Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Romance May preorders

Currently available Romance preorders as of 4/25/2012

These are the preorders available between the dates of 4/26/2012 and 5/31/2012. Note that since these are preorders prices and dates are subject to change.
Amazon will give you the lowest price between the time you preorder the book and the time it is released. If some of these are books that you wish to purchase, preordering is a good chance. That way if the price changes you will get the best available price.
The goal of this blog is to provide a way to quickly scan new releases in Amazon. Amazon's default search mechanism only shows 10 results at a time, which makes it very difficult to find new books, since hundreds of books are released every week. This article will reduce the amount of clicking and page loads required to see what was released. For more information see About the New Ebook Release Blog.

Below are some books that I found interesting during this timeperiod. I'm sure that there are other interesting books, I encourage people to point out good books in the comments.

Recomended Releases

The Killing MoonN. K. JemisinNK Jemsin is a hot fantasy writer, she has two books coming out 1 month apart. An ambitious cycle.

Between 4/26/2012 and 5/31/2012: 430 Romance Kindle books are currently scheduled to be released. Click 'Read More' to see the complete list

Upcoming books Kindle ebooks

TitlePriceAuthor(s)Release Date
Vortex7.99Cherry Adair5/22/2012
Leonie: 07.99Elizabeth Adler5/2/2012
The Maverick (Harlequin Super Romance)3.99Carrie Alexander5/15/2012
Nightshifted7.99Cassie Alexander5/22/2012
The Bride and the Mercenary (Harlequin Intrigue)4.19Harper Allen5/15/2012
McQueen's Heat3.99Harper Allen5/15/2012
The Night In Question (Harlequin Intrigue)3.99Harper Allen5/15/2012
The Last Real Cowboy (Harlequin Romance)4.19Donna Alward5/1/2012
A Long Walk Home (Harlequin Next)3.99Diane Amos5/15/2012
Valtieri's Bride (Harlequin Romance)4.19Caroline Anderson5/1/2012
Coming Up Roses7.99Catherine Anderson5/1/2012
First Time Lucky? (Harlequin Presents Extra)4.19Natalie Anderson5/1/2012
Superlovin': A Midnight Justice story3.01Vivi Andrews5/1/2012
An Inescapable Match4.79Sylvia Andrew5/15/2012
No Tan Lines9.95Kate Angell5/29/2012
Sweet Spot4.97Kate Angell5/1/2012
A Wolf's Heart (Harlequin Nocturne)4.19Vivi Anna5/1/2012
The Sadness of the Samurai: A Novel14.99Victor del Arbol5/22/2012
Aloha Fantasy (Kimani Romance)5.09Devon Vaughn Archer5/1/2012
Demon's Bride4.79Zoe Archer5/1/2012
His Dark Embrace5.80Amanda Ashley5/29/2012
Winter Garden4.99Adele Ashworth5/29/2012
Dragonflies and Dinosaurs (Harlequin Next)3.99Kate Austin5/15/2012
The Sunshine Coast News (Harlequin Next)3.99Kate Austin5/15/2012
Naughty Bits 3: The Countess's Client\Devoured\Drea... Pirate's Tale\Acting the Part\Her Lord and Master6.39Kate Austin,Grace D'Otare,Letty James and Jennifer Dale5/15/2012
Naughty Paris5.59Jina Bacarr5/15/2012
An Ardent Friendship5.09Elizabeth Bailey5/15/2012
Return of the Moralis Wife (Harlequin Presents)4.19Jacqueline Baird5/1/2012
The Proposal: A Novel12.99Mary Balogh5/1/2012
Undone by Her Tender Touch (Harlequin Desire)2.99Maya Banks5/1/2012
Pillow Talk3.99Maya Banks5/1/2012
The Scout (Harlequin Historical)5.09Lynna Banning5/15/2012
Lady Alexandra's Excellent Adventure: A Summersby Tale3.99Sophie Barnes5/22/2012
Official Escort (Harlequin Intrigue)4.19Jean Barrett5/15/2012
Embrace of the Damned7.99Anya Bast5/1/2012
The Widow of Saunders Creek: A Novel9.99Tracey Bateman5/8/2012
14 Valentine Place (Harlequin Super Romance)4.19Pamela Bauer5/15/2012
Drive Me Crazy4.67Jenna Bayley-Burke5/29/2012
Old Boyfriends (Harlequin Next)4.19Rexanne Becnel5/15/2012
Her Sister's Secret Son (Harlequin Special Edition)4.19Lisette Belisle5/15/2012
Solution: Marriage (Harlequin Special Edition)3.99Barbara Benedict5/15/2012
Hot for Fireman4.99Jennifer Bernard5/29/2012
Something Wicked This Way Comes, Volume 27.17Jaid Black,Aubrey Ross,Regina Carlysle and Katalina Leon5/1/2012
Love Story7.99Janine Boissard5/8/2012
Charlotte Moore3.99Judith Bowen5/15/2012
Lydia Lane (Harlequin Super Romance)3.99Judith Bowen5/15/2012
Zoey Phillips (Harlequin Superromance)3.99Judith Bowen5/15/2012
Along Came a Duke: Rhymes With Love4.99Elizabeth Boyle5/29/2012
Hidden Heat: Hauberk Protection, Book 44.67Leah Braemel5/1/2012
Millionaire in Disguise (Special Edition, 1416)4.19Jean Brashear5/15/2012
The Siren's Song5.09Jennifer Bray-Weber5/14/2012
A Roguish Gentleman5.09Mary Brendan5/15/2012
Familiar Mirage3.99Caroline Burnes5/15/2012
Familiar Oasis3.99Caroline Burnes5/15/2012
Lady Maggie's Secret Scandal6.71Grace Burrowes5/1/2012
The Baby Gift (Harlequin Super Romance)4.19Bethany Campbell5/15/2012
Home at Last (Harlequin Special Edition)3.99Laurie Campbell5/15/2012
A Convenient Proposal (Harlequin Super Romance)4.19C.J. Carmichael5/15/2012
A Lasting Proposal (Harlequin Super Romance)3.99C.J. Carmichael5/15/2012
A Second-Chance Proposal (Harlequin Super Romance)3.99C.J. Carmichael5/15/2012
Veiled Intentions7.99Eileen Carr5/29/2012
Operation: Midnight Rendezvous (Harlequin Intrigue)4.19Linda Castillo5/15/2012
Charmed By His Love7.99Janet Chapman5/29/2012
Dulces secretos: (King's Million-Dollar Secret) (Harlequin Desco (Spanish)) (Spanish Edition)3.19Maureen Child5/1/2012
Taking Back Mary Ellen Black (Harlequin Next Tall)3.99Lisa Childs5/15/2012
Barefoot in the Sand (Barefoot Bay)5.99Roxanne St. Claire5/1/2012
The Girl's Guide to (Man)Hunting9.99Jessica Clare5/1/2012
Spirit Willing, Flesh Weak8.66Julie Cohen4/26/2012
The Brothers Wroth24.99Kresley Cole5/15/2012
Girl Behind the Scandalous Reputation (Harlequin Presents)4.19Michelle Conder5/1/2012
Fierce Love4.56Phoebe Conn5/22/2012
Texas Manhunt (Harlequin Romantic Suspense)4.19Linda Conrad5/1/2012
Lord Sebastian's Wife (Harlequin Historical)4.79Katy Cooper5/15/2012
Tall, Dark And Difficult (Special Edition, 1414)3.99Patricia Coughlin5/15/2012
The Marriage Truce5.09Ann Elizabeth Cree5/15/2012
My Lady's Prisoner (Harlequin Historical)5.09Ann Elizabeth Cree5/15/2012
Let Me In3.51Callie Croix5/21/2012
The Impostor's Kiss (Harlequin Historical)5.09Tanya Anne Crosby5/15/2012
Heart of Brass: A Novel of the Clockwork Agents7.99Kate Cross5/1/2012
Guarding Jess4.19Shannon Curtis5/14/2012
Bannon Brothers: Honor12.09Janet Dailey5/29/2012
Captivated9.99Lauren Dane5/1/2012
A Doctor in His House (Harlequin Special Edition)4.19Lilian Darcy5/1/2012
Marriage to a Stranger (Harlequin Super Romance)4.19Kay David5/15/2012
Blade of Moonlight: A Midnight Justice story3.01Kimberly Dean5/1/2012
Office Affair3.78Jess Dee5/1/2012
Her Hero After Dark (Harlequin Romantic Suspense)4.19Cindy Dees5/1/2012
Serious Play4.19Summer Devon and Bonnie Dee4/30/2012
In His Safekeeping (Harlequin Intrigue)4.19Shawna Delacorte5/15/2012
First Things First2.99Barbara Delinsky5/29/2012
The Forever Instinct2.99Barbara Delinsky5/29/2012
The Scent of Jasmine2.99Barbara Delinsky5/29/2012
Straight from the Heart2.99Barbara Delinsky5/29/2012
Party of Three3.51Daire St. Denis5/28/2012
It Started That Night (Harlequin Romantic Suspense)4.19Virna DePaul5/1/2012
The Witch Thief (Harlequin Nocturne)4.19Lori Devoti5/1/2012
Miss Cameron's Fall from Grace4.97Helen Dickson5/1/2012
One Reckless Night2.99Helen Dickson5/1/2012
Lord Fox's Pleasure5.09Helen Dickson5/15/2012
When She Wasn't Looking (Harlequin Intrigue Series)4.19HelenKay Dimon5/1/2012
Hot As Sin: A Loveswept Classic Romance2.99Debra Dixon5/14/2012
Midnight Hour: A Loveswept Classic Romance2.99Debra Dixon5/14/2012
Mountain Mystic: A Loveswept Classic Romance2.99Debra Dixon5/14/2012
Playing with Fire: A Loveswept Classic Romance2.99Debra Dixon5/14/2012
Slow Hands: A Loveswept Classic Romance2.99Debra Dixon5/14/2012
The Bride's Rescuer (Harlequin Intrigue)4.19Charlotte Douglas5/15/2012
Holidays Are Murder (Harlequin Next)3.99Charlotte Douglas5/15/2012
Montana Secrets (Harlequin Intrigue)4.19Charlotte Douglas5/15/2012
Spring Break (Harlequin Next)3.99Charlotte Douglas5/15/2012
The Man Who Saw Her Beauty (Harlequin Romance)4.19Michelle Douglas5/1/2012
If the Slipper Fits7.99Olivia Drake5/22/2012
An Intimate Bargain (Harlequin Desire)4.19Barbara Dunlop5/1/2012
Fleet Hospital (Harlequin Super Romance)3.99Anne Marie Duquette5/15/2012
The Black Sheep's Redemption (Love Inspired Suspense)4.19Lynette Eason5/1/2012
Following Your Heart (Fields of Home)10.19Jerry S. Eicher5/1/2012
Too Tempting to Resist7.99Cara Elliott5/1/2012
Worlds Apart5.39Barbara Elsborg5/22/2012
Obsession (Harlequin Intrigue Series)4.19Carol Ericson5/1/2012
Sizzle in the City4.09Wendy Etherington5/1/2012
Ruined by Rumor5.09Alyssa Everett5/21/2012
Where's Stanley? (Next Tall)4.19Donna Fasano5/15/2012
Addicted6.01Charlotte Featherstone5/15/2012
Lust (Sins and the Virtues)5.94Charlotte Featherstone5/15/2012
Sinful6.01Charlotte Featherstone5/15/2012
The Pleasure Garden: Sacred Vows\Perfumed Pleasures\Rites of Passions (Harlequin Spice)5.94Charlotte Featherstone,Amanda McIntyre and Kristi Astor5/15/2012
Lassoing the Deputy (Harlequin American Romance)4.19Marie Ferrarella5/1/2012
Oklahoma Bride (Harlequin Historical)5.09Carol Finch5/15/2012
A Cowboy for Clementine (Harlequin Super Romance)3.99Susan Floyd5/15/2012
Forbidden Love (Special Edition)4.19Christine Flynn5/15/2012
Coming Up for Air4.19Karen Foley5/1/2012
Georgie's Big Greek Wedding?4.19Emily Forbes5/1/2012
Tease5.59Suzanne Forster5/15/2012
Warrior Enchanted: The Sons of the Zodiac7.99Addison Fox5/1/2012
The Maverick Returns (Harlequin American Romance)4.19Roz Denny Fox5/1/2012
Lost But Not Forgotten (Harlequin Superromance)3.99Roz Denny Fox5/15/2012
Wide Open Spaces (Harlequin Super Romance)3.99Roz Denny Fox5/15/2012
The Heart Next to Mine7.99Barbara Freethy5/29/2012
Morgan's Woman: A Loveswept Historical Romance3.99Judith French5/14/2012
The Custom of the Army (Novella): An Outlander Novella1.99Diana Gabaldon5/21/2012
Wildflowers from Winter: A Novel9.99Katie Ganshert5/8/2012
Ready for Her Close-up (Harlequin Desire)4.19Katherine Garbera5/1/2012
The Greatest Gift: A Mother's Day Collection: Second-Chance Mother\Unexpected Gifts\A Mother's Day Match\Her First Mother's Day2.99Katherine Garbera,Donna Alward,Kathleen O'Brien and Tanya Michaels5/1/2012
Rope Dancer5.94Roberta Gellis5/1/2012
Rescue Me4.99Rachel Gibson5/29/2012
Crazy On You1.99Rachel Gibson5/1/2012
The Marshal's Promise (Love Inspired Historical)4.19Rhonda Gibson5/1/2012
Seeker of Shadows7.99Nancy Gideon5/29/2012
The Vampire Voss (A Book of the Regency Draculia)6.79Colleen Gleason5/1/2012
Society's Most Scandalous Rake5.09Isabelle Goddard5/1/2012
Once Upon a List: A Novel3.99Robin Gold5/8/2012
Plastered in Stonington: Kate Bart Mysteries, Book 33.60Rosemary Goodwin5/15/2012
Daughter of Oklahoma (Harlequin Super Romance)3.99Darlene Graham5/15/2012
Sound of the Heart9.99Genevieve Graham5/1/2012
A Deal at the Altar (Harlequin Presents)4.19Lynne Graham5/1/2012
A Gentleman Undone7.99Cecilia Grant5/29/2012
Midnight's Master7.99Donna Grant5/22/2012
Secret Agenda (Harlequin Intrigue Series)4.19Paula Graves5/1/2012
The Ties That Bind (Harlequin Special Edition)4.19Ginna Gray5/15/2012
The Gazebo: A Novel6.99Emily Grayson5/8/2012
The Happy Medium: A Novel12.99Gigi Levangie Grazer5/29/2012
Courted by the Texas Millionaire (Harlequin Special Edition)4.19Crystal Green5/1/2012
Lucky (Harlequin Next)4.19Jennifer Greene5/15/2012
Sparkle (Harlequin Next)3.99Jennifer Greene5/15/2012
Larkspur Road7.99Jill Gregory5/1/2012
Gentleman Says "I Do"6.63Amelia Grey5/1/2012
Days of Splendor, Days of Sorrow: A Novel of Marie Antoinette9.99Juliet Grey5/15/2012
Race To The Altar (Harlequin Special Edition)3.99Patricia Hagan5/15/2012
Separate Bedrooms...? (Silhouette Special Edition)3.99Carole Halston5/15/2012
Her Brother's Keeper and Out of the Depths: Her Brother's Keeper\Out of the Depths (Love Inspired Classics)5.94Valerie Hansen5/1/2012
Canyon Shadows9.59Vonna Harper5/29/2012
Extranos en las dunas: (Strangers in the Desert) (Harlequin Bianca (Spanish)) (Spanish Edition)3.19Lynn Raye Harris5/1/2012
Waking Up2.50Arianna Hart5/22/2012
Montana Homecoming (Love Inspired)4.19Jillian Hart5/1/2012
Macbeth: The Novel7.99David Hewson and A.J. Hartley5/21/2012
The Long Shot (Harlequin Superromance)4.19Ellen Hartman5/1/2012
Broken6.79Megan Hart5/15/2012
Collide6.79Megan Hart5/15/2012
Dirty6.87Megan Hart5/15/2012
Tempted6.79Megan Hart5/15/2012
Cocoon2.99Emily Sue Harvey5/29/2012
My Wicked Gladiators3.99Lauren Hawkeye5/15/2012
The Taming of a Scottish Princess7.99Karen Hawkins5/29/2012
Magic in a Jelly Jar (Harlequin Special Edition)4.19Sally Tyler Hayes5/15/2012
Dare to Dream (Arabesque)5.09Donna Hill5/1/2012
In the Company of Witches7.99Joey Hill5/1/2012
Matchmaking by Moonlight (Harlequin Special Edition)4.19Teresa Hill5/1/2012
The Bride Wore Blue: A Novel (The Sinclair Sisters of Cripple Creek)9.99Mona Hodgson5/8/2012
Not Just Friends4.09Kate Hoffmann5/1/2012
Angel's End7.99Cindy Holby5/1/2012
El noble frances: (The French Aristocrat's Baby) (Harlequin Bianca (Spanish)) (Spanish Edition)3.19Christina Hollis5/1/2012
The Unspoken Years (Harlequin Next)3.99Lynne Hugo5/15/2012
Kiss of the Goblin Prince: Shadowlands series5.59Shona Husk5/1/2012
Courting Justice (Madaris Family Saga)4.97Brenda Jackson5/29/2012
Beach Season10.26Lisa Jackson,Cathy Lamb and Holly Chamberlin5/29/2012
Building a Perfect Match (Love Inspired)4.19Arlene James5/1/2012
Hot Demon Nights2.99Elle James5/1/2012
Broken Illusions: A Midnight Dragonfly Novel9.99Ellie James5/8/2012
Escrito en el alma: (Buttoned-Up Secretary, British Boss) (Harlequin Bianca (Spanish)) (Spanish Edition)3.19Susanne James5/1/2012
The Duke & the Pirate Queen6.01Victoria Janssen5/15/2012
The Golden Lord (Harlequin Historical)5.09Miranda Jarrett5/15/2012
The Killing Moon9.99N. K. Jemisin5/1/2012
Man with a Mission (Harlequin Super Romance)4.19Muriel Jensen5/15/2012
The Shifter9.99Jean Johnson5/1/2012
Operation: Reunited (Harlequin Intrigue)4.19Linda O. Johnston5/15/2012
Tommy's Mom (Harlequin Intrigue)4.19Linda O. Johnston5/15/2012
Lost Without You (Kimani Romance)5.09Yahrah St. John5/1/2012
Danger That Is Damion5.94Lisa Renee Jones5/1/2012
The Price of Royal Duty (Harlequin Presents)4.19Penny Jordan5/1/2012
Edge of Light5.09Cynthia Justlin5/14/2012
Private Security (Harlequin Intrigue Series)4.19Mallory Kane5/1/2012
Chasing Magic7.99Stacia Kane5/29/2012
Lost Identity (Harlequin Intrigue)3.99Leona Karr5/15/2012
Rake with a Frozen Heart (Harlequin Historical)5.09Marguerite Kaye5/1/2012
Come October (Harlequin Next)3.99Patricia Kay5/15/2012
The Millionaire and the Mom3.99Patricia Kay5/15/2012
Royal Pursuit4.19Susan Kearney5/15/2012
Royal Ransom4.19Susan Kearney5/15/2012
Royal Target4.19Susan Kearney5/15/2012
Where There's Smoke10.19Karen Kelley5/1/2012
Off the Map (Harlequin Next)4.19Dorien Kelly5/15/2012
Bringing Home a Bachelor4.09Karen Kendall5/1/2012
Midnight Rescue: A Killer Instincts Novel7.99Elle Kennedy5/1/2012
Shenandoah Christmas (Harlequin Super Romance)3.99Lynnette Kent5/15/2012
Born of Silence (The League)10.99Sherrilyn Kenyon5/1/2012
Winter Woman (Harlequin Historical)5.09Jenna Kernan5/15/2012
Child of His Heart (Harlequin Super Romance)3.99Joan Kilby5/15/2012
Say It with Diamonds (Harlequin Presents Extra)4.19Lucy King5/1/2012
Red Thunder Reckoning (Harlequin Intrigue)3.99Sylvie Kurtz5/15/2012
Remembering Red Thunder (Harlequin Intrigue)3.99Sylvie Kurtz5/15/2012
Northern Fires4.19Jennifer LaBrecque5/1/2012
Beauty and the Werewolf (A Tale of the Five Hundred Kingdoms)6.79Mercedes Lackey5/29/2012
The Knight's Conquest (Harlequin Historical)5.09Juliet Landon5/15/2012
A Most Unseemly Summer5.09Juliet Landon5/15/2012
Knight's Move4.79Jennifer Landsbert5/15/2012
The Betrayal (Harlequin Historical)5.09Ruth Langan5/15/2012
Endless Heart4.56Emma Lang5/29/2012
Treading Lightly (Harlequin Next)3.99Elise Lanier5/15/2012
Rules of Engagement: The Reasons for Marriage\The Wedding Party\Unlaced (Lester Family)6.71Stephanie Laurens,Kasey Michaels and Delilah Marvelle5/1/2012
Una noche bajo las estrellas: (Mistress: Pregnant by the Spanish Billionaire) (Harlequin Bianca (Spanish)) (Spanish Edition)3.19Kim Lawrence5/1/2012
Luminous: Phoenix Institute, Book 23.01Corrina Lawson5/29/2012
Enemigos bajo las sabanas: (Claimed: The Pregnant Heiress) (Harlequin Desco (Spanish)) (Spanish Edition)3.19Day Leclaire5/1/2012
Un toque ardiente: (Dante's Honor-Bound Husband) (Harlequin Desco (Spanish)) (Spanish Edition)3.19Day Leclaire5/1/2012
Prince Under Cover4.19Adrianne Lee5/15/2012
Sentenced To Wed4.19Adrianne Lee5/15/2012
Her Unforgettable Fiance (Harlequin Special Edition)4.19Allison Leigh5/15/2012
For Just Cause (Harlequin Superromance)4.19Kara Lennox5/1/2012
A Callahan Wedding (Harlequin American Romance)4.19Tina Leonard5/1/2012
A Father's Vow4.19Tina Leonard5/1/2012
Pacto por venganza: (The Pregnancy Contract) (Harlequin Desco (Spanish)) (Spanish Edition)3.19Yvonne Lindsay5/1/2012
A Little More Scandal0.99Carrie Lofty5/29/2012
A Little More Scandal0.99Carrie Lofty5/29/2012
Devilishly Sexy7.19Kathy Love5/29/2012
Sydney Harbor Hospital: Tom's Redemption4.19Fiona Lowe5/1/2012
Beautiful Sacrifice12.99Elizabeth Lowell5/22/2012
A Night of Living Dangerously (Harlequin Presents)4.19Jennie Lucas5/1/2012
Behind the Shield (Harlequin Intrigue)4.19Sheryl Lynn5/15/2012
Lt. Kent: Lone Wolf (Harlequin Special Edition)4.19Judith Lyons5/15/2012
Sparks Fly: A Novel of the Light Dragons7.99Katie MacAlister5/1/2012
Enchanted: Erotic Bedtime Stories For Women6.87Nancy Madore5/15/2012
The White Swan Affair5.09Elyse Mady5/21/2012
The Virtuous Knight (Harlequin Historical)5.09Margo Maguire5/15/2012
Snowbound with a Stranger2.99Rebecca Rogers Maher5/28/2012
A Penniless Prospect4.79Joanna Maitland5/15/2012
Summer Days (Fool's Gold)6.55Susan Mallery5/29/2012
Almost Summer2.99Susan Mallery5/1/2012
Her Small-Town Sheriff (Love Inspired)4.19Lissa Manley5/1/2012
Under Fire (Elite Force: That Others May Live)5.94Catherine Mann5/1/2012
Todo lo que deseo: (Billionaire's Jet Set Babies) (Harlequin Desco (Spanish)) (Spanish Edition)3.19Catherine Mann5/1/2012
Nadia Knows Best10.22Jill Mansell5/1/2012
My Lady Rival7.99Ashley March5/1/2012
The Nurse's Not-So-Secret Scandal4.19Wendy S. Marcus5/1/2012
Corazon del desierto: (Heart of the Desert) (Harlequin Bianca (Spanish)) (Spanish Edition)3.19Carol Marinelli5/1/2012
The Missing Marchioness5.09Paula Marshall5/15/2012
Against the Sun (The Raines of Wind Canyon)6.71Kat Martin5/29/2012
Midnight Sun5.59Kat Martin5/1/2012
A Wild Surrender (Harlequin Presents)4.19Anne Mather5/1/2012
Yellow Ribbon Romance Anthology1.99Cathy Maxwell,Lynne Hinton and Candis Terry5/15/2012
Falling for the Sheikh She Shouldn't4.19Fiona McArthur5/1/2012
The Taming of the Rogue (Harlequin Historical)5.09Amanda McCabe5/1/2012
It Started with a Crush... (Harlequin Romance)4.19Melissa McClone5/1/2012
Valley of Shadows and Stranger in the Shadows: Valley of Shadows\Stranger in the Shadows (Love Inspired Classics)5.94Shirlee McCoy5/1/2012
The Master & the Muses6.01Amanda McIntyre5/15/2012
Tortured6.01Amanda McIntyre5/15/2012
Stripper: The Fringe, Book 44.62Anitra Lynn McLeod5/8/2012
Starting with a Kiss (Special Edition)3.99Barbara McMahon5/15/2012
The Payback Man3.99Carolyn McSparren5/15/2012
Seduced by a Stallion (Kimani Romance)5.09Deborah Fletcher Mello5/1/2012
Lost Legacy (Love Inspired Suspense)4.19Dana Mentink5/1/2012
Lady Priscilla's Shameful Secret (Harlequin Historical)5.09Christine Merrill5/1/2012
The Cattleman and the Virgin Heiress3.99Jackie Merritt5/15/2012
Like One of the Family (Harlequin Superromance)4.19Kimberly Van Meter5/1/2012
Dating the Mrs. Smiths (Harlequin Next Tall)3.99Tanya Michaels5/15/2012
The Good Kind of Crazy (Harlequin Next)4.19Tanya Michaels5/15/2012
The Cowboy Sheriff (Harlequin American Romance)4.19Trish Milburn5/1/2012
Not On His Watch3.99Cassie Miles5/15/2012
The Secret She Keeps3.99Cassie Miles5/15/2012
Leah's Choice (Love Inspired)4.19Emma Miller5/1/2012
The Marine Next Door (Harlequin Intrigue Series)4.19Julie Miller5/1/2012
Claimed by Desire2.99Kristin Miller5/1/2012
Big Sky Country6.55Linda Lael Miller5/29/2012
The Bull Rider's Baby (Love Inspired)4.19Brenda Minton5/1/2012
To Kiss a Thief4.99Kate Moore5/15/2012
Plaything: Paolo's Playhouse, Book 42.50Natasha Moore5/8/2012
Love Forbidden, A (Heart of the Rockies)10.09Kathleen Morgan5/1/2012
Taming the Lost Prince (Harlequin Romance)4.19Raye Morgan5/1/2012
Sarah's Legacy (Harlequin Super Romance)3.99Brenda Mott5/15/2012
Tell Me More5.94Janet Mullany5/15/2012
The Birdman's Daughter (Harlequin Next)3.99Cindi Myers5/15/2012
The Surprise of Her Life (Harlequin Special Edition)4.19Helen R. Myers5/1/2012
Pursuit of Lucy Banning, The (Avenue of Dreams)10.09Olivia Newport5/1/2012
The Honourable Earl5.09Mary Nichols5/15/2012
Across a Thousand Miles (Harlequin Super Romance)4.19Nadia Nichols5/15/2012
True Heart (Harlequin Super Romance)3.99Peggy Nicholson5/15/2012
Testimonies: A Novel9.99Patrick O'Brian5/21/2012
Relentless Pursuit (Harlequin Desire)4.19Sara Orwig5/1/2012
Cowboy's Baby (Harlequin Special Edition)3.99Victoria Pade5/15/2012
Something To Talk About (Silhouette Special Edition)4.19Laurie Paige5/15/2012
When I Dream of You (Special Edition, 1419)3.99Laurie Paige5/15/2012
When I See Your Face (Silhouette 1408)4.19Laurie Paige5/15/2012
Noelle6.79Diana Palmer5/29/2012
The Last Mercenary4.19Diana Palmer5/15/2012
A Blood Seduction: A Vamp City Novel4.99Pamela Palmer5/29/2012
Father to Be6.99Marilyn Pappano5/2/2012
At the End of the Day9.99Suzetta Perkins5/15/2012
Always in My Heart (Kimani Romance)5.09Kayla Perrin5/1/2012
Getting Even6.01Kayla Perrin5/15/2012
Getting Lucky5.94Kayla Perrin5/15/2012
Getting Some6.01Kayla Perrin5/15/2012
Obsession5.94Kayla Perrin5/15/2012
Submerged (Alaskan Courage)9.99Dani Pettrey5/1/2012
Karma7.99Carly Phillips5/1/2012
The Claimed7.99Caridad PiƱeiro5/1/2012
Homefront Hero (Love Inspired Historical)4.19Allie Pleiter5/1/2012
Melt Into You5.09Lisa Plumley5/1/2012
The Matchmaker (Harlequin Historical)4.79Lisa Plumley5/15/2012
Gorilla Beach11.99Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi5/15/2012
A Night Like This6.99Julia Quinn5/29/2012
Four Times the Trouble5.09Tara Taylor Quinn5/1/2012
One Dance with the Sheikh: One Dance with the Sheikh\The Kincaids: Jack and Nikki, Part 54.19Day Leclaire and Tessa Radley5/1/2012
Vance's Rules: Blackwater, Book 23.01Anne Rainey5/15/2012
Blackberry Winter (Harlequin Next)4.19Cheryl Reavis5/15/2012
Breaking Bad: A Midnight Justice story3.50Jodi Redford5/1/2012
Hunting the Shadows5.09Alexia Reed5/7/2012
Seeds of Trust5.09Cynthia Reese5/1/2012
The Siren6.79Tiffany Reisz5/1/2012
Un mar de pasion: (Surf, Sea and a Sexy Stranger) (Harlequin Desco (Spanish)) (Spanish Edition)3.19Heidi Rice5/1/2012
From This Day Forward (Harlequin Special Edition)4.19Christie Ridgway5/15/2012
Window Dressing (Harlequin Next)3.99Nikki Rivers5/15/2012
Fatal Disclosure (Love Inspired Suspense)4.19Sandra Robbins5/1/2012
The English Wife (Harlequin Next)3.99Doreen Roberts5/15/2012
The Last Boyfriend: Book Two of the Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy9.99Nora Roberts5/1/2012
For Now, Forever: MacGregors6.99Nora Roberts5/15/2012
Hell's Belles (Harlequin Next)3.99Kristen Robinette5/15/2012
Mr. and Mrs. Wrong4.19Fay Robinson5/15/2012
Diamonds Are Truly Forever: An Agent Ex Novel7.99Gina Robinson5/22/2012
The Sheriff's Last Gamble2.99Lauri Robinson5/1/2012
Her Man Advantage4.19Joanne Rock5/1/2012
Mistress Or Marriage?5.09Elizabeth Rolls5/15/2012
The Ties that Bind (Harlequin Desire)4.19Emilie Rose5/1/2012
A Case for Romance: A Loveswept Historical Romance3.99Katie Rose5/14/2012
Lying in Bed6.01M. J. Rose5/15/2012
Cowboy Protector4.19Patricia Rosemoor5/15/2012
Mysterious Stranger4.19Patricia Rosemoor5/15/2012
Hometown Family (Love Inspired)4.19Mia Ross5/1/2012
A Dangerous Seduction (Harlequin Historical)4.79Patricia Frances Rowell5/15/2012
Darkness Becomes Her4.99Jaime Rush5/29/2012
Mistaken Bride (Love Inspired Historical)4.19Renee Ryan5/1/2012
Nailed to the Wall: Powertools, Book 53.78Jayne Rylon5/15/2012
Falling Out of Bed (Harlequin Next)3.99Mary Schramski5/15/2012
The Lighthouse (Harlequin Next)3.99Mary Schramski5/15/2012
What To Keep (Harlequin Next Tall)3.99Mary Schramski5/15/2012
Identity Crisis (Love Inspired Suspense)4.19Laura Scott5/1/2012
Ride of Her Life, The (Lake Manawa Summers)5.79Lorna Seilstad5/1/2012
After the Greek Affair (Harlequin Presents Extra)4.19Chantelle Shaw5/1/2012
Tangle of Need12.99Nalini Singh5/29/2012
The Twilight Lord6.79Bertrice Small5/1/2012
Bride Who Fell In Love With Her Husband: A School for Brides Novella2.99Cheryl Ann Smith5/1/2012
Holding Out for Doctor Perfect (Harlequin Special Edition)4.19Teresa Southwick5/1/2012
Jared's Runaway Woman (Harlequin Historical)5.09Judith Stacy5/15/2012
A Date in Your Diary (Little Black Dress)7.99Jules Stanbridge4/26/2012
Life Happens (Harlequin Next)4.19Sandra Steffen5/15/2012
Unexpected Outcome3.99Dawn Stewardson5/15/2012
Home for the Summer: The Chesapeake Diaries7.99Mariah Stewart5/29/2012
Last Temptation5.39Michelle Stimpson5/1/2012
No Ordinary Sheriff (Harlequin Superromance)4.09Mary Sullivan5/1/2012
Helen Keller in Love: A Novel12.99Rosie Sultan4/26/2012
Waters Run Deep (Harlequin Superromance)4.19Liz Talley5/1/2012
Handprints (Silhouette 1407)3.99Myrna Temte5/15/2012
Beguiling the Beauty7.99Sherry Thomas5/1/2012
Fortune's Unexpected Groom (Harlequin Special Edition)4.19Nancy Robards Thompson5/1/2012
Out with the Old, In with the New (Harlequin Next)3.99Nancy Robards Thompson5/15/2012
Sisters (Harlequin Next)3.99Nancy Robards Thompson5/15/2012
What Happens in Paris (Stays in Paris?) (Harlequin Next)3.99Nancy Robards Thompson5/15/2012
Already Home1.99Vicki Lewis Thompson5/1/2012
Into the Badlands (Harlequin Super Romance)3.99Caron Todd5/15/2012
Her Mysterious Houseguest (Harlequin Special Edition)3.99Jane Toombs5/15/2012
Verbotene Liebe - Folge 6: Die harte Schule des Lebens (German Edition)3.19Katharina Verl5/8/2012
My Stubborn Heart9.39Becky Wade5/1/2012
The Harlot5.94Saskia Walker5/15/2012
Rampant6.01Saskia Walker5/15/2012
Finding Chrissten: Legacy, Book 54.56N.J. Walters5/8/2012
The Player (Moorehouse Legacy)6.79J. R. Ward5/29/2012
Dog Days7.99Elsa Watson5/22/2012
Argentinian in the Outback (Harlequin Romance)4.19Margaret Way5/1/2012
Lucidity3.69Raine Weaver5/22/2012
Colby Law (Harlequin Intrigue Series)4.19Debra Webb5/1/2012
Driving Me Crazy (Harlequin Next)4.19Peggy Webb5/15/2012
Flying Lessons (Harlequin Next)3.99Peggy Webb5/15/2012
Standing Bear's Surrender (Harlequin Special Edition)4.19Peggy Webb5/15/2012
A Texan's Honor (Harlequin Historical)5.09Kate Welsh5/1/2012
The Perfect Outsider (Harlequin Romantic Suspense)4.19Loreth Anne White5/1/2012
Just What the Doctor Ordered5.09Karen Toller Whittenburg5/1/2012
Bachelor Cop Finally Caught? (Special Edition, 1413)4.19Gina Wilkins5/15/2012
The Stranger in Room 2053.99Gina Wilkins5/15/2012
Overseas12.99Beatriz Williams5/10/2012
Blackstone's Bride (Harlequin Historical)5.09Bronwyn Williams5/15/2012
From Prim to Improper (Harlequin Presents Extra)4.19Cathy Williams5/1/2012
The Homesteader's Sweetheart (Love Inspired Historical)4.19Lacy Williams5/1/2012
Rafe Sinclair's Revenge4.19Gayle Wilson5/15/2012
Unexpected Pleasures10.19Mary Wine5/29/2012
Substitute Father (Harlequin Super Romance)4.19Bonnie K. Winn5/15/2012
Healing Dr. Alexander (Harlequin Superromance)4.19Tracy Wolff5/1/2012
The Single Life (Harlequin Next)3.99Liz Wood5/15/2012
Lustfully Ever After: Fairy Tale Erotic Romance10.09Kristina Wright and Kristina Wright5/1/2012
Novios de papel: (Marriage Made on Paper) (Harlequin Bianca (Spanish)) (Spanish Edition)3.19Maisey Yates5/1/2012
Skeleton Women9.99Mingmei Yip5/29/2012
From the Shadows4.19Rebecca York5/15/2012
Gypsy Magic: Alessandra\Sabina\An... (Harlequin Intrigue)4.19Rebecca York,Patricia Rosemoor and Ann Voss Peterson5/15/2012
The Anatomy of Death9.99Felicity Young5/1/2012
The Family Doctor (Harlequin Super Romance)4.19BobHutchinson5/15/2012

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