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Mystery & Thriller 5/7-5/15 2012

Mystery & Thrillers Kindle ebooks between 5/7/2012 and 5/15/2012.

The goal of this blog is to provide a way to quickly scan new releases in Amazon. Amazon's default search mechanism only shows 10 results at a time, which makes it very difficult to find new books, since hundreds of books are released every week. This article will reduce the amount of clicking and page loads required to see what was released. For more information see About the New Ebook Release Blog.

Below are some books that I found interesting during this timeperiod. I'm sure that there are other interesting books, I encourage people to point out good books in the comments.

Recomended Releases

Jurassic ParkMichael CrichtonMOst people have heard of the movie. I haven't read the book myself.

Between 5/7/2012 and 5/15/2012: 489 Mystery & Thrillers Kindle books were released. Click 'Read More' to see the complete list

Released Books Kindle ebooks

TitlePriceAuthor(s)Release Date
The Sun and Stars (An Isabel Holland mystery)2.99Elizabeth Adair5/11/2012
Derfect Doubles3.49Denis Ahern5/14/2012
City of Redemption4.90June Ahern,Deidre Murphy and Martin Delfino5/8/2012
Storage Warrior0.99Andrew Aitken5/13/2012
Night Train6.99Gregory Alan5/13/2012
Unholy Caress (A Luke Pelfrey Mystery)0.99Gregory Alan5/12/2012
Two Shots2.99Joe Albert5/14/2012
Sohlberg and the Missing Schoolboy: an Inspector Sohlberg mystery (Inspector Sohlberg Mysteries)9.99Jens Amundsen5/14/2012
Memory of Inferno1.99Benjamin Andrews5/10/2012
Icarus: A Thriller13.99Russell Andrews5/9/2012
The Bomb and the Cage (The End of Tomorrow)3.99Eugene Cusie and Doree Anne5/13/2012
TOMMY and the Lake Jewel Murders (The TOMMY Adventures)0.99Thomas Apostle5/9/2012
Infamia (Spanish Edition)8.00Antonio Arquillo5/14/2012
Mean Time (A Jessica Luna Mystery)0.99Antonio Arreola,Anna Genoese and Katrina Nelson5/12/2012
The Watchers3.99Douglas C. Atkins5/9/2012
Stigma from the Past9.99Anuli Ausbeth-Ajagu5/9/2012
War in Heaven (2012 Digital Edn. / Interactive TOC)1.99Charles Williams and James.W Austin5/13/2012
Tod auf dem Personalparkplatz (German Edition)7.27Erwin Bühler5/9/2012
Chesapeake Summer4.99Jeanette Baker5/13/2012
This Irish House4.99Jeanette Baker5/12/2012
Times of Trial: an End Times novel (Book 2)3.99Cliff Ball5/10/2012
Last Breath (THINK INC.)0.99H.P. Barnett5/13/2012
TANGLED - IS SHE DEAD YET? (Taylor Books)3.99Amanda Glenn and Jim Barrett5/9/2012
Death of the Couch Potato's Wife4.95Christy Barritt5/14/2012
It Will Be Our Little Secret (The Bodacious Baby Boomer Escapades)2.99Sara Barton5/11/2012
Murder on the High Seas (The Practical Caregiver Capers)0.99Sara Barton5/10/2012
Where There's Smoke, There's Prometheus (The Bodacious Baby Boomer Escapades)5.99Sara Barton5/12/2012
The Deadly Secret of Dr. Arcanum Lock's Evolutionary Spirit Project (The Bodacious Baby Boomer Escapades)3.99Sara Barton5/11/2012
The Inscrutable Case of the Nobbled Netsuke (The Practical Caregiver Capers)0.99Sara Barton5/10/2012
Murder at the Mountain Vale Inn (The Practical Caregiver Capers)0.99Sara Barton5/10/2012
Who Snatched Aunt Marion? (The Practical Caregiver Capers)0.99Sara Barton5/10/2012
The Passion Beach Psycho Strikes at Midnight (The Practical Caregiver Capers)0.99Sara Barton5/9/2012
Stolen: The Dream Catcher Book 13.99Traci K. Bauler5/12/2012
Death Storm (The Evil Busters)2.99Robert Bavister5/11/2012
Legends of the Sith;Foreshadows the rise of Darth Plagueis3.97Christopher Beasley5/8/2012
The Presence3.99Peggy Lou Beazley5/11/2012
THE END OF THE WORLD4.99Julie Bechtel5/9/2012
Das Mallorca Kartell (REISE-KRIMIS) (German Edition)7.70Elke Becker5/8/2012
Die Schattenwelt des Baldo Richter (German Edition)6.50Kai Beisswenger5/10/2012
Mr Personal Development1.99Matt Belcher5/9/2012
Bullet From Nowhere0.99Robert Leslie Bellem5/12/2012
Arrow From Nowhere0.99Robert Leslie Bellem5/10/2012
Angels in the Snow7.99B.A. Belliveau5/10/2012
Neptune Avenue with BK Brown0.99Greg Smith and David Benson5/10/2012
The Dark One3.99J. Benton5/10/2012
The Columbus Affair: A Novel12.99Steve Berry5/15/2012
The Rat Race9.95Alfred Bester5/12/2012
THE PARENTICIDE CLUB (Illustrated)1.99Ambrose Bierce5/13/2012
Executive Privilege0.99John Bigonette5/10/2012
The Rot is Deep: An O Line Mystery (The O Line Mysteries)2.99M. Saylor Billings5/10/2012
Death Dines Out: A Hemlock Falls Mystery (Hemlock Falls Mystery series)4.99Claudia Bishop5/9/2012
The Devil's Bounty: A Ryan Lock Novel4.99Sean Black5/14/2012
Ryan Lock Thriller Bundle: Lockdown; Deadlock; Gridlock7.99Sean Black5/8/2012
Fatal Femmes2.99C. C. Blake5/13/2012
Return of the Assassin (Assassin Series #3)4.97Russell Blake5/13/2012
BLOODY HOMEWORK (Short Story)0.99Casper Bogart5/12/2012
Sandcastle and Other Stories2.99Justin Bog5/8/2012
Poison the Well3.99Gordon Bonnet5/14/2012
THE FLIGHT OF HERMES3.00Nicola Marchetti and Alberto Bontempi5/12/2012
Farewell, Nikola0.99Guy Boothby5/8/2012
Esa antigua tristeza (Spanish Edition)7.99José Borges5/11/2012
BAD BITCH 2: A mother's sin's (Nina Kelly book 2)0.99Leon Freeman and Paul Bradley5/9/2012
A CURSE OF FORTUNE6.99R.J. Bradley5/8/2012
Tying Up Loose Ends0.99Diane Brenner5/13/2012
A Mess to Die For (Minivan Mom Mystery Series)3.19Jim Bronyaur5/9/2012
The House Of The Hidden Blade2.99David Broughton,Laura Broughton and Pixomar5/14/2012
Trial Junkies3.99Robert Gregory Browne5/14/2012
Zemsta4.99Victoria Brown5/10/2012
Sherlock Holmes - Das ungelöste Rätsel (German Edition)5.00Linda Budinger,Sören Prescher,Antje Ippensen and Christoph Marzi5/10/2012
Echo of Darkness (North Coast Mystery)2.99Crystal Budy5/12/2012
Fair Warning3.99George E. Simpson and Neal R. Burger5/13/2012
The Beach of Unrelenting Consequences9.00Robin Burgess and Sandra Burgess5/13/2012
Deranged (Short Story)1.00Anthony Burgos5/9/2012
THE GODS OF MARS (Annotated)1.99Edgar Rice Burroughs5/9/2012
Crime Factory Issue 100.99Jimmy Callaway,Cameron Ashley,Crime Factory and Andrew Nette5/12/2012
Essence2.99Victoria Caro5/14/2012
The Girl Who Disappeared.2.99Ian Carroll5/13/2012
Untitled Novel11.99Philip Carter5/15/2012
Penalty for Murder (Mike Newman Mysteries (3))3.99Philip Catshill5/9/2012
Creed9.99Michael Chavez5/8/2012
D.O. 20882.99Steven Pecora and Cory Childs5/9/2012
A Famine of Horses: A Sir Robert Carey Mystery (Sir Robert Carey Series)6.99P.F. Chisholm5/9/2012
A Plague of Angels: A Sir Robert Carey Mystery (Sir Robert Carey Series)6.99P.F. Chisholm5/9/2012
A Season of Knives: A Sir Robert Carey Mystery (Sir Robert Carey Series)6.99P.F. Chisholm5/9/2012
A Surfeit of Guns: A Sir Robert Carey Mystery (Sir Robert Carey Series)6.99P.F. Chisholm5/9/2012
Death Trap (Just Call Me Angel Mystery Suspense Series)4.99S.R. Claridge5/8/2012
Players (Lindsay Carter Detective)4.99Juliet Dillon Clark5/9/2012
Paraje para olvidados (Spanish Edition)4.99Carlos María Cabrerizo Clavero5/8/2012
Sunshine Hunter (A Susan Hunter Mystery)2.99Maddie Cochere5/9/2012
DEAD: Special Edition Compendium9.99TW Brown and Shawn Conn5/9/2012
DEAD: Steve's Story3.99TW Brown and Shawn Conn5/9/2012
DEAD: The Geeks3.99TW Brown and Shawn Conn5/9/2012
DEAD: Vignettes3.99TW Brown and Shawn Conn5/9/2012
The Body In the Mist (Bev Smith Mystery Murders)4.99Barbara Cook5/8/2012
The Devil's Redhead: A Novel (New Blood)9.99David Corbett5/15/2012
Done for a Dime: A Novel9.99David Corbett5/15/2012
Jerry Cotton - Folge 2865: Ein Toter schweigt für immer (German Edition)1.99Jerry Cotton5/15/2012
Jurassic Park7.99Michael Crichton5/14/2012
Sphere9.99Michael Crichton5/14/2012
Rising Sun: A Novel7.99Michael Crichton5/14/2012
Dark Kiss0.99Jordan Dane5/14/2012
Illuminati: The Broker .0032.99Darion D'Anjou5/13/2012
DIGITAL NEST2.99Jim Dean5/11/2012
Madam Soccer Mom: Season 1 Part 10.99Solae Dehvine5/13/2012
Haole Wood7.09Dee DeTarsio5/14/2012
The Devil's Prophet Book I Revelations2.99Paul DeThroe5/9/2012
Celeste (A Novel Approach)2.99Michelle Devon5/10/2012
Cut Loose (Dusty Deals Mystery)3.99Rae Davies and Lori Devoti5/13/2012
Victime suspecte (French Edition)8.99André Dheyve5/13/2012
Miles of Deception3.99Leah Diehl5/9/2012
Ciudad María (Spanish Edition)0.99Jordán Dorado5/13/2012
Fish House3.99Stephen Dougherty5/10/2012
The Sherlock Holmes Series Illustrated Collection (Complete 8 novels in one volume with Classic Original Illustrations)4.99Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,Sidney Paget,Crime Thriller story Fans and Dr John Watson5/13/2012
Doppelgänger - A World War II Espionage Thriller2.99Chuck Driskell5/10/2012
Conspiracy To Power2.99Katherine B. Nicholson and Julia Dugger5/12/2012
Atop the Vanity Wave3.00Talina Duka5/7/2012
Vertigo3.99Kristina Dunker5/15/2012
Traces of Mammon7.95Bud Durand5/9/2012
Jeux intimes (French Edition)2.99Étienne Durtin5/10/2012
White Tiger (The John Thinnes & Jack Caleb Mysteries)5.99Michael Dymmoch5/10/2012
Getting Even II0.99Martin East5/8/2012
Evil Moon Rising: A Morgan Slade Adventure9.99Mr. John H Van Eepoel5/9/2012
Necessary Evil;Best Fiction eBook5.98John Erik Ege5/9/2012
VAGABOND: Prologue and Chapter I1.99Robert Elessar5/10/2012
Sherlock Holmes - Der verwunschene Schädel (German Edition)5.00Christian Endres,Florian Hilleberg,Melanie Stone and Barbara Büchner5/14/2012
Donner! Eine ungewöhnliche Reise durch die Provence (German Edition)9.99Antje Erlenau5/10/2012
Al Kunja (Ship Killers)2.99J.R. Euen5/13/2012
Saving Sin City (Grandmothers, Incorporated)1.99C. V. Rhodes and L. Barnett Evans5/8/2012
Une histoire de revenants. Et sa suite : L'homme sans bras. (French Edition)2.99Paul Féval5/8/2012
Kung Fu Factory (Crime Factory)0.99Crime Factory,Cameron Ashley,Liam Jose and Keith Rawson5/13/2012
Bad Karma (The Borderlands)5.99J.D. Faver5/8/2012
The Skeletons Of Birkbury7.50Diana J. Febry5/11/2012
The Divine Number7.99Sylvain Tristan and Samuel Ferrari5/13/2012
And Baby Makes Three (Camilla Swenson, amateur sleuth)2.99Carmen Anthony Fiore5/7/2012
Catyclysma2.99Johnny Flora5/14/2012
Misery Ridge: A Max Blake Mystery2.99William Florence5/14/2012
LORD JAMES HARRINGTON AND THE WINTER MYSTERY (Lord James Harrington Mysteries)1.45Lynn Florkiewicz5/11/2012
Blood Porn (A Brad Frame Mystery)2.99Ray Flynt5/11/2012
MURDER IN THE INN (Murder Inn)3.99Barbara Fox5/13/2012
ANOTHER MURDER IN THE INN (Murder Inn)3.99Barbara Fox5/12/2012
MURDER IS SERVED3.99Barbara Fox5/12/2012
Il Cinghiale Bianco (Italian Edition)3.90Giovanni Di Cristofano and Ettore Frangipane5/12/2012
Monarch Man4.99David W. Frank5/13/2012
Die Suche oder Die Abenteuer des Uwe Reuss (German Edition)9.99Wolfgang Schreyer and Ernst Franta5/13/2012
Divided6.50Ralph Freedman5/14/2012
Comeback0.99Richard Freeland5/13/2012
Alan Furst's Classic Spy Novels 3-Book Bundle: Night Soldiers, The World at Night, Kingdom of Shadows24.99Alan Furst5/14/2012
La trama Fibonacci (Spanish Edition)1.25Karmelo Gañán5/11/2012
Thank You. Good-bye. (Lia's Italian Art Theft Adventures Series)2.99John Galavan5/8/2012
Die Mallorca-Mafia (REISE-KRIMIS) (German Edition)7.70Werner Geismar5/8/2012
Wer stirbt schon gerne auf Mallorca (REISE-KRIMIS) (German Edition)7.70Werner Geismar5/8/2012
And a Long, Slow Rain2.99Howard Gengarelly5/10/2012
Long Shadows6.99Lynneda K. Geraghty,Alan Cooper Johnson yourebookpartners.com and dan freedigitalphotos.net5/12/2012
The Yellow Wallpaper (Annotated)0.99Charlotte Perkins Gilman5/9/2012
Kidnapped In Overtime4.99Ricky Ginsburg5/8/2012
King City4.99Lee Goldberg5/15/2012
Madness of March0.99Burt Golden5/10/2012
Black & Reddy4.99Neil Gouldingay5/13/2012
Antichrist 16: The Becoming (Antichrist 16 Trilogy)2.99C.J. Graves5/13/2012
TO KILL FOR A FORTUNE0.99Lewis P. Gravis5/8/2012
Red Gloves (The Samaritans Conspiracy - Book 2)2.99Tim Greaton5/9/2012
Twisted Sister2.99Deidra D. S. Green5/10/2012
Miss Tayke Investigates Murder Selected Short Stories3.99Jim Green5/14/2012
Miss Tayke Investigates Canary Wharf Tower Murder Mystery1.50Jim Green5/12/2012
Lunische7.30Kristin Greye5/13/2012
The Sleeping Land2.99James Griffiths5/8/2012
TMI (Chuck Taylor Novel)5.99I R Plummer and J Grindstaff5/9/2012
L'inaccessible Etoile (TARANTULA ETERNAM) (French Edition)4.99Bernard GROUSSET5/14/2012
L'impossible Quête (TARANTULA ETERNAM) (French Edition)4.99Bernard GROUSSET5/13/2012
The Killing Ploy3.99Steve Haberman5/8/2012
Quiller: The Striker Portfolio5.99Adam Hall5/10/2012
Blame the Spider2.99B.G. Henry and Grayson Haly5/9/2012
The Descendant1.59M.G. Harris5/13/2012
Auch du bist ein Mörder (German Edition)6.40Josef Hartmann5/9/2012
Headshot2.99John G. Hartness5/9/2012
SHORT STORIES 22.99Murray Heimbecker5/8/2012
Der Zinker (German Edition)0.99Edgar Wallace and Eckhard Henkel5/10/2012
In Freedom's Cause : a Story of Wallace and Bruce : complete with Biographical Introduction and classic drawing picture (Illustrated)1.99G. A. Henty5/9/2012
ZE CERCLE (French Edition)9.70Jacques Hiver5/12/2012
Heckel Casey3.99James Hoch5/14/2012
Chasing the Bullet3.99Tom Holden5/12/2012
Final Lessons1.99Frances Holland5/8/2012
Red Light0.99Malcolm Holt5/10/2012
El quinto códice maya (Misterio (roca)) (Spanish Edition)3.47Isbell Tom and Victoria Horrillo5/14/2012
Bring on the Brave World0.99Anthony Horvath5/10/2012
The Expendable Man10.16Dorothy B. Hughes5/15/2012
Degrees of Deceit5.99Faith Ann Cross Hughes5/9/2012
A Reason to Live (A Marty Singer Mystery)4.99Matthew Iden5/8/2012
Jody 'Plus' Toby;A fictional and humorous nature4.90Bassam Imam5/8/2012
Jody Wilson: Do You Love Me?Fictional and humorous nature3.19Bassam Imam5/8/2012
Murder by the Book (A Chloe Boston Mystery Book 15)3.99Melanie Jackson5/9/2012
Bangkok Hotel (Nick Teffinger Thriller)4.95R.J. Jagger5/11/2012
The Contractor5.99Frank James5/9/2012
Tartini's Key2.99Guy James5/10/2012
The Geneva Decision (beta)0.99Seeley James5/14/2012
La Lettre au Roi George (French Edition)1.30Philippe Jamet5/9/2012
As the Crow Flies: A Walt Longmire Mystery12.99Craig Johnson5/15/2012
Wicked Game - The beginning0.00Matt Johnson5/10/2012
Claude the Protector2.99Sharonna Johnson5/8/2012
A Foot In The Door2.99ER Jones5/10/2012
The Complete Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective28.00Kelvin Jones5/9/2012
Crime Factory Issue 80.99Liam Jose,Cameron Ashley,Andrew Nette and Jimmy Callaway5/12/2012
The 73.00T. K.5/8/2012
Der Leichenschacht (Tommy Gun) (German Edition)0.99Manfred Köhler5/11/2012
Nellis Tagebuch 9 (German Edition)0.99Manfred Köhler5/9/2012
Nellis Tagebuch 8 (German Edition)0.99Manfred Köhler5/8/2012
Dark Spirit3.99Rita Karnopp5/11/2012
No Ordinary Killer3.99Rita Karnopp5/14/2012
One Last Lie7.99Rob Kaufman5/8/2012
The Italian Genesis4.99john keeman5/11/2012
Mr. Nims and the Frauditor2.99Amy Frushour Kelly5/9/2012
From the Fire0.00Kent David Kelly5/12/2012
The Dark Road Home2.99T.H. Kendle5/13/2012
The Conductor9.99Jerry Kennealy5/9/2012
Cuckoo3.99Robert Kerins5/12/2012
Play Me Girl3.99King A. Khaliq5/12/2012
Short Story Press Presents Inside Melting House0.99Short Story Press and Matthew Kilpatrick5/10/2012
The Morphine Murders4.99LJ King5/8/2012
Fear Of Money (DCI Victor Moyes)1.60Peter KIrby5/8/2012
Touching Evil6.99Rob Knight5/13/2012
Hordes4.00Leon De Kock and Ena De Kock5/10/2012
ANAEROBE (A Nick Torno Petro Thriller)5.95Gary Kraidman5/13/2012
Armageddon - Der Krieg der Engel: Roman (German Edition)9.99Eduardo Spohr and Susanne Lötscher5/9/2012
Moonlighting (Little Black Dress)8.66Kate Lace5/10/2012
Der Simulator. Thriller (German Edition)0.99Marco Lalli5/11/2012
Guarded Secrets3.99Dixie Land5/10/2012
The Black Chip0.99Gary Land5/9/2012
The Agatha Christie Book Club2.99C.A. Larmer5/8/2012
Deadly Dilemma0.99Tony Lean5/8/2012
La dent d'hercule petitgris et Le pardessus d'arsène lupin (French Edition)0.99Maurice Leblanc5/8/2012
Deep Cover2.99Ron Leininger5/9/2012
All He Saw Was The Girl3.35Peter Leonard5/15/2012
Discretion11.99Allison Leotta5/15/2012
Cuerpo de muerte (Criminal (roca)) (Spanish Edition)5.59George Elizabeth and Lucía Lijtmaer5/14/2012
Bankers to Bankruptcy2.99James Lingard5/8/2012
The Throughway (The Pittsburgh Historical Mystery Series)2.99Gary Link5/13/2012
The Spectrum, A Novel (Pittsburgh Historical Mystery Series)2.99Gary Link5/10/2012
The Burnt District (Pittsburgh Historical Mystery Series)2.99Gary Link5/8/2012
Blood Knot5.99Sam Llewellyn5/8/2012
Blood Orange5.99Sam Llewellyn5/8/2012
Clawhammer5.99Sam Llewellyn5/8/2012
Dead Reckoning5.99Sam Llewellyn5/8/2012
Deadeye5.99Sam Llewellyn5/8/2012
Death Roll5.99Sam Llewellyn5/8/2012
The Iron Hotel5.99Sam Llewellyn5/8/2012
Maelstrom5.99Sam Llewellyn5/8/2012
Riptide5.99Sam Llewellyn5/8/2012
SEND IN THE CLOWNS0.99Leandra Logan5/8/2012
Interpol: The Case Of The Mysterious Man4.99Richard Long5/8/2012
Liberty Restored2.99Andrew Lopez5/11/2012
Under A Hammock Moon8.99Graham Lord5/8/2012
The Ink Master Murder: A Mystery3.99Gene Lovell5/9/2012
A Bramwell Holmes Mystery: The Butler Did Him2.50Barry Lowe5/9/2012
Trashy Chic: A Bertie Mallowan Mystery (Bertie Mallowan Mysteries)7.99Cathy Lubenski5/15/2012
Serial In Parallel3.99Dave Luckett5/12/2012
Across the River: A Mystery0.99C. Solimini and Chris Lupetti5/11/2012
Beneath the Veil (Ravage Trilogy)2.99Sarah Michelle Lynch5/11/2012
West of the Pier - A Murder Mystery7.99Janet Elizabeth Lynn5/12/2012
Black Ops: Olympiade (German Edition)2.99Matt Lynn5/14/2012
The Trust0.99Neil G. Diorio M.D.5/11/2012
The Future0.99Raibeart MacDougall5/10/2012
The Million Dollar Mystery0.99Harold MacGrath5/12/2012
The Devil's Door5.99Alastair MacNeill5/8/2012
The Eleventh Hour: A Connor Hawthorne Mystery (Connor Hawthorne Mysteries)2.99Lauren Maddison5/8/2012
Paradise Unveiled;David's personal relationships5.98D.B. Magee5/10/2012
11 Tage im September (German Edition)6.90Berndhard Mandla5/7/2012
Das zweite Gefühl (German Edition)5.00Christian Manhart5/10/2012
Reduktion - Der Mensch muss kleiner werden! (German Edition)6.79Christian Manhart5/11/2012
Dreamers4.99Robert Mann5/8/2012
MADMAN'S THIRST (A Jake Scarne Thriller)4.99Lawrence De Maria5/8/2012
Bag Man2.99Alex Mariner5/9/2012
The Billionaire's Daughter (A Davidson & Harper Mystery)2.99Alex Mariner5/9/2012
Dancing With Death - A Betty Crawford Mystery (The Betty Crawford Mysteries)2.99Liz Marvin5/8/2012
Chase (ChronoShift)7.99Zack Mason5/10/2012
Die By Night (Genocide Jane)0.99Super Action Cuddle Master5/9/2012
Quick Silver2.99Derek Mathias5/13/2012
The Earth Quakers6.99Sundy Dawn Mauldin and Steven L. Mauldin5/13/2012
The Judas Testimony3.90John van Maurik5/10/2012
No Margin for Error (The FBI Case Files)2.99G.S. Mauro5/13/2012
Fog3.99Ken McAlpine5/8/2012
Organize or Die4.99Laura McClure5/12/2012
The Nameless Dead (Inspector Devlin 4)10.79Brian McGilloway5/10/2012
The Hunter Inside2.99David McGowan5/11/2012
T Minus 36 (Chain of Deceit)9.99David McIntosh5/13/2012
NanoFears2.99Robert McKean5/12/2012
Laura: The Screenplay2.99brandy r. mckinnon5/13/2012
SEAL Team Bravo: Black Ops0.99Eric Meyer5/10/2012
From Mangia to Murder (A Sophia Mancini ~ Little Italy Mystery)3.99Caroline Mickelson5/10/2012
Traquée dans la nuit (French Edition)9.99Jean-Félix Milan5/12/2012
Bermuda Grass: An Alan Saxon Mystery (Alan Saxon Mysteries)6.99Keith Miles5/9/2012
Bullet Hole: An Alan Saxon Mystery (Alan Saxon Mysteries)6.99Keith Miles5/9/2012
Double Eagle: An Alan Saxon Mystery (Alan Saxon Mysteries)6.99Keith Miles5/9/2012
Flagstick: An Alan Saxon Mystery (Alan Saxon Mysteries)6.99Keith Miles5/9/2012
Green Murder: An Alan Saxon Mystery (Alan Saxon Mysteries)6.99Keith Miles5/9/2012
Honolulu Play-Off: An Alan Saxon Mystery (Alan Saxon Mysteries)6.99Keith Miles5/9/2012
The Prosperity Doctrine2.99Nathan Mills5/9/2012
Anchoress of Shere6.99Paul L Moorcraft5/9/2012
The Dark of Winter (The Glen Gleason Mysteries)3.00Richard Mueller5/10/2012
The Black Widow Murders3.95Lester Muller5/8/2012
Dark Star (Joanna Stark Mysteries)9.99Marcia Muller5/9/2012
Der Preis -Thriller (German Edition)0.99David Gray and Elisa Munk5/8/2012
INTERVENTION2.99W.R.R. Munro5/8/2012
Everybody Called Her a Saint (Everybody's Suspect in Georgia)2.99Cecil Murphey5/14/2012
Without A Trial2.99Ryan M. Murphy5/8/2012
Special Ops: Quick Strike (Special Ops Series)3.99Mike Murray5/9/2012
Special Ops: Rapid Fire (Special Ops Series)3.99Mike Murray5/9/2012
The Boy Who Stole the Leopard's Spots: A Mystery9.99Tamar Myers5/15/2012
El buen padre (B DE BOOKS) (Spanish Edition)1.99Esteban Navarro5/14/2012
The Bastard Shagged My Wife3.99Deja Vu N5/11/2012
Glimmer of Gold6.99William Nikkel5/11/2012
The Cannabinoid Hypothesis4.99Leonardo Noto5/11/2012
Orleans Sunset3.99Leigh Whitney Nye5/9/2012
Cross-Cultural Connections in Crime Fictions64.00Dr Vivien Miller and Helen Oakley5/11/2012
Sins of the Father - Book Three of the West Baden Murders Trilogy3.99Patrick O'Brian5/8/2012
Psychic Perception3.99Candy O'Donnell5/13/2012
TERRORISTI - Misteri tra idee e follia (Italian Edition)2.50Alberto Oggero5/8/2012
Jungle Jim #3 (African Pulp Fiction)2.99Irenosen Okojie,Crispin Oduobuk,Diale Tlholwe and Richard Stanley5/11/2012
La divinidad del mal (Spanish Edition)3.79César Orta and Miguel Ángel Orta5/12/2012
Jimmie Dale and the Blue Envelope Murder6.99Frank L. Packard5/8/2012
Razor Moon0.99Preston Pairo5/13/2012
The Searches : Finding Plane and Mystery3.99R.Evans Pansing5/9/2012
The Fires of the Gods (Akitada Mysteries)5.99I.J. Parker5/14/2012
The Hell Screen (Akitada Mysteries)5.99I.J. Parker5/14/2012
The Masuda Affair (Akitada Mysteries)5.99I.J. Parker5/14/2012
Rashomon Gate (Akitada Mysteries)5.99I.J. Parker5/14/2012
Secrets in a Small Town0.00Jack Parker5/8/2012
Nine Lives0.00Tom Barber and Duncan Parkes5/9/2012
Carpe Diem (Shadow Master Files)3.99WR Park5/14/2012
Murder in Trabuco Canyon2.99A. N. Patel5/11/2012
Scarlet Threads4.99L E Pegg5/10/2012
The Black Lizard Big Book of Black Mask Stories14.99Otto Penzler5/9/2012
At the End of the Day9.99Suzetta Perkins5/15/2012
After Dead3.99Suzanne Marie Phillips5/11/2012
The Devil in the Deep: The Untold Story of the U.S. Navy Response to 9/11.0.00Joseph Pignataro5/12/2012
Bloodman5.99Robert Pobi5/15/2012
Welcome to Skullcrusher Mountain2.99Christine Pope5/10/2012
A Random Chance: A Peacekeeper Malone Story1.00Christopher Prior5/10/2012
Jackpot (Nameless Dectective)9.99Bill Pronzini5/11/2012
Quincannon9.99Bill Pronzini5/11/2012
Deadfall (Nameless Detective)9.99Bill Pronzini5/9/2012
Shackles (Nameless Detective)9.99Bill Pronzini5/9/2012
Scenarios - A Collection of Nameless Detective Stories3.99Bill Pronzini5/8/2012
No Time For Love7.99Conrad Prophet,Pamela McColla and Brenda Lewis5/13/2012
Musique de Nuit (French Edition)5.49Bertrand Puard5/13/2012
ANTONINA: Classic Historical Fiction Novel (Annotated)3.99Wilkie Collins and Black Cat Publishing5/11/2012
Brothers (Tragedies of the Undead)1.99Josh Quattrone5/10/2012
Bare-Naked Lola (Lola Cruz Mystery Series)5.99Melissa Ramirez5/14/2012
The Cain Sanction2.99Mary McNally Ratto5/13/2012
Washington Legal: What Secretaries Know and When They Know It0.99Sea Raven5/13/2012
Die, Sinner1.99Charles Ray5/12/2012
Death by Design1.99Charles Ray5/11/2012
A Good Day to Die1.99Charles Ray5/11/2012
If I Should Die Before I Wake1.99Charles Ray5/11/2012
Freiheit und Liebe (German Edition)0.00Manfred Rehor5/9/2012
Akte H.U. (German Edition)9.99Claudia Reich5/7/2012
An Inquisition of Demons0.00Gordon Reid5/8/2012
It Started On Tuesday2.99Barbara Kay Renfro5/8/2012
Mortomley's Estate: A Novel, Volume 31.99Mrs. J. H. Riddell5/9/2012
Devlyn Lycurg - Prelude into Darkness9.99Mark Boyer and Justis Rivera5/13/2012
Sorrow's Retribution0.00David Robbie5/13/2012
How I Spent My Summer Vacation (An Amanda Pepper Mystery)4.99Gillian Roberts5/9/2012
" THE PATH LAST TAKEN "1.99Michael Roberts5/10/2012
The Korean Caper (Mike Danvers)4.99Thom Robinson5/14/2012
Laid to Rest (Theatre Mysteries)0.99Bev Robitai5/8/2012
Patient Prosperity1.99Alex Robyns5/13/2012
Suspicion9.99Barbara Rogan5/15/2012
The Testament of Jessie Lamb (P.S.)9.99Jane Rogers5/15/2012
Fu Manchu: The Hand of Dr. Fu Manchu6.71Sax Rohmer5/15/2012
The Pair of Grim: Chapter Two (Cardinal Hollow)0.99Angel Rosa5/11/2012
The Full Moon Of Adonis0.99B.L. Rose5/9/2012
Magical Moonlight;This is a story of the love between two men3.95Elsa Rose5/9/2012
A Dangerous Seduction (Harlequin Historical)5.09Patricia Frances Rowell5/15/2012
Valuables2.99Kristine Kathryn Rusch5/11/2012
Through the Back Door of Her Consciousness0.99Regina Russell5/10/2012
El Tren Volador (Spanish Edition)2.99Emilio Salgari5/9/2012
The Youniverse0.99P.J. Sambeaux5/13/2012
Murders on Shades of Death Road4.00M. K. Al Sardar5/12/2012
Parallel (Parallel Saga)2.99Shashwat Sardesai and Shrinivas Sardesai5/10/2012
Der Mädchenfänger (German Edition)3.70Peter Schmidt5/12/2012
Roulett (German Edition)3.75Peter Schmidt5/12/2012
The Vegas Knockout4.99Tom Schreck5/15/2012
Atemlos durch die Sahara (German Edition)3.76Frauke Schuster5/14/2012
Lilith Fortune und der Aufstand der Vampire (German Edition)6.10Andrea von Schwarzenberg5/8/2012
Matinicus - An Island Mystery7.99Darcy Scott5/10/2012
Textual Relations - a Gotcha Detective Agency Mystery (Gotcha Detective Agency Mysteries)3.99Jamie Lee Scott5/12/2012
Jury of One12.95Don Scribner5/8/2012
Drifts1.69Jennifer Scroggins5/8/2012
Who Killed Santa?: A Christmas Mystery Novella2.99Rebecca M. Senese5/12/2012
Primal4.99D.A. Serra5/13/2012
The Last Stop2.99Matt Shaw5/12/2012
Speedster vs. Spies3.99Gary Shellman5/10/2012
THE TRAILER - LIVING DEATH0.00Glenn Shute5/11/2012
Baba's Bites - a short story0.99Chris Simms5/8/2012
Mother's Milk - a short story0.99Chris Simms5/8/2012
Outside the White Lines2.99Chris Simms5/8/2012
Snatched: A Novella1.99Karin Slaughter5/14/2012
Lucidity0.99Wayne Smallman5/11/2012
Surrender by J. C. Snaith7.99J. C. Snaith5/10/2012
Senate Proof5.99Logan Snyder5/11/2012
When Shadows Die6.99E.D.E.N. Southworth5/10/2012
The China Oil Plot: Operation Ace in the Hole8.53Chuck Van Soye5/8/2012
Tortoise Soup (Rachel Porter Mysteries)3.99Jessica Speart5/8/2012
The Gumshoe Diaries2.99Nicholas Stanton5/8/2012
20354.99Jonathan Stars5/8/2012
The President's Wife (Madam POTUS)2.99Hannah Stevens,Pat Criscito and Bold Impressions5/10/2012
The Eyes Of The Stars4.79J. Malcolm Stewart5/15/2012
Obsession0.99Sarah Stewart5/14/2012
Capital Murder (Rich Herzog Mysteries)2.99Richard Stiens,Donna Stiens and MarissA Klems5/8/2012
Anatomical Clues (Profusion Crime)4.75Oana Stoica-Mujea,Mike Phillips,Ramona Mitrica and Mihai Risnoveanu5/13/2012
The Central Park Legacy3.90Carl R. Stokes5/13/2012
Coda in Black (Peter Warlock Mysteries)4.99B. C. Stone5/12/2012
The Penhaligan File2.99Kristen Stone5/10/2012
The Art of Rendition: A Robin Monarch Short Story0.99Mark Sullivan5/15/2012
Hot Pursuit, a Menopause Murder7.50Eleanor Sullo5/11/2012
A Skulk of Foxes9.00Richard Sutcliffe5/14/2012
The Madness of Hares9.00Richard Sutcliffe5/13/2012
The Judas Mission (McManus)0.99Frank Slane and Joshua Tallent5/9/2012
Miseria Umana (Italian Edition)0.99Mauro Teragnoli5/9/2012
Leaving Town4.99Lester Thees5/10/2012
COPYRIGHT FOR MURDER (Louie/LuLu Murder Mysteries)5.99Perley J. Thibodeau5/9/2012
The Brothers0.99Emmet Bacon and Shane Thompson5/8/2012
When it was Dark2.99Guy Thorne5/10/2012
La confesión del Libio (Spanish Edition)2.99Carlos de Tomás5/8/2012
Maggie's Island: Maggie McGill Mystery #4 (Maggie McGill Mysteries)8.99Sharon Burch Toner5/10/2012
The Mastersinger from Minsk: An Inspector Hermann Preiss Mystery7.19Morley Torgov5/14/2012
The Ephraim Tutt Mysteries [Annotated] (Civitas Library Classics)0.99Arthur Cheney Train5/14/2012
The Delilah Case0.00Mickie Turk5/13/2012
Smoke: A Novel9.99Lisa Unger5/15/2012
Jeremy the Germ, Planetary Crime Fighter2.99Ben Vanguarde5/8/2012
El juego de Archer (Spanish Edition)2.99Adrián Pino Varón5/8/2012
Mystery and Malice2.99John Corral and Solara Vayanian5/12/2012
Viens me retrouver (French Edition)9.99Pierre Vendel5/9/2012
Seminal Murder: Book 3 in The Mara Gilgannon Mystery Series8.61Mary Vermillion5/8/2012
Searching for Harpies (The Bob Norris Mysteries)4.99Charlie Vogel,Sally J. Walker and Rickey R. Mallory5/14/2012
The Wild One4.99Kat VonWild5/9/2012
Breaking the Genesis Code0.99Louise J. Walker5/8/2012
Again the Ringer6.99Edgar Wallace5/14/2012
A King by Night7.99Edgar Wallace5/14/2012
Code Blue3.99Janet Lane Walters5/10/2012
The Adversary6.80Michael Walters5/15/2012
The Outcast6.80Michael Walters5/15/2012
The Shadow Walker7.59Michael Walters5/15/2012
UNSTERBLICH (German Edition)3.90Markus Wand5/14/2012
12 Short Stories and 11 Poems0.00Christopher Phillip Ward5/11/2012
How to Commit Murder Without Even Trying9.99Christopher Phillip Ward5/10/2012
The Butcher Bird2.99Mignon Warner5/8/2012
Perfectly Matched: A Lucy Valentine Novel3.99Heather Webber5/14/2012
Rusted Chrome2.99Karlos Allen and Don Webb5/14/2012
Márais Todesreiter (German Edition)5.50Peter Weiler5/8/2012
The Island of Doctor Moreau (Illustrated)2.99H. G. Wells5/14/2012
Human After All7.99Chris Wendel5/13/2012
A Relatively Small Sum of Money0.99Kent Westmoreland5/10/2012
BOOM0.99Michael Whetzel5/8/2012
The Gates of UrLith'Nar0.99Alan White5/14/2012
A Method to Madness (The Case Files of Sam Flanagan)3.99Judith White5/13/2012
The Woods of Red Hill2.99Shaun Whittington5/10/2012
Damaged2.99Shaun Whittington5/10/2012
Project2.99Shaun Whittington5/10/2012
Swallow Falls2.99Shaun Whittington5/10/2012
Over leven3.00Ivonne Wilken5/13/2012
The Carlyle Deception3.99Andrew M. Williams5/11/2012
Graphic Nature3.99Dianna Williams5/10/2012
The Agency (Short Story)0.99Marlin Williams and Sheila Williams5/7/2012
Cry Havoc0.99Michael Williams5/14/2012
The Life of Bennette, A Crackhead5.00Gary G. Wilson5/13/2012
Tanktown Confidential2.99Mike Winters5/10/2012
Two Minds (The Cut-Throat Chronicles)0.99Joshua Wood5/9/2012
Voracious1.99Patrick Worden5/11/2012
Howl of a Thousand Winds9.99Morris Workman5/8/2012
The Watson Evidence (A Detective Laura McCallister Lesbian Mystery)9.99Rosalyn Wraight5/10/2012
The Uniform2.39Michael Wright5/14/2012
Marble Wilderness4.99Dennis Zeunert5/10/2012
The Seventh Gate12.99Richard Zimler5/10/2012
The Hansa Towns2.99Helen Zimmern5/10/2012
The Last Invasion (The Second Sam Truman Mystery) (The Sam Truman Mysteries)1.99Brandon Zuern5/13/2012
The Vale of Health1.00Dorrit5/10/2012
The Quartet Intro40.99ipam5/10/2012
Caught Up9.99Irene5/12/2012
DEATH IS THE COOL NIGHT2.99LibSternberg5/10/2012
LOST TO THE WORLD2.99LibSternberg5/10/2012
Diamond in the Rough (Overarching Thesis)0.99M5/12/2012
Apocalypsis II Ep.11 Deutsch: Das tiefe Loch. Thriller (German Edition)1.99Webnovel5/11/2012
Apocalypsis II Ep.11 Deutsch: read & listen - Das tiefe Loch. Thriller (German Edition)1.99Webnovel5/11/2012

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