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Science Fiction 6/5-6/12 2012

Science Fiction Kindle ebooks between 6/5/2012 and 6/12/2012.

The goal of this blog is to provide a way to quickly scan new releases in Amazon. Amazon's default search mechanism only shows 10 results at a time, which makes it very difficult to find new books, since hundreds of books are released every week. This article will reduce the amount of clicking and page loads required to see what was released. For more information see About the New Ebook Release Blog.

Below are some books that I found interesting during this timeperiod. I'm sure that there are other interesting books, I encourage people to point out good books in the comments.

Recomended Releases

Free Radicals (The Black Hole Travel Agency)Brian Daley and James LucenoI haven't read this, but in general I like Brian Daley.
The Time Traders (Annotated)Andre NortonA classic Andre Norton. Several others were published this month.

Between 6/5/2012 and 6/12/2012: 258 Science Fiction Kindle books were released. Click 'Read More' to see the complete list

Released Books Kindle ebooks

TitlePriceAuthor(s)Release Date
Cargo (Leaving The Cradle)0.99Jeffrey Hite and Dan Absolonson6/5/2012
Dinosauria - Part VIII: The Harrowing2.99J. Rock and Austin Alander6/11/2012
HALD (ROMANZI & THRILLER & FANTASCIENZA) (Italian Edition)0.99Anna Alberico6/8/2012
The Rise Of The Cat Fish Kingdom (The Ocean World)6.00Ian Allan6/10/2012
Lens of Time - Planet Predators (Lens of Time (Book Two))4.99Saxon Andrew,Indie Editing and Christine Ticali6/5/2012
Find Me I'm Dead1.90Frank Arcilesi6/9/2012
The Image of Man4.56Neville Armstrong6/10/2012
Welcome to Setcopia: a Dystopian Thriller6.99James M. Ashton6/10/2012
I Had a Dream9.00Carol Baldwin6/11/2012
THE CUBE - BUNDLE 1 - EP 1, 2 and 30.99Patrick Lambert and Rachel Barnard6/8/2012
THE CUBE - EPISODE 4 - The Battle to the Cave0.99Patrick Lambert and Rachel Barnard6/8/2012
THE CUBE - EPISODE 5 - The Violinmaker0.99Patrick Lambert and Rachel Barnard6/11/2012
Psychlone9.99Greg Bear6/11/2012
The Battle For Macragge0.99Daniel A. Beck6/5/2012
Götter, Wesen & Dämonen (German Edition)2.99Anna Becker6/5/2012
Soul Revealed (Traxian Soul Mates)0.99Lindsey Beck6/7/2012
Heart of the Comet6.99David Brin and Gregory Benford6/5/2012
Lab Rat 2020: Mind = Machine2.99Keith Berry6/8/2012
Handbook For The Dead - 720.99Jack Black6/7/2012
All Good Dogs Go To Heaven0.00A.D. Bloom6/9/2012
The Tears of Things (New Breed)0.99Brian Blose6/9/2012
Trinity (Middle Kingdom)2.99Katie Blu6/6/2012
Tekhnotma - Zeit der Dunkelheit: Roman (German Edition)9.99Aleksei Bobl,Andrei Levitski and Anja Freckmann6/8/2012
After 2012: The Mayan Sunset8.99Matthew Thompson and Dawn Boeck6/5/2012
Glob, The Monster Within Us0.99R. Bremner6/7/2012
Warriors of the Edge: The Search for Stone0.99Katie Bridges6/11/2012
The painter winkles a wrinkle in reality0.99Terrence Brooks6/7/2012
The Chariots of Ra: Keys to the Dimensions Book 75.33Kenneth Bulmer6/11/2012
Phillis P (IFWG Publishing Chap-EBook Series)0.99MF Burbaugh Burbaugh6/11/2012
Adventures in Pellucidar4.99Edgar Rice Burroughs6/6/2012
The People That Time Forgot (Annotated)0.99Edgar Rice Burroughs6/6/2012
Savage Pelludicar (Pellucidar)0.99Edgar Rice Burroughs6/6/2012
Tanar of Pellucidar0.99Edgar Rice Burroughs6/6/2012
Tarzan at the Earth's Core (Pellucidar)0.99Edgar Rice Burroughs6/6/2012
Thuvia, Maid of Mars (Annotated)0.99Edgar Rice Burroughs6/6/2012
The Warlord of Mars (Annotated)0.99Edgar Rice Burroughs6/6/2012
The Chessmen of Mars (Annotated)0.99Edgar Rice Burroughs6/5/2012
The Gods of Mars (Annotated)0.99Edgar Rice Burroughs6/5/2012
The Lost Continent (Annotated)0.99Edgar Rice Burroughs6/5/2012
Pellucidar (Annotated)0.99Edgar Rice Burroughs6/5/2012
The Complete Collection John Carter - Adventures on Mars (5 books Novels in one Volume) [ FREE AUDIOBOOK DOWNLOAD ] [Illustrated]1.99Edgar Rice Burroughs6/11/2012
Land of Terror (Pellucidar)0.99Edgar Rice Burroughs6/11/2012
Switched, Too3.99Diane Burton6/8/2012
Greater Good4.99Nathan P. Butler6/9/2012
The Tilian Cure: Book Three of The Pandemic Sequence4.99Tom Calen6/11/2012
Pottbaden, Earth-Born Alien1.50Mary Carmen6/6/2012
L'intégrale des Voyages Extraordinaires de Jules Verne: Oeuvres complètes et Analyses (illustrées et annotées) (L'intégrale des Voyages Extraordinaires: Oeuvres complètes et Analyses) (French Edition)2.99Eric F. CAUDDY,Jules VERNE and Lionel DUPUY6/8/2012
War (Galactic Exploration)0.99Peter Cawdron6/9/2012
Extasolar Menace0.99Steve Challis6/7/2012
The Search for Extraterrestial Intelligence0.99Steve Challis6/11/2012
Vala Staffwielder1.49Michael Angel and Devlin Church6/7/2012
The Uprising (Age of Empires)2.99V. St. Clair6/6/2012
Ainsi s'acheva la crise (French Edition)2.99Jules de Clange6/6/2012
147.99Peter Clines6/5/2012
The Harvester (Girls Night Out)2.99Lynn Crain6/11/2012
The Last Serial Killer6.99R.G. Crossley6/9/2012
Nickel City (The Watchmaker)2.99Patrick J. Dagger6/8/2012
Lieutenant (An Ell Donsaii story #3)2.99Laurence Dahners6/5/2012
Artifact of the System (The Black Hole Travel Agency)4.99James Luceno and Brian Daley6/7/2012
Event Horizon (The Black Hole Travel Agency)4.99James Luceno and Brian Daley6/7/2012
Hostile Takeover (The Black Hole Travel Agency)4.99James Luceno and Brian Daley6/7/2012
The Underwater World3.99Sophia Danucalov6/7/2012
CONNECTED0.00Simon Denman6/7/2012
Belarus0.99Emily Devenport6/11/2012
Protect the Food Supply (Vampire Silver Hunter)4.99Lizz Dimercurio6/10/2012
Seemingly Superhuman5.99Chris Ditzel6/6/2012
Jhyoti: Planetside2.99Marcelle Dubé6/9/2012
The Neutrino Connection0.99Dan Dumitru6/9/2012
En Forholdsvis Merkelig Skapelseshistorie7.00Karsten Eig6/5/2012
Ditch Your Body0.00Trip Ellington6/8/2012
An Odd Knights Daze (The War for Haven)8.99John Elliott6/7/2012
The Master of Carn2.99Jonathan Evans6/9/2012
The Devil's Eye (Rock Salt)3.99Connor Eyzaguirre6/11/2012
Hipernova (Spanish Edition)4.02Amaya Felices,Ediciones Babylon,Yasna Sepúlveda and Rafater6/9/2012
Las Graves Planicies (Ficcionbooks) (Spanish Edition)0.99Antonio Santos and Ficcionbooks6/11/2012
HERR DER WELTEN 012 Heftausgabe: Mission Orange (HERR DER WELTEN Heftausgabe) (German Edition)2.99Erno Fischer6/6/2012
HERR DER WELTEN 013 Heftausgabe: Die PSI-Hölle (HERR DER WELTEN Heftausgabe) (German Edition)2.99Erno Fischer6/6/2012
80AD - The Tekhen of Anuket (Book 3)0.99Aiki Flinthart6/10/2012
The Devolutionist2.99Homer Eon Flint6/7/2012
THE DAGANHOYT SAGA6.00Tony Franks6/5/2012
The Last Bastion of the Living3.99Rhiannon Frater6/8/2012
Dave Gash's "Eli Event"0.00Dave Gash6/6/2012
Life, Inc.2.99Kevin George6/9/2012
Aristo Blood (The Bloodslut Trilogy)2.99Lee Gold6/7/2012
The Legend of Arkahd: Book of Aerefel9.99David Goodyear6/9/2012
THE TRIPLE GODDESS: GLORIA0.00Ashly Graham6/6/2012
Anna and the Three Generals (Profortuna)3.99Suzanne Graham6/6/2012
Urlaub auf Risa (German Edition)0.99Heiko Grießbach6/9/2012
Leroy Stacks vs The Zombies0.99Adam Griffin6/9/2012
A Criminal of the Near Future2.99Unter Grimschrund6/11/2012
HERR DER WELTEN 014 Buchausgabe: Entführt (HERR DER WELTEN Buchausgabe) (German Edition)8.20Erno Fischer and Robert Gruber6/6/2012
The Alchemists of Mars5.99Dev Gualtieri6/11/2012
Mother Wode5.99Dev Gualtieri6/11/2012
Mundos en expansión (Dark Elite) (Spanish Edition)8.10Joe Haldeman6/11/2012
The Albatross Chronicles: The Africa Job3.99Shane Haley6/11/2012
Vitalis Omnibus5.99Jason Halstead6/6/2012
El vacío temporal (The Void Trilogy) (Spanish Edition)9.99Peter F. Hamilton6/11/2012
Riffed - Part One: Prologue (The Untagged)0.99Max Harris6/9/2012
MERGE #8: Smoke Damage0.99AM Harte6/6/2012
HERR DER WELTEN 011 Heftausgabe: Der Plan der Unsterblichen (HERR DER WELTEN Heftausgabe) (German Edition)2.99Erno Fischer and Wilfried A. Hary6/6/2012
HERR DER WELTEN 009 Heftausgabe: Der Beutzug (HERR DER WELTEN Heftausgabe) (German Edition)2.99Wilfried A. Hary6/6/2012
HERR DER WELTEN 010 Heftausgabe: Die Stadt (HERR DER WELTEN Heftausgabe) (German Edition)2.99Wilfried A. Hary6/6/2012
The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag4.75Robert A. Heinlein6/10/2012
Slideways2.99Faith van Horne6/8/2012
Revered Memory2.99Robert Hovorka6/11/2012
Space Ark1.99Thomas Hubschman6/6/2012
Imperia Crossroads, Eiseholm5.95I.S. Hunter6/10/2012
Die Schatten des Mars (German Edition)7.25Heidrun Jänchen,Frank W. Haubold and Brita Seifert6/9/2012
Nine Bars: Origin of the Exiguous Colony0.99Laird Jenkins6/9/2012
2113 If You Could, Would You Live Forever?2.99Allen Jesson6/10/2012
The Lost Hero (Book I of The Heaven Saga)2.99Marcus Johnson6/5/2012
Prayer for the Technocrats2.99Marcus Johnston6/7/2012
THE MACHINE. (Easy Read Edition)2.99D G Jones6/8/2012
LoDebar - Awakening5.99Gene Wilenius Jr.6/7/2012
Mandragora (German Edition)9.99Wilko Müller jr.6/9/2012
Operation Asfaras (German Edition)5.00Wilko Müller jr.6/8/2012
Die Zauberer des Alls (German Edition)2.00Wilko Müller jr.6/7/2012
The Bullet1.99Richard McNail JR6/6/2012
Fünf Wochen im Ballon mit farbigen Bildern (German Edition)9.99Verne Jules,Daniel Lehmann and Jutta Wurm6/8/2012
Ian's Gang - That Child Of Mine0.99Ian Kidd6/10/2012
Ian's Gang - Something Evil2.99Ian Kidd6/6/2012
Ian's Gang II (Ian's Gang Anthology)3.99Ian Kidd6/6/2012
Ian's Gang - Grip of the Spider1.50Ian Kidd6/5/2012
Timecaster Supersymmetry3.99J.A. Konrath and Joe Kimball6/11/2012
TITANICIUM: The Evolution of the Tin Man's Heart3.98Leonard J Oliver and Angelique King6/6/2012
Firestar 3 (A 'Crystal of Life' Tale)2.99Rex Kipe6/6/2012
Second Sight3.99Roger Kipfer6/10/2012
Supercritical5.15Shawn Kupfer6/11/2012
Cibola's Promise: A Western Steampunk Adventure3.99Erin Lausten6/5/2012
World Line2.99Ben Lawson6/10/2012
The Music Box4.41M. Nyssim Lefford6/6/2012
Lucrecia quiere decir perfidia (Spanish Edition)8.00Chely Lima6/5/2012
Alabama Raising9.99Cheyene Montana Lopez6/7/2012
Free Radicals (The Black Hole Travel Agency)4.99Brian Daley and James Luceno6/7/2012
To Whom It May Concern0.99Bob MacKenzie6/11/2012
The Earth Shall Bear Gods2.99Roddy Magee6/5/2012
Star Battle0.99Eric Romano Maia6/11/2012
Dragon Flight: Wrath (Tales from the Terra Firma Fleet)3.00Christopher Maine6/5/2012
Dawn of the Yeti0.99Winchester Malone6/11/2012
Freedom's Snare - Echo's Voice: Episode III0.99Sarah Mankowski6/6/2012
HMS CHALLENGER Collection One: House of The Empty Crown0.00George E. Manley6/5/2012
Origin: Angel of Fire3.99T.J. Marino6/7/2012
Origin: Annunaki3.99T.J. Marino6/5/2012
We Love You, Mindy Chen1.99Daniel W Marsh6/11/2012
Ghosts, Past and Future (L'Landra's Tale)9.99Leandra Martin6/10/2012
Armageddon Wars: Selah3.99Walter A. Martin6/8/2012
Good With Numbers (The Wonderboy Serials)0.99Will Weinke and Charles Martin6/11/2012
Jade Darcy and the Zen Pirates (The Rehumanization of Jade Darcy)6.99Stephen Goldin and Mary Mason6/7/2012
Star Force - Rebellen des Mars (Science Fiction Abenteuer) (German Edition)5.00Brian Carisi and Steve Mayer6/7/2012
Saturn & Sphinx0.99JD McDonnell6/11/2012
Legend of the Ugarans (Were-bears Rising)2.99Travis McGee6/8/2012
Quantum Entity (We Are All ONE)9.95Bruce Firestone and Murray McGregor6/7/2012
The Old Royal4.99J.R. McLemore6/11/2012
To Serve Man0.99Isaac Mehdi6/9/2012
A Verdant and Capricious Moon0.99J. Mark Miller6/7/2012
The Phantom Cadet (Cadet Magnum)0.99Edward Pipkin and Dean Minton6/5/2012
After The Darkness: Episode Two1.99SunHi Mistwalker6/9/2012
Fairies Afield4.00Mrs Molesworth6/11/2012
Deserto rosso - Punto di non ritorno (Italian Edition)0.99Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli6/7/2012
Love in the Time of Science0.99C. Dennis Moore6/11/2012
Felix Faust (The Arcane Insurrection)3.99Dexter Morgenstern6/10/2012
E.A.R.T.H.3.99R.L Mortenson6/6/2012
Militia1.99R J Murray6/9/2012
Recalibration (The Galactic Collectors Series)2.99Harry Neack6/6/2012
Ashtarteh4.00Victor Neschaut6/10/2012
Seeking a Fairy Goddoctor (Petroleum Sunset)0.99Tia Nevitt6/9/2012
The Gifts of Asti (Annotated)0.99Andre Norton6/6/2012
Star Born (Annotated)0.99Andre Norton6/7/2012
Star Hunter (Annotated)0.99Andre Norton6/7/2012
Storm Over Warlock (Annotated)0.99Andre Norton6/7/2012
The Time Traders (Annotated)0.99Andre Norton6/7/2012
Voodoo Planet (Annotated)0.99Andre Norton6/7/2012
The Defiant Agents (Annotated)0.99Andre Norton6/6/2012
Key Out of Time (Annotated)0.99Andre Norton6/6/2012
The People of the Crater (Annotated)0.99Andre Norton6/6/2012
Plague Ship (Annotated)0.99Andre Norton6/6/2012
Cursed Heroes, The Ones Called Hackers2.99William D. Ollivierre6/5/2012
Le jour du Saigneur (French Edition)1.00JACQK Paionni6/9/2012
The In-Between #1 A Science Fiction and Fantasy Adventure3.99Kristen Paiva6/11/2012
Once Upon a Time Ferret3.75Stephen D Palmer6/9/2012
Elsewhere (The Temple Islands Series)3.49Richard D. Parker6/5/2012
DOMES9.99John Pascal6/6/2012
Paris is Melting (The Gillis Ledgers)2.99Marcus Pelegrimas6/6/2012
Echoes of Erebus (Lifehack)2.99Joseph Picard6/10/2012
Watching Yute (Lifehack)2.99Joseph Picard6/8/2012
Mitote (Italian Edition)2.99Patrizio Pinna6/7/2012
Hoy: Pasado, presente y futuro (Spanish Edition)1.50Daniel Piuzzi6/6/2012
The Judgement Conundrum (A Short Story)0.99Lacerant Plainer6/7/2012
The Singularity Project: Not If, When0.99Cassandra Poe6/7/2012
Pax in the Land of Women (The Ginecean Chronicles)4.99Monica La Porta6/10/2012
Phoenix Earth Season 1 Episode 110.99711 Press6/9/2012
Dawn on the Infinity2.99Jeff Provine6/9/2012
Nebular Episode 37 - Der Sternenzwilling (German Edition)1.70Thomas Rabenstein,Thomas Kniest,Stephan Pilz and Frank Schmidt6/6/2012
Los crono-amos (La era del Cometa) (Spanish Edition)2.99Ramón Ramos6/5/2012
Shelter of Daylight: Spring 20122.99Terrie Leigh Relf and Herika R. Raymer6/11/2012
HUNGUR Magazine: Walpurgisnacht 20122.99Terrie Leigh Relf6/11/2012
Longliner0.99R. Richard6/8/2012
Alla ricerca dell'epicentro nuragico - Montonia la bandita (Italian Edition)1.00Barbara Picci and Marilena Riello6/6/2012
Schwarze Jagd: Roman (German Edition)8.31Chris Wooding and Peter Robert6/8/2012
Jennifer Lives2.99Michael Roberts6/11/2012
GEEZES THAT HURTS0.00ld robison and L. D. Robison6/7/2012
The Ultimate Inferior Beings2.99Mark Roman6/7/2012
Time Bridges5.99Elisa Romero6/5/2012
Cela Arrivera Demain (Nouvelles du futur) (French Edition)1.99Jimmy Sabater6/10/2012
Secrets of Silverwind6.99Richard Sanders6/7/2012
The Phoenix Rising (The Phoenix Conspiracy Series)6.99Richard Sanders6/7/2012
Falling From The Sky - Volume 15.00Joannes Rhino Setyanto6/6/2012
Created (Book 1 of the Created)1.99Shannon Shaw6/10/2012
Difficult Times - An Alien Invasion Serial - Episode 220.99Walter Shillington6/9/2012
Destiny Unhinged2.99Kimber Shook6/10/2012
The Song Of God0.99Martin Silenus6/5/2012
Mercenary's Logic (The Wild Geese Saga)5.99Steven M. Silver6/10/2012
Mercenary's Destiny (The Wild Geese Saga)5.99Steven M. Silver6/11/2012
Voyage Into the Unknown Volume 52.99Collin R. Skocik6/8/2012
Tracking Trisha (Dragon Lords of Valdier: Book 3)2.99S. E. Smith6/8/2012
Levers of Power (The Connor Rix Chronicles)3.99Steve Statham6/7/2012
Le GLISSEUR contre l'ombre tueuse (French Edition)10.00Michel VAN STEENBERGE6/10/2012
All that Glitters0.99Elizabeth Sterling6/10/2012
Bill Red, Interdimensional Cop3.00Mark Stiver6/10/2012
The Invasion: Session 3 (The Invasion Sessions)0.99Randall Cropp and Lizbelle Stock6/9/2012
Exit Hope0.99David Michael Sullivan6/6/2012
Visitor from Reality1.99Eero Tarik6/8/2012
Lovecraft, My Love4.99Tais Teng6/11/2012
Dehumanized0.99Kathy Thompson6/11/2012
Voyage To Forever (M-Prime)4.99Angelika Thorsdottir6/9/2012
The Eternity Saga: The Will of Destruction7.99Michael Threadgill6/6/2012
See me with my soul divided3.31Lindsay Tomlinson6/9/2012
Immortality Wars2.99Joseph Tripician and Joe Tripician6/5/2012
The Wondrous Gift (Alien Artifact)0.99Doug Turnbull6/11/2012
Domesday2.99Kei Urahama6/6/2012
Martian Prophet, a Mole Rat Perspective (Book Five, The Bill Fargo Saga)2.99Steven Vandervelde6/7/2012
LA STELLA CHE ESPLODERA' (Italian Edition)1.99Luca Varrese6/9/2012
The Non-Gravitational Vortex0.99A Hyatt Verrill6/6/2012
Gray World: Stealing Fire2.99Simon Vigneault6/8/2012
ENDURING PROPHESY 18800.99Joe Vojt6/8/2012
The Curse of Remorse1.99robert c waggoner6/5/2012
Zenith (Horizon Earth)2.99Nick Walker6/8/2012
Planetoid 127 (German Edition)2.49Edgar Wallace6/7/2012
A Stop on the Journey (The Stories of John Stephen Walsh)0.99John Stephen Walsh6/8/2012
The Tube Riders - Part One : London1.99Chris Ward6/9/2012
The Tube Riders - Part Three : Cornwall2.99Chris Ward6/9/2012
The Tube Riders - Part Two : Bristol2.99Chris Ward6/9/2012
The Luck of Han'anga (War of the Second Iteration)3.99Thomas Watson6/6/2012
Star One: Dark Star3.99Raymond L. Weil6/7/2012
Legends of Gods and Ghosts (Hawaiian Mythology)4.00W.D. Westervelt6/11/2012
Hard Reset (The Ecto Series)2.99Gabriel Williams and L. Williams6/9/2012
Vortex: Roman (German Edition)7.39Robert Charles Wilson,Marianne Linckens and P.H. Linckens6/8/2012
The Adventures of Reztap (The Chronicles of Reztap)4.99Artemus Withers6/8/2012
OVER0.00Wesley Barber and Diane Woodward6/7/2012
Descent into the Maelstrom5.99Mary Workman,Grant Workman and Neil Johnson6/6/2012
The Iron Horse Tinker0.00N. Jacob Wright6/8/2012
WhiteSpace: Season One (Episodes 1-6 of the sci-fi horror serial)5.99Sean Platt and David Wright6/11/2012
McGannon's Mind9.95Alan Jay Glueckman and V. Yakobchuk6/7/2012
The Kestrel2.00Trisha Yeager6/8/2012
Conquerors' Heritage (Conqueror's triology)7.99Timothy Zahn6/6/2012
Dark Land: An Apocalyptic Novel0.99William Zeranski6/11/2012
The Map of Mordia: Book 5: The Island of Slaves Series9.99Colbby6/11/2012

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