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Romance Kindle ebooks between 2/26/2013 and 3/5/2013

Romance Kindle ebooks between 2/26/2013 and 3/5/2013.

The goal of this blog is to provide a way to quickly scan new releases in Amazon. Amazon's default search mechanism only shows 10 results at a time, which makes it very difficult to find new books, since hundreds of books are released every week. This article will reduce the amount of clicking and page loads required to see what was released. For more information see About the New Ebook Release Blog.

Between 2/26/2013 and 3/5/2013: 957 Romance Kindle books were released. Click 'Read More' to see the complete list

Released Books Kindle ebooks

TitlePriceAuthor(s)Release Date
Le Sarcophage des Chrysalides (French Edition)5.99Abel A.K.3/3/2013
Catching Her Heart (Home to Hartley Creek)3.82Carolyne Aarsen3/1/2013
The Husband Hunt (a novella) (The Bachelor Series)0.99Kiki Abbott2/28/2013
Overlooked1.99Dee Abers3/2/2013
Aura5.99M.A. Abraham2/27/2013
Little Less Obvious0.00Jonah Abram2/28/2013
Bitten0.00Jacob Abrams2/28/2013
David and Aliena0.00Jacob Abrams2/28/2013
Deep Cover9.99Traci Hunter Abramson3/1/2013
Alina Said "Call Me, Maybe" (A Short Romance)2.99Liz Adams3/3/2013
Running Towards Love0.99Marisa Adams2/27/2013
Listed: Volume IV0.99Noelle Adams2/28/2013
Love Bytes; a twisted story of love, data and the future (Entanglement)0.99Richard F Adams2/26/2013
Bonds of Need (Wicked Play)2.51Lynda Aicher3/4/2013
Broken2.99L.J. Alexander3/2/2013
The Lure of White Oak Lake8.99Robin Alexander2/26/2013
Crimson, Volume 16.99Sax Alexander,Phong Chau,Louise Hooker and Leona Bushman2/28/2013
The Besties2.99Vicktor Alexander3/3/2013
Little Cowgirl on His Doorstep (Cadence Creek Cowboys)3.82Donna Alward3/1/2013
Ethereal: An Illumine Series Novella (The Illumine Series)0.99Alivia Anders2/28/2013
Undercover Lover4.99KS Anderson3/3/2013
Always On My Mind: The Sullivans4.99Bella Andre3/5/2013
Sydney Harbor Hospital: Evie's Bombshell3.82Amy Andrews3/1/2013
Love in a Broken Vessel: A Novel7.34Mesu Andrews3/1/2013
The League of Illusion: Prophecy2.51Vivi Anna3/4/2013
Nina Decker Box Set: Dawning, Glimmer, Portal3.99Vivi Anna3/1/2013
Lily's Mistake3.99Pamela Ann2/28/2013
Jack & Jill2.99Philip Anthony3/2/2013
A Victim of Moonlight0.99Josie Anton3/2/2013
The Charmer (An Assassins Guild Novel) (The Assassins Guild)3.99C.J. Archer3/2/2013
Binding Devotion4.99Kiki Archer2/27/2013
Unti Zoe Archer #31.99Zoe Archer3/5/2013
High Risk7.99Vivian Arend3/5/2013
To Hiss or to Kiss5.99Katya Armock2/27/2013
Lover's Leap7.99Martin Armstrong2/28/2013
Sin of Hope (Celestin City: Zoe Langston)2.99Isabelle Arocho2/27/2013
Death Says Hello2.99Isabelle Arocho2/26/2013
Winter's Witch (Part 1 of the Charley Winters Cycle)2.99Katie Asher3/1/2013
PRUSSIAN HEART (Free to Love) - Paranormal Romance Short Story, Fiction Book0.99Sam Asher3/4/2013
The Outrageous Belle Marchmain4.61Lucy Ashford3/1/2013
Unbound9.99Angela Knight and Jennifer Ashley3/5/2013
Back Where She Belongs (Harlequin Superromance)3.82Dawn Atkins3/1/2013
Divided Loyalties (Sequel to Dividing Line)0.99Heather Atkinson2/28/2013
Caitlin's Choice3.99Kat Attalla3/4/2013
ASHLEY1.99Calvin Augustino3/3/2013
Worth the Wait7.99Misty Austin2/28/2013
The Billionaire's Curvy Submissive (A BBW Erotic Romance Novel)5.99Denise Avery2/27/2013
For His Affection (Love And Submission Series #4)2.99Denise Avery2/27/2013
For His Command (Love And Submission Series #3)2.99Denise Avery2/27/2013
For His Love (Love And Submission Series #5)2.99Denise Avery2/27/2013
For His Lust (Love And Submission Series #2)2.99Denise Avery2/27/2013
For His Needs (Love And Submission Series #1)1.97Denise Avery2/27/2013
Moonlight Masquerade: A Regency Romance9.68Ruth Axtell3/1/2013
Florence (Portuguese Edition)4.75Maria Helena Azulay3/4/2013
Must-Have Husband (Summer Grooms Series)0.00Ginny Baird2/26/2013
Oh My Gracious0.99Kelly Baker3/2/2013
The Laird Returns (Highland Loyalties Trilogy)2.99Veronica Bale2/26/2013
Teach HIm Tonight4.99Mardi Ballou3/3/2013
The Arrangement (Survivor's Club)7.99Mary Balogh3/5/2013
Cassie Dates Melvin: Or, How Two People Struggle to Save Their Town Despite a Few Small Obstacles Such as Killer...4.99Lori Balster and Elyse Balster3/1/2013
How to Catch a Prince (Royal Babies)3.82Leanne Banks3/1/2013
Highlander Most Wanted: The Montgomerys and Armstrongs7.99Maya Banks2/26/2013
El Train Love Story0.00Em Barrett2/28/2013
Real Vampires Know Hips Happen9.99Gerry Bartlett3/5/2013
Grace Anne (The Waite Family Series)5.99Kathi S. Barton3/2/2013
Raspberry Truffle, a Torquere menage1.99Anna Bayes2/26/2013
Shot of Sultry (Sultry Springs)5.79Macy Beckett3/5/2013
Equini e lasagne ovvero, della deprecabile scomparsa del quagga (Italian Edition)1.30Joseph Nelson Eldridge Oldiron and Isabella Bella3/1/2013
A Place for Liam2.99Sarah Bella3/1/2013
A Certain Truth (The Trials of Kit Shannon #6)3.99James Scott Bell2/26/2013
Behind Palace Doors (Harlequin Desire)3.82Jules Bennett3/1/2013
Write Me a Romance3.99Nina-Gai Till and Lily-Mae Benoit2/28/2013
Unscheinbar (German Edition)6.99Anja Berger2/28/2013
A Storm Arising (The Heart of Dark Waters)4.99Diana Berger3/1/2013
Forever and one (Gabri) (Italian Edition)2.99Valentina Bergero3/1/2013
Something Wild3.49Patti Berg3/2/2013
Grave Consequences: A Novel (Grand Tour Series)9.68Lisa T. Bergren3/1/2013
Another Perfect Baby0.99Payton Berkeley2/26/2013
Mannequin (Book One)3.99Olivia Best3/3/2013
Driftwood0.99Shauna Bickley3/1/2013
Leliel ?7.49Leesa Birch,Diane Hall and Libriis Pi2/28/2013
Mexican Spice2.99KT Bishop3/1/2013
The Transplant List4.95Rick Blackmon2/28/2013
The Rogue (A Castle Blackstone Novel)2.99Sandy Blair2/28/2013
Pretending He's Mine (Caught Up In Us Series)0.99Lauren Blakely2/28/2013
TUESDAY'S JILLAROO3.99KERRY ALLYNE and Barrie Blick2/28/2013
MIXED FEELINGS3.99KERRY ALLYNE and Barrie Blick2/27/2013
CARPENTARIA MOON3.99KERRY ALLYNE and Barrie Blick2/26/2013
Tangled Up in Daydreams: A Novel8.99Rebecca Bloom3/5/2013
Tout reste à faire (French Edition)7.80Emmanuel Bodin3/3/2013
Angel Vampire and Vampire Witches3.99Vianka Van Bokkem3/2/2013
A Vampire's Werewolf Clan and Werewolves Lair3.99Vianka Van Bokkem3/2/2013
The Camp2.99Karice Bolton2/27/2013
Lost Treasure, Captive Princess (Crimson Romance)3.82Katherine Bone3/4/2013
Crave the Darkness: A Shaede Assassin Novel7.99Amanda Bonilla3/5/2013
Bounty's End (Bounty for Hire)1.99AJ Wiliams and Lea-Ellen Borg2/26/2013
The Third Estate2.99Marjorie Bowen3/4/2013
The Leopard and the Lily3.99Marjorie Bowen3/3/2013
A Token of Love7.00Ann Bowyer,Richard Bowyer and Alice Bowyer3/3/2013
And the Miss Ran Away With the Rake: Rhymes With Love7.59Elizabeth Boyle2/26/2013
Discovering Alicia2.99Tessie Bradford2/26/2013
Dream In Color2.99Sarah J. Bradley3/3/2013
The Housekeeper (Twists & Turns)0.99BD Brand3/3/2013
Malverde - Das Unkraut namens Lüge gedeiht überall (German Edition)9.70Brigitte Brandl2/27/2013
Who's Watching2.99Gayle L Braswell3/3/2013
Must Like Kids (Harlequin Kiss)3.82Jackie Braun3/1/2013
Watershed3.99Cd Brennan2/28/2013
Beastly: Three Erotic Shapeshifter Fairy Tales (Gay Werewolf Monster Sex Bundle)6.99Victoria Brice3/1/2013
Taken in the Cell (BBW BDSM Erotic Romance)2.99Gwendolyn Bridges3/1/2013
Dangerous Heat3.99Sloan McBride and Kristina Brinton2/28/2013
This Can't Be Love5.98Gus Brito3/1/2013
Sutherland's Pride (Crimson Romance)3.82Kathryn Brocato3/4/2013
USK LODGE2.99Daisy Broec2/26/2013
The Headmaster's Boy (Gay Billionaire BDSM)2.99Lyra Brooks2/27/2013
Blue-Ribbon Jalapeño Society Jubilee10.09Carolyn Brown3/5/2013
Best Kept Secrets4.74Sandra Brown2/26/2013
Breath of Scandal4.74Sandra Brown2/26/2013
Mirror Image1.99Sandra Brown2/26/2013
Slow Heat in Heaven4.74Sandra Brown2/26/2013
Summerset Abbey: A Bloom in Winter9.73T. J. Brown3/5/2013
Gay Before God, An Awakening Love Forbidden By The Church2.99William Bruce3/3/2013
The Silence of Winter (The Discovery - A Lancaster County Saga)4.99Wanda E. Brunstetter3/1/2013
Tin Cat2.99Misa Buckley3/3/2013
Claimed by the Marine (BWWM Interracial Romance)2.99Dez Burke2/28/2013
Seduced by the Football Player (BWWM Interracial Romance)2.99Dez Burke2/26/2013
Fatal Deception0.99S.R. Burks2/26/2013
Mission of Danger (Mission Books)2.99Clarica Burns2/27/2013
Midnight Comes with the Dawn: The Vampyir Plague - First Five Chapters Free0.99Darlene Burns3/3/2013
Duke and His Duchess1.99Grace Burrowes3/1/2013
Thrown By A Curve9.99Jaci Burton3/5/2013
Homecoming (The Trifectus Series - Book Two)2.99Logan Byrne2/28/2013
Revelations (The Trifectus Series - Book Three)2.99Logan Byrne2/28/2013
Uncommon Pleasure9.99Anne Calhoun3/5/2013
Knight Avenged (#2)7.99Coreene Callahan3/5/2013
Corazones Enemigos (Highlands) (Spanish Edition)4.99Brianna Callum2/28/2013
Restore My Heart (Daddy's Girls)0.99Chelsea Camaron3/1/2013
The Artist3.99Michele Wallace Campanelli3/1/2013
The Things She Says (Harlequin Desire)3.82Kat Cantrell3/1/2013
A Bride by Moonlight6.44Liz Carlyle2/26/2013
Hunger Awakened2.51Dee Carney3/4/2013
The Black Swan (The Daughters of England)7.99Philippa Carr2/26/2013
The Changeling (The Daughters of England)7.99Philippa Carr2/26/2013
Daughters of England7.99Philippa Carr2/26/2013
The Gossamer Cord (The Daughters of England)7.99Philippa Carr2/26/2013
Midsummer's Eve (The Daughters of England)7.99Philippa Carr2/26/2013
The Pool of St. Branok (The Daughters of England)7.99Philippa Carr2/26/2013
The Return of the Gypsy (The Daughters of England)7.99Philippa Carr2/26/2013
A Time for Silence (The Daughters of England)7.99Philippa Carr2/26/2013
Voices in a Haunted Room (The Daughters of England)7.99Philippa Carr2/26/2013
We'll Meet Again (The Daughters of England)7.99Philippa Carr2/26/2013
Whispering Rock (A Virgin River Novel)5.99Ron Carr2/26/2013
First Time For Everything (Harlequin Kiss)3.82Aimee Carson3/1/2013
Home to Montana (Love Inspired)3.82Charlotte Carter3/1/2013
Dear Dylan0.99Delenna Carter3/3/2013
Dame Onyx Treasures [Love Among The Monsters]3.99Margaret L Carter3/1/2013
1. El laberinto del amor (La Colección Eterna de Barbara Cartland) (Spanish Edition)2.99Barbara Cartland2/26/2013
2. El impostor (La Colección Eterna de Barbara Cartland) (Spanish Edition)2.99Barbara Cartland2/26/2013
Mi vida al desnudo (Spanish Edition)1.95Chus Sánchez and Emilio Casado3/1/2013
The Wolf's Surrender (Harlequin Nocturne)3.82Kendra Leigh Castle3/1/2013
Staging Love (Paranormal Series)3.99Patricia Catacalos3/2/2013
Exposed6.99Skylar M. Cates2/28/2013
MY ÁNTONIA (complete and unabridged with illustrations)2.99Willa Cather2/28/2013
Arnth, l'ultimo generale etrusco (Italian Edition)9.99Venerio Cattani,Francesca Porcu and Marco Marcellini3/1/2013
Before the Storm8.79Diane Chamberlain2/26/2013
The Quest for the Demon Disconcerter (The Steam and Steel Chronicles)2.99Cameron Chapman3/2/2013
The Heart of a Hero7.99Janet Chapman3/5/2013
The Ties That Bind Trilogy Omnibus Collection9.99Elle Chardou2/28/2013
Lauren's Designs0.00Elizabeth Chater2/27/2013
His Dark Enchantress (Books We Love Regency Romance)3.99Victoria Chatham3/3/2013
The Duke and the Fire Maiden (Seduced by Passion Series)2.99Sophie Chiaro3/3/2013
The Princess Predicament (Royal Bodyguards)3.82Lisa Childs3/1/2013
More Than Friends0.99Susan Child,Cathleen Ross and Willsin Rowe2/28/2013
Señorita Rani3.50Aditi Chopra2/26/2013
My Date With Eric (A Sweet Romance Novel)2.99Antony W.F. Chow2/27/2013
His Phantom Caress (Strange Bedfellows)3.50Alexandra Christian3/1/2013
I campi di liquirizia (Italian Edition)2.99Vera Citton3/3/2013
A Lexicon of Female Dominance7.50Miss Irene Clearmont3/3/2013
Silence and Thunder5.99Cliff Clevenger2/28/2013
Falling For The Lawyer0.99Anna Clifton3/1/2013
Duty to the Crown6.99Rebecca Cohen3/3/2013
Sensei4.99Karenna Colcroft2/28/2013
The Next Right Thing (Harlequin Superromance)3.82Colleen Collins3/1/2013
The Healer5.95Dani Collins3/3/2013
Heinz Goedecke (German Edition)4.99Paul Collmann2/28/2013
Rebekah's Scorn (Brides of Cedar Creek)2.99Mildred Colvin3/3/2013
Blade Dance2.99Danica St. Como2/26/2013
Protecting the Pack, An MMF Erotic Romance0.99Tabitha Conall3/3/2013
Swept Away (Trouble in Texas Book #1)9.68Mary Connealy3/1/2013
Daddy Says, "I Do!" (The Pirelli Brothers)3.82Stacy Connelly3/1/2013
Willing to Learn (Trésorier du Coeur)3.99EmKay Connor2/27/2013
Fierce Pride5.00Phoebe Conn2/26/2013
Mary & The Goat2.99charles conquest3/3/2013
Der Seraphim (Höllenfeuer) (German Edition)3.90Peter Conrad2/27/2013
A Beautiful Moment (Romance Series)0.99James Cooper3/1/2013
Falling (Romance Series)0.99James Cooper3/1/2013
Valentine's Day (Romance Series)0.99James Cooper3/1/2013
P.U.S.H.5.99Kassandra Cooper2/28/2013
Cowboy's Texas Rescue (Black Ops Rescues)3.82Beth Cornelison3/1/2013
Murders At Gabriel's Trails 2: A Son's Sacrifice0.99Mirika Mayo Cornelius2/26/2013
BabyShares2.99Mickey J. Corrigan3/1/2013
His Hidden American Beauty3.82Connie Cox3/1/2013
Fate Interrupted 2 (Book 2 of 2)1.99Kaitlyn Cross2/28/2013
It Was You2.99Anna Cruise2/28/2013
The Playboys Series2.50C. Crumb3/1/2013
Taking Chances2.99Cheri Crystal3/3/2013
Love Conquers All0.00DD Crystal2/28/2013
An Indian Affair1.99Elizabeth Currie3/2/2013
The Lady of Seville1.99Elizabeth Currie3/1/2013
Strong Enough to Love0.00Victoria Dahl3/1/2013
You're Still The One5.38Janet Dailey,Cathy Lamb,Mary Carter and Elizabeth Bass3/5/2013
Shane's Last Stand (Heart of the West)3.82Ruth Jean Dale3/1/2013
Hearts Desire (Collective Obsessions)5.99DEIDRE DALTON2/27/2013
Archangel Dreams4.99Kristine Dalton and Robert Dalton2/27/2013
Identity Crisis (Crimson Romance)3.82Eliza Daly3/4/2013
Collingwood0.00Ru Dane3/2/2013
Mit Schönheit, Charme und Millionen - Erstes Buch: Davide (German Edition)2.99Laura-Marí d'Angelo2/28/2013
The Player's Proposal (The Beaumont Series)3.99Angie Daniels2/28/2013
Night Blade4.99J.C. Daniels3/4/2013
Keeper of the Flame (Dragon Knights)4.24Bianca D'Arc2/26/2013
Any Duchess Will Do4.74Tessa Dare2/26/2013
Fearless (The Goddess Trilogy)4.99Jamie David2/26/2013
The Divided Heart6.99Jean Davidson3/1/2013
Guilt by Association6.99Jean Davidson3/1/2013
Manhattan Magic6.99Jean Davidson3/1/2013
Spring Fever6.99Jean Davidson3/1/2013
That Italian Summer6.99Jean Davidson3/1/2013
Treasure of the Heart6.99Jean Davidson3/1/2013
Troubled Waters6.99Jean Davidson3/1/2013
A Time to Love2.99Jean Davidson2/27/2013
Undead and Underwater9.99MaryJanice Davidson3/5/2013
Hell and Determination0.00kathleen Davies2/28/2013
Changing the Game4.99Celena Howard and Janice Davis2/26/2013
DavisUnt1-12 (Novella)2.99Jo Davis3/5/2013
Operation Reunion (Cutter's Code)3.82Justine Davis3/1/2013
Eagles4.99Maggie Davis2/27/2013
Forbidden Objects4.99Maggie Davis2/27/2013
Wild Midnight4.99Maggie Davis2/27/2013
Luke's Secrets and Lies (Salt of Life Fiction Series)2.99Megy Davis3/3/2013
Blackout: Initiation3.99Cassandre Dayne3/1/2013
Reflejada en ti (Spanish Edition)9.99Sylvia Day3/5/2013
Bella Ink (1Night Stand Series)2.99L.C. Dean2/27/2013
His, Body and Soul - Volume 12.99Olivia Dean2/26/2013
His, Body and Soul - Volume 22.99Olivia Dean2/26/2013
His, Body and Soul - Volume 32.99Olivia Dean2/26/2013
A Billionaire's Redemption (Vengeance in Texas)3.82Cindy Dees3/1/2013
A Nanny for the Cowboy (Fatherhood)3.82Roxann Delaney3/1/2013
Threads of Love (Romancing America)7.59Frances Devine,Cynthia Hickey,Marilyn Leach and Winter A. Peck3/1/2013
Taming the Bander3.44Summer Devon2/26/2013
Rogue (Lost)0.99Lori Devoti2/26/2013
How to Seduce an Angel in 10 Days7.39Saranna DeWylde2/26/2013
The Baby Jackpot (Safe Harbor Medical)3.82Jacqueline Diamond3/1/2013
Sweets for the Sweet2.49Kat Davidson and Kit Dickson2/26/2013
First Daughter (The Web Weaver Chronicles)4.99Caitlin Claire Diehl2/27/2013
Daughter of the Sky3.99Michelle Diener2/28/2013
Something In Red (Fancytales Regency Romance Series)0.99Leighann Dobbs2/28/2013
Island of Secrets: Island of Secrets\The Billionaire's Passion (Harlequin Presents)3.82Ron Donald3/1/2013
Still Chasing Love & Rainbows2.99TT Dorsett2/28/2013
Más que belleza (Spanish Edition)3.19Michelle Douglas2/28/2013
The Convict's Bounty Bride0.99Lena Dowling3/1/2013
Eternal Sun (The Adelaide Trilogy)2.99Kendra Kilbourn and Kristin Downer2/28/2013
An Act of Persuasion (Harlequin Superromance)3.82Stephanie Doyle3/1/2013
Tammy and the Doctor (Byrds of a Feather)3.82Judy Duarte3/1/2013
Amor incurable (Spanish Edition)3.19Judy Duarte2/28/2013
Szabad11.89Alan Duff3/1/2013
Revengeful Deceptions7.99Ursula Dukes3/2/2013
She Came from Out of Nowhere "Learn To Trust" (Billionaire Soul Mate Series)1.99Vernistene Dulin2/26/2013
Evading Nevah, A Science Fiction Romance (The Relic Series)3.99Danielle Duncan3/2/2013
Choices6.99Grace R. Duncan3/3/2013
Devour, A Paranormal Romance (Warm Delicacy Series, Book 3)2.99Megan Duncan2/26/2013
A Killing Touch (Sensory Ops)3.44Nikki Duncan3/5/2013
Guard Duty (Texas K-9 Unit)3.82Sharon Dunn3/1/2013
Captain Westwood's Inheritance3.99Lynda Dunwell2/27/2013
A Journey Called Love3.99Chrissy Durant3/2/2013
Dangerously In Love1.99Cha'Bella Don and Jill Duska2/28/2013
Bregdan Chronicles - Storm Clouds Rolling In3.99Ginny Dye3/1/2013
The Wild Half0.99Denise Eagan3/3/2013
One Less Lonely Cowboy (Harlequin Special Edition)3.82Kathleen Eagle3/1/2013
Baptism By Blood (Some Passions Never Die)3.99Mary Eason3/2/2013
Star Crossed7.59Jennifer Echols2/26/2013
Fading Polaroids in Reverse (Diamonds)0.99James Eddy2/27/2013
Mosis8.00Mark Edward2/28/2013
A Rhapsody of Dreams2.99Tami Egonu3/3/2013
Devil May Care (Speak of the Devil)4.99Patricia Eimer2/26/2013
Virgin Voyage (A Sunset Destiny Romance)5.99JJ Ellis3/3/2013
Dead End, Book Three of the Cartel Series2.99Summer Ellis2/28/2013
Run, Hide (Brothers in Arms: Fully Engaged)3.82Carol Ericson3/1/2013
Butterfly7.99J. Ernest3/3/2013
Last Piece Of My Heart2.99David Evans3/1/2013
Casey's Desires3.99Addison Harrington and Maria Facey-Lee2/27/2013
A Propensity for Passion2.99Martha Farabee2/28/2013
Touring With Red Velvet (Red Velvet Series)4.99Kelly Faulk3/2/2013
A Small Fortune (The Fortunes of Texas: Southern Invasion)3.82Marie Ferrarella3/1/2013
O Sagitário de Samech (Portuguese Edition)2.00J. L. B. Ferreira2/28/2013
Dad's Heartbeat1.99Wendy Smith and Molly Fiegel3/1/2013
A Light From the Darkness0.99Eric Filler2/27/2013
Her Sister's Killer (Winfield Killers)2.99Sue Fineman3/3/2013
Palmerstone2.99Sarah Bevan Fischer2/28/2013
The Great Gatsby (Español) (Spanish Edition)0.99F. Scott Fitzgerald3/2/2013
The Great Gatsby (Português) (Portuguese Edition)0.99F. Scott Fitzgerald3/1/2013
Love In The Night And The Perfect Life0.99F. Scott Fitzgerald2/28/2013
Sea Diamonds2.99Anthony Fleischer2/28/2013
Personal Prisons (Free The Captives Series Part I)2.99Krik Floyd2/26/2013
Garota exemplar (Portuguese Edition)12.99Gillian Flynn3/4/2013
Hunted (The Gates Legacy)12.99Lorenz Font3/4/2013
The Cowboy's Unexpected Family (Cowboys of Eden Valley)3.82Linda Ford3/1/2013
Degrees of Silence4.64Kate Forrester2/26/2013
Here To Stay (Welcome to Lucky Break, Arizona!)0.99Patricia Forsythe3/3/2013
Love In The Afternoon (Welcome to Lucky Break, Arizona!)0.99Patricia Forsythe3/3/2013
Now Comes the Night (Children of Night)4.24P.G. Forte2/26/2013
Love Bites: Unleashed\Smookie and the Bandit\Molly Wants a Hero\Dog Tags\Mane Haven6.15Lori Foster,Brenda Jackson,Virna DePaul and Catherine Mann2/26/2013
Gypsy City - A New Beginning (Broadway Gypsy Lives)4.95Christine Fournier2/27/2013
Breaking the Huddle2.99Alyssa Fox2/28/2013
Immortally Embraced7.99Angie Fox2/26/2013
Bonds of Matrimony0.99Carrigan Fox3/1/2013
Vampire Erotica Blood Rush0.99Michelle Fox3/2/2013
The Boss Next Door (Family Man)4.61Roz Denny Fox3/1/2013
JUST AT THE CORNER2.99Charles Fumunjere2/27/2013
Shadows of the Legacy (Halo Legacy)0.99Genie Gabriel2/27/2013
If You Give a Rake a Ruby (Jewels of the Ton)5.79Shana Galen3/5/2013
Starting Over at Lane's End (Harlequin Heartwarming)4.61Shelley Galloway3/1/2013
Sizzle (Harlequin Blaze)3.82Katherine Garbera3/1/2013
The Cookie Tree3.99Cheryl Gardarian3/1/2013
Alexis0.99Marian Gard2/27/2013
Borrowed Time2.99Kimberly Gardner3/1/2013
Heart of the Demon (Warriors of the Rift)6.64Cynthia Garner2/26/2013
Infinity (Walkers Book III)3.50Kyra Gates2/26/2013
Finding Trust (Centre Games)3.99Natalie Gayle2/27/2013
Amore sotto anestesia (Italian Edition)0.00Carmela Maria Gentile,Katia La Capria and Davide Perna2/27/2013
Life of a Lotus0.99Adeerus Ghayan3/2/2013
Taken by the Border Rebel (The Brunson Clan)4.61Blythe Gifford3/1/2013
Kieran & Drew6.99L.A. Gilbert2/28/2013
The Portal0.99S E Gilchrist3/1/2013
McKinnon's Bride4.99Sharon Gillenwater2/27/2013
Out in Blue (Return to Sanctuary)4.79Sarah Gilman2/26/2013
Out of the Shadows2.99Ann Gimpel3/3/2013
Passion and Amour: Four Short Stories on the Trials and Tribulations of Love1.00Meghan Glad3/2/2013
Aufbrach aus der nacht (Liebesromane) (Tagebücher der Dunkelheit: Band 3) (German Edition)4.99Colleen Gleason,Joss Ware and Karen Diehl3/3/2013
Unmasking Miss Lacey4.61Isabelle Goddard3/1/2013
Silver Lining (Mothers of Glendale)1.99Ann Goering2/27/2013
Kaitlin's Silver Lining2.99Ciara Gold2/27/2013
A Wedding She'll Never Forget (Daughters of Power: The Capital)3.82Ron Grady3/1/2013
A Memory Unchained4.95Gloria Graham2/26/2013
The Unseen (Krewe of Hunters)7.19Heather Graham2/26/2013
Prince of Love (Royal Chronicles #3)0.99Donna Grant2/28/2013
Island Hearts (Jenny's Turn and Stray Lady)4.99Vanessa Grant2/26/2013
Grave Bound (Secrets, #1)0.99T.R. Graves,Cassie McCown and Claudia Lucia McKinney2/28/2013
Erotic Stories for Women: Volumes 1-3 (Erotica/BDSM//Three... Friend Sex!) (Erotic Story Collection...6.99Angela Gray2/28/2013
Erotic Stories for Women: Volume 3 (Erotica/Bondage/Thr... Dom/Best Friend Sex! Hot Hot sex!) (Steamy ...2.99Angela Gray2/27/2013
Compressed: Short stories0.99Richy Great3/1/2013
Together Again? (Mythological Messes Redux)0.99Tilly Greene3/1/2013
Love Locked0.99Nicole Green2/26/2013
The Trail Of The Gecko (The Smuggers Trail)8.00On Wings of Fire Lawrence G. Green,N.E. Smith,John J. Somers and Namib Web2/28/2013
The Promised0.99R.J. Green3/1/2013
The Fight Within (The Good Fight)6.99Andrew Grey3/3/2013
EL PRÍNCIPE ZAPATERO (Spanish Edition)0.00ARWEN GREY2/26/2013
Vortice di passioni (Italian Edition)2.63Anna Grieco2/28/2013
Dating Impossible (Dating Series)4.99Kathleen Grieve2/27/2013
A New Kind of Bliss4.61Bettye Griffin3/5/2013
Annie (Circle of Friends)0.99J. F. Groth,Julia Tollgaard and Pat Schwappach3/1/2013
disappearing in plain sight3.99francis l. guenette2/27/2013
In A Cream Packard2.69Edward Hackemer2/28/2013
The Katydid Effect2.69Edward Hackemer2/28/2013
Joan Haste0.99H. Rider Haggard2/28/2013
The Wishing Place2.99Mindy Haig2/28/2013
The Last Dance3.99Kiki Hamilton3/1/2013
Hunter on a Moonless Night0.99Elena Han3/3/2013
Lies and Crinoline (The Lumiere Romances)3.99Gloria Harchar2/28/2013
Frozen Heart9.99David Hardison2/26/2013
Dr. Dearest (An Erotic Short Story Series #2 Featuring Dr. Strange Love)0.99Cindy Hardwell2/28/2013
Elizabeth Bennet Meets Emily St. Aubert0.99Anne Harlowe2/27/2013
First Class Voyage (First Class Novels - A Contemporary Romance Series)2.99AJ Harmon and Christopher Harmon3/1/2013
The Guy To Be Seen With (Valentine's Day Survival Guide)3.82Fiona Harper3/1/2013
Retorno al pasado (Spanish Edition)3.19Nina Harrington2/28/2013
Passados tormentosos (Portuguese Edition)2.72Raye Harris, Lynn Author3/1/2013
The Queen's Revelation (Alexis Wolfe Series)2.99M.T. Harrte3/3/2013
En sus manos (Spanish Edition)5.59Megan Hart2/28/2013
This Soul Magic2.51Michele Hauf3/1/2013
Not a Word0.99Chautona Havig3/3/2013
Dusk with a Dangerous Duke (Lords of Vice)7.99Alexandra Hawkins2/26/2013
Heart of the Dragon0.99Jordan L. Hawk3/3/2013
Creation (Runaway)0.99Lisa Hawk2/26/2013
Redemption7.99Erica Hayes3/5/2013
Le Petitte Mort2.99Jasmine Haynes3/5/2013
Intruder in the Brig (Oceanswept Chronicles)0.99Lara Hays2/28/2013
Desert Love (Soldiers in Heat)3.99Joanna A. Haze2/27/2013
A Box Of Hope0.99Nikita Heart2/26/2013
Devour2.99Andrea Heltsley2/27/2013
PASSION FOR VENGEANCE4.99Patty G. Henderson3/2/2013
A Werewolf to Call Her Own (Mystic Isle, Book 2)0.99Selena Blake and Chrissie Henderson2/26/2013
Black City7.99Christina Henry2/26/2013
When Love's Gone Country (Sequel two of the Embracing Love Trilogy)2.99Merri Hiatt3/3/2013
Journey's Embrace4.99Dora Hiers2/28/2013
The Best Man5.99Kristan Higgins2/26/2013
If It Bleeds3.99Bonnie Hearn Hill2/27/2013
Love Endures - 1: 3-in-1 Collection of Classic Romance14.84Grace Livingston Hill3/1/2013
Matched Pearls (Love Endures)9.87Grace Livingston Hill3/1/2013
The Story of Lady Alice2.99Geraldine Hillis3/3/2013
Beguiling the Boss (Rich, Rugged Ranchers)3.82Joan Hohl3/1/2013
Harlequin Desire March 2013 - Bundle 1 of 2: Beguiling the Boss\A Wedding She'll Never Forget\The Thing She Says (Rich, Rugged Ranchers)9.99Joan Hohl,Ron Grady and Kat Cantrell3/1/2013
For the People: War Of The Classes2.99R. Holland2/27/2013
A Triple Scoop of I Scream (Ghost Encounters)5.62Gabrielle Holly3/3/2013
Autumn Passions0.99Jillian Holmes3/1/2013
Crimson Sky Series: Eye of the Beholder0.99Sarah Holmes2/27/2013
ROUNDER'S PEOPLE3.99Jamie Holoran2/26/2013
The Stranger from Hell2.99Van Holt3/1/2013
India Fan (Casablanca Classics)5.79Victoria Holt3/5/2013
Tri Me (Desert Ménage)2.99Shanyn Hosier2/27/2013
The Lie (The Skyy Huntington Series)2.99Holly Hudspeth3/2/2013
Forbidden Desires - The King-Size Edition (Forbidden Desires Series)3.99Karl Jones and Michelle Hughes3/2/2013
Vain (Evolution Series)4.99Jill Hughey2/28/2013
Shifting Dreams: A Cambio Springs Mystery4.99Elizabeth Hunter3/3/2013
The Mistress Memoirs: A Boscastle Affairs Novel7.99Jillian Hunter3/5/2013
The Conquest of Lady Cassandra7.99Madeline Hunter2/26/2013
Point Doom2.99Otter Monahan Huntley and KE Monahan Huntley3/1/2013
Love And My Iron Chef3.99Joanna Hynes3/1/2013
The Poodle Apocalypse3.99John Inman2/27/2013
Letters to Penthouse XXXXV: Please Me, Spank Me6.64Penthouse International2/26/2013
JENN, JENNY, JENNIFER, a love story9.99JB Isaacs3/1/2013
Jobless in January: Johnny Smith7.99Mara Ismine2/26/2013
Tea for Three0.99Rhoda Baxter and Trish Jackson2/28/2013
A Stitch in Time (Choc Lit)2.99Amanda James2/28/2013
All Access (Brothers of Rock #1) (rockstar contemporary romance)3.99Karolyn James2/28/2013
The Cowboy Kiss (Romance Short Story)0.99Kristen James2/27/2013
Marcada por el destino (Spanish Edition)4.79Sophia James2/28/2013
All The Wright Moves (McKingley)0.99Aliyah Burke and McKenna Jeffries3/3/2013
By Love Unveiled5.69Sabrina Jeffries2/26/2013
Ridley House3.99Willa Jemhart2/26/2013
Love in the Balance (Ladies of Caldwell County Book #2)9.99Regina Jennings3/1/2013
Fiona the Witch (Searching for Lucia)0.99Ricardo Jiongco3/2/2013
An Ordinary Girl in a Tropical Island Castle Adventure (Searching for Lucia)0.99Ricardo Jiongco3/1/2013
The Clown at the End of the World (Searching for Lucia)0.99Ricardo Jiongco2/28/2013
Comedy of Existence0.99Ricardo Jiongco2/28/2013
A Coward's Heart (Searching for Lucia)0.99Ricardo Jiongco2/28/2013
The Ghosts and the Resurrect-or (Searching for Lucia)0.99Ricardo Jiongco2/26/2013
Miss Jane's Undoing1.99Sophia Jiwani2/28/2013
Red Carpet Romance (Hollywood Hearts 2)5.99Jean C. Joachim3/1/2013
Strong, Hot Winds: A Loveswept Classic Romance7.99Iris Johansen2/26/2013
One Night with a Cowboy (Oklahoma Nights)7.19Cat Johnson2/26/2013
A Prince Among Men3.44Cat Johnson3/5/2013
Anything for Her (Harlequin Superromance)3.82Janice Kay Johnson3/1/2013
Dare To Love2.99Yahrah St. John2/28/2013
Bundle of Joy (Love Inspired)3.82Annie Jones3/1/2013
Marrying Kate3.99Kimberly Rae Jordan3/3/2013
I'll Stand by You (Kimani Hotties)4.61Wayne Jordan3/1/2013
Going Home (The Envelope Series)0.99Emily Josephine3/1/2013
Mr. Darcy's Pursuit4.99Rose Lyons and Katrina Joyner2/26/2013
The Rake to Ruin Her (Ransleigh Rogues)4.61Julia Justiss3/1/2013
The Remote Seduction1.29Joany Kane2/28/2013
Meeting Mr. Right (Email Order Brides)3.82Deb Kastner3/1/2013
Too Good to Be True?5.99Chris T. Kat2/26/2013
Lost in Pleasure2.51Marguerite Kaye3/1/2013
Where Love Waits7.50Charmaine Kaynor2/28/2013
Bibles Heading West (2-story bundle pack of Christian romance short stories)1.69Helen Keating3/4/2013
By Candlelight (5-story bundle of beautiful & romantic short stories)4.50Helen Keating3/3/2013
Jake's Grace On The Road West: An Amish-Christian Oregon Trail Romance Short Story0.99Helen Keating3/1/2013
Home & Hearth & Love (2-story bundle back of Amish/Christian short stories)1.69Helen Keating2/28/2013
Belinda's Beloved Family Bible (OREGON TRAIL CHRISTIAN ROMANCE)0.99Helen Keating2/26/2013
A Ghost, A Detective & A Mystery (2-story bundle pack of romantic ghost & mystery short stories)1.69Helen Keating2/26/2013
Working Undercover (a romantic suspense/mystery short story)0.99Helen Keating2/26/2013
Coming Home3.99Teresa Keefer2/26/2013
Under The Hood0.99Juanita Kees3/1/2013
Variations2.99Michael Keller2/26/2013
My Prize (Time Guardians)2.49Sahara Kelly2/27/2013
A Scandal, a Secret, a Baby: A Scandal, a Secret, a Baby\Marriage Scandal, Showbiz Baby! (Harlequin Presents)3.82Sharon Kendrick3/1/2013
Harlequin Presents March 2013 - Bundle 2 of 2: A Scandal, a Secret, a Baby\The Fallen Greek Bride\The Notorious Gabriel Diaz\Taming the Last Acosta9.99Sharon Kendrick,Jane Porter,Cathy Williams and Susan Stephens3/1/2013
Double Enchantment (The Relics of Merlin)6.59Kathryne Kennedy3/5/2013
Lost To You (Petrov Series)2.99Patricia Kennedy3/1/2013
The Second Chance Café (A Hope Springs Novel)4.99Alison Kent3/5/2013
Soul Whisperer (Mills & Boon Nocturne)-1Jenna Kernan3/1/2013
When I'm With You Part I: When We Touch1.99Beth Kery3/5/2013
Because You Are Mine9.99Beth Kery3/5/2013
Kylie in the City: Episode 2 (New Adult Romance)0.99Laura Keysor2/28/2013
Maybe This Time (Harlequin Superromance)3.82Joan Kil3/1/2013
Just Jinxed0.99Julie Kimbrell2/27/2013
The Chance9.78Karen Kingsbury3/5/2013
Caedmon Wolves (3-Book Bundle) Volume I7.99Ambrielle Kirk2/26/2013
Intoxicated2.99Alicia Renee Kline2/28/2013
Lone Oak Feud (Going Back)5.39Amy Knupp3/1/2013
Hunting Shadows (Shadow Series #3)2.99S.H. Kolee3/3/2013
Graffiti auf der Seele (German Edition)5.82Damian Kotzurek2/27/2013
Keeper of the Moon (The Keepers: L.A.)3.82Harley Jane Kozak3/1/2013
The Earl is Mine7.99Kieran Kramer2/26/2013
FLAME OF DESIRE4.99Marcia Hockett and Kathryn Kramer3/1/2013
RIVER OF PASSION2.99Marcia Hockett and Kathryn Kramer2/28/2013
Dawnsearlylite3.99Arvind Kumar2/26/2013
Deuces Wild (Paranormal Shapeshifter BBW Erotic Romance) (Ridgeville)4.99Celia Kyle3/1/2013
Henrietta: The Story of Love, Tennis, and Taking Chances3.99Jon Kyne2/28/2013
The Recruiter, Episode 51.29Evelyn Lafont3/2/2013
JUST MARRIED, PLEASE EXCUSE7.19Yashodhara Lal2/28/2013
The Day Seth Seduced Me1.90Bart Lambert3/2/2013
Geek Girl and the Scandalous Earl5.79Gina Lamm3/5/2013
Mission: Soldier to Daddy (Heroes Come Home)3.82Soraya Lane3/1/2013
The Soldier's Sweetheart (Mills & Boon Cherish) (The Larkville Legacy - Book 7)-1Soraya Lane3/1/2013
The Taming of a Wild Child (The LaBlanc Sisters)3.82Kimberly Lang3/1/2013
Beast Behaving Badly (The Pride Series)5.38Shelly Laurenston3/5/2013
The LadyBird0.99D. H. Lawrence3/2/2013
Trish, Just Trish (This Can't Be Happening Series)2.99Lynda LeeAnne,Crysti Perry and Shannon Nemsi2/28/2013
Give Me Something2.99Elizabeth Lee3/3/2013
As Close as the Heart2.99Janelle Lee3/1/2013
The Earth Painter (The Painter Series)0.99Melissa Turner Lee2/28/2013
The Redemption of Marvin Fuster2.49Patrick Sean Lee2/28/2013
What She Saw (Conard County: The Next Generation)3.82Rachel Lee3/1/2013
A Man Like Mike0.99Sami Lee3/1/2013
Sweet Cravings2.99Eva Lefoy3/3/2013
The Wild Ones3.99M. Leighton3/5/2013
The Wild Ones (A WILD ONES NOVEL)9.99M. Leighton3/5/2013
L' Aube à Kilmainham (French Edition)0.99Michele McGrath and Wendy Leighton-Porter3/3/2013
When You Least Expect It3.99Sandra Leiper3/3/2013
The Spanish Tycoon's Temptress2.99Elizabeth Lennox2/28/2013
Baila conmigo (Spanish Edition)3.19Marion Lennox2/28/2013
The Feathered Lover0.99Tabitha Levin2/27/2013
Shadows of the Mountain4.99Bonnie Lawrence and Jennifer Lewarne2/28/2013
A Trap So Tender (The Drummond Vow)3.82Jennifer Lewis3/1/2013
Harlequin Desire March 2013 - Bundle 2 of 2: A Trap So Tender\One Secret Night\Behind Palace Doors (The Drummond Vow)9.99Jennifer Lewis,Yvonne Lindsay and Jules Bennett3/1/2013
One Secret Night (The Master Vintners)3.82Yvonne Lindsay3/1/2013
Cooper's Redemption (Crimson Romance)3.82D'Ann Lindun3/4/2013
Rodeo Man5.99D'Ann Lindun3/3/2013
Garden of Stones8.13Sophie Littlefield2/26/2013
Emergency Servicing12.85A.J. Llewellyn,Serena Yates,Sara York and Eleanor Bruce3/3/2013
Confronting myself, my past, and my present state of being : Life is what you make it3.99Connie Lloyd2/26/2013
Bob With Wife3.99Bob LobLaw3/3/2013
Bloodlust and Slayer0.00Vanessa Lockley2/28/2013
Destiny's Mercy0.00Vanessa Lockley2/28/2013
A Summer Solstice0.00Vanessa Lockley2/28/2013
Shadow Dance (Shadow Series)4.99Anne Logston2/26/2013
Precocious0.99Ela Lond3/1/2013
The Last Debutante7.35Julia London2/26/2013
Academia Heat3.99Marcos London2/26/2013
Deadly Force (The Detectives)3.82Beverly Long3/1/2013
Into the Spotlight (Soulgirls)3.44Heather Long3/5/2013
nibannmenitaisetunamono (Japanese Edition)5.00Juliet Love3/4/2013
The Eleventh Commandment (Hallelujah Love)9.39Lutishia Lovely2/26/2013
Murphy's Law5.99Jennifer Lowery2/28/2013
A Reputation For Revenge: A Reputation For Revenge\The Greek Billionaire's Baby (Princes Untamed)3.82Jennie Lucas3/1/2013
Pompeii Reawakened, A Paranormal Romance2.99MacKenzie Lucas2/28/2013
Entrecontos 1 (Coletânea de Contos) (Portuguese Edition)2.99Ju Lund2/26/2013
Eating With The Angels16.29Sarah-Kate Lynch3/1/2013
Finding Tom Connor16.29Sarah-Kate Lynch3/1/2013
On Top Of Everything16.29Sarah-Kate Lynch3/1/2013
The Valiant Viking4.45Bambi Lynn2/28/2013
Wait for You0.99J. Lynn2/26/2013
NYC Angels: Heiress's Baby Scandal3.82Janice Lynn3/1/2013
Heartless (#2) (A Zombie Erotic Romance) (Soulless)2.99Cerys du Lys2/28/2013
Hunted by the Beast (#1) (An Erotic Fairy Tale)2.99Cerys du Lys2/28/2013
Soulless (#1) (A Zombie Erotic Romance)0.99Cerys du Lys2/28/2013
Tainted Love: A Novel (Sweetest Taboo Series)5.99Eva Márquez3/1/2013
A Father At Last0.99Julie Mac3/1/2013
The Highlander's Hope - A Contemporary Highland Romance5.99Cali MacKay3/3/2013
Lover's Knot3.99Maggie MacKeever3/3/2013
Surprising Lord Jack (Dutchess of Love)5.59Sally MacKenzie3/5/2013
Vagina Beer Juice2.99John Macker2/26/2013
Lexie's Last Resort5.75Marnie MacLennan3/2/2013
A Most Scandalous Proposal7.99Ashlyn Macnamara2/26/2013
The Highlander's Accidental Bride4.99Cathy MacRae2/27/2013
Vegas Knights (A BBW Erotic Romance) (Knight Fall)2.99Marina Maddix2/28/2013
Making Him Sweat (Harlequin Blaze)3.82Meg Maguire3/1/2013
Die toten Kinder von Bloodhill Castle (German Edition)0.99Flaubert de Maillot2/27/2013
the secret history of hatty ha ha ... begins1.13S M Mala2/27/2013
Three Sisters (Blackberry Island)8.13Susan Mallery2/26/2013
The Chieftain6.64Margaret Mallory2/26/2013
His Brand Of Beautiful0.99Lily Malone3/1/2013
Monogamy is Dead (Incubus Rising)0.99Jennifer Mancini2/27/2013
A Man Apart0.99Brigette Manie2/27/2013
Stranded with the Tempting Stranger: Stranded with the Tempting Stranger\The Executive's Surprise Baby (Bestselling Author Collection)4.61Brenda Jackson and Catherine Mann2/26/2013
Free Fall (Elite Force: That Others May Live)5.59Catherine Mann3/5/2013
Angel Falls8.29Connie Mann3/1/2013
A Texas-Made Match (Love Inspired Historical)3.82Noelle Marchand3/1/2013
Pleasures of Somerville Park0.99Ava March2/28/2013
Staerk2.99Ellen Margret2/27/2013
Tomorrow in the Battle Think on Me (Vintage International)9.99Javier Marias3/5/2013
NYC Angels: Redeeming the Playboy3.82Carol Marinelli3/1/2013
Playing the Dutiful Wife: Playing the Dutiful Wife\Expecting His Love-Child (Harlequin Presents)3.82Carol Marinelli3/1/2013
Harlequin Presents March 2013 - Bundle 1 of 2: Playing the Dutiful Wife\A Reputation for Revenge\Captive in the Spotlight\Island of Secrets9.99Carol Marinelli,Jennie Lucas,Annie West and Ron Donald3/1/2013
Franco's Fortune (Redemption Book 2)2.99Cara Marsi2/28/2013
Un bonsái entre tú y yo (Spanish Edition)1.23f.j. Rohs and Andrés Martín2/28/2013
Much Ado About Love4.99Malia Martin2/26/2013
Pride and Prudence4.74Malia Martin2/26/2013
Only You1.00Stevie Martin3/1/2013
Celestial Girl, Book 2: Jewel of the Golden West (A Lily Modjeska Mystery)2.99Lisa Mason2/27/2013
Cheating Heart, A Lost Souls Novel2.99Michelle Matkins3/3/2013
Mary In Color0.99Curtiss Ann Matlock2/27/2013
Promises After Dark: After Dark Book 38.69Sadie Matthews2/28/2013
Sun, Sand and Sexy Bodies (Wicked Pleasures)2.99Sienna Matthews3/2/2013
No More Secrets6.99Tricia Maw2/27/2013
Dark Days: The Long Road Home0.99L M May3/2/2013
The Prince Who Charmed Her3.82Fiona McArthur3/1/2013
Sucking Bites (San Francisco Vampires Series #3)3.99Jessica McBrayer2/27/2013
Truth Avenged0.00A.R. McBride3/1/2013
This Just In! (The Haley and Cam Series)4.00Erin Ann McBride2/27/2013
A Stranger at Castonbury (Castonbury Park)3.03Amanda McCabe3/1/2013
A Stranger at Castonbury (Mills & Boon M&B) (Castonbury Park - Book 8)-1Amanda McCabe3/1/2013
Forged in Ash (A Red-Hot SEALs Novel)2.99Trish McCallan3/5/2013
Defending the Duchess (Protecting the Crown)3.82Rachelle McCalla3/1/2013
Seeing is Believing7.99Erin McCarthy3/5/2013
Melody Unchained2.99Charlotte McClain2/28/2013
Winning Back His Wife (Harlequin Romance)3.82Melissa McClone3/1/2013
Charades3.99Polly McCrillis2/26/2013
The Mistress7.99Martine McCutcheon2/26/2013
Cowboy for Keeps (Mustang Valley)3.82Cathy McDavid3/1/2013
The River's Tale5.99Bob McGuire3/3/2013
NOW I LAY ME DOWN TO SLEEP0.00D. G. McIntosh2/28/2013
New Life Incognita3.99Gracie C. McKeever3/2/2013
Verschwunden! (German Edition)2.99Amanda McLean2/28/2013
Serpentine Tongue3.49Kayden McLeod2/28/2013
The Scarlet Widow4.99Larry G. McMillan2/26/2013
Mermen Of Lorelei's Lair [Viking Mermen Book 3]3.99Daniel McTavish3/1/2013
Casas de Vampiro (Portuguese Edition)5.99Flávio Medeiros2/27/2013
Transfusion0.99S. G. Memon2/26/2013
CINNAMON'S OFFSPRING2.99Angelia Vernon Menchan2/26/2013
A Rose for Essie Mae9.99Alberto Mercado2/27/2013
Leon and Esther4.99Dorothy May Mercer2/26/2013
Club der Außenseiter (German Edition)2.99Bianka Mertes2/26/2013
A Hospedeira (Portuguese Edition)4.99Stephenie Meyer3/4/2013
The Chosen (The Legend Chronicles)4.61Theresa Meyers3/5/2013
Novisapiens (Nachtlichter) (German Edition)4.62Tara Mia2/26/2013
Her Perfect Match4.24Jess Michaels3/5/2013
Zweimal Endlich ist Unendlich (German Edition)3.87Krause Mike3/3/2013
See No Evil (The Faded Trilogy, Book 2)3.99Chloe Miles2/26/2013
The Royal Wizard (Dragonborn)4.99Alianne Donnelly and Victoria Miller3/3/2013
Tattered Innocence4.99Ann Lee Miller2/27/2013
Tactical Advantage (The Precinct: Task Force)3.82Julie Miller3/1/2013
The Man from Stone Creek (A Stone Creek Novel)6.15Linda Lael Miller2/26/2013
El regreso del rebelde (Spanish Edition)9.99Linda Lael Miller2/28/2013
Reservation (Preservation, #2)2.99Rachael Wade and Susan Miller2/26/2013
The Survivor (Crime Scene: Houston)8.89DiAnn Mills2/26/2013
In Love and War (Crimson Romance)3.82Tara Mills3/4/2013
Sex Murder Career 4: Interlude0.99Elia Mirca2/27/2013
Legends of Tirum Book Five: Sister of Dragons5.99Esther Mitchell2/28/2013
Unrivaled9.68Siri Mitchell3/1/2013
The Bull Rider's Return1.99S.A. Monk2/27/2013
Differences9.00Cristina Monro2/27/2013
A Healer's Touch0.99Ashlynn Monroe3/3/2013
Paranormal Kisses0.99Ashlynn Monroe3/3/2013
Inferno (Men of Action)4.50Capri Montgomery2/28/2013
My Bittersweet Valentine: Classic Tales of Courtship Gone Wrong (Illustrated)0.99Lucy Maud Montgomery,Erckmann Chatrian,Amelia Edith Barr and Fyodor Dostoevsky2/28/2013
Her Knight's Quest: A Warriors of the Mist Novel7.99Alexis Morgan3/5/2013
His Prairie Princess (Prairie Brides)2.99Kit Morgan3/3/2013
A Tale of Love (BDSM Billionaire Series)2.99M.G. Morgan3/2/2013
Chemisty 101 (College Crush Series)2.99Rianna Morgan3/3/2013
For the Love of a Soldier7.99Victoria Morgan3/5/2013
Mended0.99Alp Mortal3/3/2013
Noticias del corazon/Un hombre enigmatico (Spanish Edition)5.59Carole Mortimer2/28/2013
Una Mansión en Praga (Spanish Edition)5.28Rocío Castrillo and Miguel Mota2/27/2013
Improper Relations8.69Janet Mullany2/28/2013
La Figlia Segreta Di Vermeer (Italian Edition)0.99Doug Murphy2/28/2013
Urban Renewal4.95Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy3/3/2013
Friends & Foes9.73ReShonda Tate Billingsley and Victoria Christopher Murray2/26/2013
Break It3.99Ben Muse2/27/2013
The Duke Diaries6.44Sophia Nash2/26/2013
Eternal (Eternal series)4.99Chantelle Nay2/26/2013
A UFO Love Story5.00Erik Neilsen3/2/2013
Love on the Buchanan Ranch2.99Elizabeth Nelson3/1/2013
Taming Of A Sex God0.99Virginia Nelson3/3/2013
Zwischenstation Gegenwart (German Edition)3.99Sandra Neumann2/28/2013
Just What I Need (The Bradfords)2.66Erin Nicholas2/26/2013
Broken Promises2.99Stephanie Nicholas2/27/2013
Darkness and Light:A Novel3.89Kathryn Nichole2/28/2013
A Bite of Justice (BBW, Paranormal, Erotic Romance) (The Alexander Wolves)2.99Sierra Summers and Sara Nichols2/26/2013
Stanley Montana0.99JJ Nicole2/28/2013
Dangerous Affair3.99Irena Nieslony3/3/2013
Beneath the Crashing Waves (Adronis Novella #2)2.99Melanie Nilles3/1/2013
After Sunset9.99Mary Ann Nocera3/3/2013
Fragile Bonds5.99Toni Noel2/28/2013
Mine at Last (The Coles)4.61Celeste O. Norfleet3/1/2013
Protector1.99Nancy Northcott3/5/2013
Cracked (The Ushers)3.99Vanessa North2/28/2013
Egyptian Heat (The Sisterhood of Darkness)0.00Shadowstorm Norwicca2/26/2013
Forbidden Fruit (The Sisterhood of Darkness)0.00Shadowstorm Norwicca,Phoneix Heart and Charles Snavely2/26/2013
Sin culpa (Spanish Edition)5.38Brenda Novak2/28/2013
The Accursed12.74Joyce Carol Oates3/5/2013
Erin's Song2.00MT Oates2/26/2013
Letting Go7.99Ann O'Leary3/3/2013
The Last Resort0.99Charlotte Oliver2/27/2013
Melody for Lizzie2.99Evelyn Orange2/26/2013
Too Rich to Love: A Romantic Comedy4.99Pamela Osborne3/4/2013
An Unlikely Savior2.99Camille Oster2/27/2013
The Forsaken5.99Renee Pace2/28/2013
Julius - Heart of Iron3.99Lori Paige2/26/2013
The Last Word0.99Albus de Palma2/28/2013
The Sunburnt Country7.01Fiona Palmer2/27/2013
Mistletoe Magyk2.99Linda Palmer3/4/2013
My Wolf (Wolf of My Heart)6.99Linda Palmer3/1/2013
Caught!0.99Linda Palmer2/26/2013
Bangin' the Boss's Wife (Dicey Affairs)0.99M.L. Patricks3/3/2013
Dicey Affairs XVII-XXI: A Collection of Erotic Short Stories2.99M.L. Patricks3/1/2013
Back Door Lady Cop (Dicey Affairs)0.00M.L. Patricks2/27/2013
Heaven's Tears0.99Adam Patterson2/28/2013
Hawkwood's Sword8.50Frank Payton2/27/2013
See How She Runs (Him)9.95James Pendergrass3/3/2013
Wild Ferns0.99Iris Penn3/2/2013
Raw (Crazy Love)0.99Neci Perkins3/1/2013
Ask Her Again0.99Norah C. Peters3/3/2013
A Boss to Love and Hate0.99Norah C. Peters3/3/2013
A Feeling You Can`t Ignore0.99Norah C. Peters3/3/2013
Strangers in Love0.99Norah C. Peters3/3/2013
Best Laid Plans (Brothers of the Bayou)2.99Renee Peterson2/28/2013
Icecutter's Daughter, The (Land of Shining Water Book #)8.54Tracie Peterson3/1/2013
The Lost Opportunity4.99Ginger Lee Lewis Petrucci3/1/2013
Afternoon Delights2.99Judi Phillips2/28/2013
Bound to the Warrior (Love Inspired Historical)3.82Barbara Phinney3/1/2013
The Shifter's Kiss (Mills & Boon Nocturne Cravings)-1Caridad Piñeiro3/1/2013
O anel misterioso (cenas da guerra peninsular) (Portuguese Edition)3.99Alberto Pimentel2/27/2013
The Shifter's Kiss2.51Caridad Pineiro3/1/2013
Dream On2.99Renita Pizzitola2/28/2013
Spring Recruit2.99Samantha Pleasant3/1/2013
The Fallen Greek Bride: The Fallen Greek Bride\At the Greek Boss's Bidding (The Disgraced Copelands)3.82Jane Porter3/1/2013
Bite of Desire (A Vampire Romance)0.99Sindy Powell3/1/2013
AGE OF EVE: Return of the Nephilim7.39D. M. Pratt2/26/2013
Raven0.99S. Pratt,Jennifer Roberts-Hall and Viola Estrella3/2/2013
Shades of Darkness (Redemption Series)2.99Melynda Price2/27/2013
Plain Change (The Amish of Lititz: The Plain Fame Trilogy)2.99Sarah Price2/28/2013
Perfect Short0.00Alta Pridi3/2/2013
Revenge Short0.00Alta Pridi3/2/2013
Sudden Love Short0.00Alta Pridi3/2/2013
All the Way2.99Jennifer Probst3/4/2013
Second Chances2.99Tina Proffitt2/28/2013
The Charlotte Chronicles: A Romantic Short Story Collection (Romance Series)3.99Murrey Donaldson PsyD3/2/2013
Just a Little Insecurity (Just a Little Series | Part 5)1.99Tracie Puckett2/28/2013
His Brother's Bride (Cooper's Corner)3.03Tara Taylor Quinn3/1/2013
Der Vampir von Berlin (Lisa Beckers dritter Fall) (German Edition)2.99Falko Rademacher2/27/2013
Dreams Do Come True0.99K Rahman3/2/2013
Some Like It Rough8.96Kate Pearce and Anne Rainey2/26/2013
Vows1.49Adam Rainville2/28/2013
Polos opuestos (Spanish Edition)8.99Nora Roberts and SERGIO; LLEDO RANDO2/27/2013
Leaving November9.95Deborah Raney3/5/2013
Remember to Forget8.89Deborah Raney3/5/2013
Fane (The Strigoi Chronicles)0.99Nya Rawlyns3/1/2013
Víctima de una obsesión (Spanish Edition)9.99Deanna Raybourn2/28/2013
All I Ever Wanted (Grayson Friends)7.99Francis Ray2/26/2013
Safe From the Fire (Bright's Ferry)3.99Lily Rede3/3/2013
The Cowboy Target (Protection Specialists)3.82Terri Reed3/1/2013
Betting on Texas (Harlequin American Romance)3.82Amanda Renee3/1/2013
The Cheating Curve4.99Paula T Renfroe3/5/2013
Mating Instinct: A Moon Shifter Novel7.99Katie Reus3/5/2013
Lucky Break (New Adult Rock Star Romance)2.99Liliana Rhodes3/3/2013
Risk Factors4.99Calisa Rhose2/28/2013
Fruity on the Inside2.49GR Richards2/26/2013
Memory of Murder (Love Inspired Suspense)3.82Ramona Richards3/1/2013
The Fashion House Of Tethyes ((BWWM) Interracial Romance)3.99Yolanda Richards3/1/2013
Perfectly Matched (Healing Hearts)3.82Lois Richer3/1/2013
Bungalow Nights (Beach House No. 9)6.15Christie Ridgway2/26/2013
Kiss Me Hello2.99LK Rigel2/28/2013
El hijo secreto del príncipe (Spanish Edition)3.03Christine Rimmer2/28/2013
Mountain Homecoming (Smoky Mountain Dreams)6.86Sandra Robbins3/1/2013
Calculated in Death14.99J. D. Robb2/26/2013
Smoketree3.99Jennifer Roberson2/26/2013
St. Piran's: The Wedding! (St. Piran's Hospital)3.82Alison Roberts3/1/2013
St Piran's: The Wedding! (Mills & Boon Medical) (St Piran's Hospital - Book 9)-1Alison Roberts3/1/2013
Running To You2.99DeLaine Roberts2/28/2013
Plastic Hearts3.99Lisa De Jong and Jennifer Roberts-Hall2/27/2013
Knowing the Ropes4.24Teresa Noelle Roberts2/26/2013
The Union2.99Gina Robinson3/3/2013
Inheriting a Bride (Harlequin Historical)4.61Lauri Robinson3/1/2013
Harlequin Historical March 2013 - Bundle 2 of 2: Inheriting a Bride\Taken by the Border Rebel\Unmasking Miss Lacey9.99Lauri Robinson,Blythe Gifford and Isabelle Goddard3/1/2013
Language Barrier1.99Nick Santa Rosa3/1/2013
Forbidden Desires4.99Angelica Rose2/26/2013
No Bunny But You (Holiday Series)2.99Carol Rose2/26/2013
Lady Renegade (Legacy of the Blade series)3.99Elizabeth Rose3/2/2013
Sexy Science Fiction Stories #2 (Invasion of the Beautiful Women)0.99Maximillan Roses3/3/2013
Makeover Miracle0.99Charmaine Ross3/1/2013
Life After 6 Tequilas3.50Gina Rossi3/2/2013
A Place for Family (Love Inspired)3.82Mia Ross3/1/2013
An Alliance of Passions3.99Cara Rowe2/27/2013
Could Be The One3.99G.O. Roxx3/3/2013
Outlaw Rose3.81Celeste Rupert3/3/2013
The Soul Keeper (The Castle Trilogy)3.99M.W. Russell,Kathy LaVergne and Patti Roberts3/2/2013
Her Lucky Love (Holiday, Montana)2.99Carrie Ann Ryan3/2/2013
Rhiannon Rising (Cartescu Vampires 0.5)2.99Debora Ryan2/28/2013
Stranger on Raven's Ridge (Harlequin Intrigue Series)3.82Jenna Ryan3/1/2013
Saved by the Rancher0.99Jennifer Ryan2/26/2013
Jake6.64R.C. Ryan2/26/2013
Remembrance2.99Suzzana C. Ryan3/1/2013
Her Man From Shilo0.99Ron Rychards3/1/2013
Early Paintings (German Edition)0.99Jürgen Saarmann3/3/2013
Perpetual Family (Albert & Anne)0.99Jamie Salisbury2/27/2013
Wrapped in Your Arms1.99Grace Samuels2/26/2013
Immortal Ever After: An Argeneau Novel6.64Lynsay Sands2/26/2013
Lady of Luxembourg (Curse of the Lost Isle Book 4)3.99Vijaya Schartz3/2/2013
Engulf [New World Book 5]4.99C.L. Scholey2/28/2013
Way to Her Heart (Kimani Romance)4.61Melanie Schuster3/1/2013
La reputación de una dama (Spanish Edition)4.79Bronwyn Scott2/28/2013
The Vampire Coalition: The Complete Boxed Set5.99J.S. Scott2/27/2013
The Heiress's Homecoming (The Everard Legacy)3.82Regina Scott3/1/2013
Captiva Craving - Vampire Werewolf Menage (Six Feet Under Series Book Two)2.99Talyn Scott2/28/2013
The Third Window2.99Anne Douglas Sedgwick2/28/2013
Im Bann der Vergangenheit (German Edition)3.99Christina Seidenberg3/2/2013
El ocaso de Daphne (Spanish Edition)2.99Estefania Álvarez and Editorial Seleer2/26/2013
The Rose Red Reaper (Chicago Serial Crimes)6.99Kristi Loucks and Hercules Editing and Consulting Service3/4/2013
The Mermaid Story: Epyphany0.00Don "Sev" Severance2/28/2013
White Heat3.79Jill Shalvis3/5/2013
Smart and Sexy (Sky High Air)5.31Jill Shalvis3/5/2013
Reflections of Life and Love in Australia3.50Margaret Lynette Sharp and Ronald William Sharp2/26/2013
HATTERS1.00A.E Shaul2/26/2013
The Bodyguard4.99Kathryn Shay2/27/2013
No Safety Bars and Other Stories2.99Darren Shell2/27/2013
Nothing Private0.99Darren Shell2/26/2013
Rock n Roll Promises (YA Edition) (Rock n Roll Paraphantasy Series)0.99AmBear Shellea2/27/2013
The Pawn (Against the Odds)6.99Kate Sherwood2/28/2013
Deadly And Dangerous Love: Never Before Seen Love Story (Deadly Love)0.00Sheyi Shobayo2/26/2013
Beauty Awakened (Angels of the Dark)5.99Gena Showalter2/26/2013
Seeing Beyond the Curves2.99Sophie Silver3/1/2013
THE ACQUITTAL (A Guilty Parties Novel)6.99Pat Simmons3/1/2013
Silverbow2.99Shannon Simmons2/26/2013
The Bishop Affair (Dominated by the Billionaire Brothers - Part Three)2.99Jennifer Simms3/3/2013
Cut Cords (Daddy's Day Age Play Erotic Romance)2.99R. A. Simone3/3/2013
Children of Liberty: A Novel8.89Paullina Simons2/26/2013
Twisted (The Twisted Series)0.99Christa Simpson2/26/2013
Marat, Untrue Loves6.00Todd Boyd and Allison Simpson3/3/2013
Wild Invitation: A Psy/Changeling Anthology7.99Nalini Singh3/5/2013
Just Good Friends2.99S.L. Siwik3/3/2013
Tropical Quests: A Key West Novel5.99Wesley Sizemore2/26/2013
Unveiled for the Persian King2.51Linda Skye3/1/2013
Unconquerable Callie2.99DeAnn Smallwood2/26/2013
Missing Link (The Dream Series)4.99Carol Marlene Smith2/27/2013
KAVORKA, Lure of the Animal, The Complete Series4.44James Smith2/27/2013
Cottonwood6.50R. Lee Smith2/28/2013
The Space Between0.00Victoria H. Smith3/2/2013
The Eyes of Lady Claire4.99Sharon Sobel3/5/2013
To Love a Sea Rogue4.99Sandra Sookoo3/4/2013
Sex With the Ex0.99Jan Springer3/1/2013
The Butcher of Boston2.99Ernie Lijoi Sr3/3/2013
Chairman Of The Board0.99Syrell Star3/3/2013
From the Ashes2.99Louise Steel2/26/2013
Reckless7.99S.C. Stephens3/5/2013
Taming the Last Acosta: Taming the Last Acosta\Italian Boss, Proud Miss Prim (Harlequin Presents)3.82Susan Stephens3/1/2013
The Shelter of His Arms (Count on a Cop)4.61Dawn Stewardson3/1/2013
The Mercy Series 3-Book Bundle: Mercy Street, Cry Mercy, Acts of Mercy16.99Mariah Stewart3/4/2013
Serving Mr. Stevens, Part Two: Lover's Complaint -- An Erotic Romance (Part 2 of 5)2.99Nathan Stratton2/26/2013
The Research Trip5.99C.P. Stringham,Bobbie Jo Strope,Betty Mingos and Jeannie Inman3/1/2013
A Rose at Midnight4.99Anne Stuart2/27/2013
Keeping Never (Never say Never)3.99C.M. Stunich3/1/2013
The Young Doctors - Vol 1 (Adapted Classic Comics)1.99Felipe Suarez3/1/2013
Always Destined6.99Janette Sugden,Katelyn Marcure and Devon Gorham3/1/2013
Home to Laura (Harlequin Superromance)3.82Mary Sullivan3/1/2013
The Tchaikovsky Affair0.00Marie Swift2/26/2013
THE WHEELS OF CHANCE, A Holiday Adventure (Illustrated)1.99H. G. Wells and J. Ayton Symington3/1/2013
Slow Surrender (Struck by Lightning)3.79Cecilia Tan3/5/2013
Faerie Games2.99B.E. Tartaglia3/1/2013
BAR C RANCH: Trilogy (A Cowboy Western Contemporary Romance)3.99Ethan Taylor3/3/2013
The Witch Hunter (The Witch Hunter Saga)3.99Nicole R Taylor3/3/2013
Ocean of Love1.99Susan D. Taylor3/3/2013
Fortunes End3.99Jenny Telfer-Chaplin2/28/2013
I Am Always With You13.59Philip Temple3/1/2013
The Colour of Rain7.99Emma Tennant2/28/2013
The Widow's Touch (A Whimsical Select Romance Novella)0.00Tamara Ternie3/2/2013
She Never Comes Out On the 31st0.99Nelson Terry3/1/2013
Mad Love (Rebellious Souls)0.99Elisabeth Thomas3/3/2013
Five Star Romance (The Alexanders of Beverly Hills)4.61Jacquelin Thomas3/1/2013
Just One Golden Kiss (a steamy vampire romance retelling of the Frog Prince)2.99M.A. Thomas3/1/2013
My Son, The Actress (TV FICTION CLASSIC)9.99Sandy Thomas2/28/2013
Covert Shadows (The Mitchell Brothers) (The Survivor Series)2.99Savannah Todd3/2/2013
Just One Word&LOVE3.99Vishvendra Singh Tomar3/1/2013
Scarlet & Jason : Quando o destino nos une (Portuguese Edition)1.47Pet Torres3/1/2013
How We Began2.99Megan Trennett2/27/2013
NO GREATER LOVE: A heart-rending novel of one woman's fight for justice and love: A special edition of THE SUFFRAGETTE...2.99Janet MacLeod Trotter2/26/2013
Only Me3.25GiCynda Turnner-Pierce3/3/2013
Crucifox #1: The Green Eyed Monster7.99Melanie Tushmore2/28/2013
Demon Slayer0.00Valerie Twombly3/2/2013
The Sampson Project0.99Robert Steacy and Austin Tyler3/1/2013
Lonely is the Night2.99Stephanie Tyler3/5/2013
Forsaken Dreams (Escape to Paradise)9.87MaryLu Tyndall3/1/2013
Amy's Hot Elf2.99Emmie Udall3/3/2013
Rustle in the Wind3.99Nneonyeodiri Ukoha2/28/2013
The One Girl (The One Series)2.99Laurel Curtis and John Ulen2/26/2013
Two Stallions2.99Darlene Underdahl2/26/2013
The Broken Road2.99J. L. Berg and Terry Valentine3/3/2013
Bonded (The Raegan Mason Trilogy)7.99Cheryl Courtney and Misty Vasquez3/1/2013
The Magic of Saida12.99M.G. Vassanji3/5/2013
Deathly Pale2.99Anthony Paolucci and Kaylee Velez3/3/2013
The Dark One: Dark Knight3.99Kathryn Le Veque3/1/2013
The Doctor was a Guest6.99Claire Vernon3/1/2013
The Doctor Went A'Roaming6.99Claire Vernon3/1/2013
The Dutiful Doctor6.99Claire Vernon3/1/2013
Mystery Doctor6.99Claire Vernon3/1/2013
New Life for the Doctor6.99Claire Vernon3/1/2013
The Romantic Doctor6.99Claire Vernon3/1/2013
The Walkabout Doctor6.99Claire Vernon3/1/2013
The Doctor Who Forgot6.99Claire Vernon2/27/2013
Stay0.99Twila Vernon2/27/2013
The Moon Lovers0.99Ivana Vianno3/2/2013
Eternal Love: Men of my Dreams2.99Kassy Vitela3/3/2013
Tussen mure4.99Annico Jansen van Vuuren2/26/2013
Behind Closed Doors9.49Janet Walker2/26/2013
Blind Faith (Blind Faith1)3.99N.R. Walker2/27/2013
My Forever Love2.99Keith Warren Walley2/27/2013
Midnight5.99Mary Walsh2/28/2013
The Arrangement 42.99H.M. Ward3/1/2013
Rapids2.99James Ward2/26/2013
Night Resurrected6.64Joss Ware2/26/2013
Awakening2.99A.C. Warneke2/28/2013
Promises Made2.99Nancy Warren3/1/2013
Duchess (Daughters of fortune)7.69Susan May Warren3/1/2013
Paragon (A Science Fiction Romance Novel) (For Fans of Wired)2.99Aubrey Watt2/27/2013
Cock and Balls (Handcuffs and Lace) by Mia Watts4.99Mia Watts2/26/2013
Guardian to the Heiress (Harlequin Romance)3.82Margaret Way3/1/2013
Dead Means Dead3.99J S Wayne2/26/2013
Cover Me: Bayou Payback\Bayou Jeopardy\Bayou Justice (Harlequin Intrigue Series)3.82Joanna Wayne,Rita Herron and Mallory Kane3/1/2013
My Wish for You3.99Destiny Webb2/28/2013
Tage mit Lilly (German Edition)3.79Finlay Weber3/1/2013
A SEAL's Surrender (Uniformly Hot!)3.82Tawny Weber3/1/2013
March Madness (Hot Nights in St. Blaise)2.99Maggie Wells3/2/2013
Dark Chocolate Murder0.00Anisa Claire West3/1/2013
Captive in the Spotlight: Captive in the Spotlight\Blackmailed Bride, Innocent Wife (Harlequin Presents)3.82Annie West3/1/2013
La edad de la inocencia (Spanish Edition)2.00Edith Wharton2/26/2013
Scumbler8.99William Wharton2/26/2013
Sonoran Nights (Contemporary Erotic Romance)2.99Carré White2/26/2013
Return to Willow Lake (The Lakeshore Chronicles)5.99Susan Wiggs2/26/2013
The Palace of Gold6.99Hilary Wilde3/1/2013
Smooth Sailing (Stop the Wedding!)3.82Lori Wilde3/1/2013
A Most Improper Rumor: A Whispers of Scandal Novel7.99Emma Wildes3/5/2013
The Right Twin (Harlequin Special Edition)3.82Gina Wilkins3/1/2013
The Notorious Gabriel Diaz: The Notorious Gabriel Diaz\Ruthless Tycoon, Inexperienced Mistress (Harlequin Presents)3.82Cathy Williams3/1/2013
Take me as I am4.99Stephanie Williams2/28/2013
The Accidental Prince (Harlequin Historical)4.16Michelle Willingham3/1/2013
Harlequin Historical March 2013 - Bundle 1 of 2: The Accidental Prince\The Rake to Ruin Her\The Outrageous Belle Marchmain9.99Michelle Willingham,Julia Justiss and Lucy Ashford3/1/2013
Dreams: A White Door Tale2.99Ann Wilson2/26/2013
A Hero Lies Within (Kindle Serial)1.99Patrice Wilton2/26/2013
Summer Boys2.99Eden Winters3/3/2013
Der Tod hat einen Namen (Romantik-Thriller /Unheimlich) (German Edition)2.99Sharon de Winter2/28/2013
Astarte's Wrath (Kythan Guardians)2.99Trisha Wolfe3/2/2013
Back in her Bed6.99Carol Wood3/1/2013
Twice a Kiss6.99Carol Wood3/1/2013
Love In The Alps0.99Luci A. Woodley2/26/2013
The Sound Of Silence (Unspoken Heart)3.49N. Wood2/26/2013
More Than Words, Where Dreams Begin: Black Tie and Promises\Safely Home\Daffodils in Spring (Harlequin More Than Words)6.15Sherryl Woods,Christina Skye and Pamela Morsi3/1/2013
Immortal Souls3.99Sandee Woolf2/26/2013
Shadow of Clorinda6.99Katrina Wright3/1/2013
The Spy in Petticoats6.99Katrina Wright3/1/2013
Lallie6.99Katrina Wright2/28/2013
SWITCHING TEAMS5.99Ella Wrylee2/27/2013
Falling for an Angel (Falling Series)3.00Laura Prior and Xlibris3/1/2013
Slot and mahjong (Japanese Edition)3.00Takashi Yama3/2/2013
El deseo de una princesa/El sueño de un príncipe (Spanish Edition)3.82Maisey Yates2/28/2013
Vampire Daycare2.99Sara York2/28/2013
Working Stiff0.99Sara York2/28/2013
LETHAL DISCORD Companion Guide2.99Paul Young2/26/2013
O beijo da inocência (Portuguese Edition)2.72Banks, Maya Author3/1/2013
Uma lufada de ar fresco-Amor feiticeiro-Desde sempre (Portuguese Edition)3.48Bird, Jessica Author3/1/2013
Uma carta de amor (Portuguese Edition)2.72Bradford, Laura Author3/1/2013
Brisas de novembro (Portuguese Edition)3.48Carr, Ron Author3/1/2013
O peso das aparências (Portuguese Edition)2.72Crews, Caitlin Author3/1/2013
Ward of the Vampire0.99Kallysten2/28/2013
See Dick Run3.99Kassanna2/26/2013
A perdição do xeque (Portuguese Edition)2.72Kendrick, Sharon Author3/1/2013
Impossível resistir (Portuguese Edition)2.72Maynard, Janice Author3/1/2013
A culpa da traição (Portuguese Edition)2.72Monroe, Lucy Author3/1/2013
O amante grego (Portuguese Edition)2.72Morey, Trish Author3/1/2013
The Ravenwolf Erotic Compendium Volume One: 40 Days & 40 Nights (The Ravenwolf Compendium of Erotic Bedtime Stories...2.99Ravenwolf2/26/2013
Um estranho na minha vida (Portuguese Edition)2.72Rimmer, Christine Author3/1/2013
Sedução grega (Portuguese Edition)2.72Stephens, Susan Author3/1/2013
Completamente tua (Portuguese Edition)2.72Winston, Anne Marie Author3/1/2013
Casada com um milionário (Portuguese Edition)2.72Wood, Sara Author3/1/2013

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