Thursday, December 27, 2012

Baen books on Amazon

One of the pioneers of ebooks was Baen books, they were publishing ebooks LONG before Amazon was publishing Kindle books.  They have been running their own store, which was great for consumers.  Now Amazon has more exposure than anyone else and Baen books is finally available in the Kindle Store.

They are not showing up in the 'new releases' section, because the date for their books was set to the publication of the paperback, or sometime in 2011.  I also didn't see some of the books that I expeced when I browsed through.  I don't know if the rights reverted to the authors, or what happened.

In the Baen catalog you will find books for all tastes, and books you think are great and ones that are terrible.  Which books fit into those category will vary depending on YOUR specific tastes.

Below I listed some of my favorites from the catalog (but not all because I like a a lot of their books), as well as all the books that my query found.


Recomended Releases

The High CrusadePoul AndersonOne of many Poul Anderson releases, this is a classic and great fn.
Disappearing ActMargaret BallA fun galactic diplomacy story. I'm sorry Margaret Ball seems to have stopped publishing books.
Captain Vorpatril's Alliance (The Vorkosigan Saga)Lois McMaster BujoldThe latest Vorkosigan book, and the best SF I've read this year. Don't start here if you haven't read the rest. Start with The Warrior's Apprentice (Vorkosigan Saga) . (Which isn't listed as being published by Baen in Amazon, so it isn't in this list).
The Trouble With HumansChristopher Anvil and Eric FlintI liked the Christopher Anvil reprints. I think this is a good start.
The Witches of KarresJames H. Schmitz and Eric FlintA true classic of the field. All of the James. H. Schmitz reprints are worth reading.
Between Planets (Juvenile)Robert A. HeinleinOne of my favorite Heinlein books.
The God Stalker Chronicles (Chronicles of the Kencyrath)P. C. HodgellA GREAT fantasy series. Start here if you haven't read the rest. This collects the first two books.
The Agent Gambit (Liaden Universe)Sharon Lee and Steve MillerI like the Liaden series. I think is the best place to start.
The Deed of Paksenarrion: A NovelElizabeth MoonA classic fantasy.
One Jump Ahead (Jon and Lobo)Mark L. Van NameThe first novel in the Jon and Lobo series. This is a very fun series I highly recommend it.
Time TradersAndre NortonI have very fond memories of this. The first time travel novel I ever read.
King David's Spaceship (CoDominium Future History)Jerry PournelleA classic novel. Part of the massive Baen ebook release.
PaladinsJoel RosenbergThis was the last fantasy series Joel Rosenberg published.
The Guardians of the FlameJoel RosenbergI liked the old Guardians of the Flame series.
Grand Central ArenaRyk SpoorA very fun, if silly premiss thatI enjoyed.
On Basilisk Station (Honor Harrington)David WeberI liked the early Honor Harrington series, I think they bogged down a bit into it, but the first few are great fun.
The Cobra TrilogyTimothy ZahnThe Cobra Trilogy is a great reprint.

I found 458 Baen Ebooks on the Amazon Kindle store when I ran my query.   Click 'Read More' to see the complete list

Released Books Kindle ebooks

TitlePriceAuthor(s)Release Date
Armored6.99John Joseph Adams4/1/2012
Written in Time6.99Sharon Ahern and Jerry Ahern11/1/2010
The Darkling Fields of Arvon (Legacy of the Stone Harp)6.99Mark Sebanc and James G. Anderson5/1/2010
The Stoneholding (Legacy of the Stone Harp)6.99Mark Sebanc and James G. Anderson9/1/2009
Flandry's Legacy (The Technic Civilization Saga)6.99Poul Anderson4/5/2011
Sir Dominic Flandry: The Last Knight of Terra (The Technic Civilization Saga)6.99Poul Anderson12/1/2010
The High Crusade6.99Poul Anderson9/1/2010
Captain Flandry: Defender of the Terran Empire (The Technic Civilization Saga)6.99Poul Anderson2/1/2010
Rise of the Terran Empire (The Technic Civilization Saga)6.99Poul Anderson6/1/2009
David Falkayn: Star Trader (The Technic Civilization Saga)6.99Poul Anderson1/1/2009
The Van Rijn Method (The Technic Civilization Saga)6.99Poul Anderson9/1/2008
To Outlive Eternity and Other Stories6.99Poul Anderson3/1/2007
Carnelians (Saga of the Skolian Empire)6.99Catherine Asaro10/1/2011
Diamond Star (Saga of the Skolian Empire)6.99Catherine Asaro5/1/2009
The Ruby Dice (Skolian Empire)6.99Catherine Asaro1/1/2008
Alpha6.99Catherine Asaro8/1/2004
Taxpayers' Tea Party: A Manual for Reclaiming Our Country8.99Sharon Cooper and Chuck Asay7/1/2010
E. Godz6.99Esther Friesner and Robert Asprin5/1/2003
For King and Country6.99Linda Evans and Robert Asprin8/1/2002
MYTH-Interpretations: The Worlds of Robert Asprin6.99Robert Asprin10/1/2010
Disappearing Act6.99Margaret Ball10/1/2004
His Father's Son (Ethical Vampires)6.99P. N. Elrod and Nigel Bennett4/1/2001
Alien Invasion: How To Defend Earth8.99Travis S. Taylor and Bob Boan6/1/2011
Laugh Lines6.99Ben Bova7/1/2008
The Fall of Atlantis6.99Marion Zimmer Bradley9/1/2003
Here There Be Dragonnes (Pigs Don't Fly)8.99Mary Brown3/1/2003
Undercurrents (Orphan's Legacy)6.99Robert Buettner7/1/2011
Overkill (Orphan's Legacy)6.99Robert Buettner3/1/2011
Cryoburn (The Vorkosigan Saga)7.99Lois McMaster Bujold9/27/2011
Captain Vorpatril's Alliance (The Vorkosigan Saga)9.99Lois McMaster Bujold11/15/2012
Cryoburn (The Vorkosigan Saga)6.99Lois McMaster Bujold11/1/2010
Miles in Love (The Vorkosigan Saga)8.99Lois McMaster Bujold2/1/2008
Miles, Mutants and Microbes (The Vorkosigan Saga)6.99Lois McMaster Bujold8/1/2007
The Spirit Ring6.99Lois McMaster Bujold1/1/1992
The Vorkosigan Companion (The Vorkosigan Saga)6.99Lois McMaster Bujold,Lillian Stewart Carl and John Helfers12/1/2008
Destiny's Forge: A Man-Kzin Wars Novel6.99Larry Niven and Paul Chafe7/1/2006
Exodus: The Ark6.99Paul Chafe11/1/2009
Genesis (Ark)6.99Paul Chafe11/1/2007
Man-Kzin Wars IX6.99Paul Chafe,Hal Colebatch,Poul Andeson and Larry Niven1/1/2001
Twilight at the Well of Souls6.99Jack L. Chalker11/1/2005
The Return of Nathan Brazil (Well of Souls)6.99Jack L. Chalker4/1/2005
Exiles at the Well of Souls6.99Jack L. Chalker4/1/2003
Kaspar's Box (Three Kings)6.99Jack L. Chalker4/1/2003
Quest for the Well of Souls6.99Jack L. Chalker4/1/2003
Midnight at the Well of Souls6.99Jack L. Chalker4/1/2002
Ride the Star Winds (John Grimes Rim Worlds)8.99A. Bertram Chandler4/1/2012
Galactic Courier (John Grimes of the Galactic Rim)6.99A. Bertram Chandler12/1/2011
First Command (John Grimes of the Galactic Rim)6.99A. Bertram Chandler8/1/2011
Man-Kzin Wars X: The Wunder War6.99Larry Niven and Hal Colebatch8/1/2003
Alaska Republik6.99Stoney Compton3/1/2011
Russian Amerika6.99Stoney Compton4/1/2007
Rising Sun9.99Robert Conroy12/15/2012
Himmler's War6.99Robert Conroy12/1/2011
Spellbound: Book II of the Grimnoir Chronicles6.99Larry Correia11/1/2011
The Monster Hunters (Monster Hunters International)9.99Larry Correia6/1/2012
Monster Hunter Alpha6.99Larry Correia8/1/2011
Hard Magic: Book I of the Grimnoir Chronicles6.99Larry Correia5/1/2011
Monster Hunter International (Monster Hunters International)6.99Larry Correia8/1/2009
The Second Coming (The Millennium)6.99John Dalmas4/1/2003
The Puppet Master6.99John Dalmas10/1/2001
Guardian of Night8.99Tony Daniel2/1/2012
1635: The Dreeson Incident (Ring of Fire)6.99Eric Flint and Virginia DeMarce12/1/2008
1635: The Tangled Web (Ring of Fire)6.99Virginia DeMarce12/1/2009
Privateer: The Flight Engineer, Volume II6.99S. M. Stirling and James Doohan9/1/2000
The Isle Beyond Time (Veil of Years)6.99L. Warren Douglas3/1/2003
The Veil of Years6.99L. Warren Douglas7/1/2001
The Sacred Pool (Veil of Years)6.99L. Warren Douglas1/1/2001
The Dragon Lord6.99David Drake12/16/2012
The Military Dimension: Mark II6.99David Drake12/16/2012
The Sharp End (Hammer's Slammers)6.99David Drake12/16/2012
The Sea Hag0.00David Drake12/21/2012
The Sea Hag, Second Edition6.99David Drake12/18/2012
Starliner0.00David Drake12/21/2012
Starliner, Second Edition6.99David Drake12/18/2012
Night and Demons8.99David Drake10/15/2012
The Road of Danger (Lt. Leary)6.99David Drake4/1/2012
Voyage Across the Stars (Hammer's Slammers)8.99David Drake1/1/2012
The Complete Hammer's Slammers: Volume 38.99David Drake11/1/2010
What Distant Deeps (Lt. Leary)6.99David Drake9/1/2010
The Complete Hammer's Slammers: Volume 28.99David Drake2/1/2010
The Complete Hammer's Slammers: Volume 18.99David Drake10/1/2009
Patriots6.99David Drake9/1/2009
In the Stormy Red Sky (Lt. Leary)6.99David Drake5/1/2009
When the Tide Rises (Lt. Leary)6.99David Drake3/1/2008
Some Golden Harbor (Lt. Leary)6.99David Drake2/1/2006
The Way to Glory (Lt. Leary)6.99David Drake1/1/2005
All the Way to the Gallows6.99David Drake6/1/2004
The Reaches (Privateer)9.99David Drake1/1/2004
Grimmer Than Hell6.99David Drake2/1/2003
Ranks of Bronze6.99David Drake8/1/2001
Lt. Leary Commanding6.99David Drake7/1/2000
More Than Honor (Honor Harrington)6.99David Drake,David Weber and S. M. Stirling12/16/2012
Mountain Magic6.64David Drake,Ryk E. Spoor and Eric Flint10/1/2004
In the Heart of Darkness (Belisarius Saga)0.00Eric Flint and David Drake12/21/2012
Belisarius II: Storm at Noontide (Belisarius Saga)8.99Eric Flint and David Drake3/1/2009
Belisarius I: Thunder at Dawn (Belisarius Saga)9.99Eric Flint and David Drake9/1/2008
The Dance of Time (Belisarius Saga)6.99Eric Flint and David Drake2/1/2006
The Tide of Victory (Belisarius Saga)6.99Eric Flint and David Drake7/1/2001
The World Turned Upside Down8.99Jim Baen and David Drake1/1/2005
Into the Hinterlands6.99John Lambshead and David Drake9/1/2011
Conqueror (Raj Whitehall)6.99S. M. Stirling and David Drake3/1/2003
Warlord (Raj Whitehall)9.99S. M. Stirling and David Drake1/1/2003
The Reformer (Raj Whitehall)6.99S. M. Stirling and David Drake3/1/2000
Spirits White as Lightning (Urban Elves)6.99Mercedes Lackey and Rosemary Edghill1/1/2001
The Warslayer0.00Rosemary Edghill5/1/2002
Hell Hath No Fury (Hell's Gate)6.99David Weber and Linda Evans3/1/2007
Hell's Gate6.99David Weber and Linda Evans11/1/2006
1634: The Galileo Affair (Ring of Fire)6.99Andrew Dennis and Eric Flint4/1/2004
1635: The Papal Stakes (Ring of Fire)9.99Charles E. Gannon and Eric Flint10/15/2012
The Power of Illusion6.99Christopher Anvil and Eric Flint10/1/2010
Prescription for Chaos (Complete Christopher Anvil)6.99Christopher Anvil and Eric Flint2/1/2009
War Games (Complete Christopher Anvil)6.99Christopher Anvil and Eric Flint12/1/2008
The Trouble With Humans6.99Christopher Anvil and Eric Flint8/1/2007
The Trouble With Aliens6.99Christopher Anvil and Eric Flint8/1/2006
Interstellar Patrol II: The Federation of Humanity6.99Christopher Anvil and Eric Flint3/1/2005
The Sorceress of Karres (Witches of Karres)6.99Dave Freer and Eric Flint1/1/2010
Slow Train to Arcturus6.99Dave Freer and Eric Flint10/1/2008
Pyramid Power (The Pyramid)6.99Dave Freer and Eric Flint8/1/2007
The Rats, the Bats and the Ugly (Rats, Bats and Vats Series)6.99Dave Freer and Eric Flint8/1/2004
Belisarius III: The Flames of Sunset (Belisarius Saga)8.99David Drake and Eric Flint8/1/2009
The Tyrant (Raj Whitehall)9.99David Drake and Eric Flint3/1/2002
Destiny's Shield (Belisarius Saga)6.99David Drake and Eric Flint6/1/2000
Fortune's Stroke (Belisarius Saga)6.99David Drake and Eric Flint6/1/2000
Torch of Freedom (Honor Harrington)6.99David Weber and Eric Flint11/1/2009
1633 (Ring of Fire)6.99David Weber and Eric Flint8/1/2002
The Best of Jim Baen's Universe6.99Eric Flint7/1/2007
Grantville Gazette, Volume VI (Ring of Fire)6.99Eric Flint1/1/2012
Ring of Fire III6.99Eric Flint7/1/2011
1636: The Saxon Uprising (Ring of Fire)6.99Eric Flint4/1/2011
1635: The Eastern Front (Ring of Fire)6.99Eric Flint10/1/2010
Worlds6.99Eric Flint2/1/2009
Grantville Gazette, Volume IV (Ring of Fire)6.99Eric Flint6/1/2008
Ring of Fire II6.99Eric Flint1/1/2008
Grantville Gazette, Volume III (Ring of Fire)6.99Eric Flint1/1/2007
Grantville Gazette, Volume I (Ring of Fire)6.99Eric Flint11/1/2004
Ring of Fire6.99Eric Flint1/1/2004
Grantville Gazette, Volume II (Ring of Fire)6.99Eric Flint10/1/2003
Foreign Legions6.99Eric Flint6/1/2001
The Philosophical Strangler (Joe's World)0.00Eric Flint5/1/2001
A Sense of Infinity6.99Howard L. Myers and Eric Flint7/1/2009
The Creatures of Man0.00Howard L. Myers and Eric Flint5/1/2003
Eternal Frontier6.99James H. Schmitz and Eric Flint9/1/2002
The Witches of Karres6.99James H. Schmitz and Eric Flint11/1/2001
The Hub: Dangerous Territory6.99James H. Schmitz and Eric Flint4/1/2001
Trigger and Friends (The Complete Federation of the Hub)6.99James H. Schmitz and Eric Flint1/1/2001
The Course of Empire0.00K. D. Wentworth and Eric Flint9/1/2003
Future Imperfect6.99Keith Laumer and Eric Flint5/1/2003
The Best of Jim Baen's Universe II6.99Mike Resnick and Eric Flint7/1/2008
A Logic Named Joe6.99Murray Leinster and Eric Flint6/1/2005
Planets of Adventure6.99Murray Leinster and Eric Flint10/1/2003
Med Ship6.99Murray Leinster and Eric Flint8/1/2002
Forward the Mage (Joe's World)6.99Richard Roach and Eric Flint3/1/2002
Threshold (Boundary Series)6.99Ryk Spoor and Eric Flint6/1/2010
The Cold Equations6.99Tom Godwin and Eric Flint4/1/2003
1634: The Bavarian Crisis (Ring of Fire)6.99Virginia DeMarce and Eric Flint10/1/2007
1634: The Ram Rebellion (Ring of Fire)6.99Virginia DeMarce and Eric Flint5/1/2006
Conrad's Lady9.99Leo Frankowski12/1/2005
Conrad Stargard: The Radiant Warrior9.99Leo Frankowski12/1/2004
Conrad's Time Machine6.99Leo Frankowski9/1/2002
The Fata Morgana6.99Leo Frankowski8/1/2000
A Boy and His Tank6.99Leo Frankowski2/1/2000
Dragon's Ring6.99Dave Freer10/1/2009
The Wizard of Karres (Witches of Karres)6.99Dave Freer,Eric Flint and Mercedes Lackey8/1/2004
This Rough Magic (Heirs of Alexandria)6.99Dave Freer,Eric Flint and Mercedes Lackey12/1/2003
The Shadow of the Lion (Heirs of Alexandria)6.99Dave Freer,Mercedes Lackey and Eric Flint3/1/2002
Chicks 'n Chained Males (Chicks in Chainmail)6.64Esther Friesner12/16/2012
Fangs for the Mammaries (Suburban Fantasy)6.99Esther Friesner10/1/2010
Strip Mauled (Suburban Fantasy)6.99Esther Friesner10/1/2009
Witch Way to the Mall6.99Esther Friesner6/1/2009
Turn the Other Chick (Chicks in Chainmail)6.99Esther Friesner11/1/2004
That Undiscovered Country (Jim Baen Memorial Award Winner)3.95Nancy Fulda3/27/2012
By Slanderous Tongues (Sceptr'd Isle)6.99Mercedes Lackey and Roberta Gellis3/1/2005
The Books of the Wars6.99Mark Geston2/1/2009
From Dream to Dream6.99Arlene Golds6/1/2006
1636: The Kremlin Games (Ring of Fire)6.99Paula Goodlett,Gorg Huff and Eric Flint6/1/2012
Kren of the Mitchegai6.99Leo Frankowski and Dave Grossman3/1/2004
The War With Earth (New Kashubia)6.64Leo Frankowski and Dave Grossman7/1/2003
Bedlam Boyz, Second Edition (Urban Elves)6.99Ellen Guon12/18/2012
Future Weapons of War6.99Martin Harry Greenberg and Joe Haldeman3/1/2007
Man-Kzin Wars XII6.99Matthew Joseph Harrington,Larry Niven,Hal Colebatch and Paul Chafe2/1/2008
The Puppet Masters (Baen Science Fiction)7.99Robert A. Heinlein7/27/2010
Assignment in Eternity8.99Robert A. Heinlein7/1/2012
The Star Beast (Heinlein's Juveniles)8.99Robert A. Heinlein3/1/2012
Sixth Column6.99Robert A. Heinlein1/1/2012
Starman Jones6.99Robert A. Heinlein10/1/2011
The Green Hills of Earth and The Menace from Earth6.99Robert A. Heinlein3/1/2010
The Puppet Masters6.99Robert A. Heinlein8/1/2009
Between Planets (Juvenile)6.99Robert A. Heinlein8/1/2008
Farmer in the Sky (Heinlein's Juveniles)6.99Robert A. Heinlein5/1/2008
Farnham's Freehold6.99Robert A. Heinlein11/1/2006
Man-Kzin Wars XIII11.20Alex Hernandez,David Bartell,Charles E. Gannon and Jane Lindskold4/3/2012
Honor's Paradox (Chronicles of the Kencyrath)6.99P. C. Hodgell12/1/2011
Bound in Blood (Chronicles of the Kencyrath)6.99P. C. Hodgell3/1/2010
Seeker's Bane (Chronicles of the Kencyrath)6.99P. C. Hodgell7/1/2009
The God Stalker Chronicles (Chronicles of the Kencyrath)6.99P. C. Hodgell1/1/2009
Bug Park6.99James P. Hogan12/16/2012
Moon Flower6.99James P. Hogan4/1/2008
The Two Worlds (Giants Star)6.99James P. Hogan9/1/2007
The Two Moons (Giants Star)6.99James P. Hogan4/1/2006
Catastrophes, Chaos and Convolutions6.99James P. Hogan12/1/2005
Echoes of an Alien Sky6.99James P. Hogan5/1/2005
Mission to Minerva (Giants Star)6.99James P. Hogan5/1/2005
Martian Knightlife6.99James P. Hogan10/1/2001
Darkship Renegades8.86Sarah Hoyt12/15/2012
Darkship Thieves6.99Sarah Hoyt1/1/2010
Gentleman Takes a Chance (Shifter)6.99Sarah Hoyt10/1/2008
Draw One in the Dark (Shifter)6.99Sarah Hoyt11/1/2006
The Rackham Files9.99Dean Ing2/1/2004
Going Interstellar6.99Jack McDevitt and Les Johnson6/1/2012
Back to the Moon6.99Travis S. Taylor and Les Johnson12/1/2010
The Wild Side: Urban Fantasy with an Erotic Edge6.99Toni L.P. Kelner,Tanya Huff,Caitlin Kittredge and Dana Cameron8/1/2011
The Collected Kessel6.00John Kessel11/14/2012
Time Spike (Ring of Fire)6.99Eric Flint and Marilyn Kosmatka5/1/2008
Skylock6.99Paul Kozerski11/1/2002
Watch on the Rhine: Die Wacht am Rhein (Legacy of the Aldenata)6.99John Ringo and Tom Kratman8/1/2005
Countdown: H Hour6.99Tom Kratman8/1/2012
Countdown: M Day6.99Tom Kratman9/1/2011
The Amazon Legion (Desert Called Peace)6.99Tom Kratman4/1/2011
Countdown: The Liberators6.99Tom Kratman2/1/2011
The Lotus Eaters (Desert Called Peace)6.99Tom Kratman4/1/2010
Caliphate0.00Tom Kratman4/1/2008
Carnifex (A Desert Called Peace)6.99Tom Kratman4/1/2008
A State of Disobedience6.99Tom Kratman12/1/2003
Dead Six6.99Larry Correia and Mike Kupari10/1/2011
The Fire Rose6.99Mercedes Lackey12/16/2012
Werehunter6.64Mercedes Lackey12/16/2012
The Fire Rose (The Elemental Masters Fairy Tales)7.99Mercedes Lackey11/1/1996
The Robin and the Kestrel (Bardic Voices)6.99Mercedes Lackey12/16/2012
Four and Twenty Blackbirds (Bardic Voices)6.99Mercedes Lackey2/1/2004
Brain Ships (Brain and Brawn Ship Series)9.99Mercedes Lackey,Anne McCaffrey and Margaret Ball11/1/2003
Much Fall of Blood (Heirs of Alexandria)6.99Mercedes Lackey,Dave Freer and Eric Flint5/1/2010
Masters of Fantasy6.99Mercedes Lackey,David Drake,David Weber and Bill Fawcett7/1/2004
And Less Than Kind (Sceptr'd Isle)6.99Roberta Gellis and Mercedes Lackey4/1/2008
This Scepter'd Isle6.99Roberta Gellis and Mercedes Lackey2/1/2004
A Host of Furious Fancies8.99Rosemary Edghill and Mercedes Lackey9/1/2012
Bedlam's Edge (Urban Elves)6.99Rosemary Edghill and Mercedes Lackey8/1/2005
Mad Maudlin (Urban Elves)6.99Rosemary Edghill and Mercedes Lackey8/1/2003
Lucy's Blade6.99John Lambshead5/1/2007
Old Soldiers (Keith Laumer Bolos)6.99David Weber and Keith Laumer9/1/2005
The Road to Damascus (Keith Laumer Bolos)6.99Keith Laumer,John Ringo and Linda Evans3/1/2004
Invasion: Book One of the Secret World Chronicle (The Secret World Chronicles)6.99Dennis Lee,Cody Martin,Steve Lib and Mercedes Lackey3/1/2011
World Divided: Book Two of the Secret World Chronicle (The Secret World Chronicles)9.99Dennis Lee,Veronica Giguere,Mercedes Lackey and Cody Martin2/1/2012
Carousel Tides6.99Sharon Lee11/1/2010
Korval's Game (Liaden Universe)8.84Steve Miller and Sharon Lee5/3/2011
Mouse and Dragon (Liaden Universe)6.99Steve Miller and Sharon Lee6/1/2010
Longeye (Troy Rising)6.99Steve Miller and Sharon Lee2/1/2010
Breakfast in the Ruins8.99Barry N. Malzberg4/1/2007
The City and the Ship (Brain and Brawn Ship Series)9.99S. M. Stirling and Anne McCaffrey3/1/2004
Exodus (Starfire)6.99Steve White and Shirley Meier1/1/2007
Dragon Ship (Liaden Universe)9.99Sharon Lee and Steve Miller9/1/2012
The Crystal Variation (Liaden Universe)8.99Sharon Lee and Steve Miller9/1/2011
Ghost Ship (Liaden Universe)6.99Sharon Lee and Steve Miller8/1/2011
The Agent Gambit (Liaden Universe)8.99Sharon Lee and Steve Miller1/4/2011
The Dragon Variation (Liaden Universe)8.99Sharon Lee and Steve Miller6/1/2010
Saltation (Liaden Universe)6.99Sharon Lee and Steve Miller4/1/2010
Fledgling (Liaden Universe)6.99Sharon Lee and Steve Miller9/1/2009
Duainfey6.99Sharon Lee and Steve Miller9/1/2008
Generation Warriors (Planet Pirates)6.64Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Moon12/16/2012
Sassinak (Planet Pirates)6.99Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Moon12/16/2012
Change of Command (The Serrano Legacy)6.99Elizabeth Moon12/16/2012
The Legacy of Gird (Paksenarrion Series)8.99Elizabeth Moon12/16/2012
Once a Hero (The Serrano Legacy)6.99Elizabeth Moon12/16/2012
Rules of Engagement (The Serrano Legacy)6.99Elizabeth Moon12/16/2012
The Deed of Paksenarrion: A Novel12.24Elizabeth Moon2/1/1992
The Serrano Succession (The Serrano Legacy)9.99Elizabeth Moon9/1/2009
The Serrano Connection (The Serrano Legacy)8.99Elizabeth Moon10/1/2008
The Deed of Paksenarrion (Paksenarrion Series)8.99Elizabeth Moon10/1/2001
Heris Serrano (The Serrano Legacy)8.99Elizabeth Moon12/1/2000
No Going Back (Jon and Lobo)9.99Mark L. Van Name5/15/2012
Children No More (Jon and Lobo)6.99Mark L. Van Name8/1/2010
Jump Gate Twist (Jon and Lobo)8.99Mark L. Van Name7/1/2010
Overthrowing Heaven (Jon and Lobo)6.99Mark L. Van Name6/1/2009
Slanted Jack (Jon and Lobo)6.99Mark L. Van Name7/1/2008
One Jump Ahead (Jon and Lobo)6.99Mark L. Van Name6/1/2007
A Cosmic Christmas8.34Mark L. Van Name,Larry Correia,Mercedes Lackey and Catherine Asaro11/15/2012
Transhuman6.99T. K. F. Weisskopf and Mark L. Van Name2/1/2008
Oath of Fealty (CoDominium Future History)6.99Jerry Pournelle and Larry Niven1/1/2008
Man-Kzin Wars XIII8.99Larry Niven,Alex Hernandez,Jane Lindskold and Hal Colebatch5/15/2012
Man-Kzin Wars XI6.99Larry Niven,Hal Colebatch and Matthew Harrington10/1/2005
The Iron Breed (People Saga)8.99Andre Norton12/16/2012
Ice and Shadow8.87Andre Norton8/1/2012
The Forerunner Factor6.99Andre Norton3/1/2012
Deadly Dreams6.99Andre Norton6/1/2011
The Game of Stars and Comets6.99Andre Norton4/1/2009
Search for the Star Stones6.99Andre Norton11/1/2008
Crosstime9.99Andre Norton3/1/2008
Star Flight (Astra)6.99Andre Norton10/1/2007
Moonsinger6.99Andre Norton5/1/2006
Dark Companion6.99Andre Norton4/1/2004
Masks of the Outcasts6.99Andre Norton4/1/2004
Darkness and Dawn6.99Andre Norton3/1/2003
Janus6.64Andre Norton8/1/2002
Warlock6.99Andre Norton2/1/2002
Star Soldiers0.00Andre Norton8/1/2001
Time Traders II: The Defiant Agents and Key Out of Time6.99Andre Norton2/1/2001
Time Traders0.00Andre Norton9/1/2000
The Empire's Corps3.00Christopher Nuttall8/1/2012
The Death of Sleep (Planet Pirates)6.64Anne McCaffrey and Jody Lynn Nye12/16/2012
The Ship Who Saved the Worlds (Brain and Brawn Ship Series)9.99Anne McCaffrey and Jody Lynn Nye12/1/2003
School of Light (Dreamland)6.99Jody Lynn Nye12/16/2012
Waking in Dreamland6.99Jody Lynn Nye12/16/2012
View from the Imperium6.99Jody Lynn Nye4/5/2011
The Grand Tour (Dreamland)6.99Jody Lynn Nye8/1/2000
A New American Space Plan8.74Travis S. Taylor and Stephanie Osborn11/15/2012
The Spider: City of Doom6.99Norvell W. Page6/1/2008
The Spider: Robot Titans of Gotham6.99Norvell W. Page6/1/2007
High Justice (CoDominium Future History)6.99Jerry Pournelle12/16/2012
King David's Spaceship (CoDominium Future History)6.99Jerry Pournelle12/16/2012
Exile-and Glory6.99Jerry Pournelle8/1/2008
Fallen Angels6.64Jerry Pournelle,Michael Flynn and Larry Niven10/1/2002
Tran6.99Roland Green and Jerry Pournelle12/16/2012
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Hank Reinhardt's The Book of Swords8.99Hank Reinhardt8/1/2009
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We Few (March Upcountry)6.99David Weber and John Ringo4/1/2005
Queen of Wands (Special Circumstances)16.50John Ringo8/7/2012
A Deeper Blue (Paladin of Shadows)6.99John Ringo6/1/2007
Queen of Wands (Special Circumstances)9.99John Ringo8/1/2012
The Hot Gate (Troy Rising)6.99John Ringo5/1/2011
Citadel (Troy Rising)6.99John Ringo1/1/2011
Live Free or Die (Troy Rising)6.99John Ringo2/1/2010
Eye of the Storm (Legacy of the Aldenata)6.99John Ringo7/1/2009
The Last Centurion6.99John Ringo8/1/2008
Unto the Breach (Paladin of Shadows)6.99John Ringo12/1/2006
Choosers of the Slain (Paladin of Shadows)6.99John Ringo5/1/2006
East of the Sun, West of the Moon (Council Wars)6.99John Ringo5/1/2006
Kildar (Paladin of Shadows)6.99John Ringo3/1/2006
Princess of Wands (Special Circumstances)6.99John Ringo1/1/2006
Ghost (Paladin of Shadows)6.99John Ringo10/1/2005
Into the Looking Glass6.99John Ringo6/1/2005
Against the Tide (Council Wars)6.99John Ringo2/1/2005
Hell's Faire (Legacy of the Aldenata)6.99John Ringo5/1/2003
Exiled: Clan of the Claw6.99John Ringo,Jody Lynn Nye,Harry Turtledove and S. M. Stirling8/1/2011
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Cally's War (Legacy of the Aldenata)6.99Julie Cochrane and John Ringo10/1/2004
The Tuloriad (Legacy of the Aldenata)6.99Tom Kratman and John Ringo10/1/2009
Yellow Eyes (Legacy of the Aldenata)6.99Tom Kratman and John Ringo4/1/2007
Claws That Catch (Looking Glass)6.99Travis S. Taylor and John Ringo11/1/2008
Vorpal Blade (Looking Glass)6.99Travis S. Taylor and John Ringo9/1/2007
Von Neumann's War6.99Travis S. Taylor and John Ringo5/1/2006
Very Hard Choices6.99Spider Robinson6/1/2008
Night of Power6.99Spider Robinson7/1/2005
Lady Slings the Booze6.99Spider Robinson12/1/2002
Very Bad Deaths6.99Spider Robinson12/1/2002
Callahan's Lady6.99Spider Robinson9/1/2001
Telempath6.99Spider Robinson7/1/2001
Paladins II: Knight Moves6.99Joel Rosenberg12/1/2006
Guardians of the Flame: To Home and Ehvenor9.99Joel Rosenberg11/1/2004
Paladins6.99Joel Rosenberg9/1/2004
Guardians of the Flame: Legacy9.99Joel Rosenberg6/1/2004
The Guardians of the Flame9.99Joel Rosenberg2/1/2003
Golden Reflections6.99Fred Saberhagan2/1/2011
Of Berserkers, Swords and Vampires6.99Fred Saberhagen6/1/2009
Rogue Berserker (Berserkers Series)6.99Fred Saberhagen1/1/2005
Agent of Vega and Other Stories6.99James H. Schmitz,Guy Gordon and Eric Flint11/1/2001
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Habeas Corpses (Halflife Chronicles)6.99William Mark Simmons11/1/2005
Dead On My Feet (Halflife Chronicles)6.99William Mark Simmons6/1/2003
Forge of the Elders6.99L. Neil Smith4/1/2000
Elfhome (Tinker)9.99Wen Spencer7/1/2012
Endless Blue6.99Wen Spencer12/1/2007
Wolf Who Rules (Tinker)6.99Wen Spencer4/1/2006
Tinker6.99Wen Spencer10/1/2003
Boundary (Boundary Series)6.99Eric Flint and Ryk Spoor2/1/2006
Phoenix Rising8.99Ryk E. Spoor11/15/2012
Grand Central Arena6.99Ryk Spoor5/1/2010
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The Independent Command (The Flight Engineer)6.99James Doohan and S. M. Stirling11/1/2001
Go Tell the Spartans (CoDominium Future History)6.99Jerry Pournelle and S. M. Stirling12/16/2012
Prince of Sparta (CoDominium Future History)6.99Jerry Pournelle and S. M. Stirling12/16/2012
The Domination (Draka Trilogy)9.99S. M. Stirling12/16/2012
Drakon (The Domination)5.69S. M. Stirling12/16/2012
Drakas!6.64S. M. Stirling11/1/2000
The Science Behind the Secret8.99Travis S. Taylor3/1/2010
One Good Soldier (Mars)6.99Travis S. Taylor12/1/2009
One Day on Mars6.99Travis S. Taylor10/1/2007
The Quantum Connection6.99Travis S. Taylor4/1/2005
Warp Speed6.99Travis S. Taylor12/1/2004
Freedom8.99Martin Harry Greenberg and Mark Tier7/1/2006
Visions of Liberty6.99Martin Harry Greenberg and Mark Tier7/1/2004
Give Me Liberty6.99Martin Harry Greenberg and Mark Tier1/1/2003
Bridge of the Separator6.99Harry Turtledove12/1/2005
The Time of Troubles II (Videssos)9.99Harry Turtledove9/1/2005
The Time of Troubles I (Videssos)9.99Harry Turtledove6/1/2005
The Enchanter Completed6.99Harry Turtledove5/1/2005
Alternate Generals III6.99Harry Turtledove4/1/2005
3XT9.99Harry Turtledove7/1/2004
Alternate Generals II6.99Harry Turtledove7/1/2002
Marching Through Peachtree6.99Harry Turtledove11/1/2001
Ragnarok6.99Patrick A. Vanner8/1/2010
Transgalactic (Clane)8.99A. E. Van Vogt,David Drake and Eric Flint10/1/2006
Blood and Judgement6.99Lars Walker12/1/2003
The Vast White (The Murderer's Edge)2.99Jason Walters1/31/2009
Echoes of Honor (Honor Harrington)6.99David Weber12/16/2012
Honor Among Enemies (Honor Harrington)6.99David Weber12/16/2012
In Enemy Hands (Honor Harrington)6.99David Weber12/16/2012
Oath of Swords (War God)0.00David Weber12/21/2012
On Basilisk Station (Honor Harrington)0.00David Weber12/21/2012
Field of Dishonor (Honor Harrington)6.99David Weber12/16/2012
Mutineer's Moon (Dahak)6.99David Weber12/16/2012
War Maid's Choice (War God)9.99David Weber7/1/2012
A Rising Thunder (Honor Harrington)9.99David Weber3/1/2012
A Beautiful Friendship (Honor Harrington)6.99David Weber10/1/2011
In Fire Forged: Worlds of Honor V (Honor Harrington)6.99David Weber2/1/2011
Mission of Honor (Honor Harrington)6.99David Weber7/1/2010
Worlds of Weber6.99David Weber10/1/2009
Storm from the Shadows (Honor Harrington)6.99David Weber3/1/2009
At All Costs (Honor Harrington)6.99David Weber11/1/2005
In Fury Born (Alicia Devries)6.99David Weber11/1/2005
Wind Rider's Oath (War God)6.99David Weber5/1/2004
The Service of the Sword (Honor Harrington)6.99David Weber4/1/2003
Empire From the Ashes (Dahak)8.99David Weber3/1/2003
War of Honor (Honor Harrington)6.99David Weber10/1/2002
The Excalibur Alternative6.99David Weber1/1/2002
The Short Victorious War (Honor Harrington)6.99David Weber1/1/2002
Flag in Exile (Honor Harrington)6.99David Weber3/1/2001
Worlds of Honor (Honor Harrington)6.99David Weber6/1/2000
Ashes of Victory (Honor Harrington)6.99David Weber3/1/2000
The Apocalypse Troll6.99David Weber1/1/2000
The Warmasters (Hammer's Slammers)6.99David Weber,Eric Flint and David Drake5/1/2002
1634: The Baltic War (Ring of Fire)6.99Eric Flint and David Weber5/1/2007
Fire Season (The Star Kingdom)9.99Jane Lindskold and David Weber10/15/2012
March to the Stars (March Upcountry)6.99John Ringo and David Weber1/1/2003
Bolo! (Keith Laumer Bolos)6.99Keith Laumer and David Weber1/1/2005
Insurrection (Starfire)6.99Steve White and David Weber12/16/2012
The Shiva Option (Starfire)6.99Steve White and David Weber2/1/2002
The Crucible of Empire6.99Eric Flint and K. D. Wentworth3/1/2010
Extremis (Starfire)6.99Charles E. Gannon and Steve White5/1/2011
Crusade (Starfire)6.99David Weber and Steve White12/16/2012
The Stars at War II (Starfire)9.99David Weber and Steve White7/1/2005
The Stars at War (Starfire)9.99David Weber and Steve White8/1/2004
The Disinherited6.99Steve White12/16/2012
Emperor of Dawn6.99Steve White12/16/2012
Legacy (Disinherited)6.99Steve White12/16/2012
Prince of Sunset6.64Steve White12/16/2012
Sunset of the Gods8.99Steve White12/16/2012
Wolf Among the Stars6.99Steve White11/1/2011
Saint Antony's Fire6.99Steve White11/1/2008
Blood of the Heroes6.99Steve White1/1/2006
The Prometheus Project6.99Steve White3/1/2005
Demon's Gate6.99Steve White1/1/2004
Forge of the Titans6.99Steve White6/1/2003
The Hero (Legacy of the Aldenata)6.99John Ringo and Michael Z. Williamson6/1/2004
When Diplomacy Fails (Freehold Series)9.99Michael Z. Williamson8/1/2012
Rogue (Freehold Series)6.99Michael Z. Williamson9/1/2011
Do Unto Others (Freehold Series)6.99Michael Z. Williamson8/1/2010
Contact with Chaos (Freehold Series)6.99Michael Z. Williamson4/1/2009
The Weapon (Freehold Series)6.99Michael Z. Williamson8/1/2005
Crown of Empire (Crisis of Empire)6.99Chelsea Quinn Yarbro12/16/2012
Cobra Gamble: Cobra War, Book III (Cobra Wars)6.99Timothy Zahn1/1/2012
Cobra Guardian: Cobra War Book II (Cobra Wars)6.99Timothy Zahn1/1/2011
Cobra Alliance: Cobra War Book I (Cobra Wars)6.99Timothy Zahn12/1/2009
Blackcollar: The Judas Solution6.99Timothy Zahn6/1/2006
The Cobra Trilogy8.99Timothy Zahn9/1/2004

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