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Romance 1/14/12-1/22/12

Romance Kindle ebooks between 1/14/2012 and 1/22/2012.

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Below are some books that I found interesting during this timeperiod. I'm sure that there are other interesting books, I encourage people to point out good books in the comments.

Recomended Releases

Dark VictoryMichele LangThis looked very interesting. The first book in the series Lady Lazurus is available for $2.99.

Between 1/14/2012 and 1/22/2012: 823 Romance Kindle books were released. Click 'Read More' to see the complete list

Released Books Kindle ebooks

TitlePriceAuthor(s)Release Date
Time Rides the Tide0.99Janice Abel1/17/2012
Her Little Secret (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Anna Adams1/17/2012
Touch of Frost2.99Jocelyn Adams1/19/2012
Wolf Medicine2.99Ruty Aisling1/19/2012
ISLA DE NAM (Spanish Edition)1.14Pilar Alberdi1/21/2012
LOS CUADERNOS DE LA SEÑORA BELL (Spanish Edition)1.14Pilar Alberdi1/21/2012
Absolute Trouble2.99Michele Albert1/19/2012
All Night Long2.99Michele Albert1/19/2012
Angels of Punishment2.99Michele Albert1/19/2012
A Great Catch2.99Michele Albert1/19/2012
Her Bodyguard2.99Michele Albert1/19/2012
Private Pleasures (Private Series)0.99Jami Alden1/15/2012
A Family Christmas (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Carrie Alexander1/17/2012
Il Negozio di Dolciumi (romanticismo contemporaneo): Candy Store - Italian Edition2.99Bella Andre and Anna Alfieri1/17/2012
Shit Happens - so do Miracles2.99Tanya Allan1/16/2012
Banshee Charmer (From the Files of the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency)2.99Tiffany Allee1/21/2012
The Earl's Intended Wife (Harlequin Historical)4.79Louise Allen1/17/2012
The Society Catch (Harlequin Historical)4.61Louise Allen1/17/2012
The Best of Both Worlds (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Elissa Ambrose1/17/2012
The Marriage Act (Silhouette Special Edition)3.99Elissa Ambrose1/17/2012
A Life Of Broken Dreams3.99Folabomi Amuludun1/14/2012
Bullseye (Harlequin Intrigue)3.82Jessica Andersen1/17/2012
Ricochet (Harlequin Intrigue)3.82Jessica Andersen1/17/2012
The Sheriff's Daughter (Harlequin Intrigue)3.82Jessica Andersen1/17/2012
Ghosts of Boyfriends Past3.44Vivi Andrews1/17/2012
The Bridegroom's Bargain (Harlequin Historical)4.61Sylvia Andrew1/17/2012
Tierra de vísceras (Spanish Edition)9.98Santiago Jarrín Arboleda1/20/2012
To the Moon and Back (Written in the Stars)4.99Jayme Ardente-Silliman1/18/2012
Concrete Proposal0.99Louise Armstrong1/16/2012
Beloved Virago4.61Anne Ashley1/17/2012
Tavern Wench4.79Anne Ashley1/17/2012
Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries Volume One5.99Ashley Gardner and Jennifer Ashley1/16/2012
Play It Safe3.99Kristen Ashley1/14/2012
Into Thin Air (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Elizabeth Ashtree1/17/2012
A Father's Vow3.99Elizabeth August1/17/2012
The Rancher and the Baby3.99Elizabeth August1/17/2012
Lasy Susan Unabridged (Annotated)2.87Jane Austen1/14/2012
Persuasion Unabridged (Annotated)2.87Jane Austen1/14/2012
Sense and Sensibility Unabirdged (Annotated)2.87Jane Austen1/14/2012
Undefeated2.99Shara Azod1/20/2012
A Baby on the Ranch (Silhouette Special Edition)3.99Stella Bagwell1/17/2012
Her Texas Ranger (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Stella Bagwell1/17/2012
The Count's Charade4.61Elizabeth Bailey1/17/2012
Timeless3.99Sanjana Balaraman1/14/2012
A Valentine For Victoria2.99Lainey Bancroft1/19/2012
Blame It on the Fame1.99Tracie Banister1/17/2012
A Westward Love2.99V. J. Banis1/20/2012
MADE: Sex, Drugs and Murder, The Recipe for Success7.99Antwan 'Ant' Bank$1/14/2012
Loner's Lady (Harlequin Historical)4.61Lynna Banning1/17/2012
Silent Awakening (Harlequin Intrigue)3.82Elaine Barbieri1/17/2012
More Than Words Can Say9.99Robert Barclay1/17/2012
Little Boy Lost: Escaped6.99J.P. Barnaby1/15/2012
Fade Into You5.99Lanie Barnes1/15/2012
Tieyarkiel, The Last Legend2.99T.B. Odin and Ty Barton1/21/2012
Shadowboxing6.99Anne Barwell1/19/2012
The Ottery Spellmaker0.99Jane Bastin1/15/2012
Bachelor Father (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Pamela Bauer1/17/2012
The Barrier Unabridged (Annotated)2.87Rex Beach1/19/2012
The Baby They Both Loved (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Nikki Benjamin1/17/2012
Amore significa... Nessuna Vergogna (Italian Edition)6.99Andrew Grey and Chiara Bernardi1/16/2012
Blood Moon (Cat Clan)0.99C.L. Bevill1/15/2012
Romance in Cyberspace the inspiring true love story of finding love and romance online4.99Dean Hopkins and Angella Bhuvawatcharapisut1/21/2012
West of the Moon9.99Barbara Bickmore1/18/2012
Night's Fortunes2.99J. E. Biggar1/17/2012
Three Mystery-Detective Books1.99Earl Derr Biggers1/16/2012
To Catch a Thief-Taker (The Liberated Ladies)4.99Lilia Birney1/21/2012
The Girl From The Lane5.00Richard Blackford1/20/2012
Untamable Rogue (Formerly: A Christmas Baby) (The Rogues Club, Book Four)2.99Annette Blair1/20/2012
Pandora's Box2.99K. C. Blake1/21/2012
Stormy Weather5.99Selena Blake1/20/2012
God And My Neighbour3.99Robert Blatchford1/18/2012
An English Rose2.25RaeLynn Blue1/21/2012
El deseo de una Estrella (Spanish Edition)2.99Mitica Books1/16/2012
Signorina Part 1/A Miniature Life Part 10.99Alfonso Borello1/14/2012
The Mystic Wolves2.99Belinda Boring1/19/2012
SINGAPORE GOLD - A Tale of Just Reward (TOSA Files)2.99Lance Stouffer and Brian Bourke1/19/2012
One Lucky Woman2.99Kaylin Bowen1/20/2012
Keeping You Close (The Callahans)4.99Celya Bowers1/17/2012
Raven (The Sewing Circle Series)0.99Christl Boyd1/14/2012
By the Stars4.99Amanda Bozeman1/14/2012
The Son and the Sin6.50Miles Bradenford1/17/2012
Whispers of Murder (A Novella)0.99Cheryl Bradshaw1/16/2012
Perfect Proposal0.99Leah Braemel1/17/2012
Coming Home (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Jean Brashear1/17/2012
Forgiveness (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Jean Brashear1/17/2012
Junked (A Paranormal Adventure/Romance)2.99Boyd Brent1/16/2012
The SEAL's Baby (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Rogenna Brewer1/17/2012
Young Love in the 90's: 15 IM Conversations0.00Josh Brewster1/15/2012
CONTINUOUS... (The first novel of a continuous haunting paranormal love story from beyond the grave....)4.00Dee Brierley-Jones1/16/2012
The Bride Has Two Faces: A Wedding Caper Sequel0.99Laura Briggs1/15/2012
Changes (Time)3.99Erika Brinsfield1/18/2012
A Matter of Time (MacKendimen Trilogy)2.99Terri Brisbin1/20/2012
Perfect Timing (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)4.79Aimee Brissay1/18/2012
Flirting With Rescue4.48Sidney Bristol1/18/2012
Danger Becomes You (Silhouette Desire)3.44Annette Broadrick1/17/2012
The Professor Unabridged (Annotated)2.87Charlotte Brontë1/14/2012
The Professor : Complete Annotated Version2.99Charlotte Bronte1/15/2012
The Rhythm In Blue5.99Crystal Senter Brown1/19/2012
Pool of Tears--A Murine Memoir (The Mustt Adventures)5.11Angus Brownfield1/15/2012
The Scrivener's Tale (The Mustt Adventures)2.99Angus Brownfield1/17/2012
Time Release (1)5.99Jeannie Brown1/16/2012
Sound Bites: A Rock & Roll Love Story2.99Rachel Burke1/16/2012
Sweet Clover: a Romance of the White City2.99Clara Louise Burnham1/16/2012
The Efficiency Expert : Full Annotated2.99Edgar Rice Burroughs1/14/2012
Happenstance2.99Anne Yates Burst,Michele Burst and Bruce Smith1/15/2012
Airith - Sky Fire0.99Bryan Butvidas1/19/2012
The Group2.99Christopher Bynum1/17/2012
Heta-fans: Viking Denmark X Reader3.00deviantart members and Alexandra C.P.1/15/2012
Heta-fans: Benefits of an alter ego3.56Fanfiction member and Alexandra C.P.1/20/2012
Truth or Dare: Party Games, Book 23.44Rhian Cahill1/17/2012
Sex with a Celebrity: An Internet Confession1.50Dolores N. Callister1/19/2012
Wild Horses (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Bethany Campbell1/17/2012
Wrong Twin, Right Man (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Laurie Campbell1/17/2012
Distance Affair - Die Höhen und Tiefen einer Fernbeziehung (German Edition)5.09Kathleen Cannes1/16/2012
Greensleeves (Una storia romantica e surreale) (Italian Edition)0.99Jeff Vandermeer and Elena Cantoni1/19/2012
The Allens and the Scarlet Thread (The Scarlet Thread Series)4.99Shirley Roney and Sarah Capps1/16/2012
Passion Play: Celestial Soul-Mates, Book 32.80Opal Carew1/17/2012
No Friend Like A Sister2.29Rosa Nouchette Carey1/16/2012
Seattle after Midnight (Harlequin Super Romance)3.99C.J. Carmichael1/17/2012
Owned2.50S.L. Carpenter1/17/2012
Truhán y las damas, El (Pandora) (Spanish Edition)6.74Candice Hern and Silvia Melón Carraro1/20/2012
Where You Least Expect It (Silhouette Special Edition)3.99Tori Carrington1/17/2012
Slum: a Novel2.99Dan Carroll1/16/2012
My Way Home2.99Cynthia Lee Cartier1/17/2012
Wings4.99Cynthia Lee Cartier1/17/2012
6 Erotic Experiments In Love1.99Jesse Casavant1/18/2012
Kissing Is Easy3.99Allison Cassatta1/17/2012
Dear Diary: Pride3.99Allison Cassatta1/14/2012
Summer Moon Winter Sun2.99Robert Cassidy1/15/2012
West of Main2.99Robert Cassidy1/15/2012
Operation: Midnight Escape (Harlequin Intrigue)3.82Linda Castillo1/17/2012
Operation: Midnight Tango (Harlequin Intrigue)3.99Linda Castillo1/17/2012
The Final Secret (The Linthwaite Saga)10.00Anna Champney1/18/2012
a Touch of TNT (The Everly Gray Adventures)2.99L. j. Charles1/15/2012
The Elsingham Portrait2.99Elizabeth Chater1/20/2012
Secret Promise3.99Mary Lou Cheatham1/16/2012
Package Deal5.29Chris Chegri1/18/2012
The Awakening And Selected Short Stories (Annotated)3.99Kate Chopin1/19/2012
Randall on the Run3.82Judy Christenberry1/17/2012
A Modern Chronicle Unabridged (Annotated)2.87Winston Churchill1/19/2012
Capitalism's Final Solution3.99Larry Wohlgemuth and Dick Claasen1/15/2012
Executive Perks7.00Angela Claire1/20/2012
Corporate Prince0.00Terri Clamons1/16/2012
Alpha Seven (The Alpha Project)2.99Anthony James Clark1/14/2012
Married for her Beauty: A Bitter Atonement2.99Bertha M. Clay1/15/2012
New Love or Old; Faith and Trust2.99Bertha M. Clay1/18/2012
Dream Kisses (Kisses Series/Romance on the Ranch)1.99Verna Clay1/17/2012
Sexual Evolution: A Naughty Comedy of Social Madness4.99Jay Cole1/14/2012
La Sorcière du Désir (French Edition)2.99Rosamund Cole1/14/2012
Protection Angélique (French Edition)2.99Rosamund Cole1/14/2012
NO NAME (Annotated)2.99Wilkie Collins1/14/2012
Catch & Hold-Legend (Legend series)1.99Claudy Conn1/18/2012
Valentine Surprise0.99Jennifer Conner1/15/2012
Magazine Wars2.99Maryanna Connor1/18/2012
The Lost Daughter of Pigeon Hollow (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Inglath Cooper1/17/2012
Lucifer's Lover3.99Tracy Cooper-Posey1/15/2012
En un rincón del alma (Spanish Edition)0.99Antonia J. Corrales1/15/2012
Solider Games (FFM) (Weekend Getaways)0.99Luci Cosway1/20/2012
Lyrics of Love0.99Francine Craft1/18/2012
OLIVE (annotated) by Dinah Maria Craik with Illustrations by G.Bowers2.99Dinah Maria Craik1/18/2012
Miss Tommy: A Medival Romance2.29Dinah Maria Mulock Craik1/17/2012
The Venetian's Mistress (Harlequin Historical)4.61Ann Elizabeth Cree1/17/2012
Babes in the Wood: A Romance of the Jungles2.99B. M. Croker1/18/2012
Diana Barrington: A Romance of Contral India2.99B. M. Croker1/18/2012
Wanted! (Harlequin Historical)4.61Pam Crooks1/17/2012
Redneck Ex5.99Claire Croxton1/17/2012
The Family Man (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Melinda Curtis1/17/2012
Spectral Bond (Eternal Bonds, Book Five)4.48Christine d'Abo1/18/2012
Haytham,The Secret in The Rubble (The Moonshine Series)2.99Denise Daisy1/21/2012
Going Home (Siren Publishing Classic)3.60Stefani Dalla1/18/2012
THE REBEL AND THE RICH GIRL0.99Emma Daniels1/17/2012
The Partner3.82Kay David1/17/2012
Lone Star Bride (Harlequin Historical)4.79Carolyn Davidson1/17/2012
Wrapped in Fur [3xtasy Lake 3] (Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting)3.99Corinne Davies1/18/2012
Cuffs and More2.49Dakota Dawn1/17/2012
Capture The Night3.99Geralyn Dawson1/19/2012
The Scoundrel's Bride3.99Geralyn Dawson1/19/2012
The Texan's Bride3.99Geralyn Dawson1/19/2012
World On Fire0.00Henry Dax1/17/2012
Day's Vampires and Werewolf The Beginnings2.99P.J. Day,H.T. Night and April M. Reign1/21/2012
Caged Moon2.99Rachel Deagan1/18/2012
Visiting Paradise0.99Jess Dee1/18/2012
The Sedgwick Curse3.99Shawna Delacorte1/17/2012
The Beauty (The Bride Quest 2)2.99Claire Delacroix1/20/2012
Wraith's Awakening (A Prequel Novella to Chosen By Blood)2.99Virna DePaul1/18/2012
Lilacs2.99Megan Derr1/19/2012
The Unknown Daughter (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Anna DeStefano1/17/2012
An Unconventional Widow4.61Georgina Devon1/17/2012
Little Dorrit : Classics Book with History of Author (Annotated)2.99Charles Dickens1/17/2012
Our Mutual Friend : Classics Book with History of Author (Annotated)2.99Charles Dickens1/17/2012
Our Mutual Friend (Annotated)9.99Charles Dickens1/14/2012
Belhaven Bride4.79Helen Dickson1/17/2012
Learning to Live (Live Series)3.99Marissa Dobson1/17/2012
Blackthorns of the Forgotten4.00Bree T. Donovan1/20/2012
What Sweet Music They Make5.99Nerine Dorman1/18/2012
Mystique3.82Charlotte Douglas1/17/2012
Time To Love Again0.00Roseanne Dowell1/18/2012
Bought2.99Ken Down1/21/2012
Betty's Scheme2.99Ken Down1/19/2012
The Privatised Community Service Girl2.99Ken Down1/19/2012
The Poison Belt (Annotated)1.99Arthur Conan Doyle1/19/2012
The Fix It Girl6.99JM Dragon,Nancy Kaufman,Jo Adkins and Gail Robinson1/14/2012
ALL FOR LOVE or THE WORLD WELL LOST : A TRAGEDY (Illustrated)2.90John Dryden1/18/2012
Bluegrass Baby (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Judy Duarte1/17/2012
The Rich Man's Son (Silhouette Special Edition)3.99Judy Duarte1/17/2012
To The Edge Of Darkness (Sailing The Curvature Of The Earth - The Series)5.99Diana Dunigan1/19/2012
South By Southwest (Sailing The Curvature Of The Earth - The Series)5.99Stephen W Brooks and Diana M. Dunigan1/20/2012
Love's Prophecy (The Prophecy Series)2.99Brenda Dyer1/20/2012
When a Cobbler Ruled the King (Illustrated)0.99Augusta Huiell Seaman and George Wharton Edwards1/14/2012
MR. DARCY'S FIRST ELIZABETH0.99John Edwards1/18/2012
The Viscount's Secret4.61Dorothy Elbury1/17/2012
Obsession3.99Selina Elliot1/14/2012
Inverno2.99Nicholas Elliott1/18/2012
Dreaming of Him3.99Wendy Ely1/18/2012
The Jester Takes Three2.99S.K. Epperson1/18/2012
When the Gates Lift Up Their Heads: A Story of the Seventies1.99Payne Erskine1/19/2012
EL HOMBRE QUE SE LLENÓ DE OCASO (MiniNovela Romántica) (Spanish Edition)0.99EDGAR ESCOBART1/21/2012
ESE RELÁMPAGO DE TUS CARICIAS (MiniNovela Romántica) (Spanish Edition)0.99EDGAR ESCOBART1/21/2012
LIENZO DE RECUERDOS (MiniNovela Romántica) (Spanish Edition)0.99EDGAR ESCOBART1/21/2012
NO LLORARÁS LAS ROSAS DEL AYER (MiniNovela Romántica) (Spanish Edition)0.99EDGAR ESCOBART1/21/2012
TOCANDO UNA ILUSIÓN (MiniNovela Romántica) (Spanish Edition)0.99EDGAR ESCOBART1/21/2012
UN PAISAJE EN LA SOMBRA (MiniNovela Romántica) (Spanish Edition)0.99EDGAR ESCOBART1/21/2012
UNA LLAMA EN LA OSCURIDAD (MiniNovela Romántica) (Spanish Edition)0.99EDGAR ESCOBART1/21/2012
COMO UNA CANCIÓN EN EL HORIZONTE (MiniNovela Romántica) (Spanish Edition)0.99EDGAR ESCOBART1/20/2012
CON LA CENIZA DE LA AUSENCIA (MiniNovela Romántica) (Spanish Edition)0.99EDGAR ESCOBART1/20/2012
CORAZÓN DE MUJER (MiniNovela Romántica) (Spanish Edition)0.99EDGAR ESCOBART1/20/2012
EL JARDÍN DE LAS MARIPOSAS (MiniNovela Romántica) (Spanish Edition)0.00EDGAR ESCOBART1/17/2012
EL PASADO ES COMO LA NOCHE (MiniNovela Romántica) (Spanish Edition)0.00EDGAR ESCOBART1/17/2012
LA CALLE DE CRISTAL (MniniNovela Romántica) (Spanish Edition)0.00EDGAR ESCOBART1/17/2012
LA TERNURA QUE PERDIMOS BAJO LA LLUVIA (MiniNovela Romántica) (Spanish Edition)0.00EDGAR ESCOBART1/17/2012
LAS ALAS DE LA LIBÉLULA (MiniNovela Romántica) (Spanish Edition)0.00EDGAR ESCOBART1/17/2012
PALOMAS EN EL VIENTO (MiniNovela Romántica) (Spanish Edition)0.00EDGAR ESCOBART1/17/2012
RUMBO AL PARAÍSO (MiniNovela Romántica) (Spanish Edition)0.00EDGAR ESCOBART1/17/2012
SI MAÑANA TE NOMBRARA EL AMOR (MiniNovela Romántica) (Spanish Edition)0.00EDGAR ESCOBART1/17/2012
SOBRE LA HUELLA DE UN SUEÑO (MiniNovela Romántica) (Spanish Edition)0.00EDGAR ESCOBART1/17/2012
UNA VENTANA A LAS NUBES (MiniNovela Romántica) (Spanish Edition)0.00EDGAR ESCOBART1/17/2012
Interim Goddess of Love0.99Mina V. Esguerra1/14/2012
Commitment3.99Margaret Ethrige1/21/2012
Home to Family (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Ann Evans1/17/2012
Claude's Mae0.99Leah Everettson1/15/2012
The Imminent Redeployment of Grace3.99Sierra Faith1/20/2012
Three's Company Part 24.49Roger Fenbrook1/16/2012
His Little Girl3.99Liz Fielding1/17/2012
Liz Fielding's Little Book of Writing Romance4.99Liz Fielding1/16/2012
Beneath the Surface4.99Joya Fields1/17/2012
The Ranger (Harlequin Historical)4.61Carol Finch1/17/2012
Antonia - A Regency Romance3.25TCK Finlay1/20/2012
The Brimming Cup Unabridged (Annotated)2.87Dorothy Canfield Fisher1/21/2012
The Last Resort Series The Trilogy (The Savior, The Choice, and The Sign)4.99Kelly Fisher1/15/2012
Hot August Nights (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Christine Flynn1/17/2012
The Housekeeper's Daughter (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Christine Flynn1/17/2012
Prodigal Prince Charming (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Christine Flynn1/17/2012
Bite My Cookies [Who Needs Christmas? 9] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)4.40Joyee Flynn1/18/2012
Down with the Tunes [Who Needs Christmas? 5] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)4.40Joyee Flynn1/18/2012
Flush the Twinkles [Who Needs Christmas? 10] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)4.40Joyee Flynn1/18/2012
Frosty Melt [Who Needs Christmas? 6] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)4.40Joyee Flynn1/18/2012
Hanging Antlers [Who Needs Christmas? 11] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)4.40Joyee Flynn1/18/2012
Hell's Bells [Who Needs Christmas? 2] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)4.40Joyee Flynn1/18/2012
Holy Stockings [Who Needs Christmas? 4] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)4.40Joyee Flynn1/18/2012
Screw Santa [Who Needs Christmas? 1] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)4.40Joyee Flynn1/18/2012
Shove Your Tree [Who Needs Christmas? 7] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)4.40Joyee Flynn1/18/2012
Stripe My Pole [Who Needs Christmas? 8] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)4.40Joyee Flynn1/18/2012
Stupid Mistletoe [Who Needs Christmas? 3] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)4.40Joyee Flynn1/18/2012
Wrap It Up [Who Needs Christmas? 12] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)4.40Joyee Flynn1/18/2012
Danielle Fonda's Thrice Erotic Slave Medieval Bundle7.99Danielle Fonda1/16/2012
A Forever Family (Silhouette Special Edition)3.99Mary J. Forbes1/17/2012
Falling for Love (The McCarthys of Gansett Island, Book 4)2.99Marie Force1/15/2012
Oh Baby! (Harlequin Super Romance)3.99Pamela Ford1/17/2012
Eventide2.99Darragha Foster1/19/2012
Moonlight Whispers2.99Nicole Foster1/14/2012
Goffered0.99Ann Foulds1/21/2012
Jilted0.99Nora Fountain1/17/2012
Hollywood, Amarroo: Two lovers shine in Australia's Deep North4.00Nicholas Fourikis1/20/2012
Daddy's Little Matchmaker (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Roz Denny Fox1/17/2012
She Walks the Line (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Roz Denny Fox1/17/2012
Aprenda Ingles! Learn Spanish! LA LETRA ESCARLATA: En Ingles y Espanol2.99Nathaniel Hawthorne and Sellen Francisco1/18/2012
Undercover Attraction0.99Lauren Fraser1/20/2012
Back in Your Arms3.44Cecily French1/19/2012
Therian Promise (Therian Heat, Book Two)7.00Cyndi Friberg1/20/2012
MOSES (Italian Edition)0.99Micaela Fumagalli1/20/2012
The Country Libertine2.99Kay Furness1/17/2012
The Mad Professor2.99Kay Furness1/17/2012
A Marriage Made in Texas3.99Eve Gaddy1/17/2012
The Worshipper of the Image2.99Richard Le Gallienne1/15/2012
Talker (Talker Series) (Spanish Edition)3.99Amy Lane and Y.M. Garcia1/16/2012
Amar significa... No avergonzarse (Spanish Edition)6.99Andrew Grey and Saura Garcia1/16/2012
Ghouls Night Out: From Weddings from Hell1.99Terri Garey1/17/2012
The White Crystals by Howard Roger Garis0.99Howard Roger Garis1/20/2012
Ruth (Annotated by Lycium Classics)1.99Elizabeth Gaskell1/19/2012
Sylvia's Lovers - Complete (Annotated by Lycium Classics)1.99Elizabeth Gaskell1/19/2012
Winged Mercury Takes Flight for Love2.99David Gentry1/20/2012
Condemned (The Devil's Mansion Book 2)1.99Sharon Gerlach1/16/2012
Hansel & Gretel's Real Estate Ventures0.00Tina Gerow1/18/2012
The Dragon Prince (Dragon of the Island)2.99Mary Gillgannon1/21/2012
Heart Mate [Katzman 4] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)5.59Stormy Glenn1/18/2012
Starman (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)4.40Stormy Glenn1/18/2012
Crazy Love4.99Candace Gold1/18/2012
Adrienne: A Romance of French Life2.99Eliza Margaret Jane Gollan1/14/2012
Wolf Rock: How It Began2.99Dominique Goodall1/21/2012
That's Amore2.99Carol Grace1/18/2012
Runaway (Florida Civil War)7.99Heather Graham1/18/2012
She Who Dares2.99S L Grant1/14/2012
A Time for Love (Siren Publishing Allure)4.79Beth Gray1/18/2012
The Vampire Legacy II; The Light, the Dark, the Heart2.99Dawn Gray1/14/2012
Come and Play: Video Games1.99Juniper Gray1/17/2012
Scelta del Cuore (Italian Edition)6.99Mary Calmes and Cornelia Grey1/16/2012
Insatiable2.99Sable Grey1/19/2012
Warrior's Pledge (The Pith Trilogy)3.99Kara Griffin1/15/2012
A Member of the Family2.00Wil Gubler and Don Gubler1/15/2012
Seamed Stockings in a Cream Packard0.99Edward Hackemer1/19/2012
A Brac Pack Crazy Family Christmas [Brac Pack 24] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove)5.59Lynn Hagen1/18/2012
Kyle's Return [Phoenix Rising 2] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)4.40Stormy Glenn and Lynn Hagen1/18/2012
The Bride Ship (Harlequin Historical)4.61Deborah Hale1/17/2012
Confessions Of A Vampire2.49Donna Haley1/17/2012
Relentless (Harlequin Intrigue)3.82Jan Hambright1/17/2012
ARIA6.99Sue Hampton1/16/2012
The Husband Quest (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Lori Handeland1/17/2012
Painted Blind3.99Michelle Hansen1/14/2012
Countdown to Love4.99Molly Hardman1/18/2012
Jude The Obscure (Annotated)4.99Thomas Hardy1/15/2012
A Laodicean a Story of To-day; Classic Romance: Full Annotated version2.99Thomas Hardy1/21/2012
El regreso del nativo (Spanish Edition)3.99Thomas Hardy1/17/2012
Resurrection, a YA Paranormal Romance (Book 2 of The Guardians of Vesturon Series)2.99A.M. Hargrove1/17/2012
Guardian Wolf (Black Mesa Wolves)0.99J.K. Harper1/21/2012
The Captive2.99Helene Hart1/14/2012
A Marriage Of Convenience2.99Helene Hart1/21/2012
Love's Journey3.99Kristie Hart1/18/2012
The Nice Affair2.99Ali Hatcher1/14/2012
A Valentine from Harlequin: Six Degrees of Romance0.99Michele Hauf,Maggie Shayne,Catherine Spencer and Margaret Moore1/19/2012
Whatever I Please3.99CJ Hawk1/19/2012
Heart of Dame (Solomon's Pride)5.99Dawn H. Hawkes1/14/2012
A Younger Lover0.99Gloria Haydn1/15/2012
Dolly Recycles0.99Babe Hayes1/15/2012
Always Marry in the Morning (No Way Out)0.99Kathie Hayes and Ed Hayes1/16/2012
ParaDick Sharry0.99Jeffra Hays1/19/2012
Untouched Concubine0.00Lisa Rusczyk and Mikie Hazard1/18/2012
An Uncommon Bequest3.99Emily Hendrickson1/17/2012
Rebel Baron (American Lords)2.99Shirl Henke1/19/2012
Texas Viscount (American Lords)2.99Shirl Henke1/19/2012
Yankee Earl (American Lords)2.99Shirl Henke1/19/2012
AMARTE (Colección Buscoaliados, Vol. 05) (Spanish Edition)2.99Iván Hernández1/18/2012
Her Knight Protector4.61Anne Herries1/17/2012
A Knight of Honor4.79Anne Herries1/17/2012
14 Love Letter Lane (Book one of the Celebrating Love Trilogy)2.99Merri Hiatt1/19/2012
The Judas Kiss5.99Jerri Hines1/15/2012
Dark Star4.99Roslyn Hardy Holcomb1/20/2012
Bound7.00Vivian Holt1/16/2012
The Photographer0.99B.G. Hope1/18/2012
More Than A Notion8.99Patricia Hopkins1/16/2012
Love, Creativity & Magick - A Steampunk Valentine's Day Tale3.99Kiki Howell,Jennifer Gunn and Shane Willis1/21/2012
The Cowboy on Her Trail (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Janis Reams Hudson1/17/2012
The Daddy Survey (Silhouette Special Edition)3.99Janis Reams Hudson1/17/2012
The Other Brother (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Janis Reams Hudson1/17/2012
The Hunchback of Notre Dame2.99Victor Hugo1/17/2012
The Rogue Who Loved Me4.99Ingela Hyatt1/19/2012
The Secret (Dragon Order)0.99J.C. Isabella1/18/2012
Demon's Fairy (The Dragon Order)0.99J.C. Isabella1/17/2012
Flaws (The Chronicles of Calvin Clap)0.99Oro Jack1/18/2012
Tycoon Meets Texan! (Silhouette Special Edition)3.99Arlene James1/17/2012
World on Fire6.99Hayley B. James1/15/2012
The Portrait of a Lady Complete Volume 1 And 2 (Annotated)5.99Henry James1/16/2012
The Wings Of The Dove Volume 1 (of 2) (Annotated)3.99Henry James1/16/2012
The Wings Of The Dove Volume 2 (of 2) (Annotated)3.99Henry James1/16/2012
The Portrait Of A Lady Volume 1 (of 2) (Annotated)3.99Henry James1/15/2012
The Portrait Of A Lady Volume 2 (of 2) (Annotated)3.99Henry James1/15/2012
The Wings Of The Dove Complete Volume 1 And 25.99Henry James1/15/2012
PARIS, WYOMING1.99James James,Harvey Stanbrough,Margaret Lawson and Google Translator1/16/2012
No Strings Attached2.99Miss Janelly1/21/2012
Dateline: Kydd and Rios2.99Tara Janzen1/18/2012
The Duke's Gamble (Harlequin Historical)4.79Miranda Jarrett1/17/2012
The Man under the Mistletoe (Harlequin Super Romance)3.99Muriel Jensen1/17/2012
The Love List (New York Nights)1.99Jean Joachim1/18/2012
A Reckless Promise; When Love Dies1.99Emma Garrison Jones1/20/2012
IVRRAC0.99Peter Robert Jordan1/17/2012
Infinity0.99Jezebel Jorge1/19/2012
High Intensity3.85Dara Joy1/19/2012
Sex, Lies and Surveillance4.79Stephanie Julian1/16/2012
An African sunset5.00Haim Kadman and Boaz Kadman1/15/2012
A Flicker of Light4.00Roberta Kagan1/15/2012
Lullabies and Lies (Harlequin Intrigue)3.82Mallory Kane1/17/2012
Seeking Asylum (Harlequin Intrigue)3.82Mallory Kane1/17/2012
Enemy Mine (My Favorite Enemy)1.50Shara Azod and Marteeka Karland1/14/2012
Stoneview Estate (Harlequin Intrigue)3.99Leona Karr1/17/2012
Man of the Hour (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Patricia Kay1/17/2012
Nanny in Hiding (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Patricia Kay1/17/2012
Tödliche Bedrohung (German Edition)5.10Dinah Kayser1/17/2012
Heart Ache (Bound by a Touch Novels #1)7.99Morgan Kearns1/17/2012
The Lodestone0.00Charlene Keel1/16/2012
Logger in Petticoats (The Halsey Brothers)3.99Paty Jager and Christy Keerins1/16/2012
Worlds Burn Through (The Chronicles of Nowhere)1.99Vicki Keire1/19/2012
Answers on the Run0.99Christen Anne Kelley1/16/2012
Enduring Light3.99Carla Kelly1/16/2012
Abby's Christmas (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Lynnette Kent1/17/2012
Single with Kids (Harlequin Super Romance)3.99Lynnette Kent1/17/2012
Loving Lucy2.99Kay Keppler1/21/2012
Family Matters (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Joan Kilby1/17/2012
Let's Ride2.99Serenity King1/20/2012
My Love0.00Victoria King1/14/2012
I Got a Feelin' [The Chisholms of Texas 2] (Siren Publishing Classic)4.79Lea Kinkade1/18/2012
The Interview0.99Steve Saylor and Ashlee Kivell1/19/2012
The Bench/ The Wash Out2.99Wyatt Knight1/18/2012
Why Men and Women Cheat4.99Wyatt Knight1/18/2012
Frequency (Planetary Bodies, Book Five)2.60Kim Knox1/18/2012
El Camino marcado en las cartas - La Sacerdotisa (Spanish Edition)8.99Annie Koslow1/14/2012
Das betörende Lied des Elfenkönigs: Roman (German Edition)6.39C.L. Wilson and Michael Krug1/20/2012
Eye of a Hunter (Harlequin Intrigue)3.99Sylvie Kurtz1/17/2012
Pride of a Hunter (Harlequin Intrigue)3.99Sylvie Kurtz1/17/2012
Sexnip2.99Celia Kyle1/17/2012
Suffering & Salvation2.99Kenzie James and Celia Kyle1/19/2012
Kindred of the Dust Unabridged (Annotated)2.87Peter Bernard Kyne1/21/2012
THE PRINCESS OF CLEVES : FUN ROYAL ROMANCE & LOVE STORY By Madame de Lafayette (Annotated)2.97Madame de Lafayette1/19/2012
A Slice of Life1.99Margaret Lake1/14/2012
His Duty, Her Destiny (Harlequin Historical)4.61Juliet Landon1/17/2012
Weekends Required (Danver's)0.99Sydney Landon1/19/2012
Wyoming Wildfire (Harlequin Historical)4.61Elizabeth Lane1/17/2012
Stay For Christmas: A Place to Belong\A Son Is Given\Angels in the Snow4.61Elizabeth Lane,Victoria Bylin and Judith Stacy1/17/2012
Taming Her Wolf4.99Eve Langlais1/18/2012
Dark Victory9.99Michele Lang1/17/2012
Abel Gunn - What's Good For The Goose0.99Lance Larson and Elizabeth Larson1/21/2012
The Slave Master's Son9.82Tiana Laveen1/14/2012
THE LOST GIRL : FUN ROMANCE & LOVE STORY BY D. H. LAWRENCE (James Tait Black Memorial Prize Story) (Annotated)2.97D. H. LAWRENCE1/18/2012
Pirate's Proposal (Tales of the Scrimshaw Doll)2.25Diana Layne1/17/2012
June6th.Avi0.00Eleanor Lee1/16/2012
Emblems Of Love (Illustrated)0.99Lascelles Abercrombie and Amanda Lee1/14/2012
Jack Sheppard (Illustrated)0.99W. Harrison Ainsworth and Amanda Lee1/14/2012
Rookwood (Illustrated)0.99William Harrison Ainsworth and Amanda Lee1/14/2012
Home on the Ranch (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Allison Leigh1/17/2012
The Truth About the Tycoon (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Allison Leigh1/17/2012
Ianthe's Dream0.99Clova Leighton1/15/2012
Bounty Hunter Honor (Harlequin Intrigue)3.82Kara Lennox1/17/2012
The Phantom of the Opera (Annotated)2.99Gaston Leroux1/18/2012
A d'amor (Catalan Edition)8.54David Levithan1/19/2012
Analyze Me at Midnight1.25Michelle Lewis1/20/2012
Taralake3.00Peter Lewis1/14/2012
The Children's Cop3.82Sherry Lewis1/17/2012
Boots: a novel about a cowgirl, a bachelor, and some really fun footwear2.99Anna Grace Lind1/17/2012
Don't Look Back2.99E.L. Lindley1/14/2012
Silent Warning (Harlequin Intrigue)3.82Kathleen Long1/17/2012
Deuces Wild14.99Patricia A. Lopez1/21/2012
Finding Ava3.99Jennifer Loren1/18/2012
The Harder They Fall (Intimate Moments)3.82Merline Lovelace1/17/2012
Then and Now (A Magical Bracelet Novella)2.99S Beth Lucchese1/21/2012
Wedding of Death0.99Bekki Lynn1/18/2012
A Texas Tale (Silhouette Special Edition)3.99Judith Lyons1/17/2012
Mountain Jewel3.03Tracey Lyons1/17/2012
Along Came Zoe (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Janice Macdonald1/17/2012
The Ragged Edge : Complete Annotated Version2.99Harold MacGrath1/15/2012
Blue Moon0.99Ruth Madison1/17/2012
Saxon Lady (Harlequin Historical)4.61Margo Maguire1/17/2012
Rescued0.99Gabriella Mahoney1/18/2012
Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall (Annotated)2.99Charles Major1/19/2012
When Knighthood Was in Flower (Annotated)2.99Charles Major1/18/2012
Amanda's Blue Marine2.99Doreen Owens Malek1/18/2012
The History Of Sir Richard Calmady (Annotated)2.99Lucas Malet1/19/2012
Blaze of Glory (Hqn Romance)5.38Catherine Mann1/17/2012
Code of Honor (Hqn Romance)5.38Catherine Mann1/17/2012
Sisteria4.89Sue Margolis1/16/2012
Banality of Words2.99Alex Markman1/19/2012
The Plastic Age Unabridged (Annotated)2.87Percy Marks1/21/2012
The Dollar Prince's Wife4.61Paula Marshall1/17/2012
His One Woman4.61Paula Marshall1/17/2012
Prince of Secrets4.79Paula Marshall1/17/2012
For His Son's Sake (Silhouette Special Edition)3.99Ellen Tanner Marsh1/17/2012
Camouflage Heart (Harlequin Intrigue)3.82Dana Marton1/17/2012
The Sheik's Safety (Harlequin Intrigue)3.82Dana Marton1/17/2012
EYE OF THE STORM0.99Sandra Marton1/19/2012
Fated Hearts (A Novella)0.99P.R. Mason1/14/2012
A Hunted Heart2.99J.J. Massa1/18/2012
His Made-to-Order Bride3.82Jessica Matthews1/17/2012
Ascoltavo le maree (Italian Edition)5.99Guido Mattioni1/15/2012
Whispering Tides5.99Guido Mattioni1/15/2012
Just Perfect4.99Rowan McBride1/17/2012
Highland Promise5.99Mary McCall1/16/2012
Banshee's Tattoo0.99Michelle McCleod1/19/2012
Love Sonnets of an Office Boy1.20Samuel Ellsworth Kiser and John T. McCutcheon1/14/2012
Enso: A Novel2.99Stephen McGrath1/20/2012
A Club Esoteria Christmas [Club Esoteria 7] (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)3.99Cooper McKenzie1/18/2012
Defensive Guard [Gridiron Gods 4] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)3.99Anitra Lynn McLeod1/18/2012
The First Day (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Barbara McMahon1/17/2012
Mistaken Mistress (Harlequin Historical)4.61Margaret McPhee1/17/2012
Breaking Free (Siren Publishing Classic)3.99Grae McTavish1/18/2012
Stories of Spain1.99Frances Hodgson Burnett and Prosper Merimee1/19/2012
Gifts of Fortune: The Holiday Heir\The Christmas House\Maggie's Miracle (Fortunes Children the Lost Hei)4.79Jackie Merritt,Jennifer Greene and Barbara Boswell1/17/2012
The Duel4.99Barbara Metzger1/16/2012
Mistletoe & Menage [The Sextet Anthologies, Volume 5] (Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting)5.59Bethany Michaels,Cheryl Brooks,Elizabeth Raines and Mellanie Szereto1/18/2012
Warrior Spirit (Harlequin Intrigue)3.99Cassie Miles1/17/2012
All The World Stopped Tonight1.99Tamela Miles1/21/2012
Girl Possessed (First 8 Chapters Free :-)0.00Reussie Miliardario1/19/2012
Always Faithful (LadyTech)2.99Julie Miller1/14/2012
Happy Hour0.99Anne Mitchell1/19/2012
Christina (Annotated)0.99L.G. Moberly1/15/2012
The Bikers' Babe [The Dirty Dozen 2] (Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting)4.79Marla Monroe1/18/2012
Lydia's Passion [Pleasure, Montana 2] (Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting)4.40Melody Snow Monroe1/18/2012
Shadow Hills: No Valentine2.99Capri Montgomery1/18/2012
House of Secrets (Harlequin Intrigue)3.82Tracy Montoya1/17/2012
Next of Kin (Harlequin Intrigue)3.82Tracy Montoya1/17/2012
Shadow Guardian (Harlequin Intrigue)3.82Tracy Montoya1/17/2012
The Fountain of Truth: A novel2.99R. A. Lee and Autumn Angel Moon1/17/2012
The Beauty At The Bus Stop2.99R. A. Lee and Autumn Angel Moon1/18/2012
Courting Nate0.99Bill Moore1/17/2012
Hitler Love: The Story of Helmut & Kadia4.00Perry Moore1/19/2012
Planète Kelsetter (Les Mondes d'Amarande) (French Edition)7.00Myriam MORAND1/21/2012
One Wild Night (Wild Nights)2.99Lilly Morgan1/19/2012
The Well at the World's End (Wildside Fantasy) : Full Annotated version2.99William Morris1/17/2012
By Summer's End (MIRA)5.59Pamela Morsi1/17/2012
Letting Go (Stp - Mira)5.59Pamela Morsi1/17/2012
Suburban Renewal (Mira S.)5.59Pamela Morsi1/17/2012
Tacnodo (Italian Edition)0.99Pierluigi Mosca and Pier de Mos1/21/2012
The Chosen Child3.82Brenda Mott1/17/2012
Moonlit Nights (German Edition)3.99Carina Mueller1/14/2012
The Poznan Pact2.99Kevin Muir1/15/2012
Assumed Identity5.99Lila Munro1/15/2012
Secrets of the Gentleman Thief5.99Melissa Murphy1/17/2012
Stolen Fury (Stolen Series Book #1)3.99Elisabeth Naughton1/19/2012
Stolen Heat (Stolen Series Book #2)3.99Elisabeth Naughton1/19/2012
Stolen Seduction (Stolen Series Book #3)3.99Elisabeth Naughton1/19/2012
Stolen Series Box Set9.99Elisabeth Naughton1/18/2012
The Island House5.99Betty Nearing1/18/2012
Love's Challenge (Pearl Vampire Chronicles #5)0.99Dara Nelson1/16/2012
Stacey Joy Netzel Boxed Set4.49Stacey Joy Netzel1/20/2012
Journey into Slavery6.39Juliette Neville1/17/2012
The Madness of May (Annotated)2.99Meredith Nicholson1/20/2012
The Madness of May : Full Annotated2.99Meredith Nicholson1/14/2012
Trust Me, Tell Me1.99Jenn Nixon1/14/2012
Marrying The Boss2.99Judi Nolan1/18/2012
Sophie's Father2.99Judi Nolan1/18/2012
The Crown of Muirnin (The Muirnin Annals)4.99Jim Paul and Maura Noling1/18/2012
Relatos Eroticos (Spanish Edition)4.99Rodrigo O.1/14/2012
Gracey0.99Tamalyn E Scott and Faith Oakman1/19/2012
Found in Bliss [Nights in Bliss, Colorado 5] (Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting)7.19Sophie Oak1/18/2012
The Enigmatic Rake (Harlequin Historical)4.79Anne O'Brien1/17/2012
The Runaway Heiress (Harlequin Historical)4.79Anne O'Brien1/17/2012
Immortal Relations2.99G. D. Ogan1/17/2012
Maid to Be Mine: A Regency Cinderella Story0.99K.L. O'Keefe1/16/2012
A Lover's Salvation5.99Jacklynn Oliver1/16/2012
Highwayman's Hazard3.99Marina Oliver and Debbie Oliver1/21/2012
Restoration Affair3.99Marina Oliver and Debbie Oliver1/20/2012
Player's Wench3.99Marina Oliver and Debbie Oliver1/18/2012
The Scarlet Pimpernel - Literature Classics, Complete Edition (Annotated)1.99Baroness Emmuska Orczy1/18/2012
Mackerel Skies4.50Sally Ormond1/15/2012
At Last4.99Julie Ortolon1/17/2012
Used, Rare and Custom Jobs5.99Chris Owen1/17/2012
Fallen0.99Monica Owens1/16/2012
Babies in the Bargain (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Victoria Pade1/17/2012
Wedding Willies (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Victoria Pade1/17/2012
The Devil You Know (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Laurie Paige1/17/2012
Romancing the Enemy (Silhouette Special Edition)3.99Laurie Paige1/17/2012
Amber Eyes (Entwined Souls Trilogy)3.99Jolyn Palliata1/19/2012
ACCIDENTALLY IN LOVE WITH...A GOD? (a Paranormal Romance) (Accidentally Yours)0.99Mimi Jean Pamfiloff1/20/2012
The Talisman Trilogy Box Set5.99Brenda Pandos1/15/2012
Gabriel Thorn: A Faerie Tale2.99Anthony Paolucci1/19/2012
Nach Paris - der Liebe wegen (Roman) (German Edition)0.99Ashley Parker1/15/2012
Michael0.99Anne Patricks1/14/2012
Look For Tomorrow1.35Sylvia Pearson1/16/2012
Marital Privilege (Harlequin Intrigue)3.99Ann Voss Peterson1/17/2012
Hard Evidence (Harlequin Intrigue)3.82Susan Peterson1/17/2012
Primary Suspect (Harlequin Intrigue)3.99Susan Peterson1/17/2012
Accidental Family (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Joan Elliott Pickart1/17/2012
Lilith Enraptured (Divinity Warriors)5.99Michelle M. Pillow1/15/2012
Romance For All Seasons2.99Jennie Pitkus1/16/2012
The Scoundrel (Harlequin Historical)4.61Lisa Plumley1/17/2012
Dagger Heart2.99Ronnell D. Porter1/15/2012
The Sweet Cheat Gone (The Fugitive) : Full Annotated version (In Search of Lost Time)2.99Marcel Proust1/17/2012
Time Regained : Full Annotated version (In Search of Lost Time)2.99Marcel Proust1/17/2012
Shades of Desire: A Jude Magdalyn Novel (The Jude Magdalyn Series)0.99L.M. Pruitt1/18/2012
Palena and Her Guard2.99Kapiel Raaj1/15/2012
Finding Love (erotic romance, contemporary romance)3.78J Raines1/18/2012
Is It Love or Insanity: Renewed Encouragement4.99Freedom From Rain1/19/2012
Their Divine Doctor, A Holiday Ménage [Divine Creek Ranch 9] (Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting)5.59Heather Rainier1/18/2012
Broken Vows, Mended Hearts: A Bouquet of Thistles\Paying the Piper\Battle-Torn Bride (Harlequin Historical)4.79Gail Ranstrom,Lyn Stone and Anne O'Brien1/17/2012
Cuentos de Cara y Sello (Spanish Edition)3.00Marco Rauch1/19/2012
VITTORIO'S WOMAN (The Vittorio Series)1.50Kimberley Reeves1/15/2012
Enticing the Moon2.99April M. Reign1/19/2012
Wonderful Wing Boys (MMF) (Weekend Getaways)0.99Giselle Renarde1/14/2012
THE LOVERS PARK1.94Varalotti Rengasamy,Jeyashree Maniyil and Artist Nathan1/15/2012
Bound by Seduction, Book Two3.99Kharisma Rhayne1/15/2012
Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded Unabridged (Annotated)2.87Samuel Richardson1/14/2012
Rainbows and the Chameleon6.99Simon Richelieu1/21/2012
Maenads: The Loves of Leopold Singer3.99L.K. Rigel1/16/2012
Dark Of Light0.99Stone Riley1/15/2012
The Bravo Billionaire4.61Christine Rimmer1/17/2012
The Binding Crescent (The Five Senses)5.99Erica Rinehart1/15/2012
The Many Lives of Avery Snow (Past Lives Trilogy)3.99Christy Sloat and Melissa Ringsted1/19/2012
Ramon4.99Rob Del Rio1/20/2012
For Love Or Money2.99Freda Roberts1/17/2012
Charmed and Dangerous3.99Kelsey Roberts1/17/2012
Film at Eleven3.82Kelsey Roberts1/17/2012
Affaire Royale: (Cordina's Royal Family)6.99Nora Roberts1/17/2012
Captivated: (The Donovan Legacy)6.99Nora Roberts1/17/2012
Charmed: (The Donovan Legacy)6.99Nora Roberts1/17/2012
Command Performance: (Cordina's Royal Family)6.99Nora Roberts1/17/2012
Cordinas Crown Jewel: (Cordina's Royal Family)6.99Nora Roberts1/17/2012
Dance to the Piper: (The O'Hurleys)6.99Nora Roberts1/17/2012
Enchanted: (The Donovan Legacy)6.99Nora Roberts1/17/2012
Entranced: (The Donovan Legacy)6.99Nora Roberts1/17/2012
The Playboy Prince: (Cordina's Royal Family)6.99Nora Roberts1/17/2012
Skin Deep: (The O'Hurleys)6.99Nora Roberts1/17/2012
Boneyard 11 (Borderlines)0.99Linton Robinson1/14/2012
The Reunion3.99Marina Martindale and Cynthia Roedig1/18/2012
Part-Time Princess (Fantasy Land Romance Novella Series)0.99Anabelle Rose1/20/2012
Red Carpet Christmas (Harlequin Intrigue)3.82Patricia Rosemoor1/17/2012
Lonely Alpha2.99Ranae Rose1/17/2012
Awaken (The Patronus)2.99Sarah M. Ross1/20/2012
The Sharpest Edge (Harlequin Intrigue)3.99Stephanie Rowe1/17/2012
Ice (Alaska Heat)4.99Stephanie Rowe1/20/2012
The Helmet of Navarre (Annotated)2.99Bertha Runkle1/18/2012
Etruscan swan song3.99Pier Isa Della Rupe1/18/2012
First Light - An Unauthorized Sequel to the Twilight Saga2.99Jean Rush1/19/2012
Heart and Soul (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Eva Rutland1/17/2012
Christmas Ransom (Harlequin Intrigue)3.82Jenna Ryan1/17/2012
Free For All (Red Light, Book Four)4.48Jayne Rylon1/18/2012
Decaffeinated Dreams0.99M.B. Ryther1/17/2012
Caleb's Christmas Wish (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Debra Salonen1/17/2012
A Father's Sacrifice (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Karen Sandler1/17/2012
And Then There Were Three (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Lynda Sandoval1/17/2012
One Perfect Man (Silhouette Special Edition)3.99Lynda Sandoval1/17/2012
@stenersi perditempo (Italian Edition)8.00Gianni Santoro1/15/2012
Straight Silver (Harlequin Intrigue)3.82Darlene Scalera1/17/2012
Coyote Gorgeous0.99Vijaya Schartz1/17/2012
Kristallsee (German Edition)4.95Inka-Gabriela Schmidt1/14/2012
Getting Lei'd [Hawaiian Holidays 3] (Siren Publishing PolyAmour)3.99Melissa Schroeder1/18/2012
For My Lady's Honor (Harlequin Historical)4.61Sharon Schulze1/17/2012
Suche Hexe fürs Leben (German Edition)9.99N. Schwalbe1/15/2012
Rainy Daze0.99Annie P. Scott1/16/2012
Step Into My Parlor (The Spyder and the Spy)0.99Kameron Scott1/21/2012
Cindi (A short story from Fairy Tale Flirts!)0.99Lisa Scott1/17/2012
Labyrinth2.99Tarah Scott1/17/2012
Finally Satisfied (Satisfaction)0.99Tori Scott1/15/2012
Curve in the Road1.99Paulette Seitz1/21/2012
Storms to Weather1.99Paulette Seitz1/21/2012
The Roman Poets of the Republic0.99W. Y. Sellar1/14/2012
Passion And Power - A Day In The Life1.00D. Lateri Septprimo1/15/2012
Romeo y Julieta [Translated] (Spanish Edition)2.99William Shakespeare1/14/2012
Trabajos de amor perdidos [Translated] (Spanish Edition)2.99William Shakespeare1/14/2012
Joseph. I Love You.2.99sharkinthesky and sharkintheskysharkinthesky1/20/2012
Sweet Hearts: The Fourth Samantha Sweet Mystery (The Samantha Sweet Mysteries)4.99Connie Shelton1/21/2012
The Carmel Charmers Series2.99Kemberlee Shortland1/21/2012
Dude Looks Like A Lady (Carmel Charmers Series)1.99Kemberlee Shortland1/20/2012
Tutti-Frutti Blues (Carmel Charmers Series)1.99Kemberlee Shortland1/20/2012
Love Sensei0.99Jennifer Shortridge1/15/2012
No Return: A Contemporary Phantom Tale4.49J.C. Sillesen1/20/2012
Beach House4.99John Simpson1/17/2012
D.B. Hayes, Detective3.82Dani Sinclair1/17/2012
Return to Stony Ridge (Harlequin Intrigue)3.82Dani Sinclair1/17/2012
Kerala: A Romance (Quick Love Bites)0.99Meera Singh1/15/2012
Off-Tour in Agra (Quick Love Bites)0.99Meera Singh1/15/2012
A Tale of Two Vampires: Lexie's Story2.99Ash Smith1/19/2012
Highland Princess3.99Haywood Smith1/21/2012
Bewere of Faeries: Rhane2.99Jessica Coulter Smith1/17/2012
Murder Comes to Mind (Berkeley Brigade)3.99Joan Smith1/17/2012
Take a Chance on Me (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Karen Rose Smith1/17/2012
Falling3.99L C Smith1/14/2012
Brenin2.99Mirriam Smyth1/18/2012
Full Disclosure7.00Nikki Soarde1/20/2012
At Shimmer's End (The Protecters of the Realm)3.00Ruth Solomon1/18/2012
Cassadaga Moon [Stiletto Sanction 1] (Siren Publishing Classic)4.79R.M. Sotera1/18/2012
Crazy Mixed Up Life3.99Bailey Speare1/16/2012
Red5.59Erica Spindler1/17/2012
Clair In Love (Nova Scotia Series)2.99Ann Staadt1/21/2012
Jared's Runaway Woman (Harlequin Historical)4.61Judith Stacy1/17/2012
Sinfully Scandalous5.95Rosalie Stanton1/15/2012
Liebe im Pixelformat (German Edition)9.97Alexandra Stark1/17/2012
Fortune's Pride2.99Michele Stegman1/20/2012
Nathan's Cougar3.99Timothy Stelly1/17/2012
The Edge of Eternity (Harlequin Intrigue)3.82Amanda Stevens1/17/2012
Going to Extremes (Harlequin Intrigue)3.82Amanda Stevens1/17/2012
Matters of Seduction3.82Amanda Stevens1/17/2012
Love Me or Not3.99M. L. Henry and Stellar Stevens1/18/2012
The Piper's Tune7.99Jessica Stirling1/19/2012
Safe Harbor0.99Antoinette Stockenberg1/15/2012
Dead Silence2.99Ren Stogner1/19/2012
Two Spirit Ranch: A Romance4.95Jaime Stryker1/18/2012
Para-Normal Romance0.99G. L. Strytler1/20/2012
The Virgin Student0.00Virgin Student1/17/2012
And Justice for All (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Linda Style1/17/2012
His Case, Her Child (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Linda Style1/17/2012
The Man in the Photograph (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Linda Style1/17/2012
What Madeline Wants (Harlequin Super Romance)3.99Linda Style1/17/2012
The Witness (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Linda Style1/17/2012
Orbital Love0.99Jo Styles1/19/2012
The Gladiator's Honor (Harlequin Historical)4.61Michelle Styles1/17/2012
Under the Northern Lights5.00Alan Sullivan1/14/2012
(In)Visible0.99Anyta Sunday1/21/2012
Shane and Trey0.99Anyta Sunday1/21/2012
St-St-Stuffed0.99Anyta Sunday1/21/2012
Across From Lapeyrouse3.99Nathalie Taghaboni1/15/2012
Making the Island2.99Liam Tamar1/14/2012
Advertising for Love3.99Darcee Tana1/19/2012
The Two Vanrevels (Annotated)2.99Booth Tarkington1/19/2012
She-Wolf, An Erotic Romance0.99Stephany Taylor1/19/2012
A New Dawn In Montana0.99Isla Teague1/21/2012
The Women of Bayberry Cove (Harlequin Super Romance)3.99Cynthia Thomason1/17/2012
Your House or Mine? (Harlequin Super Romance)3.99Cynthia Thomason1/17/2012
Red-Hot Pepper3.99Faye Thompson1/16/2012
Lark Rise to Candleford5.70Flora Thompson1/14/2012
Still Glides the Stream5.70Flora Thompson1/14/2012
The Wolf's Promise4.61Claire Thornton1/17/2012
Building Blocks of Murder (A Lacy Steele Mystery, Book 2)0.99Vanessa Gray Bartal and Rebecca Tocheff1/20/2012
Wild and Free (The Honeywells of Kentucky, Book 5)0.99Vanessa Gray Bartal and Rebecca Tocheff1/19/2012
The 51st Way to Leave Your Lover0.99Jonathan P. Tomes1/20/2012
Detective Daddy (Silhouette Special Edition)3.99Jane Toombs1/17/2012
In the Enemy's Arms3.99Pamela Toth1/17/2012
In Memory of Our Song9.99Wayne Townsend1/14/2012
That Affair at Elizabeth (illustrated edition)2.99Burton Egbert Stevenson and Rich TP1/19/2012
The Enchanted April (illustrated edition)2.99Elizabeth Von Arnim and Rich TP1/18/2012
Love and Intrigue (illustrated edition)2.99Frederich Schiller and Rich TP1/18/2012
The First Governess of the Netherlands, Margaret of Austria by Eleanor E. Tremayne1.99Eleanor E. Tremayne1/16/2012
The Left Lady5.00Margaret Turnbull1/15/2012
Faith of the Heart (Back to Omaha Adventure)2.99Jewell Tweedt1/17/2012
Lady Susan (Spanish Edition)3.99Jane Austen and Rosa Poveda Valiente1/17/2012
Taming Olivia [Terra-form 2] (Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting)4.40Becca Van1/18/2012
The Bandbox (Annotated)2.99Louis Joseph Vance1/20/2012
FIRE!3.99Maryann Davenport and Tom Vance1/14/2012
Teddy Truman y la alfombra voladora (Spanish Edition)5.00Arturo Velasco and Tomás Velasco1/14/2012
Flings and Arrows4.99Debbie Viggiano1/17/2012
Daddy Patrol (Silhouette Special Edition)3.99Sharon De Vita1/17/2012
The Way to a Woman's Heart (Silhouette Special Edition)3.99Carol Voss1/17/2012
The Angel's Share (He Said-She Said)2.99Thomas Wagner1/16/2012
In Her Husband's Image (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Vivienne Wallington1/17/2012
Always You1.50Joanna Mikalis and Monica Wanat1/18/2012
A Face To Die For2.99Jan Warburton1/20/2012
The Greek Tycoon's Runaway Bride3.99Lietha Wards1/15/2012
Her Kind of Cowboy (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Pat Warren1/17/2012
Making Babies (Silhouette Special Edition)3.99Wendy Warren1/17/2012
Last Tango in Cardiff2.99Andrew Waterbeach1/20/2012
Hometown Girl3.82Margaret Watson1/17/2012
The Amulet (Harlequin Intrigue)3.82Joanna Wayne1/17/2012
The Second Sister3.82Carrie Weaver1/17/2012
Daddy-Long-Legs (Annotated)2.99Jean Webster1/15/2012
Forever (Forever/One Fine Day)3.99Theresa Weir1/17/2012
Some Kind of Magic3.99Theresa Weir1/16/2012
One Fine Day3.99Theresa Weir1/18/2012
Partners & Prey2.99Ashley Rainiere and Lauren Weisburger1/14/2012
Hearts Unfold7.99Karen Welch1/15/2012
Hearts and Daggers: Three Valentine Mystery Novellas2.99Mary Welk,Amy Alessio and Margot Justes1/16/2012
The Aspern Papers by Henry James [Annotated]2.99Henry James and Chayada Welljaipet1/15/2012
Lorna Doone; a Romance of Exmoor by R. D. Blackmore [Annotated]3.99R. D. Blackmore and Chayada Welljaipet1/16/2012
Under the Greenwood Tree by Thomas Hardy [Annotated]2.99Thomas Hardy and Chayada Welljaipet1/14/2012
Ann Veronica,A Modern Love Story (Annotated)2.99Herbert George "H.G." Wells1/19/2012
Hard Bargain2.99Grace Wen1/19/2012
Standish Gets His Man5.70Percy F. Westerman1/16/2012
The Age of Innocence - Literature Classics, Complete Edition (Annotated)1.99Edith Wharton1/20/2012
THE AGE OF INNOCENCE : FUN ROMANCE & LOVE STORY By Edith Wharton (A Pulitzer Prize Story) (Annotated)2.97Edith Wharton1/19/2012
Miracle on Beale Street2.99Beth White1/15/2012
The Cowboy Wore Tartan (The Tartan Cowboy Series)4.50Diane Davis White1/19/2012
Skookum Chuck. A Novel5.00Stewart Edward White1/16/2012
A Most Unsuitable Bride4.61Gail Whitiker1/17/2012
Tamed: A Tale of Indulgence (Tales of Indulgence)2.99Casey Wilder1/17/2012
Alpha Mate [Northern Shifters 1] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove)4.40Winona Wilder1/18/2012
Hearts of Undivided Passion (The beginning)2.99stacy wilkerson1/14/2012
The Homecoming (Silhouette Special Edition)3.99Gina Wilkins1/17/2012
Forever Beth0.99K. Michael Williams1/14/2012
Courier to Marrakesh5.70Valentine Williams1/18/2012
Take No Prisoners3.99Gayle Wilson1/17/2012
Wrong Turn2.99Paula F. Winskye1/17/2012
Cowboy Prince (Collins Family Saga)0.99Paula F. Winskye1/15/2012
Royal Entanglements (Collins Family Saga)0.99Paula F. Winskye1/15/2012
Truth or Dare2.99Nikki Winter1/20/2012
Lady Baltimore Unabridged (Annotated)2.87Owen Wister1/19/2012
Jill The Reckless (Annotated)3.99P. G. Wodehouse1/16/2012
BlueBalance3.99Phil Wohl1/19/2012
Reaping Shadows2.99Jamieson Wolf1/19/2012
Warriors At Heart2.99Lynn Lorenz and Georgia Woods1/18/2012
Throw Me A Bone0.99Stevie Woods1/21/2012
Night and Day (Annotated)3.99Virginia Woolf1/14/2012
From Out Of Chaos (Dark Matter Heart Trilogy)2.99Nathan Wrann1/15/2012
Fireblossom (The Matthews Novels, Book 1)2.99Cynthia Wright1/18/2012
Fire Baptized (Habitat)2.99Kenya Wright1/16/2012
The Vampire's Redemption, A Paranormal Romance (Undead in Brown County #3)3.99S.J. Wright1/18/2012
From Rags1.49Suzanne Wright1/14/2012
Riley's Retribution (Harlequin Intrigue)3.99Rebecca York1/17/2012
Feral Nature (The Judge Chronicles)3.99RM Brand and Kathleen Yoshida1/19/2012
The Truth About Charity (Angels of Grace)2.99Nell Young1/14/2012
Good Medicine (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82BobHutchinson1/17/2012
Children of Circumstance: A Novel (All Volumes)2.99Iota1/16/2012
Carol. I Love You. (I Love You 2) (Italian Edition)2.99sharkinthesky1/21/2012
James. I Love You. (Italian Edition)2.99sharkinthesky1/21/2012
Karen. I Love You. (I Love You 2) (Italian Edition)2.99sharkinthesky1/21/2012
Linda. I Love You. (I Love You 2) (Italian Edition)2.99sharkinthesky1/21/2012
Barbara. I Love You. (I Love You 2)2.99sharkinthesky1/20/2012
Betty. I Love You. (I Love You 2)2.99sharkinthesky1/20/2012
Brian. I Love You.2.99sharkinthesky1/20/2012
Charles (I Love You)2.99sharkinthesky1/20/2012
Christopher. I Love You.2.99sharkinthesky1/20/2012
Daniel. I Love You.2.99sharkinthesky1/20/2012
David. I Love You.2.99sharkinthesky1/20/2012
Donald. I Love You.2.99sharkinthesky1/20/2012
Donna. I Love You. (I Love You 2)2.99sharkinthesky1/20/2012
Dorothy. I Love You. (I Love You. 2)2.99sharkinthesky1/20/2012
Edward. I Love You.2.99sharkinthesky1/20/2012
Elizabeth. I Love You. (I Love You 2)2.99sharkinthesky1/20/2012
George. I Love You.2.99sharkinthesky1/20/2012
Helen. I Love You.2.99sharkinthesky1/20/2012
Jennifer. I Love You. (I Love You 2)2.99sharkinthesky1/20/2012
John. I Love You.2.99sharkinthesky1/20/2012
Kenneth. I Love You.2.99sharkinthesky1/20/2012
Lisa. I Love You. (I Love You 2)2.99sharkinthesky1/20/2012
Margaret. I Love You. (I Love You 2)2.99sharkinthesky1/20/2012
Maria. I Love You. (I Love You 2)2.99sharkinthesky1/20/2012
Mark. I Love You.2.99sharkinthesky1/20/2012
Mary. I Love You. (I Love You 2)2.99sharkinthesky1/20/2012
Michael. I Love You.2.99sharkinthesky1/20/2012
Nancy. I Love You. (I Love You 2)2.99sharkinthesky1/20/2012
Patricia. I Love You. (I Love You 2)2.99sharkinthesky1/20/2012
Paul. I Love You.2.99sharkinthesky1/20/2012
Richard. I Love You2.99sharkinthesky1/20/2012
Robert. I Love You.2.99sharkinthesky1/20/2012
Ruth. I Love You. (I Love You 2)2.99sharkinthesky1/20/2012
Sandra. I Love You. (I Love You 2)2.99sharkinthesky1/20/2012
Sharon. I Love You. (I Love You 2)2.99sharkinthesky1/20/2012
Steven. I Love You.2.99sharkinthesky1/20/2012
Susan. I Love You. (I Love You 2)2.99sharkinthesky1/20/2012
Thomas. I Love You.2.99sharkinthesky1/20/2012
Afraid to Love the Army Doctor4.00ShelTate1/15/2012
William. I Love You. (Italian Edition)2.99sjarkinthesky1/21/2012
India's Summer3.99Therese1/18/2012

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