Publishing
Elephants' Call (The Astral Legacies)2.99Gordon Volke6/8/2011Top That! Publishing
Orcas' Song (The Astral Legacies)2.99Gordon Volke6/8/2011Top That! Publishing plc
City Witch, Country Switch16.99Wendy Wax6/10/2011Marshall Cavendish Corporation
Obama: Only in America17.99Carol Boston Weatherford6/10/2011Marshall Cavendish Corporation
First Pooch: The Obama's Pick a Pet16.99Carole Boston Weatherford6/10/2011Marshall Cavendish Corporation
If I Was An Animal Which One Would I Be?0.99Christina Weimer6/8/2011Amazon Digital Services
Nearly Bedtime: Five Short Stories for the Little Ones2.99H. Mary Wilson6/8/2011Petra Books
Die Mondblumenpflückerin (German Edition)9.97Germaine Angélique Wittemann6/8/2011AAVAA Verlag UG
Button Hook Child4.99Rickie Wood-Bovee6/8/2011Three Bars Publishing
Scruffy Bear and the Six White Mice9.99Christopher Wormell6/9/2011RHCB Digital
The Old Fortress Dog (Illustrated)2.99Ruth G. Zavitsanos6/8/2011Wild Child Publishing

Below are some statistics about the publishers. To reduce the size of the list, publishers who only published one book during this time period are grouped together.
In addition books with no available publisher are grouped under Amazon Digital Services. Agency publishers are in bold.

Publisher Statistics
PublisherNumber of BooksMinimum PriceMean(average) priceMedian (mid point) priceMode (most common) priceMaximum Price
ALL Books780.995.503.192.9917.99
Agency publishers110.9910.9910.9910.9910.99
Non Agency publishers770.995.433.002.9917.99
Other Publishers (only 1 book each)320.995.484.492.9910.99
Amazon Digital Services210.993.162.990.997.00
Marshall Cavendish Corporation716.9917.5617.9917.9917.99
Petra Books51.992.592.492.992.99
Top That! Publishing22.992.992.992.992.99
Celestine Press29.999.999.999.999.99

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