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Mystery & Thrillers Kindle ebooks between 10/23/2012 and 10/30/2012

Mystery & Thrillers Kindle ebooks between 10/23/2012 and 10/30/2012.

The goal of this blog is to provide a way to quickly scan new releases in Amazon. Amazon's default search mechanism only shows 10 results at a time, which makes it very difficult to find new books, since hundreds of books are released every week. This article will reduce the amount of clicking and page loads required to see what was released. For more information see About the New Ebook Release Blog.

Between 10/23/2012 and 10/30/2012: 654 Mystery & Thrillers Kindle books were released. Click 'Read More' to see the complete list

Released Books Kindle ebooks

TitlePriceAuthor(s)Release Date
Hojas de Dedalera (Spanish Edition)6.00Victoria álvarez10/24/2012
Footsteps in the Sea0.99Su Adams10/28/2012
Der Tod führt Regie (FBI Special Agent) (German Edition)1.25Pete Hackett and FBI Special Agent10/26/2012
5 Fälle für Agent Burke - Sammelband Nr.2 (FBI Special Agent) (German Edition)3.99Pete Hackett and FBI Special Agent10/25/2012
Skrupellos (FBI Special Agent) (German Edition)1.25Pete Hackett and FBI Special Agent10/25/2012
The Farm0.00Sidrah Ahmad10/23/2012
The Blue Cube (Silicon Valley Saga)0.99J. Aiche,K. Heinrich,Shoujo Ramune and Louis Slotin10/23/2012
Good Intentions (Vagabonds' Adventures)6.99Reid Alan10/26/2012
The Price of Loss5.60Stuart Allison10/29/2012
Faded Rose2.99Diana Anderson10/25/2012
Two Complete Novels: The Convert / No Limit7.99Fred Anderson10/27/2012
Daughter of Light7.99V.C. Andrews10/30/2012
Neon Blue2.99John Argo10/28/2012
Night Shots (John Argo Imaginative Tales & Novels)0.99John Argo10/29/2012
A Summer of Deception0.99Rob Armstrong10/27/2012
The Crimson Falcon2.99David Arrayet,Kristen Arrayet and Lynn Arrayet10/27/2012
The Black Pigeon3.99Anne Austin10/27/2012
Murder at Bridge0.99Anne Austin10/27/2012
One Drop of Blood3.99Anne Austin10/27/2012
Die Expedition des Doctor Nikola (German Edition)9.99Guy N. Booth and Michael Böhnhardt10/28/2012
Paradox-Traveler5.99Richard Baetens10/23/2012
No Tears for the Fallen4.99Steve Bailey10/23/2012
The Postman Always Shoots Twice3.99Stella Baker10/28/2012
Godchild9.99Michael Daniel Baptiste10/23/2012
A Stormy Night0.99Brian Barber10/29/2012
NOD4.75Adrian Barnes10/29/2012
Whack Job4.99Mike Baron10/28/2012
The Cardinals of Schengen2.99Michael Barton10/29/2012
Trouble Comes to Sorrow (#2)0.99Jack Bates10/29/2012
Her Beautiful Monster6.99Mandi Bean10/25/2012
After the Maya0.99Jonah Becker10/25/2012
The Mardi Gras Mystery0.99H. Bedford-Jones10/29/2012
The Devil Doesn't Want Me3.99Eric Beetner10/23/2012
Tonight! The Charlie Manson Band3.99Michael Beiriger10/29/2012
Saved By Lust2.99Sophia Bellefonte10/25/2012
American Myth: 20129.99Jerry Beller10/29/2012
Las Crónicas de las Noches. (Vida de un portero de discoteca). Segunda Parte. (Spanish Edition)1.99Francisco Belmonte10/27/2012
Eleven Pipers Piping: A Father Christmas Mystery11.99C. C. Benison10/30/2012
Schon verschwunden: Thriller (German Edition)3.99John Rector and Christiane Bergfeld10/30/2012
Skeleton Key0.99CP Bialois,Jamie White and Audrey Haney10/23/2012
The Cannibal2.99Jesse Bier10/25/2012
The House Without a Key0.99Earl Derr Biggers10/27/2012
Californians and Other Cowboys2.99Mark Biskeborn10/29/2012
The Screen Conspiracy2.99Maxwell Black10/24/2012
Freeze Me, Tender3.99Michael A. Black10/25/2012
Séance in Sepia3.99Michelle Black10/25/2012
Cavalo de Santo (Spanish Edition)5.99Jorge Troccoli and Stella Maris Blanc10/29/2012
Street Assassin0.99Major Jackson and Thomas Blueprint10/25/2012
ÚLTIMO PLANO (Spanish Edition)2.99MARTINA BLUME10/25/2012
Merry Merry Murder2.99Jeff Boarts10/26/2012
Paul T.Möller: Dem Killer so nah (German Edition)5.82Jörg Bohne10/23/2012
Killed in Cornwall (A & B Crime)6.99Janie Bolitho10/29/2012
Abschied ist ein scharfes Schwert. Ein Mordsroman (German Edition)2.45Ralf Boscher10/24/2012
Alligator Alley (The Continuing Adventure of Glen Wilson)4.95Ken Coffman and Mark Bothum10/24/2012
The Warlock0.99Nicholas Boving10/29/2012
DIE GLOCKE: The Bell9.99Kelsey T. Bowman10/29/2012
The Poppy Girl's Husband - Boston Blackie2.99Jack Boyle,Diane Walker and Gary Walker10/25/2012
Hurricane Sandy (Vigilante Girl)0.99Phillipa Braham10/28/2012
Origin7.99JT Brannan10/25/2012
Death Notes2.99John Wesley Braswell10/24/2012
Eine Ode an den Toten (German Edition)2.99Andreas Braun10/28/2012
Dispossession4.99Chaz Brenchley10/23/2012
Found Money0.99Steve Brewer10/26/2012
By Any Other Name8.99AJ Brewster10/29/2012
The Hiding Game4.50Jane Brindle10/29/2012
No Heaven, No Hell4.50Jane Brindle10/29/2012
No Mercy4.50Jane Brindle10/29/2012
Scarlet4.50Jane Brindle10/29/2012
The Tallow Image4.50Jane Brindle10/29/2012
Seeds of Death Resign or Die: Resign or Die14.95Dan Tamblo and Todd Broeker10/23/2012
Playing God2.99Matthew Brooks10/24/2012
Nacht ohne Mond (German Edition)2.99J.E. Brookstone10/25/2012
Verlorene Seelen - Mystery Kurzthriller (German Edition)2.99J.E. Brookstone10/24/2012
Wolf unter Hyänen - Kurzthriller (German Edition)2.99J.E. Brookstone10/24/2012
Conspiracy of Knaves: A Novel11.99Dee Brown10/23/2012
FIRE ON THE HILL: An Epic Novel From Ireland's Past: (Michael Dwyer's Story) Book 2 of THE LIBERTY TRILOGY)4.75Gretta Curran Browne10/28/2012
Rending Skies / 2012 (Faulkner's Curse Series)7.99Jean Brown10/24/2012
He never brings me flowers...0.99Cora Buhlert10/27/2012
Decker P.I. Running the voodoo Down3.99Bill Craig and Judy Bullard10/29/2012
Missing From The Links2.99M. H. Burton10/23/2012
The Judge's Secret (Jonny Dimbo)1.99Marcia Byerly10/23/2012
The Mobster's Secret (Jonny Dimbo)1.99Marcia Byerly10/23/2012
The Pilot's Secret (Jonny Dimbo)1.99Marcia Byerly10/23/2012
The Priest's Secret (Jonny Dimbo)1.99Marcia Byerly10/23/2012
The Warden's Secret (Jonny Dimbo)1.99Marcia Byerly10/23/2012
Walking to The Moon1.99Lesley Byers10/26/2012
All of Our Secrets2.99Rick Bylina10/29/2012
Too Busy to Hate, Volume 2: Tales of Murder from the Streets of Atlanta2.99Julian Cage10/29/2012
Too Busy to Hate: Tales of Murder from the Streets of Atlanta2.99Julian Cage10/25/2012
Las Putas del Holandés (El Holandés Híbrido) (Spanish Edition)0.00Pablo F. Campos10/25/2012
Digital Renaissance2.99Jose Miguel Cansado10/28/2012
City of Screams0.99James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell10/30/2012
Vows to Kill2.99Mark Capell10/29/2012
A Buried Tale (Twisted Cedars Mysteries)4.99C.J. Carmichael10/25/2012
The Strange Case of the Golem of Taos9.99David Carson10/28/2012
Violation (Sgt Major Crane novels)2.99Wendy Cartmell10/26/2012
El Secreto de los Cristales (Spanish Edition)2.99Pat Casalà and Àlex Martínez CasalÃ10/27/2012
Cosas Perdidas (Kindle Single) (Spanish Edition)1.99John Rector and Gabriela Ellena Castellotti10/30/2012
Angeli perduti (Italian Edition)3.00Giovanni Catania10/29/2012
Short Stories4.80L.L. CAULTON10/25/2012
Voynich. Il Segreto del Barabba ( per approf vedere il saggio Taumà il gemello di Gesù Macro edizioni) (Elisabeth Monroe e Joseph Cardinali) (Italian Edition)1.30Barbara Cesa10/29/2012
Who Killed Rita Colleridge? (First of a series of detective books featuring Buck Wolfe)7.99Donald Gazzaniga and Dr. Leo Chalupa10/23/2012
Loves Deception4.95Clark Chamberlain10/24/2012
Catch Me Who Can: A Steampunk Novella3.00Dominic Chandos10/23/2012
The Treasure Hunt5.00Dave Charles10/23/2012
Under the Eye of God: An Isaac Sidel Novel9.99Jerome Charyn10/30/2012
The Tax Assassin (A Seth and Ava Mystery)4.99Claudia Hall Christian10/23/2012
The Mousetrap and Other Plays13.53Agatha Christie10/30/2012
Trapped7.99April Christofferson10/30/2012
Higher Than Jesus (The Hit Man Series)3.99Robert Chazz Chute10/29/2012
Lucky Says Hello2.50Peter Cimino10/25/2012
I Am Legion: Capture on Kromilos--an Archon I Am Legion story1.49Scott W. Clark10/25/2012
The Graving Dock (Jack Leightner Crime Novels)4.99Gabriel Cohen10/24/2012
Red Hook (Jack Leightner Crime Novels)4.99Gabriel Cohen10/24/2012
Craig Kennedy ermittelt (German Edition)3.99Arthur B. Reeve and Clarissa Cohn10/23/2012
DEADLY SHADOWS3.99Maggie Collins10/27/2012
Merry Widow0.99M A Comley10/27/2012
L'Homme marigot (French Edition)9.85Luc COMPTONE10/27/2012
Back Of Beyond2.99Lisa J. Comstock10/28/2012
The Safe Man: A Ghost Story (Kindle Single)1.99Michael Connelly10/23/2012
Follow the Scent2.99Tom Conroy10/27/2012
SIlly Season2.99Tom Conroy10/27/2012
Sexy Babe2.99James L. Conway10/29/2012
Blue Atomic Skies5.59Russell Cooper10/24/2012
Fine Young Turks (Chronicles of a Gentlewoman)3.99Michael Coorlim10/29/2012
UN PICCOLO MISTERO MORTALE (Le indagini di Lady Costantine - Torino 1806) (Italian Edition)3.77Annarita Coriasco10/24/2012
Conan Doyle, Detective8.53Peter Costello10/25/2012
A Body in the Backyard (A Myrtle Clover Mystery)3.99Elizabeth Spann Craig10/28/2012
Il tormento e l'estasi.1 (Racconti) (Italian Edition)1.20Alberto Crispi10/27/2012
Il tormento e l'estasi.3 (Racconti) (Italian Edition)1.20Alberto Crispi10/27/2012
Il tormento e l'estasi.4 (Racconti) (Italian Edition)1.20Alberto Crispi10/27/2012
La coppa, il ferro incandescente, il rogo ed il gas (Le storie del commissario Deni) (Italian Edition)1.20Alberto Crispi10/27/2012
A Strange Case of Undead Murder2.99R.G. Crossley10/27/2012
Old Friends2.99Leah Cutter10/29/2012
No Happy Ending1.50Voodoo Daddy,TJ Scott and ML Erwin10/24/2012
Don't Mess with Brett (Brett Cornell Series)0.99David D. D'Aguanno10/24/2012
The Crimson Mask Omnibus Volume 14.99Norman A. Daniels,Frank Johnson and Tom Johnson10/29/2012
Tráfico Ilegal de ÓRGANOS HUMANOS (Spanish Edition)6.00Joe J. Dark10/27/2012
EL CONSEGUIDOR (Spanish Edition)6.00Joe J. Dark10/25/2012
The Immortality Connection2.50James Davis10/23/2012
What You Wish For: A Novel of Suspense10.36Janet Dawson10/23/2012
A Christmas Mystery in Provence6.00Mary-Jane Deeb10/26/2012
The Sanctuary11.99Ted Dekker10/30/2012
Right Hand of the Prophet7.00Cameron Demers10/29/2012
Vengeance 2007 Book One of the Diamond Redux Trilogy9.98Dewey Dempsey10/28/2012
One Dead Sister7.99Randall Denley10/25/2012
Vorago (Italian Edition)3.60Raf Derose10/25/2012
Ring-A-Ring O'Roses (Rose Red Rhymes - crime thriller short stories)2.99Saffina DESFORGES10/23/2012
Frozen Camelot5.99Kenneth Diamond10/28/2012
The Raven's Eye (Short Twisted Tales)1.00George Francis Dickman10/23/2012
The Pain Scale4.99Tyler Dilts10/30/2012
From Manhattan with Love and Revenge (Boxed Set) (Fifth Avenue Series)4.99Christopher Smith and Brandi Doane10/25/2012
Bear Medicine2.99Chris Dobbs10/23/2012
The Demon Archer (A Mystery Featuring Medieval Sleuth Hugh Corbett)8.66Dr Paul Doherty10/30/2012
The Devil's Hunt (A Medieval Mystery Featuring Hugh Corbett)8.66Dr Paul Doherty10/30/2012
The Magician's Death (Hugh Corbett Mysteries 14)8.66Dr Paul Doherty10/30/2012
Murder Imperial (Ancient Roman Mysteries)8.50Dr Paul Doherty10/30/2012
Murder Wears a Cowl (A Medieval Mystery Featuring Hugh Corbett)8.66Dr Paul Doherty10/30/2012
Murder's Immortal Mask (Ancient Roman Mysteries)8.50Dr Paul Doherty10/30/2012
The Mysterium (Sir Hugh Corbett 17)8.66Dr Paul Doherty10/30/2012
Nightshade (Hugh Corbett Mystery 16)8.66Dr Paul Doherty10/30/2012
The Poison Maiden (Mathilde of Westminster 2)8.66Dr Paul Doherty10/30/2012
The Treason of the Ghosts (Hugh Corbett Mysteries 12)8.66Dr Paul Doherty10/30/2012
The Waxman Murders (Hugh Corbett Mysteries 15)8.66Dr Paul Doherty10/30/2012
Domina (Paul Doherty Historical Mysteries)8.50Paul Doherty10/30/2012
The Queen of the Night (Ancient Rome Mysteries)8.50Paul Doherty10/30/2012
The Song of the Gladiator (Ancient Roman Mysteries)8.50Paul Doherty10/30/2012
The Angel of Death (A Medieval Mystery Featuring Hugh Corbett)8.66Paul Doherty10/30/2012
The Assassin in the Greenwood (A Medieval Mystery Featuring Hugh Corbett)8.66Paul Doherty10/30/2012
Corpse Candle (Hugh Corbett Mysteries 13)8.66Paul Doherty10/30/2012
The Cup of Ghosts (Mathilde of Westminster 1)8.66Paul Doherty10/30/2012
The Darkening Glass (Mathilde of Westminster 3)8.66Paul Doherty10/30/2012
The Prince of Darkness (A Medieval Mystery Featuring Hugh Corbett)8.66Paul Doherty10/30/2012
Satan in St Mary's (Hugh Corbett Mysteries 01)8.66Paul Doherty10/30/2012
Satan's Fire (A Medieval Mystery Featuring Hugh Corbett)8.66Paul Doherty10/30/2012
The Song of a Dark Angel (A Medieval Mystery Featuring Hugh Corbett)8.66Paul Doherty10/30/2012
Spy in Chancery (A Medieval Mystery Featuring Hugh Corbett)8.66Paul Doherty10/30/2012
Shattered2.99Sherrie Dol10/25/2012
The Angels Are Crying5.95Richard D'Onofrio10/28/2012
El sabueso de los baskerville (Los misterios de Sherlock Holmes) (Spanish Edition)2.99Arthur Conan Doyle10/29/2012
The Hound of the Baskervilles0.99Arthur Conan Doyle10/25/2012
Full Fathom Five - The Homicide Files (A Lincoln Munroe Novella, #1)2.99Harrison Drake10/28/2012
Soi 232.00John Dugen10/29/2012
A Small Hill to Die On: A Penny Brannigan Mystery (Penny Brannigan Mysteries)11.99Elizabeth J. Duncan10/30/2012
Through Mud & Monsters2.99Mike Dunkley,Stephanie Chambers,Chelsea Adams and Russell Williams10/27/2012
Hot Diggity Dead (Turnbull Mysteries)2.99J. S. Dvorak10/27/2012
A Klondike Claim0.99Nicholas Carter and Snazz eBooks10/25/2012
Les chats n'aiment pas la confiture (French Edition)6.18Chantal CANU-CROUËT and 7 Ecrit Editions10/24/2012
Le Pigeon de la Rochefoucauld (French Edition)6.18Ludovic GOURMAUD and 7 Ecrit Editions10/24/2012
"On His Majesty's Secret Service"9.00Eddie Edwards10/23/2012
Midnight: Century of the Vampires, Books 1-3 (Vampire Dystopia)6.99Ami Blackwelder and Ashely Egan10/27/2012
Midnight: Century of the Vampires, Book 2 (Vampire Dystopia)3.99Ami Blackwelder and Ashley Egan10/27/2012
Midnight: Century of the Vampires (Vampire Dystopia)3.99Ami Blackwelder and Ashley Egan10/27/2012
Letzter Flug (German Edition)8.20Christian Eidenberger10/27/2012
Investigator4.99Robert Eisenhart10/23/2012
Run, Clarissa, Run4.99Rachel Eliason10/28/2012
Having Had5.99Alan Epstein10/24/2012
Abadón (Spanish Edition)0.99Mario Escobar10/26/2012
El falso profeta (Spanish Edition)0.99Mario Escobar10/26/2012
El gobernador (Spanish Edition)0.99Mario Escobar10/26/2012
Las siete copas (Spanish Edition)0.99Mario Escobar10/26/2012
EggHead2.99Lawrence Estrey10/25/2012
The Tourist Killer2.99FC Etier10/23/2012
The Spider's Banquet4.90Julius Falconer10/25/2012
Troubled Waters4.90Julius Falconer10/25/2012
El niño de la nieve (La Trama) (Spanish Edition)8.79M.J. McGrath and Santiago Del Rey Farres10/26/2012
Taken - Before her very Eyes0.99Wade Faubert10/26/2012
Blood runs thicker when betrayed3.99Andrew Fennell10/23/2012
Kanzlerwahl (German Edition)9.90Ingo-Michael Feth10/29/2012
The Dream Seeker7.99Matthew S. Field10/25/2012
Strange Tales from the 1940s and1950s2.99Kelly Fitzroy10/27/2012
Featherfoot2.99Kim Fleet10/28/2012
Reckless Abandon3.99Jenn Flynn-Shon10/29/2012
Untitled #1414.99Vince Flynn10/23/2012
Help Wanted3.99Kat Folland10/29/2012
Tuning In (An Elite Short Story)0.99Jayne Fordham10/25/2012
A Gunwoman's Grace (The Jubilant Parker Sisters)2.99BK Fowler10/29/2012
The Bone Bride (Tales of the Scrimshaw Doll)2.99Tamrie Foxtail10/23/2012
La Clairstidée (Objectif l'éternité) (French Edition)9.99Serge France10/28/2012
Bring Down the Furies (Quint Mitchell Mystery Series)4.89Parker Francis10/28/2012
The Eye's Revelation (Third Eye Trilogy)2.99Bob Frank,Lynn Boston and Patti Hultstrand10/28/2012
Mere Anarchy2.99Mark Frankland10/23/2012
Mac Monkey5.00Simon Frank10/27/2012
Janusgesichter - Stories aus der Klemm & Klau GmbH Ost (German Edition)9.99Hans-Jürgen Lüdemann and Ernst Franta10/27/2012
Tödliches Alibi (German Edition)9.99Hans-Ulrich Lüdemann and Ernst Franta10/27/2012
Das letzte Kabinettstück (German Edition)9.99Hans-Ulrich Lüdemann and Ernst Franta10/25/2012
Driven To It (The Falconer Files - Brief Cases 5)0.99Andrea Frazer10/29/2012
The Trumpet 20.00Damian Fredericks10/25/2012
Too Perfect2.99Paul E. Freel10/27/2012
Unti Freveletti #45.99Jamie Freveletti10/30/2012
Shadows in Winter7.99F. Jay Fuller10/26/2012
Im Labyrinth der liebenden Frauen (German Edition)3.00Louise Fu10/26/2012
Geldsegen (German Edition)7.50Ben Oscar and Christoph Gött10/25/2012
The Crimson River: A Frontier Novel (Mysterious Ways # 4)7.99Donna Westover Gallup10/25/2012
The Tanks (the Bethesda Wars)1.49Howard Gardos10/28/2012
Suprise (Deception)0.99Jill Gates10/28/2012
Aish (Spanish Edition)1.29Martín Torres Gavíria10/24/2012
The Bardo State2.99Alfredo Germont10/26/2012
The Rizzoli & Isles Series 9-Book Bundle: The Surgeon, The Apprentice, The Sinner, Body Double, Vanish, The Mephisto Club, The Keepsake, Ice Cold, The Silent Girl58.99Tess Gerritsen10/30/2012
Shawn Dawgeron P.I.: Junkyard Dog (The Dog Catcher Series)0.99S.A. Gibbons10/28/2012
Running Blind2.99Jay Giles10/29/2012
Power Fade9.99Keith Gockenbach10/29/2012
Alms for Oblivion7.45Philip Gooden10/25/2012
Death of Kings7.45Philip Gooden10/25/2012
Fleur de Bagne, L'Intégrale (French Edition)9.99Marie-François Goron,Emile Gautier and Jean-Daniel Brèque10/24/2012
The Unravelling of Thomas Malone3.99Elly Grant10/24/2012
Linda Escapes (Drug Flight)0.99Roger Gray10/25/2012
Pivot Point9.99Betsy Brannon Green10/25/2012
Woman at the Top of the Stairs4.99Deidra D. S. Green,J'son M. Lee and Leah Frieday10/28/2012
Macabre Murder Mysteries3.99Jim Green10/27/2012
Miss Tayke Investigates Graveyard Murders1.50Jim Green10/27/2012
The Revenge of Cato Street (Piccadilly Publishing Crime)1.99Paul Green,Mike Stotter,Ben Bridges and Piccadilly Publishing10/28/2012
The Descent From Truth2.99Gaylon Greer10/23/2012
More Than Psycho2.99Allen Gregory10/24/2012
The Racketeer12.99John Grisham10/23/2012
The Last Stand: A Collection of Novellas and Stories by Derek Gunn2.99Derek Gunn10/23/2012
Daughter With A Mission6.99Satish Gupta10/23/2012
Chad Everett - wie eine Ladung Dynamit (Western) (German Edition)2.99Pete Hackett10/29/2012
36 Stunden Galgenfrist (Western) (German Edition)1.99Pete Hackett10/25/2012
Im Banne des Bösen (Western) (German Edition)2.99Pete Hackett10/25/2012
Sattelwölfe - Band 29 (Der Kopfgeldjäger - Western-Serie von Pete Hackett) (German Edition)1.99Pete Hackett10/25/2012
Mit ihnen kamen Hass und Tod (Western) (German Edition)2.99Pete Hackett10/24/2012
Sein Name war Gesetz (Western) (German Edition)2.99Pete Hackett10/24/2012
Wer mit dem Tod handelt (FBI Special Agent) (German Edition)1.24Pete Hackett,FBI Special Agent and Steve Mayer10/29/2012
Ein tödlicher Deal (FBI Special Agent) (German Edition)1.25Pete Hackett,FBI Special Agent and Steve Mayer10/24/2012
Lauf um dein Leben, Agent Burke! (FBI Special Agent) (German Edition)0.00Pete Hackett,FBI Special Agent and Steve Mayer10/24/2012
The Death Pictures (The TV Detective Series)2.99Simon Hall10/26/2012
Evil Valley (The TV Detective Series)2.99Simon Hall10/26/2012
The Judgement Book (The TV Detective Series)2.99Simon Hall10/26/2012
The TV Detective (The TV Detective Series)2.99Simon Hall10/26/2012
Brothers and Bones0.99James Hankins10/25/2012
Drawn2.99James Hankins10/25/2012
Jack of Spades2.99James Hankins10/25/2012
Villains of the Apocalypse (A Secret Apocalypse Short)0.99James Harden10/25/2012
Drk3.99Frank Harder10/23/2012
When the Wind Blows9.99Cyril Hare10/26/2012
Untimely Death9.99Cyril Hare10/24/2012
Justice Served3.99LoniKaye Harkless10/23/2012
The Hollow Man: A Novel8.89Oliver Harris10/23/2012
Ambrosine4.99Noreen Harrison10/26/2012
DEIN KÖRPER EIN GRAB (German Edition)4.99Sandra Mulansky and Ulli Harth10/23/2012
A Dirty Shame (Romantic Mystery) Book 2 in the J.J. Graves Series (J.J. Graves Mystery)4.99Liliana Hart10/26/2012
The Tangled Bridge9.99Rhodi Hawk10/30/2012
Sunshine and Shade (Dark Mercury)3.99John Hawthorne10/28/2012
Dead on Arrival (RSVP)1.99Gamal Hennessy10/27/2012
Vintage2.99Will Henry10/28/2012
The Woman with a Rain Pot (Southwest Adventures)0.99Dennis Herrick10/27/2012
Before She Dies (Slaughter Creek)0.99Rita Herron10/24/2012
A Question of Identity: A Simon Serrailler Mystery13.99Susan Hill10/25/2012
Dead Fall: A Joe Hunter Story0.99Matt Hilton10/23/2012
Pyramid - Un'assassina di nome Jane (Italian Edition)5.40Andrea Manfredi Hofer10/29/2012
Good Luck, Bad Luck, No Luck At All2.99James M Hoffman10/24/2012
Boy 396.39Derek Holser10/23/2012
Border Girls: Too Beautiful & Sexy to Resist. Too Wild to Tame. (Jake Card Mysteries)4.69Van Holt10/28/2012
Down the Colorado (A Kiko and Maggie Perez Mystery)2.99Karen Hopkins10/29/2012
Killers Dot Com6.95Ian Horn10/28/2012
Murder and Curses3.50Sarah Horton10/27/2012
A Comfit of Rogues (Red Ned Tudor Mysteries)0.99Gregory House and Jocelyn House10/29/2012
Our Second Selves4.99Aeddan Howells10/23/2012
Lost for Words3.10Aeddan Howells10/23/2012
Nothing but Males2.99Aeddan Howells10/23/2012
Death Comes Quickly (The Inspector Harper Series)9.99Alan Hucker10/27/2012
Tomorrow's Garden2.99Harriet Hudson10/25/2012
WREATH OF DECEPTION (Craft Corner Mysteries)3.99Mary Ellen Hughes10/26/2012
The Mystery of a Hansom Cab: tie-in edition3.99Fergus Hume10/24/2012
The Corpse Flower (A Jane Jillson Mystery)0.99Gay Toltl Kinman and Ann Hunnewell10/28/2012
The Coyote's Find (A Jane Jillson Mystery)0.99Gay Toltl Kinman and Ann Hunnewell10/28/2012
The Fire Drill (A Jane Jillson Mystery)0.99Gay Toltl Kinman and Ann Hunnewell10/28/2012
Hide in Plain View (A Jane Jillson Mystery)0.99Gay Toltl Kinman and Ann Hunnewell10/28/2012
Theft of The Rare Bookds (A Jane Jillson Mystery)0.99Gay Toltl Kinman and Ann Hunnewell10/28/2012
see you in hell (The White Dove Trilogy)3.00Oscar Hutson10/24/2012
A Matter Of Time9.99Ann Allen Brahms and Paul Brahms II10/24/2012
Death's Valley (Darkness Series)3.99Leonard D. Hilley II10/29/2012
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Illustrated)2.97Washington Irving10/27/2012
GODDESS OF THE MOON (A Diana Racine Psychic Suspense)2.99Polly Iyer10/27/2012
STRIKE ZONE (Volume I)0.99Grettir Jacobs10/29/2012
Crush: Karen Vail Novel #2 (Karen Vail Series)4.99Alan Jacobson10/24/2012
Velocity: Karen Vail Novel #3 (Karen Vail Series)4.99Alan Jacobson10/24/2012
Not So Model Home10.99David James10/30/2012
Max Randy Porn Star Detective2.99Roger Jay10/27/2012
No More Tears Now6.99Robert Jensen10/27/2012
The Road17.50Catherine Jinks10/29/2012
The Second State (Mina Balestra novels)0.99John Johnson10/26/2012
Angry Aligators of South West Australia4.50Michael Johnson10/24/2012
Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet11.99Darynda Jones10/30/2012
April (Jane Hetherington's Adventures in Detection: 4)2.99Nina Jon10/25/2012
A Ijegra Vermelha (Portuguese Edition)3.78Scott Nicholson and Christiane Jost10/27/2012
O Anel de Caveira (Portuguese Edition)3.78Scott Nicholson and Marcelo Jost10/27/2012
Home0.99Chad Ibbotson and Sarah Joubert10/26/2012
The Phone1.49Michael Robertson Jr10/29/2012
Middleman3.99Brian Kaighin10/26/2012
Mystery, Ink. (The Girl My Town Forgot)6.99Markus Kane10/29/2012
Das Kloster (German Edition)2.99Simone Kaplan10/29/2012
An Advent for Religious Liberty: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel9.99Ray Keating10/25/2012
Death, Taxes, and a Sequined Clutch: A Tara Holloway Novella1.99Diane Kelly10/30/2012
Act of Betrayal7.99Shirley Kennett10/30/2012
Burning Rose: A Novel7.99Shirley Kennett10/30/2012
Chameleon7.99Shirley Kennett10/30/2012
Fire Cracker7.99Shirley Kennett10/30/2012
Gray Matter7.99Shirley Kennett10/30/2012
Time of Death7.99Shirley Kennett10/30/2012
V4e Corp2.99Dex Kerma10/28/2012
Time Walker Chronicles Volume 1: Filling the Void2.99P.D. Kew10/26/2012
Docketful of Poesy: A Poetic Death Mystery (Poetic Death Mysteries)9.99Diana Killian10/23/2012
Cell (Exitos De Plaza & Janes) (Spanish Edition)5.99Stephen King10/24/2012
Insomnia (Spanish Edition)6.99Stephen King10/24/2012
La historia de Lisey (Exitos De Plaza & Janes) (Spanish Edition)7.99Stephen King10/24/2012
itansenkokushikizenya (Japanese Edition)4.99Ane Kitae10/24/2012
Frischer Fang (Ein Kurz-Krimi) (German Edition)0.99André Klein10/28/2012
Fantasies of the Mind1.99Mary Klopchin-Duck10/28/2012
Catwalk in den Tod (German Edition)1.24Michael Koglin10/23/2012
Terror Birds1.99Charles Kohlberg10/29/2012
Clara (German Edition)8.20Michael Koller10/27/2012
Bombe (German Edition)2.99Liv Kolloff10/23/2012
Das Gleichnis oder Michas Welt der Smybole (German Edition)6.79Alexander Kopitkow10/23/2012
POED (Candy's Monsters)0.99Candy Korman10/29/2012
Charis (Symphonie des Bösen) (German Edition)6.90Astrid Korten10/29/2012
Poesie des Bösen (Poesie-Reihe) (German Edition)2.99Astrid Korten10/25/2012
FATWA0.99Thomas M. Kostigen10/23/2012
Le fils du Président (French Edition)9.99Krandall Kraus10/25/2012
Final Dawn: Season 1 (The Thrilling Post-Apocalyptic Series)5.99Mike Kraus10/24/2012
Final Dawn: Episode 5 (The Thrilling Post-Apocalyptic Series)1.99Mike Kraus10/23/2012
account murder case (Japanese Edition)0.99YUICHIRO KUZURYU10/29/2012
bounding fate (Japanese Edition)0.99YUICHIRO KUZURYU10/29/2012
The Revised Complete Chronology of Bronze4.99Rick Lai10/29/2012
CELEBRITY STATUS (A Kate Huntington Mystery)1.99Kassandra Lamb10/23/2012
Changes A Werewolf's Saga2.99Michael Lampman10/25/2012
The Pack A Werewolf's Saga2.99Michael Lampman10/25/2012
Wings to Redemption (An Alex Boudreau Adventure)3.99Paul Landes10/23/2012
Federal: The Federal Reserve. The dangerous, secret, privately owned company ...9.99Hotse Langeraar10/23/2012
In the Shadow of Sadd2.99Steen Langstrup,Gretelise Holm,Sara Blaedel and Lars Kjaedegaard10/25/2012
La maison hantée rue Chambois (French Edition)2.99Patrice Lartre10/28/2012
Twisted Dreams0.99Lauren Schwark and Steven Lasco10/24/2012
She Did The Best She Could3.99Bebe Lavin10/24/2012
Destination Uncertain (Cody Bryant Mystery)2.99Larry LaVoie10/25/2012
Money can Kill (DCI Martin Phelps Cardiff Bay Series Book 4)3.00Wonny Lea10/26/2012
Awakening (Covenant College Book One)2.99Amanda M. Lee10/24/2012
The Amazing Spiderman 1963 Vintage Collection Comics1.99Stan Lee10/29/2012
In the Still of the Night (Sizzling Romantic Suspense)0.99Taylor Lee10/25/2012
September-Tod (German Edition)5.21Stefan Lehner10/24/2012
Le syndrome de l'imposteur (French Edition)4.30Jocelyn Lemeunier10/24/2012
Cocaine Zombies4.95Scott A. Lerner10/23/2012
Dead Man's Float0.99Rosanne Limoncelli10/28/2012
Lethal Landlord (The Donny from Manchester Mysteries)0.99John Lock10/29/2012
Low Jinks on the High Seas3.99Charles Locks10/28/2012
Monstrosities0.00Lori R. Lopez10/27/2012
A Cabin Tale2.99Nelson Lowhim10/23/2012
The Angels & Demons of Hamlin8.95Gary Ludwig10/29/2012
Necroscope 4: ENTSEELT (German Edition)7.76Brian Lumley10/25/2012
Necroscope 8: BLUTFÜRSTEN (German Edition)7.76Brian Lumley10/25/2012
Necroscope 9: WERWOLFSJAGD (German Edition)7.76Brian Lumley10/25/2012
Necroscope 1: AUFERSTEHUNG (German Edition)7.76Brian Lumley10/24/2012
Thicker Than Blood (Alo Nudger Series)9.99John Lutz10/23/2012
Der Mord von gegenüber (German Edition)6.79Friederike Maass10/26/2012
Black Moon (The Tango Key Mysteries)3.99T.J. MacGregor10/26/2012
Helemdor (Spanish Edition)3.99Esteban Madrussan10/27/2012
Wunderberg (German Edition)4.88Andreas F. Maier10/27/2012
Nikki's Secret2.99William Malmborg10/27/2012
Chalk Ghost0.00Catherine Mambretti10/25/2012
HURRICANE FATS (A Cole Sudden Thriller)0.99Lawrence De Maria10/29/2012
The Dark Winter12.99David Mark10/25/2012
The Ngaio Marsh Collection (II) - The Nursing Home Murder / Death in Ecstasy9.99Ngaio Marsh10/25/2012
The Ngaio Marsh Collection (III) - Vintage Murder / Overture to Death9.99Ngaio Marsh10/25/2012
The Ngaio Marsh Collection (I) - A Man Lay Dead / Enter a Murderer9.99Ngaio Marsh10/24/2012
Instrument of Slaughter (Home Front Detective)9.99Edward Marston10/29/2012
Vegas or Bust: An Aggie Underhill Mystery2.99Michelle Ann Hollstein and Laura Martinez10/26/2012
Quiet Desperation0.99Alfred C. Martino10/26/2012
Deathscape3.99Dana Marton10/28/2012
maro on the edge (Japanese Edition)4.00heribe maruo10/27/2012
Religious Excerpt From The Death Tax Murder Mystery0.99James Massaro10/27/2012
Buried in Clay6.99Priscilla Masters10/29/2012
Two For The Show (Bubba Phillips)3.00Ray Mast10/26/2012
Neuland (German Edition)3.49Günter J. Matthia10/25/2012
Killing Liberty4.99Parker T. Mattson10/26/2012
Das Teufelsweib aus Texas (Western) (German Edition)2.99Pete Hackett and Steve Mayer10/29/2012
Einsam sind die Tapferen (Western) (German Edition)2.99Pete Hackett and Steve Mayer10/29/2012
Töten oder getötet werden - Band 32 (Der Kopfgeldjäger - Western-Serie von Pete Hackett) (German Edition)1.99Pete Hackett and Steve Mayer10/29/2012
Angel: Camden's Journey5.99Kevin J. McArthur10/29/2012
Hacked: The prequel short story to Encrypted (Robin Hood Hacker)0.99Carolyn McCray10/26/2012
Carnival Noir (The Chris Lyon Thriller Series)4.99Craig McDonald10/27/2012
Dallas Times Three2.99Ken McKea,Brad Strickland and Amy Sweeney10/25/2012
Forgiveness2.99Kris McKusick10/24/2012
The Jaguar Conspiracy (Michael McAllister Mystery)5.29Paul McNabb10/29/2012
It Never Dies2.99Terre Melisi10/24/2012
One Affair Too Many2.99Terre Melisi10/24/2012
Dead Red (Jake Janz P.I.)2.99Elton Mellum10/27/2012
The Keating Legacy0.99Alan Melzak10/29/2012
Murder in Volume (A Megan Clark Mystery)2.99D.R. Meredith10/24/2012
Case with double bottom0.99Svetlana Mertzalova10/23/2012
Blue Destiny3.99James R. Mesich10/24/2012
The Book on Maricel0.00D.C. Messler10/27/2012
SEAL Team Bravo: Black Ops IV3.99Eric Meyer10/25/2012
Someone To Watch Over Me3.99Taylor Michaels10/26/2012
Dangerous Affairs3.99Jamie Miller10/30/2012
BlattSchuss: Die ungewöhnlichen Fälle des Ludger Lage. Kurzkrimis (German Edition)9.99Günter von Lonski and Susanne Mischke10/29/2012
Dead Links0.99Nigel G. Mitchell10/23/2012
The Second Parallel (The PANDORA Conspiracy)5.00Alan K Moore10/25/2012
QATL, a Hattie and Floyd mystery (Hattie and Floyd mysteries)6.65Phyllis F. Morris10/23/2012
Playing Havoc3.00Steve Morris10/26/2012
La prisión de Black Rock. Volumen 4 (Spanish Edition)0.99César García Muñoz,Fernando Trujillo Sanz and Nieves García Bautista10/23/2012
G Stands for Glory: The G-Man Stories of Norvell Page4.99Norvell Page and Will Murray10/29/2012
The Crimes of The Scarlet Ace: The Complete Stories of Major Lacy & Amusement, Inc.4.99Theodore A. Tinsley and Will Murray10/29/2012
Super-Detective Jim Anthony: The Complete Series Volume 14.99Victor Rousseau and Will Murray10/29/2012
The Oswald Connection Preview - Prologue through Chapter 4 (Regan Series)0.00Larry Names10/27/2012
Gott Shivas letzte Liebe (German Edition)3.05Marita R Naumann10/24/2012
Encerrada (La Trama) (Spanish Edition)8.79Kerry Wilkinson and Francisco Pérez Navarro10/26/2012
American Graveyards2.99Ray Nayler10/29/2012
Epidemic of Choice - A DEA Story4.99Don Nelson10/26/2012
Bad Boy Blake5.50Lorraine Nelson10/29/2012
The Reader (The Gifted)0.99Simon Newe10/26/2012
Sacred Band9.99Geoff Newton10/27/2012
Enraged2.99O.J. Nkeonye10/25/2012
Built To Order (Max and Michelle mystery novels)2.99L. A. Noble10/28/2012
Open Wound4.99Blackie Noir10/23/2012
Hyperdrive: 2 Kronos' Schatten (Hyperdrive - Roman-Serial) (German Edition)0.99Horus W. Odenthal10/24/2012
Iscariot2.99Malachi O'Doherty10/23/2012
Hybrid6.01Brian O'Grady10/30/2012
Serenity's Deception (Texas Sorority Sisters)2.99Janice Olson10/24/2012
Pushing Up Bluebonnets2.99Robin Rae O'Neal and Allan Paul O'Neal10/27/2012
Zitronentagetes (St. Elwine) (German Edition)9.99Britta Orlowski10/26/2012
Experimento Letal (La Trama) (Spanish Edition)8.79John Locke and Carlos Mayor Ortega10/26/2012
Quarantined - Plot For Total World Domination2.99J. O. Osbourne10/23/2012
The Woodrow Girl2.99Michael Pashley10/23/2012
Free Alex Cross14.99James Patterson10/29/2012
Besa a las Mujeres (Spanish Edition)5.99James Patterson10/30/2012
Alex Cross (Spanish Edition)5.99James Patterson10/30/2012
Daughters of Fire11.80Tom Peek,John D. Dawson and Herb Kawainui Kane10/23/2012
The Memory of Wood4.75Stephanie Percival10/28/2012
AVENGER (Italian Edition)2.50Alessandro Perdon10/25/2012
A Christmas Garland: A Novel9.99Anne Perry10/30/2012
Ezekiel's Wheels9.99F.M. Phillips10/25/2012
Die Hoffnung Stirbt Zuerst (Frank Sterling) (German Edition)4.85Adam M. Pick10/23/2012
Temptation's Touch (Men in Uniform)4.99Cheryl Pierson10/24/2012
The Neighbour Chapter 1 (German Edition)3.50Daniel Piontzik10/25/2012
Church of the God Particle2.99David Piper10/29/2012
Bargain Hunting9.99Rhonda Pollero10/30/2012
Adjusting Journal Entries (Book Three of Eviscerating the Snake)4.49Ashley Fontainne and Bennet Pomerantz10/26/2012
Freaking Wicked 22.99Brian Poor10/25/2012
Death of a Matador2.99Everett Powers10/23/2012
Disguised and Discredited Angels (An American-Irish-Philo... Mystery)4.50Gene Powers10/23/2012
An Innocent Client (Joe Dillard)0.99Scott Pratt10/24/2012
Gone In A Minute (Sheriff Daniel Barrett Series)2.99Joe Prentis10/28/2012
Blutbühnen (German Edition)3.50Nora Preußner10/28/2012
Flowers From A Different Summer0.99Martin Price10/27/2012
Dangerous4.75Sandra Prior10/29/2012
Bookseller, The: The First Hugo Marston Novel10.19Mark Pryor10/30/2012
Famiglia Fabrasia3.99Domenic Pugliares10/28/2012
All My Regards0.99Tom Upside and Josh Quattrone10/29/2012
Peace of Mind0.99Tom Upside and Josh Quattrone10/29/2012
The Great God Gold2.99William Le Queux10/27/2012
The Demon (Book #2 of Demons Among Us)4.99Patrick Quinlan10/25/2012
Asesinato en la casa rural (Spanish Edition)1.00martin rae10/25/2012
Ghost Whispers (Frank Cash)2.99Rasmus Rasmussen10/26/2012
FACE - Episode 1: Das Erwachen (OpenBookProjects: FACE) (German Edition)0.99George Rebal10/24/2012
FACE - Episode 1: The Awakening (OpenBookProjects: FACE)0.99George Rebal10/24/2012
A Death in Cumberland (Jill Jordan mysteries)6.99Annie Reed10/27/2012
KILLER GENES (The Art Gallery Mystery Series)3.99Drema Reed10/27/2012
The Bourbon Street Ripper (Sins of the Father)5.99Leo King and Staci Reed10/29/2012
Nightmare Ever After1.99Cherie Reich10/28/2012
Blutige Spuren im Weinberg (Der Winzer-Krimi! Tatort: Rheinhessen) (German Edition)2.99Peter Rensch10/28/2012
Trailer-Version: Blutige Spuren im Weinberg (Der WInzer-Krimi! Tatort: Rheinhessen) (German Edition)0.00Peter Rensch10/28/2012
UNDERDOG, A True Crime Thriller of Prison Life (Prison Killers- Book 4)0.99Glenn Langohr and Judicious Revisions10/29/2012
River in the Sun7.95Scott Richmond10/24/2012
Blood and Sawdust2.99Jason S. Ridler10/29/2012
A Dollar Short (A LEE COB NOVEL)3.10G.G. Rig10/24/2012
The Spirit is Willing, but the Medium is Dead (Vera Geist Mysteries)2.99Lexa Rigg10/29/2012
The Truth (N.D.I.U)2.99Thanasis Rig10/24/2012
Inocenia Fåcil (Spanish Version of Easy Innocence) (Georgia Davis PI Series) (Spanish Edition)5.99Lib Fischer Hellmann and Gely Rivas10/23/2012
"Y" City6.99Wade Rivers10/25/2012
Thrillervision7.99Wade Rivers10/24/2012
Waiting for Rayne9.99Carol Rizer10/24/2012
NEVERMORE (A Meg Ravenhill Mystery)3.99Ali Roberti10/26/2012
Kolonien9.99Pierre Robert10/26/2012
Collision Bound2.99Nick C. Roberts,Mili Carr and Niklas Sjöblom / taivasalla.net10/29/2012
Benicio's Bequest2.99Susan Roberts10/23/2012
Blood Money0.99Andrew Robinson10/25/2012
A Murder For Christmas2.99David W Robinson10/27/2012
Power Play (Mack Bedford)9.36Patrick Robinson10/30/2012
A Murderous Love Affair (The Adventures of Talya Gilmore)0.00Claire Romance10/26/2012
Miami Spy Games (Episode Four) (Miami Spy Games: Russian Zombie Gun)0.99AK Waters and Armand Rosamilia10/27/2012
Fear Itself: A Novel13.99Andrew Rosenheim10/25/2012
Three, Four ... Better lock your door. (Rebekka Frank #2)2.99Willow Rose10/28/2012
Mandel und das Nazigold (Kommissar Mandel ermittelt) (German Edition)1.99Cara Roth10/28/2012
Para todo una razón (Spanish Edition)6.28Jon Rouco10/24/2012
The Adventure of the Missing Oscar (Holmes & Watson)3.99Kevin James and Steve Rowley10/28/2012
The Nightmare Project5.95Jo-Anne Russell10/28/2012
Noble Intentions: Episode 62.99L.T. Ryan10/24/2012
Freeze Frame2.99Ilona Saari10/25/2012
Dolemont Falls, Livre VI: Les sirènes des abysses (French Edition)2.99B.M. Saint-Roch10/28/2012
Raid on Soi 5: A Short Story0.99Paul Salvette10/24/2012
The Final Day: Hours 7-120.99Shawn W Salzman10/29/2012
Murder and Sangiovese2.99Scott Savoy10/23/2012
A Distant Cry2.99Donald R Sawyer10/23/2012
The Lazy Woman (Wolf Hammer Serie) (German Edition)2.99H.M. Schemske10/26/2012
Schafspelz (German Edition)3.75Peter Schmidt10/27/2012
Augenschein (German Edition)3.75Peter Schmidt10/23/2012
Die Kaffeeflasche (Peter und Braun klären auf) (German Edition)0.99Joachim Schroetter10/28/2012
Die vergiftete Oper - Katze Blümchen ermittelt: Der dritte Fall (German Edition)3.87Gerd Schuster10/23/2012
Ein kleiner Finger aus Palermo - Katze Blümchen ermittelt: Der zweite Fall (German Edition)3.87Gerd Schuster10/23/2012
Death of a Sales Rep (Gotcha Detective Agency Mysteries)3.99Jamie Lee Scott10/29/2012
Eco de voces lejanas (Spanish Edition)2.99Josué Ramos and Editorial seleer10/24/2012
22/11/63 (Exitos De Plaza & Janes) (Spanish Edition)16.99Stephen King and GABRIEL;HERNANDEZ SENDIN, JOSE OSCAR; DOLS GALLARDO10/24/2012
Duma Key (Exitos De Plaza & Janes) (Spanish Edition)6.99Stephen King and JOSE OSCAR; HERNANDEZ SENDIN10/24/2012
Restitution (Tender Mysteries Series)3.99Fran Shaff10/26/2012
The Art Forger: A Novel11.99B. A. Shapiro10/23/2012
The Night Butterflies: a short story0.99Zoe Sharp10/29/2012
Night Blind4.99Michael W. Sherer10/23/2012
The Prince of Berlin6.99Dan Sherman10/23/2012
The Armchair Detective Returns (Series Two)1.35Ian Shimwell10/24/2012
The Seventh Day3.49Ian Shurville10/27/2012
Miracle0.99Joshua Sidley10/23/2012
The Price of Disrespect (Gray Spear Society)2.99Alex Siegel10/24/2012
Eiskalt erwischt (German Edition)4.84Dan Simmons10/25/2012
She Never Knew2.99CJ Simpson10/27/2012
Running in the Dark0.99Nicole Singer10/24/2012
VIOLA (Italian Edition)5.00Giulio Sinicato10/25/2012
Historia de un pecado (Poesia (bruguera)) (Spanish Edition)8.79Leonora Christina Skov10/23/2012
The Uncommon Appeal of Clouds: An Isabel Dalhousie Novel (9)12.99Alexander Mccall Smith10/23/2012
Distortion: A Novel3.99Lucie Smoker10/28/2012
Second Time Around: Revealing the Secrets3.99C.J. Smooth10/24/2012
Good Friday4.99Carl Spatazza10/28/2012
Drago #5 (#2b)4.99Art Spinella10/25/2012
Manes' Tales & Thrillers9.95Manes Liautaud and Monika Spolia10/25/2012
Ragnarök Conspiracy, The10.19Erec Stebbins10/30/2012
Grievous Offense (A Donovan Burke Novel)4.99Nancy Steedle10/23/2012
Lesezeit I Herbst/Winter (German Edition)9.99Joana Angelides and Frank Stemmler10/25/2012
And the World Will Burn4.00Mikael Stenberger10/26/2012
Shadows In The Asylum3.99D.A. Stern10/25/2012
The Last Caliphate5.00Gideon Stern10/25/2012
21 Hours2.99Dustin Stevens10/24/2012
Crossings (Harry Reese Mysteries, Book 2)0.99Robert Bruce Stewart10/27/2012
Der Fluch des Coltan (German Edition)3.20Peter Stieglitz10/26/2012
NIghtmares8.99Patricia Stirnkorb10/23/2012
Eden Feint (Jim Dallas Thrillers)1.99Ken McKea and Brad Strickland10/25/2012
XXL-Leseprobe: S3, Spuk in der Bibliothek: Eine Annäherung an das Unheimliche (German Edition)0.00Oliver Susami10/24/2012
Federal Agent: A Thriller (Jaclyn Johnson, a.k.a. Snapshot series)2.99Sean Sweeney10/28/2012
Vengeance5.95john Swenning10/25/2012
Minotaur11.99Benjamin Tammuz10/23/2012
TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE0.00Marta Tandori10/23/2012
The Sinister Virgins2.99Nkorni Tankwa10/28/2012
Peril In The Colossal Cave7.30Joan Tate10/26/2012
Deadly Glance8.95Dallas Taylor10/28/2012
Memory Lane - A Novella1.99G. Wells Taylor10/28/2012
Saving Face (A Steve Williams Novel - Book Six)3.99J.E. Taylor10/26/2012
Die Venusfalle (Diskrete Ermittlungen) (German Edition)4.50Georg Erwin Thaller10/28/2012
Horror In The Night2.99Mary Theriot10/24/2012
Lynx (Spanish Edition)1.15Ignacio Rodriguez Thiery10/27/2012
The Gypsy Hill Murders (The Professor Ralph Chalmers Mysteries)2.99P. J. Thurbin10/25/2012
The Walnut Tree: A Christmas Novella10.97Charles Todd10/30/2012
Far From Normal6.99Douglas Todt10/26/2012
The Bisti Business (A B.J. Vinson Mystery)3.99Don Travis10/27/2012
LOBA (Japanese Edition)1.99OSCAR DANIEL SALATINO and NORA INES TROIANO10/29/2012
Apocrifo & Blasfemo (Italian Edition)0.99Davide Trombini10/25/2012
Maxwell's Island (The Peter 'mad Max" Maxwell Series)6.99M.J. Trow10/29/2012
Montmorency and the Assassins2.99Eleanor Updale10/25/2012
Montmorency on the Rocks2.99Eleanor Updale10/25/2012
Betrayal with Murder (A Rilynne Evans Mystery, Book Three)2.99Jenn Vakey and Liz Vakey10/26/2012
Three Novels: The Old Mermaid's Tale, Each Angel Burns, Depraved Heart [Boxed Set]8.99Kathleen Valentine10/25/2012
The Internet and its dangers!3.95Joakim Vea10/28/2012
L'Internet et ses dangers ! (French Edition)3.86Joakim Vea10/25/2012
Murder On A Two Lane Road (Murder By Angus)4.99Angus Vieira10/26/2012
Lemures (Italian Edition)1.23Pier Virgilio Vassalli and Sara Viganò10/29/2012
Reflections (Fateful Justice)3.99Sara Vinduska10/27/2012
The Chimney Sweeper's Boy9.99Barbara Vine10/24/2012
Solomon's Brothers9.50Roman Klee and Vittoresco10/23/2012
The Barnstable Curse1.99Vincent R. Vurchio10/23/2012
The Great American Short Story3.99George Waas10/23/2012
Nichts ist, wie es scheint (German Edition)6.79Claus D. Wagner10/26/2012
Stolen: A Novel of Romantic Suspense7.99Shiloh Walker10/30/2012
Blowback : How Do You Fight Something You Cannot See? The Second of the Jonathan Savage Trilogy9.99Paul V. Walters10/25/2012
Wiseguys in the Woods3.99John P.M. Wappett10/24/2012
Locker 330.00Lorraine Goody and Jonathan Warburton10/25/2012
Tales of MI7: The Girl from Kandahar0.99J.J. Ward10/24/2012
Tales of MI7: The Kramski Case0.99J.J. Ward10/23/2012
Judgment Day is Today and it Begins in Miami0.99Michael Ward10/25/2012
Michael's Angel4.99Mary Lu Warstler and Timothy Warstler10/26/2012
Miami Spy Games: (Episode Three) (Miami Spy Games: Russian Zombie Gun)0.99Armand Rosamilia and AK Waters10/25/2012
Miami Spy Games: (Episode Two) (Miami Spy Games: Russian Zombie Gun)0.99Armand Rosamilia and AK Waters10/23/2012
San Diego Spy Games: Soviet Snowstorm0.99Craig Wessel and AK Waters10/29/2012
Death in the Rear View Mirror (The Parlous Trilogy)2.49Kent Weather10/29/2012
The Power Family (A Bankroll Squad Book)6.99David Weaver10/29/2012
FLIGHT FROM EVIL3.99George Webster10/27/2012
Haunted Hearts (The 'Rhodes to Murder' series)0.00Mary V. Welk10/28/2012
WILLOW CREEK3.99Lynn Ellen Wesch10/25/2012
Fog City Nocturne: From the Casebook of Nick Chambers2.99Claudia West,John R. Mabry,Dale West and Keoni Chavez10/24/2012
Baby's Breath5.99Eugénie D. West10/23/2012
Rock'n'Roll Suicide1.99Geoffrey West10/25/2012
The Hound of the Baskervilles (Annotated)0.99Arthur Conan Doyle and J. S. Williams10/29/2012
The Burning Star (Notorius Adventures of a Action Hero)2.99Desmond Williams10/29/2012
The Tango Vendetta2.99J.C. Williams10/26/2012
Elementary, My Dear Gertie3.99Lois Winston10/23/2012
Night Must Wait4.99Robin Winter10/26/2012
The Subtle Thief of Youth6.25DJ Wiseman10/25/2012
Bordeaux Schuld und Vergessen (German Edition)3.87Kerstin Wolf-Mujkanovic10/27/2012
Edge of Insanity0.00Barbara Woster10/28/2012
Bitter Cold2.99J. Joseph Wright and Krystle Wright10/26/2012
The Hoard of the Doges4.99Jennings Wright10/24/2012
Sakura Cards3.28Takashi Yama10/24/2012
Short Mysteries4.28Takashi Yama10/24/2012
The Final Checkpoint7.99Will Zeilinger10/27/2012
The Operator8.47David Zimny10/23/2012
Champagner an Helloween (Kurzkrimis mit Katharina Rehders) (German Edition)3.00Julianna Zorn10/29/2012
Shirayuki (Japanese Edition)4.00Megukicchi10/27/2012
Seppa Bakayarou Tengoku (Japanese Edition)4.00Megukichi10/27/2012
Sora no Rakujitsu (Japanese Edition)1.00Megukichi10/27/2012
Spider #80 May 1940 (The Spider)3.99RadioArchives.com,Grant Stockbridge and Will Murray10/23/2012
Spider #66 March 1939 (The Spider)3.99RadioArchives.com,Norvell W. Page and Will Murray10/25/2012
KUROIKYOTOU (Japanese Edition)7.00shikuuryoushirou10/29/2012
KUROIKYOTOU (Japanese Edition)7.00shikuuryoushirou10/29/2012
ENTOSENGE (Japanese Edition)5.00shikuuryoushirou10/27/2012

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