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Horror 6/26-7/3 2012

Horror Kindle ebooks between 6/26/2012 and 7/3/2012.

The goal of this blog is to provide a way to quickly scan new releases in Amazon. Amazon's default search mechanism only shows 10 results at a time, which makes it very difficult to find new books, since hundreds of books are released every week. This article will reduce the amount of clicking and page loads required to see what was released. For more information see About the New Ebook Release Blog.

Between 6/26/2012 and 7/3/2012: 313 Horror Kindle books were released. Click 'Read More' to see the complete list

Released Books Kindle ebooks

TitlePriceAuthor(s)Release Date
Where the Heck is the Ceiling? (Dracula Lives Next Door)0.99Wendy C Allen6/26/2012
What Zombies Fear: Fracture3.99Kirk Allmond,Laura Bretz and Doree Colon6/29/2012
The Tenant0.99Bruce Allsman6/28/2012
Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine SUMMER 20128.99Various Artists7/1/2012
Miles and Flora7.99Hilary Bailey7/2/2012
The Mold of Memory (previously published as "I NaKnow You")0.99David Bain6/30/2012
Venetia - A Supernatural thriller set in Venice2.99Simon Barnes6/26/2012
Vampires of Wincolmlee (Part 1)2.99Kevin Barton6/27/2012
Elspeth0.99Monika Basile6/27/2012
The Spider Wasp0.99Jim Belmessieri7/1/2012
Cuentos de terror oriental (Spanish Edition)3.99Luis Benítez6/26/2012
GHOSTS IN THE HOUSE6.99R. H. Benson,A. C. Benson and Hugh Lamb6/26/2012
The Parasite Revisited3.95Sandrine Bessancort6/28/2012
Venus Descends - Volume One5.25Sandrine Bessancourt6/28/2012
Queurdacier - Le Grimoire des Huit (French Edition)2.99Virginia Besson6/26/2012
The Man In the Wooden Chair: A Short Story of Horror2.99E L Bigelow6/28/2012
Phantom Rage (The Rage Trilogy)2.99William Blackwell6/26/2012
The Willows (Illustrated)2.87Algernon Blackwood6/26/2012
The Unfabulous Horrors of Chameleon Island2.99Brandon Blankenburg6/28/2012
Red Moon Demon (Demon Lord)4.95Morgan Blayde7/1/2012
Croaked (The Firefly Witch)2.99Alex Bledsoe6/28/2012
The Dead Tide0.00A.D. Bloom6/27/2012
Spectre Of War2.99Byron Gordon and Jeanette Bouch7/1/2012
A Vindication of the Rights of Frankenstein's Creatures - A Short Story0.99N. P. Boyce6/30/2012
Quartet0.00Jason Brannon7/1/2012
Witch's Blood3.99S. M. Brennan7/1/2012
MUDD9.99Antwuan Brittenum7/1/2012
Shell (The Geolyth Lore)0.99H-M Brown6/27/2012
Apocalypse(s)2.99John Burks7/1/2012
Don't F**k With Grandma0.99Michael Caffery6/30/2012
DOVE OF WAR3.99Bill Cain6/27/2012
Vengeance Zombie (French Edition)1.89Richard Caleb6/28/2012
La Malédiction des MacFadden (French Edition)3.25Frédéric LA CANCELLERA6/26/2012
El Nigromante (Historia de un adivino) (Spanish Edition)7.00Valentín Martínez Carbajo6/27/2012
True Ghost Stories9.99David Green and Hereward Carrington7/2/2012
Sunlit Nightmares1.99Rebecca Carter6/27/2012
Angel0.99David Carthew7/2/2012
Cricket for Souls1.99Jason E. Castro7/2/2012
Axefall Echoes0.99S J Cavanagh6/30/2012
The End of Times9.00Ramiro Ibarra Cavazos6/26/2012
The Itch0.99Thomas Chase6/26/2012
A pocketful of rye5.99Agatha Christie6/30/2012
By the pricking of my thumbs5.99Agatha Christie7/2/2012
The Shadow and the Empath (The Saviors)0.99Lillian Clark6/29/2012
The Saviors0.99Lillian Clark6/29/2012
The Vampire Vigilante (The Saviors)0.99Lillian Clark6/29/2012
The Witch Named Sophia (The Saviors)0.99Lillian Clark6/29/2012
Getting Uneven - A Novella5.99Miss Irene Clearmont6/29/2012
The Damned Dog0.99Cathy Cobb7/1/2012
Parasite4.99B. A. Cole6/27/2012
Apparition6.99Michaelbrent Collings6/29/2012
The Red Speck0.99S. Conde7/1/2012
Of Covens and Packs (The Watchtower)2.99Darke Conteur6/27/2012
Neighborhood Watch (Welcome to the Neighborhood)0.99Christopher Lee Cousino7/1/2012
Dominant Species Volume One -- Natural Selection (Dominant Species Series)5.00David Coy6/30/2012
Dominant Species Volume Three -- Acquired Traits (Dominant Species Series)5.00David Coy6/30/2012
Dominant Species Volume Two -- Edge Effects (Dominant Species Series)5.00David Coy6/29/2012
The Amber7.99Caeriel Crestin6/28/2012
Zombie Guts0.99Andrew Crevier6/27/2012
Farnum's Land0.99Crystal Crichlow6/30/2012
Genres0.99Sharon Cullars7/2/2012
The Hive Series (Book 1)2.99Tim Curran7/1/2012
Z is for Zombie: Devil's Details2.99catt dahman6/29/2012
Awaken4.99Rachel Daigle7/1/2012
Dead Nations' Army Book One: CODE FLESH (The True Zombie War)3.99Alan Dale,James Powell,Roy Mauritsen and Sean Page7/2/2012
John Sinclair - Folge 1773: Das andere Jenseits (German Edition)1.99Jason Dark7/3/2012
Great Australian Ghost Stories7.99Richard Davis7/1/2012
Peter Cooper and the Pirate King7.99James DeAcutis6/28/2012
Of Saints and Sacred Shadows4.99Jason Dean7/2/2012
Toward Darkness (Red Lands)2.99Brent Dedeaux7/2/2012
The Fall of Pittsburgh8.99Matt Demas7/1/2012
Cry Havoc5.00Caitlin Seida and Abbie Devers6/27/2012
Vizibir2.99Scott Dokey6/26/2012
Hitchers3.99P.A. Douglas6/28/2012
The Vampire Coven of London5.99Rebecca Ann Drake6/30/2012
Leduc1.99Marcelle Dubé6/27/2012
The Curse of the Painted Lady3.49Cynthia Dumarin6/28/2012
Soft Kiss, Hard Death (The Third Sam Truman Mystery) (The Sam Truman Mysteries)1.99Tobin Elliott6/30/2012
Sweet Chaos, Kali Sweet Urban Fantasy, Book 23.99Misty Evans6/29/2012
Devoured (Cold Grove Trilogy)5.99S.R. Everett7/1/2012
The Specials (The Specials Trilogy)4.99Kel Pollard and Ish Ferris6/27/2012
Founder0.99Sammantha M. Ford7/1/2012
La crypte au palimpseste (Reflets inachevés) (French Edition)2.99Anna Galore6/29/2012
La femme primordiale (Reflets inachevés) (French Edition)2.99Anna Galore6/29/2012
Le drap de soie du temps (Reflets inachevés) (French Edition)2.99Anna Galore6/29/2012
Le Miroir Noir (L'éternel amoureux errant) (French Edition)2.99Anna Galore6/29/2012
Branches (The Bethesda Wars)3.99Howard Gardos7/2/2012
Lost Shadow (The Bethesda Wars)1.49Howard Gardos7/2/2012
The Short Life and Death of Little Frankie Morris (The Bethesda Wars)1.49Howard Gardos7/2/2012
Reel Horror0.99Ernie Garrett6/30/2012
The Man in the Palace Theater0.99Ray Garton6/29/2012
Fat Pat and the Accidental Death of Maryanne1.99Kate Genet6/26/2012
Time of Death5.99Dan Loubier and Anthony Giangregorio6/27/2012
Dancing For The Devil0.99Summer Goldspring6/30/2012
My Mother's Mistake0.99Dan Goldstein6/27/2012
Dr. Phibes The First Trilogy Collector's Box Set (Dr. Phibes Series)7.99William Goldstein6/26/2012
Shapeshifter2.99J. F. Gonzalez7/1/2012
The Vampire Games pt1 (Master Tome)0.99Patrick Goodwin6/30/2012
The Vampire Games pt2 (Master Tome)3.00Patrick Goodwin6/30/2012
The Vampire Games (Master Tome)0.99Patrick Goodwin6/29/2012
The Wendigo [Illustrated with Link to Free Audio Book]1.99Algernon Blackwood and A. Gramour6/26/2012
Actaeon's Progeny6.80Francis Grant6/26/2012
The Necromancers or Love Zombies of San Diego2.99E. Z. Graves6/26/2012
CAIN1.99James Greer6/27/2012
A Poisonous Shade of Grey (The Grey Series)2.99Mai Griffin6/30/2012
Monkey See3.00P Michael Grohoski7/1/2012
The Mourning Woods (The Tome of Bill)2.99Rick Gualtieri6/30/2012
Wishful Finger0.99Boris Guzo6/27/2012
The Heir4.99Jack Philip Hall6/28/2012
Magistrates of Hell14.99Barbara Hambly7/1/2012
The Hunting Tree - Book Three1.75Ike Hamill6/29/2012
The Hunting Tree - Book Two1.50Ike Hamill6/29/2012
The Hunting Tree Trilogy (Books 1-3)2.99Ike Hamill6/29/2012
Strange People, Scary People4.99Tally Harbour6/26/2012
A Forced Descent7.50Marisette Hennessey7/1/2012
Schlock! Webzine Vol 3 Issue 40.00Thomas C Hewitt,Todd Nelsen,John Douglas Hoyland and Rob Bliss6/27/2012
Dark Angel Asylum4.99Tom Hubbard7/1/2012
Paint the Silence3.99Kevin Hunter7/2/2012
House Maggie2.99Walter Ingle7/1/2012
The Story of Eva Templan: Terror by Night (Shadows in the Night)1.75Charlene Iverson6/27/2012
The Coven3.99Phillip Jackson6/26/2012
This Dark Earth9.99John Hornor Jacobs7/3/2012
Sacrifice4.24Russell James7/3/2012
Suck It4.99Jennifer Jelliff7/1/2012
Star Fire (Book Three of The Knight Trilogy)3.59Katie M. John6/29/2012
Written With a Razor - Short Stories and a Screenplay3.99Joe R. Lansdale and Neal Barrett Jr.7/1/2012
Hollow Jane0.99Glenn Slade Clark Jr7/1/2012
The Chronicles of Nightfire, Texas #7 "The Vampire's Dream"0.99Glenn Slade Clark Jr6/29/2012
Fright Ride: Tales of Horror and the Supernatural0.99Rod Karn6/30/2012
Crossing Borders2.99michael keller6/27/2012
The Essay (An Angry Clown Short Story)0.99C.C. Kelly6/28/2012
House of Terrors9.99Julie Kendrick,Dan Loubier and Anthony Giangregorio7/1/2012
Die freundlichen Geister. Geschichten aus Laos (German Edition)3.50Martina Sylvia Khamphasith7/2/2012
The Reluctant Zombie0.99George R. Khouri6/30/2012
Ian's Gang III (Ian's Gang Anthology)5.99Ian Kidd7/1/2012
Ian's Gang - Straight Out Of Hell1.99Ian Kidd7/1/2012
Ian's Gang - The Freakshow1.50Ian Kidd6/27/2012
Davey's Brain Drain (Confessing his horrors)3.99steven king7/1/2012
Quhaunt'em0.99Rev. Robert Klados6/30/2012
The Ghost Files Boxed Set5.99Evelyn Klebert,Eve Paludan,Scott Nicholson and J.R. Rain6/30/2012
Scary Bedtime Stories2.99B. D. Knight6/28/2012
Thread2.99Benjamin Knox7/1/2012
Dead Girls and Other Stories2.99Keri Knutson7/1/2012
Dark Halo2.99Christopher Kokoski6/29/2012
Black Brig2.99Jeffrey Kosh7/1/2012
The Killing of Fred Hampford7.00Clint Krcmar7/1/2012
Amy's Window2.99T. Michael Lakin6/27/2012
Black Valley Road2.99T. Michael Lakin6/27/2012
Kongomato1.99Roger Lawrence6/30/2012
Revenant (Paskagankee)3.99Allan Leverone6/29/2012
The Monk: A Romance (Annotated)0.99Matthew Lewis6/28/2012
Blue Eyes2.30Patricia Lieb6/28/2012
The Sun King's Bane (A Taster) (Father Morterilli's Historical Murder Mystery Series)0.99Merlin Lockey6/26/2012
That Damned Coyote Hill0.99Heath Lowrance6/29/2012
Siren Song2.99Shawn Lucas,Christine Mullen and Jacki Jacobs6/27/2012
Night Weaver3.99Madeleine Lycka6/29/2012
The Gift4.00Jonathan Lynch7/2/2012
Schattenzeit: Der mechanische Mann (Lit.Limbus. Geschichten aus der literarischen Vorhölle) (German Edition)2.99Michael Mühlehner7/1/2012
SPIRITS IN THE TREES (THE SPIRITS TRILOGY)2.99Morgan Hannah MacDonald6/27/2012
The Red Empire Collection0.99Wakefield Mahon7/1/2012
Boeman0.00Wakefield Mahon6/26/2012
Eternally Yours2.99Jennifer Malin6/30/2012
The Evil Inside - Act One: The Duchesses Dethroned0.00Spider N. Mann6/26/2012
Sub Dimensions: Dimensions Within The Grain6.99Anthony Marino6/29/2012
In the Midnight Hour2.99Cate Masters6/30/2012
Pugna Pugnarum (German Edition)3.87Ron Matchik6/26/2012
Haus der Schatten (Unheimlicher Roman/Romantic Thriller) (German Edition)2.99Alfred Bekker and Steve Mayer7/1/2012
In The Shadow Of Evil4.99John McCormick6/28/2012
The Liberation of the Miracle Weaver7.50Roberto Rosas and Linda McCullers7/1/2012
Once More . . . Into the Woods (Horror on the Installment Plan)1.00John McIlveen,Alyn Day,E. Z. Graves and Daniel Powell6/29/2012
Expiration Date0.99Hope Sullivan McMickle7/2/2012
The Becoming: Brothers In Arms0.99Jessica Meigs7/1/2012
Becoming: Brothers In Arms3.99Jessica Meigs7/1/2012
The Becoming: Ground Zero (The Becoming Book 2)7.99Jessica Meigs7/1/2012
Diary of a Ghost0.99Chris Menon6/28/2012
GEH NICHT DURCH DIESE KELLERTÜR (German Edition)2.99J. Mertens6/30/2012
GENIUS VACUI (German Edition)2.99J. Mertens6/30/2012
PSYCHOTISCHE EPISODEN (German Edition)2.99J. Mertens6/30/2012
TRIGGERMORTIS9.99Peter J. Miele,Steve Fastner and Richard Larson7/1/2012
Indelicacy: A Short Story0.99H.C. Mitchen6/27/2012
Until Death3.99Jamie M and Cybil M6/29/2012
8The Experiment Zombie Apocalypse Episode8 (Myths and Dreams)1.99M. Modak6/29/2012
Working for the Fat Man2.99C. Dennis Moore7/1/2012
Five Fatal Fantasies4.99C. Dennis Moore6/30/2012
Two Tales2.99C. Dennis Moore6/27/2012
The Woman On The Wall0.99Flynne Moran6/27/2012
Asche zu Asche, Stein zu Stein (Band 11) (Das Haus Zamis) (German Edition)9.99Peter Morlar,Ernst Vlcek and Uwe Voehl6/30/2012
Detective Ivy and the Monster of Fairmore0.99Owen Morrill6/30/2012
Eternal Stigma (1)4.99Garrett Morris6/28/2012
As in Life, So in Death0.99Joseph Mulak6/26/2012
The Ghosts of Coyote Ridge (The Cupid Project -- Book 1.2)0.99Alex Potvin and Rebecca Murphy6/28/2012
Everything Theory: Blood Routes2.99Barry Napier7/2/2012
Banquet for the Damned9.99Adam Nevill7/2/2012
V-Wars9.99Scott Nicholson,Gregory Frost,Nancy Holder and Yvonne Navarro6/27/2012
Beyond Mortality: Exorcism1.50Martin Oakley7/1/2012
Disintegration1.99Sonia O'Brien6/27/2012
Die Birke auf dem Grab (German Edition)0.99Aileen O'Grian6/27/2012
Nine Steps to Sara3.99Lisa Olsen6/27/2012
Gideon's Bible2.99Michael O'Neill6/30/2012
Journey of the Wolf: Nightfall4.99Samantha Ortiz,Liz.Adam,Christopher Ortiz and Ryan6/28/2012
Black Coffee6.98Agatha Christie; Charles Osborne7/2/2012
La Redentora de Almas (Spanish Edition)2.00Kelly Dreams and Raquel Pardo6/26/2012
Facebook Zombies0.99Richard Parise6/27/2012
She-Monster from Hell!2.99Timothy Pearsall6/28/2012
Existing Dead2.99Lyle Perez-Tinics6/26/2012
Help Never Came3.49Necia Phoenix6/29/2012
The Thing with No Eyes0.99David Pickering6/27/2012
Yesterday's Gone: Episode 15 (the post-apocalyptic serial thriller)0.00David Wright and Sean Platt7/1/2012
Admin Is Hell2.99Michael Pugh6/30/2012
The Last Degree1.99Dina Rae7/1/2012
A Bone in the Throat1.99Steven Ramirez6/27/2012
Shadow Bugs and Butterflies: Elijah Garwin0.00Valentine Ramsey7/1/2012
The Soul Compact0.00Jet Raven6/28/2012
The Hettford Witch Hunt 1020.99James Rhodes6/27/2012
Boo Hag0.99Brian Rickman6/30/2012
Forbidden6.81SeaN CR Riley6/30/2012
Ragnarok Rising: The Awakening4.99D. A. Roberts7/1/2012
What Happened to Anna?2.99Jennifer Robins7/2/2012
Dark Crux: The Second Tome0.00Rob RodenParker6/26/2012
Mage Killer (The Blood War Saga)0.99Alyxandra Rose6/29/2012
Lemonade Stand0.99Rhea Rose7/1/2012
The Zombie Playground (Grisly High, No. 2)2.99Brian Rowe7/2/2012
Allison's Defeat (The Calnis Chronicles)4.49JRC Salter6/29/2012
Chronicles of the Mad Preacher0.99C.T. Sanner7/2/2012
6-Pack of Horror Flash Fiction0.99Gil C. Schmidt6/26/2012
If Only0.99Lisa Schuch6/29/2012
Shades of the Storm0.99Hollin Scott6/29/2012
Deliri dell'Inconscio (Italian Edition)2.50Irvin Scott6/26/2012
Malevolent4.40David Searls7/3/2012
El ataque (Spanish Edition)2.99Luis Pérez De Sevilla Muller and Editorial Seleer6/26/2012
The Story Collection: Volume One9.00Matt Shaw6/30/2012
All Good Things (Happy Ever After Trilogy)3.87Matt Shaw6/29/2012
I've Been Deader0.99Adam Sifre7/2/2012
Journal de bord d'un petit gris (French Edition)1.99Nanny SILVESTRE6/27/2012
The Devil and Death0.99D.L. Simpson6/28/2012
STARSHINE0.99Shelene Skillings6/28/2012
Dark Secrets Cottage2.99Geoffrey Sleight6/29/2012
Willer House4.99H. Richard Slichter6/29/2012
The Isle of the Rat0.00Stewart Sloan6/27/2012
The Neighbor0.99Chad L Smith6/26/2012
The Touch0.99Christopher Smith6/29/2012
A Twisted Tale0.99Christopher Smith6/29/2012
You Only Live Once0.99Stefanie N Snider6/29/2012
The Forbidden Book9.99Joscelyn Godwin and Guido Mina di Sospiro7/2/2012
Todo muere: De la cuna a la tumba (Saco de huesos Ediciones) (Spanish Edition)3.64Marc R. Soto,Saco de huesos and Miguel Puente Molins6/27/2012
Crossroads2.99Steven Staley6/26/2012
Salem's Search (Salem's Sight)2.99Lyn Stanzione6/26/2012
The Island - Part 2 (Fallen Earth)0.99Michael Stark7/1/2012
Extreme Liquidation (Caitlin Diggs)2.99Gary Starta6/27/2012
Before They Make Me Run - The New Bestseller2.99Daniel Statham6/26/2012
Zombie Coast2.99Ted Stetson6/30/2012
Zombie Kill: Predator or Prey?6.99Dustin Stevens6/27/2012
The Wolfen Strain4.99Chris Stevenson6/26/2012
5 Short Stories from "31 Horrifying Tales from the Dead"0.99Drac Von Stoller7/1/2012
Marooned on Death Island0.99Drac Von Stoller7/1/2012
demon destroyer0.99Jack A. Story6/30/2012
Evil Grannies' Club0.99Jack A. Story6/30/2012
Mystery of Seahope0.99Jack A. Story6/30/2012
Teenage Witch0.99Jack A. Story6/30/2012
The Bog-Side Angel0.99JACK A. STORY6/30/2012
The Survival Diaries: Cronache dall'Apocalisse (Fuori Collana) (Italian Edition)5.99Matteo Strukul,Pekka Johnson,Carlo Vanin and Thomas Tono7/1/2012
The House of Gray and Graves (The Houses Trilogy)2.99C.M. Stunich6/28/2012
She Lies Twisted2.99C.M. Stunich6/28/2012
Geist Kinder (A Smut Saga)4.99Gori Suture6/30/2012
Dark Eclipse #13 - The Dark Moon Digest e-Monthly1.99Lori Michelle and Stan Swanson7/1/2012
The Grief School0.99Matthew Tait7/1/2012
Open Wide0.99Saul Tanpepper7/1/2012
The Variant Effect: GreenMourning3.99G. Wells Taylor6/27/2012
Blood House1.58Neil V. Taylor7/2/2012
Earth's End: An Apocalyptic Anthology5.99Jonathan Templar,Tony Garcia and Anthony Giangregorio6/27/2012
The Vampire from Hell (Part 3) - A Vampire On Vacation0.99Ally Thomas7/1/2012
Horror Duet 1 (Terror Tales)2.99P.B Thompson6/30/2012
BoChek Tales (The Madness, Murderous and Macabre)2.99William P Thomson6/27/2012
House Guests-The Family (3)2.99Susan Thrower6/30/2012
Make Your Life Count2.99Julia Tindell6/29/2012
THE HUNTER2.99Andras Tower7/2/2012
Dark Star Rising9.99Frank Tropea6/26/2012
Zombies!: Episode 2.9: It's Not the End of the World0.99Ivan Turner7/1/2012
Small Towns, Dark Places2.99Tansy Undercrypt6/27/2012
Familiar Spirits5.00Cody Underwood6/28/2012
Once Upon a Time in Midnight0.00John Urbancik6/28/2012
Low Justice2.99David VanDyke6/27/2012
The Afterlife (Vol. 1)0.99Kevin Ventocilla6/29/2012
Il Randagio e il Lupo (Victor) (Italian Edition)14.99Franco Rossi and Alexandra Vieira6/29/2012
Unheimliche Begegnungen - Der letzte Wolf des Hochwalds (German Edition)0.99Michael E. Vieten6/26/2012
Tanz der Furie (Band 23) (Dorian Hunter) (German Edition)9.99Ernst Vlcek,Earl Warren and Neal Davenport6/30/2012
Der weiße Mönch (Band 24) (Dorian Hunter) (German Edition)9.99Ernst Vlcek,Neal Davenport and Earl Warren6/30/2012
Sei verflucht, Coco Zamis! (Band 12) (Das Haus Zamis) (German Edition)9.99Christian Montillon and Uwe Voehl6/30/2012
An Ancient Evil Awakes1.00Tim Vok6/29/2012
Demon Lord Hitler Awakes1.00Tim Vok6/29/2012
Loon Child7.95Joanne Vruno6/27/2012
Mona und der Vampir Damian Rab (German Edition)0.00Anne Ley and Sigfried Waldmann6/26/2012
Wolves in Springfield2.99shawn weaver6/30/2012
Another Rotten Night (Graveyard Shift: The Adventures of Carson Dudley)4.99Chris Weedin6/27/2012
Woman in a Black Veil0.99Anne Frasier and Theresa Weir6/28/2012
First Blood7.99F.R. Welsh7/1/2012
My Forever And Always (Immortal Ambrosia, Volume #1)2.99Tania West7/2/2012
An Elizabethan Gentleman in the Medway Towns0.99Paul Mercer and Lisa Whealy6/26/2012
The Night Unleashed: A Short Story Collection0.99Pixie Lynn Whitfield7/2/2012
That Night1.49Rob Wilcox7/2/2012
Underbridge2.99R. A. Wilders6/27/2012
Elsham's End1.17H.J. Williams6/26/2012
Ghost World2.99Mary Ann Winkowski6/29/2012
One Dark Night0.99John Witcher6/30/2012
Down Darkened Paths5.99Clyde Wolfe6/30/2012
Skeleton Kisses0.99Douglas E Wright6/28/2012
Running Cold (The Griffon Master)9.99Steve Zell,Gina Bovara and Steve Pitzel6/30/2012
Aleron: Book One of Strigoi Series (Stringoi Series)5.99Kane7/1/2012
Gargantuan Doppelganger Volume One9.99Noelle6/29/2012
Ionshaker (Part I)9.98thefeltim6/29/2012

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