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Science Fiction 3/1-3/7 2012

Science Fiction Kindle ebooks between 3/1/2012 and 3/7/2012.

The goal of this blog is to provide a way to quickly scan new releases in Amazon. Amazon's default search mechanism only shows 10 results at a time, which makes it very difficult to find new books, since hundreds of books are released every week. This article will reduce the amount of clicking and page loads required to see what was released. For more information see About the New Ebook Release Blog.

Between 3/1/2012 and 3/7/2012: 254 Science Fiction Kindle books were released. Click 'Read More' to see the complete list

Released Books Kindle ebooks

TitlePriceAuthor(s)Release Date
MARS [End-Of-Worlds Graphic Edition] Part 1 of 20.00Anonymous 310623/2/2012
MARS [End-Of-Worlds Graphic Edition] Part 2 of 22.99Anonymous 310623/2/2012
Season of Black1.99Alistair Ainscott3/6/2012
The Defenders Burden - Chapter Two - Shaken Foundations (The Successor Wars)1.99Tina Alvarado3/4/2012
The Improbable Rise of Singularity Girl4.99Bryce Anderson3/6/2012
Cromáticas: Herederos de la Tierra; Disco Rojo (Spanish Edition)2.00JohN Aymerick3/2/2012
Dorian Stark (Spanish Edition)4.02Alexis Brito Delgado and Ediciones Babylon3/1/2012
Valhalla2.99Ari Bach3/1/2012
Forbidden Love in Christ's Millenium4.95Patricia Bakora3/4/2012
Tough Love in Christ's Millenium, Book Two4.95Patricia Bakora3/4/2012
Tough Love in Christ's Millennium, Book One4.95Patricia Bakora3/4/2012
Genesis6.95Carrie Lynn Barker,Barbara Legge and Dawné Dominique3/6/2012
The Start of Something Beautiful (Watchtower: Series 1)2.99Jools Barnett3/1/2012
Pizzas In Space1.99Barry Barroldson and Barry Barroldson3/5/2012
... DOPO TRE GIORNI PUZZA (Italian Edition)4.99Giuseppe Bauleo3/3/2012
The Luminous Depths (The First Republic trilogy)6.99David Herter and Stephen Baxter3/4/2012
Berg der Götter (Fantasy-Erzählung) (German Edition)1.27Alfred Bekker3/5/2012
Aliens In Paradise (Aliens In Paradise - The Arrival)3.99R. D. Bennette3/1/2012
Il Sole Nero (Italian Edition)2.99Massimiliano Benzoni3/1/2012
Seasons of Shadow - Complete Trilogy (Red Orchid eBooks Psychotropia)7.99Charles Roland Berry3/6/2012
Design Flaw0.99Jake Bible3/1/2012
The Akhet Sacrifice0.99Benjamin Bierce3/3/2012
The Ghost of George Temple (3)5.00P J Birch3/5/2012
Bad Metal 01: Wrecked0.00Robert Black3/1/2012
Blob Fits In (Monster Exchange Program)2.99Terri Bogard and Andi Bogard3/2/2012
Robot Goes To Prom (Monster Exchange Program)0.99Terri Bogard and Andi Bogard3/3/2012
How to Build A Skydeck8.00David L. Bradley3/3/2012
Manna: Two Visions of Humanity's Future2.99Marshall Brain3/5/2012
Red Ivy Afternoon2.99Mark Brand3/6/2012
Project: Dreamer3.99Michael D. Britton3/6/2012
Islands of Loar: Sundered4.00Ernie Laurence Jr and Alex Broca3/5/2012
The Failed Species4.99Lance Broughton3/2/2012
The Man in White: a collection of short fiction by Eric S. Brown & Shawn M. Riddle3.00Shawn M. Riddle and Eric S. Brown3/5/2012
Legend of Mars, Volume III - Warlord of Mars and The Master Mind of Mars [Annotated]2.78Edgar Rice Burroughs3/4/2012
Una Princesa De Marte (John Carter) (Spanish Edition)0.99Edgar Rice Burroughs3/3/2012
Legend of Mars Volume I: A Princess of Mars and The Gods of Mars [Annotated]2.78Edgar Rice Burroughs3/4/2012
Legend of Mars Volume II: The Chessmen of Mars and Thuvia, Maid of Mars [Annotated]2.78Edgar Rice Burroughs3/4/2012
At the Earth's Core (Annotated)2.99Edgar Rice Burroughs3/3/2012
The Monster Men (Annotated)2.99Edgar Rice Burroughs3/3/2012
Out of Time's Abyss (Annotated)2.99Edgar Rice Burroughs3/2/2012
THE CHESSMEN OF MARS [Annotated]2.99Edgar Rice Burroughs3/1/2012
THE GODS OF MARS [Annotated]2.99Edgar Rice Burroughs3/1/2012
John Carter of Mars Series and the complete Barsoom series (five volume in one) : A Princess of Mars,The Gods of Mars,Warlord of Mars,Thuvia, Maid of Mars,The Chessmen2.99Edgar Rice Burroughs3/1/2012
The Land That Time Forgot (Annotated)3.99Edgar Rice Burroughs3/1/2012
A PRINCESS OF MARS [Annotated]2.99Edgar Rice Burroughs3/1/2012
A Princess of Mars [Illustrated]1.99Edgar Rice Burroughs3/1/2012
THUVIA, MAID OF MARS [Annotated]2.99Edgar Rice Burroughs3/1/2012
THE WARLORD OF MARS [Annotated]2.99Edgar Rice Burroughs3/1/2012
John Carter Story, A Princess of Mars : Timeless Fantasy Science Fiction Novel (Annotated)0.99Edgar Rice Burroughs3/6/2012
John Carter Story, The Chessmen of Mars : Timeless Fantasy Science Fiction Novel (Annotated)0.99Edgar Rice Burroughs3/6/2012
THE COMPLETE COLLECTION John carter : Adventures on Mars. [ 5 Books Novels in One ] [ Free Audiobook Download ] ( Annotated )0.99Edgar Rice Burroughs3/5/2012
Pirates of Venus [ Annotated ]4.59Edgar Rice Burroughs3/5/2012
The Men WHo Saved JFK0.99John M. Burt3/5/2012
Remote Possibilities0.00James Butler3/3/2012
Shadows in Flight, enhanced edition (The Shadow Series)11.99Orson Scott Card3/1/2012
Sucker Punched5.99Tom E. Carsley3/4/2012
Intruder: Foreigner #1312.99C. J. Cherryh3/6/2012
La Quête du Sens (French Edition)3.95David Clamens3/3/2012
Cry From a Silent Planet7.99John Rowland and Philip Cole3/5/2012
Revelation: Creatures Rule the Night5.95Nathaniel Connors,Heather Williams and Julie D Arcy3/5/2012
Locusta migratoria (French Edition)2.99Christian Conquet3/2/2012
Hermetech7.99Storm Constantine3/6/2012
Scepter2.99Rob Conway3/6/2012
Dry Run0.99Mark Cotterill3/3/2012
The Black Spiders (Department Z)7.99John Creasey3/3/2012
Weaver's Launch (World Weaver Chronicles)0.99Jay Crossler3/3/2012
The Incredible Mr. Fix-It2.99Russ Crossley3/5/2012
The Emperor's Finest2.99Melissa Cuevas3/1/2012
The Chosen (The Esajar Chronciles)0.99Timothy Cummuta3/1/2012
ANGEL (Neural Network)2.99CVA and CVA3/6/2012
The Crimson Warrior2.99Cathy Dannhauser3/3/2012
Le correnti del tempo - Franziska (Italian Edition)0.00Emidio Dappino3/2/2012
A day in the life of the Earth2.99Mike Davies3/2/2012
Xterra Conspiracy2.99Ivis Bo Davis3/1/2012
Xterra Escape2.99Ivis Bo Davis3/1/2012
Beyond Armageddon V: Fusion1.99Anthony DeCosmo3/4/2012
Assassins in Love: [series]Assassins Guild5.59Kris DeLake3/6/2012
The Chip-Head Apocalypse2.00Richard McManus and Anne Dempsey3/2/2012
The Crystal Crypt and other stories( Beyond the Door, The Gun, The Skull, The Defenders and other) [Illustrated]2.99Philip Kindred Dick3/4/2012
The Grand Granger2.99S. W. Douglas3/3/2012
The Prophesy (The Long Tunnel)0.99L. L. Drew3/6/2012
The Fallen City - Act 1 (The Fallen Kingdom)0.99Derek Dunavent3/5/2012
The Fallen City - Act 2 (The Fallen Kingdom)0.99Derek Dunavent3/5/2012
The Fallen City - Act 3 (The Fallen Kingdom)0.99Derek Dunavent3/5/2012
L'Observateur (French Edition)1.31PHILIPPE EBLY3/6/2012
The Apocalypse Blog Book 2: Rising4.99Melanie Edmonds3/3/2012
A. C. Ellis Science Fiction Mini-Collection #1 (Science Fiction Mini-Collections)0.99A. C. Ellis3/1/2012
The Object: Episode One "Hiding the Sun" (The Object Serial)0.00Winston Emerson3/2/2012
Change (The Indigo Wars)2.99J. Emmerill3/6/2012
Kethani6.99Brown Eric3/5/2012
Living History2.99Ben Essex3/1/2012
The Quiet Place2.99Scott Ferguson3/3/2012
Carniform0.99R.R. Fitzbratchet3/1/2012
Rebels of the Red Planet by Charles Louis Fontenay (Annotated & Illustrated)2.99Charles Louis Fontenay3/5/2012
The Teddy Bear War3.33Cherish Fultz3/2/2012
When The Levee Breaks0.99Mathieu Gallant3/3/2012
The Temple of the Exploding Head3.99Ren Garcia3/1/2012
A Cursed Life (Robin Luddites Trilogy)3.99Jax E. Garson3/1/2012
Piombo Numero 1 (Italian Edition)2.99Fulvio Gatti,Andrea Sfiligoi and Davide Mana3/5/2012
Dreaming of Other Realities0.99Matthew Geiger3/3/2012
REBIRTH (The Ark)4.99W. A. Giesler3/3/2012
The Guardians of Light2.99Akiva Goldman3/3/2012
From the Badlands0.99Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett3/1/2012
SPIRITWALKERS OF MARS2.40Paul Goodwin3/2/2012
Thinker2.99Neil Graham3/4/2012
The Vanishing Point3.99Gerry Greaves3/6/2012
The Dream Beacons2.99Bill Groves3/5/2012
Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson2.99G. I. Gurdjieff3/2/2012
Der blaue Planet, Die Geister von Thorland und andere DDR-Science-Fiction-... (German Edition)0.99Hannes Hüttner,C. U. Wiesner,Carlos Rasch and Karsten Kruschel3/5/2012
Of Shadow and Steel (Elder Blood Saga)7.50Nicholas Haney3/5/2012
Seeking Eden4.99Megan Hart3/1/2012
Heaven 2.00.99Scott Haworth3/1/2012
Vampires vs Aliens1.49David Whitehead and Steve Hayes3/2/2012
An Uncertain Time (Tiger-Man)4.99Matthew Hemenway3/4/2012
HISS (Evo-Digital)0.99Carla Herrera3/5/2012
Body Parts9.99Arthur Herzog3/3/2012
Icetopia9.99Arthur Herzog3/1/2012
Make Us Happy9.99Arthur Herzog3/1/2012
The Thorian (Starchild)0.99James Holland3/3/2012
Eyr (1 & 2)0.00Michael Horton3/4/2012
Submerged2.99Laura Hrastar3/5/2012
Grace and Witherbloom: The Obsidian Emperor (Book 5)0.99Jon Welsey Huff3/4/2012
Mother's Little Helpers0.99Macaulay C. Hunter3/6/2012
The Complete DOOM MAGNETIC! (Books 1, 2, and 3)5.00William Pauley III3/6/2012
DOOM MAGNETIC!!! (Book 3) (The DOOM MAGNETIC! Trilogy)2.99William Pauley III3/5/2012
Kehrt (German Edition)3.99Ira Imwald3/2/2012
Babel Towers: A Science Fiction Novel2.99Antonio Beco Ingles3/4/2012
El Mito Maya en 15 puntos (Spanish Edition)3.49Flavio Pimienta and Tezcatl Iztac3/6/2012
Days6.99Lovegrove James3/6/2012
Lost Tribes of the Dire Planet3.99Joel Jenkins3/5/2012
Echo2.99Peter Johnstone3/4/2012
Extinction Point2.99Paul Jones3/1/2012
The Curse of the Giant, Ill-Mannered Blood Spider0.99Steven Mohan Jr.3/3/2012
Black Velvet (Supernatural Assassin)0.99Vina Kent3/4/2012
Turing Evolved9.99David Kitson3/3/2012
Fred4.99Aaron T Knight3/5/2012
Plutonium's Revenge - Where Death, Deception, and Corporate Espionage Meet! (The Question Series)0.99Jonathon Waterman and Ryan Kurcez3/6/2012
Con-Eire1.99K. A. Laity3/6/2012
Digital Exhaust (The Know-It-All's Almanac)2.99Josh Lambert3/6/2012
Mech 3: The Empress (Imperium Series)4.95B. V. Larson3/1/2012
Dead Hour0.00Andrew Leight3/4/2012
The Murray Leinster Megapack: 30 Complete Stories and Novels0.99Murray Leinster3/5/2012
With Life Comes Adventure.4.99R.M. Liddle3/6/2012
Strange Days (Extreme Ways)0.99HI Lioc3/1/2012
Seahorse0.99Chris Lisle3/6/2012
The High Terraces (The Transit Trilogy)4.99Paul Loebig3/4/2012
Tales From A Yellow Star0.99Peter Lok3/5/2012
Jane Carver of Waar7.99Nathan Long3/1/2012
A Fiction of Origins 2 (Spirits of the Annunaki)3.99Sky Lord3/2/2012
Battle United 12.99KELLY LOWE and KIRK LOWE3/3/2012
The Rainbow at Midnight (The Carlyntown Trilogy)3.99Val Linn and Peggy Lowe3/6/2012
Khadija - First Book of the 'Children of the One' Trilogy2.99David Lundy3/3/2012
Resonance - Second book of the 'Children of the One' Trilogy2.99David Lundy3/6/2012
Haywire4.99Justin R. Macumber3/6/2012
Das große Graue legt sich (Science Fiction Kurzgeschichte [Ära der Identities]) (German Edition)2.99Jutta Mahlke3/5/2012
Heart of Perdition2.51Selah March3/5/2012
Cosmic Entanglement (Alysian Universe)3.99Sheron Wood McCartha3/1/2012
Exogene7.99T.C. McCarthy3/1/2012
Privileged Lives and Other Lies2.99C.S. McClellan3/6/2012
Search and Destroy0.99Phillip McCollum3/5/2012
Clouded0.99Devin McCullough3/3/2012
The Heretic's Song3.99Judith Mikesch McKenzie3/6/2012
Attack of the Flying Spiders2.99Charlie Meadows3/2/2012
1 A.C. Ever Onward (Ragnok series)3.99W. Wm. Mee3/6/2012
10 A.C. God Wills It! (Ragnok series)3.99W. Wm. Mee3/6/2012
2 A.C. Fallen Angels (Ragnok series)3.99W. Wm. Mee3/6/2012
The Metal Monster (Annotated)3.99Abraham Merritt3/2/2012
Intervention4.99dennis miller3/2/2012
Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith #8: Secrets0.00John Jackson Miller3/5/2012
La prisión más bella del mundo (Spanish Edition)1.25Juan Cuquejo Mira3/3/2012
Meta Zero One0.99Martin J Moss3/4/2012
Challenger Colossal (Georgia Challenger)0.99Michael Mounts3/3/2012
Myrddin di Avalon (unlimited) (Italian Edition)4.00Maurizio Vicedomini and Nadia Mozzillo3/4/2012
Vonnegut and Douglas Adams rewrite Brave New World and find The Future Perfect2.99Kirk Mustard3/2/2012
Echoes of Red0.99Sheryl Nantus3/6/2012
Storming Heaven3.00Christopher Nuttall3/5/2012
Trilogie 2019 - Intégrale (Episodes I-II-III) (French Edition)2.99J.N. Paquet3/1/2012
Cosmos the Space Robot on Planet X3.99J.T. Park3/3/2012
Second Chance2.99Kort Patterson3/2/2012
Hollywood Stories: Existentialism and the High Tech Drifter Part 145.00Michael Peragine3/6/2012
Ruby Sun5.95Andrea Cothern and Kaytalin Platt3/6/2012
TUTANKANARA: (the book chapters one, two , three and seven)0.00Sergey Podgornykh3/2/2012
3Pack Science Fiction Collection #1 (action adventure)2.99H.A.L. Wagner and Jordan Pope3/6/2012
Patent Law - The Novella4.99Larry D. Purvis3/7/2012
Avatar: the new fantastic horizons of oneiric justice2.99Roberto Quaglia3/4/2012
Alter Ego (unlimited) (Italian Edition)5.00Alexia Bianchini and Max Rambaldi3/4/2012
Live and Let Live Says Ms. Humanish The Plump Mama Fish7.00Hildegard Klotz Rivard3/3/2012
Knife's Edge (Children of Legend)1.99Scott Roche3/6/2012
Morbus Royal (German Edition)0.00Lucas Edel and Alex Roman3/3/2012
MADMEN AT THE TOMBS (The Rain Shadow Covenant)2.99Ilow Martin Roque3/3/2012
Scritture Aliene - albo 6 (Italian Edition)4.00paola rossini,livin derevel,samanta giambarresi and luigi milani3/4/2012
A World To Die For6.99Marv Roter3/6/2012
Stars That Sing the Requiem0.99Deb Houdek Rule3/4/2012
Slab City Blues: A Hymn To Gods Long Dead0.99Anthony Ryan3/2/2012
Los senderos ocultos de los dioses (Spanish Edition)0.99Hilario Gómez Saafigueroa3/5/2012
The Gift Of The Trinde Tree - Book Two Of The Terrano Trilogy4.79E. Rose Sabin3/2/2012
The Vanguard Society - Revised Edition (The Vanguard Saga)2.99J. Eathen Satterwhite3/6/2012
Alien Hunter, Star Trooper3.50David Scholes3/6/2012
THE GODS OF MARS, JMJ CLASSICS (ILLUSTRATED)2.99Edgar Rice Burroughs and Frank E. Schoonover3/5/2012
Touched By Hell (Hellfire)2.99Christopher Sharman and Christopher S3/1/2012
Spacebread (A Spacebread Story)4.99Oscar Steven Senn and Oscar Steven Senn3/6/2012
The ULTIMATE Works of Mary Shelley1.99Mary Shelley and Percy Bysshe Shelley3/2/2012
Difficult Times - A Weekly Serial - Episode Eight0.99Walter Shillington3/5/2012
Lamekis (French Science Fiction)6.99Charles de Fieux Chevalier de Mouhy and Michael Shreve3/3/2012
End of a Girl (Folio 55)2.99Nia Sinjorina3/2/2012
Pyramid Dreams2.99Jeremy Smith3/5/2012
Irradiated Dimension (A Strange Place)0.99Oliver KW Smith3/3/2012
The World's Strongest Gambler: The 2nd Gamble2.99Andre Spence3/4/2012
The Vengeance of the Oval Portrait (French Science Fiction)5.99Gabriel de Lautrec and Brian Stableford3/3/2012
Phoenix In Chaos (Exodus)0.99Robert Stadnik3/4/2012
Last And First Men ( Annotated )4.99Olaf Stapledon3/3/2012
4POCALYPSE - Four Tales Of A Dark Future0.99Brian Fatah Steele,C.L. Stegall,C.L. Stegall and John J. Smith3/3/2012
GolemZauber (Xanten Tommes Mystery Novelle) (German Edition)5.50Valentin Stolte3/6/2012
Hope's landfall3.20M J Murcott and manwe sulemo3/4/2012
The New Earth Star4.99Fred Taikowski3/4/2012
Black Legion: Assault on Khorram3.99Michael G. Thomas3/6/2012
The Children of Possibility2.99Thomas T. Thomas3/5/2012
Class Fives: Origins9.99Jon H Thompson3/6/2012
Chimera0.99Rachel Thompson3/6/2012
Twin Skyes2.99A.L. Torres3/1/2012
Rock Killer4.99S. Evan Townsend3/2/2012
Hijos de la mente (B DE BOOKS) (Zeta) (Spanish Edition)4.79Orson Scott Card and RAFAEL MARIN TRECHERA3/7/2012
The Djinn's Tale4.99Gregory Trombley3/6/2012
Fallen Star Story: The Exile0.99Jack Truong3/6/2012
The Acceleration of Time (Timemapper)8.99Charles Turek3/3/2012
Monk2.99Gregg Vann3/5/2012
Fugue State3.99Mike Venezia3/6/2012
The Complete Works of Jules Verne (With a Beautiful, Fully Active Table of Contents)1.99Jules Verne3/1/2012
The Mysterious Island - [ FREE AUDIOBOOKS DOWNLOAD ] [ ANNOTATED ]0.99Jules Verne3/6/2012
Due mondi (Capsule) (Italian Edition)0.99Francesco Verso3/4/2012
Scorched - Book One: Renaissance (The Power)0.99Linley Wareham3/2/2012
The Time Machine (Annotated)2.99H. G. (Herbert George) Wells3/4/2012
The War of the Worlds (Annotated)2.99H. G. Wells3/4/2012
The ULTIMATE Works of H. G. Wells2.99H. G. Wells3/2/2012
Anticipations Of The Reaction Of Mechanical And Scientific Progress Upon Human Life And Thought (Annotated)3.99H. G. Wells3/6/2012
The Invisible Man (Illustrated)0.99H.G. Wells,Linda Folsom and Robert Schoolcraft3/4/2012
Moonspeaker (House of Moons)4.99K.D. Wentworth3/2/2012
Hooray for Xollywood: Episode 1, Super Sexy Zombie Love Machine2.99Chuck Wheeler3/3/2012
Beyond Men and Women (Women of the Valley)5.99Robert Wiltsey3/2/2012
Sweet-William in the Canyon (Women of the Valley)5.99Robert Wiltsey3/2/2012
Valley of Many Women (Women of the Valley)5.99Robert Wiltsey3/2/2012
The Removal of the Women (Women of the Valley)5.99Robert Wiltsey3/1/2012
Haven Ward4.99Elias Witherow3/1/2012
The Resurrectionist2.99Gary K. Wolf3/6/2012
Rise of the Fallen0.99S.J. Worthy3/3/2012
Void Star2.99J.P. Yager3/6/2012
Bruno Takes Your Decision2.99Geltab3/3/2012
Mestre dos Planetas (Portuguese Edition)1.99VanHeber3/1/2012

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