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Fantasy 2/21-2/29 2012

Fantasy Kindle ebooks between 2/21/2012 and 2/29/2012.

The goal of this blog is to provide a way to quickly scan new releases in Amazon. Amazon's default search mechanism only shows 10 results at a time, which makes it very difficult to find new books, since hundreds of books are released every week. This article will reduce the amount of clicking and page loads required to see what was released. For more information see About the New Ebook Release Blog.

Below are some books that I found interesting during this timeperiod. I'm sure that there are other interesting books, I encourage people to point out good books in the comments.

Recomended Releases

Touchstone (Glass Thorns)Melanie RawnA new book from Melanie Rawn, I haven't read her in a long time. I think this one is YA aimed.
Caine's LawMATTHEW STOVERA new Caine book, I thought the next one was going to be His Father's Fist. Worth getting for ultra-violent fantasy.

Between 2/21/2012 and 2/29/2012: 368 Fantasy Kindle books were released. Click 'Read More' to see the complete list

Released Books Kindle ebooks

TitlePriceAuthor(s)Release Date
The Legend of Eli Monpress9.99Rachel Aaron2/24/2012
Brambles and Black Horses0.99Karen L. Abrahamson2/25/2012
L'Ottavo Giorno (Italian Edition)0.99Alice Allione and Guido Allione2/21/2012
Blind Sight Through the Eyes of Leocardo Reyes2.99Ermisenda Alvarez,Karin Cox and Cheryl Bradshaw2/21/2012
Estheria5.00Yvonne Amstutz2/28/2012
Allie's War Collection: Books 1-49.99JC Andrijeski2/23/2012
Le manteau d'oubli (French Edition)4.99Christian Angles and Renaud Angles2/24/2012
The Sopaths2.99Piers Anthony2/27/2012
Zombies of Clay - a parody (A Guy Antibes Short Story)0.99Guy Antibes2/27/2012
Queen of the Boneyard1.99Kim Antieau2/28/2012
Beschwörung (German Edition)2.99Edward Bulwer-Lytton and Noas Arlyeu2/22/2012
The Collected Short Stories of T. Jerome Baker9.99T. Jerome Baker2/22/2012
Antichi E 'Vecchi' (Libro 8 Della Serie Heku) (Italian Edition)1.19T.M. Nielsen and Mirella Banfi2/22/2012
Under Crimson Moons0.99NPB Barker2/27/2012
Desolace4.99Lucian Barnes2/25/2012
The Adventures of Chet Sexuelle, Wizard M.D. & Miss Langley, Basilisk & How They Saved the Village of Hwerwyl From The Black Death (an H2NH story 2012)1.99David Barron2/24/2012
A Virgin and her Country Music Mogul2.99B.E. Bastille2/21/2012
The Surprising Adventures of the Magical Monarch of Mo and His People (Illustrated)1.99L. Frank Baum2/27/2012
Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz (Annotated Edition) [14 BOOK Collection] With Table Of Contents (The Oz Books #1-14)2.99Lyman Frank Baum2/22/2012
The Emerald City of Oz (Annotated Edition) [14 BOOK Collection] With Table Of Contents (The Oz Books #1-14)2.99Lyman Frank Baum2/22/2012
Glinda of Oz (Annotated Edition) [14 BOOK Collection] With Table Of Contents (The Oz Books #1-14)2.99Lyman Frank Baum2/22/2012
The Lost Princess of Oz (Annotated Edition) [14 BOOK Collection] With Table Of Contents (The Oz Books #1-14)2.99Lyman Frank Baum2/22/2012
The Magic of Oz (Annotated Edition) [14 BOOK Collection] With Table Of Contents (The Oz Books #1-14)2.99Lyman Frank Baum2/22/2012
The Marvelous Land of Oz (Annotated Edition) [14 BOOK Collection] With Table Of Contents (The Oz Books #1-14)2.99Lyman Frank Baum2/22/2012
Ozma of Oz (Annotated Edition) [14 BOOK Collection] With Table Of Contents (The Oz Books #1-14)2.99Lyman Frank Baum2/22/2012
The Patchwork Girl of Oz (Annotated Edition) [14 BOOK Collection] With Table Of Contents (The Oz Books #1-14)2.99Lyman Frank Baum2/22/2012
Rinkitink in Oz (Annotated Edition) [14 BOOK Collection] With Table Of Contents (The Oz Books #1-14)2.99Lyman Frank Baum2/22/2012
The Scarecrow of Oz (Annotated Edition) [14 BOOK Collection] With Table Of Contents (The Oz Books #1-14)2.99Lyman Frank Baum2/22/2012
The Tin Woodman of Oz (Annotated Edition) [14 BOOK Collection] With Table Of Contents (The Oz Books #1-14)2.99Lyman Frank Baum2/22/2012
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz [14 BOOK Collection] (Annotated Edition) (The Oz Books #1-14)2.99Lyman Frank Baum2/22/2012
Tik-Tok of Oz (Annotated Edition) [14 BOOK Collection] With Table Of Contents (The Oz Books #1-14)2.99Lyman Frank Baum2/27/2012
A King's Cage (The Thief's Ring)2.49Arienne Jayde and Tiffany Beall2/23/2012
Spell of Entrapment (Mages of Trava)2.99Jeffrey Beesler2/21/2012
The Freeze of 2060 (short story)1.00Ami Blackwelder and Magnolia Belle2/21/2012
Chiara Fontana - Das Möbiusband Teil 3 (German Edition)0.99Peter Bergmann2/23/2012
Equilibrium - Der khatalahische Eid (1) (German Edition)9.97Swantje Berndt2/22/2012
Magic0.99Marco Bertamini2/25/2012
Le Marquis (French Edition)0.99Karel BERTHET2/22/2012
Arise and take a bow1.00LADY BIKITA2/21/2012
The Royal Elves of Menui0.99Misty D. Billman2/22/2012
WOLF8.99Jo Huntly and Kayleigh Bills2/23/2012
War of Air and Fyre1.89Michael Bingamon2/22/2012
WHY ARE ALL THE GOOD GUYS TOTAL MONSTERS? (A Magical Romance)1.50De-ann Black2/24/2012
Inner Waves (Read and Do Good)2.99Deborough Blalock2/28/2012
THEME FUROR0.99Jimmi Blue2/28/2012
THE LANTERN OF DERN BLACKHAMMER4.99Lawrence BoarerPitchford and Julie BoarerPitchford2/27/2012
Master Guardian Part Three: The Truth is Uncovered (Master Guardian series)0.99Barbara Boot2/25/2012
Gally Delbar, Healer (Gally Delbar - World of Jalon)4.99John Booth2/23/2012
The Ruined City9.99Paula Brandon2/28/2012
Desiccant 003: A Lot of Moisture0.99Kevin R. Bridges2/23/2012
Predict THIS2.99Michael D. Britton2/22/2012
Dim Speak (The Dim Speak Novels)0.99Trick Brown2/27/2012
Space Dust1.00Martyn Bruce2/28/2012
Second Time Around0.99Neil Brunsden2/24/2012
KEACHI A Faery Tale2.99Tim Bryant2/27/2012
Demoneater (Demonkeeper)3.99Royce Buckingham2/25/2012
Moment of Kairos0.99N.J. Burns2/24/2012
Warlord of Mars (Annotated)2.99Edgar Rice Burroughs2/26/2012
De ogen van de Wolf6.99W.M. Caers2/23/2012
Avast (Into the Dust)1.99Ren Cummins and Kiri Callaghan2/28/2012
The Cradle2.99T.M. Camp2/23/2012
Das große Spiel: Roman - Mit einem Vorwort von Arthur C. Clarke (German Edition)7.39Orson Scott Card2/29/2012
Dreams Take Flight (Princess Nenji)0.99David Carroll2/23/2012
The Dragon King (Princess Nenji)0.99David D. Carroll2/23/2012
Gartu's Tale (Princess Nenji)0.99David D. Carroll2/23/2012
Royal Reunions (Princess Nenji)0.99David D. Carroll2/23/2012
Alice's Abenteuer im Wunderland (Annotated) (German Edition)0.99Lewis Carroll2/27/2012
Chael's Luck2.99Mireille Chester2/22/2012
Daughter of Harthdeen (The Ly-Blumindon Stone)0.99Caroline Chokr2/24/2012
Three Against the Dark3.99M.K. Christiansen2/22/2012
Magia in Toscana (Italian Edition)2.99Marinella Ciabatti2/22/2012
The DRAGON'S FAMILIAR3.99Lawrence J. Cohen2/27/2012
The Ghosts of Blood and Innocence (The Wraeththu Histories)7.99Storm Constantine2/22/2012
The Shades of Time and Memory (The Wraeththu Histories)7.99Storm Constantine2/22/2012
The Wraiths of Will and Pleasure (The Wraeththu Histories)7.99Storm Constantine2/21/2012
Eternal Struggle (The Saga)4.99TJ Converse2/22/2012
Reborn: A Tale of Second Skins2.99J RW Conway2/21/2012
Songs of the Earth11.99Elspeth Cooper2/28/2012
El Manto (Reminiscencia I) (Spanish Edition)0.99Daniel De Cordova2/21/2012
Ultimo orizzonte (Italian Edition)3.90Valentina Coscia2/28/2012
The Lost Father Chronicles (Part One)1.49K. R. Cox2/22/2012
The Lost Father Chronicles (Part Two)1.49K. R. Cox2/28/2012
Ich bin keine Hexe! (German Edition)0.99Maria Cramer2/23/2012
Anwa (German Edition)0.99Maria Cramer2/22/2012
Malchediel - Warrior Angel (Wings Unfurled)1.25Maureen Turner and CreativeLeaf2/27/2012
The Brooklyn Leprechaun (The Brooklyn Leprechaun Mystery Series)0.99Bernadette Crepeau2/24/2012
Magical Scotland (The Brooklyn Leprechaun Mystery Series)2.99Bernadette Crepeau2/27/2012
Hungry for Winter: A Very Short Story0.99Christian Crews2/22/2012
The Legend of G and The Dragonettes0.99Russ Crossley2/25/2012
Light at the End of the World5.99J.A. Cummings2/27/2012
Composite Soup - Set in a 'Future Earth'0.00Giles D.H2/27/2012
The Shadowdance Trilogy9.99David Dalglish2/21/2012
L'homme de Déception (French Edition)3.85Ludovic Danet2/24/2012
Annatrice of Cayborne (The Protathaian Chronicles)1.59Jonathan Davison2/23/2012
A Hole in Her Mind (The Second Realm)0.99R.J. Davnall2/24/2012
A Game of Blood4.99Julie Ann Dawson,Faith Carroll and John Ward2/28/2012
Wonderland Blues (Part 1)0.99Kyle A Day2/25/2012
Bubblegum Balloons2.99Lynetta Dean2/28/2012
Forest Wars3.99Graham Diamond2/22/2012
Reckoner0.99Jason Dookeran2/24/2012
The Lost World (Annotated)2.99SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE2/21/2012
Path of Dreams (The Stones of Life)2.99Kathryn Dunnett2/28/2012
Sarophia2.99Stu Dunn2/23/2012
The Sword of Welleran and Other Stories (Illustrated)1.99Lord Dunsany2/27/2012
The Scar11.99Sergey Dyachenko,Marina Dyachenko2/28/2012
Die Schwarze Legion. Der Verrat. (German Edition)0.99Philipp Ebert2/25/2012
Life Quest (The Helot)1.99John Edgell2/22/2012
Au pays des gestes qui sauvent (French Edition)3.00Elbasi Engival2/23/2012
By a Thread7.99Jennifer Estep2/28/2012
Beyond the Last Tree (The Chronicles of the Chosen)4.99M. Cummins Fair2/21/2012
The Golden Harp3.99A. Faris2/26/2012
The Problem of Carl and Louie0.99Abigail Fero2/25/2012
Just Another Shop0.99Abigail Fero2/22/2012
Vagabond Swords2.99Christopher Filmer-Sankey and Christopher Filmer-Sankey2/21/2012
Charlotte's Feathers3.99Matthew Fish2/25/2012
Casket of Souls7.99Lynn Flewelling2/28/2012
Gaelen's Gold5.99M. K. Flowers2/28/2012
The Finite Melts1.50Graham Fowler2/23/2012
2012 - Folge 12: Die Nadel der Götter (German Edition)1.99Oliver Fröhlich2/23/2012
Jonathan Frahm's The Fallout (Hidden Magic)2.99Jonathan Frahm2/21/2012
Dogs of War (Peter the Wolf)3.99Zoe E. Whitten and Tara Frauendienst2/27/2012
Amanda Ackers and The Deep Forest Elves9.99GlennAndSasha Gabriel2/26/2012
Pale Kings (Emaneska Series)1.59Ben Galley2/27/2012
The Written Teaser0.99Ben Galley2/27/2012
Alexander: Sacrifice. Instinct. Rebirth.3.99Lauren K. Pomeroy and Amanda Garfield2/27/2012
Unicorn Sisters The Forgotten Princesses5.00Marian Garms2/22/2012
Fantasy & Science Fiction, Stories on the Nebula Ballot 20112.99Gordon Van Gelder,Carolyn Ives Gilman,Geoff Ryman and Ken Liu2/24/2012
Crossbow-Isle Ithilhin-Moonchild Part 35.99Elensaar Gelindor,Irefenia Salgonda and Tova Waage2/28/2012
Evernight - Gefährtin der Morgenröte: Roman (German Edition)9.99Claudia Gray2/27/2012
Tales From Camelot Series 1: PENDRAGON5.95Paul Green2/21/2012
The Three Fingers of Death0.99Tristan Gregory2/27/2012
Gateworld: The Search for Earth Book 12.99Bennie Grezlik2/25/2012
Gateworld: The Search for Earth Book 22.99Bennie Grezlik2/25/2012
Found (The Last Watcher Series) Book One4.99Yana Guleva2/23/2012
Evil Dark: An Occult Crime Unit Investigation4.79Justin Gustainis2/28/2012
Pieces Of Me1.99Lew Hagood2/25/2012
The Cursed Collection (Children of the Curse)4.99Cindy Hargreaves2/23/2012
Blind Sight Through the Eyes of Aniela Dawson2.99Eliabeth Hawthorne,Cheryl Bradshaw and Karin Cox2/21/2012
A Nice Run: A Short Story0.99A. Jarrell Hayes2/23/2012
Darkness of the God (Children of the Panther)2.99Amber Hayward2/21/2012
The Victorian Fairy Tale Book (Pantheon Fairy Tale & Folklore Library)14.99Michael Patrick Hearn2/22/2012
Das Lied von Eis und Feuer 7: Zeit der Krähen (German Edition)9.24George R.R. Martin and Andreas Helweg2/29/2012
Black Howl7.99Christina Henry2/28/2012
Enchanted0.99Susan Hern2/21/2012
The Ginger Jar0.99Maryanne Hobbs2/25/2012
Der Struwwelpeter (Anotated)0.99Heinrich Hoffmann2/27/2012
Dead Harvest4.79Chris F. Holm2/28/2012
Willow - Beyond the Ambit6.49Deidre Ann Home,Kay-Ann van Rooyen and Deidre Nortjé2/25/2012
Rise of the Dibor (The White Lion Chronicles)2.99Christopher Hopper,Sue Kenney,Allan Miller and Christopher Miller2/23/2012
The Lion Vrie (The White Lion Chronicles)2.99Christopher Hopper,Sue Kenney,Hillary Hopper and Jason Clement2/23/2012
Athera's Dawn (The White Lion Chronicles)2.99Christopher Hopper,Sue Kenney,Jason Clement and Hillary Hopper2/23/2012
This Magic Moment0.99Jeff Howe2/23/2012
Clan of the Dung-Sniffers2.99Lee Danielle Hubbard2/27/2012
Crystal Shade: Episodes #10.99Orlanda Szabo and István Szabó Ifj.2/28/2012
The Dream Curator (The Dream Curator and Other Stories)0.99Alex Irvine2/21/2012
Seventh Fall (The Dream Curator and Other Stories)0.99Alex Irvine2/21/2012
The Truth About Ninjas (The Dream Curator and Other Stories)0.99Alex Irvine2/21/2012
Onerii0.00Ant Irvine2/21/2012
Fated7.99Benedict Jacka2/28/2012
School Spirit1.99Alison Jackson2/25/2012
Shieldmaiden (Aelfric Saga)2.99JM Winspear and A Jackson2/28/2012
Der Schild - Serial 02: Drache in Not (Der Schild - Serials) (German Edition)1.89Nathan Jaeger,Julia Tarach and Liesa-Marie Nagel2/28/2012
The Changeling King (The Trollking Saga)2.99Noor A Jahangir2/23/2012
Texas 2013: Paranormal Siege (The Last War)0.99Erik James2/25/2012
Une histoire de revenant (French Edition)0.99Jules Janin2/27/2012
Families of Fire (Fog & Tea)3.50Stephen Jankiewicz2/24/2012
Schwarzes Licht (Ein Yrangir-Roman) (German Edition)2.99Viebahn Jan2/25/2012
The Rottens (Ben and Tommy)1.50R P Jax2/24/2012
Camelot Wizards Bargain Box #11.09Chris Jedson2/28/2012
The Lady Moons (Secret Doorway Tales)1.49V. A. Jeffrey2/23/2012
Birth of the Guardians0.99Katherine Jenny,Katherine Jenny and Karen Jenny2/27/2012
Obadiah's Crossing0.00K. E. Jess2/21/2012
Amén (Spanish Edition)7.00Jesús de las Heras jiménez2/21/2012
Heretic Apocalypse - Complete (Parts One to Three)1.99G Johanson2/24/2012
Jur: A Story of Pre Dawn Earth3.99James Reasoner and Tom Johnson2/24/2012
The Kobalos Trilogy Omnibus4.99Ty Johnston2/28/2012
Prophecy of the Most Beautiful (Oracle of Delphi)1.99Diantha Jones,Nicole Love and Gabrielle Jones2/28/2012
On the Winds of Change (The Kid in the Hat Collection)1.99Joe H. Bell Jr2/28/2012
Dragon - Johnny's Adventures2.99Orit and T.Arie K.,Draguu,Josh Wedlake and Christoph Pöhler2/21/2012
Only Echoes Remain0.99AJ Kalliver2/28/2012
The Ossian Chronicles, Omnibus Edition5.95Brondt Kamffer2/27/2012
Curses!9.99J.A. Kazimer2/28/2012
SOL: A Light Novel2.99Max E. Keele2/28/2012
The Last Condo Board of the Apocalypse3.99Nina Post and Vicki Keire2/27/2012
Rise of Shadows (Lost Tales of Power)2.99Vincent Trigili and Elaine Kennedy2/23/2012
Shards of S'Darin (In the Shadow of the Black Sun)0.00William Kenney2/24/2012
Verborgene Gänge (German Edition)6.99H.W. Kersting and H.W. Kersting2/21/2012
Hüter der Könige (German Edition)7.99H.W. Kersting2/21/2012
The Oracle Of Sadeer0.99Shaun Kilgore2/23/2012
Doggie do Dreams of Flying to the Moon! A silly rhyming book2.99Jenny King2/24/2012
The Jungle Book (Annotated)2.99Rudyard Kipling2/21/2012
The Science Museum~a short story0.99Douglas Kolacki2/28/2012
The Choir of Thunder: Dawn of the Stormbringer5.99Brooks Gordon and Mariusz Kozik2/25/2012
Daughter of the Shadows2.99Christine Kruger-Remus2/25/2012
The Grym Brothers4.99Jason Krumbine2/23/2012
Blade of Lightning (The Keepers of the Way)2.99Fran LaPlaca2/23/2012
The Amazing Adventures of Max & the Isdottir1.99Helen Lashbrook2/24/2012
Storytales of Starshine5.95H. F. Parkhurst and Paola A. Latorre2/23/2012
In The Darkness (Shadow Chronicles)2.99Nathalie Laurings2/22/2012
Illumination (Revamped Series)2.99Michael Leeds2/21/2012
Dinosaur Dreams (Indian Trail's)2.99David Charles Leitner2/28/2012
L'Homme qui a vu le diable (French Edition)0.99Gaston Leroux2/27/2012
The Phantom of the Opera (Annotated and Active Table of Contents)2.99Gaston Leroux2/27/2012
IT CAN'T HAPPEN HERE ( Annotated )2.99Sinclair Lewis2/25/2012
Shrapnel (The Fae Liaison Initiative)0.99Ken Lim2/22/2012
Four Bites (Horse-Bite)2.99Detlev Linde2/21/2012
Viola (Italian Edition)9.99Marina Lisi2/21/2012
Contes cruels - Le traitement du Dr. Tristan (French Edition)0.99Auguste de Villiers de l'Isle-Adam2/27/2012
Il Tesoro di Albarus (Italian Edition)3.92Marilyn Lizzi2/27/2012
Ensorcelé - Pour l'amour d'une reine (French Edition)2.67Marjorie Loup2/25/2012
Las fuerzas extrañas (Spanish Edition)0.99Leopoldo Lugones2/22/2012
The Alchemist of Souls: Night's Masque, Volume 14.79Anne Lyle2/28/2012
Le Ciel et l'enfer (French Edition)0.99Prosper Mérimée2/27/2012
Lightspeed Magazine, March 20123.99Lightspeed Magzine,R. A. Salvatore,John Joseph Adams and Mary Rosenblum2/27/2012
Envy: The Flight of the King (PROMO) (The Cardinal Sins)0.99Roshane Miller and George Malcolm2/21/2012
Excaliburs Magic (The Immortals Changer Werewolf Lycan)1.99Wolf Malkin-Wolf2/23/2012
Armor-Plated Heart0.99Bruce Markuson2/26/2012
Vampires and Chocolate: Remembering the Future0.99Karinn Martel2/24/2012
Pandemonia Chronicles: DAWN2.99Carey Martell2/25/2012
Complete Original Short Stories (180) (Annotated)0.99Guy de Maupassant2/28/2012
The Magical Ore0.99A. T. Mayers2/28/2012
Demon's Play (Inquisitor)2.99David McBride2/25/2012
Puckette: Sophie Quinn and the Copse1.00Julie McClure2/27/2012
Herb-Wife (Lord Alchemist Duology)4.99Elizabeth McCoy2/24/2012
Herb-Witch (Lord Alchemist Duology)4.99Elizabeth McCoy2/24/2012
Mourn a Moonreft Sky2.99Shannah Biondine and Sheri L. McGathy2/25/2012
On Fallen Wings2.99Jamie McHenry2/27/2012
Twins of Aurora4.49Magen McMinimy2/25/2012
Seven Summits: The Magical Talent7.99Sidney McPhail2/23/2012
Realmwalkers3.99Jack Shepherd and E.V. Medina2/24/2012
Mythic Tales: City of the Gods (City of the Gods Anthology)2.99Wynn Mercere,Ken Andre,M.Scott \Verne and Bram Stoker2/22/2012
A encruzilhada (Portuguese Edition)0.99Ana Lúcia Merege,Erick Santos Cardoso and Erick Sama2/27/2012
Im Zeichen des zwölften Planeten (German Edition)9.97Angelika Merkel2/25/2012
Tim Hartwell and The Magical Galon of Wales (Tim Hartwell series)5.99Aeneas Middleton2/23/2012
Beyond the light0.99james milano2/24/2012
Standing Between Earth and Heaven (Jura City)3.99Douglas Milewski and Jennifer Milewski2/21/2012
Entretien avec le diable (French Edition)0.99Jean de LA VILLE DE MIRMONT2/27/2012
Eu, a sogra (Portuguese Edition)0.99Giulia Moon,Erick Santos Cardoso and Erick Sama2/27/2012
The Crown and the Mage (The Red Sorcerer)3.99Corinne Morier2/25/2012
Whittle Girl0.00Rosemarie Naramore2/21/2012
Potion Problems (Zephron's Travels)6.95Pat Blackburn-Elliot and Vicki Natale2/27/2012
The Shadows Birth (The Shadow Walkers)3.99Ryan T. Nelson2/21/2012
Dream Stories: 24 Excerpts from an Author's Dream Journal1.99Clark Nielsen2/25/2012
Parallel Worlds: Nothing is as it seems5.99Heather Macauley Noell2/22/2012
The Gilded Throne: Book 1, Chapter 1 (Chronicles of the Holy Realm)2.99James E Nunn2/24/2012
The Consuls of the Vicariate: A Mages of Bloodmyr Novel: Book #24.95Brian Kittrell and Lynn O'Dell2/28/2012
Evolution Now3.99Ryan Oeters2/21/2012
Free Money Theory2.99Ryan Oeters2/21/2012
Emerald Witch4.99Leona O'Neill2/21/2012
Back in the Zone (Anthology Quad)2.99Eugene Orlando2/22/2012
Bardok and the Forest of Fier0.00John Orsbun2/21/2012
Japanese Fairy Tales: Annotated3.99Yei Theodora Ozaki2/24/2012
A Sliver of Shadow7.99Allison Pang2/28/2012
Unspent Time - Omnibus2.99Graham Parke2/27/2012
Die Chroniken von Gonran 1: Stärke oder Tod (German Edition)6.83Andreas Pauli2/28/2012
The Last Golden Dragon0.99Keri M. Peardon2/28/2012
Our House and London out of Our Windows (Annotated) classic book by Elizabeth Robins Pennell2.99Elizabeth Robins Pennell and Joseph Pennell2/28/2012
Dog Stars0.99Ivan Perilli2/24/2012
In the World of Hyboria 5A (The Witch, The Carrion and the Duel)0.99Lawrence BoarerPitchford and David Perreault2/24/2012
In the World of Hyboria 1A (A Sticky Wicket)0.99Lawrence BoarerPitchford and David Perreault2/27/2012
In The World of Hyboria 2A (The Realm of Yi)0.99Lawrence BoarerPitchford and David Perreault2/27/2012
In the World of Hyboria 3A (Grimface's folly)0.99Lawrence BoarerPitchford and David Perreault2/27/2012
In The World of Hyboria 4A (The Trek to Babateh)0.99Lawrence BoarerPitchford and David Perreault2/27/2012
Beyond the Suns3.99J. Peterson2/21/2012
The Vengeful Malice: Hungering Saga 2 (The Hungering Saga)3.99Heath Pfaff2/24/2012
Il Ritorno Del Bardo (Italian Edition)3.00Maria Lidia Petrulli and Severine Pineaux2/27/2012
The Fifth Book: Eposta4.99William Pitt2/21/2012
Jacob and the Gnome2.99Joel Plue2/24/2012
The Chosen (The Blood and Brotherhood Saga)3.99Jeremy Laszlo and Ronnell Porter2/23/2012
Wolf's Bane2.99Judith Post2/21/2012
The Empaths of Drayon (The Crystal Traveler)5.95Cheryl Jackson Poules2/21/2012
Princess Origen Tales Part Three: A Matter of Elves0.99D. E. Powell2/24/2012
Abominations (Gwen Farris)0.99P.S. Power2/21/2012
Gabriel (The Infected)4.99P.S. Power2/27/2012
Age of the Sigil Season 1 Episode 90.99711 Press2/25/2012
A Wind out of Escalon (The Winds of Halflight)0.99Callan Primer2/25/2012
Necromancing the Seer Stone (A short story)0.99R. S. Pyne2/25/2012
V-Darkness: The Skars of God2.99Mark Meadows and Koi Quittenton2/23/2012
Blutrubin Trilogie - Band 3: Das Vermächtnis (German Edition)9.99Petra Röder2/26/2012
Touchstone (Glass Thorns)12.99Melanie Rawn2/28/2012
The Red Bridge1.99Alyssa Red2/28/2012
Quest of Eight Part Two: In Search of the Alchemist3.99Richard Reda,Karren Reda,Jill Fox and Mike Reda2/27/2012
The Cleric: A humoristic tale of moderate adventure with a dash of romance2.99William Reed2/27/2012
Long Night Moon (Seasons of the Moon)3.99SM Reine2/25/2012
The Clockwork Vampire Chronicles7.99Andy Remic2/28/2012
Anathema - Book 1 of the Trivallyn Saga2.99Peyton Reynolds2/23/2012
Die Zwischenwelt (German Edition)5.99Filomena Nina Ribi2/23/2012
The Red Harlequin - Episode 4 Astor0.00Roberto Ricci2/22/2012
The Red Harlequin - Episode 5 The Cancerian0.99Roberto Ricci2/28/2012
Vite segrete (Italian Edition)0.99Jeff VanderMeer and Valentina Riolo2/21/2012
Deception of Hope3.00Paul Roberts2/21/2012
Una puerta en la niebla (Spanish Edition)2.00Francisco Romero2/24/2012
Pro Se Presents: November 20111.99C. William Russette,Kevin Rodgers,Nancy A. Hansen and Andrew Salmon2/27/2012
Zombies vs. Robots: The Wizards vs. The Bots0.99Chris Ryall,Don Webb and Ashley Wood2/24/2012
The Destiny of Amalah5.81Thandi Ryan2/27/2012
Le Mokélé-mbembé (French Edition)12.00Pierre Salvignol2/21/2012
Frankenfine : Fine As Hell2.99Preita Salyer2/28/2012
The Incident X0.99C.T. Sanner2/28/2012
L'Ultimo (Italian Edition)1.99Edoardo Santamato2/27/2012
THE TREES THEY GROW9.99Brittany Sawrey2/23/2012
Kaos, der Kobold (Der Träumende Riese) (German Edition)3.80Michael Schleyer2/23/2012
Le riflard mystérieux (French Edition)0.99Aurélien Scholl2/27/2012
Lost Under Two Moons2.99Lindsay Schopfer2/22/2012
Drawn Breath (Part V - Seralruhn)2.99Yusufu Shehu and Yusufu Shehu2/24/2012
Dragonbound: Blue Dragon4.99Rebecca Shelley2/22/2012
The Fairy Collection2.99Val Edward Simone2/22/2012
Animal Island2.99Thomas Singman2/23/2012
Dead and Well and Haunting St. Luke's1.99Nora Cook Smith2/25/2012
Spit of the Demon (A Pilgrim Short Story)0.99A. H. Somme2/22/2012
Davidia and the Prince of Triplock12.99Ken Spargo2/21/2012
Vamireh (French Science Fiction)5.99J.-H. Rosny Aîné and Brian Stableford2/24/2012
Maddrax - Folge 316: Die Pest in Venedig (German Edition)1.99Michelle Stern2/28/2012
Chambers of the Heart (Winter's Riddle)0.99Joshua Sterns2/28/2012
Jack And The Spitfires - Book 3: The Marble3.99Christopher Stevens2/27/2012
Absolute Visions4.99MacAllister Stone2/21/2012
Caine's Law9.99MATTHEW STOVER2/28/2012
Bright Lights: A Farewell0.99Kristen Sutter2/24/2012
Blood Rebellion (Blood Destiny #7)2.99Connie Suttle2/28/2012
Sticky Sweet's sugar coated wet dreams0.99Sticky Sweet2/27/2012
Aithera (Demesne)2.99S.F. Swem,D.A. Swem and Belinda Haag2/26/2012
The ULTIMATE Works of Jonathan Swift1.99Jonathan Swift,Temple Scott and William Ernst Browning2/28/2012
Ellenore Finds Her Muse (A Digital Short)0.99W. Bradford Swift and Ann T. Swift2/25/2012
The Scenario Egg1.99Saul Tanpepper2/28/2012
Twisted Tales2.99Kirsten Taylor2/24/2012
The Royal Book of Oz by L. Frank Baum and Ruth Plumly Thompson (ILLUSTRATOR)1.99Ruth Plumly Thompson2/22/2012
She (Annotated)3.99H. Rider Haggard and Pierre Toutain-Dorbec2/22/2012
Daystar (Morningstar Trilogy)4.99Darcy Town2/25/2012
L'evocatore di ideogrammi e i frutti dell'immortalità (Italian Edition)1.29Savina Trapani2/28/2012
El aliento de los dioses (Nova) (Spanish Edition)8.79Brandon Sanderson and RAFAEL MARIN TRECHERA2/27/2012
The Warden:[Annotated]1.99Anthony Trollope2/27/2012
The Shadow & the Blood Assassin (Dark Hunters)1.99Angelo Tsanatelis,Longan T. Millegan and Blackveil2/22/2012
Nightweaver - Part one - Daria0.99Troy Tucker2/28/2012
Modern Witchcraft Series2.99Morgana Tudor2/28/2012
Bottomley Steps Out2.99David Pike and Sally Turner2/21/2012
Vampiric Realm (Vampiric Series)2.99Francesca Turner2/22/2012
Outcasts4.99Tom Underhill2/27/2012
Exiles and Gods (Wine of the Gods)3.99Pam Uphoff2/28/2012
Ghost Dancing with Manco Tupac0.99Jeff VanderMeer2/23/2012
Il Ragno e l'Iguana (Italian Edition)3.83Elisa Vangelisti2/27/2012
Wothlondia Rising 2: A Rose in Bloom0.99Gary F. Vanucci,Stephanie Dagg and William Kenney2/22/2012
From the Earth to the Moon (Illustrated)0.99Jules Verne,Alexander Ryashin and Henry de Montaut2/22/2012
Seolferwulf (Portuguese Edition)0.99José Roberto Vieira,Erick Santos Cardoso and Erick Sama2/27/2012
Sungoddess2.99Sylvia Volk2/24/2012
Heartless Gao Walks Number Nine Hell0.99Bill Ward2/24/2012
Mightier Than the Sword0.99Bill Ward2/23/2012
The Last of His Kind0.99Bill Ward2/22/2012
L'heure du regard (French Edition)4.99Lydia Wasser2/24/2012
The Time Machine (Annotated)3.99H.G. Wells2/21/2012
The Time Machine (Annotated and Active Table of Contents)2.99H.G. Wells2/27/2012
Pixie Kiss (Shades of the Faerie)0.99Shawn Wells2/24/2012
Skolthan: A story of good and evil magic3.97Damaris West2/25/2012
Miya Black, Pirate Princess IV: This Impossible World, This Impossible Girl4.95Ben White2/27/2012
The Marsh People5.95Valentine Williams2/27/2012
Pace: The Journey Begins2.99Stephanie Wills2/25/2012
Nearly Bedtime: Five Short Stories for the Little Ones by H. Mary Wilson (ILLUSTRATOR)1.99H. Mary Wilson2/23/2012
Dragons of Autumn Twilight Summary3.00S Wilson2/21/2012
Vampire trilogy - Episode I0.99Jane Winter2/27/2012
Dragon Aster: Book II (Dragon Aster Trilogy)2.99S.J. Wist2/28/2012
The Ice Queen2.99Richard Wright2/24/2012
Swiss Family Robinson - Free Audiobook Download ( Annotated )2.99Johann David Wyss2/25/2012
The Origin (The Origin Series)2.99Wilette Youkey2/27/2012
Salido de la nada (Spanish Edition)3.19Jesús Zamora2/27/2012
Fritei minha dignidade no bacon (Portuguese Edition)0.99Alliah,Erick Santos Cardoso and Erick Sama2/27/2012
G.H.O.S.T. Teams (Book 1) Magic0.99BobBrimmer2/28/2012
L'oeil invisible ou l'auberge des trois-pendus (French Edition)0.99Erckmann-Chatrian2/27/2012
Le Requiem du corbeau (French Edition)0.99Erckmann-Chatrian2/27/2012

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