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Romance 3/1-3/7 2012

Romance Kindle ebooks between 3/1/2012 and 3/7/2012.

The goal of this blog is to provide a way to quickly scan new releases in Amazon. Amazon's default search mechanism only shows 10 results at a time, which makes it very difficult to find new books, since hundreds of books are released every week. This article will reduce the amount of clicking and page loads required to see what was released. For more information see About the New Ebook Release Blog.

Between 3/1/2012 and 3/7/2012: 650 Romance Kindle books were released. Click 'Read More' to see the complete list

Released Books Kindle ebooks

TitlePriceAuthor(s)Release Date
The Earl of Giveny's Grand Daughters2.99jerushah 88333/2/2012
Daddy Lessons (Love Inspired)3.99Carolyne Aarsen3/1/2012
RAND DER ANGST (T-FLAC/PSI) (German Edition)7.99Cherry Adair3/1/2012
Nights in Paradise (The Sisters Series)0.99Vera Adams3/5/2012
Guardian of His Love [Wolves of West Texas 3] (Siren Publishing Menage and More)3.60Claire Adele3/7/2012
Al di là dello Specchio - Capitolo 1 (La leggenda di Ariadonne) (Italian Edition)1.00Veronica Pappolla and Tohru Adumi3/4/2012
Run from Fear7.99Jami Alden3/1/2012
Sweet Southern Nights (Kimani Romance)4.61Rochelle Alers3/1/2012
Eye of the Storm (Love Inspired Suspense)3.99Hannah Alexander3/1/2012
Maid for Seduction (Stolen Moments)0.99Paris Alexander3/1/2012
Misery Saves the Night0.00Brittany Allen3/5/2012
Seduced by the Scoundrel (Harlequin Historical)4.79Louise Allen3/1/2012
Submerged in Ecstasy (Elemental Passions)3.99Jennifer T. Alli3/4/2012
Dance of the Vampires2.99Cornelia Amiri3/2/2012
Forbidden Desire3.99Kai Andersen3/2/2012
The Reluctant Marquess5.99Maggi Andersen3/6/2012
The Tiger Within (Tiger Series)1.99Amanda Anderson3/6/2012
Samantha's Choice0.99Amanda Anderson3/5/2012
Con este anillo... (Harlequin Desco (Spanish)) (Spanish Edition)3.03Natalie Anderson3/1/2012
Love's Sacred Song9.68Mesu Andrews3/1/2012
Picture Perfect Family (Love Inspired)3.82Renee Andrews3/1/2012
Immortal Kiss6.99janice Angelique3/6/2012
But She Is My Student3.99Kiki Archer3/1/2012
The Song of Heledd4.25Judith Arnopp3/6/2012
Werewolf Seductions - 3 Werewolf Novellas (Unleashed, Chasing Jack & See No Evil)5.99Sage Arroway3/3/2012
Nephyrae: Escape To Freedom (A Paranormal Romance) (Nephyrae: A Paranormal Romance)2.99Dee Ashford3/5/2012
Donde termina él y empiezo yo (Saga Home) (Spanish Edition)6.99Cardeno C. and Georgette Asi3/5/2012
Before & After Love: The Metamorphosis2.99Dstiny August3/1/2012
Mansfield Park by Jane Austen (Annotated+Illustrat... Of Contents+Plot summary)1.99Jane Austen3/4/2012
Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen (Annotated+Illustrated)1.99Jane Austen3/4/2012
Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen (Annotated+Illustrat... Of Contents)0.99Jane Austen3/3/2012
Greatest Works of Jane Austen: Pride..., Sense..., Persuasion, Northanger Abbey, Mansfield Park, Emma & Lady Susan1.99Jane Austen3/2/2012
Emma [Annotated]2.58Jane Austen3/1/2012
Mansfield Park [Annotated]2.58Jane Austen3/1/2012
Northanger Abbey [Annotated]2.58Jane Austen3/1/2012
Persuasion [Annotated]2.58Jane Austen3/1/2012
Sense and Sensibility [Annotated]2.58Jane Austen3/1/2012
Susurro de besos (Spanish Edition)4.02Dorianne and Ediciones Babylon3/1/2012
Juegos de seducción 1 (Spanish Edition)4.02Nut and Ediciones Babylon3/1/2012
Juegos de seducción 2 (Spanish Edition)4.02Nut and Ediciones Babylon3/1/2012
De amor y otros pecados, antología de relatos (Spanish Edition)4.02Nut and Ediciones Babylon3/5/2012
Invierno (Spanish Edition)4.02Olivia Monterrey and Ediciones Babylon3/1/2012
The Ballerina & the Dr.5.99Rosella Bachelli3/5/2012
Keep your Value Bubble in your Pocket2.99Phil Bachmann3/6/2012
Battle Born Love (Battle for Love Series)3.99Lynda Bailey3/2/2012
The Tin Soldier Unabridged (Annotated)2.87Temple Bailey3/2/2012
Can't Stand The Heat (Weekend Getaways)0.99Lainey Bancroft3/2/2012
Autumn Nights2.99S.D. Bancroft3/4/2012
One Bite Stand (Mackenzie Vampires)2.99Nina Bangs3/1/2012
Darkwater: A Gothic Tale of Horror2.99V. J. Banis3/1/2012
Fiona's Wish (Irish Stories Collection)3.99Daisy Banks3/2/2012
Now or Never: Wizards of Nevermore7.99Michele Bardsley3/6/2012
Genesis6.95Carrie Lynn Barker,Barbara Legge and Dawné Dominique3/6/2012
Escape in Love (Forbidden Love)0.99O'Nika Barnette3/3/2012
High-Stakes Affair (Harlequin Romantic Suspense)3.99Gail Barrett3/1/2012
Willow (The James Children Series)3.99Kathi S Barton3/4/2012
Force of Nature (Force of Nature Series)5.99Kathi S Barton3/6/2012
The Cowboy's Heart2.99Emily Barwick3/4/2012
Escapades and Islands Part 13.00Colin Leslie Beadon3/6/2012
Avenging Angel4.96Stephanie Bedwell-Grime3/1/2012
The O'Briens: A Novel12.99Peter Behrens3/6/2012
Kamikaze Boys3.99Jay Bell3/6/2012
Aliens In Paradise (Aliens In Paradise - The Arrival)3.99R. D. Bennette3/1/2012
Caught in the Spotlight: Caught in the Spotlight\Billionaire's Baby (Harlequin Desire)3.60Leanne Banks and Jules Bennett3/1/2012
Passion Wears Pearls7.99Renee Bernard3/6/2012
A Forbidden Affair: A Forbidden Affair\For Love Or Money (Harlequin Desire)3.60Yvonne Lindsay and Elizabeth Bevarly3/1/2012
The Dance of Ahlmahri0.99Yelaina Bevfior3/1/2012
The Eternal Garden, book 1 Roses Red0.99Amy Black3/5/2012
Immortal Coil (A Dragon Spirit Novel)4.97C.I. Black3/5/2012
The Tombstone Rose3.47J. Carson Black3/2/2012
Claire: A Woman's Journey - NY Heiress - Chicago Madam3.99LINDA R BLAIR3/2/2012
The Longest Pleasure4.99Margaret Blake3/1/2012
Everything You Need0.99Melissa Blue3/1/2012
The Temple Of Bryston Mere (Tales of Zoril)0.99Nylah Blue3/4/2012
Mommy's Little Zombie0.99Katie Blu3/3/2012
Mommy's Little Succubus0.99Katie Blu3/5/2012
A Cry In The Night (Texas Heroines in Peril)3.49Cheryl Bolen3/1/2012
Murder at Veranda House (Texas Heroines in Peril)3.49Cheryl Bolen3/1/2012
Stalking Royal Blood Megabook (Megabook Series)5.99Belladonna Bordeaux3/1/2012
Tiger Eye5.99B. M. Bower3/3/2012
Fool's Goal5.99B. M. Bower3/2/2012
Hay-Wire5.99B. M. Bower3/2/2012
Rodeo5.99B. M. Bower3/2/2012
A Matter of Time4.99Michael Bowler3/2/2012
Flights of Angels (Exit Unicorns Series)8.97Cindy Brandner3/5/2012
Forgotten Memories6.95Suzanne Brandyn,Andrea Heacock-Reyes and Amanda Kelsey3/5/2012
Code Name: Caleb5.95John A. Bray3/6/2012
Loving Eden1.99Lee Brazil3/1/2012
Of Dove And Falcon8.45Mary Brockway3/6/2012
Greatest Works of the Brontë Sisters: Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, Agnes Grey, The Professor, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, Shirley & Villette1.99Emily Brontë,Charlotte Brontë and Anne Brontë3/1/2012
Panthers' Prey [Black Panthers 1] (Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting)7.19Leah Brooke3/7/2012
A LITTLE BIT OF SUGAR1.99Lindsey Brookes3/6/2012
Deuda del corazon (Harlequin Bianca (Spanish)) (Spanish Edition)3.03Helen Brooks3/1/2012
Between Heaven & Hell (Heavenly Sins)6.99L.M. Brown3/3/2012
Believe in Me5.59Regena Bryant3/7/2012
Aella's Song2.99Jade Buchanan3/6/2012
Once a Hero... (Harlequin Blaze)3.99Jillian Burns3/1/2012
Legend of Mars Volume I: A Princess of Mars and The Gods of Mars [Annotated]2.78Edgar Rice Burroughs3/4/2012
Taking a Shot9.99Jaci Burton3/6/2012
Dying Wish: A Novel of the Sentinel Wars7.99Shannon K. Butcher3/6/2012
Office Hours3.99Rena Butler3/6/2012
Her Mother's Daughter2.99Catherine M Butterfield3/3/2012
Bent Coin6.99Stephen P. Byers3/1/2012
Kiss of Death (Vampire Series)0.00Jaclyn Cadell3/5/2012
Three Colonels: Jane Austen's Fighting Men9.68Jack Caldwell3/1/2012
Question of Trust5.59Laura Caldwell3/1/2012
Mine6.99Mary Calmes3/4/2012
The Billionaire Cattleman Wins a Wife [Wives for the Western Billionaires 4] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic)4.40Paige Cameron3/1/2012
Darkness Bound7.99Stella Cameron3/1/2012
Moonlit Desire4.95Carolann Camillo3/6/2012
Dulce rendicion (Harlequin Desco (Spanish)) (Spanish Edition)3.03Kate Carlisle3/1/2012
Heart Surgeon, Hero...Husband?3.99Susan Carlisle3/1/2012
Timeless7.99Gail Carriger3/1/2012
The Art Of Love Online (Don't Ever Give Up on Love)0.99Timothy Carroll3/3/2012
Baggage Or Blessings (Don't Ever Give Up on Love)0.99Timothy Carroll3/3/2012
Browsing For Love (Don't Ever Give Up on Love)0.99Timothy Carroll3/3/2012
The Courage To Date Again (Don't Ever Give Up on Love)0.99Timothy Carroll3/3/2012
Love Never Dies (Don't Ever Give Up on Love)0.99Timothy Carroll3/3/2012
Breakaway (Hot Shots Trilogy)0.99Cher Carson3/2/2012
Waltz This Way9.99Dakota Cassidy3/6/2012
Reflected Desire2.99Kendra Leigh Castle3/1/2012
Sebastian's Salvation (BookStrand Publishing Romance)3.19Jillian Chantal3/7/2012
The Promise (The Lady Quill Chronicles)4.25D.D. Chant3/2/2012
May Your Heart Be Encouraged4.99Marques Lewis and Fiordaliza Charles3/6/2012
Retour en Gaule (Mélissa) (French Edition)4.50jean claude chary3/6/2012
Haunted on Bourbon Street (Jade Calhoun Series Book 1)3.99Deanna Chase3/6/2012
Barbarian's Bride: Claiming His Prize2.99Stroker Chase3/3/2012
A Place For Alfreda2.99Elizabeth Chater3/5/2012
Embarque Imediato Para O Amor (Portuguese Edition)0.99Keith Churchouse and Rosana Reicher Chazan3/5/2012
Kye's Heart4.99Marisa Chenery3/4/2012
Undressing A Virgin: My Study Abroad0.00S.S. Cherrelle3/2/2012
Lawman Lover (Harlequin Intrigue Series)3.99Lisa Childs3/1/2012
Christine Unabridged (Annotated)2.87Alice Cholmondeley3/3/2012
Sinful Temptation (Kimani Romance)4.61Ann Christopher3/1/2012
Lettre à Élise (French Edition)2.99Sarah Clain3/6/2012
Kiss Me, I'm Irish: The Sins of His Past\Tangling with Ty\Whatever Reilly Wants...4.89Roxanne St. Claire,Jill Shalvis and Maureen Child3/1/2012
Blood Oath (A Gabby Girls Adventure Novel, Book Two)2.99T.L. Clarke3/2/2012
Cabin Fever2.99Sheila Claydon3/4/2012
Honey Kisses (Romance on the Ranch)2.99Verna Clay3/4/2012
Brazos Bride (Men of Stone Mountain)0.99Caroline Clemmons3/5/2012
Colorado Fireman (Harlequin American Romance)3.99C.C. Coburn3/1/2012
NAUGHTY PLEASURES: Volume 1 (Three Short Erotic Tales)0.99Abbie Cole3/3/2012
Double Redemption: The Story of Mike and Emma2.99Francis Collins3/2/2012
Hot Scores (A Joe Oaks Novel)7.99Bud Connell3/6/2012
En un rincón del alma (B DE BOOKS) (Spanish Edition)1.99Antonia J. Corrales3/7/2012
Lost In The Shadows3.99Carol Costa3/5/2012
Bay of Little Boats1.99Yolanda Cottrell3/6/2012
Sweet Savage Blood (Part III: Blood Ties)0.99Carolina Courtland3/3/2012
The End of Her Innocence (Harlequin Presents)3.60Sara Craven3/1/2012
Princesa del pasado (Harlequin Bianca (Spanish)) (Spanish Edition)3.03Caitlin Crews3/1/2012
Mr. Thursday Night2.99Bethany Cross3/1/2012
The Valley of Silent Men : A Story of the Three River Country Unabridged (Annotated)2.87James Oliver Curwood3/5/2012
A Damaged Canvas0.99Dominic Cuthbert3/2/2012
Shoulder Angels, a Torquere Menage6.99Kathleen Dale3/6/2012
Corralled (Harlequin Intrigue Series)2.99B.J. Daniels3/1/2012
For Loving Me2.99Helena L. Daniels3/1/2012
Great Stories of Romance and Drama0.00Sophia Daniel3/1/2012
Dear Annie (Wanton Weston Women, Book One)0.99Wynter Daniels3/2/2012
Beauty in the Beast3.19Christine Danse3/5/2012
HIDDEN FALLS2.99Carla Danziger3/2/2012
An Offer She Can't Refuse (Harlequin Presents)3.19Emma Darcy3/1/2012
Daddy on Her Doorstep (Harlequin Special Edition)3.99Lilian Darcy3/1/2012
Cassie's Grand Plan (Harlequin Superromance)3.99Emmie Dark3/1/2012
Und dann kamst du (German Edition)9.99Verena Darms3/4/2012
The Melting of Molly Unabridged (Annotated) - Wisdom Epublishing2.87Maria Thompson Daviess3/3/2012
FORGET ME NOT2.99Dyanne Davis3/1/2012
Operation Midnight (Harlequin Romantic Suspense)3.99Justine Davis3/1/2012
The Immortal Guardians, Souls4.99Marcia Davis3/5/2012
An Unconventional Love (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)5.59Rainey Daye3/1/2012
Eden's Garden (Siren Publishing Menage & More)3.19Xondra Day3/7/2012
The Jewels of Kinfairlie Boxed Set8.99Claire Delacroix3/1/2012
Assassins in Love: [series]Assassins Guild5.59Kris DeLake3/6/2012
Veil of Seduction [Ambrose Heights Vampires 2] (Siren Publishing Classic)5.59Maya DeLeina3/1/2012
GreatHeart Unabridged (Annotated)2.87Ethel M. Dell3/2/2012
The Lamp in the Desert Unabridged (Annotated)2.87Ethel M. Dell3/2/2012
Norrington Abbey [Classics Rekindled 6] (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)3.60Josie Dennis3/7/2012
Vampire Music2.99Michelle DePaepe3/1/2012
Wraith's Awakening (Para-Ops)0.99Virna DePaul3/2/2012
Perfect Match3.99Carol DeVaney3/3/2012
Cash (Rock Creek Six)3.99Linda Jones and Linda Devlin3/5/2012
By Leaps and Bounds0.99Jacqueline Diamond3/1/2012
Magic's Fiery Embrace (Fire and Ice Saga)3.99Molly Diamond3/1/2012
Amor Não é Brincadeira (Portuguese Edition)2.99A. C. Pogue and Allison Dietz3/4/2012
L'amore Non è uno Scherzo (Italian Edition)2.99A. C. Pogue and Allison Dietz3/4/2012
Easy French Reader il fait beau deuxième partie (Easy Fench Reader il fait beau) (French Edition)8.97Dennis Dunham and Kyle Dillingham3/6/2012
Sunday Brunch0.99Joshua Dinman3/1/2012
My Recycled Soul2.99Lynette Ferreira and Tahné Dobson3/5/2012
Wrath (New Species, Book Six)6.65Laurann Dohner3/6/2012
Back in Dreamland (7th Kind Series)3.99Cheryl Dragon3/5/2012
Mendoza's Miracle (Harlequin Special Edition)3.99Judy Duarte3/1/2012
Unwrapping Mr. Wright4.79Michele Dunaway3/1/2012
Broken Trust (Love Inspired Suspense)3.99Sharon Dunn3/1/2012
The Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel - The Scarlet Pimpernel Series (Annotated)3.99Baroness Emmuska Orczy and King eBooks3/1/2012
A MURDER AT LONGBOURN0.99John Edwards3/3/2012
Snow Day - Sexy Shorts2.99Willa Edwards3/1/2012
Ricepudding mit Zimt (German Edition)2.99Elisa Ellen3/6/2012
The Kinder Tomorrow (Nell and Langer)0.99J. Emmerill3/6/2012
The Gilboa Iris9.99Zahava D Englard3/5/2012
Immortal Desires (Well of Souls)2.99Laura Eno3/1/2012
The Definite Object : A Romance of New York Unabridged (Annotated) - Wisdom Epublishing2.87Jeffery Farnol3/3/2012
The Sacrifice of Mendleson Moony6.99Mark Fassett3/1/2012
Bad Medicine (Contemporary Romantic Thriller) (The Borderland)5.99J.D. Faver3/4/2012
Believe It or Not5.59Tawna Fenske3/6/2012
The Last First Kiss (Harlequin Special Edition)3.99Marie Ferrarella3/1/2012
The Ghost at the Farm (Kane Family Ghosts)2.99Sue Fineman3/5/2012
Sensual Pleasures0.99Senna Fisher3/1/2012
Dreams In Green5.99K.D. Fisk3/5/2012
The Cowboy Comes Home (Love Inspired Historical)3.99Linda Ford3/1/2012
True Highland Spirit4.89Amanda Forester3/6/2012
Faolan's Curse (Irish Stories Collection)2.99Emly Forrest3/2/2012
Sealed With a Kiss (Arabesque)4.79Gwynne Forster3/1/2012
Cupcakes & Cafes2.99Ellie Forsythe3/1/2012
Hat Trick2.99Caralyn Fox3/4/2012
Craving Silence [Cowboys and Werewolves 1] (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)4.40Morgan Fox3/1/2012
Hearts Entwined4.79Roz Denny Fox3/1/2012
No Way Out0.99Nia Foxx3/5/2012
The Abigail Witches0.99John Stackhouse and Lindsay Foyle3/4/2012
Dargaville0.99Peter Francis3/1/2012
The Buried Secret1.99Liane T. Franklin3/1/2012
The Outcasts (Illustrated)5.99W. A. Fraser3/3/2012
Spirit3.99P.A. Friday3/6/2012
The Viking's Touch (Harlequin Historical)4.79Joanna Fulford3/1/2012
Life Without and Life Within or, Reviews, Narratives, Essays, and poems. (Annotated Edition)2.99Margaret Fuller3/3/2012
Picture Perfect Legacy3.99Genie Gabriel3/1/2012
Sex on the beach at midnight (1)2.99Lucia Gallo3/6/2012
Primal Desire (Children of Shairobi)3.99lupa garneau3/1/2012
The Forbidden Claim5.75Kelly Gendron3/1/2012
Secret Paradise (Kimani Romance)4.79Dara Girard3/1/2012
Sun Zu's The Art of Whore1.98Anne Glynn3/1/2012
The Sorrows of Young Werther ( clomplete book 1 - 2 ) : With 20 Classic picture (Illustrated)1.99J.W. Von Goethe3/4/2012
Engaging the Earl (Love Inspired Historical)3.99Mandy Goff3/1/2012
The Beginning (Darkness on the Plains)3.99James Goodman3/5/2012
Victims of Circumstance5.99Lori Gordon3/1/2012
Bloodlust in Big Sky5.99Sarabeth Gordon3/1/2012
House of Shadows9.99Iris Gower3/1/2012
Geared for Pleasure9.99Rachel Grace3/6/2012
Shadows From The Past2.75Rebecca Grace3/6/2012
The Outlaw (The Willow Creek Series #2)2.99Lily Graison3/5/2012
Liebesglück auf Korsika (German Edition)2.99Halina Grave3/2/2012
Secret Identity (Harlequin Intrigue Series)2.99Paula Graves3/1/2012
Stay With Me (Path to Happiness)0.99Ellie Great3/2/2012
Texas Pride: Night Riders6.39Leigh Greenwood3/6/2012
The Face On Miss Fanny's Wall5.99Gwyneth Greer3/5/2012
Twin Sombreros6.99Zane Grey3/4/2012
Forbidden Fantasies3.19Jodie Griffin3/5/2012
Never Seduce A Scoundrel4.79Heather Grothaus3/6/2012
Night Shift1.99Red Haircrow3/6/2012
His Compromised Countess4.79Deborah Hale3/1/2012
Highland Hearts (Love Inspired Historical)3.99Eva Maria Hamilton3/1/2012
Breaking All the Millionaire's Rules (Leo's Men: Caleb and Molly)2.99Elle Hansen3/5/2012
Darkest Sin7.00Mandy Harbin3/2/2012
Falling for the Playboy Millionaire3.99Kate Hardy3/1/2012
Far from the Madding Crowd : With 12 classic book picture (Illustrated)1.99Thomas Hardy3/1/2012
Far From the Madding Crowd (Annotated)0.99Thomas Hardy3/6/2012
Return to Grace (A Home Valley Amish Novel)8.79Karen Harper3/1/2012
Strangers in the Desert (Harlequin Presents)3.19Lynn Raye Harris3/1/2012
Slave to a Vampire3.99Amber Hartman3/5/2012
The Decision4.99Nora Hobbs and Rebecca Hayes3/1/2012
Friendly Wedding4.99Nora Hobbs and Rebecca Hayes3/1/2012
Harbor Patrol4.99Nora Hobbs and Rebecca Hayes3/1/2012
Junkyard Dog4.99Nora Hobbs and Rebecca Hayes3/1/2012
Woodleigh Crater4.99Nora Hobbs and Rebecca Hayes3/1/2012
A WEEK 'TIL THE WEDDING4.99Beth Henderson3/1/2012
Soar Into Ecstasy1.99Reece Herring3/2/2012
Cowboy to the Max (Harlequin Intrigue Series)3.99Rita Herron3/1/2012
21 Romance Way (Celebrating Love Trilogy)2.99Merri Hiatt3/3/2012
The Embracing Love Trilogy Omnibus7.99Merri Hiatt3/6/2012
In the Wilderness Unabridged (Annotated) - Wisdom Epublishing2.87Robert Smythe Hichens3/3/2012
Chains of Revenge2.99Keziah Hill3/1/2012
This Time Next Year4.74Liz Hinds3/5/2012
Coming to Terms0.99Peter Holdroyd3/6/2012
Dark Fortune5.99Kay Honaker3/4/2012
Loving Rebecca1.50Patricia Hooton3/5/2012
The Attendant's Tale4.99Emma Howell3/4/2012
Unconquered4.89Hannah Howell3/6/2012
Tumbleweed2.99Heather Huffman3/1/2012
He's Legally Mine5.95Angela Huffmon3/5/2012
The Sheik Unabridged (Annotated)2.87Edith Maude Hull3/5/2012
The Force of Wind: Elemental Mysteries Book 33.99Elizabeth Hunter3/2/2012
Trouble in a Pinstripe Suit (Harlequin Presents Extra)3.60Kelly Hunter3/1/2012
The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne7.99Madeline Hunter3/6/2012
Gifts of Life (The Gift Series)2.99Heather Hunt3/5/2012
Cumbrian Rain (The Weather Tales)3.99Tenya Sharp Ingalls3/2/2012
A Hard Winter Rain6.99John Inman3/4/2012
The Curse Of Beauty2.99Anne Ireland3/2/2012
When Darkness Falls4.90Anne Ireland3/5/2012
Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss: Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss\Never Too Late (Harlequin Desire)3.19Maya Banks and Brenda Jackson3/1/2012
Deadly Reckoning (Harlequin Romantic Suspense)3.99Elle James3/1/2012
The ULTIMATE Works of Nathaniel Hawthorne1.99Henry James,George Parsons Lathrop,Frank Preston Stearns and Nathaniel Hawthorne3/2/2012
Dragon's Eden (Dragon Series)2.99Tara Janzen3/2/2012
Eventide: The Dark Ink Chronicles7.99Elle Jasper3/6/2012
FIGHTING TO REMEMBER2.99Nathan Jendrick3/3/2012
Not Wicked Enough7.99Carolyn Jewel3/6/2012
From Father to Son (Harlequin Superromance)3.82Janice Kay Johnson3/1/2012
Triplets Find a Mom (Love Inspired)3.82Annie Jones3/1/2012
You, Me, and He0.99Jade Jones3/6/2012
Underground Guardians BOX SET: Includes 'Protector' and 'Healer'4.49Lisa Renee Jones3/1/2012
Revue des Todes (German Edition)0.99Bärbel Küpker3/2/2012
High Country Hearts (Love Inspired)3.99Glynna Kaye3/1/2012
Behind the Courtesan's Mask2.51Marguerite Kaye3/1/2012
The Rake and the Heiress4.79Marguerite Kaye3/1/2012
White Professional Romance1.99Suzette Flashbinder and Jack Kelley3/1/2012
Irish Dreams (Irish Stories Collection)2.99Toni Kelly3/2/2012
The Blind Kiss: A Contemporary Romance Short Story0.99Megan Kelsey3/5/2012
SAVING CERVANTES2.99Lawrence Kelter3/1/2012
Blame It on the Bachelor (Harlequin Blaze)3.99Karen Kendall3/1/2012
Melange4.99Edward Kendrick3/3/2012
El rey de las arenas (Harlequin Bianca (Spanish)) (Spanish Edition)3.03Sharon Kendrick3/1/2012
Speaking of Love4.79Lynnette Kent3/1/2012
Claiming Colleen (Harlequin Special Edition)3.99Beth Kery3/1/2012
A Mom for Christmas4.79Joan Kilby3/1/2012
The Bridal Swap (Love Inspired Historical)3.99Karen Kirst3/1/2012
They Were All Real Love Goddesses (Love is Close to Home)2.99Wyatt Knight3/6/2012
Electric Rain1.99Arlene Knowell3/5/2012
Gilian IV Lebensabriss (German Edition)3.99Bettina Korte3/1/2012
Ein Tiefes Geheimnis (German Edition)1.93Wilkie Collins and August Kretzschmar3/5/2012
Persiguiendo a Daisy (Pandora) (Spanish Edition)6.74Paige Toon and Laura Sánchez-Crespo López3/5/2012
Jagged Grass (Seminole Trilogy)9.99James A Tindall and Guy LaBree3/5/2012
Primitive Flame5.99Lynde Lakes3/7/2012
Crystal Chandelier4.99Richard Lambert3/4/2012
The Lawman's Vow (Harlequin Historical)4.61Elizabeth Lane3/1/2012
Back in the Soldier's Arms (Harlequin Romance)3.82Soraya Lane3/1/2012
The Mane Attraction5.59Shelly Laurenston3/6/2012
The Runaway Countess5.20Leigh LaValle3/6/2012
The Thorn in His Side (Harlequin Presents)2.70Kim Lawrence3/1/2012
Las llamas del destino (Harlequin Desco (Spanish)) (Spanish Edition)3.03Day Leclaire3/1/2012
Forbidden Fruit (Forbidden Trilogy)2.99Anna Lee,Autumn Wiley,Heather Lawton and Jamie Reed3/1/2012
Lashed1.29Ella Vines and Elaina Lee3/1/2012
Wedded in Scandal7.99Jade Lee3/6/2012
The Christmas Gift0.00Lenise Lee3/1/2012
Giovanni, My Love2.99Lenise Lee3/1/2012
Forever Claimed (Harlequin Nocturne)3.99Rachel Lee3/1/2012
Under The Covers ~ The Lothario Series ~ Book 54.45Roz Lee3/2/2012
A Weaver Proposal (Harlequin Special Edition)3.99Allison Leigh3/1/2012
The Cowboy Wants a Baby3.82Jo Leigh3/1/2012
Have Me (Harlequin Blaze)3.99Jo Leigh3/1/2012
Skiátheá0.99John P Lennon3/1/2012
Outside the Law (Harlequin Superromance)3.82KARA LENNOX3/1/2012
Sydney Harbor Hospital: Lily's Scandal3.82Marion Lennox3/1/2012
Cowboy Sam's Quadruplets (Harlequin American Romance)3.99Tina Leonard3/1/2012
Logan's Outlaw4.79Elaine Levine3/6/2012
Without Refuge6.95Diane Scott Lewis,Pam Slade and Amanda Kelsey3/5/2012
WATERSPELL Book 3: The Wisewoman2.99Deborah J. Lightfoot3/5/2012
Who's Sorry Now (Champion Street Market)4.99Freda Lightfoot3/4/2012
Capturing the Silken Thief2.99Jeannie Lin3/1/2012
On Thin Ice0.99Michael Link3/3/2012
Septimus ( Annotated )2.85William J. Locke3/6/2012
The Rhodes Series (Book One)9.99Sherry Lohr3/1/2012
Tempted by Blood4.96Laurie London3/1/2012
Alpha Mountie5.20Lena Loneson3/2/2012
Brave Are the Lonely (Fevered Hearts)2.99Heather Long3/4/2012
Livin' Ain't Easy5.38Péron Long3/1/2012
While the Fire Rages3.99Amii Lorin3/5/2012
Hope within a Wish (Wishes2)3.99Amelia Abigail Louise3/6/2012
An Independent Woman (The Redwood Series)0.99Kate Loveday3/1/2012
The Paternity Proposition: The Paternity Proposition\The Sheikh's Virgin (Harlequin Desire)3.60Susan Mallery and Merline Lovelace3/1/2012
Ryan's Harbor (Woodland Village)3.99Viki Lyn3/1/2012
Practice Makes Perfect4.79Janice Macdonald3/1/2012
Kate's Curse2.99Shawn MacDonald3/2/2012
Inherited: Expectant Cinderella (Harlequin Romance)3.82MYRNA MACKENZIE3/1/2012
El hombre que no sabía amar (Spanish Edition)0.99Jorge Majfud3/6/2012
Men of Intrgue: A Trilogy0.00Doreen Owens Malek3/1/2012
The Harder They Fall0.99Doreen Owens Malek3/6/2012
Blood for Barter (House of DeDe)2.99Sharon E Mamolo3/3/2012
Protector7.99Catherine Mann3/6/2012
Behind Boardroom Doors: Behind Boardroom Doors\The Kincaids: Jack and Nikki, Part 3\The Royal Cousin's Revenge (Harlequin Desire)3.19Catherine Mann,Day Leclaire and Jennifer Lewis3/1/2012
The One That Got Away (A Sunshine State Of Insanity Romance Double Feature)0.99Kevin Michael and Lacy Maran3/1/2012
A Shameful Consequence (Harlequin Presents)3.19Carol Marinelli3/1/2012
The Summoned (Tales of the Phantom Court)1.99Gerilyn Marin3/7/2012
Courting His Favorite Nurse (Harlequin Special Edition)3.82Lynne Marshall3/1/2012
Disappear (The Beckett Series)3.99Mary Martinez3/2/2012
Die Frau in Stöckeln - Ein (alb-)traumhaftes Reisebuch (German Edition)3.90Claudia Martini3/2/2012
A la Table d'Amour (French Edition)4.99Emmanuel Fungulo Papy Mashimango3/4/2012
His Mortal Soul (Irish Stories Collection)2.99a.c. Mason3/2/2012
A Wanted Man (Harlequin Intrigue Series)3.99Alana Matthews3/1/2012
More Than One Night (Harlequin Superromance)3.99Sarah Mayberry3/1/2012
A Touch of Persuasion: A Touch of Persuasion\A Lover's Touch (Harlequin Desire)3.44Brenda Jackson and Janice Maynard3/1/2012
The Detective's Secret Daughter (Love Inspired Suspense)3.99Rachelle McCalla3/1/2012
The Fortune Hunter2.99S. K. McClafferty3/5/2012
The McCall Trilogy5.99Marcia Lynn McClure3/5/2012
A Taste0.00RJ Teare and Quintin McCord3/3/2012
Blood of the Son (Book #1 in the Skye Morrison Series)2.99J.L. McCoy3/3/2012
Night's Captive (Dark Enforcers)2.99Cheyenne McCray3/5/2012
A Scarlet Bride2.99Sylvia McDaniel3/1/2012
Loop Vacation2.99Gordon McFadden3/1/2012
Untamed Heart7.99Maureen McKade3/6/2012
Knight Moves3.99Laurie McLean3/2/2012
The Nanny and the Boss's Twins (Harlequin Romance)3.82Barbara McMahon3/1/2012
Miss Moseley the Matchmaker0.99Caylen McQueen3/3/2012
A Good Book - Sexy Shorts2.99Marie Medina3/1/2012
Cinderella Goes Country Western! (Contemporary Romance, Fantasy)2.99P.S. Mendolson3/6/2012
Arabella2.99Alyse Winchester and Anna Menefee3/5/2012
Lady Folbroke's Delicious Deception (Harlequin Historical)4.79Christine Merrill3/1/2012
A Daughter's Perfect Secret (Harlequin Romantic Suspense)3.99Kimberly Van Meter3/1/2012
The Half-Breed Vampire (Harlequin Nocturne)3.99Theresa Meyers3/1/2012
His Sister's Ex-Boyfriend2.99Ava Michaels,Betty Midnight and Sex Clique3/2/2012
Natures Child The Awakening (Book One)2.99Cadence Michaels3/1/2012
Shifters Madness Hisa's Journey (Shifter Madness)2.99Cadence Michaels3/1/2012
Shifters Madness Lucia's Story (Shifter Madness)2.99Cadence Michaels3/1/2012
Peace Within the Quiet, a Velvet Glove story2.49Sean Michael3/6/2012
Ty's Temptation, Cowboy Romance (Bad in Boots series, Book 2)3.99Patrice Michelle3/4/2012
A Taste for Revenge, Vampire Romance (Kendrian Vampires, Book #2)4.99Patrice Michelle3/5/2012
Cowboy to the Rescue (Harlequin American Romance)3.82Trish Milburn3/1/2012
Unquiet Slumber (Blue Fire)0.99Paulette Miller and Paulette Miller3/2/2012
The Undoing of a Libertine (Siren Publishing Classic)4.79Raine Miller3/7/2012
Ever After0.99Elda Minger3/3/2012
Fiebre sombría (Spanish Edition)5.59Karen Marie Moning3/5/2012
If I Had You (Kimani Romance)4.79Michelle Monkou3/1/2012
Her Biker Bodyguards [The Dirty Dozen 3] (Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting)4.79Marla Monroe3/1/2012
Their Biker Babe in Training [The Dirty Dozen 4] (Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting)4.40Marla Monroe3/7/2012
Taming Tammy [Pleasure, Montana 5] (Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting)4.40Melody Snow Monroe3/7/2012
Secret Identity [Identity Series Book 1]5.99Linda Mooney3/1/2012
Desiree's Lone Wolves [The Double R 2] (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)5.59Gigi Moore3/7/2012
Julie et Sarah, latitude 34 (French Edition)3.90Karine Morel3/2/2012
Novia de una noche (Harlequin Bianca (Spanish)) (Spanish Edition)3.03Trish Morey3/1/2012
And Maybe Romance7.99L A Morgan3/1/2012
Pregnant with the Prince's Child (Harlequin Romance)3.82Raye Morgan3/1/2012
Rainbows All Around Us3.99Nathan J Morissey3/1/2012
The Phoenix Rises2.99Shannon Muir3/3/2012
For Whom My Heart Beats Eternal2.99Val Muller3/1/2012
Raven Calls (Luna Books)6.92C.E. Murphy3/1/2012
Shifter Tales: Hey There Red Riding Hood & It Was A Dark And Stormy Night3.99Danyealle Autumn Myst3/1/2012
White Witch Where Art Thou?8.99Michelle Mythe3/5/2012
Once Was Lost2.99Rosemarie Naramore3/3/2012
The Final Touch (Reader's Choice)3.82Betty Neels3/1/2012
Henrietta's Own Castle (Reader's Choice)3.99Betty Neels3/1/2012
A Valentine for Daisy (Reader's Choice)3.82Betty Neels3/1/2012
Waiting for Deborah (Reader's Choice)3.99Betty Neels3/1/2012
Forstaken3.99Kerri Nelson3/3/2012
WindSwept Narrows: #2 Cassidy, Abby & Mia4.99Karen Nichols3/1/2012
Les diamants chinois du chevalier breton ((les enquêtes en Bretagne de Gwenn et Soizic Rosmadec)) (French Edition)3.20Alex Nicol3/2/2012
Königliche Republik (German Edition)4.60Annemarie Nikolaus3/4/2012
Woodsworth's Scoop9.99Grace Nolen3/4/2012
Harriet and the Piper Unabridged (Annotated) - Wisdom Epublishing2.87Kathleen Norris3/5/2012
A Twist of Fate2.99Karen Michelle Nutt3/4/2012
The Banished Medieval Queen: First Wife of Charlemagne2.99Acacia Oak3/1/2012
Abducted2.99J.D. Obermeier3/5/2012
The Vineyard of Hopes and Dreams (Harlequin Superromance)3.82Kathleen O'Brien3/1/2012
One Night Rodeo2.99JL Oiler3/1/2012
Desert Flower3.95Tom Olbert,Naomi Clark and Dawné Dominique3/1/2012
Shadow of Deceit4.99Mal Olson3/6/2012
Shades of Truth (Love Inspired Suspense)3.99Sandra Orchard3/1/2012
Loving Lily2.99Kirsten Osbourne3/3/2012
The Panther and the Firebird2.99Colette Padovani3/6/2012
El lustro inolvidable (Spanish Edition)4.00Francisco del Pozo Palomo3/6/2012
ACCIDENTALLY MARRIED TO...A VAMPIRE? (a Paranormal Romance) (Accidentally Yours)0.99Mimi Jean Pamfiloff3/2/2012
Defying the Dragon2.99Julie Parker3/5/2012
Romance Best Sellers (Am I still yours?)0.99Bella Passion3/3/2012
Producing Real4.99Ainslie Paton3/5/2012
The Morning After (Siren Publishing Classic)4.40Lillith Payne3/1/2012
Eternal Vows3.75Chrissy Peebles,Autumn J. Conley and Willsin Rowe3/5/2012
THE MOTOR GIRLS IN THE MOUNTAINS By Margaret Penrose2.99Margaret Penrose3/6/2012
The Motor Girls in the Mountains or, The Gypsy Girl's Secret2.99Margaret Penrose3/5/2012
Finding Her Son (Harlequin Intrigue Series)3.99Robin Perini3/1/2012
Esposa discola (Harlequin Bianca (Spanish)) (Spanish Edition)3.03Sabrina Philips3/1/2012
The Space Cougar's Cadet (Hot Flash)3.99Cassandra Pierce3/2/2012
Jason's Angel0.99Cheryl Pierson3/3/2012
Romance in Italy5.80Romance Novel Terry Pith3/5/2012
The Borgias: Two Novels in One Volume12.99Jean Plaidy3/7/2012
Niemand hörte ihre Schreie (Cassandra) (German Edition)2.99Jutta Ploessner3/4/2012
Was geschah mit Isabell? (Cassandra) (German Edition)2.99Jutta Ploessner3/1/2012
The ULTIMATE Works of Edgar Allan Poe1.99Edgar Allan Poe3/1/2012
Una Vez Al Smith (Spanish Edition)2.99A. C. Pogue,Charmaine Pogue and Allison Dietz3/3/2012
Einmal im Smith (German Edition)2.99A. C. Pogue,Charmaine Pogue and Allison Dietz3/1/2012
UNA VOLTA A SMITH (Italian Edition)2.99A. C. Pogue,Charmaine Pogue and Allison Dietz3/1/2012
Uma Vez Por Smith (Portuguese Edition)2.99Charmaine Pogue,A. C. Pogue and Allison Dietz3/3/2012
Dawn Unabridged (Annotated)2.87Eleanor Hodgman Porter3/3/2012
Mary Marie : The Sunbeam Girl Unabridged (Annotated) - Wisdom Epublishing2.87Eleanor Hodgman Porter3/3/2012
Oh, Money! Money! Unabridged (Annotated)2.87Eleanor Hodgman Porter3/3/2012
A Daughter of the Land Unabridged (Annotated)2.87Gene Stratton Porter3/2/2012
A Secret Admirer (A Romane Short Stories)0.99Alexis Praks3/2/2012
Pies and Potions (Mystic Cafe)3.99Rose Pressey3/1/2012
First Chance0.99Dawne Prochilo,Kate Tate and Dingbat Publishing3/2/2012
Echoes In The Wind1.99Marisa Quinn3/5/2012
Mountain Eagles5.00Clifford Ramsey3/2/2012
The Lust Wager2.99Karen Ranney3/2/2012
Tabitha's Blue-Eyed Storm (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)3.19Erika Reed3/7/2012
BLIND FAITH0.00Kimberley Reeves3/3/2012
Girls of Gabe's Place 3: Robyn0.99Misty Reigenborn3/5/2012
Girls of Gabe's Place 4: Ami0.99Misty Reigenborn3/5/2012
The Turning (A Vampire Thriller)2.99April M. Reign3/3/2012
Wake Up Call4.99Linda Rettstatt3/5/2012
Noah (5th Street)3.99Elizabeth Reyes3/1/2012
Cupcakes and Killer Heels (Harlequin Presents Extra)3.60Heidi Rice3/1/2012
Lord of the Abbey (Lords of Avalon Series)0.99K. R. Richards3/2/2012
The Gallant Guardian3.99Evelyn Richardson3/1/2012
With This Kiss7.99Bella Riley3/1/2012
Wrangling Letty (Cloudwalker Cousins)3.99Drea Riley3/6/2012
La Revoltosa de Amaury (Vampiros de Scanguards #2) (Spanish Edition)4.99Tina Folsom and Gely Rivas3/3/2012
Sydney Harbor Hospital: Zoe's Baby3.99Alison Roberts3/1/2012
Magnetic Attraction2.99K. T. Roberts3/3/2012
Moi, bébé requin (French Edition)2.99Nicolas Robin3/1/2012
A Love Like No Other: Abigail and John Adams, A Modern Love Story6.99Nancy Taylor Robson3/5/2012
Sweet Texas Magic (The Cat of the Night Duo)2.99Evelyn Rogers3/5/2012
Much Ado About Madams (Hearts of Owyhee)0.99Jacquie Rogers3/5/2012
Hunter's Prey: Bloodhounds, Book 23.60Moira Rogers3/6/2012
Dove lui finisce ed io comincio Italian Translation (Serie Home) (Italian Edition)6.99Cardeno C. and B.C. Rommell3/6/2012
The Duchess' Diary2.99Amelie Rose3/4/2012
Love Child2.99Amelie Rose3/4/2012
Amor fingido (Harlequin Desco (Spanish)) (Spanish Edition)3.03Emilie Rose3/1/2012
I Got You (Master Series)4.00Justus Roux3/3/2012
The Witch and Fool's Gold (Witch's Brew Series)2.99Harper Rowe3/3/2012
Bar Mate (The Edge)1.99Rebecca Royce3/6/2012
Date with the Devil (A Classic Romance)2.99Mallory Rush3/2/2012
Taboo (A Classic Romance)2.99Mallory Rush3/2/2012
Seducing the Knight (Brotherhood of the Scottish Templars)2.99Gerri Russell3/4/2012
Heaven Goodbye (Beauty and the Bar Musician)1.99Kathleen Bellows and Michael Russo3/1/2012
Quin7.99R.C. Ryan3/1/2012
A Vampire for her Birthday2.99Suzzana C. Ryan3/1/2012
Western Ties: Compass Brothers, Book 42.70Mari Carr and Jayne Rylon3/6/2012
Garnet Gale Gets Her Man5.95Nan D Arnold and Suzannah Safi3/5/2012
Dark Seduction (Immortal Guardians)5.99Katalyn Sage3/1/2012
Opposites Detract0.99Taly Saint3/6/2012
Three Ways to Fall0.99Taly Saint3/6/2012
Volando verso l'Australia (Italian Edition)9.99Amalia Santiangeli3/5/2012
A Man For Sylvia2.99Sue Santore3/1/2012
From Greece with Love4.00Wayne Saunders3/5/2012
Solo negocios? (Harlequin Desco (Spanish)) (Spanish Edition)3.03Cat Schield3/1/2012
Der Salzsäumer - historischer Roman (German Edition)9.99Georg von Schnurbein3/5/2012
The girl that went to Lesvos2.99Manuela Segal3/1/2012
No Bridges to Burn1.99Paulette Seitz3/3/2012
Jupiter 3-143.99Janet Smith and Charles Seymour3/2/2012
Miss Matched, Miss Calculated3.99Fran Shaff3/1/2012
Time Out (Harlequin Blaze)3.82Jill Shalvis3/1/2012
Passionate Retribution4.95Amy Shannon3/5/2012
Oakhill Farm2.99Cressie Shaw3/3/2012
Going Crazy in Georgia, The Wonder Years6.99Stephanie Shepherd3/6/2012
A Southern Duchess5.99Stephanie Shepherd3/6/2012
Dreaming Dark2.99Barbara Villemez and Laura Shinn3/4/2012
Captive0.99Rosemarie Short3/1/2012
The Glimmer of Goldfield2.99Janice Silkworth3/1/2012
The Master Manipulator (Oh-Donna)2.99Sherry Silver3/1/2012
Fully Involved Fire2.99Sherry Silver3/5/2012
Thousand Dollar Pharaoh5.95Sherry Silver,Christy Phillippe and Amanda Kelsey3/1/2012
Southern Charms3.99Trana Mae Simmons3/5/2012
Playground Cool0.99Jamie Sinclair3/6/2012
The Storyteller: A Ghostly Tale For Christmas0.99Jamie Sinclair3/6/2012
Take It Down (Harlequin Blaze)3.99Kira Sinclair3/1/2012
The VASE with the MANY COLOURED MARBLES9.99Jacob Singer3/4/2012
Pinch of Naughty6.00Gem Sivad3/2/2012
Darkness Undone: A Novel of the Marked Souls7.99Jessa Slade3/6/2012
Sarai (Wives of the Patriarchs)9.68Jill Eileen Smith3/1/2012
Falling For Her Boss2.99Karen Rose Smith3/3/2012
Toys And Baby Wishes2.99Karen Rose Smith3/6/2012
Manning's Honor0.99Tina Smith3/1/2012
Killer Dates (a romantic comedy)2.99Julia Sommers3/1/2012
La rebeldía del alma (Spanish Edition)1.99Armando Rodera and Arantza Soto3/4/2012
Room 1474.99Andy Southwood3/2/2012
SEAL in Wolf's Clothing6.15Terry Spear3/6/2012
Vergangenheit0.99E. Scott Spencer3/2/2012
Yours To Keep5.59Shannon Stacey3/1/2012
Rth Rising5.99Donna Steele3/1/2012
Cam's Best Friend3.99Jaxx Steele3/3/2012
Heart of Steele5.50Adelle Laudan and Delilah K. Stephans3/1/2012
Into The Hourglass (The Hourglass Trilogy)1.99Kelly Marino and Zachary Sterling3/6/2012
The Restorer (The Graveyard Queen Series)5.59Amanda Stevens3/1/2012
Tempest (Cody Weston, MD, Trilogy)7.99Mary Frances Baldwin and Isabel Stewart3/4/2012
The carefully Planned Move2.99Robert Stewart3/4/2012
The Witching Hour: Vampires (The Witching Hour Saga)7.99Samantha Jane Austen and Isabel Stewart3/3/2012
The Witch and the Squirrels2.99G. E. Stills3/1/2012
Fractured Moon (Steel #1) (Steel Series)3.99ER Pierce and Elicia Seitz Stoll3/2/2012
Wrong Side of Hell: A League of Guardians Novella1.99Juliana Stone3/6/2012
Whistle Down the Wind (Mystic Moon)3.99Sibelle Stone3/6/2012
Night Shades0.99Dorothy Strangelove3/1/2012
The Prairie Wife (Annotated)2.49Arthur Stringer3/3/2012
Venganza o pasion? (Harlequin Desco (Spanish)) (Spanish Edition)3.03Maxine Sullivan3/1/2012
Maid of the Midlands2.99Linda Swift3/3/2012
Feathermore2.99Lucy Swing3/1/2012
Doggie Style1.99Julia Talbot3/6/2012
2 In 1 Margaret Tanner [Savage Utopia & Stolen Birthright]4.99Margaret Tanner3/1/2012
Forbidden to His Touch (Harlequin Presents)3.60Natasha Tate3/1/2012
Jaguar Jack3.99Dana Taylor3/1/2012
The Reluctant Texas Rancher (Harlequin American Romance)3.99Cathy Gillen Thacker3/1/2012
Once a Cowboy... (Harlequin Romance)3.99Patricia Thayer3/1/2012
A HUSBAND FOR HOLLY: A novella from New York Times bestselling author Jodi Thomas (An eSpecial from BERKLEY)2.99Jodi Thomas3/6/2012
BIRTH OF BARBARA (Transvestia Fiction)9.99Sandy Thomas3/1/2012
Lark Rise to Candleford6.99Flora Thompson3/4/2012
Scherben des Lichts (German Edition)7.77Maya Trélov3/1/2012
Some Rough Edge Smoothin' (Pink Flamingo)4.99Louisa Trent3/7/2012
Lilac Wedding in Dry Creek (Love Inspired)3.99Janet Tronstad3/1/2012
THE TEA PLANTER'S DAUGHTER:A wonderfully moving story of courage and enduring love: One of the Tyneside Sagas2.99Janet MacLeod Trotter3/5/2012
Schloss Gripsholm (mit Anmerkungen) (German Edition)0.99Kurt Tucholsky3/4/2012
A Man to Trust (Love Inspired)3.82Carrie Turansky3/1/2012
Sunshine and River Water0.99Alan Turnberry3/6/2012
Act 3 (The Closer You Look...the Stranger It Gets)0.99Jael Turner3/1/2012
BLACK MAGIC: An Alpha Pack Novella (An eSpecial from New American Library)2.99J.D. Tyler3/6/2012
SHI Guy (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)3.60Lynn Tyler3/1/2012
Dire Needs: A Novel of the Eternal Wolf Clan7.99Stephanie Tyler3/6/2012
Love Dreams5.99January Valentine,Phaedra Valentine and Vic Fortezza3/2/2012
The Secret Garden (Cinderella Tales)0.99Pat Dalla Valle3/3/2012
Seduced by the Wolf2.99Bonnie Vanak3/1/2012
Mate for Three [Pack Law 3] (Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting)4.40Becca Van3/7/2012
Promise in a Kiss1.99Piper Vaughn3/6/2012
Vet's Desire (Big Girls Lovin')3.99Angela Verdenius3/6/2012
Verbotene Liebe - Folge 4: Das Spiel der Liebe (German Edition)3.19Katharina Verl3/6/2012
A Slave for my Cunt (Daddy's Tails)2.99Tasia Winters and Mastr Victor3/5/2012
Three Wet Holes (Daddy's Tails)2.99Tasia Winters and Mstr Victor3/5/2012
Nightborn: Lords of the Darkyn7.99Lynn Viehl3/6/2012
Un amour de jeunesse (French Edition)4.50Anthony Trollope and Béatrice Vierne3/5/2012
Fangs Over America (Vamp Camp)6.99Wynn Wagner3/1/2012
Junge Liebe (Sturm der Gefühle) (German Edition)1.29Kelvin Waiden3/2/2012
Zwänge und Leidenschaft (Sturm der Gefühle) (German Edition)1.29Kelvin Waiden3/2/2012
Such is Life3.99Angel Walker3/6/2012
The Ending Dark2.99Jen Walker3/4/2012
Philanthropic Horse is Haunted by Gravity (Tantra in the West)8.00Birrell Walsh3/5/2012
A Chance of Fate (Dominion Creek Pack)2.99Emleigh Walsh3/4/2012
The Cattle Baron's Reluctant Mistress3.29Lietha Wards3/1/2012
Light on the Veranda9.99Ciji Ware3/1/2012
Night of the Gypsy Moon2.99Daniel Waterhouse3/1/2012
Atlantean9.99E.N. Watkins3/1/2012
A Safe Place (Harlequin Superromance)3.99Margaret Watson3/1/2012
Mommy's Little Mummy0.99Mia Watts3/5/2012
Mommy's Little Shapeshifter0.99Mia Watts3/5/2012
The Real Adventure Unabridged (Annotated) - Wisdom Epublishing2.87Henry Kitchell Webster3/3/2012
The Opera Singer3.99P J Werner3/4/2012
Girl in the Bedouin Tent (Harlequin Presents Extra)3.60Annie West3/1/2012
Handcuffs for Hannah [Journey of a Thousand Miles 2] (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)3.99Alicia White3/1/2012
Lost Treasure of Kurnah2.99Durwood White3/6/2012
Home Again3.00Wayne White3/6/2012
A Cathedral Courtship2.99Kate Douglas Wiggin3/2/2012
A Day at the Fair with Chili Boy3.99Andrew Wilk3/1/2012
Checking Out (Siren Publishing Classic)4.40Renee Williams3/1/2012
Last Margin Call16.95Tom Williams3/6/2012
Past Life (Past Series)2.99Catherine Winchester3/3/2012
Dark Mercy (Preternaturals Shorts)2.99Zoe Winters3/3/2012
Dancer in the Shadows2.99Linda Wisdom3/2/2012
Vegas Vows2.99Linda Wisdom3/2/2012
Birds of a Feather2.99Linda Wisdom3/1/2012
The Intrusion of Jimmy(annotated)2.99P. G. Wodehouse3/3/2012
THE PRINCE AND BETTY(annotated)2.99P. G. Wodehouse3/3/2012
Brighter than Gold2.99Cynthia Wright3/6/2012
The Painter's Gift2.99Jody Wright3/4/2012
FERAL SINS (The Phoenix Pack)1.59Suzanne Wright3/3/2012
The Inconvenient Laws of Attraction (Harlequin Romance)3.82Trish Wylie3/1/2012
Skin Dreams2.99E.S. Wynn3/2/2012
The Player's Club: Finn (Harlequin Blaze)3.99Cathy Yardley3/1/2012
Extranos en el altar (Harlequin Bianca (Spanish)) (Spanish Edition)3.03Maisey Yates3/1/2012
The Life She Left Behind0.00Maisey Yates3/1/2012
Fighting for Hope (Modern Battles)7.99Serena Yates3/3/2012
The Promise (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)3.99Allyson Young3/1/2012
Straight from the Heart5.59Sean D. Young3/7/2012
The Genie Ignites (The Zubis Chronicles)3.99Kellyann Zuzulo3/1/2012
Maya's Masters [Viper's Dungeon 2] (Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting)4.40AbBlake3/7/2012
The Sultan's Choice (Harlequin Presents Extra)3.44AbGreen3/1/2012

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