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Science Fiction 7/1/2011-7/6/2011

These are the Science Fiction ebooks books released on Kindle between 7/1/2011 and 7/6/2011. In addition to the books published during this time, I'm playing catch-up and picking up some books that are listed with an earlier release date, but were not published on that release date.

For a general introduction and statement about why this blog exists see About the New Ebook Release Blog.

The book lists is divided into two portions, the books that are published by an agency publisher (which generally means they are of more interest) or which I personally found interesting, and those which are not.

The second list will contain some very interesting books on average, but will also have a much larger number of books to look through. For a more detailed discussion of this distinction see Agency Books

Below are some books that I found interesting during this timeperiod. I'm sure that there are other interesting books, I encourage people to point out good books in the comments.

Recomended Releases
The Pandahem Cycle I [The Saga of Dray Prescot ebook omnibus #8]Alan Burt AkersI liked the Dray Prescot books, I though they were one of the better 'John Carter' derived series, and I actually like them better than the Burroughs series. I wouldn't start here, but $9.99 for 4 books is a good price.
Naked City: Tales of Urban FantasyEllen DatlowA collection of Urban Fantasy stories by some very good Urban Fantasy writers.
7th SigmaSteven GouldI've read previews of this book, and this looks like a very good western/science fiction story. Steven Gould is talented, and his world looks to be very intereresting.
The Time Traders: A Science Fiction NovelAndre NortonOne of my favorite Andre Norton books, I suspect its public domain however.
Rule 34Charles StrossCharles Stross is one of the best science fiction writers today.

Agency Released Books
TitlePriceAuthor(s)Release DatePublisher
The Pandahem Cycle I [The Saga of Dray Prescot ebook omnibus #8]9.99Alan Burt Akers7/1/2011Mushroom eBooks
Naked City: Tales of Urban Fantasy9.99Ellen Datlow7/5/2011St. Martin's Griffin
The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Eighth Annual Collection7.99Gardner Dozois7/5/2011St. Martin's Griffin
7th Sigma11.99Steven Gould7/5/2011Tor Books
The Time Traders: A Science Fiction Novel2.99Andre Norton7/2/2011Petra Books
Hell Ship9.99Philip Palmer7/1/2011Orbit
Star Trek: U.S.S. Enterprise Haynes Manual12.99Ben Robinson,Marcus Riley7/1/2011Gallery
Flashback14.99Dan Simmons7/1/2011Reagan Arthur Books
The Final Evolution7.99Jeff Somers7/1/2011Orbit
Conan the Barbarian7.99Michael Stackpole7/5/2011Berkley
Rule 3412.99Charles Stross7/5/2011Ace
Vortex12.99Robert Charles Wilson7/5/2011Tor Books

Non Agency Released Books
TitlePriceAuthor(s)Release DatePublisher
2032 - 7 Days0.99A.S. Anand7/4/2011Red Birch Publishing
Alternitech2.99Kevin J Anderson7/1/2011WordFire Press
Rising (The Phoenix Group)2.99Colin Andrews7/4/2011Colin Andrews
Sea's Dance (Sea Scape)7.95J. E. Andrews7/4/2011Amazon Digital Services
Hiding Darkly0.99Stephen Beam7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
Total Escape2.99Andrew Benson7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
Assassin: A Short Science Fiction Novel2.99Jesse F. Bone7/2/2011Petra Books
Noble Redman: A Short Science Fiction Novel2.99Jesse F. Bone7/2/2011Petra Books
Pandemic: A Short Science Fiction Novel2.99Jesse F. Bone7/2/2011Petra Books
A Question of Courage: A Short Science Fiction Novel2.99Jesse F. Bone7/2/2011Petra Books
To Choke an Ocean: A Short Science Fiction Novel2.99Jesse F. Bone7/2/2011Petra Books
Two Science Fiction Novels by Jesse F. Bone: The Issahar Artifacts and A Prize for Edie2.99Jesse F. Bone7/2/2011Petra Books
The Memnonium (Poe's Genome)0.99Timothy Brandt,Frederick Tibbetts7/4/2011Amazon Digital Services
Zombie Vegas 3: Breaking up in Vegas5.00David N. Brown7/3/2011Amazon Digital Services
Railroad! Volume One:Rodger Dodger0.99Tonia Brown7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
Journey to Atlantis (Atlantis Series)3.50Alan W. Burch7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
The Unliving: A Personal Tale of Zombe Apocalypse8.99Morgan Caraway7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
A Bad Boy0.99Steve Challis7/4/2011Amazon Digital Services
LOTTERY3.00Gary Flynn Chandler7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
BAJAM6.99Allan Copeland7/2/2011Amazon Digital Services
Damnation Day 2 - Games People Play4.99Val Cornish7/3/2011Deepstar Publishing
Break Out (A Blood Hunter Novel)0.99Nina Croft7/1/2011Entangled Publishing, LLC
Houses of Common: Sterile Field0.99Derick William Dalton7/5/2011Amazon Digital Services
Houses of Common, part one2.99Derick William Dalton7/4/2011Amazon Digital Services
Houses of Common, part two1.99Derick William Dalton7/4/2011Amazon Digital Services
Three Space Shorts0.99Duke Davis7/2/2011Warm Stone Publishing
One Summer4.99Tracey Dawson7/4/2011Amazon Digital Services
Real Grid0.99Michael Deering7/2/2011Amazon Digital Services
The Assateauge Incident5.99Dou Ting Didymus7/1/2011Kindle Direct Publishing
At the End of the Tunnel0.99Owen Duff7/2/2011Amazon Digital Services
howie (screenplay) (unproduced screenplays)0.99Martin Duffy7/3/2011Amazon Digital Services
The Clockwork Rocket3.99Greg Egan7/1/2011Night Shade Books
The Prodigal Hour2.99Will Entrekin7/1/2011Exciting Press
Chak Chak The Last T-Rex0.99Art Epstein7/4/2011Amazon Digital Services
Too Bright the Sun0.99Lazlo Ferran7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
The Emergence of Latin American Science Fiction9.99Rachel Haywood Ferreira7/1/2011Wesleyan
Waliens: Close Encounters of The Welsh Kind (The Waliens Saga)2.99R.W. Finlan,Darren Bowker-Powis7/3/2011Daric Books
Accidental Flight (Original Version)2.90Floyd L. Wallace 7/5/2011Amazon Digital Services
The Erbeth Transmissions9.95Fritz Fredric7/1/2011Runa-Raven Press
The Lonely Sun2.99Lee Fuller7/1/2011iUniverse
A Destiny of Fools2.99Ejner Fulsang7/2/2011Aarhus Publishing
The Clean Slate Accord2.99Sofia Diana Gabel7/4/2011Untreed Reads Publishing
Stones In The Sky4.99Rupert Goodwins7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
Stones In The sky4.99Rupert Goodwins7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
Regeneration (The Seventh Age of Man)0.99Kevin Gordon7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
Mind Warriors, Book 2, Enemies7.99Sharon Green7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
Diana Santee, Book 10: Restin (Diana Santee, Special Agent)5.99Sharon Green7/2/2011Amazon Digital Services
Diana Santee, Book 11: Absar (Diana Santee, Special Agent)5.99Sharon Green7/2/2011Amazon Digital Services
Across the Zodiac (Original Version)2.90Percy Greg7/5/2011Amazon Digital Services
The Invasion of Earth - Volume Two - Second Edition9.95Fred Grundy7/2/2011Fred Grundy
Corsair0.99Slava Heretz7/2/2011Amazon Digital Services
Clays Beneath the Skies3.99M.C.A. Hogarth7/1/2011Stardancer Studios
The Nordic0.99J.W. Holmes7/3/2011Amazon Digital Services
Tales of the Interverse Faire; Da Guv2.99Steve Hyde7/4/2011Steve Hyde
The Memes of Delta Destiny Part 2 - Survival0.99William John James7/5/2011Amazon Digital Services
Jur: A Story of Pre-dawn Earth5.50Tom Johnson,James Reasoner7/2/2011Aspen Mountain Press
The Elemental Task0.99Maria K.7/3/2011TSK Group, LLC
Dinosaur Train4.99Taro Kawakami7/3/2011Amazon Digital Services
Camelot0.99W. C. Kilby7/4/2011W. C. Kilby
Nothing Human3.99Nancy Kress7/4/2011Amazon Digital Services
Inquilus3.00Felicity Lennie7/4/2011Amazon
Space Archaeology: Science Fiction Encounters the Past2.99Jack London,Chester S. Geier,C. L. Moore,Rog Phillips,Raymond Z. Gallun,Irving Cox,Roger Dee,H. Beam Piper,Robert Abernathy7/5/
Eminent Plague22.00Don Lowell7/4/2011Dorrance Publishing
Genesis2.99Mark Mackey7/2/2011Jessina and Montalay Publications
Sarah Heathcote and the Portals of Time. The Search Begins.2.99John Marchant7/2/2011Amazon Digital Services
The String Weavers4.99J.A. Marlow7/1/2011Star Catcher Publishing
Quantum Magic4.99Amanda McCarter7/1/2011Evil Panda Press
Ingenious (Synchronicity Trilogy)1.99Michael McCloskey7/2/2011Amazon Digital Services
Uniqueness Counts0.99Elizabeth McCoy7/4/2011Amazon Digital Services
Discount 3-Pack (Volume 1) [With stories: "Bluebirds and Dead Canaries", "Uniform", and "Big Business"]3.99Michael McGee7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
Discount 3-Pack (Volume 2) [With stories: "The Immortals of Penthouse 8", "Goodbye, Cruel World", and "Captain Peterpin's Trip to the Sun"]2.99Michael McGee7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
Goodbye, Cruel World - (a dark sci-fi comedy)0.99Michael McGee7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
The Immortals of Penthouse 8 [a dark sci-fi novelette]0.99Michael McGee7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
Bluebirds and Dead Canaries [an unusual mystery]1.99Michael McGee7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
UNIFORM [a sci-fi thriller w/ a little "romance"]1.99Michael McGee7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
Messin' Around1.50David McGhee7/2/2011Amazon Digital Services
Waverly Hall4.99Brian Melton7/1/2011Lantern Hollow Press
Science Fiction in India6.99Dr. Arvind Mishra,Dr. Manoj K. Patairiya7/4/2011Ayush Books
Man: The Animal (The Man)8.99L A Morgan7/4/2011L A Morgan
The Chronicles of Jason Debree: The City of Death4.99Jeremiah Moseley7/4/2011Jeremiah Moseley
Lost Magic2.50Susan Murray7/4/2011Amazon Digital Services
The Grand Stratagem (The Galactic Collectors Series)2.99Harry Neack7/1/2011Harry Neack
Key Out of Time: A Science Fiction Novel2.99Andre Norton7/2/2011Petra Books
Renewal 3 - Your Basic Swiss Family0.99JF Perkins7/1/2011JF Perkins
Earth Blend (The Blend Series)2.99Lori Pescatore7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
DinoFuture: The Forming of a Union2.99D. A. Pierdomenico7/3/2011Amazon Digital Services
The Mages of the Mountains (The Fire)0.99Patrick Henry (a pseudonym)7/4/2011Amazon Digital Services
The Phantom of the Poles2.99William Reed7/2/2011Amazon Digital Services
Silent Observers0.99C.D. Reimer7/1/2011C.D. Reimer & Associates
The Lost Diaries of John Smith2.99Phillip Rhodes7/2/2011Amazon Digital Services
Twilight City: Alleyway Blues Episode two0.99Harold Roldie7/4/2011Harold Roldie
Origin: The Hidden Prophecy0.99Sean Ross7/2/2011Amazon Digital Services
Monday's Child3.49Jessica D. Russell7/3/2011Aspen Mountain Press
Janissary Prime4.99Sava Sams7/3/2011Amazon Digital Services
Hunting Kat2.99PJ Schnyder7/4/2011Carina Press
Distances (Conversation Pieces)5.95Vandana Singh7/1/2011Aqueduct Press
Message from Space0.99Sexy Singles7/4/2011Amazon Digital Services
Chewy, Gooey, Fruit Things4.99David Sloma7/2/2011Web of Life Solutions
The Galaxy Primes: A Science Fiction Novel2.99Edward Elmer Smith7/2/2011Petra Books
OSAMA THE GUN7.00Norman Spinrad7/2/2011Norman Spinrad
Treasure Asteroid0.99Robert Louis Stevenson,Charles Perkins7/4/2011Charles Perkins
To The Stars (The Harry Irons Trilogy)2.99Thomas Stone7/4/2011Cooper's Press
Foreman v. Xymos, Inc.: A Nanotechnology Trial7.50Victoria Sutton7/4/2011Amazon Digital Services
The Way It Should Be2.99Mollyann Tabachnikov7/4/2011Amazon Digital Services
The Master key (Lancaster series)5.99T.K. Toppin7/3/2011Champagne Books
Mary Rose5.00Reginald Tripp7/1/2011Reginald Tripp
Fargo Company0.99Richard Walsh7/1/2011Amazon Digital Services
Phobic Dawn2.99Katy Walters7/1/2011Dam Good Publishing
SALIGIA0.99Gerard A. Whitfield7/2/2011Gerard A. Whitfield
Sundancer's Regret: Episode 3 (The Wish and the Will)2.99Chaz Wood7/2/2011Fenriswulf Books
Das letzte Duell - Folge 299: Maddrax, Die dunkle Zukunft der Erde (German Edition)1.59Jo Zybell7/5/2011Bastei Luebbe
The Possible Destinations: A Novel (Justice-Injustice)3.99HNP7/4/2011H. N. Pokharel

Below are some statistics about the publishers. To reduce the size of the list, publishers who only published one book during this time period are grouped together.

In addition books with no available publisher are grouped under Amazon Digital Services. Agency publishers are in bold.

Publisher Statistics
PublisherNumber of BooksMinimum PriceMean(average) priceMedian (mid point) priceMode (most common) priceMaximum Price
ALL Books1290.994.192.992.9922.00
Agency publishers107.9910.9911.997.9914.99
Non Agency publishers1190.993.622.992.9922.00
Other Publishers (only 1 book each)520.994.963.002.9922.00
Amazon Digital Services560.992.912.700.998.99
Petra Books92.992.992.992.992.99
BBC Digital45.665.685.685.665.70
Aspen Mountain Press23.494.505.505.505.50
Tor Books211.9912.4912.9911.9912.99
St. Martin's Griffin27.998.999.999.999.99

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