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Science Fiction Kindle ebooks between 11/13/2012 and 11/20/2012

Science Fiction Kindle ebooks between 11/13/2012 and 11/20/2012.

The goal of this blog is to provide a way to quickly scan new releases in Amazon. Amazon's default search mechanism only shows 10 results at a time, which makes it very difficult to find new books, since hundreds of books are released every week. This article will reduce the amount of clicking and page loads required to see what was released. For more information see About the New Ebook Release Blog.

Between 11/13/2012 and 11/20/2012: 289 Science Fiction Kindle books were released. Click 'Read More' to see the complete list

Released Books Kindle ebooks

TitlePriceAuthor(s)Release Date
mashukodekarewotabet... (Japanese Edition)0.99robato aikeithi11/19/2012
One Flew Over The Alien's Nest2.99Geoff Alexander11/16/2012
Tombstone (Crimson Worlds)2.99Jay Allan11/17/2012
Red Legacy0.99Manuel Alves11/17/2012
Legado Vermelho (Portuguese Edition)0.99Manuel Alves11/14/2012
The Flowery War2.99Tim Andersen11/13/2012
Dune: La cruzada de las máquinas (Exitos De Plaza & Janes) (Spanish Edition)6.99Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson11/15/2012
Paranormals: We Are Not Alone9.99Christopher Andrews11/15/2012
SODIUM:4 Gravity b1.79Stephen Arseneault11/16/2012
Lucifer's Pocket5.95Brett Ashton11/17/2012
Robots e imperio (Bestseller (debolsillo)) (Spanish Edition)6.99Isaac Asimov11/15/2012
Earth Is Ours4.99Gary . Babb11/13/2012
Target Earth4.99Gary . Babb11/13/2012
Earth's Dragons4.79Gary Babb11/13/2012
FULL PACKAGE2.99Cornelius Babcock11/16/2012
Reprisal (Exodus Series Book 2)2.99Orson T Badger11/15/2012
El Proceso II (Spanish Edition)4.00Eddy León Barreto11/15/2012
Animal: Métamorphoses (French Edition)0.00Virginie Barriquand11/16/2012
TRIumph (Triune)3.96Paul Bartlett11/15/2012
The Infinity Concerto (Songs of Earth and Power)9.99Greg Bear11/18/2012
The Serpent Mage (Songs of Earth and Power)9.99Greg Bear11/18/2012
Chronik der Sternenkrieger 1 - Captain auf der Brücke (Science Fiction Abenteuer) (German Edition)2.99Alfred Bekker,Chronik der Sternenkrieger and Steve Mayer11/14/2012
Science Fiction and Astronomy: Venus2.99Tony Bellows11/13/2012
Fortune's Hero (Soldiers of Fortune)4.99Jenna Bennett11/13/2012
Sunflowers For Ryb1.00Joschua Beres11/14/2012
Never Eat Zombified Chicken (The Adventures of Kevin Curmudgeon)2.99William Bienz11/16/2012
Ziegenschnitzel vegetarisch oder Wie wir die Welt retteten, ohne dass jemand es merkte (German Edition)6.21Franz Binder11/15/2012
Schlock! Webzine Vol 3 Iss 240.00Rob Bliss,Gregory KH Bryant,Nathan JDL Rowark and RM Duchene11/14/2012
Voyage of the Crystal Sphere2.99Subhash Chandra Bose11/15/2012
An Introduction of Sorts0.99William J Bowles11/14/2012
The Book of Thomas: Volume One: Heaven9.20Robert Boyczuk11/15/2012
Dream Eater2.99J. Brandon11/18/2012
Gabriel's Lamb (Exodus)7.99Martin Sparks and Russell Bridge11/15/2012
How to Keep Your Head When Everyone Wants to Put it on a Spike0.99Michael D. Britton11/13/2012
Fated: A Short Story0.99James Bryant11/16/2012
WormHole. Gun's Hit (Spanish Edition)2.99Charles A.R: Byrne and Charles A.R: Byrne11/16/2012
Shove Off (The William's Hunt)1.99KRISTA CAGG11/16/2012
Reckoning (The Saga of I)4.99Kenneth W. Cain11/19/2012
The Scourge (Kindle Serial)1.99Roberto Calas11/13/2012
Righteous Tyrant2.99Joshua Calkins-Treworgy11/15/2012
La Última Isla (Spanish Edition)3.66Luis Baselga Calvo11/19/2012
Endgame (Voluntary Eradicators)2.99Nenia Campbell11/13/2012
Energy Force (Realms of the Multiverse)4.75G.A. Carter11/17/2012
Artefacts2.99Mike Carter11/18/2012
William Et Les Icetecks, tome I. (French Edition)3.50Larick Cartron11/13/2012
Beast Planet 1: Captive Surrender3.95Angela Castle11/13/2012
The Time Traveler's Creed0.99Celdon Caswell11/18/2012
GENERATIONS 21154.99Raul Cavazos11/15/2012
Always and Forever (Secrets of Shadow Hill)7.95S. P. Cervantes11/13/2012
Day of Reckoning (Pathfinder Trilogy)4.99Jared L. Cheney,Craig J. Cheney and Jeffery L. Cheney11/13/2012
Survivalist by Circumstance - Volume Four0.99Cheryl L. Cholley11/18/2012
Adolf Hitler and His Submarine or Adolf vs. the Mafia (The Hitler Chronicles)2.99Victor Appleton and Michael Christopher11/13/2012
Metamorphosis: Lup Oras2.99Ilse Bellariht Serna Cifuentes11/18/2012
The Ascendant Stars (Humanity's Fire)7.99Michael Cobley11/20/2012
Eversong2.99Geoffrey W. Cole11/15/2012
The Colony: A Novel11.99A. J. Colucci11/13/2012
The Dreamtime2.99R. A. Conine11/15/2012
Invasión (Bestseller (debolsillo)) (Spanish Edition)6.99Robin Cook11/15/2012
Apocalyptid5.99s cooper11/15/2012
The Travellers1.00Jaysan Cort11/16/2012
Sapphire Moon (The Ruby Sun Series)5.95Andrea Cothern11/13/2012
The Secret Journals of Alien X2.99Raymond Crane11/15/2012
LoveStar10.33Andri Snaer Magnason and Victoria Cribb11/13/2012
The Emotograph0.99Jabez Crisp11/14/2012
A Den of Brigands9.99D.D. Cross11/14/2012
Over Time: Book One2.99Daniel Dade11/15/2012
The Riss Proposal [Book II In The Riss Series]4.99C R Daems11/14/2012
Snow Angel3.99Stryder Dancewolffe11/18/2012
The Last Noel2.99Kate Donovan11/15/2012
The Solarian (The Many Worlds of the Solarian)2.99Jacob Drake11/18/2012
Titan Inc0.99R.M. DuChene11/16/2012
Corporate Policy (Dinatech Series)2.99Robert Dufalo11/19/2012
StarMan (Bowman series)3.50Melvin Duncan11/17/2012
Grandfather Time3.15Dawn M Duval11/16/2012
Monkey Nuts2.99Peter Ebsworth11/18/2012
Après Moi Le Déluge - Ou Le Journal Intime D'un Parfait Je-M'en-Foutiste (French Edition)0.99Alain GIRAUDO and 7 Ecrit Editions11/15/2012
Le plus grand amour du petit homme (French Edition)0.99Alain GIRAUDO and 7 Ecrit Editions11/14/2012
Contes pour mauvais rêveurs (French Edition)0.99Florie BONNEL and 7 Ecrit Editions11/14/2012
Emile Tassin : Explorateur de l'invisible (French Edition)0.99Ronan COGNET and 7 Ecrit Editions11/14/2012
Les aventures de Dan le danseur Tome 1 Le faucheur d'âmes (French Edition)0.99Sylvie THIRION and 7 Ecrit Editions11/15/2012
The Artificer's Apprentice0.99DJ Edwardson11/16/2012
UnderDwell: Reaching the Surface2.99Trip Ellington11/13/2012
Expansion - Gründerinitiative innoRegio (German Edition)6.79Gerald Engelhardt11/14/2012
A Cup of Joe3.49Anita Ensal11/17/2012
Last Stand at Panjang Moon 30.99R. F. Errant11/16/2012
e-Sc@pe: Nascent4.95Eric N. Farmer11/14/2012
The Good Doctor's Tales Folio Six0.99Randall Farmer11/13/2012
No Chains Shall Bind Me (The Good Doctor's Tales Folio Seven)2.99Randall Farmer11/13/2012
No Sorrow Like Separation (The Commander)3.99Randall Farmer11/13/2012
The Eye-Dancers2.99Michael S. Fedison11/16/2012
Orion: The Visitors3.99Chris Fife11/16/2012
A Ferry Range (Russian Edition) (SF collection)0.99Sergey Fomichov11/17/2012
A Martian Rat (Russian Edition) (SF collection)0.00Sergey Fomichov11/17/2012
Genom: Roman (German Edition)7.49Alan Dean Foster11/16/2012
Project Nemesis (A Kaiju Thriller)7.99Jeremy Robinson and Matt Frank11/13/2012
Of Things to Come (The Y Track)7.99G. M. Freeman11/13/2012
Der Janus-Spalt (German Edition)9.99Harald Jacobsen and Mark Freier11/13/2012
Aztlan: The Courts Of Heaven2.99Michael Jan Friedman11/18/2012
After Earth: Innocence2.99Michael Jan Friedman,Bob Greenberger and Benito Lobel11/14/2012
One Woke Up5.99Lee Gaiteri11/16/2012
Two Kennedy Assassination Mysteries (The Gandy Mysteries)2.99Michael Gandy11/13/2012
Confessions of an Elven Vampire (Refusal to Convert)0.99CJ Kuehler and Jax E. Garson11/16/2012
Little Angels' Mothers2.99Miles Geiger11/17/2012
Alutia Rising6.99Craig Gerttula11/15/2012
Tausend Jahre (German Edition)2.53Daniela Goldberg11/13/2012
Hidden World, Time Will Tell3.50Sandra Golden11/15/2012
Sight, Camera, Action!2.99Patrick Griffith11/18/2012
Beyond Centaurus2.99Dan Martin and Miranda Gross11/15/2012
January's Paradigm (The January Trilogy)4.99J. Guest11/19/2012
The Unreal and the Real, Selected Stories of Ursula K. Le Guin Volume 1: Where on Earth9.99Ursula K. Le Guin11/20/2012
The Unreal and the Real, Selected Stories of Ursula K. Le Guin Volume 2: Outer Space, Inner Lands9.99Ursula K. Le Guin11/20/2012
The Mountain of Long Eyes : An Anthology of Science Fiction and Fantasy9.99Thomas Wm. Hamilton11/13/2012
The Narrow Abodes2.99Marcus Hardy11/15/2012
The Tactics of Revenge (Book 4 -- of The Human Chronicles Saga)3.99T.R. Harris11/17/2012
Farewell to the Master (Annotated)1.99Harry Bates and Dennis Herrick11/18/2012
Raising Khane5.95Doug Hewitt11/17/2012
Hoodoo Sea2.99Rolf Hitzer11/18/2012
Alien Alexander (Alien Characters Series 4)0.00Neil A Hogan and Nathanial E J Hogan11/16/2012
Super Lamb Banana2.99Sarah A. Hoyt11/15/2012
Ganymede (Future History Darkships -- St. Lucia of The Spaceways)2.99Sarah A. Hoyt11/13/2012
Mercury's Curse (Max and Miranda)3.99Erik Hyrkas11/17/2012
Zeitnebel - Zeitreise am Rhein (German Edition)6.99Peter-Paul Ibsen11/18/2012
Hero!2.99Martin Jackson11/18/2012
Il Tempo si sta guastando (Italian Edition)2.00Paolo Jannin11/15/2012
Terms & Conditions Apply1.50Pippa Jay11/18/2012
Order of the Bookbag (Adventures of Wheat Field across the Multiverse)0.99Michael Zigler Jr11/18/2012
The Alien Fast-Food Wars2.99Tilly Jupiter11/13/2012
Wormwood : A Story About HIV/AIDS2.99Schofields Kagimu Kalungi11/15/2012
Annihilation: Star Wars (The Old Republic)13.99Drew Karpyshyn11/13/2012
Star WarsTM Darth Plagueis (German Edition)9.41James Luceno and Andreas Kasprzak11/19/2012
Guenevere the Grail Queen2.99Julia Kelly11/14/2012
The Collected Kessel6.00John Kessel11/14/2012
Good News From Outer Space6.00John Kessel11/14/2012
Frozen Section7.99Peter Kraft11/13/2012
The Intruder5.99Greg Krehbiel11/13/2012
Time Warp0.99Alexis Kypridemos11/13/2012
Penumbra: Dreams3.99Jamie Lackey,G.O. Clark,T.D. Edge and Polenth Blake11/19/2012
How to Make a Triffid: A Tor.Com Original0.99Kelly Lagor11/13/2012
Edward2.99Marcus LaGrone11/15/2012
Spinward Fringe Broadcast 7: Framework4.99Randolph Lalonde11/17/2012
Broken Soul1.99Laura Wright LaRoche,BZHercules and LLPix Photography11/14/2012
Present Tense1.57William Lawrie11/15/2012
Nightmare (Nightingale: Book Three)2.99Stephen Leather11/20/2012
Revival (The Variant Series, Book 1)2.99Jena Leigh11/14/2012
Myths into Legends9.97Lander Light11/19/2012
Der Tod ist durch unsere Fenster gestiegen (Die Zombie-Bibel) (German Edition)2.99Stant Litore11/20/2012
The Mask of King Volcano0.99Bruce MacLachlan11/16/2012
Dragon Flight: EndGame (Tales from the Terra Firma Fleet)3.00Christopher Maine11/17/2012
The Weight of a Hundred Years6.99Brenda Make11/15/2012
Inheritance2.99William Mangieri11/17/2012
R is for Robot, Q is for Queer1.00Carmine Mangione-Tran,Jamie Young,Rachel Roach and Ben Ritter11/16/2012
The Price of Darkness0.99Doug Marcy11/15/2012
Sekai - Primera Saga (Spanish Edition)0.99Javier Escámez Álvarez and Ana Isabel Martín11/16/2012
Aeternum Ray4.99Tracy R. Atkins and Kathleen Marusak11/17/2012
Finding Pericynthion0.99A.J. Marx11/18/2012
Summer of Love, Serial 1: Celebration of the Summer Solstice (Summer of Love Serials)2.25Lisa Mason11/19/2012
Stardrop4.75Paul Mavin11/15/2012
A Time Travel Tale1.99Charles Mazziott11/15/2012
Mind Trace7.99Holly McCaghren11/15/2012
The Machine0.99Taylor McClain11/13/2012
The Master Switch0.99K McConnell11/19/2012
The City of the Ladies (The Matriarchies of Murin)2.99Meyari McFarland11/14/2012
The Virus3.00Joe McKinnon11/16/2012
The Struggle of the Young Inheritors : Book 1 in the "Bug Series"9.99Albert Megraw11/13/2012
Breaking Anchor4.99Henry Melton11/14/2012
Uptime Jazz 2084: Futuristic Nightmare/Time Train Blues (Remi Metro's Time Trains - Grand SF Future History)2.99Remi Metro11/18/2012
The Queen's Army: A Tor.Com Original0.99Marissa Meyer11/20/2012
Imperfect World: They tried to create the perfect world, by force!2.99Richard B. Meza11/15/2012
Centalpha 6 Part II-1James Todd Cochrane and Janet Michelson11/18/2012
Tales of the Talisman, Volume 8, Issue 13.99Brock Marie Moore,Scott Allen Abfalter,Ann K. Schwader and Larry Hammer11/14/2012
Disciple (Crosstown to Oblivion)7.99Walter Mosley11/13/2012
Snow Blind0.99Patrick Mulready11/19/2012
Over the Darkened Landscape5.99Derryl Murphy11/14/2012
Exploding, Like Fireworks0.99Pat Murphy11/15/2012
Two Stories: "Nahiku West" and "Nightside On Callisto"2.99Linda Nagata11/17/2012
Mineral Hunters (Space Exploration Part 2)0.99Matthew Hawking and Situjuh Nazara11/15/2012
Heaven's Door2.99Egor Neborskiy11/18/2012
Atlas Shrugged Again0.99Louella Nelson11/17/2012
The Reawakener Book One3.99Anton Nichols11/15/2012
TYR3.99Jonathan Nolan11/18/2012
Lines of Force (The Smell Of Lime)2.99Jonathan Nolan11/17/2012
The Smell Of Lime2.99Jonathan Nolan11/14/2012
Hyperdrive: 3 Baijaku (Hyperdrive - Roman-Serial) (German Edition)0.99Horus W. Odenthal11/19/2012
Gypsy Dreams (The Wizard of Her Own Dreams)0.99Joseph Olonia11/16/2012
Fontaine and the Dreamtellers2.99Hudson Owen11/17/2012
The Stones of Akron - Book I4.99Ian Packman11/17/2012
The Timing2.99Joe Parente11/15/2012
Flying in the Heart of the Lafayette Escadrille5.99James Van Pelt11/14/2012
Lost in Space2.99Cristin Gustafson and Mr. Peterson11/13/2012
WHITE SIMULATION Band 3 Die Tore der Ecken (German Edition)2.41Nicolas Peterson11/16/2012
WHITE SIMULATION Band 4 Die Rückkehr (German Edition)2.41Nicolas Peterson11/16/2012
WHITE SIMULATION Volume 3 The Doors of the Vertices (WHITE SIMULATION (ENGLISH))2.41Nicolas Peterson11/16/2012
WHITE SIMULATION Volume 4 The Return (WHITE SIMULATION (ENGLISH))2.41Nicolas Peterson11/16/2012
Another Truth3.99Joseph Phillips11/17/2012
Wormhole: Book Three (The Rho Agenda Trilogy)4.99Richard Phillips11/20/2012
Shards Of Glass1.99Andrew C. Piazza11/17/2012
SLAM (Leseprobe 9. und 10. Kapitel) (German Edition)0.99Akif Pirincci11/13/2012
Yesterday's Gone: SEASONS ONE AND TWO (Episodes 1-12)9.99David W. Wright and Sean Platt11/13/2012
Professional Alien Killer1.00James Rafferty11/17/2012
Slaves to Neurons: Are we different from Machines?3.99Dr. Kaliannan Raju11/14/2012
Secrets of a Universe: The Mindkey Project5.99H. Brian Rawson,Tricia Kristufek and Eric Shoemaker11/19/2012
Sansnom and The Dreamers3.49lionel refson11/14/2012
Beg, Borrow or STEELE (Project STEELE)2.99Liz Rein11/18/2012
Song of Death0.99Ed Earl Repp11/18/2012
Ethical Solution (Tall Man)1.99R. Richard11/16/2012
FOREVER TIME SERIES (Episodes 1 thru 4) "Apocalypse 2073" (An Apocalyptic Science Fiction Adventure)0.00Michael W. Riley11/18/2012
Patriots of Treason9.99David Thomas Roberts11/13/2012
Vuvuzela: Oder Die Stimmen der Götter - Akustik-Thriller (German Edition)6.18Lutz Rocktäschel11/18/2012
Timothy Meek0.99Gord Rollo11/17/2012
Hanky und der Tausendschläfer (German Edition)6.79Marvin Roth11/14/2012
Metalmorphosis4.99Michael Ruffles11/14/2012
Aggie & Agent X2.99Gary Alan Ruse11/18/2012
When J. Wilkes Booth Met Ben Hur8.99William Russo11/14/2012
Dolemont Falls, Livre IX: Les fleurs du purgatoire (French Edition)2.99B.M. Saint-Roch11/18/2012
Silvia (Spanish Edition)0.99Francisco Sales11/13/2012
Calypso7.99Brent Saltzman11/16/2012
Die Verschollene Flotte: Furchtlos: Roman (German Edition)7.49Jack Campbell and Ralph Sander11/16/2012
United We Fall4.99Jake Santos11/13/2012
Robofuk4.99Robert Schilling and Robbie Schilling11/15/2012
Dust & Cannibals3.99Bruce Schindler11/13/2012
Im Exil: Honor Harrington, Bd. 5 (German Edition)7.49David Weber and Dietmar Schmidt11/16/2012
Out of Time0.99Jamie Sedgwick11/16/2012
Neun Zehntel (Deutsch) (German Edition)2.99Meira Pentermann and Tanja Selzer11/16/2012
Edward Shefing: The Stow of the Pear Trees9.50Ian Semple11/18/2012
The Mermaid Story: Epyphany - Part Three: The Sixth Tablet2.99Don "Sev" Severance11/15/2012
Sharper Security: A Sovereign Security Company Novel5.99Thomas Sewell11/17/2012
Tek Secret7.99William Shatner11/13/2012
Tek Vengeance7.99William Shatner11/13/2012
TekLords7.99William Shatner11/13/2012
TekWar7.99William Shatner11/13/2012
TekLab7.99William Shatner11/13/2012
The Green Shadows Trilogy (Tales From The Emerald Wind)2.99Saifulnizam Shukor11/15/2012
Life Shift0.00Michelle Slee11/17/2012
The Visitors from Mlok0.99Clark Ashton Smith11/18/2012
Rise of Chaos (Annihilation)0.99Griffin Smith11/17/2012
The Midas Project2.99Evan Smyth11/15/2012
Tears of the Furies (A Novel of the Menagerie)2.99Christopher Golden and Thomas E. Sniegoski11/19/2012
The Nimble Man (A Novel of the Menagerie)2.99Christopher Golden and Thomas E. Sniegoski11/15/2012
A King's Betrayal3.90Linda Sole11/18/2012
The Six Hundred Dollar Man (What Man Hath Wrought)2.99Steven R. Southard11/18/2012
A Steampunk Carol (What Man Hath Wrought)2.99Steven R. Southard11/17/2012
Grey Thornbush5.99Greg Stangler11/16/2012
Star Wars: Dark Times Volume 5-Out of the Wilderness9.99Randy Stradley,Doug Wheatley,Dan Jackson and Pablo Correa11/20/2012
Grave Digger Blues4.99Jesse Sublett11/15/2012
Maquis (The Watchmaker)4.99N Sullivan11/17/2012
Retribution4.79Toni we Sweeney11/15/2012
Foe0.00M. H. Tardiff11/14/2012
Deos Genesis (Deos Genesis Trilogy)2.85Ryan Tauriainen11/13/2012
Estels Enlla (Catalan Edition)6.50Frank Tendrum and Jeff Tendrum11/17/2012
Battle Earth VI (Book 6)3.99Nick S. Thomas11/15/2012
SPACE JUNK0.99Ryan Thomas11/14/2012
Stairway2 Heaven0.00CHAZ THOMPSON11/16/2012
Das Ding aus dem Weltraum - eine verrückte Weltraumreise (German Edition)12.00Rolf Thum11/18/2012
Crossing The Line Of Time (Eye Opener)6.99Darryl Tran11/14/2012
Racconti Ritrovati (Italian Edition)5.00Richard Tyne11/15/2012
Tinker And The Toymaker4.23Sam Uzi11/18/2012
Multitudes1.99Douglas T. Vale11/14/2012
The Reaper Plague (Plague Wars Volume 3)4.99David VanDyke11/16/2012
Captain Jackson and the Long Patrol4.95Zack Varvel and Carolyn Varvel11/18/2012
Garners Resolve2.99John Veary11/18/2012
The World of Giant Ants0.99A. Hyatt Verrill11/18/2012
The Guardians of Karma2.99Mohan Vizhakat11/14/2012
Elam Discovery (Elam's Discovery)0.99paul valentine walker11/14/2012
The Failed Cities (Definitive Edition)9.99Matt Wallace11/13/2012
The Shattered Angels2.99Martina Warren11/15/2012
Book 7: A New Era (Pangaean Chronicles)3.99Melanie Nashland Warren11/18/2012
Blood Line Zero (The Pandora Chronicles Short Story Series)0.99Maggie Waters11/15/2012
In Feindes Hand: Honor Harrington, Bd. 7 (German Edition)6.79David Weber11/16/2012
Die Ehre der Königin: Honor Harrington, Bd. 2 (German Edition)5.19David Weber11/16/2012
Die Siedler von Sphinx: Honor Harrington, Bd. 8 (German Edition)6.49David Weber11/16/2012
Pneumadiluvians Chapter 30.00Titus Welch11/13/2012
Sector 5: The Battle For Earth0.99R.J. White11/13/2012
Otherworld2.99Kera Whitt11/18/2012
Menschliche Menschen (German Edition)6.49Stefan Wieser11/14/2012
QR (German Edition)1.29Stefan Wieser11/13/2012
The Bastards of Ran5.95Larriane Wills11/14/2012
In Dark Reaches Issue 1, November 20121.99Robert S. Wilson11/17/2012
Reise eines Erdbewohners in den Mars (Edition Murr) (German Edition)4.99Carl Ignaz Geiger and Felix Woitkowski11/15/2012
Lantern Road: Exile to the Stars (Farlane Wolf Speculative & Dark Fiction)2.99Farlane Wolf11/14/2012
Malaria 90.99Chaz Wood11/16/2012
Betters, Inc.2.99R. Woodville11/18/2012
Chicken Nuggets - The Raptor Apocalypse2.99Steve R. Yeager11/18/2012
Chrysalis Laboratory4.95Andy Zelonis,Lisa Wagner,Saerrael http://saerrael.deviantart.com/ and Sybl http://sybl1.deviantart.com/11/13/2012
ari no wakusei (Japanese Edition)3.77asanojuji11/17/2012
sekinetsu no muma (Japanese Edition)3.78asanojuji11/17/2012
1000ji-shousetsu-sho... (Japanese Edition)1.88banjin11/13/2012
Project 963 (The Battle of Monster Island)0.99Bloodstone11/18/2012
Un Eden Terrifiant (French Edition)6.18Didier.M11/17/2012

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