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Romance 7/16-7/24 2012

Romance Kindle ebooks between 7/16/2012 and 7/24/2012.

The goal of this blog is to provide a way to quickly scan new releases in Amazon. Amazon's default search mechanism only shows 10 results at a time, which makes it very difficult to find new books, since hundreds of books are released every week. This article will reduce the amount of clicking and page loads required to see what was released. For more information see About the New Ebook Release Blog.

Between 7/16/2012 and 7/24/2012: 267 Romance Kindle books were released. Click 'Read More' to see the complete list

Released Books Kindle ebooks

TitlePriceAuthor(s)Release Date
The Body You Want2.99Hilary S. Abbot7/18/2012
Dangerously Close5.09Dee J. Adams7/23/2012
An Island in Paradise (The Sisters Series - Book 3)0.00Vera Adams7/21/2012
A Cup of Joe (31 Days of Steamy Mocha)1.00Paula Alexander7/23/2012
The Celebrated Pedestrian3.95Suzanne Allain7/22/2012
How and why Lisa's Dad got to be FAMOUS4.99Michael Allen7/21/2012
Unexpected Company2.32Jill M Anderson7/20/2012
The Greatest Gift7.99Teresa Anderson7/19/2012
The Dragon's Way2.99Kadlin Anselment,Mary Wheeler and Natasha Anselment7/18/2012
Forge (Thrall Web)5.99T.K. Anthony7/21/2012
A Story About Life2.99Ash Anwar7/17/2012
Der Blick in den Rückspiegel (German Edition)2.40Maria Arcos7/17/2012
Insignificant Moments3.99Jeremy Asher7/18/2012
Care & Feeding of Pirates (Regency Pirates)2.99Jennifer Ashley7/22/2012
Breathe (Colorado Mountain Series)3.99Kristen Ashley7/22/2012
Kianna and Her Three Alpha Wolves [Featherstone Pack 1] (Siren Publishing Menage and More)4.79Debbie Bailey7/18/2012
Dark Lord: The Complete Serial Novel (Lords of Bondage)3.29Corinne Balfour7/17/2012
Julia Gets a Life2.99Lynne Barrett-Lee7/21/2012
The Hottest Summer (Gay Romance Novella)2.99Veronica M. Bates7/21/2012
The Diary of a Ladette (Volume 1)0.99Trixie J. Belle7/18/2012
Tall, Dark, and Divine2.99Jenna Bennett7/20/2012
Focused Desire2.99Paige Bennett7/17/2012
What Love Looks Like2.99Kurt Bensworth7/19/2012
Angel's Heart: The Keeper8.99Lisa Bilbrey7/22/2012
Eliza's Awakening2.99Zaide Bishop7/23/2012
Innocence Lost3.99Barbara Lynn Blake7/16/2012
Dangerous Ride2.99Imogen Blake7/21/2012
Libby's Paranormal Time Travel (vampires - paranormal romance - time travel)2.99Vianka Van Bokkem7/18/2012
Rocky Mountain Oasis (The Shepherd's Heart)3.77Lynnette Bonner7/20/2012
CEREZO Tierra de Dragones (Spanish Edition)5.99Mitica Books7/22/2012
Catherine and Alexander2.00Jenna Brazel7/22/2012
Blotto, Twinks and the Bootlegger's Moll (Blotto & Twinks 4)13.92Simon Brett7/19/2012
Bloodcurse: A Regency Vampire Novel0.99Laura Briggs7/16/2012
In Love With a Lost Boy2.99Amy Brighton7/22/2012
Under His Skin6.37Sidney Bristol7/20/2012
Der Sprung in die Realität (German Edition)7.99Jenny Brix7/17/2012
Abigail's Journey: A Sequel to Journey of the Heart0.99Judith Bronte7/18/2012
In Her Wildest Dreams2.99Tami Brothers7/22/2012
Determination1.99Autumn Brown7/21/2012
Fist Me1.99Berengaria Brown7/17/2012
Feast of Candles0.99Stephanie Burkhart7/21/2012
Glisten of the Ngirozi2.99Dennis Butler7/22/2012
Inheritance of Love1.99Carol Cadoo7/18/2012
The Alluring Billionaire Country Doctor [Wives For The Western Billionaires 6] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic)4.40Paige Cameron7/18/2012
The First Spell (Prequel to Hot Magic)0.99Rachel Carrington7/17/2012
Tellusian Seed eBook7.98Mark A. Carter7/20/2012
The Care and Keeping of Sunny Deys2.99Chris C7/22/2012
Diary of Elan Eve (Elementals from the Overworld)4.99Traci Cerda7/21/2012
Darkness Awakened (The Supernaturals)1.99Elle Chardou7/17/2012
The Tyrant King3.99Cheri Chesley7/20/2012
Bestsellers: Duo3.99Joanne Clancy7/22/2012
Bestsellers: Collection3.99Joanne Clancy7/21/2012
Bestsellers: Couple3.99Joanne Clancy7/21/2012
Bestsellers: Duet3.99Joanne Clancy7/21/2012
Bestsellers: Hits3.99Joanne Clancy7/21/2012
Bestsellers: Pair3.99Joanne Clancy7/21/2012
THE LETTER5.99Marilyn Clay7/22/2012
Irresistible5.99Christina Cole7/16/2012
Larissa's DUI IN Paris: Reset: Heaven No Hell, Volume II (Reset:Heaven No Hell)1.99Doc Cole7/19/2012
It's Magic9.99Victoria Connelly7/23/2012
Cupid's Arrow (A Love Ink Novel)3.99Kris Cook7/23/2012
Inevitable3.99Kerrianne Coombes7/17/2012
The Bellman Wave: A tale of love madness and time travel.3.99Pearl Cozort7/17/2012
Timeless Desire4.79Gwyn Cready7/18/2012
Faithless2.99Missouri Dalton7/17/2012
Cardinal's Rule (Siren Publishing Menage and More)6.39Tymber Dalton7/18/2012
The Gypsy's Dance (The Hunter's Series)3.99Charlie Daye7/22/2012
Return to Innocence5.99karen day7/18/2012
King's Blood: Vampire Descent (A Serial Novel, Part 4)2.99P.J. Day7/19/2012
Colors of Love: Speed, Book 23.78Jess Dee7/24/2012
The Grudge Affair (Bloodsuckers)3.99Sara DeMent7/17/2012
Wife for Three [Duoterra 1] (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)3.99Jennifer Denys7/18/2012
Dangerous Intentions3.99Donna Hill and Hot Damn Designs7/23/2012
Die Leidenschaftliche Wahl (Choice Series) (German Edition)1.88Sylvia F. Blackwell and Friederike Dial7/17/2012
Slow Burn3.99Dawn Douglas7/17/2012
A Hunter's Angel (The Hunter's Dagger Series)4.99Cera duBois7/18/2012
Bus Stop6.99Anne Dudley7/22/2012
A Demon Bound3.99Debra Dunbar7/17/2012
Beguiling Bridget (Waltzing With the Wallflower)1.99Leah Sanders and Rachel Van Dyken7/18/2012
Smothered (Suppressed Saga Book 2)2.99Elliett Earhart7/23/2012
For All Eternity (Year if the Dragon)2.99Janet Eckford7/20/2012
Forever Bound (A Vampire And Werewolf Romance Anthology)2.99Cynthia Eden7/21/2012
Sara's Child (The Sara Colson Trilogy)6.99Susan Elle7/20/2012
Godspeed2.99Cara Ellison7/23/2012
Daughter Of The Wind -- Eastern Wind4.99Sandra Elsa7/17/2012
Gotta Get Next To You (Louisiana Love Series: City Girls)3.99Lynn Emery7/21/2012
Do Over2.99Emily Evans7/21/2012
Stranded but not Alone (Midnight Moanings Collection)3.85Cora Blu and Amy Eye7/20/2012
A Good and Gentle Man0.99Bernard Fancher7/20/2012
An Unsuitable Bride7.99Jane Feather7/24/2012
That Quiet Earth6.40Bruce Fellows7/17/2012
Speechless3.99Kim Fielding7/17/2012
A Thousand Blue7.99Stuart Finnie7/17/2012
The Highlander's Witch3.99Jennifer France7/17/2012
Where Will You Hide? (Dion Series)2.99M. E. Franco7/19/2012
Say Yes2.99Sasha J. Frost7/20/2012
The Good Shepherds Book Two: Faith, Hope, and Charity5.99Caina Fuller7/20/2012
Helter Skelter0.99Della Galton7/21/2012
The Hidden Flower1.55Jon Geekie7/21/2012
Dernier amour (French Edition)3.00Patrick Gofman,Catherine Barnay and Laurent Poullain7/16/2012
Hiding - Return of the Nine 32.99Viola Grace7/22/2012
Seeing Stars3.99Vanessa Grant7/18/2012
When Love Comes3.99Leigh Greenwood7/19/2012
Socially Awkward: A Novel2.99Stephanie Haddad7/20/2012
56 Men and Other Mistakes, a life of dating without the dinners.1.99Lynn Halsted7/17/2012
HER SWEETEST DOWNFALL (Paranormal Romance / Fantasy Novella) (Forever Girl Series - a Journal)0.99Rebecca Hamilton7/19/2012
The Sleeping Spell0.99K J Hamstead7/17/2012
A Matter of Pride3.78Marie Harte7/24/2012
Curuzú Gil (Spanish Edition)6.19Adriana Hartwig7/17/2012
Take It Like A Vamp2.99Candace Havens7/20/2012
Daughter Of Night4.99Kelley Heckart7/23/2012
The Riddell Riddle1.99R. Lee Clarke and Erena Hepler7/18/2012
Brick9.99Allison Hobbs7/24/2012
With Love, Magnolias (Love Series)2.99Sally Hollis7/18/2012
Highway to Love (CupidKey)4.99Karen E. Rigley and Ann M. House7/18/2012
Jack's Lost Love3.99John Thomas Humphries7/17/2012
Siochain5.99Aubrianna Hunter7/18/2012
Toys0.00Macaulay C. Hunter7/19/2012
Should There Be (Vampire Assassin League)0.99Jackie Ivie7/18/2012
Boots and Leather: Ugly Stick Saloon, Book 23.78Myla Jackson7/24/2012
The Devil & I0.99Christyn Jarvis7/20/2012
Dark Lotus3.61Fiona Jayde7/19/2012
Age of Aether2.99Mark Jeffrey7/22/2012
Indian Foot Lake Love Story0.99Samantha Johns7/19/2012
Lost In Her Mind2.99Kellie Kamryn7/18/2012
Sweet Tart (Weddings)1.99Marteeka Karland7/20/2012
Because of the Rain4.00Fiona Keane7/22/2012
The Valkyrie and the Marine2.99jj Keller7/17/2012
Fan Mail2.99Kate Kensington7/21/2012
The Golden Leopard7.99Lynn Kerstan7/24/2012
Four Weddings and a Fiasco Boxed Set (Books 1-3)5.99Lucy Kevin7/22/2012
Casual (Sex) Friday (66 Faces)2.99Evie Kiels7/17/2012
Wicked and Wonderful3.99Valerie King7/18/2012
Her Captain Dares All (Men of the Sea)0.99Eliza Knight7/21/2012
Im Bannkreis des Mondes: Roman (German Edition)6.39Lucy Monroe and Juliane Korelski7/20/2012
Frauen, Krieg und Nachbars Lumpi: Interview mit einem Fremdgeher (German Edition)2.03Maria Kowaljow7/20/2012
The Vampire Relationship Guide Collection: Volumes 1, 2 & 34.99Evelyn Lafont7/19/2012
Rescued (Flowers of the Bayou)6.99Arlene Lam7/20/2012
A Demon And His Psycho (Welcome To Hell)3.69Eve Langlais7/16/2012
Cowbells, Cuckoo Clocks & Chocolate3.99Mary-Anne Lavender7/18/2012
Heartbreak Guitar2.99Cindy Hargreaves and Crystal Lea7/21/2012
Whistling Woman, Crowing Hen0.99Nicki Leggatt7/19/2012
A Great Cup of Coffee (31 Days of Steamy Mocha)1.00Erica Leigh7/20/2012
Danger in the Cliffs3.99Patricia Lieb7/17/2012
Shira4.99Tressie Lockwood7/18/2012
Her Hero7.50Faith Loveright7/19/2012
Dark Fire3.99Elizabeth Lowell7/18/2012
Within the Shadows (Shadow World Novels)4.99J.A Lynch7/18/2012
Italian Ice (Precious Gems)6.99EM Lynley7/19/2012
Star Crossed Lovers2.99Layne Macadam7/20/2012
Incubation (Finding Peace)7.99Freddy MacKay7/21/2012
SING!5.99Jaye Valentine and Reno MacLeod7/23/2012
The Blood-Chosen (The Blood-Chosen Saga)9.99Melissa Marmino7/22/2012
Finding Life (Finding Hope)1.25D.L. Marriott7/20/2012
Her Island Destiny2.99Annie Marshall7/18/2012
Her Fantasy0.99Marie Martin7/23/2012
Gunslinger3.99Connie Mason7/18/2012
Gypsy Lover3.99Connie Mason7/18/2012
A Knight's Honor3.99Connie Mason7/18/2012
Seducing Cinderella2.99Gina L. Maxwell7/20/2012
The Avenging Maid3.99Janis Susan May7/18/2012
The Twelfth House (The Elementals)4.99T.L. McCallan7/20/2012
Back To Basics1.49Erin McCarthy7/18/2012
Swing Zone, Issue #52.99Jodi McClure,Alexis Jenny and Zach Revale7/17/2012
Stephan's Journey6.99Joe McCord7/20/2012
Killing Casanova3.99Traci McDonald7/23/2012
Double the Trouble (Texas Trouble)4.99Becky McGraw7/18/2012
The Last Dance3.99Wyatt McIntyre7/21/2012
Beyond Third Base4.76Ava McKnight7/20/2012
Terrific Tucks (Best Body Parts)4.99Dee McMahon7/23/2012
Dracula's Secret3.51Linda Mercury7/19/2012
Twenty2.99Mark Milstein7/17/2012
AWEN (Relatos Románticos y Fantásticos) (Spanish Edition)2.99ANA MARTÍNEZ DE LA RIVA MOLINA7/22/2012
GWYNETH (Relatos Románticos y Fantásticos) (Spanish Edition)2.99ANA MARTÍNEZ DE LA RIVA MOLINA7/22/2012
Divided: Setenid Blight Book Two2.99Kimberly Montague7/18/2012
Ruler of the Night (Lacey's Lamp)1.99Marsha A. Moore7/18/2012
Smitten Image3.99Pam B. Morris7/23/2012
Her Highland Laird3.99Debbie Mumford7/21/2012
Long Road to Philadelphia0.99Frances Murray7/18/2012
China Dahl3.99Phyllis J. Neuberger7/18/2012
Just for Fun4.40Erin Nicholas7/24/2012
Where the Heart Lays (Tales from the Heart)3.99Katherine McLellan and Cathy Nichols7/18/2012
Huntington Family Series Bundle49.47Rachel Ann Nunes7/17/2012
Cursed (Cursed Magic Series, Book 1)2.99Casey Odell7/21/2012
For Richer or for Poorer (The Gift of the Brass Bell Series-Book Two)4.99C.D. Loken and Olly7/17/2012
The Curious Quest6.99E. Phillips Oppenheim7/16/2012
Creatures of the Moon3.99Kristine Overbrook7/23/2012
Gemini5.99Chris Owen7/22/2012
Escape with A Rogue4.99Sharon Page7/20/2012
The Key (Dream Traveler In Time)2.99Sarah May Palmer7/19/2012
Fortune's Fate: A Novella ( Short Mystery Story )0.99Jack Parker7/22/2012
An A to Z of Love5.99Sophie Pembroke7/17/2012
The Sixth Key5.99Sue Perkins7/20/2012
The Causeway6.40Jim Pinnells7/17/2012
Vonkelvrou vir Jasper4.00Rika du Plessis7/23/2012
Vonkelvrou vir Jasper4.00Rika du Plessis7/23/2012
Coffin Girls (Elegantly Undead: Book 1 of the Coffin Girls Witch Vampire Series)1.99Aneesa Price7/18/2012
The Trespasser (Illustrated)0.99D.H. Lawrence and First Rate Publishers7/16/2012
Hot for Joe0.99Lily Rede7/22/2012
Kindred (The Darkwoods Trilogy)2.99J.A. Redmerski7/19/2012
A Better Man6.99RJ Scott and Jaime Reese7/21/2012
Avow (A Last Selkie Short Story Prequel)0.99Elizabeth A Reeves7/17/2012
Roller Coaster Ride (Grisholm County Chronicles)3.99Eileen Register7/18/2012
Diamonds4.68Brian Ritchie7/18/2012
Banishing Shadows6.00Lorna Jean Roberts7/18/2012
Action Hero Junkie [Movieland] (BookStrand Publishing Romance)2.99Sarah Roberts7/18/2012
The Last Queen (The Remnant)4.99David Rodgers7/21/2012
Last Summer2.99Rebecca A. Rogers7/18/2012
Spanked by an Angel [Notorious Nephilim 1] (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)4.40Carolyn Rosewood7/18/2012
Rogue Countess4.67Amy Sandas7/24/2012
Designing Fate6.99John Sandes7/20/2012
The Call of the Southern Cross: A Romance of Australia5.99John Sandes7/17/2012
J'AI EU QUINZE ANS (French Edition)6.00Jérémie Sariel7/18/2012
Tattooed Tryst4.76Cynthia Sax7/18/2012
Designs by Lily (The Fated Series)2.99Lynn Scott7/17/2012
Fairy Tale Theater (Aphrodite's Closet)3.99Bethany Sefchick7/23/2012
Forever Yours0.00Sameer Shahnewaz7/20/2012
Getty's Gas Station0.00Sameer Shahnewaz7/20/2012
The Best Vacation3.99Sameer Shahnewaz7/18/2012
The Canvas4.99Sameer Shahnewaz7/18/2012
So Typical0.00Sameer Shahnewaz7/17/2012
La tempesta [Annotated e con indice attivo] (Italian Edition)0.99William Shakespeare7/21/2012
The Julian Joke3.99RT Shoemake7/18/2012
The King Versus Commoner2.99Chloe Smith7/19/2012
Sororate (Circulate Series)3.99K.R. Smith7/23/2012
The Elusive Earl/Wishing Well Series (The Wishing Well series)3.99Anne Herries and Linda Sole7/21/2012
Insane Reno0.99Jossie Marie Solheim7/21/2012
Passionate Ink5.52Jan Springer7/20/2012
Abiding Echoes (Echoes of Orson's Folly)2.99Kay Springsteen7/18/2012
Death into Life6.99Olaf Stapledon7/21/2012
Friends Forever: A Novel13.99Danielle Steel7/24/2012
Shor Story Press Presents Insatiable Lovers Desire2.99Short Story Press and Hailey Storms7/20/2012
Intimate Enemies (Covert Affairs Series)3.99Joan Swan7/18/2012
From the Ashes0.99M.L. Thayer7/21/2012
BRAND (The Book of the Fallen)2.99N C Thomas7/23/2012
The Widow Wildblood9.99Dar Tomlinson7/19/2012
Ocean's Surrender3.60Denise Townsend7/24/2012
ICE CREAM SUMMER and other enthralling short stories1.59Janet MacLeod Trotter7/16/2012
Aislinn's Shadow (The Kin Chronicles)1.99Samantha Marshall and Tony Tulloch7/22/2012
Dear Diary: Daily Thoughts of a Serial Killer4.99Raven Usher7/23/2012
Deer Park Avenue- the Search for Katerin Valentyn6.49Cyrena Lemmer and Gina Valentyn7/17/2012
The Great Quest: A romance of 1826, wherein are recorded the experiences of Josiah Woods of Topham, and of those others with whom he sailed for Cuba and the Gulf of Guinea.2.99Charles Boardman Hawes and George Varian7/17/2012
The Lawson Boys: Alex3.99Angela Verdenius7/19/2012
Les Ardoises3.99Anel Viz7/21/2012
Becoming Jesse's Father (Book 2: The Lies Uncovered Trilogy; Dancing Moon Ranch Series)2.99Patricia Watters7/22/2012
Bittersweet Return (Book 3: The Lies Uncovered Trilogy; Dancing Moon Ranch Series)2.99Patricia Watters7/22/2012
The Name of the Game4.19Lisa Weseman7/23/2012
Her Proper Scoundrel3.99A.M. Westerling7/17/2012
The Laws of Love4.19Lisa White7/23/2012
Golden Vows3.99Karen Toller Whittenburg7/17/2012
Justice For All2.99Jessie Wilder7/23/2012
CRASH3.99Nicole Williams7/18/2012
Don't Forget to Call12.99Julie Tempchin Wimmer7/18/2012
Shadow Dance (The Mulleins of Katherine Bay)3.99Shirley Wine7/20/2012
The Vikings Pursuit (Weddings)1.99Nikki Winter7/20/2012
The Wish6.99Eden Winters7/19/2012
The Guardian3.99Joan Wolf7/17/2012
Conversational Silences1.99Stefanie Worth7/17/2012
Total Bliss2.99Sean D. Young7/17/2012
Greg's Ghost1.99Jill Zeller7/21/2012
Hallowed Ground2.99Cindy Ziperman7/20/2012
THE BABY DOCTOR (Doctor Series)0.99BobHutchinson7/18/2012
For the Love of Music4.99M7/16/2012
Clara's Hollywood Orgy (Clara's Erotic Adventures: A Curvy Woman (BBW) series)0.00RuMadden7/18/2012

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