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Horror Kindle ebooks between 2/5/2013 and 2/12/2013

Horror Kindle ebooks between 2/5/2013 and 2/12/2013.

The goal of this blog is to provide a way to quickly scan new releases in Amazon. Amazon's default search mechanism only shows 10 results at a time, which makes it very difficult to find new books, since hundreds of books are released every week. This article will reduce the amount of clicking and page loads required to see what was released. For more information see About the New Ebook Release Blog.

Between 2/5/2013 and 2/12/2013: 289 Horror Kindle books were released. Click 'Read More' to see the complete list

Released Books Kindle ebooks

TitlePriceAuthor(s)Release Date
Die Bilsenweisheit - Atopia 3 (German Edition)1.25Martin Abraham2/5/2013
FINIS1.00George Adimathra2/10/2013
The Devil (Paranormal Agency)0.99Sophia Alexandra2/10/2013
Monstrosity0.99Sophia Alexandra2/6/2013
Newts (Art and Passion)0.99May Allwright2/7/2013
In the Darkness1.99Vladimir Angelov2/8/2013
Natalie Saurs2.99Michael Angliss2/9/2013
Electric Wolves2.99John Archer2/7/2013
Overture: A Meeting of Fate (Immortal Symphony)0.99K. Piet and S.L. Armstrong2/8/2013
The Help Clinic (The Little Book of Dark Tales)1.00W R Armstrong2/9/2013
Three Nights0.99Ben Asper2/8/2013
Symbiosis A Vampire and Human story3.12Louise Atkins2/8/2013
El Aula 19 (Spanish Edition)0.99Federico Axat2/5/2013
Zwielicht Classic 2 (German Edition)2.99Tobias Bachmann,Michael Siefener,Achim Hildebrand and Stefan Melneczuk2/10/2013
Shadows, Whispers, Shivers: Tales of Horror and Dark Fantasy2.99David Bain2/5/2013
Piedmont Phantoms (North Carolina's Haunted Hundred)3.99Daniel W. Barefoot2/7/2013
In the Sandbox2.99Sarah Baum2/7/2013
Frankenstein Galvanized1.99Mary Shelley and Claire Bazin2/8/2013
Rotten Skulls (iFiction!)1.99Everette Bell2/7/2013
Vampire Nocturne (Sabrina Strong Series)6.95Lorelei Bell2/7/2013
Il Tamburino (Italian Edition)2.99Scott Nicholson and Chiara Beltrami2/10/2013
Blope2.99Sean Benham2/5/2013
A Gift Revealed (Southern Hospitality #2)0.99David Bennett2/11/2013
Small Town Evil0.99Ken Berglund2/6/2013
Scent of Darkness: A Novel11.99Margot Berwin2/5/2013
The Importance of the Front Yard0.99Will Bevis2/10/2013
Macabre Moments2.99BRIAN BIGELOW2/10/2013
Invoking Hellion2.99Vianka Van Bokkem2/8/2013
Viking Vampires Voyage and Sea Witch4.99Vianka Van Bokkem2/6/2013
Invoking Hellion and Hostile World3.99Vianka Van Bokkem2/5/2013
Vampire Dynasty: Once Upon A Time2.99Vianka Van Bokkem2/5/2013
Dazzle Ships0.99Harrison Booth2/10/2013
A Little Bit Horror, Volumes 1-4: A collection of fourteen short stories2.99Juliet Boyd2/9/2013
Funny Scary Stories0.99M.J Bradley2/9/2013
Cry of the Cicada0.99Rebecca Brae2/11/2013
The Dark3.99Jason Brant2/5/2013
Mindworks2.99N.D. Bray2/6/2013
Memories- Vampire Erotica0.99M L BRIERS2/7/2013
Conversations in the Abyss (The Third Path)1.99Michael Brookes2/6/2013
The Bigfoot Apocalypse Box Set II4.99Eric S. Brown2/8/2013
Triple Shot of Vampires0.99Tonia Brown,Jaidis Shaw and Stephanie Gianopoulos2/10/2013
Triple Shot of Triple Shot of Flash Fiction0.99Tonia Brown,Stephanie Gianopoulos and Jaidis Shaw2/11/2013
A Dark Duet0.99Elrica Winter and C.A. Broz2/6/2013
Essence2.50Clara Williams and Nicole Brun-Mercer2/6/2013
Pariser Nächte - Ein humorvoller Fantasy-Roman (German Edition)7.76Elke Bulenda2/5/2013
R.I.P. (Silas Hill)0.99Allan Burd2/7/2013
A Cross to Carry (Altered Faith)0.99Paula Wilson Malone and Michael Burness2/6/2013
King of Beverly Hills (The Suicide Club)3.00Ronald Burns2/6/2013
Something in the Walls (Hunters of Paranormal Evil Short Stories)0.99Doug Burris2/11/2013
Ghost Train5.99Linda Cargill2/9/2013
St. Simons Island: A Mystery Collection5.99Linda Cargill2/8/2013
Death in the Garden5.99Linda Cargill2/6/2013
Murder on St. Simons Island5.99Linda Cargill2/6/2013
Angst im Dunkeln (German Edition)5.99Linda Cargill2/5/2013
Choices: Short Fiction0.99Anna Carrillo and Francesca Carrillo2/5/2013
Sweet Embrace0.99Jonathan Carter2/7/2013
Creepers4.99Lou Catalano2/5/2013
The Second Wife3.99Catherine Cavendish2/6/2013
The Girl on the Hill5.50John Chater2/9/2013
Letters Lost - Suicide Notes, Letters and Consciousness - A Diary of Despair8.49SD Clifford2/5/2013
Barbed Wire Kisses2.99Scott Colbert2/5/2013
THE DEBATABLE LAND A NOVEL4.99Arthur Colton2/6/2013
Chance of a Ghost7.99E.J. Copperman2/5/2013
Tag Team (Partners)0.99Christopher Lee Cousino2/9/2013
3355 Situações Que Você Deve Saber Para Não Morrer Como Nos Filmes de Terror (Portuguese Edition)7.63Gerson Couto2/6/2013
Deception at Dark Hall (The Briony Martin Mystery Series)1.99Stacey Coverstone2/8/2013
Corvid Tauntings2.99Edwin Crowe and Lilith Craven2/7/2013
Shinbone0.99Patricia E. Crawford2/5/2013
THE FLOATING CAFÉ6.99Margery Lawrence and Richard Dal2/5/2013
WHERE HUMAN PATHWAYS END6.99Shamus Frazer and Richard Dal2/6/2013
John Sinclair - Folge 1805: Hexenbrand (German Edition)1.49Jason Dark2/12/2013
John Sinclair - Folge 1804: Der einäugige Henker (German Edition)1.49Jason Dark2/5/2013
Sleeper Cell: Part 1 (Chapters 1-4)6.13Mikhah Ben David2/5/2013
Blood Moon (Mythic Series)3.99Jae Lynne Davies2/10/2013
Mythic (Mythic Series)2.99Jae Lynne Davies2/9/2013
10 Minutes From Home: Episode 20.99Bill Howard and Books of the Dead2/6/2013
Coming Home0.99Steven Deman2/6/2013
Malena's Kiss0.99Paul DiPersio2/5/2013
A Collection of Short Stories for Bathroom Readers0.99Wade Dobson2/9/2013
Comes the Dark (The Dark Trilogy)7.99Patrick D'Orazio2/8/2013
Dark Lanterns1.99Zoe Drake2/8/2013
Stories by Robert Dunbar0.99Robert Dunbar2/6/2013
Fang Fuck2.99Skye Eagleday2/8/2013
Prick of Power: A Native American Story of Supernatural Futanari Revenge and Destiny2.99Skye Eagleday2/8/2013
Dark Dwellings0.99Dale Eldon2/8/2013
The Werewolf (Of Camera 4)2.99Martyn Ellington2/11/2013
Kremlon Book 2: The Elixir Sword2.99Jane Ellison2/5/2013
The Dead of Winter3.00Lee Enderlin2/6/2013
Border - Niemand entkommt dem Spiel (German Edition)2.99M. Fernholz2/9/2013
Something For Everything2.99Robert L. Folkner2/5/2013
The Fallen: The Light Bringer: Book Two9.66Chris DiGiuseppi and Mike Force2/5/2013
Dark Spirits (Beyond the Eyes)2.99Rebekkah Ford2/10/2013
Dark World4.50Christopher Fowler,Reggie Oliver,John Gaskin and Anna Taborska2/6/2013
Ghost Chaser1.99Dedrick Frazier and Cedrick Frazier2/6/2013
Redemption of the Dead: A Supernatural Time Travel Zombie Thriller (Undead World Trilogy, Book Three)4.99A.P. Fuchs2/9/2013
Bigfoot Terror Tales Vol. 2: Stories of Sasquatch Horror4.99Eric S. Brown and A.P. Fuchs2/5/2013
Legacy (Taker)0.99Chelsea Gaither2/7/2013
The Old Bone Road4.99Joseph Garraty2/10/2013
La Sombra en el Espejo (Spanish Edition)1.50Fernando Medina de la Garza2/11/2013
By The Sea3.99Henry Gee2/9/2013
Die Nacht des Satyrs (German Edition)5.82Harry von Goch2/5/2013
Vampires de l'Arizona (French Edition)2.99Gregory Golinski2/5/2013
THE ONYX5.99Margaret Gouldsbury2/7/2013
The Adventures of Mr. Pibb0.99Trina Green2/5/2013
Talons0.99W. G. Griffiths2/10/2013
The Hunt0.99Mark Allan Gunnells2/7/2013
The Flesh Cartel #3: Choices2.99Heidi Belleau and Rachel Haimowitz2/5/2013
The Haunting of Sam Cabot (All New Author Updated Version)2.99Mark Edward Hall2/10/2013
Just Shadows0.99Tara Fox Hall2/6/2013
Echoes of Old Souls3.99Nika Harper2/10/2013
No One to Hurt (Short-Story Collection)0.00Jerry Hart2/7/2013
Mask of the Macabre0.99David Haynes2/9/2013
The Bus0.99G.B. Heddle2/9/2013
Stranger In The Dark (Tales of Death)0.00G.B. Heddle2/8/2013
A Vampire Love Story0.99Heather Hehl2/11/2013
Siedler im Land der Zombies - Der Aufbruch (German Edition)2.99Noah Hellinger2/7/2013
O Garoto que Podia Controlar os Mortos! (Portuguese Edition)9.99Webster W. Hill2/8/2013
Dead Letters: Stories of Murder and Mayhem2.99Chris F. Holm2/6/2013
Requiem for Blood2.99Alexandra Hope2/6/2013
A Precious Little Devil0.99Jessica Lea Hurt2/6/2013
A House in the Country2.99Annabel Ihrig2/10/2013
Haunted From Within (BOOK TWO) A Mystery & Detective Paranormal Medical Thriller Conspiracy [Borrow FREE with ...3.13Ian C.P. Irvine2/10/2013
Letters From Jesse3.99Judith Iverson2/5/2013
The Sixth Extinction: An Apocalyptic Tale of Survival. (Part One: Outbreak.)0.99Glen Johnson2/9/2013
The Sinner2.99K. Trap Jones2/10/2013
Devil's Spawn, Devil's Pawn3.99Karl Jones2/9/2013
Devil's Spawn, Devil's Pawn Episode 100.99Karl Jones2/8/2013
The Color Over Occam4.99Jonathan Thomas and S. T. Joshi2/5/2013
Unto The Night7.10Ronald Koppelberger Jr.2/5/2013
CÍRCULO DA ROSA (Portuguese Edition)2.99Eddie C Dollgener Jr2/7/2013
The Chronicles of Nightfire, Texas, Volume I: The Vampire Murders2.99Glenn Slade Clark Jr2/5/2013
The Untold Realm7.00John Jennett Jr2/5/2013
Ancient Blood Ties (The Waterfront Series)0.99Kenneth Kaye2/9/2013
Darkness and Light, Death and Rebirth (The Waterfront Series)1.99Kenneth Kaye2/9/2013
The Girl Who Bled Forever (The Slipstream Chronicles)0.00Kent David Kelly2/9/2013
The Sculpture Made Flesh1.99Adrian Kendrew2/5/2013
Das Blut der Mondwandler (German Edition)9.99Ulli Schwan and Holger Kirste2/9/2013
Ragnarök: The Rise of the Damned5.00Lianne Kross2/10/2013
Linuale0.99RD Larson2/5/2013
Best Sellers (Spanish Edition)1.99Enrique Laso2/10/2013
Use As Directed0.99Gabriel Legend2/7/2013
Lost and Found2.10E. Michael Lewis2/5/2013
Schlock! Webzine Vol 4 Iss 50.99Michael Lizarraga,Omar ZahZah,Rob Bliss and Guy Burtenshaw2/8/2013
The Wooden Box1.99Steven Lloyd2/6/2013
One For Rose Cottage4.49Shel Locke2/11/2013
Ghost Haunts2.99D J Lowbridge2/8/2013
Spine Shivering Stories!0.99michelle Lowe2/10/2013
Right Behind You0.00Dale Lucas2/10/2013
Lavender0.99Michael W Lucas2/11/2013
Zombie Deutschland: Episode IV - Shock and Awe (German Edition)0.99Fabian Lutz2/8/2013
Evil in the Attic (Edge Wizard Legends)0.99Kal Malik2/9/2013
...And The Damage Done: Short Story0.99Michael Marano2/12/2013
Burden: Short Story0.99Michael Marano2/12/2013
Displacement: Short Story0.99Michael Marano2/12/2013
Exit Wound: Short Story0.99Michael Marano2/12/2013
Little Round Head: Short Story0.99Michael Marano2/12/2013
Shibboleth: Short Story0.99Michael Marano2/12/2013
Winter Requiem: Short Story0.99Michael Marano2/12/2013
Changeling: Short Story0.99Michael Marano2/12/2013
The Siege: Short Story0.99Michael Marano2/12/2013
L'ASSOLUZIONE: SULLA SPIAGGIA A KUALOA (Italian Edition)0.99Don March2/8/2013
Prophecies of a Marine3.99Anthony Marino2/6/2013
Beginnings (Hunters of the Flesh)2.99Stacy Vanner and Eric Marrero2/5/2013
Berserk (Spanish Edition)9.88Tim Lebbon and Marta García Martínez2/8/2013
Tales from the Keep Volume 2: Be Sweet0.99Jeffery X Martin2/7/2013
The Inanimates I9.99Katherine Marzinsky,Frank Dutkiewicz,Rebecca Brown Rebecca Fung and Tammy A. Branom2/6/2013
Forever Man6.00Brian W. Matthews2/9/2013
Moorehead Manor0.99David McMullen-Sullivan2/7/2013
Spooks4.95Michael McQuown2/6/2013
Runners: Prison Planet - Escape or Die (Time Train Adventures by Remi Metro)2.99Rémi Metro2/8/2013
Dark Moon Digest - Issue #10: The Horror Fiction Quarterly2.99Stan Swanson and Lori Michelle2/5/2013
Wishing for Spiders0.99J. Mark Miller2/9/2013
Trickery of a Corpse2.99Kevin Millikin2/10/2013
The Stalker0.00Charmain Marie Mitchell2/6/2013
Punishment Time0.99Charmain Marie Mitchell2/10/2013
Crossing Over2.99Minta Monroe2/5/2013
Out Of Darkness (The Starborn Saga)0.00Jason D. Morrow2/6/2013
Algren in Wonderland2.99Chad Muller2/7/2013
Zombies of Byzantium4.24Sean Munger2/5/2013
Mr. Pakool's Spice0.99JZ Murdock2/8/2013
The Conqueror Worm0.99JZ Murdock2/6/2013
Chosen12.99D. Neal2/8/2013
Spirit of Yorkshire 4, Pavilion0.99Walter Nicholl2/5/2013
Haunting Jack Harper4.59Kate Winter and Marilin North2/5/2013
Tales of Blight and Horror: A Heart Shaped Uterus0.99Ryan Notch2/10/2013
Lost in Glory2.99Quentin Oakwood2/9/2013
El legado del fin del mundo (Spanish Edition)3.90Miguel Ángel Muñoz Ogáyar2/9/2013
Zombie Spring's Trooper Tyree A First Sequel1.00Chris Okusako,Shauna Okusako and Rita Okusako2/11/2013
Remembering (Vampin Book Series #17)0.99Jamie Ott2/5/2013
Into the Depths1.99Edwin Page2/7/2013
Drusilla's Mirror: A Tale of Horror0.99Jamie Page2/11/2013
The Paine Principles: Short Story Collection (Five Tales of Horror and Evil Killers)2.99Kinga Paine2/7/2013
Apocalypse Bitch: a story of horror and tyranny.0.99Kinga Paine2/6/2013
Rampage: Schizophrenic Mass Murder0.99Kinga Paine2/5/2013
The Lore of Lauder (Discovery)2.99Ann Parker-Burgess2/7/2013
Kindle-ING2.99James L. Patterson2/7/2013
The Tantalus0.00R.S PAYNE2/8/2013
Psycho Proctologists - Hakuna Matata, Vagina Dentata (Psycho Proctologists #2)2.99W. W. Pecker2/10/2013
Abram House3.99R.J. Peters2/6/2013
Available Darkness: Episode 7 (A new breed of vampire serial thriller)0.99Sean Platt,David W. Wright and Jason Whited2/11/2013
Bedtime Tales of Horror: In the Eyes of My Brother0.99Bradley Poage2/5/2013
Poe Tanpen-shu Kuroneko Koganemushi morugu-gai-no-satuji... (Japanese Edition)0.99Edgar Allan Poe,Mori Rintaro and Sasaki Naojiro2/9/2013
Crawl Space0.99F. Poj2/10/2013
Frost and Flame (Eververse)2.99Stella and Audra Price,Audra Price,Stella Price and S.A. Price2/6/2013
Camp 417 Episode Three The Reich0.99Finnean Nilsen Projects2/7/2013
Words0.99Jacob Prytherch2/9/2013
The Evensong3.99Lindsay Payton and Professional Publications2/10/2013
Never Say Such Things (A Fall Into Darkness Story)0.99Alexia Purdy2/5/2013
Breaking Them Gently (the Gently Series #3)1.99Mobashar Qureshi2/7/2013
Chopping Them Gently (the Gently Series #2)1.99Mobashar Qureshi2/7/2013
Death Under the Crescent Moon2.99Dusty Rainbolt2/10/2013
Die, Chingress, Then Love Again0.99Carl Reader2/11/2013
The Girl with the Painted-On Face: A Short Story1.49Ellie Reynylt2/9/2013
The Secret of Raven Island (Tobietta Rhyman Books)2.99Tobietta Rhyman2/8/2013
Amour In Blood- Wolf Chronicles7.00Melanie Marie Shifflett Ridner2/10/2013
Shadow People3.99Jo Robinson2/6/2013
LADY STANHOPE'S MANUSCRIPT and Other Supernatural Tales3.99Christopher Roden and Others and Barbara Roden2/5/2013
Miedo en la medianoche (Spanish Edition)1.99Circulo Rojo2/10/2013
Familiar2.99Elizabeth Rose,Elizabeth Rose Krejcik and Shutterstock2/10/2013
Rich and Roulo: DESIRE0.99Emerian Rich and H. E. Roulo2/6/2013
Dead Medicine4.00Jarrod Rowe2/5/2013
Among Prey2.99Alan Ryker2/7/2013
Hidden Evil6.49Roz Ryszka-Onions2/7/2013
Devil's Respect (The Devil Trilogy)2.99Ben Savage2/9/2013
The Physic (Children of the Dire Wolf)0.00E. Burden and Patricia R. Schaefer2/5/2013
Dead Calm (The Dead Series)0.99Jon Schafer2/10/2013
The Fiendish Furnishing5.49Tom Schan2/5/2013
Hollow Shell: A Zombie Epic - Part Two0.99Mark C. Scioneaux2/11/2013
American Rest Stop3.99Unknown Screenwriter2/5/2013
The Charcoal People a short tale of fate0.99Michael Sear2/8/2013
Vignettes of the Office - Darkly Told1.99George Seaton2/10/2013
Die Heimsuchung (German Edition)6.81Markus Seebauer2/5/2013
The Beaky Bunch (Short Story)0.99Ingrid Seymour2/10/2013
MACBETH. EDITION DE LUXE (Illustrated with 60 exquisite paintings and vintage engravings of celebrated masters...0.99William Shakespeare,Immensely Illustrated,John William Waterhouse and Henry Fuseli2/8/2013
The Price of Silence (Silence Trilogy)0.99Jeremy Shoemaker2/8/2013
Bitter Ruin (Part 2) (Quiet Scream)0.99Steven Siddall2/5/2013
The Shadows of Kingston Mills2.99David B. Silva2/10/2013
THE LAW OF THE NORTH (Originally published as Empery) A Story of Love and Battle in Rupert's Land6.99Samuel Alexander White and Thornton Skidmore2/6/2013
Isolation0.00Dreyer Smit2/7/2013
Steps From the Edge0.99Ian Smith2/6/2013
In the Shadow of a Pale Horse6.99Mark Smith2/8/2013
Hereafter (A Reaper Novella)1.99Jennifer Snyder2/5/2013
Revenge: A Novel9.99Yoko Ogawa and Stephen Snyder2/5/2013
Darpocalypse (The Living Dead Series)7.99Joseph Souza2/10/2013
RIFLESSI PERDUTI (Italian Edition)0.00Lorenza Spaiardi2/10/2013
Psycho Therapy4.24Alan Spencer2/5/2013
Afterthought6.00Brent Springer2/7/2013
Buoyant Mary0.99Steven Samuel Stafford2/10/2013
Derilium part two: Surviving the Dead0.99John Stearn2/10/2013
Derilium part one: Rise of the Dead0.00John Stearn2/9/2013
Mr. Hybrid : Initiative (Mr. Hybrid Trilogy)3.99F.S.N. Stefan2/7/2013
A Journey to Disgrace - Part-Two-of-Three3.50Kurt Steiner2/10/2013
Vampire Mafia: Santa Cruz2.99Jackson Stein2/7/2013
Innsmouth Magazine: Issue 121.99Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Paula R. Stiles2/5/2013
Earth's Survivors Book Two: The Nation3.95Wendell Sweet2/9/2013
Cold Call0.99Patrick Szabo2/5/2013
Real Paranormal Stories: READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!2.99Temper Thompson2/5/2013
Man's Ruin - A Dark Fantasy Novella (The Seventh Seal Sequel #1)0.99J. Thorn2/9/2013
El anillo de la calavera (Spanish Edition)0.99Scott Nicholson and Sandra Lucía Toledo2/10/2013
The White Sands-1Douglas T. Vale2/11/2013
The Bite1.99Douglas T. Vale2/8/2013
The Book of Lives (Diary of the After Life Series)0.99Emme Vance2/8/2013
Betrayal (Varigo)4.00S H Villa2/9/2013
Wulfenstein (German Edition)4.40Joachim Andreas Warten and Jörg Erik Warten2/8/2013
The Fate of Mercy Alban9.99Wendy Webb2/5/2013
Inja (A Bones Adventure)0.00Mark Wheaton2/9/2013
When Death Comes Knocking Part 21.50Karen Whiteley2/6/2013
The Last Fortune0.99Gail Whitiker2/5/2013
A Dangerous Journey2.99Bo Widerberg2/9/2013
An Unkindness of Ravens - An Homage to Edgar Allan Poe0.99Patricia Lee Macomber and David Niall Wilson2/10/2013
Short Terror - spannende und unheimliche Kurzgeschichten Vol.2 (German Edition)0.99Martin Semesch and Christoph Wittmann2/9/2013
Long Way Back from Hell (Angel of Vengeance)0.00C E Wolfe2/8/2013
Mirrored Blade2.99Ian Woodhead2/11/2013
Duplicity2.99Ian Woodhead2/10/2013
Zombie Armageddon 5: Dead Reaping2.99Ian Woodhead2/10/2013
Available Darkness: Season Two (Episodes 7-12)4.99David Wright,Sean Platt and Jason Whited2/10/2013
Behind the Badge (Justin Graves Horror Series)0.99Terry Wright2/5/2013
INVERSION4.50Max York2/8/2013
The Bull (Signs and Sacrifices)0.99Melissa Yost-Haynes2/9/2013
Seis Supernatural-Paranormal Histórias: The Demon Leilão / Rep do Diabo Campo / o assassinato Mimic / A estudante...0.99Sam Yulsih2/7/2013
Dark Around the Edges: Heaven's On Fire (Cambion)0.99Cari Z2/8/2013
Ravaged by the Mutilated Lesbian Zombie Queen2.99Aster Zhen2/5/2013
Antologia sborror (Italian Edition)4.00franc'O'brain2/9/2013
Igyoukaranohoushuu (Higurasi100enbonsir... (Japanese Edition)1.00Higurasimanabu2/5/2013
siesta (Japanese Edition)1.00nathumuraizumo2/9/2013
Dreaming Of Darkness0.99TMS2/7/2013
Within The Darkness0.99TMS2/7/2013
Weird Tales: 101 Weird, Strange, and Supernatural Stories Vol. 7 (Civitas Library Classics)1.99Various2/7/2013

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  1. The Tantalus by ROBERT.STEPHEN.PAYNE.
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