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Mystery and Thriller 7/1/2011-7/6/2011

These are the Mystery & Thrillers ebooks books released on Kindle between 7/1/2011 and 7/6/2011. In addition to the books published during this time, I'm playing catch-up and picking up some books that are listed with an earlier release date, but were not published on that release date.

For a general introduction and statement about why this blog exists see About the New Ebook Release Blog.

The book lists is divided into two portions, the books that are published by an agency publisher (which generally means they are of more interest) or which I personally found interesting, and those which are not.

The second list will contain some very interesting books on average, but will also have a much larger number of books to look through. For a more detailed discussion of this distinction see Agency Books

I really have no great insight for Mystery & Thrillers books, if some of these books are of special interest, please comment on them below

Agency Released Books
TitlePriceAuthor(s)Release DatePublisher
Adrenaline11.99Jeff Abbott7/1/2011Grand Central Publishing
The Darling Dahlias and the Naked Ladies12.99Susan Albert7/5/2011Berkley
Foul Play at the PTA6.99Laura Alden7/5/2011NAL
Chihuahua of the Baskervilles10.99Esri Allbritten7/5/2011Macmillan
Death of a Glutton6.99M. C. Beaton7/1/2011Grand Central Publishing
Death of a Greedy Woman (Hamish Macbeth Mystery)6.99M. C. Beaton7/1/2011Grand Central Publishing
A Death in Summer: A Novel11.99Benjamin Black7/5/2011Henry Holt and Co.
Skirting the Grave7.99Annette Blair7/5/2011Berkley
No Rest for the Dead11.99Sandra Brown,R.L. Stine,Lisa Scottoline,Jeffery Deaver,David Baldacci7/5/2011Touchstone
A Game of Lies11.99Rebecca Cantrell7/5/2011Forge Books
Patricia Cornwell FIVE SCARPETTA NOVELS49.99Patricia Cornwell7/5/2011Berkley
The Wild Hog Murders: A Dan Rhodes Mystery11.99Bill Crider7/5/2011Minotaur Books
Deadly Cove: A Lewis Cole Mystery11.99Brendan DuBois7/5/2011Minotaur Books
Infernal Angels11.99Loren D. Estleman7/5/2011Forge Books
The Silent Girl: A Rizzoli & Isles Novel12.99Tess Gerritsen7/5/2011Ballantine Books
Burn Notice: The Bad Beat7.99Tod Goldberg7/5/2011NAL
Pacific Heights: A Novel11.99Paul Harper7/5/2011Henry Holt and Co.
Deed to Death5.99D.B. Henson7/5/2011Touchstone
Creep10.99Jennifer Hillier7/5/2011Gallery
You're Next11.99Gregg Hurwitz7/5/2011St. Martin's Press
Betrayal of Trust: A J. P. Beaumont Novel12.99J. A. Jance7/5/2011Harper Collins, Inc.
Steal the Show: A Willis Gidney Mystery11.99Thomas Kaufman7/5/2011Minotaur Books
Beekeeping for Beginners (Short Story)0.99Laurie R. King7/6/2011Bantam
Vision Impossible: A Psychic Eye Mystery10.99Victoria Laurie7/5/2011NAL
Dominance11.99Will Lavender7/5/2011Simon & Schuster
Books Can Be Deceiving7.99Jenn McKinlay7/5/2011Berkley
A Killing in Antiques: A Lucy St. Elmo Antiques Mystery6.99Mary Moody7/5/2011NAL
The Vault11.99Boyd Morrison7/5/2011Touchstone
Body Work: A V.I. Warshawski Novel9.99Sara Paretsky7/5/2011Signet
The Explorer's Code12.99Kitty Pilgrim7/5/2011Scribner
Blind Fury9.99Lynda La Plante7/5/2011Touchstone
Your Friendly Neighborhood Criminal11.99Michael Van Rooy7/5/2011Minotaur Books
One Dog Night11.99David Rosenfelt7/5/2011Minotaur Books
The Guilty Plea: A Novel12.99Robert Rotenberg7/5/2011Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Daniel Silva GABRIEL ALLON Novels 1-439.99Daniel Silva7/5/2011Signet
Daniel Silva GABRIEL ALLON Novels 5-839.99Daniel Silva7/5/2011Signet
Summer of Night9.99Dan Simmons7/5/2011St. Martin's Griffin
Never Knowing11.99Chevy Stevens7/5/2011St. Martin's Press
A Taste of the Nightlife: A Vampire Chef Mystery7.99Sarah Zettel7/5/2011NAL

Non Agency Released Books
TitlePriceAuthor(s)Release DatePublisher
Hotel Bosphorus9.99Esmahan Aykol7/1/2011Bitter Lemon Press
Dead Man's Secret, A9.99Simon Beaufort7/1/2011Severn House Digital
Simon Magus2.99Eric Berman7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
White Silhouette0.99Steve Blaylock7/1/2011SW Blaylock
Absolution Withheld0.99J.H. Bográn7/1/2011Whiskey Creek Press LLC
Chosen7.99Paula Bradley7/5/2011The Fiction Studio
Darker By Degree2.99Susan Branham,Keri Knutson7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
Crazy in Paradise2.99Deborah Brown7/1/2011Paradise Books, LLC
The Other Side of the Curtain2.99Cora Buhlert7/1/2011Pegasus Pulp Publishing
Arctic Fire2.99Paul Byers7/1/2011Fortress Publications
Crime Fraiche9.99Alexander Campion7/1/2011Kensington Books
BIGFOOT VALLEY (Gene Martin Thrillers)8.00Johnny Carlton7/1/2011Fort Carlton Studios Incorporated
The Secret Adversary - By Agatha Christie - Optimized with an active Table Of Contents [Illustrated]0.99Agatha Christie7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
CRUEL & DANGEROUS3.99Carolyn Chambers Clark,Anthony Auriemma7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
BAJAM7.99Allan Copeland7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
Anarchy and Old Dogs9.88Colin Cotterill7/5/2011Soho Crime
Curse of the Pogo Stick9.92Colin Cotterill7/5/2011Soho Crime
Disco for the Departed9.99Colin Cotterill7/5/2011Soho Crime
Love Songs from a Shallow Grave9.99Colin Cotterill7/5/2011Soho Crime
The Merry Misogynist9.99Colin Cotterill7/5/2011Soho Crime
Opfer können keine Rache nehmen - Folge 2820: Jerry Cotton (German Edition)1.59Jerry Cotton7/5/2011Bastei Luebbe
A Day Without Sunshine0.99R.G. Crossley7/1/201153rd Street Publishing
Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys3.99Holly Day,Suzanne Robb,Bennie Newsome,Rebecca Snow,Adam Millard,Chantal Boudreau,Harley Pitts,Aaron Garrison,Matthew Williamson7/1/2011May December Publications LLC
The Case of the Claw - SCPD #13.99Keith R. A. DeCandido7/1/2011Crossroad Press
Fountainhead Of Fear2.99Johnathon Devere7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
The Light Bringer9.99Chris DiGiuseppi,Mike Force7/1/2011HCI
Fractured: Book 2 - Colton Parker Mysteries2.99Brandt Dodson7/1/2011Greenbrier Book Company
Inside Threat (A Riley Covington Thriller)9.67Jason Elam7/1/2011Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
SHATTERED2.99Earl Ferrier7/1/
Unhinged7.99E. J. Findorff7/1/2011Medallion Press
Death in the Polka Dot Shoes: A Novel7.95Marlin Fitzwater7/1/2011CCB Publishing
Die Fieberkurve - Ein Wachtmeister Studer Kriminalroman (German Edition)0.99Friedrich C. Friedrich Glauser7/1/2011Null Papier
Off the Record9.99Dolores Gordon-Smith7/1/2011Severn House Digital
Body Line9.99Cynthia Harrod-Eagles7/1/2011Severn House Digital
It's Always Five O'clock4.95W.L. Heath7/1/2011Merrill Heath
False Money9.99Veronica Heley7/1/2011Severn House Digital
The Hunter (Johnson-Ingram Detectives)0.99Scott Hendricks7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
Chalk One Up to Murder0.99Bailey M. Hines7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
The Office of Lost and Found3.99Vincent Holland-Keen7/1/2011Anarchy Books
Phoenix Rising4.76William W. Johnstone,J.A. Johnstone7/1/2011Pinnacle Books
"Real Estate Is for Blood"2.99Patricia Johnston7/2/2011Patricia D. Johnston
Josiah Hartt - Blood and Baltazar1.50Liam Inscoe - Jones7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
Die Orgel (German Edition)5.00Jean C. Julier7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
Deniable Asset2.99Denis Kilcommons7/1/2011Lorcan Books
Director's Cut2.99Keri Knutson,Susan Branham7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
Turn of Mind9.99Alice Laplante7/5/2011Atlantic Monthly Press
House Divided: A Joe DeMarco Thriller9.99Mike Lawson7/5/2011Atlantic Monthly Press
Death of A Trophy Wife5.43Laura Levine7/1/2011Kensington Publishing Corp
Fear The Night3.83John Lutz7/1/2011Kensington Publishing Corp
Yesterday's Secret Sins3.99Jaime Lynn7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
Cast into Doubt9.99Patricia MacDonald7/1/2011Severn House Digital
Satans Erbe (German Edition)8.81John Maylynn7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
Bluebirds and Dead Canaries [an unusual mystery]1.99Michael McGee7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
Messin' Around1.50David McGhee7/2/2011Amazon Digital Services
English Tea Murder9.99Leslie Meier7/1/2011Kensington Books
Quiet As It's Kept6.64Monique Miller7/1/2011Urban Books
The Mailman Murders0.99Ken Mink7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
The Raven Deception7.97Michael Murray7/1/2011iPicturebooks
Good Lawyer, Dead Lawyer2.99Richard Muti7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
Murder at the Mayfair0.99Don Narus7/2/2011Don Narus/New Albany Books
The Lives of Skeletons2.99S.A. Nicola7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
Been There Done That (The Thornton Chronicles Deja vu)8.99Mariam Arilla Nicoll7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
Dead but not Buried2.99Iain North7/1/2011Amenta Publishing
The Avenger: A thriller novel. The story of an English curate and his connection with the fair occupant of a near-by yellow house.2.99E. Phillips Oppenheim7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
Arnie's Last Kill1.99Aleister Page7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
Capitol Punishment2.99Ryne Douglas Pearson7/1/2011Schmuck & Underwood
IN HOPES OF HEAVEN6.99David L. Ruggeri7/1/2011Dreamfactory
Bone Ash2.99Marty Russell7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
Klare Verhältnisse (German Edition)5.00Lina Schircko7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
Twilight Son6.95Nina Schluntz7/1/2011Llumina Press
Twilight Trinity6.95Nina Schluntz7/1/2011Llumina Press
In Darkness9.99Sydney Setterlund7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
Scriven2.99Helen Shang7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
Echoes of the Dead9.99Sally Spencer7/1/2011Severn House Digital
Sleeping Earth and Waking Moon2.99Philip Swan7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
Guilty as Sin5.59Joseph Teller7/1/2011Mira
Camp Conviction (The Serena Wilcox Mysteries)0.99Natalie Buske Thomas7/1/2011Independent Spirit Publishing

Below are some statistics about the publishers. To reduce the size of the list, publishers who only published one book during this time period are grouped together.

In addition books with no available publisher are grouped under Amazon Digital Services. Agency publishers are in bold.

Publisher Statistics
PublisherNumber of BooksMinimum PriceMean(average) priceMedian (mid point) priceMode (most common) priceMaximum Price
ALL Books1190.997.977.999.9949.99
Agency publishers400.9912.8911.9911.9949.99
Non Agency publishers790.995.473.992.999.99
Other Publishers (only 1 book each)440.996.205.272.9912.99
Amazon Digital Services260.993.642.992.999.99
Severn House Digital69.999.999.999.999.99
Minotaur Books511.9911.9911.9911.9911.99
Soho Crime59.889.959.969.999.99
Grand Central Publishing36.998.666.996.9911.99
Llumina Press26.956.956.956.956.95
Kensington Publishing Corp23.834.635.435.435.43
Atlantic Monthly Press29.999.999.999.999.99
St. Martin's Press211.9911.9911.9911.9911.99
Forge Books211.9911.9911.9911.9911.99
Kensington Books29.999.999.999.999.99
Henry Holt and Co.211.9911.9911.9911.9911.99

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