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Romance 4/16-4/25 2012

Romance Kindle ebooks between 4/16/2012 and 4/25/2012.

The goal of this blog is to provide a way to quickly scan new releases in Amazon. Amazon's default search mechanism only shows 10 results at a time, which makes it very difficult to find new books, since hundreds of books are released every week. This article will reduce the amount of clicking and page loads required to see what was released. For more information see About the New Ebook Release Blog.

Between 4/16/2012 and 4/25/2012: 806 Romance Kindle books were released. Click 'Read More' to see the complete list

Released Books Kindle ebooks

TitlePriceAuthor(s)Release Date
The Marechal Chronicles: Volumes I, II, and III (An Erotic Fantasy Tale)4.99Aimélie Aames4/18/2012
You're My Baby (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Laura Abbot4/16/2012
Counterpoint: An Interactive Family Saga - Volume One2.99Alina Adams4/21/2012
Maggie's Guardian (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Anna Adams4/16/2012
The Contract5.99Jeanine Adams4/18/2012
The Trouble with Pilots (The Trouble Series)1.99Kristi Ahlers4/21/2012
La nuit de tokyo (French Edition)2.99Chiara Gallese and Chantal Airault4/21/2012
Corazon, Muleta y Estoque (Spanish Edition)0.00FP Alamo4/21/2012
North Country Man (Harlequin Super Romance)4.19Carrie Alexander4/16/2012
Sevin: The Lords of Satyr9.95Elizabeth Amber4/24/2012
Taming a Montana Maverick0.99Amanda Anderson,Christy Simpson,Oliver Le Queinec and dreamstime.com4/18/2012
Lord Calthorpe's Promise4.61Sylvia Andrew4/16/2012
The Stolen (The Breeding Prophecy)2.99Alexx Andria4/16/2012
MAID in the USA (The BAD BOY BILLIONAIRES Series)0.99Judy Angelo4/17/2012
Secret Desire3.19C.J. Archer4/24/2012
Secret Life2.99C.J. Archer4/24/2012
A New Roof For Love - A Love Story In CapeTown3.89Cedric ARNAERT4/21/2012
Trust Me3.99Judith Arnold4/19/2012
Finding Lina (Seduction of a She-Wolf)2.99Sage Arroway4/22/2012
Werewolf Seductions 2 (Three Werewolf Novellas)5.99Sage Arroway4/22/2012
Leashed (Seduction of the Werewolf)2.99Sage Arroway4/21/2012
Ruff and Tumble (Seduction of the Werewolf)2.99Sage Arroway4/18/2012
The Escape3.99Samantha Abigail Ashford4/16/2012
Strawberry Wine2.99Samantha Abigail Ashford4/16/2012
Ensnared by Blood (Inherited Damnation)2.75Claire Ashgrove4/18/2012
Pride and Prejudice2.99Jane Austen4/21/2012
Sense and Sensibility - [Annotated & Illustrated] [Free Audio Links]1.99Jane Austen4/19/2012
A Sexual Revolution4.99Addison Avery4/17/2012
At the Rainbow's End (Rainbow Rock Series)3.99Susan Aylworth4/19/2012
Ride the Rainbow Home (Rainbow Rock Series)3.99Susan Aylworth4/19/2012
Rescue Me4.99Shara Azod4/16/2012
The Knackerman2.99Robert A. Babcock4/17/2012
Bewitched, Blooded and Bewildered: A Bad Witch Story4.24Robyn Bachar4/17/2012
Bone Soup2.99Phil Baechler and Phil Baechler4/16/2012
Misfit Maid4.61Elizabeth Bailey4/16/2012
Finding Lucas0.99Samantha Stroh Bailey4/18/2012
High Country Hero (Harlequin Historical)4.97Lynna Banning4/16/2012
We're One (The Vicarage Bench Series)1.99Mimi Barbour4/17/2012
His Devious Angel (Angels with Attitudes)0.99Mimi Barbour4/17/2012
Cowboy PI4.09Jean Barrett4/16/2012
Forever & Always1.00Colin Bass4/18/2012
Two Halves of a A Vampires Soul (The Silver Series)3.99Samantha Bates4/20/2012
The Man Upstairs (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Pamela Bauer4/16/2012
Crimes of Fashion0.00Jill Beaudette4/16/2012
Cruising For Love (The Preston's)2.99Anne Marie Beck4/16/2012
The Movie: A Romance2.99Patti Beckman4/23/2012
The Wedding Bargain (Silhouette Special Edition)4.19Lisette Belisle4/16/2012
Humongous Embarrassing Failures2.99M. P. Bellantoni4/20/2012
Fledgling (The Vampire Manifesto, Book Two)0.00Rashaad Bell4/22/2012
Rookie Cop4.19Nikki Benjamin4/16/2012
Till the End of Time2.99Patti Berg4/23/2012
The Fireman Who Loved Me4.99Jennifer Bernard4/24/2012
The Wilderness Mine6.99Harold Bindloss4/18/2012
Burdens1.99Fabian Black4/20/2012
Betrayal Of A Stranger7.99TRUDY BLAINE4/18/2012
Cultural Consessions0.99Anissa Blume4/16/2012
Spinster's Song1.99Parris Afton Bonds4/20/2012
When There Was Lust...4.99Vivienne Borne4/17/2012
Amongst Sunflowers2.00Odette Botha,Yvonne Botha and Audrey Ross4/20/2012
The Parowan Bonanza6.99B. M. Bower4/18/2012
Points West6.99B. M. Bower4/18/2012
The Author is Dead0.99Lynn Bowles4/17/2012
Invisible Scars2.99Jane and Burt Boyar4/17/2012
Passion in Paradise0.99Hannah "Hank" Bradley4/16/2012
Todeshauch aus dem Geistersee (German Edition)3.84Rebecca Brady4/18/2012
What the Heart Wants (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Jean Brashear4/16/2012
Adicción a la soledad (Spanish Edition)1.32Ursula Brennan4/21/2012
The Edge of Forever0.99Barbara Bretton4/17/2012
Moments in Time: Love and Romance3.99P. Bridges-Spencer4/18/2012
Three Holiday Stories: Parade Banter, I Know What You Did Last Christmas, and Secret Santa1.99Laura Briggs4/16/2012
But Not for Me (Silhouette Special Edition)4.19Annette Broadrick4/16/2012
Tailor Made1.99James Brock4/18/2012
Headed for Trouble7.99Suzanne Brockmann4/24/2012
I Love A Good Love Story9.99Emily Bronte,Thomas Hardy,D.H. Lawrence and Elizabeth von Arnim4/16/2012
The Tutor (House of Lords)1.99Meg Brooke4/20/2012
Angel's Gold2.99Velda Brotherton4/20/2012
Spurs, Saddles & Sass0.99Velda Brotherton4/17/2012
Rocky Mountain Marriage (Harlequin Historical)4.61Debra Lee Brown4/16/2012
The Duke's Accidental Bride3.99Alexis Browne4/22/2012
The Duke Romance Duo5.99Alexis Browne4/21/2012
Rules for Engagements (The Regency Rules Series)2.99Laura Briggs and Sarah Burgess4/16/2012
Dudes Down Under2.99Suzannah Burke4/18/2012
Familiar Double3.82Caroline Burnes4/16/2012
Rider in the Mist (Harlequin Intrigue)4.09Caroline Burnes4/16/2012
His Passionate Revenge1.50Patricia Burnham4/23/2012
Safari of the Heart1.50Patricia Burnham4/18/2012
HUSBAND.COM0.99Bridget Burns4/20/2012
A Princess of Mars (Annotated)2.99Edgar Rice Burroughs4/21/2012
Duke's Obsession Bundle: The Heir, The Soldier, and The Virtuoso by Grace Burrowes4.99Grace Burrowes4/17/2012
The Lightkeeper's Woman (Harlequin Historical)4.61Mary Burton4/16/2012
The Unexpected Wife (Harlequin Historical)4.61Mary Burton4/16/2012
Where Magic Rules0.99Carmen Webster Buxton4/16/2012
Abbie's Outlaw (Harlequin Historical)4.61Victoria Bylin4/16/2012
West of Heaven (Harlequin Historical)4.61Victoria Bylin4/16/2012
The Works of Hall Caine1.99Hall Caine4/20/2012
Together by Christmas (Harlequin Super Romance)4.09C.J. Carmichael4/16/2012
Reckless Nights in Rome2.99CC MacKenzie and K Carmichael4/20/2012
True Romance0.99Gerry Carroll4/22/2012
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Annotated)2.99Lewis Carroll4/21/2012
Sunrise Point (Virgin River)1.99Robyn Carr4/24/2012
Maddog and Miss Kitty2.99Bert Carson4/21/2012
The Real Allie Newman (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Janice Carter4/16/2012
Tiger Mine3.99Angela Castle4/20/2012
Deadly Addiction (Deadly Vices)3.99Kristine Cayne4/22/2012
Rhiannon0.99Catherine E. Chapman4/20/2012
Regret and Retribution (A Vested Interest)2.99John Chapman and Shelia Chapman4/17/2012
Lover Unexpected4.48Brindle Chase4/18/2012
The Vow3.82Lindsay Chase4/17/2012
Designs On A Warrior5.50Marisa Chenery4/22/2012
Bandit's Lady3.99Maureen Child4/16/2012
Sarah's Secrets3.82Lisa Childs4/16/2012
Randall Renegade (Harlequin Intrigue)3.82Judy Christenberry4/16/2012
Roses5.99Karen Cino4/18/2012
Fighting Fate2.99Louise Clark4/20/2012
Evil Enters Their Dream2.99Lonnie Clay4/21/2012
When Love Goes Bad: TruLOVE COLLECTION3.19Cynthia Cleveland,Nancy Cushing-Jones and Barbara Weller4/24/2012
Sleeping With Dogs and Other Lovers: A Second Acts Novel6.39Cynthia Cleveland,Nancy Cushing-Jones,Barbara Weller and Julia Dumont4/24/2012
WICKED DELIGHTS: Volume 2 (Three Short Erotic Tales)0.99Abbie Cole4/17/2012
Just One Night3.50Chloe Cole4/24/2012
House of Thebes (The Bloodstone Saga)2.99Courtney Cole4/20/2012
Sinful Truth4.48Regina Cole4/20/2012
Rock Star Groupie1.49Rosanna Cole4/21/2012
Vampire Love Stories: The Box Set Series (Four Paranormal Romance Books In One)0.99Sasha Collins4/18/2012
Laced Impulse3.00Sasha Combs4/22/2012
DESTINOS CRUZADOS (Spanish Edition)3.75Santiago Martínez Concha4/18/2012
Double Trouble In Paradise4.99Susan Connell4/18/2012
Play It Again, Charlie6.99R. Cooper4/19/2012
La levedad del ser (relatos) (B DE BOOKS) (Spanish Edition)1.99Antonia J. Corrales4/18/2012
The Cupcake Queen (Silhouette Special Edition)4.19Patricia Coughlin4/16/2012
Love's Rhythm2.99Lexxie Couper4/17/2012
Whirlwind Bride (Harlequin Historical)4.61Debra Cowan4/16/2012
The Heirloom0.99Jane Coyle4/23/2012
The Duke's Mistress (Harlequin Historical)4.61Ann Elizabeth Cree4/16/2012
Lupine Howl: The Complete First Series (All 8 books)2.99Amy Cross4/22/2012
Defense of the Realm (Lupine Howl VIII)0.99Amy Cross4/21/2012
Broken0.99Gemma Cross4/18/2012
Darkest Caress5.09Kaylea Cross4/23/2012
Pushed Too Far2.99Ann Voss Peterson and Blake Crouch4/17/2012
Dance with a Millionaire [Southern Dancer 1] (Siren Publishing Classic)3.99Casey Crow4/17/2012
Cole's Redemption0.99Leigh Curtis4/17/2012
Michael's Father (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Melinda Curtis4/16/2012
Powerfrau (German Edition)3.10Christina Czarnowske4/22/2012
Bannon Brothers: Trust5.94Janet Dailey4/24/2012
Remembered Dreams2.99Emma Dally4/16/2012
Acceptable Risks4.61Natalie J. Damschroder4/16/2012
My Familiar Stranger (The Order of the Black Swan)5.99Victoria Danann4/17/2012
The Unfinished Mural0.99Jennifer D'Angelo4/20/2012
Violet Spree Agency 1-3 (GOLD BUG, TELL TALE, TRIPLE SHOT)2.99Zelda Dante4/19/2012
Wolf Hills: a Brotherhood of Blood novel4.24Bianca D'Arc4/17/2012
Disappear (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Kay David4/16/2012
Colorado Courtship (Harlequin Historical)4.61Carolyn Davidson4/16/2012
The Marriage Agreement (Harlequin Historical)4.61Carolyn Davidson4/16/2012
DORIA ou Comment Je suis devenu Ambassadeur entre les Mondes (French Edition)3.91Danielle Dielle Davin4/16/2012
The Return of Luke McGuire (Silhouette Intimate Moments, #1036)3.82Justine Davis4/16/2012
The Immortal Guardians, Warrior4.99Marcia Davis4/18/2012
Deception, Dominated and Hunted Desire4.16Cassandre Dayne4/16/2012
Mind Magic (Triad)6.99Poppy Dennison4/22/2012
Julien Silder...l'aventurier des champs de betteraves (French Edition)2.99Guy Deschard4/20/2012
Baby Makes Three2.51Sharon DeVita4/17/2012
The Rake4.61Georgina Devon4/16/2012
Great Expectations (Annotated)2.99Charles Dickens4/22/2012
Camilla's Quest2.99Joanna Dickens4/18/2012
Letty's Burden2.99Joanna Dickens4/17/2012
An Accidental Affair12.99Eric Jerome Dickey4/17/2012
Carnival of Love5.09Helen Dickson4/16/2012
Toque La Bocina Si Tú Me Amas (Spanish Edition)1.30Charmaine Pogue and Allison Dietz4/17/2012
Take a Deep Breath3.99Shar Dimick,Ann Avina and Nora DeBruin4/21/2012
Undone3.99Lila DiPasqua4/21/2012
O Princípio da Atracção (Portuguese Edition - Livro em Português)7.99Teresa Direitinho4/17/2012
Forbidden Desires (A Romance Short Story)2.99Leighann Dobbs4/18/2012
Winterbloom2.99Marissa Dobson4/20/2012
The House2.99Jessie Doll4/17/2012
Perfect Specimen2.99Kate Donovan4/17/2012
Pekra0.00Tom Doolan4/19/2012
Warrior7.99Kristina Douglas4/24/2012
Memories are Made of Love2.99Linda Dowsett4/22/2012
Desert Blade3.51Ella Drake4/23/2012
Crimson Moon (Blood Rose Series)3.99Samantha Drane4/21/2012
Sedento de amor (Portuguese Edition)0.99Sheyla Drymon4/23/2012
Belleza oscura (Saga Bellezas) (Spanish Edition)1.32Sheyla Drymon4/21/2012
Corazones oscuros (Spanish Edition)1.32Sheyla Drymon4/21/2012
Cowboy Courage (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Judy Duarte4/16/2012
McCool; the story of a love-triangle set against conflict in the Middle-East.2.99Aidan Andrew Dun,Liz Cooke and Peter Nahum4/17/2012
Earth's Desire [Elemental Magic 1] (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)3.99Daisy Dunn4/17/2012
Guerrilla5.99Lord Dunsany4/23/2012
At Your Pleasure7.99Meredith Duran4/24/2012
Crescent Moon (Legend After Dark)1.99Janet Eaves4/20/2012
A Hint of Frost: Araneae Nation, Book 14.24Hailey Edwards4/17/2012
White Vengeance: Book Eleven of Susan Edwards' White Series4.19Susan Edwards4/16/2012
Middlemarch (Spanish Edition)2.58George Eliot4/17/2012
Games Of The Heart12.99Leen Elle4/22/2012
Harvesting the Heart0.99Rhiannon Ellis4/23/2012
Big Game (The V V Inn, Book 3)0.99C.J. Ellisson4/21/2012
Founding of a Prince (The Royals)2.99Ardyth Elms4/16/2012
Revenge of the King (The Royals)2.99Ardyth Elms4/17/2012
Cowboy Up2.99CJ England4/19/2012
Sword of the Gods: The Chosen One (Sword of the Gods Saga)2.99Anna Erishkigal4/16/2012
Garret's Domination [Wolves of Climax 2] (Siren Publishing LoveXtreme Forever - Serialized)4.39Stacey Espino4/17/2012
Only Time Will Tell3.99Annette Evans4/18/2012
Simple Pleasures0.99Annette Evans4/18/2012
Invitation to Scandal9.59Bronwen Evans4/24/2012
Merlyn's Raven4.99Rose Vanden Eynden4/17/2012
Chiamalo Amore (Italian Edition)0.00francesca romana fabris4/16/2012
The Awakening: Book 15.99Tammy Fanniel4/19/2012
The Armchair Bride (2012 Edition)3.99Mo Fanning4/16/2012
Disenchanted (The Celtic Vampyre Saga)2.99C.K. Farrell4/21/2012
Getting Dumped - Part 1 A Schultz Sisters Mystery (Free Excerpt)2.99Tawna Fenske4/18/2012
Under His Protection3.82Amy J. Fetzer4/16/2012
Burning Embers6.99Hannah Fielding4/20/2012
Good Bones6.99Kim Fielding4/19/2012
Texas Bride (Harlequin Historical)4.61Carol Finch4/16/2012
Seduce Me (Weekend Getaways)0.99Tracey Fischer4/20/2012
A Warrior's Promise4.99Donna Fletcher4/24/2012
The Bewitching Twin4.99Donna Fletcher4/17/2012
The Daring Twin4.99Donna Fletcher4/17/2012
Dark Warrior4.99Donna Fletcher4/17/2012
Legendary Warrior4.99Donna Fletcher4/17/2012
My Three Girls (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Susan Floyd4/16/2012
Another Man's Children (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Christine Flynn4/16/2012
Redeemed2.99Mandy Fontain4/17/2012
A preposterous girlfriend (a fantastic, humorous, heart-warming and pure love story)0.99Tact. fool4/21/2012
The Seven Year Secret (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Roz Denny Fox4/16/2012
Someone To Watch Over Me (Harlequin Super Romance)4.19Roz Denny Fox4/16/2012
Haven: Rules of Mating6.99Nia K. Foxx4/16/2012
Neue Sprüche für das Poesiealbum (German Edition)0.99Anita Friedrich4/19/2012
Ein dunkles Geheimnis (German Edition)6.57Nadine Friedrich4/22/2012
The Baby Plan (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Susan Gable4/16/2012
Summer Love2.99Danielle Gabrielle4/17/2012
The Rose Carousel2.99June Gadsby4/16/2012
Tokyo Night (Italian Edition)2.99Chiara Gallese4/19/2012
Wishful Secrets (The Secrets Trilogy)9.99Sonia Galloway4/16/2012
Fairy Godfather2.99B. Gauger4/16/2012
ONLY IN THE MOVIES3.99Jean Ann Geist4/20/2012
Irish Rainbows0.99Beth Gerth and Stephanie Gerth4/21/2012
Out of The Swamp0.99J. Gideon4/19/2012
The Knave and the Maiden (Harlequin Historical)4.61Blythe Gifford4/16/2012
Herland (Annotated) With Characters Analysis,Themes,and Important Quotations Explained2.69Charlotte Perkins Stetson Gilman4/17/2012
Rescuing Rapunzel (The Charming Nobles)5.99Candice Gilmer4/18/2012
I Became Her: A Novel3.99Latrice Gleen4/17/2012
Comeback Love9.99Peter Golden4/17/2012
Specter: Enemies2.99Deidre Gould4/16/2012
The Nerd's Pocket Pets (The Morrison Family - Book 4)3.99D.R. Grady4/22/2012
Castle of Secrets3.75Amanda Grange4/22/2012
The Silverton Scandal3.75Amanda Grange4/22/2012
One Night At The Abbey3.75Amanda Grange4/19/2012
One Snowy Night3.75Amanda Grange4/19/2012
A Dark Seduction (The Shields)3.99Donna Grant4/19/2012
Blood & Lust (Part One): The Change0.99Georgia Graves4/16/2012
A Baby for Emily (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Ginna Gray4/16/2012
His Arch Enemy's Daughter (Silhouette Special Edition)4.19Crystal Green4/16/2012
The Pregnant Bride3.82Crystal Green4/16/2012
Dandelions Never Die:Book 1 of The Dandelions Series0.99McCartney Green4/17/2012
The Lady and the Knight (Highland Brides)2.99Lois Greiman4/21/2012
Inhale (A Just Breathe Novel)2.99Kendall Grey4/20/2012
A Tale Of Three Wives1.99Lloyd Guillory4/16/2012
HONIGMOND: Träume. Küsse. Glücksbeschlüsse. (German Edition)4.43Anett Hänsch4/24/2012
Sun-Kissed Baby (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Patricia Hagan4/16/2012
Love and Splendor: The Coltrane Saga, Book 53.82Patricia Hagan4/17/2012
What the Heart Sees2.99Joan Hazel and J. Darroll Hall4/17/2012
The Magician of Wall Street2.99Minta Hall4/23/2012
Beauty: An Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Story2.99Laurell K. Hamilton4/24/2012
The Goddess's Saga4.99Maria Hammarblad4/18/2012
A Sheriff in Tennessee (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Lori Handeland4/16/2012
Taste: A Vampire Fairy Tale1.99Melissa Hansen4/20/2012
A Special License3.99Karen Harbaugh4/21/2012
Drive Me Wild (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Elizabeth Harbison4/16/2012
Amish, Vamps & Thieves (Bloodlines #4)2.99Suzan Harden4/18/2012
The Complete Works of Thomas Hardy2.99Thomas Hardy4/23/2012
This Wicked Man - A Regency Novel0.99Kate Harper4/18/2012
Something to Talk About3.99Julie Harrington4/18/2012
Grind Manor2.99R.G. Hart4/20/2012
Cruel Enchantment (Beautiful Creatures)1.49Michele Hauf4/17/2012
Her Baby's Father (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Anne Haven4/16/2012
A cut and a kiss2.99Anthony Hope Hawkins4/16/2012
Cinderella and the Spy (Intimate Moments)3.82Sally Tyler Hayes4/16/2012
Moosed-Up (Romantic Alaskan Adventure)1.99Tiffinie Helmer4/19/2012
Yellowstone Dawn (Yellowstone Romance Series)2.99Peggy L Henderson4/16/2012
How the Minister's Notes Were Recovered0.99Beatrice Heron-Maxwell4/21/2012
The Moon Curse0.99Beatrice Heron-Maxwell4/19/2012
The Abducted Bride4.61Anne Herries4/16/2012
Summer Love (Seasons of Love)3.99Merri Hiatt4/16/2012
Somebody to Love6.15Kristan Higgins4/24/2012
Oh, Gad!9.99Joanne C Hillhouse4/17/2012
Kiss of Pride4.99Sandra Hill4/24/2012
Firefly2.99Linda Hilton4/18/2012
Trauma junkie0.99Tom Hobbs4/20/2012
Love Match2.99Kate Hofman4/18/2012
The Serenade: The Prince and the Siren [Daughters of the Empire 2] (BookStrand Publishing Romance)3.99Suzette Hollingsworth4/17/2012
Splintered Memory0.99Natascha Holloway4/18/2012
Christmas Cards1.29Victoria L. Holt4/20/2012
Unmasking Kelsey7.99Kay Hooper4/24/2012
A Woman's Tale in a Man's World2.99Shirley Ann Howard4/22/2012
Daughter on His Doorstep (Silhouette Special Edition)4.19Janis Reams Hudson4/16/2012
The Last Wilder (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Janis Reams Hudson4/16/2012
Ordinary2.99Elaine Hume4/19/2012
Enemy Mine (Alpha and Omega, Book Two)7.00Aline Hunter4/20/2012
Forever Across the Stars (Elatia)4.99Azura Ice4/22/2012
Es por tí (B DE BOOKS) (Spanish Edition)1.99Ana Iturgaiz4/18/2012
Secrets and Lies: He's a Bad Boy\He's Just a Cowboy6.79Lisa Jackson4/24/2012
I Just Can't Stop Loving You5.99Imari Jade4/21/2012
Her Secret Affair (Harlequin Special Edition)3.82Arlene James4/16/2012
Fifty Shades Trilogy Bundle: Fifty Shades of Grey; Fifty Shades Darker; Fifty Shades Freed29.99E L James4/17/2012
Unbridled and Untangled [The Double Rider Men's Club 8] (Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting)4.99Elle Saint James4/17/2012
Agincourt: A Romance, Complete2.99G. P. R. James4/23/2012
Image2.99Kirsty James4/21/2012
Adrienne's Ghost1.99Leah St. James4/21/2012
Desperation Implant2.99Tom James4/19/2012
Scout's Honor0.99Tara Janzen4/20/2012
Thieves In The Night0.99Tara Janzen4/20/2012
MONTANA ESCAPE3.99Liza Jayne4/20/2012
Kimberly's Devil (Book one of the Devil Series)2.99Liza Jayne4/17/2012
Return (Risen Series, Book 2)3.99Britney Jensen4/19/2012
Man with a Message (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Muriel Jensen4/16/2012
Man with a Miracle (Harlequin Super Romance)4.19Muriel Jensen4/16/2012
Trick or Eating (Archean)2.99Jayha Leigh and Jeanie Johnson4/17/2012
Faelorehn - Book One of the Otherworld Trilogy1.99Jenna Elizabeth Johnson4/21/2012
Worth Winning1.25Tricia Johnson4/19/2012
Special Agent Nanny (Harlequin Intrigue)3.82Linda O. Johnston4/16/2012
A Lieutenant at Large (Regency Romantic Warriors Series)3.99Constance Hampton Jones4/16/2012
Moving On (Broken)3.99Jamie D. Patterson Jr.4/16/2012
The Switch (Blank Slate)4.99Heather Justesen4/19/2012
Heir to Secret Memories3.82Mallory Kane4/16/2012
Semiautomatic Marriage (Harlequin Intrigue)3.82Leona Karr4/16/2012
Jessica's Diary0.99Julie Kavanagh4/18/2012
Testing Their Love0.99Starla Kaye4/23/2012
White Eagle's Touch: Blackfoot Warriors, Book 23.03Karen Kay4/17/2012
Just a Small-Town Girl (Silhouette Special Edition)4.19Patricia Kay4/16/2012
Daddy to the Rescue3.82Susan Kearney4/16/2012
Defending the Heiress4.19Susan Kearney4/16/2012
Saving the Girl Next Door3.82Susan Kearney4/16/2012
Deceive: Friends Secret Life Journey as Sisters7.99J.C. Keel4/18/2012
Rescuing Lily (A Black Ortiz Security Novel)3.99Rachelle Kelley4/22/2012
Shadow Play1.99Erin Kellison4/24/2012
Morning Man5.69Barbara Kellyn4/18/2012
An Heir of Deception (The Elusive Lords)4.99Beverley Kendall4/22/2012
Born to Be Wild: Welcome to Paradise, Book 33.44Elle Kennedy4/17/2012
The Last of Lady Lansdown6.95Shirley Kennedy4/17/2012
ALPHA (WEREWOLVES OF SEASIDE)2.99Alice Keys4/20/2012
Child of Her Dreams (Harlequin Super Romance)4.09Joan Kilby4/16/2012
The Trail of the Conestoga5.99B. Mabel Dunham and William Lyon Mackenzie King4/22/2012
Real Temptation2.99Marcia King-Gamble4/20/2012
Falcon's Curse (Bewitching Kisses Series)2.99Rainy Kirkland4/20/2012
Lady in a Box (The Highland Jewel Series)0.99Eliza Knight4/17/2012
Love in a Box (The Highland Jewel Series)0.99Eliza Knight4/17/2012
Warrior in a Box (The Highland Jewel Series)0.99Eliza Knight4/17/2012
Fulk the Reluctant (Harlequin Historical)4.61Elaine Knighton4/16/2012
Dealing with David3.60Katriena Knights4/24/2012
Catching On Fire0.00Sue Knott4/18/2012
Dip & Devour0.99Mary Kate Kopec4/22/2012
Dragon Dancer Book One: The Awakening4.99Julie Korzenko4/19/2012
Keepers: A Timeless Novella (Timeless #3.5)2.99Laura Kreitzer4/19/2012
All for You7.99Lynn Kurland4/24/2012
Under Lock and Key (Harlequin Intrigue)4.19Sylvie Kurtz4/16/2012
Moonlight over Malta2.99Brenda Lacey4/19/2012
Blessed Are the Merciful11.99Al Lacy and Joanna Lacy4/18/2012
The Princess of Cleves (Annotated)200.00Madame de Lafayette4/16/2012
A Love For All Time0.99Marie Lagud4/23/2012
Twice by Chance (Second Chances)3.82Susan Laine4/18/2012
The Professor and the Bootlegger (Book One in the Howard Jenkins Series)1.49Margaret Lake4/19/2012
The Professor Falls in Love (Book Three of the Howard Jenkins Series)1.49Margaret Lake4/19/2012
The Professor Fights Back (Book Four in the Howard Jenkins Series)1.49Margaret Lake4/19/2012
The Professor Gets Taken for a Ride (Book Two in the Howard Jenkins Series)1.49Margaret Lake4/19/2012
Silent Cymbals5.99Lynde Lakes4/22/2012
The Peacock Butterfly2.99J.V. Lamotte4/19/2012
The Maiden's Abduction4.61Juliet Landon4/16/2012
Not Mine to Give2.99Laura Landon4/17/2012
The Wildes of Wyoming--Hazard (Silhouette Intimate Moments)4.19Ruth Langan4/16/2012
F814 (Cyborgs: More Than Machines)3.89Eve Langlais4/16/2012
Secrets of Catalpa Hall2.99Lori Lapekes4/23/2012
Country Heels0.99Shaunna Rodriguez and Laura LaRoche4/23/2012
The Naughty Sins of a Saint7.99Tiana Laveen4/20/2012
SEX @ Work - Stephanie Learns A Trade0.99Roseann Lavone4/22/2012
Cat's Blood (A Story of Redemption... and Vampires)0.99Barb Lee4/17/2012
Sea Gifts0.99Karalynn Lee4/21/2012
Love in Death's Embrace0.99Trina M. Lee4/17/2012
Passion's Secret (Passion's Legacy)5.99Doris Lemcke4/18/2012
Dragon Rider's Gift (A Portals of Destiny Tale)2.99KH LeMoyne4/17/2012
Romantic Acquisition3.00Elizabeth Lennox4/16/2012
Abigail2.99Jeannette Leonard4/20/2012
For The Love Of A God5.95Rosanna Leo4/23/2012
A Turning Point10.50Bridgitte Lesley4/22/2012
A Little Age Gap10.50Bridgitte Lesley4/21/2012
Commonwealth Universe: History: The Downfall: The Colonies: The Moonbirds2.99Michelle Levigne4/17/2012
The Edge of Courage (Red Team)0.99Elaine Levine4/23/2012
Mr. Congeniality (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Sherry Lewis4/16/2012
Life in Technicolor2.99Tesia Lewis4/16/2012
Queen of Hearts9.99Natasha Liberal4/22/2012
These Violent Delights (Movie Mystery Series)9.95Sharon Linnea4/18/2012
The Secret Photo4.99Tina Littlepage4/18/2012
The Intern3.50Marguerite LLiteras4/19/2012
Dare (A Greystone Novel)2.99Taylor Longford4/20/2012
Soul Thief (Angellion)9.99Alison Lorimer4/20/2012
Enemigo y amante (Spanish Edition)3.19MERLINE LOVELACE4/19/2012
Just Touch My Hand: a Lisa Evans Romance0.99Sharon Lovins4/16/2012
Claiming the Heart7.99Sara Luck4/24/2012
Tempting the Best Man2.99J. Lynn4/23/2012
The Man In Charge (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Judith Lyons4/16/2012
Cole's Promise (Love Letters)1.99Susan Macatee4/18/2012
The Doctor Delivers (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Janice Macdonald4/16/2012
The Man on the Cliff (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Janice Macdonald4/16/2012
The Duchess of Love1.99Sally MacKenzie4/24/2012
Be My Prince7.99Julianne MacLean4/24/2012
Starting Now: A Blossom Street Novel12.99Debbie Macomber4/24/2012
Coveted7.99Shawntelle Madison4/24/2012
Not Quite a Lady (Harlequin Historical)4.61Margo Maguire4/16/2012
Marrying the Major (Harlequin Historical)4.61Joanna Maitland4/16/2012
A Poor Relation (Harlequin Historical)4.61Joanna Maitland4/16/2012
Rake's Reward (Harlequin Historical)4.61Joanna Maitland4/16/2012
Montega's Mistress0.00Doreen Owens Malek4/19/2012
Elite Force: That Others May Live Bundle: Cover Me and Hot Zone by Catherine Mann1.99Catherine Mann4/17/2012
Lesson in Lone Creek (Lone Creek Ranch)1.99Mary Manners4/19/2012
Tough As Nails (Harlequin Intrigue)3.82Jackie Manning4/16/2012
Blood Will Tell (Chimeria)2.99Meredith Mansfield4/20/2012
Fleeing Temptation [Temptation, Wyoming 2] (Siren Publishing Menage and More)3.99Zoey Marcel4/17/2012
Cheetah in the Rain (Sam Jenkins trilogy)5.99Leon Mare4/16/2012
un amor inesperado (Spanish Edition)0.99Lury Margud4/23/2012
La sangre en mis venas (REDHOUSE) (Spanish Edition)4.00Lury Margud4/21/2012
The Book of Lismore (The Cas Longmore Trilogy)0.99Yvonne Marjot4/20/2012
Lure of Blood2.99Elaine Markowicz,Julie Hayes and Mika Star4/19/2012
Unscripted (Duty Bound)4.99J. S. Marlo4/19/2012
The Mogul3.99Michelle Marquis4/18/2012
Hollywood Girls Club The Series4.99Maggie Marr4/20/2012
Secrets Of The Hollywood Girls Club2.99Maggie Marr4/20/2012
Rinaldi's Revenge4.61Paula Marshall4/16/2012
An Unconventional Heiress4.61Paula Marshall4/16/2012
Savage Bond (The Fallen)2.99Anne Marsh4/16/2012
True Sex 2: Actual People Grunting, Moaning and Sweating4.95D.L. Marsh4/19/2012
Hilfe, unsere Eltern heiraten! (Roman) (German Edition)2.99Anna Martach4/17/2012
In Deep Shitake (A Humorous Romantic Suspense)2.99Patricia Mason4/17/2012
Sara Says I Do, But...0.99JOEY MATTHEW4/18/2012
Becoming the Sheriff's Wife4.99Trish Maudlin4/19/2012
Lyon's Bride: The Chattan Curse4.99Cathy Maxwell4/24/2012
I Don't Love You Anymore2.99Billy McBride4/23/2012
Tread Lightly: A Tale of Hy-Brasil, Part 11.39McKenzie McCann4/16/2012
The Wagered Bride (Regency Romance - The Clearbrooks, Book 2)2.99Teresa McCarthy4/19/2012
Only In Darkness2.99S. K. McClafferty4/22/2012
Talk of the Town2.99Mary Kay McComas4/19/2012
Dansville7.95Robin McCorquodale and Malcolm McCorquodale4/16/2012
Delighting in Your Company5.99Blair McDowell4/16/2012
Dark Moon3.99Corey McFadden4/21/2012
Wax On, Wax Off1.99Syd McGinley4/17/2012
El guerrero de mi destino (Spanish Edition)1.10Loralaine McInners4/23/2012
Taming Blaze [Club Esoteria 8] (Siren Publishing Classic)4.39Cooper McKenzie4/17/2012
The Lawman Meets His Bride (Intimate Moments, 1037)4.19Meagan McKinney4/16/2012
The Runaway Bride (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Patricia McLinn4/16/2012
Desperate Dreams2.99Kim McMahill4/18/2012
Persuasion- For Duty Or Love2.99Helen McNeil4/23/2012
In the Lord's Embrace0.99Killian McRae4/20/2012
Listen To The Child (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Carolyn McSparren4/16/2012
Strength of the Mayan Leopard (Women Warriors)0.99DonnaRae Menard4/21/2012
Ruled by Passion3.99Lois Menzel4/16/2012
And He Has The Black Wings (The Rising Fall)2.99Andreea Mica4/21/2012
Nashville Heat4.95Bethany Michaels4/17/2012
Trust, a Hammer story4.99Sean Michael4/17/2012
Water and Steel, a Hammer story1.99Sean Michael4/17/2012
Fast And Furious5.75Trista Ann Michaels4/22/2012
His Sexy New Boss2.99Betty Midnight,Ava Michaels and Sex Clique4/20/2012
Remember0.99Cristian Mihai4/21/2012
The Governess Affair (The Brothers Sinister)0.99Courtney Milan4/21/2012
A Dissembler3.99Fenella Miller4/16/2012
McKettrick's Heart (Mckettrick Men)6.39Linda Lael Miller4/24/2012
La u´ltima portada (B DE BOOKS) (Spanish Edition)1.99Blanca Miosi4/18/2012
Silent Voices2.99Marlene Mitchell4/22/2012
Unleashed Hearts2.99Denise Moncrief,Darlene Henderson and Katriena Knights4/16/2012
The More I See (Book 3 - Texas Hearts) (Contemporary Romance)3.49Lisa Mondello4/19/2012
Dream Mists3.99Ashlynn Monroe4/20/2012
Sharing Her with David [Men of the Border Lands 6] (Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting)4.99Marla Monroe4/17/2012
My Billionaire1.99Stephanie Monte4/18/2012
All the Colours of Our Love2.99R McILwain and Duncan M4/21/2012
The Malorie Phoenix3.99Janet Mullany4/23/2012
The Lawman's Surrender: Calhoun Sisters, Book 23.03Debra Mullins4/17/2012
Vicious (The Vivid Trilogy)2.99Andrea Murray4/21/2012
Always A Bridesmaid2.99Cindi Myers4/23/2012
Succubi Are Forever (The Succubus Diaries)3.99Jill Myles4/19/2012
Mine To Give12.99Marines Nanni4/22/2012
Getaway2.99Rosemarie Naramore4/21/2012
FRAMED (Book 3, The Caged Series)2.99Amber Lynn Natusch4/23/2012
An Apple from Eve (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
At the End of the Day (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
The Awakened Heart3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
A Betty Neels Christmas: A Christmas Proposal\Winter Wedding4.61Betty Neels4/16/2012
Britannia All at Sea (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
Cassandra by Chance (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
The Chain of Destiny (Best of Betty Neels)2.99Betty Neels4/16/2012
A Christmas to Remember: The Mistletoe Kiss\Roses for Christmas6.15Betty Neels4/16/2012
Cobweb Morning (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
The Convenient Wife (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
The Course of True Love (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
Cruise to a Wedding (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
The Daughter of the Manor (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
Dearest Love (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
The Doubtful Marriage (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
The Edge of Winter (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
Enchanting Samantha (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
The End of the Rainbow (Best of Betty Neels)2.99Betty Neels4/16/2012
Esmeralda (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
The Fateful Bargain (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
The Fifth Day of Christmas (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
The Fortunes of Francesca (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
A Gem of a Girl (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
The Gemel Ring (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
A Gentle Awakening (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
A Girl Named Rose (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
Grasp a Nettle (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
Hannah (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
The Hasty Marriage (Best of Betty Neels)2.99Betty Neels4/16/2012
Heaven Around the Corner (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
Heaven Is Gentle (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
Hilltop Tryst (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
Judith (Best of Betty Neels)2.99Betty Neels4/16/2012
The Little Dragon (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
Love Can Wait (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
Magic in Vienna (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
The Magic of Living (Best of Betty Neels)2.99Betty Neels4/16/2012
A Match for Sister Maggy (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
A Matter of Chance (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
The Moon for Lavinia (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
Nanny by Chance (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
Never the Time and the Place (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
Never While the Grass Grows (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
No Need to Say Goodbye (Best of Betty Neels)4.19Betty Neels4/16/2012
Not Once But Twice (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
Off with the Old Love (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
Paradise for Two (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
Philomena's Miracle (Best of Betty Neels)2.99Betty Neels4/16/2012
Pineapple Girl (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
Ring in a Teacup (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
Roses for Christmas (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
A Secret Infatuation (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
The Secret Pool (Best of Betty Neels)2.99Betty Neels4/16/2012
Sister Peters in Amsterdam3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
A Small Slice of Summer (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
A Star Looks Down (Best of Betty Neels)2.99Betty Neels4/16/2012
Stars Through the Mist (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
Stormy Springtime (Best of Betty Neels)2.99Betty Neels4/16/2012
A Suitable Match (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
Sun and Candlelight (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
Tabitha in Moonlight (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
Tangled Autumn (Best of Betty Neels)4.19Betty Neels4/16/2012
Tulips for Augusta (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
Two Weeks to Remember (Best of Betty Neels)4.19Betty Neels4/16/2012
Uncertain Summer (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
Victory For Victoria (Best of Betty Neels)4.19Betty Neels4/16/2012
Visiting Consultant (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
Wedding Bells for Beatrice (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
When May Follows (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
When Two Paths Meet (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
A Winter Love Story (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
Winter of Change (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
Wish with the Candles (Best of Betty Neels)3.82Betty Neels4/16/2012
Einsatzort Vergangenheit (German Edition)3.87Sandra Neumann4/17/2012
The Book Collector4.99Gail Neve4/19/2012
Montana Dreaming (Harlequin Super Romance)4.09Nadia Nichols4/16/2012
The Wildcatter3.82Peggy Nicholson4/16/2012
HERE I STAND: In Love's Evil Embrace0.99Solange nicole4/18/2012
Talker (German Edition)3.99Amy Lane and Nicoletta4/23/2012
Darci O8.98William Nona4/22/2012
Star Dust First Contact (Book 1 Shimuran Legacy)3.99Ann O'Bannon4/20/2012
Underground7.29Gayle O'Brien4/16/2012
Kissing the Cotton Clouds4.23Michela O'Brien4/20/2012
The Alpha's (The Blood Bar Chronicles)2.99Doris O'Connor,Cherie Nicholls,Jorja Lovett and Arya Grey4/19/2012
Saving Scott (Pine Hills Police)2.99Terry Odell4/17/2012
Moonsong3.99Lisa Olsen4/23/2012
Mara (The Quest)0.99G.W. Olson4/20/2012
The Garden of Happy Endings: A Novel9.99Barbara O'Neal4/17/2012
Baby Be Mine (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Victoria Pade4/16/2012
Shadows on a Wall2.99Colette Padovani4/22/2012
Nocturnally Vexed0.99Alisha Paige4/16/2012
Merciless6.79Diana Palmer4/24/2012
Io cerco moglie! Romanzo (Italian Edition)2.99Alfredo Panzini4/22/2012
Letters To Gabriella (Cedar Cove Series)2.99Patricia Paris4/21/2012
Consenting Hearts3.99Garda Parker4/21/2012
Il ventiquattrenne più vecchio del mondo (Italian Edition)3.91Roberto Paterlini4/20/2012
Whiskey, Mystics, and Men (Emerald Seer Novella)0.99Violet Patterson4/20/2012
Half in Love2.99Lee Patton4/21/2012
Dolcemente (Italian Edition)6.99J.R. Loveless and Ernesto Pavan4/23/2012
How To Trap a Cougar Vs. How To Trap a Cub0.99Ben Peller4/17/2012
A Worthy Attachment0.00Cassidy Percoco4/21/2012
Until the death...0.99Cristina Pereyra4/20/2012
Broken Wing (Arched Wing Series)1.99Katherine Petersdorf4/20/2012
Claiming His Family3.82Ann Voss Peterson4/16/2012
Incriminating Passion (Harlequin Intrigue)3.82Ann Voss Peterson4/16/2012
Shadow Of The Witte Wieven8.99Debbie Peterson4/20/2012
The Captive Countess0.99Jada Peterson4/19/2012
A Wolf's Song [Supernaturals Now, Book 1]2.99Shannon Phoenix4/20/2012
FIRST LOVE1.99Melissa Johns and Jenny Lynn Photography4/18/2012
The Royal MacAllister (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Joan Elliott Pickart4/16/2012
Poe's Eleonora2.99Edgar Allan Poe4/20/2012
Buzina Se Você Me Ama (Portuguese Edition)1.30Allison Dietz and Charmaine Pogue4/17/2012
Slightly Irregular (Finley Anderson Tanner Mysteries)9.99Rhonda Pollero4/17/2012
The One Love0.00Leah Preston4/22/2012
Against The Wall0.99Julie Prestsater4/20/2012
Dangerous Signals4.99Melissa Price4/17/2012
The Ambassadors: Classic Novel (Annotated & AUDIO BOOK File Download)4.99Henry James and Rose Publishing4/20/2012
What Maisie Knew: Classic Novel (Annotated & AUDIO BOOK File Download)4.99Henry James and Rose Publishing4/20/2012
Alexander's Bridge: Classic Romance Novel (Annotated & AUDIO BOOK File Download)3.99Willa Cather and Rose Publishing4/20/2012
A Lost Lady: Classic Literature Novel (Annotation)3.99Willa Cather and Rose Publishing4/19/2012
The Well at the World's End: Classic Fantasy Novel (Annotation)3.99William Morris and Black Cat Publishing4/19/2012
No Longer A Gentleman4.99Mary Jo Putney4/24/2012
Dangerous Decision3.99Nina Coombs Pykare4/21/2012
Always2.99Danielle Quast4/16/2012
Gabby5.95August Quesada4/18/2012
Crystal Gardens12.99Amanda Quick4/24/2012
Tears of Blood (The Blood Chronicles)0.00Tamela Quijas4/18/2012
The Girl in the Game1.49Robert Rabello4/18/2012
Betting the Moon: Cannon Pack, Book 43.69Beverly Rae4/24/2012
Saving Mandy [Night Runner Werewolves 3] (Siren Publishing LoveXtreme Special Edition)3.99Beverly Rae4/17/2012
What if...4.99Kelly Rae4/23/2012
When Pigeons Fly to Nowhere4.99Stefan Raicu4/16/2012
Instructing Sarah3.01Anne Rainey4/17/2012
Strings of Desire9.99Samahria Ramsen4/18/2012
Hath No Fury (The Lesson of Three)2.99Hal Rappaport4/19/2012
Love Reigns (Blackwell Saga)2.99Brooke Ravens4/21/2012
The Older Woman (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Cheryl Reavis4/16/2012
Elyrian Brides: Octavia2.99Sunshine Taylor Reddick4/19/2012
Something Worth Waiting For (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)4.39Erika Reed4/17/2012
Shadows On The Moon (Llewellyn Family Saga)4.95Elizabeth Revill4/16/2012
Love is a Fast Train1.49Gibson R4/21/2012
The Bride Series (Novels 1-4)2.99Shadonna Richards4/19/2012
His Island Bride (The Bride Series)0.99Shadonna Richards4/19/2012
Kiss the Bride10.19Christie Ridgway,Deirdre Martin and Laura Florand4/24/2012
Changing Places2.99Rosamund Ridley4/21/2012
Daddy By Choice (Intimate Moments)3.82Paula Detmer Riggs4/16/2012
Chained (Southern Fried)1.99Drea Riley4/22/2012
Bravo Unwrapped (Signature Select)4.61Christine Rimmer4/16/2012
Obsidian Flame7.99Caris Roane4/24/2012
The Witness14.99Nora Roberts4/17/2012
Wayland High (10) The New Seniors0.99David doc Robertson4/21/2012
Weak Flesh2.99Jo Robertson4/23/2012
Just Like You, I Just Wanted To Be Loved:The Love Story of Cass & Drake (The Great Lake State Series)2.99Sean H. Robertson4/23/2012
Christmas on Snowbird Mountain (Harlequin Super Romance)4.19Fay Robinson4/16/2012
The Notorious Mrs. Wright (Harlequin Super Romance)4.19Fay Robinson4/16/2012
Missing0.99O. A. Robinson4/16/2012
WAIT UNTIL...6.00Lynne Robson4/19/2012
Willow, Wish For Me (Merlin's Destiny -- Short Story)0.99Jacquie Rogers4/17/2012
The Druid2.99S.G. Rogers4/19/2012
Dallas Glitz4.99D. G. Green and Heather Romine4/22/2012
My Daddy is a Hero 33.99Dahlia Rose4/23/2012
Army Beasts Resurrection3.99Dahlia Rose4/21/2012
For The Love Of Charley-Am2.99John Barrett Rose4/21/2012
Rosalind's Journal2.99John Barrett Rose4/19/2012
Hollywood Ever After (The Caden Lake Series)3.99Kate Rose4/23/2012
Fake I.D. Wife (Harlequin Intrigue)3.82Patricia Rosemoor4/16/2012
Improper Relations2.99Juliana Ross4/23/2012
Civil Twilight: Project Exorcism3.99Mandy M. Roth4/17/2012
Misfit in Middle America2.99Mandy M. Roth4/17/2012
North of Heartbreak3.03Julie Rowe4/16/2012
The Jewel Trilogy (Jewel Trilogy Boxed Set)9.99Lauren Royal4/16/2012
Violet (Flower Trilogy, Book 1)3.99Lauren Royal4/22/2012
Amber (Jewel Trilogy, Book 3)3.99Lauren Royal4/18/2012
Exposed Monthly: Raw Creation! February 20126.99Kate N. Ryan,Ryan M. Williams and Tennessee Hicks4/21/2012
Miami Days and Truscan (K)nights4.95Gail Roughton and Suzannah Safi4/17/2012
My Husband, My Babies (Harlequin Super Romance)3.82Debra Salonen4/16/2012
Without a Past (Harlequin Super Romance)4.09Debra Salonen4/16/2012
Wonders Never Cease (Harlequin Super Romance)4.09Debra Salonen4/16/2012
The Fairy Godmother1.99Lynsay Sands4/17/2012
All I Want1.99Lynsay Sands4/24/2012
A Mile in Her Shoes4.99Christopher Santos4/23/2012
Barbie and GI Joe0.99Shyann Savage4/22/2012
Savage Menage4.48Cynthia Sax4/18/2012
Beloved Enemy (Harlequin Historical)4.61Mary Schaller4/16/2012
His Secret Temptation3.82Cat Schield4/16/2012
Timeless Witch2.99C.L. Scholey4/17/2012
Ulla's Daughter2.99Jan Schwartz4/22/2012
Beyond the Grave3.99Ericka Scott4/19/2012
Hair of the Dog6.00Kelli Scott4/20/2012
Ivanhoe A Romance (Annotated) With Charater Analysis,Themes,Study Question and Essay Toppics.2.59Walter Scott4/17/2012
True Love Way5.99Nancy Scrofano4/17/2012
Ricarda: Mädchen in Nöten (German Edition)3.54Lissa Seebauer4/24/2012
All Night Long (Ghosts, Inc. Ghostly Shorts)0.99Bethany Sefchick4/22/2012
Surf, blog & insomnie (French Edition)3.99Claudine Thomé Segapelli4/21/2012
Acting Out Reality2.99Christina Seigerman4/18/2012
The Folly3.99Irina Shapiro4/22/2012
Pygmalion (Annotated) With Summary and Commentary ACT 1-5,Analysis and Study Questions2.59Bernard Shaw4/20/2012
The Youngest Dowager4.61Francesca Shaw4/16/2012
The Diva Is In The Details Volume 80.99James Shaw4/21/2012
The Diva Is In The Details Volume 90.99James Shaw4/21/2012
The Diva Is In The Details (The Diva Is In The Details Volume 1)0.99James Shaw4/19/2012
Red For Betrayal Part One (What Goes Around)0.00T D Shaw4/17/2012
Angel Meets the Badman3.82Maggie Shayne4/16/2012
The Texas Brand: The Homecoming4.61Maggie Shayne4/16/2012
Forgotten Vows (A Maggie Shayne Classic)0.99Maggie Shayne4/21/2012
Badge of Honor - A Medieval Romance0.99Lisa Shea4/21/2012
A PERFECT EVIL4.99EC Sheedy4/18/2012
Victoria1.99R.R. Shelsky4/16/2012
Fig Jam0.00Matt Silver4/20/2012
Different Shades0.99Robert Simmons,Julie Lambert and Al Lambert4/21/2012
The Immigrant0.99Sandy Simon4/16/2012
Hattie's Heroes2.99Ginger Simpson4/17/2012
The Firstborn (Harlequin Intrigue, No. 730)4.19Dani Sinclair4/16/2012
Summers with Hot Gay Cops in London0.99Dallas Sketchman4/16/2012
The Saint Who Stole My Heart: A Regency Rogues Novel7.99Stefanie Sloane4/24/2012
Hush2.99Micalea Smeltzer4/16/2012
A Dance to Die For5.75Rebecca Lee Smith4/19/2012
Mr Wilson's Woman2.99Roy Smith4/20/2012
Unwanted Woman2.99Simon Smith-Wilson4/18/2012
Ripper, My Love0.99Glynis Smy4/22/2012
So Perfect2.99Pasha Soffrit4/18/2012
Entflammtes Herz (German Edition)2.66Bina Sparks4/16/2012
Beyond the Storm (Tales of Life and Love from Port Goodhope)1.49Carolyn Spencer4/18/2012
Masquerade4.83Rivka Spicer4/23/2012
For Mercy's Sake2.99Carol A. Spradling4/21/2012
Cheyenne Wife (Harlequin Historical)5.09Judith Stacy4/16/2012
Maggie and the Law (Harlequin Historical)4.61Judith Stacy4/16/2012
Another Life, Another Love4.99Eileen Stafford4/20/2012
Long-Haired Persian (Tender Hearts Pet Clinic)1.99Liz Stafford4/22/2012
Nora's Pride (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Carol Stephenson4/16/2012
The Prophet (The Graveyard Queen)6.15Amanda Stevens4/24/2012
Confessions of the Heart4.19Amanda Stevens4/16/2012
Just Past Midnight (Harlequin Romance)4.61Amanda Stevens4/16/2012
Wishful Thinking7.99Gabi Stevens4/24/2012
Return to Eden2.99Kay Stockham4/18/2012
Random Acts3.69Alison Stone4/24/2012
Wicked Road to Hell4.99Juliana Stone4/24/2012
Light Weaver6.99Carol Anne Strange4/16/2012
Poseidon's Daughter2.99Diane A.S. Stuckart4/18/2012
Slow Dance with a Cowboy (Harlequin Super Romance)4.19Linda Style4/16/2012
The Butler's Daughter3.82Joyce Sullivan4/16/2012
Operation Bassinet (Harlequin Intrigue)3.82Joyce Sullivan4/16/2012
Tail of the Dragon4.99Sultry Summers4/21/2012
Historical Romance 2-in-1 Bundle (Southern Heat): To Seduce a Rogue and To Desire a Scoundrel4.99Tracy Sumner4/21/2012
Historical Romance 2-in-1 Bundle: Tides of Love and Tides of Passion (Seaswept Seduction)5.99Tracy Sumner4/21/2012
All the Things I Didn't See5.39Cindy Sutherland4/18/2012
Zombie Rain3.99Zach Sweets4/17/2012
Blood of a Red Rose (The Rose Trilogy)3.99Tish Thawer,Kara Malinczak and Regina Wamba4/23/2012
Raven's Honor4.61Claire Thornton4/16/2012
Destiny Awaits2.99Jaidis Shaw and Lori Titus4/20/2012
Family Case of Murder (A Lacy Steele Mystery, Book 3)0.99Vanessa Gray Bartal and Rebecca Tocheff4/20/2012
The Missing Heir (Silhouette Special Edition)4.19Jane Toombs4/16/2012
Trouble in Tourmaline (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Jane Toombs4/16/2012
Linked Through Time2.99Jessica Tornese4/16/2012
SINALYNA - O BAILE A FANTASIA ( LIVRO 2 - PARTE 1 ) ( ROMANCE TEEN ) (SERIE SINALYNA) (Portuguese Edition)1.99Pet Torres4/22/2012
SINALYNA - O COLÉGIO ROSA ( LIVRO 1 - PARTE 1 ) ( ROMANCE TEEN ) (SERIE SINALYNA) (Portuguese Edition)0.99Pet Torres4/22/2012
SINALYNA - O COLÉGIO ROSA ( LIVRO 1 - PARTE 2 ) ( ROMANCE TEEN ) (SERIE SINALYNA) (Portuguese Edition)1.99Pet Torres4/22/2012
The Lord and Eleanor2.49Lindsay Townsend4/19/2012
Neurotically Yours0.99Bonnie Trachtenberg4/18/2012
Tempest4.99Louisa Trent4/18/2012
The Bearwalker's Daughter0.00Beth Trissel and Elise Trissel4/16/2012
KATE'S LIE (The Red Hudson Saga)9.99Joanne Triviz4/17/2012
Girl in the Rearview Mirror - Complete (Minnesota Murder Mystery)0.99Jael Turner4/19/2012
Mind Bandits - Part 1 (John Namon Psychic Manipulator)0.99Jael Turner4/19/2012
Kissed (The Everwill Trilogy)1.99Lily Valentine4/23/2012
Ya no siento el corazón (Spanish Edition)4.00Javier Díaz Húder and Juan Jerez del Valle4/18/2012
The Duke's Undoing2.99G.G. Vandagriff4/18/2012
Under the Yoke: A Romance of Bulgarian Liberty. With an Introduction by Edmund Gosse2.96Ivan Minchov Vazov4/16/2012
Paradise Found8.99Dorothy Vernon4/19/2012
The House of the Vampire (Illustrated)2.99George Sylvester Viereck4/21/2012
Unbound4.48April Vine4/20/2012
Grave Secrets2.99Ella Vines4/17/2012
Country Mouse4.99Amy Lane and Aleksandr Voinov4/21/2012
Erotic Proposal Seducing Catherine2.99Jenna Wade4/16/2012
The Gates (The Resistance Trilogy)2.99Rachael Wade,Arlene Robinson and Robin Ludwig Design INC.4/16/2012
Twisted Sisters2.99Raymond Walker4/16/2012
Grimm Tidings: Grimm's Circle, Book 63.78Shiloh Walker4/24/2012
Emerald Fire (The Jewel Trilogy)0.99Hallee Bridgeman and Debi Warford4/22/2012
On the Prowl7.99Christine Warren4/24/2012
My Very Own Millionaire: Priscilla and the Playboy\Millie and the Millionaire (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Pat Warren4/16/2012
Dakota Bride (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Wendy Warren4/16/2012
A Thanksgiving To Remember (Intimate Moments, 1035)4.19Margaret Watson4/16/2012
Never Too Late2.99Patricia Watters4/22/2012
Attempted Matrimony (Harlequin Intrigue)3.82Joanna Wayne4/16/2012
Bittersweet Passion (Silhouette Special Edition)4.19Peggy Webb4/16/2012
The Smile of an Angel (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Peggy Webb4/16/2012
Heinrich und Hatheburg (German Edition)9.55Helena Elisabeth Weik4/18/2012
The Forever Man3.99Theresa Weir4/22/2012
Summer of Love: Semper Fi2.99Tim Weller4/22/2012
Imperfect Beauty1.99E.A. West4/18/2012
With Beatty off Jutland A Romance of the Great Sea Fight2.99Percy F. Westerman4/21/2012
The Red Cockade (Annotated)200.00Stanley J. Weyman4/16/2012
Make-up or Break-up: A Short Story0.99Aron White4/22/2012
An Innocent Deceit4.61Gail Whitiker4/16/2012
The Best Man's Plan (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Gina Wilkins4/16/2012
Dateline Matrimony (Silhouette Special Edition)3.82Gina Wilkins4/16/2012
The Groom's Stand-In (Silhouette Special Edition)4.19Gina Wilkins4/16/2012
Happily Ever Afters Guaranteed (a short story collection)1.99Lacy Williams4/18/2012
Double Dragon Seduction (1 Night Stand Series)3.99Kali Willows4/17/2012
The Unfaithful Widow2.99J.S. Wilsoncroft4/23/2012
Rocky Mountain Maverick4.19Gayle Wilson4/16/2012
Flash Of Lightning0.00Jessica Winter4/16/2012
Forbidden Fruit2.99Nancy Evans Yates and Marta Wit4/18/2012
Tempting the Manny4.99Lacey Wolfe4/20/2012
Kira und das Glück (German Edition)0.99Valerie Wolff4/19/2012
Deseos de Una Mujer Casada (Spanish Edition)5.50Xildi Wong4/22/2012
Replicant3.09Dani Worth4/17/2012
The Western Novels: Brighter than Gold, Fireblossom, Wildblossom5.99Cynthia Wright4/18/2012
Liewe Maria Magdalena4.99Frenette van Wyk4/18/2012
Intimate Strangers3.82Rebecca York4/16/2012
Phantom Lover4.19Rebecca York4/16/2012
A Family of Strangers2.99Virginia Young4/19/2012
Hunted9.59Rebecca Zanetti4/24/2012
Lysistrata (Annotated) With Characters Analysis,ummary and Analysis3.99Aristophanes4/22/2012
Triumph (Appearances Trilogy)6.99Etienne4/22/2012
Betwinx (Paranormal Erotic Romance Novella)0.99Lilah4/17/2012
The Ladies' Man - A Tale of Sexual Conquest The Adventures of a Randy Older Man and Young Women2.99Marcie4/22/2012
Twisted Seduction9.99N'Tyse4/24/2012
The Charterhouse of Parma2.99Stendhal4/16/2012

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