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Upcoming Children & YA

Children's Chapter Books Kindle ebooks between 5/7/2013 and 12/31/2013.

The goal of this blog is to provide a way to quickly scan new releases in Amazon. Amazon's default search mechanism only shows 10 results at a time, which makes it very difficult to find new books, since hundreds of books are released every week. This article will reduce the amount of clicking and page loads required to see what was released. For more information see About the New Ebook Release Blog.

Between 5/7/2013 and 12/31/2013: 1306 Children's Chapter Books Kindle books were released. Click 'Read More' to see the complete list

Released Books Kindle ebooks

TitlePriceAuthor(s)Release Date
Pick-up Posse Book One: Sasquatch in the Paint9.99Raymond Obstfeld Kareem Abdul-Jabbar9/24/2013
Puppy Parade (PENGUIN YOUNG READERS, L2)3.99Jill Abramson,Jane O'Connor and Deborah Melmon5/16/2013
Lalaloopsy: The Sweetest Friends3.99Amy Ackelsberg11/1/2013
Lalaloopsy: Ultimate Collector's Guide7.55Amy Ackelsburg8/1/2013
Topsy and Tim Meet Father Christmas5.10Jean Adamson10/3/2013
Young Cam Jansen and the Goldfish Mystery 1910.99DavidA. Adler5/16/2013
Night Witches7.99L J Adlington9/5/2013
Little Santa10.99Jon Agee10/17/2013
Starring Jules #2: Starring Jules (In Drama-Rama)10.19Beth Ain9/1/2013
Little Men: Life at Plumfield with Jo's Boys (Collins Classics)1.99Louisa May Alcott5/9/2013
The Sound8.89Sarah Alderson8/1/2013
Violet Mackerel's Natural Habitat5.69Anna Branford and Elanna Allen5/21/2013
Violet Mackerel's Personal Space5.99Anna Branford and Elanna Allen9/3/2013
Cam Jansen and the Spaghetti Max Mystery10.99DavidA. Adler and Joy Allen10/3/2013
Iggy Loomis: Superboy in Training10.99Jennifer Allison7/11/2013
Shark Wars #6: The Last Emprex10.99EJ Altbacker7/2/2013
Sidekicked9.99John David Anderson6/25/2013
Vet Volunteers 15 Helping Hands6.99Laurie Halse Anderson6/13/2013
Saturday with Daddy8.81Dan Andreasen5/7/2013
Someone's Sleepy9.99Deborah Lee Rose and Dan Andreasen5/7/2013
Julie Andrews' Treasury for All Seasons: Poems and Songs to Celebrate the Year9.99Julie Andrews,Emma Walton Hamilton and Marjorie Priceman10/1/2013
Goddess9.99Josephine Angelini5/28/2013
Flint and Friends!3.79Cordelia Evans and To Be Announced8/27/2013
Flint Lockwood Saves the World . . . Again!3.99Maggie Testa and To Be Announced8/27/2013
The Ultimate Collector's Book8.99Tina Gallo and To Be Announced6/11/2013
The Greatest Inventor of All Time . . . Flint Lockwood!7.59Tina Gallo and To Be Announced8/27/2013
All About the Snails3.99To Be Announced6/11/2013
Go, Turbo!3.99To Be Announced6/11/2013
The Chocolate Touch5.12Patrick Skene Catling and Margo Apple5/21/2013
Rocket Racers (Tom Swift, Young Inventor)4.99Victor Appleton9/10/2013
On Top of the World (Tom Swift, Young Inventor)4.74Victor Appleton9/10/2013
Under the Radar (Tom Swift, Young Inventor)4.99Victor Appleton9/10/2013
Fly Guy Presents: Space3.19Tedd Arnold9/1/2013
Little Burro10.99Jim Arnosky9/12/2013
Halloween Hustle3.99Charlotte Gunnufson and Kevan J. Atteberry9/3/2013
Transformers: Rescue Bots: Meet Boulder the Construction-Bot (Passport to Reading Level 1)3.99Annie Auerbach9/17/2013
Plants vs. Zombies: Brains and the Beanstalk4.99Annie Auerbach,PopCap Games,Jeremy Roberts and Charles Grosvenor8/6/2013
Plants vs. Zombies: The Three Little Pigs Fight Back4.99Annie Auerbach,PopCap Games,Jeremy Roberts and Charles Grosvenor8/6/2013
Junkyard10.97Michael Austin6/4/2013
The Lost Princess5.99Debbie Dadey and Tatevik Avakyan5/7/2013
The Secret Sea Horse5.99Debbie Dadey and Tatevik Avakyan8/27/2013
Amelia Bedelia Chapter Book #3: Amelia Bedelia Road Trip!4.74Herman Parish and Lynne Avril8/27/2013
Every Cowgirl Goes to School10.99Rebecca Janni and Lynne Avril6/27/2013
Dustbin Dad9.99Peter Bently and Russell Ayto6/6/2013
Moses' Ark10.99Alice Bach,J. Cheryl Exum,Leo Dillon and Diane Phd Dillon10/8/2013
Zombie Baseball Beatdown9.99Paolo Bacigalupi9/10/2013
Yuck's Robotic Butt Blast4.99Matt and Dave and Nigel Baines8/6/2013
Yuck's Big Booger Challenge4.74Matt and Dave and Nigel Baines6/4/2013
My Octopus Arms10.97Keith Baker9/24/2013
Kids Stink (A Tom Weekly Story)1.01Tristan Bancks5/29/2013
Secret Kingdom: 13: Wildflower Wood5.99Rosie Banks8/1/2013
Secret Kingdom: 14: Swan Palace5.99Rosie Banks8/1/2013
Secret Kingdom: 15: Snow Bear Sanctuary5.99Rosie Banks8/1/2013
Secret Kingdom: 16: Phoenix Festival5.99Rosie Banks8/1/2013
Secret Kingdom: 17: Fancy Dress Party5.99Rosie Banks8/1/2013
Secret Kingdom: 18: Jewel Cavern5.99Rosie Banks8/1/2013
Secret Kingdom Special: Dolphin Bay6.66Rosie Banks6/6/2013
Secret Kingdom Special: Christmas Ballerina6.66Rosie Banks10/3/2013
Walking with Dinosaurs: Friends Stick Together: I Can Read Level 2 (I Can Read Book 2)9.99Alexis Barad-Cutler11/5/2013
Jump Shot9.99Tiki Barber,Ronde Barber and Paul Mantell11/5/2013
Girl Meets Ghost #29.99Lauren Barnholdt9/3/2013
Right of Way9.99Lauren Barnholdt7/9/2013
Superhero Joe and the Creature Next Door10.97Jacqueline Preiss Weitzman and Ronald Barrett9/10/2013
The Bone Quill8.89John Barrowman and Carole E. Barrowman7/9/2013
The Year of the Baby9.99Andrea Cheng and Patrice Barton5/28/2013
The Year of the Baby9.99Andrea Cheng and Patrice Barton5/28/2013
The Invisible Boy10.99Trudy Ludwig and Patrice Barton10/8/2013
Runt9.99Nora Raleigh Baskin7/23/2013
Sweet Dreams11.62Jewel and Amy June Bates9/17/2013
The Christmas Cat10.99Maryann MacDonald and Amy Bates10/17/2013
How to Make Friends and Monsters9.87Ron Bates8/7/2013
Wise Young Fool9.99Sean Beaudoin8/6/2013
Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices5.58Paul Fleischman and Eric Beddows5/21/2013
Wenn die Nacht in Scherben fällt (German Edition)9.41Anika Beer5/13/2013
My Pen Pal, Santa9.99Melissa Stanton and Jennifer A. Bell9/24/2013
The Ultra Violets #2: Power to the Purple!10.99Sophie Bell8/6/2013
The Fran with Four Brains (Franny K. Stein, Mad Scientist)4.27Jim Benton6/18/2013
Frantastic Voyage (Franny K. Stein, Mad Scientist)4.27Jim Benton6/18/2013
The Fran That Time Forgot (Franny K. Stein, Mad Scientist)4.27Jim Benton5/28/2013
The Invisible Fran (Franny K. Stein, Mad Scientist)4.27Jim Benton5/28/2013
Dear Dumb Diary Year Two #4: What I Don't Know Might Hurt Me4.61Jim Benton6/1/2013
Dear Dumb Diary Year Two #1: School. Hasn't This Gone on Long Enough?5.12Jim Benton6/1/2013
Dear Dumb Diary Year Two #2: The Super-Nice Are Super-Annoying4.61Jim Benton6/1/2013
Berenstain Bears Chapter Book: Giant Bat Cave3.99Stan & Jan Berenstain7/23/2013
Berenstain Bears Chapter Book: Maniac Mansion3.99Stan & Jan Berenstain7/23/2013
Berenstain Bears Chapter Book: The Evil Eye3.99Stan & Jan Berenstain7/23/2013
Berenstain Bears Chapter Book: The Haunted Lighthouse3.99Stan & Jan Berenstain7/23/2013
The Berenstain Bears and the Green Eyed Monster (First Time Books)4.99Stan Berenstain and Jan Berenstain5/29/2013
The Berenstain Bears' New Neighbors (First Time Books(R))4.99Stan Berenstain and Jan Berenstain5/29/2013
The Berenstain Bears and Mama's New Job (First Time Books(R))4.99Stan Berenstain and Jan Berenstain7/31/2013
The Berenstain Bears Blaze a Trail (First Time Books(R))4.99Stan Berenstain and Jan Berenstain7/31/2013
The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Pressure (First Time Books(R))4.99Stan Berenstain and Jan Berenstain8/28/2013
The Berenstain Bears Get Stage Fright (First Time Books(R))4.99Stan Berenstain and Jan Berenstain8/28/2013
The Berenstain Bears Get Their Kicks (First Time Books(R))4.99Stan Berenstain and Jan Berenstain9/25/2013
Remnants: Season of Wonder (Remnants Series, The)9.99Lisa Tawn Bergren10/8/2013
My Little Pony: Pinkie Pie and the Rockin' Ponypalooza Party!4.74G.M. Berrow7/2/2013
What Floats in a Moat?12.99Matthew Cordell and Lynne Berry7/9/2013
The Outside9.99Laura Bickle9/3/2013
EllRay Jakes and the Beanstalk10.99Sally Warner and Brian Biggs9/12/2013
Ellray Jakes the Dragon Slayer10.99Sally Warner and Brian Biggs5/16/2013
Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See? (Brown Bear and Friends)6.62Bill , Jr. Martin and Eric Carle6/25/2013
Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See? (Brown Bear and Friends)6.47Bill , Jr. Martin and Eric Carle6/25/2013
Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? (Brown Bear and Friends)6.46Bill , Jr. Martin and Eric Carle6/25/2013
You Don't Know Me Like That (Rumor Central)7.37ReShonda Tate Billingsley9/24/2013
El compañero desconocido (Spanish Edition)7.19Marcelo Birmajer5/7/2013
El túnel de los pájaros muertos (Spanish Edition)7.19Marcelo Birmajer5/7/2013
Pecan Pie Baby7.99Jacqueline Woodson and Sophie Blackall10/17/2013
The Nine Lives of Alexander Baddenfield10.99JohnBemelmans Marciano and Sophie Blackall10/3/2013
The Mighty Lalouche10.99Matthew Olshan and Sophie Blackall5/14/2013
The Coldest Girl in Coldtown9.99Holly Black9/17/2013
DK Readers: I Want to Be a Ballerina2.99Annabel Blackledge6/3/2013
Undercurrent9.99Paul E. Blackwell7/23/2013
Deep Dive #3: Manak the Manta Ray3.82Adam Blade7/1/2013
Deep Dive #4: Kraya the Blood Shark3.99Adam Blade10/1/2013
Because a Fire Was in My Head9.32Michael Morpurgo and Quentin Blake6/6/2013
A New Friend (PENGUIN YOUNG READERS, L1)3.99Wiley Blevins5/16/2013
Invisible Inkling: The Whoopie Pie War8.99Emily Jenkins and Harry Bliss7/23/2013
Arthur, For the Very First Time5.12Patricia MacLachlan and Lloyd Bloom6/25/2013
A Gathering of Days5.12Joan W. Blos5/14/2013
The Lost [and Found] Balloon12.51Celeste Jenkins and Maria Bogade6/11/2013
The Mysterious Woods of Whistle Root9.99Christopher Pennell and Rebecca Bond9/10/2013
Mr. Peregrines Geheimnis: Roman (German Edition)15.96A.J. Hartley and Kirsten Borchardt5/28/2013
Animal Pants4.39Brian Moses and Anja Boretzki5/9/2013
Zits: Chillax8.99Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman5/21/2013
Winger9.99Andrew Smith and Sam Bosma5/14/2013
Snow Dog, Go Dog3.99Deborah Heigliman and Tim Bowers9/3/2013
The Sword in the Tree (Trophy Chapter Book)4.27Clyde Robert Bulla and Bruce Bowles6/25/2013
A Moment Comes9.99Jennifer Bradbury6/25/2013
A Moment Comes-1Jennifer Bradbury6/25/2013
Double Vision: Code Name 7118.99F. T. Bradley10/15/2013
Kite Spirit5.19Sita Brahmachari5/9/2013
Du liebst mich nicht (German Edition)9.24Edeet Ravel and Anne Braun5/13/2013
The Christmas Wish10.99Lori Evert and Per Breiehagen9/10/2013
Everything Is Fine (And Other Lies I Tell Myself)7.99Cathy Brett5/9/2013
Cinders: A Chicken Cinderella10.99Jan Brett11/5/2013
The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp8.89Kathi Appelt and Jennifer Bricking7/23/2013
Clifford's First School Day3.19Norman Bridwell6/1/2013
Clifford's Thanksgiving Visit (Clifford 8x8)3.19Norman Bridwell10/1/2013
Clifford The Firehouse Dog (Clifford 8x8)3.19Norman Bridwell9/1/2013
Scholastic Reader Level 1: Clifford and the Halloween Parade3.19Norman Bridwell9/1/2013
Walking with Dinosaurs: The Great Migration4.99J. E. Bright11/5/2013
Walking with Dinosaurs: Patchi's Big Adventure5.99J. E. Bright11/5/2013
The Glass Puzzle10.99Christine Brodien-Jones7/9/2013
Lalaloopsy: Meet the Lalaloopsy Girls3.03Samantha Brooke8/1/2013
A Dasher Christmas5.59Clarkie Brown8/6/2013
Flat Stanley and the Firehouse: I Can Read Level 23.79Jeff Brown5/28/2013
Flat Stanley and the Haunted House: I Can Read Level 24.99Jeff Brown5/28/2013
Thousand Words9.99Jennifer Brown5/21/2013
Sometimes I Forget You're a Robot10.99Sam Brown10/17/2013
Born of Illusion9.99Teri Brown6/11/2013
Brothers of the Buffalo10.99Joseph Bruchac6/1/2013
Mister Max: The Book of Lost Things: Mister Max 110.99Cynthia Voigt and Iacopo Bruno9/10/2013
The School for Good and Evil9.78Soman Chainani and Iacopo Bruno5/14/2013
Walking with Dinosaurs Encyclopedia8.99Steve Brusatte11/5/2013
Can't Scare Me!10.97Ashley Bryan9/3/2013
La enamorada del muro (Spanish Edition)4.79Sandra Comino and Gabriela Burín5/7/2013
Pirate's Promise3.99Clyde Robert Bulla and Peter Burchard6/25/2013
Serafina's Promise9.99Ann E. Burg10/1/2013
Famous6.64Jessica Burkhart6/11/2013
Home for Christmas6.99Jessica Burkhart10/1/2013
The Monstore10.44Tara Lazar and James Burks6/4/2013
Heidi Heckelbeck Goes to Camp!4.99Wanda Coven and Priscilla Burris5/7/2013
The Heidi Heckelbeck Collection19.99Wanda Coven and Priscilla Burris10/15/2013
Heidi Heckelbeck and the Christmas Surprise4.99Wanda Coven and Priscilla Burris10/1/2013
Lights, Camera . . . Zombies!4.99Franklin W. Dixon and Scott Burroughs8/6/2013
Balloon Blow-Up4.99Franklin W. Dixon and Scott Burroughs12/3/2013
Don't Bite the Dentist (And Other Rules to Live By) (working title)9.87Isabelle Busath,Isabella Thordsen and To Be Announced10/1/2013
Jack's Mega Machines: Supersonic Submarine9.99Alison Ritchie and Mike Byrne9/12/2013
Abandon Book 3: Awaken9.99Meg Cabot7/2/2013
Covert Affairs7.99Elizabeth Cage9/3/2013
Lost in London6.99Cindy Callaghan10/15/2013
The Pirate's Coin: A Sixty-Eight Rooms Adventure10.99Marianne Malone and Greg Call5/28/2013
No Dogs Allowed (Ready, Set, Dogs!)8.81Stephanie Calmenson,Joanna Cole and Heather Ross10/1/2013
The Lightning Catcher10.99Anne Cameron5/7/2013
A Spark Unseen10.43Sharon Cameron10/1/2013
Tea Party Rules10.99Ame Dyckman and K. G. Campbell10/3/2013
If Dogs Run Free12.99Bob Dylan and Scott Campbell9/3/2013
Flora & Ulysses9.60Kate DiCamillo and K.G. Campbell9/24/2013
Entangled9.99Amy Rose Capetta10/1/2013
Katy Duck, Flower Girl3.79Henry Cole and Alyssa Satin Capucilli5/7/2013
The Cats on Ben Yehuda Street5.59Ann Redisch Stampler and Francesca Carabelli5/21/2013
Orson Scott Card's Pathfinder & Ruins18.90Orson Scott Card9/3/2013
The Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates #1: Magic Marks the Spot8.99Caroline Carlson9/10/2013
Samurai Summer6.39Ake Edwardson and Per Carlsson6/25/2013
Fannie in the Kitchen (Anne Schwartz Books)6.83Deborah Hopkinson and Nancy Carpenter7/23/2013
Battle Champions: Academy Attack8.99Jack Carson6/20/2013
Battle Champions: Canyon Clash8.99Jack Carson6/20/2013
Battle Champions: Swampland Slam9.99Jack Carson8/29/2013
The Bitter Kingdom12.99Rae Carson8/27/2013
Get Over It (Fab Life)7.39Nikki Carter5/28/2013
This Strange and Familiar Place9.99Rachel Carter7/2/2013
Thin Space9.99Jody Casella9/10/2013
Underwater Dogs: Kids Edition9.99Seth Casteel9/24/2013
Mermaids in the Backyard (A Stepping Stone Book(TM))4.99Catherine Hapka and Patricia Castelao6/25/2013
Tin Star9.99Cecil Castellucci8/27/2013
El candelabro de plata (Spanish Edition)7.19Abelardo Castillo5/7/2013
You Look Different in Real Life9.99Jennifer Castle6/4/2013
Keira's Story0.99Jennifer Castle5/7/2013
VIII9.99H. M. Castor8/20/2013
Dream Dog10.99Lou Berger and David J. Catrow9/10/2013
Lalaloopsy: Let's Grow a Garden!3.19Lauren Cecil5/28/2013
Lalaloopsy: Lala-Oopsies: Meet the Lala-Oopsies3.03Lauren Cecil8/1/2013
Gaby, Lost and Found9.99Angela Cervantes8/1/2013
The City of Death9.99Sarwat Chadda11/1/2013
The Six Crowns: Sargasso Skies10.99Allan Jones and Gary Chalk5/14/2013
The Six Crowns: Full Circle9.99Allan Jones and Gary Chalk11/12/2013
Hide! The Tiger's Mouth is Open Wide!5.59Adam Frost and Mark Chambers7/4/2013
Bird8.89Crystal Chan5/7/2013
The Ghosts of Stony Clove (Woods Family Saga)3.99Eileen Charbonneau12/31/2013
The Testing9.99Joelle Charbonneau6/4/2013
A Lion to Guard Us4.99Clyde Robert Bulla and Michele Chessare6/25/2013
No Such Thing as a Witch (A Stepping Stone Book(TM))5.99Ruth Chew8/27/2013
What the Witch Left (A Stepping Stone Book(TM))5.99Ruth Chew8/27/2013
The Secret Zoo: Raids and Rescues10.99Bryan Chick9/24/2013
Ruby Redfort Take Your Last Breath10.36Lauren Child5/14/2013
Sweet Legacy9.99Tera Lynn Childs9/3/2013
Hunt With Your Heart6.39Lisa Pickeral Chitwood5/28/2013
Bad Boy, Good Boy9.99Kay Chorao5/7/2013
District Doubleheader (Little League)9.99Matt Christopher7/16/2013
What We Found in the Sofa and How It Saved the World8.89Henry Clark7/2/2013
Freakboy9.99Kristin Elizabeth Clark10/22/2013
Spirit and Dust10.99Rosemary Clement-Moore5/14/2013
Untitled Clements Middle Grade Novel #29.99Andrew Clements7/23/2013
The Empty Stocking7.20Richard Curtis and Rebecca Cobb10/3/2013
Disney's Dream5.99Stacia Deutsch and Rhody Cohon9/10/2013
Lincoln's Legacy5.99Stacia Deutsch and Rhody Cohon9/10/2013
Princesses on the Run9.99Smiljana Coh5/14/2013
The Land of Stories: The Enchantress Returns8.89Chris Colfer8/6/2013
WARP Book 1: The Reluctant Assassin (W.a.R.P.)10.43Eoin Colfer5/7/2013
Ocean Monsters (PENGUIN YOUNG READERS, L4)3.99Nick Confalone and Chelsea Confalone10/31/2013
The Wolf Princess9.99Cathryn Constable10/1/2013
Ghost Hawk11.76Susan Cooper8/27/2013
Seaward6.99Susan Cooper8/27/2013
Forgive Me, I Meant to Do It: False Apology Poems8.99Gail Carson Levine and Matthew Cordell8/27/2013
I'm Gonna Like Me11.65Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell5/21/2013
It's Hard to Be Five10.08Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell5/21/2013
Tides9.99Betsy Cornwell6/4/2013
Pirates Love Underpants12.99Claire Freedman and Ben Cort9/3/2013
Thomas' Night Before Christmas (Thomas & Friends) (Little Golden Book)3.99R. Schuyler Hooke and Richard Courtney9/10/2013
Not So Fast, Bash and Dash! (Thomas & Friends) (Step into Reading)3.99W. Rev Awdry and Richard Courtney7/23/2013
Confessions of a Hater9.99Caprice Crane8/27/2013
The Boy on the Porch8.99Sharon Creech9/3/2013
Invisibility10.99David Levithan and Andrea Cremer5/7/2013
Diary of a Worm: Teacher's Pet: I Can Read Book 14.99Doreen Cronin,Harry Bliss and John Nez6/25/2013
Dom's Dragon - Read it yourself with Ladybird: Level 23.96Mandy Cross7/4/2013
Sam and the Robots - Read it yourself with Ladybird: Level 45.22Mandy Cross7/4/2013
Parched9.99Melanie Crowder6/4/2013
In Bloom8.24Matthew Crow9/19/2013
One Beach Lane (Au Pairs)9.99Melissa de la Cruz5/7/2013
Beach Lane boxed set [w.t.]39.99Melissa de la Cruz7/9/2013
Crazy Hot9.99Melissa de la Cruz7/9/2013
Sun-kissed9.99Melissa de la Cruz6/4/2013
Skinny-Dipping9.99Melissa de la Cruz5/7/2013
Out of The Blue, Young Reader's Edition10.99Victor Cruz6/27/2013
The Notebook of Doom #1: Rise of the Balloon Goons (A Branches Book) - Library Edition3.82Troy Cummings7/1/2013
The Notebook of Doom #2: Day of the Night Crawlers (A Branches Book) - Library Edition3.99Troy Cummings9/1/2013
The Notebook of Doom #3: Attack of the Shadow Smashers (A Branches Book)3.99Troy Cummings11/1/2013
Who Goes There?10.97Karma Wilson and Anna Currey9/10/2013
To Be a Cat9.99Matt Haig and Stacy Curtis6/11/2013
Lily and the Yucky Cookies6.83Sean Covey and Stacy Curtis8/27/2013
Sammy and the Pecan Pie6.83Sean Covey and Stacy Curtis8/27/2013
Sophie and the Perfect Poem6.62Sean Covey and Stacy Curtis10/1/2013
Goob and His Grandpa6.62Sean Covey and Stacy Curtis10/1/2013
Fifteenth Summer9.99Michelle Dalton5/7/2013
Rogue7.19Gina Damico9/10/2013
Caesar the War Dog 2: Operation Blue Dragon9.99Stephen Dando-Collins7/31/2013
Monster High: Who's That Ghoulfriend?8.99Gitty Daneshvari9/10/2013
Amber Brown Is on the Move10.99Paula Danziger,Bruce Coville and Anthony Lewis9/12/2013
Sempre I5.99J.M. Darhower11/4/2013
Crush #1: Untitled5.99Angela Darling5/7/2013
The Story of Us5.99Angela Darling7/23/2013
Summer of Love5.99Angela Darling5/7/2013
The Eye of Minds (The Morality Doctrine)9.99James Dashner10/8/2013
Night School9.99C. J. Daugherty5/21/2013
The Storm Whale8.99Benji Davies8/15/2013
Ben Rides On9.99Matt Davies5/21/2013
Ben Rides On9.99Matt Davies5/21/2013
Tiny the Birthday Dog10.99Cari Meister and Rich Davis5/16/2013
Ladybug Girl and the Big Snow10.99David Soman and Jacky Davis9/17/2013
The Secret of the Seal3.99Deborah Davis5/29/2013
My Name is Erin: One Girl's Journey to Discover Truth (My Name is Erin Series)5.39Erin Davis8/1/2013
My Name is Erin: One Girl's Journey to Discover Who She Is (My Name is Erin Series)5.39Erin Davis8/1/2013
My Name is Erin: One Girl's Mission to Make a Difference (My Name is Erin Series)5.39Erin Davis8/1/2013
My Name is Erin: One Girl's Plan for Radical Faith (My Name is Erin Series)5.59Erin Davis8/1/2013
Pete the Cat: The Wheels on the Bus6.92James Dean6/25/2013
Pete the Cat: Pete at the Beach (My First I Can Read)4.99James Dean5/21/2013
Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses10.41James Dean10/1/2013
Charlie the Ranch Dog: Where's the Bacon? (I Can Read Book 1)4.99Ree Drummond and Diane deGroat6/25/2013
Charlie the Ranch Dog: Charlie's Snow Day (I Can Read Book 1)4.99Ree Drummond and Diane deGroat10/8/2013
Pee Wee Scouts: Eggs with Legs3.99Judy Delton5/29/2013
Pee Wee Scouts: Pee Wee Pool Party3.99Judy Delton5/29/2013
Pee Wee Scouts: Pee Wees on First3.99Judy Delton5/29/2013
Pee Wee Scouts: Super Duper Pee Wee!3.99Judy Delton5/29/2013
Pee Wee Scouts: Teeny Weeny Zucchinis3.99Judy Delton5/29/2013
Pee Wee Scouts: Bookworm Buddies3.99Judy Delton5/29/2013
A Darkness Strange and Lovely9.99Susan Dennard7/23/2013
Daniel's Story1.99Susan Dennard6/4/2013
The Fairy Bell Sisters #3: Golden at the Fancy-Dress Party3.99Margaret McNamara and Julia Denos9/3/2013
Strega Nona Does It Again10.99Tomie dePaola10/1/2013
Closet Princess (Barbie: Life in a Dream House) (Step into Reading)3.99Kristen L. Depken7/23/2013
Fault Line9.99C. Desir11/12/2013
Internment E-Novella Preview [w.t.]1.99Lauren DeStefano11/5/2013
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 Movie Noveliza5.99Stacia Deutsch8/27/2013
Betsy Ross's Star (Blast to the Past)4.74Stacia Deutsch,Rhody Cohon and Guy Francis5/28/2013
Washington's War (Blast to the Past)4.74Stacia Deutsch,Rhody Cohon and Guy Francis5/28/2013
Ben Franklin's Fame (Blast to the Past)6.83Stacia Deutsch,Rhody Cohon and Guy Francis5/14/2013
Llama Llama and the Bully Goat10.99Anna Dewdney8/6/2013
Oliver Twist (Vintage Children's Classics)9.34Charles Dickens6/6/2013
Moxie and the Art of Rule Breaking: A 14 Day Mystery10.99Erin Dionne7/11/2013
The Vanishing Game5.69Franklin W. Dixon6/4/2013
Hardy Boys Adventures23.99Franklin W. Dixon11/12/2013
Into Thin Air5.99Franklin W. Dixon10/22/2013
Danger in the Extreme5.69Franklin W. Dixon5/14/2013
First Day, Worst Day (Hardy Boys Clues Bros.)5.99Franklin W. Dixon8/20/2013
Jump Shot Detectives (Hardy Boys Clues Bros.)5.99Franklin W. Dixon8/20/2013
The Karate Clue (Hardy Boys Clues Bros.)5.99Franklin W. Dixon8/20/2013
A Game Called Chaos (Hardy Boys)5.69Franklin W. Dixon8/13/2013
The Gross Ghost Mystery (Hardy Boys Clues Bros.)5.99Franklin W. Dixon8/13/2013
The Lure of the Italian Treasure (Hardy Boys)5.99Franklin W. Dixon7/30/2013
The Hunt for Four Brothers (Hardy Boys)5.99Franklin W. Dixon6/25/2013
Penelope Crumb Finds Her Luck10.99Shawn Stout and Valeria Docampo9/12/2013
The Windspinner5.01Berlie Doherty6/30/2013
How My Summer Went Up in Flames9.99Jennifer Salvato Doktorski5/7/2013
Famous Last Words9.99Jennifer Salvato Doktorski7/2/2013
Cowboy Boyd and Mighty Calliope10.99Lisa Moser and Sebastiaan Van Doninck8/27/2013
The Waffler10.99Gail Donovan8/15/2013
One Potato, Two Potato9.68Todd H. Doodler10/1/2013
Grasshopper Magic (A Stepping Stone Book(TM))9.99Lynne Jonell and Brandon Dorman5/28/2013
Shifty Business (The Adventures of Jo Schmo)9.87Greg Trine and Frank W. Dormer7/2/2013
Pinkbeard's Revenge (The Adventures of Jo Schmo)9.87Greg Trine and Frank W. Dormer12/3/2013
How to Be a Star (Surviving High School)8.99M. Doty5/21/2013
The Last Dogs: Dark Waters8.89Christopher Holt and Allen Douglas6/11/2013
The Last Dogs: The Long Road9.10Christopher Holt and Allen Douglas11/5/2013
The Sound of Your Voice, Only Really Far Away8.89Frances O'Roark Dowell8/27/2013
Scholastic Reader Level 2: Spooky Friends3.19Jane Feder and Julie Downing8/1/2013
Sammy Keyes and the Killer Cruise10.99Wendelin Van Draanen9/10/2013
The Lone Ranger (Little Golden Book)3.99Steffi Fletcher and E. Joseph Dreany5/14/2013
Cy in Chains9.99David L. Dudley12/17/2013
True-1Hilary Duff5/9/2013
Go, Jade, Go!3.99Tony Dungy,Lauren Dungy and Vanessa Brantley Newton7/9/2013
Here Comes the Parade!3.99Tony Dungy,Lauren Dungy and Vanessa Brantley Newton10/29/2013
Bad Astrid10.99Eileen Brennan and Regan Dunnick5/28/2013
Until the Last Spike, the Journal of Sean Sullivan, a Transcontinental (My Name Is America)5.59William Durbin9/1/2013
The Dagger X9.99Brian Eames11/12/2013
Nighty Night, ZooBorns3.99Andrew Bleiman and Chris Eastland7/9/2013
Entwischt: Roman (German Edition)13.44Janci Patterson and Karl-Heinz Ebnet6/10/2013
Dirty Little Secret8.89Jennifer Echols7/1/2013
Sky Jumpers: Book 110.99Peggy Eddleman9/24/2013
Dusk7.20Eve Edwards6/6/2013
A Summer of Sundays9.99Lindsay Eland7/9/2013
Yukon: Sled Dog3.99Judith Janda Presnall and Mark Elliott10/8/2013
Dexter the Tough5.12Margaret Peterson Haddix and Mark Elliott6/18/2013
The Ugly One9.99Leanne Statland Ellis6/11/2013
Transformers: Rescue Bots: The Mystery of the Pirate Bell3.99Maya Mackowiak Elson9/10/2013
Scholastic Reader Level 2: Stinky Bugs3.19Joan Emerson9/1/2013
The Dark Shore9.99Kevin Emerson5/21/2013
Mike and the Mighty Shield3.99HIT Entertainment6/4/2013
Seeing Red9.99Kathryn Erskine10/1/2013
IONE (Spanish Edition)7.69Mario Escobar5/28/2013
Más allá de las fronteras de Minos (Spanish Edition)7.69Mario Escobar5/28/2013
Midnight Frost (Mythos Academy)7.39Jennifer Estep7/30/2013
Santa's Little Helper5.99Cordelia Evans10/1/2013
Jewel of Glendragon3.99Cordelia Evans8/27/2013
Meet Turbo5.69Cordelia Evans6/11/2013
Olivia Takes Ballet6.64Patrick Spaziante and Cordelia Evans8/13/2013
Michael Vey: Electrifying eBook Set29.99Richard Paul Evans9/24/2013
OLIVIA and Grandma's Visit3.99Shane L. Johnson and Cordelia Evans5/7/2013
Bryony Bell Tops the Bill (Black Cats)5.59Franzeska G. Ewart5/16/2013
SPF 408.89Peter H. Reynolds and FableVision6/4/2013
The Magician's Bird: A Tuckernuck Mystery9.99Emily Fairlie9/24/2013
Shadow of the Mark8.99Leigh Fallon7/9/2013
Rooftoppers9.99Katherine Rundell and Terry Fan8/27/2013
The Glass Slipper9.34Eleanor Farjeon5/31/2013
Mia and the Girl with a Twirl (My First I Can Read)4.99Robin Farley,Olga Ivanov and Aleksey Ivanov6/11/2013
Mia Jazzes It Up!: My First I Can Read4.99Robin Farley,Olga Ivanov and Aleksey Ivanov10/8/2013
The Lord of Opium12.99Nancy Farmer9/3/2013
After Iris10.99Natasha Farrant7/25/2013
Little Owl's Orange Scarf10.99Tatyana Feeney6/11/2013
The Song of the Quarkbeast: The Chronicles of Kazam, Book 210.36Jasper Fforde9/3/2013
Magic Ink-1Steve Cole and Jim Field5/9/2013
Pet Hotel #1: Calling All Pets!4.29Kate Finch,John Steven Gurney and Tim Jessell7/1/2013
Pet Hotel #2: A Big Surprise3.82Kate Finch,John Steven Gurney and Tim Jessell7/1/2013
Pet Hotel #3: A Nose for Trouble3.99Kate Finch,John Steven Gurney and Tim Jessell10/1/2013
Ninja Meerkats (#1): The Clan of the Scorpion4.27Gareth Jones and Luke Finlayson5/10/2013
Ninja Meerkats (#2): The Eye of the Monkey4.23Gareth Jones and Luke Finlayson5/10/2013
Scary School #3: The Northern Frights9.99Derek the Ghost and Scott M. Fischer6/25/2013
It's a Mitzvah, Grover! (Shalom Sesame)5.59Ellen Fischer,Tilda Balsley and Tom Leigh5/21/2013
Big Year for Lily, A (The Adventures of Lily Lapp Book #3)8.99Mary Ann Kinsinger and Suzanne Woods Fisher7/1/2013
Deviant9.99Helen Fitzgerald6/11/2013
Back to Blackbrick9.99Sarah Moore Fitzgerald9/3/2013
The Royal Ranger (RANGER'S APPRENTICE)10.99John Flanagan11/5/2013
Bull Run5.12Paul Fleischman5/21/2013
Saturday Boy10.99David Fleming6/13/2013
The Cow Who Clucked9.99Denise Fleming5/21/2013
Falcon in the Glass9.99Susan Fletcher7/9/2013
Towering9.99Alex Flinn5/14/2013
Jumped In9.99Patrick Flores-Scott8/27/2013
Warning: Do Not Open This Book!10.97Adam Lehrhaupt and Matthew Forsythe8/27/2013
Dogs of War9.99Sheila Keenan and Nathan Fox11/1/2013
Clark the Shark11.62Bruce Hale and Guy Francis6/25/2013
Saving the Team8.89Alex Morgan and Paula Franco5/14/2013
Spike12.53Debra Frasier10/15/2013
God Got a Dog11.53Cynthia Rylant and Marla Frazee10/29/2013
The Complete Mother-Daughter Book Club Collection: The Mother-Daughter Book Club; Much Ado About Anne; Dear Pen...45.99Heather Vogel Frederick9/10/2013
The Story of Fish and Snail10.99Deborah Freedman6/13/2013
Nikki and Deja: Substitute Trouble9.68Karen English and Laura Freeman7/9/2013
The Dog Days: The Carver Chronicles, Book I9.68Karen English and Laura Freeman12/17/2013
Vorstadtkrokodile 3: Alle für Einen! (German Edition)5.37Herbert Friedmann11/11/2013
The Aquifer8.99Jonathan Friesen8/6/2013
Salt: A Story of Friendship in a Time of War9.99Helen Frost7/23/2013
The Odd Squad: Zero Tolerance (Odd Squad Book, An)8.32Michael Fry9/3/2013
Transformers Classified: Satellite of Doom9.69Ryder Windham and Jason Fry9/10/2013
Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters: The Graphic Novel9.99Rick Riordan and Attila Futaki7/2/2013
One Bright Ring9.99Gretchen Géser5/21/2013
Where's My Valentine?5.99Tina Gallo12/17/2013
The Triple Trophy Triumph10.97Tina Gallo10/1/2013
From Norvelt to Nowhere9.99Jack Gantos9/10/2013
Smith: The Story of a Pickpocket9.99Leon Garfield8/13/2013
Lulu Bell and the Cubby Fort8.14Belinda Murrell and Serena Geddes7/31/2013
Lulu Bell and the Moon Dragon8.14Belinda Murrell and Serena Geddes7/31/2013
Wednesdays in the Tower (Tuesdays at the Castle)9.99Jessica Day George5/7/2013
Life's a Witch9.99Brittany Geragotelis5/7/2013
How to Bicycle to the Moon to Plant Sunflowers: A Simple but Brilliant Plan in 24 Easy Steps9.84Mordicai Gerstein5/14/2013
Tower of the Five Orders: The Letterford Mysteries, Book II10.36Deron R. Hicks and Mark Edward Geyer10/8/2013
Undead Ed and the Demon Freakshow9.99Rotterly Ghoulstone8/15/2013
May I Keep You In My Pocket?5.59Bonnie R. Gibson5/28/2013
Tales from Lovecraft Middle School #3: Teacher's Pest9.99Charles Gilman5/7/2013
Tales from Lovecraft Middle School #4: Substitute Creature10.49Charles Gilman9/24/2013
The Classroom: Student Council Smackdown!9.87Robin Mellom and Stephen Gilpin6/25/2013
Project Cain9.99Geoffrey Girard9/3/2013
Walking with Dinosaurs Handbook9.99Calliope Glass11/5/2013
Fancy Nancy: Nancy Clancy Sees the Future6.99Jane O'Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser10/1/2013
Fancy Nancy: Apples Galore!: I Can Read Level 1 (I Can Read Book 1)4.99Jane O'Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser8/27/2013
The Trouble With Dragons7.99Debi Gliori7/4/2013
Grave Images9.99Jenny Goebel11/1/2013
Twerp10.99Mark Goldblatt5/28/2013
Every Day After10.99Laura Golden6/11/2013
Dig, Scoop, Ka-boom! (Step into Reading)3.99Joan Holub and David Gordon6/25/2013
Hard Time9.99Julian F. Thompson and Russell Gordon6/11/2013
Water in the Park: A Book About Water and the Times of the Day10.99Emily Jenkins and Stephanie Graegin5/14/2013
Meet Me at the River9.99Nina de Gramont10/15/2013
Shoeshine Girl (Trophy Chapter Books)4.27Clyde Robert Bulla and Leigh Grant6/25/2013
The Magnificent 12: The Power9.99Michael Grant8/27/2013
Half Lives9.99Sara Grant7/9/2013
Frogs' Legs for Dinner? (A Stepping Stone Book(TM))3.99George Edward Stanley and Linda Graves5/29/2013
Blue Chameleon10.41Emily Gravett6/18/2013
Dogs9.85Emily Gravett6/18/2013
Monkey and Me11.26Emily Gravett6/18/2013
Orange Pear Apple Bear (Classic Board Books)6.83Emily Gravett6/18/2013
Wolf Won't Bite!12.05Emily Gravett6/18/2013
Again!11.04Emily Gravett6/18/2013
Wolves12.99Emily Gravett6/18/2013
The Mice in the Churchyard7.99Kes Gray6/6/2013
Princess Posey and the Christmas Magic10.99Stephanie Greene10/17/2013
An Army of Frogs: A Kulipari Novel8.51Trevor Pryce and Sanford Greene5/7/2013
Chantress9.99Amy Butler Greenfield5/7/2013
Truth or Dare9.99Jacqueline Green5/14/2013
This Northern Sky7.19Julia Green7/4/2013
Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Summer Vacation9.99Tommy Greenwald5/14/2013
Untitled Philippa Gregory 29.99Philippa Gregory6/4/2013
Shhh! Don't Wake the Royal Baby!7.19Martha Mumford and Ada Grey7/25/2013
Toys in Space10.99Mini Grey5/14/2013
Geek Inc. #29.99Mark Griffiths9/12/2013
Sunblind (The Darkborn Legacy)7.55Michael Griffo8/27/2013
Gris Grimly's Frankenstein1.90Mary Shelley and Gris Grimly8/27/2013
Everything Breaks10.99Vicki Grove10/3/2013
Billy The Kid Is Not Crazy3.99S.F. Guerra10/15/2013
Palace Puppies, Book Three: Sunny and the Snowy Surprise3.99Laura Dower and John Steven Gurney9/3/2013
Palace Puppies, Book One: Sunny and the Royal Pain3.99Laura Dower and John Steven Gurney7/2/2013
Palace Puppies, Book Two: Sunny to the Rescue3.99Laura Dower and John Steven Gurney7/2/2013
Calendar Mysteries #10: October Ogre (A Stepping Stone Book(TM))4.99Ron Roy and John Steven Gurney8/6/2013
Calendar Mysteries #9: September Sneakers (A Stepping Stone Book(TM))4.99Ron Roy and John Steven Gurney8/6/2013
My Weirder School #8: Dr. Nicholas Is Ridiculous!3.99Dan Gutman6/25/2013
Dangerous Girls9.99Abigail Haas5/7/2013
Deep in the Sahara10.99Kelly Cunnane and Hoda Hadadi10/8/2013
Full Ride9.99Margaret Peterson Haddix11/12/2013
Risked10.97Margaret Peterson Haddix9/3/2013
The Missing Collection39.99Margaret Peterson Haddix8/6/2013
School for S.P.I.E.S.: Playing with Fire9.99Bruce Hale6/25/2013
National Geographic Kids Chapters: Courageous Canine: And More True Stories of Amazing Animal Heroes (NGK Chapters...4.61Kelly Milner Halls7/9/2013
Bella's Rules10.99ElissaHaden Guest and Abigail Halpin5/16/2013
The Mesmer Menace9.99Kersten Hamilton and James Hamilton11/19/2013
When the Stars Threw Down Their Spears: The Goblin Wars, Book Three9.99Kersten Hamilton6/4/2013
Walking with Dinosaurs: The Winter Ground: I Can Read Level 2 (I Can Read Book 2)9.99Catherine Hapka11/5/2013
Pony Scouts: Pony Party (I Can Read Book 2)4.99Catherine Hapka10/22/2013
Mr. Men Meet Father Christmas (Mr. Men Little Miss)3.10Roger Hargreaves and Adam Hargreaves10/1/2013
Joshua's Song (Aladdin Historical Fiction)5.98Joan Hiatt Harlow7/23/2013
Star in the Storm (Aladdin Historical Fiction)5.12Joan Hiatt Harlow7/23/2013
The Everafter Chronicles8.39Casey Sean Harmon6/4/2013
Have a Little Faith9.99Candy Harper5/9/2013
Just Grace and the Trouble with Cupcakes (The Just Grace Series)9.99Charise Mericle Harper5/28/2013
Just Grace and the Trouble with Cupcakes9.99Charise Mericle Harper5/28/2013
Bean Dog and Nugget: The Ball4.99Charise Mericle Harper5/14/2013
Bean Dog and Nugget: The Cookie4.99Charise Mericle Harper5/14/2013
The Unseen World of Poppy Malone #3: A Mischief of Mermaids10.97Suzanne Harper5/28/2013
Sure Signs of Crazy8.89Karen Harrington7/16/2013
Pretenders9.99Lisi Harrison10/1/2013
Rescue Princesses #3: The Moonlight Mystery3.99Paula Harrison8/1/2013
Rescue Princesses #4: The Stolen Crystals3.99Paula Harrison8/1/2013
The Rescue Princesses #1: Secret Promise3.99Paula Harrison6/1/2013
The Rescue Princesses #2: Wishing Pearl3.99Paula Harrison6/1/2013
Rescue Princesses #5: The Snow Jewel3.99Paula Harrison10/1/2013
Rescue Princesses #6: The Magic Rings3.99Paula Harrison10/1/2013
Moominvalley in November (Moomins)5.12Tove Jansson and Kingsley Hart12/31/2013
Alice-Miranda Takes the Stage9.99Jacqueline Harvey5/14/2013
Clementine Rose and the Farm Fiasco9.99Jacqueline Harvey7/31/2013
Against All Opposition6.39Jim Haskins6/4/2013
OCD Love Story9.99Corey Ann Haydu7/23/2013
What I Came to Tell You9.99Tommy Hays9/24/2013
Otis Dooda: Strange but True9.49Ellen Potter and David Heatley6/4/2013
Julius and the Watchmaker9.99Tim Hehir5/22/2013
The League10.99Thatcher Heldring9/10/2013
Princesses Are Not Perfect7.99Kate Lum and Sue Hellard6/6/2013
Princesses Are Not Quitters!5.70Kate Lum and Sue Hellard6/6/2013
Princesses Are Not Just Pretty9.59Kate Lum and Sue Hellard6/6/2013
The Shadowhand Covenant9.99Brian Farrey and Brett Helquist10/22/2013
Doug the Bug9.99Sue Hendra9/26/2013
Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl: On Her Journey From Neediness to Freedom6.92Paula Hendricks9/1/2013
Bird Lake Moon5.12Kevin Henkes5/21/2013
Junonia6.64Kevin Henkes5/21/2013
Olive's Ocean5.98Kevin Henkes5/21/2013
Two Under Par4.74Kevin Henkes5/21/2013
Words of Stone5.98Kevin Henkes5/21/2013
The Zebra Wall5.98Kevin Henkes5/21/2013
The Year of Billy Miller9.99Kevin Henkes9/17/2013
Penny and Her Marble: I Can Read Level 1 (I Can Read Book 1)4.99Kevin Henkes8/27/2013
Margaret & Taylor6.99Kevin Henkes7/2/2013
Return to Sender6.99Kevin Henkes7/2/2013
Never Play Music Right Next to the Zoo12.48John Lithgow and Leeza Hernandez10/22/2013
The Time Fetch9.99Amy Herrick8/27/2013
The Secrets Club: No Match for Dani6.19Chris Higgins6/6/2013
My Funny Family Gets Bigger (The Butterfields)5.99Chris Higgins6/6/2013
The Magic Ball of Wool7.99Susanna Isern and Nora Hilb9/1/2013
Tales from Schwartzgarten 2: The Woebegone Twins (Schwartzgarten Tales)6.66Christopher William Hill10/3/2013
Lalaloopsy: Let's Pick Apples!3.03Jenne Simon and Prescott Hill8/1/2013
Lalaloopsy: Ice Skating Reader3.19Jenne Simon and Prescott Hill9/1/2013
Lalaloopsy: Party Time!3.19Lauren Cecil and Prescot Hill5/28/2013
Lalaloopsy: Cinder Slippers and the Grand Ball3.03Lauren Cecil and Prescott Hill7/1/2013
Lalaloopsy: Halloween Surprise3.03Lauren Simon and Prescott Hill7/1/2013
Rocket's Mighty Words9.99Tad Hills7/23/2013
How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth9.99Michelle Robinson and Kate Hindley8/1/2013
Come Back, Moon10.97David Kherdian and Nonny Hogrogian8/27/2013
Cheesie Mack Is Running like Crazy!10.99Steve Cotler and Douglas Holgate6/25/2013
The Counterfeit Family Tree of Vee Crawford-Wong [wt]9.99L. Tam Holland7/23/2013
Persephone the Daring5.69Suzanne Williams and Joan Holub8/6/2013
Picnic! (Ready-to-Read. Pre-Level 1)3.26Will Terry and Joan Holub12/31/2013
The Neptune Project10.36Polly Holyoke5/21/2013
Smoke12.99Ellen Hopkins9/10/2013
The Great Trouble: A Mystery of London, the Blue Death, and a Boy Called Eel10.99Deborah Hopkinson10/8/2013
A Band of Angels6.48Raul Colon and Deborah Hopkinson5/7/2013
Russian Roulette: The Story of an Assassin (ALEX RIDER)10.99Anthony Horowitz10/1/2013
Twenty-six Pirates: An Alphabet Story10.99Dave Horowitz6/27/2013
Scooter Trouble (Pocoyo) (Step into Reading)3.99Christy Webster and Random House7/23/2013
The Lost Crown of Sodor (Thomas & Friends) (Pictureback(R))3.99W. Rev Awdry and Random House7/23/2013
Plants vs. Zombies: Zombie Battle Guide7.99Simon Swatman and Adam Howling8/6/2013
Linked9.99Imogen Howson6/11/2013
Elegy9.99Tara Hudson6/4/2013
Unhooking the Moon9.99Gregory Hughes10/1/2013
Warriors Super Edition: Tallstar's Revenge10.67Erin Hunter7/2/2013
Survivors #2: A Hidden Enemy10.67Erin Hunter5/7/2013
Survivors #3: Darkness Falls9.50Erin Hunter9/3/2013
fml9.99Shaun David Hutchinson6/25/2013
Ice Cream Soup (PENGUIN YOUNG READERS, L1)3.99Ann Ingalls5/16/2013
Old Mikamba Had a Farm10.99Rachel Isadora10/31/2013
Firecracker10.99David Iserson5/16/2013
Mountain Dog9.99Margarita Engle and Aleksey & Olga Ivanov8/27/2013
Truck Stop10.99Anne Rockwell and Melissa Iwai5/16/2013
Monsters in Space!4.99Ray O'Ryan and Colin Jack8/6/2013
The Prehistoric Planet4.99Ray O'Ryan and Colin Jack6/11/2013
A Green Christmas!4.99Ray O'Ryan and Colin Jack10/1/2013
Three's a Crowd!4.99Ray O'Ryan and Colin Jack9/17/2013
The Half-a-Moon Inn5.98Paul Fleischman and Kathryn Jacobi5/21/2013
Despicable Me 2: The Anti-Villain League Handbook4.74D. Jacobs5/14/2013
Starbounders9.99Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson6/4/2013
Nothing But Blue9.69Lisa Jahn-Clough5/7/2013
Nothing But Blue9.99Lisa Jahn-Clough5/7/2013
My Little Pony: Holly, Jolly Harmony (Passport to Reading Level 2)3.99D. Jakobs10/15/2013
Sing for a Gentle Rain8.01J. Alison James8/27/2013
Runa8.99J. Alison James8/27/2013
Signs of Love: Destiny Date9.99Melody James8/1/2013
Pest In Show10.99Victoria Jamieson5/16/2013
The Day the Crayons Quit10.99Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers7/2/2013
Chick-O-Saurus Rex10.97Daniel Jennewein and Lenore Jennewein7/23/2013
Stars 26.26Laura Jennings8/1/2013
Guinea Dog 210.33Patrick Jennings8/27/2013
Dog Diaries #3: Barry6.99Kate Klimo and Tim Jessell8/6/2013
Saving Thanehaven10.43Catherine Jinks7/9/2013
Haunt9.99Curtis Jobling9/12/2013
War of the Werelords (WEREWORLD)10.99Curtis Jobling10/8/2013
Firebrand: An Elemental Novel10.99Antony John11/14/2013
Abandon9.99Elana Johnson6/4/2013
Melonhead and the We-Fix-It Company9.99Katy Kelly and Gillian Johnson9/10/2013
My Parents Are Out Of Control9.34Pete Johnson6/6/2013
Little Red Lies10.99Julie Johnston9/10/2013
Princess Poppy: The Holiday (Princess Poppy Picture Books)7.99Janey Louise Jones6/6/2013
The Sandman and the War of Dreams9.99William Joyce6/11/2013
Boris #3: Boris for the Win (A Branches Book)3.99Andrew Joyner8/1/2013
Boris #4: Boris Sees the Light (A Branches Book)3.99Andrew Joyner10/1/2013
Boris #2: Boris Gets a Lizard: A Branches Book3.99Andrew Joyner5/28/2013
I Am the World11.62Charles R. Smith Jr.7/9/2013
The Fountain (wt)10.99Lydia Kang8/15/2013
Cousin Irv from Mars10.97Bruce Eric Kaplan6/4/2013
The Apple Orchard Riddle10.99Margaret Mcnamara and G. Brian Karas7/9/2013
Renni the Rescuer6.99Felix Salten and Kenneth C. Kaufman6/4/2013
And the Two Shall Meet (Replica #6)4.99Marilyn Kaye9/25/2013
No Angel7.99Helen Keeble10/8/2013
Once Upon a Thriller (Nancy Drew Diaries)5.99Carolyn Keene9/24/2013
Mystery of the Midnight Rider (Nancy Drew Diaries)5.69Carolyn Keene5/7/2013
Nancy Drew Diaries23.99Carolyn Keene11/12/2013
The Riding Club Crime5.69Carolyn Keene6/25/2013
Bike Tour Mystery5.69Carolyn Keene6/18/2013
No Strings Attached5.69Carolyn Keene6/18/2013
Mystery by Moonlight5.12Carolyn Keene6/11/2013
Whispers in the Fog (Nancy Drew)5.69Carolyn Keene5/14/2013
The Mystery in Tornado Alley5.69Carolyn Keene5/14/2013
The Joker's Revenge (Nancy Drew)5.99Carolyn Keene7/30/2013
The Phantom of Venice (Nancy Drew)5.69Carolyn Keene7/2/2013
The Bluebeard Room (Nancy Drew)5.69Carolyn Keene7/2/2013
The Case of the Safecracker's Secret (Nancy Drew)5.99Carolyn Keene8/20/2013
The Ghost of Craven Cove (Nancy Drew)5.99Carolyn Keene8/20/2013
The Picture-Perfect Mystery (Nancy Drew)5.99Carolyn Keene8/20/2013
The Case of the Disappearing Deejay (Nancy Drew)5.99Carolyn Keene8/13/2013
The Girl Who Couldn't Remember (Nancy Drew)5.69Carolyn Keene8/13/2013
The Puzzle at Pineview School (Nancy Drew)5.99Carolyn Keene8/13/2013
The Case of the Rising Star (Nancy Drew)5.99Carolyn Keene8/6/2013
The Mystery of Misty Canyon (Nancy Drew)5.99Carolyn Keene8/6/2013
The Search for Cindy Austin (Nancy Drew)5.99Carolyn Keene8/6/2013
The Case of the Disappearing Diamond (Nancy Drew)5.99Carolyn Keene7/2/2013
Intrigue at the Grand Opera (Nancy Drew)5.69Carolyn Keene6/25/2013
In the Forest (PENGUIN YOUNG READERS, L1)3.99Alexa Andrews and Candice Keimig9/26/2013
At the Beach (PENGUIN YOUNG READERS, L1)3.99Alexa Andrews and Candice Keimig5/16/2013
Snowflakes Fall10.99Patricia Maclachlan and Steven Kellogg11/12/2013
Fantastic Frankie and the Evil Emporium8.99Anna Kemp7/4/2013
Pony Scouts: Blue Ribbon Day (I Can Read Book 2)3.99Catherine Hapka and Anne Kennedy7/23/2013
Judith Kerr's Creatures: A Celebration of the Life and Work of Judith Kerr19.99Judith Kerr6/6/2013
Breath (Riders of the Apocalypse)7.19Jackie Morse Kessler6/4/2013
Darkbeast 29.99Morgan Keyes8/27/2013
Vortex9.99S. J. Kincaid7/2/2013
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book 89.39Jeff Kinney11/5/2013
The Jungle Books (Penguin Classics)9.47Rudyard Kipling5/30/2013
Just So Stories (Vintage Children's Classics)2.84Rudyard Kipling6/6/2013
Captain Awesome vs. the Spooky, Scary House4.74George O'Connor and Stan Kirby8/6/2013
Golden9.99Jessi Kirby5/14/2013
Just Pete8.39Malinda Kirkpatrick-Bertels5/7/2013
Infinity Ring: Book 510.52Matthew J. Kir9/1/2013
The Lost Kingdom9.99Matthew J. Kir9/1/2013
The Chandeliers9.99Vincent X. Kirsch5/21/2013
The Wig in the Window9.78Kristen Kittscher6/18/2013
Art Girls Are Easy9.99Julie Klausner5/7/2013
Twinky the Dinky Dog (Step into Reading)3.99Kate Klimo5/28/2013
The Show Must Go On! (Three-Ring Rascals)9.99Kate Klise and M. Sarah Klise9/10/2013
Mortal Fire9.99Elizabeth Knox6/11/2013
Caterina and the Perfect Party10.99Erin Eitter Kono7/11/2013
The Hypnotists: Book 19.99Gordon Korman8/1/2013
Dive #1: The Discovery: The Discovery5.12Gordon Korman5/28/2013
Dive #2: The Deep5.12Gordon Korman5/28/2013
Kidnapped #2: The Search: The Search4.79Gordon Korman9/1/2013
Don't Care High3.82Gordon Korman8/1/2013
Losing Joe's Place9.99Gordon Korman8/1/2013
On the Run #3: Now You See Them, Now You Don't4.61Gordon Korman8/1/2013
The Loser List #4: Take Me to Your Loser7.99H.N. Kowitt10/1/2013
Tatort Oslo - Nichts bleibt verborgen: Band 2 (German Edition)9.41Knut Krüger5/28/2013
The Cloak Society: Villains Rising9.99Jeramey Kraatz10/1/2013
The Great Lollipop Caper9.84Dan Krall5/14/2013
The Problem with Being Slightly Heroic9.99Abigail Halpin and Uma Krishnaswami8/13/2013
Platypus Police Squad: The Frog Who Croaked8.00Jarrett J. Krosoczka5/7/2013
Good Night, Monkey Boy7.99Jarrett J. Krosoczka5/14/2013
Gravediggers: Terror Cove9.99Christopher Krovatin9/9/2013
Overpowered9.99Mark H. Kruger8/27/2013
Zonked [w.t.]9.99Evan Kuhlman8/27/2013
Falsche Nähe (German Edition)8.06Alexandra Kui5/28/2013
The Thing About Luck9.99Cynthia Kadohata and Julia Kuo6/4/2013
Anna Was Here10.97Jane Kurtz5/7/2013
The Year of Shadows9.99Claire Legrand and Karl Kwasny8/27/2013
The Sultan's Tigers9.99Josh Lacey11/5/2013
Listening for Lucca10.99Suzanne Lafleur8/6/2013
Five Summers10.99Una LaMarche5/16/2013
Hot Wheels: Shark Attack (Hot Wheels Reader)3.43Ace Landers9/1/2013
Whales: The Gentle Giants (Step into Reading)3.99Joyce Milton and Alton Langford5/29/2013
Das Mädchen mit dem Flammenherz: Roman (German Edition)9.24Kady Cross and Jürgen Langowski5/13/2013
Maria's Comet7.59Deborah Hopkinson and Deborah Lanino7/23/2013
Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Rock the Croc! (World of Reading)3.19Melinda LaRose5/7/2013
Duke10.36Kir Larson9/1/2013
Guardians of Ga?Hoole: The Rise of a Legend (Guardians Of Ga'hoole)9.99Kathryn Lasky8/1/2013
The Little Leftover Witch5.99Florence Laughlin8/27/2013
Howler6.39Michael Rosen and Neal Layton7/4/2013
Squirrels on Skis (Beginner Books(R))8.99J. Hamilton Ray and Pascal Lemaitre9/24/2013
Confessions of a So-Called Middle Child9.99Maria T. Lennon8/27/2013
Trick-or-Treat10.97Tad Carpenter and Debbie Leppanen8/6/2013
The Really Rotten Princess and the Cupcake Catastrophe3.99Lady Cecily Snodgrass and Mike Lester9/3/2013
Click, Clack, Boo!12.53Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin8/27/2013
Don't Wear Polka Dot Underwear with White Pants [And Other Lessons I've Learned]5.99Allison Gutknecht and Stevie Lewis11/12/2013
The Case of the Plagued Play5.69David Lewman5/14/2013
Sing9.99Joe Raposo and Tom Lichtenheld5/28/2013
Elvis and the Underdogs10.99Jenny Lee and Kelly Light5/14/2013
Ashes on the Waves10.99Mary Lindsey6/27/2013
The Vampire Diaries - Stefan's Diaries - Fluch der Finsternis: Band 6 (German Edition)9.24Lisa J. Smith and Michaela Link5/13/2013
The Trojan Horse: How the Greeks Won the War (Step into Reading)3.99Emily Little8/28/2013
Yoo-Hoo, Ladybug!9.84Mem Fox and Laura Ljungkvist5/7/2013
Dino-Baby9.59Mark Sperring and Sam Lloyd5/9/2013
Lena's Sleep Sheep9.99Anita Lobel8/6/2013
Dog Tags #2: Strays5.15C. Alexander London9/1/2013
After Daybreak: A Darkness Before Dawn Novel8.99J. A. London6/25/2013
The Call of the Wild and White Fang (Vintage Children's Classics)9.34Jack London6/6/2013
My Little Pony: Welcome to the Crystal Empire!3.99Olivia London9/10/2013
Max and Milo: Max and the Valentine [w.t]9.68Ethan Long and Heather Long12/17/2013
Clara and Clem in Outer Space (PENGUIN YOUNG READERS, L1)3.99Ethan Long9/26/2013
An Otis Christmas10.99Loren Long10/22/2013
Tarnish-1Katherine Longshore6/20/2013
Stick Dog Wants a Hot Dog8.99Tom Watson and Ethan Long10/8/2013
Ask My Mood Ring How I Feel8.89Diana Lopez6/11/2013
I Am Number Four: The Lost Files #63.79Pittacus Lore6/25/2013
Looniverse #2: Meltdown Madness (A Branches Book)3.82David Lubar and Matt Loveridge7/1/2013
Looniverse #3: Dinosaur Disaster (A Branches Book)3.99David Lubar and Matt Loveridge11/1/2013
The Gingerbread Man Loose on the Fire Truck10.99Laura Murray and Mike Lowery6/27/2013
The Vanishing Vampire: A Monsterrific Tale9.99David Lubar5/14/2013
The Unwilling Witch: A Monsterrific Tale9.99David Lubar9/17/2013
Hechizos de amor (Spanish Edition)7.19Marcelo Birmajer and Mariano Lucano5/7/2013
Piedras volando sobre el agua (Spanish Edition)7.19Marcelo Birmajer and Mariano Lucano5/7/2013
The Theory of Everything10.99Kari Luna7/11/2013
In the After9.99Demitria Lunetta6/25/2013
Unsterblich - Tor der Dämmerung: Band 1 - Roman (German Edition)15.96Julie Kagawa and Charlotte Lungstrass6/10/2013
QB 110.99Mike Lupica9/17/2013
Catch Rider9.99Jennifer H. Lyne6/4/2013
Scholastic Reader Level 1: The Saturday Triplets #1: Lost in the Leaf Pile3.19Katharine Kenah and Tammie Lyon9/1/2013
Scholastic Reader Level 1: The Saturday Triplets #2: The Pumpkin Fair Problem3.19Katharine Kenah and Tammie Lyon9/1/2013
Scholastic Reader Level 1: The Saturday Triplets #3: Teacher Trouble!3.19Katharine Kenah and Tammie Lyon9/1/2013
Fire & Ash11.89Jonathan Maberry8/27/2013
Panic in Pittsburgh (Screech Owls)7.99Roy Macgregor10/8/2013
SYLO10.99D.J. MacHale7/2/2013
Clueless McGee and The Inflatable Pants: Book 210.99Jeff Mack6/13/2013
Caleb's Story (Sarah, Plain and Tall Saga)5.12Patricia MacLachlan6/25/2013
Cassie Binegar5.12Patricia MacLachlan6/25/2013
Grandfather's Dance (Sarah, Plain and Tall)5.12Patricia MacLachlan6/25/2013
More Perfect than the Moon (Sarah, Plain and Tall Saga)5.12Patricia MacLachlan6/25/2013
Sarah, Plain and Tall5.12Patricia MacLachlan6/25/2013
Skylark5.12Patricia MacLachlan6/25/2013
The Truth of Me8.99Patricia MacLachlan6/25/2013
Goofballs #5: The Scary Story of the Ha-Ha-Haunted House3.99Tony Abbott and Colleen Madden8/27/2013
September Girls9.99Bennett Madison5/21/2013
Madeline and the Old House in Paris10.99JohnBemelmans Marciano10/8/2013
The Voyage of Lucy P. Simmons: Lucy at Sea9.99Barbara Mariconda10/1/2013
Loki's Wolves (The Blackwell Pages)8.89K. L. Armstrong and M. A. Marr5/7/2013
The Baby-Sitters Club #23: Dawn on the Coast5.15Ann M. Martin5/28/2013
The Baby-Sitters Club #36: Jessi's Baby-Sitter4.79Ann M. Martin11/1/2013
The Baby-Sitters Club #37: Dawn and the Older Boy4.79Ann M. Martin11/1/2013
The Baby-Sitters Club #38: Kristy's Mystery Admirer: Collector's Edition4.79Ann M. Martin11/1/2013
The Baby-Sitters Club Super Special #11: The Baby-Sitters Remember4.79Ann M. Martin11/1/2013
On Christmas Eve (Apple Signature Edition)4.79Ann M. Martin11/1/2013
The Baby-Sitters Club #33: Claudia and the Great Search4.79Ann M. Martin10/1/2013
The Baby-Sitters Club #34: Mary Anne and Too Many Boys (The Baby-Sitters Club: Collector's Edition)4.79Ann M. Martin10/1/2013
The Baby-Sitters Club Super Special #10: Sea City, Here We Come4.79Ann M. Martin10/1/2013
The Baby-Sitters Club Super Special #9: Starring the Baby-Sitters Club!4.79Ann M. Martin10/1/2013
The Baby-Sitters Club #30: Mary Anne and the Great Romance: Collector's Edition4.79Ann M. Martin9/1/2013
The Baby-Sitters Club #31: Dawn's Wicked Stepsister4.79Ann M. Martin9/1/2013
The Baby-Sitters Club #32: Kristy and the Secret of Susan4.79Ann M. Martin9/1/2013
The Baby-Sitters Club Super Special #7: Snowbound4.79Ann M. Martin9/1/2013
The Baby-Sitters Club Super Special #8: Baby-Sitters at Shadow Lake4.79Ann M. Martin9/1/2013
The Baby-Sitters Club #27: Jessi and the Superbrat: Collector's Edition4.61Ann M. Martin8/1/2013
The Baby-Sitters Club #28: Welcome Back, Stacey!4.61Ann M. Martin8/1/2013
The Baby-Sitters Club Super Special #6: New York, New York!4.61Ann M. Martin8/1/2013
The Baby-Sitters Club #24: Kristy and the Mother's Day Surprise (The Baby-Sitters Club: Collector's Edition)4.61Ann M. Martin7/1/2013
The Baby-Sitters Club #25: Mary Anne and the Search for Tigger4.61Ann M. Martin7/1/2013
The Baby-Sitters Club #26: Claudia and the Sad Good-bye: Collector's Edition4.61Ann M. Martin7/1/2013
The Baby-Sitters Club Super Special #3: Baby-Sitters' Winter Vacation4.61Ann M. Martin7/1/2013
The Baby-Sitters Club Super Special #4: Baby-Sitters' Island Adventure4.61Ann M. Martin7/1/2013
The Baby-Sitters Club Super Special #12: Here Come the Bridesmaids!4.79Ann M. Martin11/1/2013
Anton and Cecil: Cats at Sea9.99Lisa Martin and Valerie Martin10/8/2013
The End Games9.99T. Michael Martin5/7/2013
A Dog and His Girl Mysteries #3: Cry Woof5.15Sarah Hines-Stephens and Jane B. Mason10/1/2013
A Dog and His Girl Mysteries #2: Dead Man's Best Friend4.79Sarah Hines-Stephens and Jane B. Mason6/1/2013
Pi in the Sky8.89Wendy Mass6/11/2013
The Last Present10.36Wendy Mass10/1/2013
Pi in the Sky - FREE PREVIEW EDITION (The First 7 Chapters)0.00Wendy Mass5/7/2013
Justice League Classic: I Am Aquaman: I Can Read Level 24.99Kirsten Mayer5/7/2013
Despicable Me 2: Undercover Super Spies3.99Kirsten Mayer5/14/2013
Scholastic Reader Level 2: Twin Magic #2: School Bully, Beware!3.03Kate Ledger and Kyla May8/1/2013
Scholastic Reader Level 2: Twin Magic #1: Lost Tooth Rescue!3.19Kate Ledger and Kyla May6/25/2013
Lotus Lane #2: Coco: My Delicious Life (A Branches Book)3.82Kyla May7/1/2013
Lotus Lane #3: Lulu: My Glamorous Life (A Branches Book)3.99Kyla May9/1/2013
Lotus Lane #4: Mika: My New Life (A Branches Book)3.99Kyla May11/1/2013
Friday the Scaredy Cat: The Scariest Day Ever . . . So Far3.99Kara McMahon and Maddy McClellan8/6/2013
You Me and Thing 5: The Great Expanding Guinea Pig4.66Karen McCombie7/2/2013
Who Needs Magic?10.99Kathy Mccullough7/9/2013
OLIVIA and the Sea Lions5.99Patrick Spaziante and Farrah McDoogle5/21/2013
Even Monsters Need Haircuts4.95Matthew McElligott12/3/2013
Maid of Secrets9.99Jennifer McGowan5/7/2013
The Moorchild5.98Eloise McGraw7/2/2013
The Real Boy9.99Anne Ursu and Erin McGuire10/8/2013
The Mystery of Meerkat Hill: A Precious Ramotswe Mystery for Young Readers6.99Alexander Mccall Smith and Iain Mcintosh10/22/2013
Binny #1 [w.t.]9.99Hilary McKay7/23/2013
Split Second13.99Sophie McKenzie9/12/2013
Below8.56Meg McKinlay5/14/2013
Ready, Freddy! #27: The Reading Race4.79Ab Klein and John Mckinley9/1/2013
Catch That Rat9.99Caryl Hart and Tom McLaughlin7/4/2013
Jewel Thieves #2: Diamonds Are a Thief's Best Friend5.15Hope McLean8/1/2013
Jewel Thieves #1: Catch Us If You Can4.61Hope McLean6/1/2013
Jewel Society #3: Keep Friends Close, Emeralds Closer5.15Hope McLean10/1/2013
Warriors: Dawn of the Clans #2: Thunder Rising9.60Erin Hunter and Wayne McLoughlin11/5/2013
Warriors: The Ultimate Guide11.30Erin Hunter and Wayne McLoughlin11/5/2013
The Very Crowded Sukkah3.99Leslie Kimmelman and Bob McMahon9/10/2013
Island of Fire11.76Lisa McMann9/3/2013
My America: A Fine Start: Meg's Prairie Diary, Book Three: 33.99Kate McMullan7/1/2013
My America: As Far As I Can See: Meg's Prairie Diary, Book One, Kansas3.99Kate McMullan7/1/2013
My America: For This Land: Meg's Prairie Diary, Book Two: 23.99Kate McMullan7/1/2013
3:599.99Gretchen McNeil9/17/2013
Criminal9.99Terra Elan McVoy5/7/2013
The Fashion Fairies #1: Miranda the Beauty Fairy: A Rainbow Magic Book3.82Daisy Meadows7/1/2013
The Fashion Fairies #2: Claudia the Accessories Fairy: A Rainbow Magic Book3.82Daisy Meadows7/1/2013
The Fashion Fairies #3: Tyra the Designer Fairy: A Rainbow Magic Book3.82Daisy Meadows7/1/2013
The Fashion Fairies #4: Alexa the Fashion Editor Fairy: A Rainbow Magic Book3.82Daisy Meadows7/1/2013
The Fashion Fairies #6: Brooke the Photographer Fairy: A Rainbow Magic Book3.82Daisy Meadows7/1/2013
The Fashion Fairies #7: Lola the Fashion Show Fairy: A Rainbow Magic Book3.82Daisy Meadows7/1/2013
The Fashion Fairies #5: Jennifer the Hairstylist Fairy: A Rainbow Magic Book3.82Daisy Meadows7/1/2013
Rainbow Magic Special Edition: Autumn the Falling Leaves Fairy5.59Daisy Meadows9/1/2013
In My Imagination...6.39Amye Megee5/7/2013
Jack Strong Takes a Stand9.99Tommy Greenwald and Mendes Melissa9/24/2013
Baby Wants Mama3.99Nancy Loewen and Deborah Melmon5/7/2013
Piece of My Heart9.99Lynn Maddalena Menna5/18/2013
World of Norm 4: May Require Batteries (The World of Norm)6.66Jonathan Meres6/6/2013
The World of Norm: 56.66Jonathan Meres11/7/2013
The Fall7.19Claire Merle6/6/2013
Absolutely Lucy #6: Thanks to Lucy (A Stepping Stone Book(TM))4.99Ilene Cooper and David Merrell8/6/2013
Exile11.62Shannon Messenger10/1/2013
A Trick of the Light9.99Lois Metzger6/18/2013
Anastasia: The Last Grand Duchess, Russia, 19145.59Carolyn Meyer11/1/2013
The Barftastic Life of Louie Burger8.89Jenny Meyerhoff6/11/2013
The Perfect Christmas Pageant (Everyday Zoo)9.99Joyce Meyer9/24/2013
Ballpark Mysteries #7: The San Francisco Splash (A Stepping Stone Book(TM))4.99David A. Kelly and Mark Meyers5/28/2013
The Puppy Place #29: Mocha4.29Ellen Miles9/1/2013
The Puppy Place #31: Molly3.99Ellen Miles11/1/2013
Santa Duck6.99David Milgrim10/17/2013
Kiara Rules10.99Lyn Miller-Lachmann5/16/2013
Parallel9.99Lauren Miller5/14/2013
Zero Tolerance9.99Claudia Mills6/25/2013
Angel Wings: Secrets and Sapphires7.99Michelle Misra8/1/2013
The Elementals9.99Saundra Mitchell6/4/2013
Defy the Dark9.99Saundra Mitchell6/18/2013
The Elementals9.99Saundra Mitchell6/4/2013
The Ether: Vero Rising (Ether Novel, An)9.99Laurice Elehwany Molinari8/20/2013
Hills End: Text Classics9.99Ivan Southall and James Moloney5/22/2013
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 312.99Judi Barrett and Isidre Mones8/27/2013
Love is a Number7.99Lee Monroe7/4/2013
The Contagious Colors of Mumpley Middle School9.99Fowler DeWitt and Rodolfo Montalvo9/3/2013
Anne of Green Gables (Vintage Children's Classics)7.99L M Montgomery6/6/2013
Emily Climbs: A Virago Modern Classic (Emily Trilogy)7.99L.M. Montgomery12/5/2013
Emily of New Moon: A Virago Modern Classic (Emily Trilogy)7.99L.M. Montgomery12/5/2013
Emily's Quest: A Virago Modern Classic (Emily Trilogy)7.99L.M. Montgomery12/5/2013
Gum Girl!, Book 1: Chews Your Destiny9.99Rhode Montijo7/9/2013
Joone10.99Emily Kate Moon6/13/2013
Sabotage Season9.99Alex Morgan9/3/2013
Grandma's Big Blue Apron6.39Chris Morgan5/7/2013
Magic Pickle and the Garden of Evil4.79Scott Morse6/1/2013
CHERUB: Black Friday9.98Robert Muchamore9/5/2013
Spirit Animals Book 1: Wild Born10.19Brandon Mull9/10/2013
The Boy with Two Heads9.99Andy Mulligan6/6/2013
Happy Birdday, Tacky! (Tacky the Penguin)9.99Helen Lester and Lynn Munsinger5/14/2013
Magic Tree House #50: Hurry Up, Houdini! (A Stepping Stone Book(TM))9.99Mary Pope Osborne and Sal Murdocca7/23/2013
Magic Tree House 20th Anniversary Edition: The Knight at Dawn (A Stepping Stone Book(TM))9.99Mary Pope Osborne and Sal Murdocca9/24/2013
A Is for Musk Ox9.99Erin Cabatingan and Matthew Myers12/31/2013
Cruisers Book 4: Oh, Snap!9.99Walter Dean Myers8/1/2013
Invasion10.43Walter Dean Myers10/1/2013
The Jack Blank Collection (Jack Blank Adventure, a)25.99Matt Myklusch8/6/2013
Untitled TY Book 110.99Lauren Myracle5/16/2013
Always Alice9.99Phyllis Reynolds Naylor8/27/2013
A Stranger Thing9.99Martin Leicht and Isla Neal11/12/2013
Missy's Super Duper Royal Deluxe #3: School Play (A Branches Book)3.99Susan Nees10/1/2013
Missy's Super Duper Royal Deluxe #2: Class Pets: A Branches Book3.82Susan Nees5/28/2013
A Box of Gargoyles9.78Anne Nesbet5/14/2013
The Magical Fruit10.97Jo Nesbo,Mike Lowery and Tara Chace11/5/2013
Linus the Vegetarian T. rex10.97Robert Neubecker7/9/2013
The Girl Who Heard Colors10.99Marie Harris and Vanessa Brantley Newton9/26/2013
Home Is Where the Haunt Is5.69P.J. Night8/6/2013
Los guerreros de la hierba (Spanish Edition)7.19Esteban Valentino and Eugenia Nobati5/7/2013
Starglass9.99Phoebe North7/23/2013
I Am Phoenix: Poems for Two Voices5.12Paul Fleischman and Ken Nutt5/21/2013
Lara's Gift10.99Annemarie O'Brien8/6/2013
Captain Raptor and the Space Pirates3.99Kevin O'Malley and Patrick O'Brien12/3/2013
Captain Raptor and the Moon Mystery3.99Kevin O'Malley and Patrick O'Brien12/3/2013
Untitled Sarah Ockler9.99Sarah Ockler5/21/2013
Captain Awesome Gets Crushed4.99Stan Kir and George O'Connor12/17/2013
The Captain Awesome Collection19.99Stan Kir and George O'Connor10/15/2013
Parents9.99Peter Bently and Sara Ogilvie9/12/2013
Olympus at War (Pegasus)8.89Kate O'Hearn5/7/2013
Thorn Abbey9.99Nancy Ohlin5/7/2013
Thorn Abbey-1Nancy Ohlin5/9/2013
No Fits, Nilson!10.99Zachariah OHora6/13/2013
El anotador (Spanish Edition)5.59Juan Sabia and O'Kif-MG5/7/2013
Muddy Paws 2: Making Friends with Breezy6.66Jenny Oldfield6/6/2013
Magic Tricks from the Tree Hou (A Stepping Stone Book(TM))4.99Mary Pope Osborne,Natalie Pope Boyce and Sal Murdocca7/23/2013
OLIVIA Goes to the Library3.99Lauren Forte and Jared Osterhold11/12/2013
Olivia Plays Soccer3.99Tina Gallo and Jared Osterhold5/7/2013
My Weird School Special: It's Halloween, I'm Turning Green3.79Dan Gutman and Jim Paillot7/23/2013
My Weirder School #9: Ms. Sue Has No Clue!3.99Dan Gutman and Jim Paillot10/22/2013
My Weird School Special: Deck the Halls, We're Off the Walls!3.99Dan Gutman and Jim Paillot9/24/2013
Doomed12.99Chuck Palahniuk10/8/2013
The Big Something (Fiercely and Friends)3.19Patricia Reilly Giff and Diane Palmisciano9/1/2013
Fiercely and Friends: The Sneaky Snow Fox3.19Patricia Reilly Giff and Diane Palmisciano11/1/2013
Cooking Camp Disaster4.74Carolyn Keene and Macky Pamintuan7/9/2013
The Secret of the Scarecrow4.99Carolyn Keene and Macky Pamintuan11/12/2013
Flat Stanley Goes Camping (I Can Read Book 2)4.99Jeff Brown and Macky Pamintuan5/28/2013
Confectionately Yours #4: Something New4.61Lisa Papademetriou8/1/2013
On My Way to the Bath3.99Sarah Maizes and Michael Paraskevas12/3/2013
The Girl Who Wouldn't Brush Her Hair10.99Kate Bernheimer and Jake Parker9/10/2013
Written in Stone10.99Rosanne Parry6/25/2013
The Originals9.99Cat Patrick5/7/2013
Treasure Hunters9.99James Patterson,Chris Grabenstein,Juliana Neufeld and Mark Shulman9/16/2013
Middle School: Summer of the Booger-Eater9.99James Patterson,Chris Tebbetts and Laura Park6/24/2013
Belladonna10.99Fiona Paul7/16/2013
Sir Scallywag and the Golden Underpants7.09Giles Andreae and Korky Paul8/8/2013
The Secret Valley (Trophy Chapter Book)3.99Clyde Robert Bulla and Grace Paull6/25/2013
Vote9.99Gary Paulsen5/14/2013
Mousetronaut Goes to Mars10.97Mark Kelly and C. F. Payne10/1/2013
Seedfolks6.61Paul Fleischman and Judy Pedersen5/21/2013
Big Nate: Genius Mode9.99Lincoln Peirce5/7/2013
This Side of Jealousy: An Innocents Novel10.99Lili Peloquin6/18/2013
Isla and the Happily Ever After10.99Stephanie Perkins5/7/2013
Aces Wild10.99Erica S. Perl6/11/2013
Across a Star-Swept Sea9.99Diana Peterfreund10/15/2013
Pennington's Seventeenth Summer: Book 19.34K M Peyton5/31/2013
Fábulas salvajes (Spanish Edition)7.19Marcelo Birmajer and Pez5/7/2013
Mitos y recuerdos (Spanish Edition)7.19Marcelo Birmajer and Pez5/7/2013
Bo at Ballard Creek8.89Kirkpatrick Hill and LeUyen Pham6/18/2013
Quarantine (Alone)7.19James Phelan9/24/2013
Rules of Summer9.99Joanna Philbin6/4/2013
The Fire Pony4.61Rodman Philbrick6/1/2013
My Teacher Flunked the Planet5.12Bruce Coville and John Pierard6/11/2013
My Teacher Fried My Brains (My Teachers Books)5.12Bruce Coville and John Pierard6/11/2013
My Teacher Glows in the Dark (My Teacher Books)4.27Bruce Coville and John Pierard6/11/2013
Earthbound10.99Aprilynne Pike7/30/2013
Chain Letter9.99Christopher Pike7/23/2013
Captain Underpants and the Revolting Revenge of the Radioactive Robo-Boxers7.24Dav Pilkey5/28/2013
Captain Underpants and the Terrifying Return of Tippy Tinkletrousers7.39Dav Pilkey5/28/2013
Captain Underpants and the Big, Bad Battle of the Bionic Booger Boy Part 2: The Revenge of the Ridiculous Robo-Boogers...4.79Dav Pilkey5/28/2013
Captain Underpants and the Preposterous Plight of the Purple Potty People4.61Dav Pilkey5/28/2013
The 14 Fibs of Gregory K.9.99Greg Pincus10/1/2013
Notes from a Hairy-Not-Scary Werewolf9.87Tim Collins and Andrew Pinder8/6/2013
Nickel Bay Nick10.99Dean Pitchford10/17/2013
Let's Make Faces10.97Hanoch Piven8/6/2013
If I Should Die9.99Amy Plum5/7/2013
The Blessing Cup12.14Patricia Polacco8/27/2013
The Keeping Quilt6.83Patricia Polacco8/27/2013
Gifts of the Heart10.99Patricia Polacco10/3/2013
Some Birthday!6.83Patricia Polacco8/27/2013
The Trees of the Dancing Goats (Aladdin Picture Books)6.83Patricia Polacco8/27/2013
Untitled Ponti #29.99James Ponti10/1/2013
The Twice Lost (The Lost Voices Trilogy)9.99Sarah Porter7/2/2013
Rags & Bones9.99Melissa Marr and Tim Pratt10/22/2013
Windy Webley (Corgi pups)5.33K M Peyton and Nick Price5/31/2013
Year of the Jungle10.41Suzanne Collins and James Proimos9/1/2013
DK Readers: Colorful Days2.99DK Publishing6/3/2013
Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock9.99Matthew Quick8/13/2013
Another Little Piece9.99Kate Karyus Quinn6/11/2013
Timeless - Schatten der Vergangenheit: Roman (German Edition)9.99Alexandra Monir and Cornelia Röser6/17/2013
Trouble9.34Bali Rai6/6/2013
Fairy Friends - Read it yourself with Ladybird: Level 13.96Ronne Randall7/4/2013
Rex the Big Dinosaur - Read it yourself with Ladybird: Level 13.96Ronne Randall7/4/2013
The Red Knight - Read it yourself with Ladybird: Level 35.22Ronne Randall7/4/2013
Herbert's Wormhole: AeroStar and the 3 1/2-Point Plan of Vengeance8.99Peter Nelson and Rohitash Rao5/14/2013
Seriously, Norman!9.99Chris Raschka6/1/2013
Daisy Gets Lost10.99Chris Raschka10/8/2013
The Creature from the Seventh Grade: Sink or Swim (CREATURE FROM THE 7th GRADE)10.99Bob Balaban and Andy Rash8/6/2013
A Murder for Macaroni and Cheese10.99Ellen Raskin8/15/2013
Despicable Me 2: The Junior Novel6.64Little Brown Books for Young Readers5/14/2013
Over You9.99Amy Reed6/4/2013
Odessa Again10.99Dana Reinhardt5/14/2013
Vergiss den Sommer nicht (German Edition)8.39Morgan Matson and Franka Reinhart5/13/2013
Tallulah Casey #39.99Louise Rennison6/25/2013
A Valiant Quest for the Misfit Menagerie10.99Jacqueline Resnick9/26/2013
The Brixton Brothers' Mysterious Case of Cases: The Case of the Case of Mistaken Identity; The Ghostwriter Secret...27.99Mac Barnett and Adam Rex10/1/2013
Sugar9.99Jewell Parker Rhodes5/7/2013
Phoenix: A Black City Novel10.99Elizabeth Richards6/4/2013
The Peanut10.33Simon Rickerty10/1/2013
Artemis Fowl: Eternity Code Graphic Novel, The8.99Eoin Colfer and Giovanni Rigano7/9/2013
Marion Takes a Break4.74Callie Barkley and Marsha Riti7/9/2013
Liz Learns a Lesson4.74Callie Barkley and Marsha Riti5/7/2013
Ellie's Lovely Idea4.99Callie Barkley and Marsha Riti12/17/2013
Amy Meets Her Stepsister4.99Callie Barkley and Marsha Riti9/3/2013
Saranormal Book #95.99Phoebe Rivers8/6/2013
Kindred Spirits5.69Phoebe Rivers6/4/2013
Saranormal Book #115.99Phoebe Rivers12/3/2013
A Perfect Storm5.99Phoebe Rivers10/15/2013
The Bomber Dog6.26Megan Rix8/1/2013
Monstrous Stories #3: Frogosaurus Vs. The Bog Monster3.82Dr. Roach7/1/2013
Monstrous Stories #4: The Day the Mice Stood Still3.99Dr. Roach11/1/2013
Lady of Sherwood (Rumor Central)7.39Jennifer Roberson6/25/2013
Nowhere (Book 1)7.20Jon Robinson7/4/2013
Goodnight Princess4.20Michelle Robinson7/4/2013
Big Wheels5.59Anne Rockwell12/3/2013
The Third Door (Golden Door)10.36Emily Rodda10/1/2013
Snap10.99Ellie Rollins10/31/2013
Despicable Me 2: Meet the Minions (Passport to Reading Level 2)3.79Lucy Rosen5/14/2013
Bobo Gets Lost [w.t.]10.33Eileen Rosenthal and Marc Rosenthal9/24/2013
Picture Me Gone10.99Meg Rosoff10/3/2013
Iva Honeysuckle Meets Her Match9.68Candice Ransom and Heather Ross6/11/2013
Dress-Up Mess-Up10.89Kelly DiPucchio and Heather Ross8/20/2013
Baby10.99Jess Rothenberg5/16/2013
The Case of the Missing Donut10.99Alison Mcghee and Isabel Roxas7/25/2013
Lone Ranger, The4.79Elizabeth Rudnick5/21/2013
Dork Diaries 68.89Rachel Renee Russell6/4/2013
Dork Diaries Journal [w.t.]9.87Rachel Renee Russell10/1/2013
Dork Diaries Three-Book Collection: Dork Diaries 4; Dork Diaries 5; Dork Diaries 629.83Rachel Renee Russell10/1/2013
Missing May4.34Cynthia Rylant7/1/2013
The Caged Graves9.47Dianne K. Salerni5/14/2013
This Song Will Save Your Life9.99Leila Sales9/17/2013
Secret Pizza Party10.99Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri9/10/2013
Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat, Are You Going To School?3.99Bill Martin and Michael Sampson8/6/2013
Wrestling with Tom Sawyer (Enchanted Attic, The)6.99L. L. Samson7/30/2013
Danger on a Silent Night: 12 (AIO Imagination Station Books)3.99Marianne Hering and Nancy I. Sanders10/1/2013
Steelheart9.99Brandon Sanderson9/24/2013
The Lonely Lake Monster (The Imaginary Veterinary)9.99Suzanne Selfors and Dan Santat9/17/2013
Project Polish #15.99Jill Santopolo9/10/2013
Transformers Prime: Optimus Prime and the Secret Mission3.99Ray Santos5/7/2013
Justice League Classic: I Am Green Lantern: I Can Read Level 2 (I Can Read Book 2)4.99Ray Santos,Steven E. Gordon and Eric A. Gordon8/27/2013
The Moon and More8.36Dessen Sarah6/4/2013
Case File 13 #2: Making the Team8.99J. Scott Savage9/24/2013
Ten Orange Pumpkins: A Counting Book10.99Stephen Savage8/29/2013
Batman Classic: Battle in Metropolis3.99John Sazaklis,Andy Smith and Brad Vancata7/30/2013
Superman Classic: Day of Doom: I Can Read Level 2 (I Can Read Book 2)4.99John Sazaklis,Andy Smith and Brad Vancata9/24/2013
Justice League Classic: Day of the Undead3.99John Sazaklis,Joe F. Merkel and Andie Tong5/7/2013
The Winter of the Robots10.99Kurtis Scaletta10/8/2013
TimeRiders: The Mayan Prophecy (Book 8)6.95Alex Scarrow8/1/2013
Bits and Pieces10.99Judy Schachner11/19/2013
Riff Raff: Can't You See? We're Lost at Sea!4.99Susan Schade6/25/2013
The Junction of Sunshine and Lucky10.99Holly Schindler5/16/2013
Böser Traum (German Edition)8.06Birgit Schlieper5/28/2013
Dog-Gone School10.99Amy Schmidt and Ron Schmidt7/9/2013
Ein Dackel in der Schultüte (German Edition)6.71Sissi Flegel and Katja Schmiedeskamp5/13/2013
Severed Heads, Broken Hearts9.99Robyn Schneider6/4/2013
The Apprentices10.99Maile Meloy and Ian Schoenherr6/4/2013
The Twistrose Key10.99Tone Almhjell and Ian Schoenherr10/15/2013
Zenn Scarlett5.59Christian Schoon5/7/2013
Wer braucht schon Liebe? (German Edition)8.39Denise Deegan and Silvia Schröer5/13/2013
Daisy (The Year I Turned Sixteen)7.99Diane Schwemm7/16/2013
Lily (YEAR I TURNED 16)7.99Diane Schwemm7/16/2013
Rose (YEAR I TURNED 16)7.99Diane Schwemm7/16/2013
Laurel (Year I Turned Sixteen)7.99Diane Schwemm7/16/2013
Battle Bunny9.68Jon Scieszka,Mac Barnett and Matthew Myers9/10/2013
Guys Read: Other Worlds9.99Jon Scieszka,Tom Angleberger,Eric S. Nylund and D. J. MacHale9/17/2013
Silent Harmony (Into the Ring)6.39Michele Scott5/28/2013
Splat and the Cool School Trip10.42Rob Scotton6/25/2013
Splat the Cat: A Whale of a Tale (I Can Read Book 1)4.99Rob Scotton5/21/2013
Splat the Cat: Blow, Snow, Blow (I Can Read Book 1)4.99Rob Scotton10/1/2013
The Monster Book of Creature Features: Wiley & Grampa's First Three Adventures8.00Kirk Scroggs5/7/2013
Mysterium 01: the Black Dragon7.99Julian Sedgwick7/4/2013
A Bucket of Blessings12.99Kabir Sehgal,Sue Sehgal and Jing Jing Tsong11/26/2013
The Little Prince Graphic Novel8.99Antoine de Saint-Exupery and Joann Sfar9/1/2013
The Little Prince Graphic Novel9.87Antoine de Saint-Exupery and Joann Sfar9/1/2013
Zom-B Angels9.69Darren Shan7/9/2013
Double Daisy (Daisy Books)7.99Kes Gray and Nick Sharratt5/31/2013
Never Shake a Rattlesnake4.39Michaela Morgan and Nick Sharratt5/9/2013
Jacob's Eye Patch9.99Beth Kobliner Shaw,Jacob Shaw and Jules Feiffer10/8/2013
The Great Dog Disaster8.89Katie Davies and Hannah Shaw5/7/2013
Snack Attack! (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Movie)5.99Natalie Shaw8/27/2013
Wedgieman and the Big Bunny Trouble (Step into Reading)3.99Charise Mericle Harper and Bob Shea8/6/2013
Pretty Little Liars #149.99Sara Shepard12/3/2013
The Lying Game #69.99Sara Shepard7/30/2013
Pretty Little Liars #139.99Sara Shepard6/4/2013
True Lies: A Lying Game Novella3.99Sara Shepard6/4/2013
LYING GAME - Mein Herz ist rein: Band 3 (German Edition)9.24Sara Shepard5/13/2013
You Are My Little Cupcake5.98Amy E. Sklansky and Talitha Shipman5/7/2013
Dragon Keepers #6: The Dragon at the North Pole10.99Kate Klimo and John Shroades9/24/2013
Scorpion Shards9.99Neal Shusterman5/7/2013
Shattered Sky9.99Neal Shusterman5/7/2013
Thief of Souls9.99Neal Shusterman5/7/2013
UnSouled11.62Neal Shusterman10/15/2013
Der kleine Drache Kokosnuss - Schulausflug ins Abenteuer: Band 19 (German Edition)8.39Ingo Siegner5/20/2013
Rush: Book One of The Game9.99Eve Silver5/14/2013
You Know What I Love?10.99Lorena Siminovich12/26/2013
Emma Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice5.99Coco Simon8/20/2013
Mia a Matter of Taste5.99Coco Simon6/25/2013
The Cupcake Diaries: Katie and the Cupcake War-1Coco Simon5/9/2013
The Cupcake Diaries: Mia's Boiling Point-1Coco Simon5/9/2013
Lulu Goes to Witch School (reillustrated edition): I Can Read Level 2 (I Can Read Book 2)4.99Jane O'Connor and Bella Sinclair6/25/2013
Amor dragón (Spanish Edition)6.39Patricia Suárez and Irene Singer5/7/2013
Princess Posey and the New First Grader10.99Stephanie Greene and Stephanie Sisson6/27/2013
Wonkenstein (The Creature from My Closet)8.81Obert Skye5/21/2013
After the River the Sun9.99Dia Calhoun and Kate Slater7/9/2013
Counting by Sevens10.99Holly Goldberg Sloan9/12/2013
Gee Whiz: Book Five of the Horses of Oak Valley Ranch10.99Jane Smiley10/8/2013
Wild Awake9.99Hilary T. Smith5/28/2013
My Blue Bunny, Bubbit9.99Maggie Smith11/5/2013
Catfish Kate and the Sweet Swamp Band11.76Sarah Weeks and Elwood H. Smith6/11/2013
Battle for Arcanum (Magic Zero)6.99Christopher Golden and Thomas E. Sniegoski8/27/2013
The Fallen 59.99Thomas E. Sniegoski8/13/2013
Worse Things Happen at Sea! (The Ratbridge Chronicles)9.99Alan Snow7/9/2013
The Treasures of Weatherby5.12Zilpha Keatley Snyder6/18/2013
Famous Stanley Kidnapping Case8.01Zilpha Keatley Snyder8/20/2013
Brush of the Gods10.99Lenore Look and Meilo So6/25/2013
The Pool Party3.99Gary Soto5/29/2013
Ladybird Tales: Chicken Licken5.15Vera Southgate6/6/2013
Ladybird Tales: The Princess and the Pea5.07Vera Southgate6/6/2013
Ladybird Tales: Cinderella5.18Vera Southgate6/6/2013
Ladybird Tales: Goldilocks and the Three Bears5.18Vera Southgate6/6/2013
Ladybird Tales: Hansel and Gretel5.18Vera Southgate6/6/2013
Ladybird Tales: Jack and the Beanstalk5.18Vera Southgate6/6/2013
Ladybird Tales: Little Red Riding Hood5.18Vera Southgate6/6/2013
Ladybird Tales: Rapunzel5.18Vera Southgate6/6/2013
Ladybird Tales: Rumpelstiltskin5.07Vera Southgate6/6/2013
Ladybird Tales: Sleeping Beauty5.15Vera Southgate6/6/2013
Ladybird Tales: The Elves and the Shoemaker5.07Vera Southgate6/6/2013
Ladybird Tales: The Enormous Turnip5.06Vera Southgate6/6/2013
Ladybird Tales: The Gingerbread Man5.07Vera Southgate6/6/2013
Ladybird Tales: The Magic Porridge Pot5.15Vera Southgate6/6/2013
Ladybird Tales: The Three Billy Goats Gruff5.07Vera Southgate6/6/2013
Ladybird Tales: The Three Little Pigs5.07Vera Southgate6/6/2013
Ladybird Tales: Puss in Boots5.18Vera Southgate6/6/2013
OLIVIA the Ballerina10.97Farrah McDoogle and Patrick Spaziante9/3/2013
Star Cursed: The Cahill Witch Chronicles, Book Two10.99Jessica Spotswood6/18/2013
Killer Species #1: Menace From the Deep4.61Michael P. Spradlin7/1/2013
Killer Species #2: Feeding Frenzy4.79Michael P. Spradlin11/1/2013
Octopus Alone10.99Divya Srinivasan5/16/2013
The Donut Chef6.99Bob Staake9/24/2013
Afterparty9.99Ann Redisch Stampler5/7/2013
The Princess of Cortova9.99Diane Stanley10/1/2013
The Uprising9.99Lisa M. Stasse8/6/2013
The Amazing Bone5.70William Steig5/7/2013
Amos & Boris5.69William Steig5/7/2013
Doctor De Soto4.74William Steig5/7/2013
Gorky Rises5.70William Steig5/7/2013
Shrek!4.98William Steig5/7/2013
Spinky Sulks4.98William Steig5/7/2013
Tiffky Doofky7.99William Steig5/7/2013
Caleb and Kate5.70William Steig5/7/2013
B.U.G. (Big Ugly Guy)10.99Jane Yolen and Adam Stemple8/15/2013
Breakfast on Mars and 37 Other Essays to Devour9.99Brad Wolfe and Rebecca Stern6/25/2013
Creepella Von Cacklefur #5: Fright Night: A Geronimo Stilton Adventure5.38Geronimo Stilton8/1/2013
Geronimo Stilton #54: Get Into Gear, Stilton!5.38Geronimo Stilton7/1/2013
Geronimo Stilton #55: The Golden Statue Plot5.59Geronimo Stilton10/1/2013
Geronimo Stilton and the Kingdom of Fantasy #5: The Volcano of Fire9.99Geronimo Stilton9/1/2013
Thea Stilton #15: Thea Stilton and the Legend of the Fire Flowers: A Geronimo Stilton Adventure6.15Thea Stilton6/1/2013
Thea Stilton and the Spanish Dance Mission: A Geronimo Stilton Adventure6.79Thea Stilton9/1/2013
Goosebumps Most Wanted #4: Frankenstein's Dog5.38R.L. Stine8/1/2013
Escalofrios Horrorlandia #9: Bienvenido al Campamento de las Serpientes: (Spanish language edition of Goosebumps...5.38R.L. Stine7/1/2013
Goosebumps Most Wanted #5: Dr. Maniac Will See You Now (Goosebumps: Most Wanted)6.01R.L. Stine10/1/2013
Icons9.99Margaret Stohl5/7/2013
Five Ancestors Out of the Ashes #2: Lion10.99Jeff Stone9/24/2013
Romeo Blue9.99Phoebe Stone6/1/2013
STAT #4: Schooled (Stat - Standing Tall and Talented)5.15Amar'e Stoudemire9/1/2013
Ballerina Weather Girl4.99Shawn K. Stout5/21/2013
Mismatched4.74Shawn K. Stout5/21/2013
Untitled Shawn K. Stout4.99Shawn K. Stout5/21/2013
In Harm's Way8.89Andrew Clements and Adam Stower5/7/2013
We Hold These Truths (Benjamin Pratt and the Keepers of the School)9.68Andrew Clements and Adam Stower11/12/2013
Confederates Don't Wear Couture5.99Stephanie Kate Strohm6/4/2013
Confederates Don't Wear Couture7.19Stephanie Kate Strohm6/4/2013
The Beginner's Guide to Running Away from Home10.99Jennifer Huget and Red Nose Studio6/25/2013
Golden Boy10.99Tara Sullivan6/27/2013
Scooby-Doo: Stage Fright Junior Novel4.29Kate Howard and Duendes Del Sur8/1/2013
Bonnie Dundee9.34Rosemary Sutcliff5/31/2013
The Witch's Brat9.34Rosemary Sutcliff5/31/2013
Please, Papa9.99Kate Banks and Gabi Swiatkowska5/14/2013
Why Spacemen Can't Burp...9.68Mitchell Symons6/6/2013
The KnitWits Make a Move!9.68Abigail Tab,Lee Wildish and Michael Frost8/27/2013
El mono que piensa 2. La Historia Argentina también da risa (Spanish Edition)7.19Esteban Valentino and Tabaré5/7/2013
El mono que piensa. La Historia Universal da risa (Spanish Edition)7.19Esteban Valentino and Tabaré5/7/2013
The Big Storm7.99Nancy Tafuri8/27/2013
The Dissociation of Haruhi Suzumiya (The Haruhi Suzumiya Series)6.99Nagaru Tanigawa6/18/2013
The Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya (The Haruhi Suzumiya Series)8.99Nagaru Tanigawa11/19/2013
Hippomobile!9.99Jeff Tapia10/8/2013
I Survived #8: I Survived the Japanese Tsunami, 20114.29Lauren Tarshis9/1/2013
My Life as a Cartoonist8.45Janet Tashjian and Jake Tashjian5/28/2013
Shadows of Glass7.12Kassy Tayler7/23/2013
On Pins and Needles5.99Jana Christy and Chloe Taylor6/4/2013
Ready to Wear5.99Jana Christy and Chloe Taylor6/4/2013
Prep School Confidential9.99Kara Taylor7/30/2013
Hattie B, Magical Vet: The Dragon's Lost Flame5.22Lindsay Taylor6/6/2013
Eleanor's Eyebrows9.99Timothy Knapman and David Tazzyman6/6/2013
Trial by Fire: Stranded Book Two6.99Jeff Probst and Chris Tebbetts6/13/2013
Tommysaurus Rex8.79Doug Tennapel6/1/2013
Aesop's Fables3.99Ann Mcgovern and Ricardo Tercio9/1/2013
Happy Halloween, Brobee!5.99Maggie Testa8/6/2013
Mike and the Scary Noise5.99Maggie Testa8/6/2013
The Race Is On! (Turbo)5.99Maggie Testa6/11/2013
Meet Whiplash (Turbo)5.69Maggie Testa6/11/2013
Galahad the Great3.99Maggie Testa8/27/2013
A Day at the Apple Orchard (STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE)4.99Amy Ackelsberg and Laura Thomas8/29/2013
The Berry Bitty Princess Pageant (STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE)10.99Mickie Matheis and Laura Thomas9/26/2013
Mouse's Christmas Cookie3.99Patricia Thomas11/12/2013
The Christmas Tale of Peter Rabbit9.99Emma Thompson10/3/2013
Escape from the Pipe Men!9.99Mary G. Thompson6/11/2013
Fossil3.99Bill Thomson11/5/2013
Happy Birthday, Chelsea (Barbie: Life in the Dream House) (Step into Reading)3.99Mary Tillworth7/23/2013
Reboot9.99Amy Tintera5/7/2013
Pancho Rabbit and the Coyote: A Migrant's Tale9.99Duncan Tonatiuh5/7/2013
The Case of the Time-Capsule Bandit10.97Octavia Spencer and Vivienne To10/15/2013
Cute & Cuter10.99Michael Townsend6/11/2013
Too Cool for This School10.99Kristen Tracy8/6/2013
Bring Out the Banners (Flashbacks)6.39Geoffrey Trease5/9/2013
Merlin's Shadow (Merlin Spiral, The)7.99Robert Treskillard9/24/2013
Rainstack!3.99Onur Tukel6/4/2013
Operation Ouch!8.66Chris van Tulleken and Xand van Tulleken10/3/2013
Outfoxed10.33Mike Twohy9/24/2013
Time Trapped10.99Richard Ungar9/26/2013
Words of Hope8.89Mariah Kennedy and UNICEF6/1/2013
How (Not) to Find a Boyfriend10.99Allyson Valentine6/13/2013
Little Wings #5: Willa Bean to the Rescue! (A Stepping Stone Book(TM))4.99Cecilia Galante and Kristi Valiant7/23/2013
Penguin Cha-Cha10.99Kristi Valiant8/27/2013
Death of a King10.99Andrew H. Vanderwal9/10/2013
The Shadowhunter's Codex12.91Cassandra Clare and Various10/29/2013
No Baths at Camp5.59Tamar Fox and Natalia Vasquez5/21/2013
The Three Little Pigs and the Rock6.39Rhonda Green Vaughan5/7/2013
Paperboy10.99Vince Vawter5/14/2013
I am a Montessori Kid 6.39Valorie Veld5/21/2013
Dragonbreath #9: The Case of the Toxic Mutants10.99Ursula Vernon9/12/2013
Kuku and Mwewe: A Swahili Folktale-1Marta Munte Vidal9/1/2013
Kuku na Mwewe: El aguila y la gallina (Spanish Edition)-1Marta Munte Vidal9/1/2013
A Very Fuddles Christmas10.33Frans Vischer10/1/2013
Fire with Fire9.99Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian9/3/2013
Friday Never Leaving9.99Vikki Wakefield9/10/2013
The Ghost in the Glass House9.99Carey Wallace9/3/2013
Clouds (Ready-To-Read - Level 1 (Quality))3.79Marion Dane Bauer and John Wallace7/2/2013
Snow (Ready-To-Read - Level 1 (Quality))3.79Marion Dane Bauer and John Wallace6/18/2013
Rain (Ready-to-Reads)3.41Marion Dane Bauer and John Wallace6/25/2013
Wicked Cruel10.99Rich Wallace8/6/2013
Please Bring Balloons10.99Lindsay Ward10/17/2013
The Fantastic Family Whipple10.99Matthew Ward8/29/2013
Seven Deadly Sins 19.99Robin Wasserman5/7/2013
Seven Deadly Sins 29.99Robin Wasserman5/7/2013
Petticoat Pirates: The Seahorses of Scallop Bay: Number 3 in series5.99Erica-Jane Waters8/1/2013
Petticoat Pirates: The Sea Fairies of Whirlpool Gully: Number 2 in series5.99Erica-Jane Waters6/6/2013
The Chocolate Rose5.99Helen Perelman and Erica-Jane Waters7/9/2013
A Royal Wedding (Candy Fairies)5.99Helen Perelman and Erica-Jane Waters10/1/2013
A Candy Fairies Sweet Collection: Chocolate Dreams; Rainbow Swirl; Caramel Moon; Cool Mint23.99Helen Perelman and Erica-Jane Waters9/3/2013
The 39 Clues: Unstoppable: Book 110.52Jude Watson10/1/2013
How to Catch a Bogle9.99Catherine Jinks and Sarah Watts9/3/2013
Lily and the Traitors` Spell6.66Holly Webb8/1/2013
Flo & Wendell10.99William Wegman9/26/2013
The Short Seller8.89Elissa Brent Weissman5/7/2013
Colors for Zena10.99Monica Wellington7/11/2013
Vol. 4 Untitled10.99Jacqueline West7/11/2013
Only Losers Cry8.39Susan Westley5/7/2013
The Creature Department10.99RobertPaul Weston10/31/2013
Brotherhood10.99Anne Westrick9/12/2013
Turbo Junior Novelization5.69Tracey West6/11/2013
Doll Bones8.89Holly Black and Eliza Wheeler5/7/2013
Transparent8.99Natalie Whipple5/21/2013
Snap Decision9.99Nathan Whitaker6/25/2013
Under the Light9.99Laura Whitcomb5/14/2013
When You Were Here9.99Daisy Whitney6/4/2013
Camp Wonderful Wild3.99Laurel Snyder and Carlynn Whitt6/4/2013
Girl Wonder6.83Deborah Hopkinson and Terry Widener6/11/2013
Planes Fly!12.99George Ella Lyon and Mick Wiggins9/3/2013
Paparazzi Princesses7.59Bria Williams,Reginae Carter and Karyn Folan6/4/2013
P.S. Be Eleven10.43Rita Williams-Garcia5/21/2013
Troubletwisters Book 3: The Mystery9.99Garth Nix and Sean Williams6/1/2013
Typhon and the Winds of Destruction (Heroes in Training)5.99Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams12/3/2013
Goddess Girls The Sparkling Collection: Athena the Wise; Aphrodite the Diva; Artemis the Loyal; Medusa the Mean...23.99Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams10/1/2013
Outcasts (Safe Lands, The)7.99Jill Williamson11/5/2013
Hyperion and the Great Balls of Fire5.69Suzanne Williams,Joan Holub and Craig Phillips8/6/2013
Sophie's Squash10.99Pat Zietlow Miller and Anne Wilsdorf8/6/2013
Cora Ravenwing9.99Gina Wilson6/20/2013
Empire of Bones (Ashtown Burials #3)10.99N.D. Wilson10/22/2013
My Teacher Is an Alien (My Teachers Books)5.12Bruce Coville and Mike Wimmer6/11/2013
Ghost Buddy #4: Never Feed a Hairy Buffalo!4.79Lin Oliver and Henry Winkler9/1/2013
Texting 1, 2, 35.99Rachel Wise7/23/2013
Black and White and Gray All Over5.99Rachel Wise5/21/2013
Baby Bear Counts One10.97Ashley Wolff11/12/2013
Miss Bindergarten and the Secret Bag (PENGUIN YOUNG READERS, L2)10.99Joseph Slate and Ashley Wolff9/26/2013
The Pet War9.99Allan Woodrow11/1/2013
Sunday You Learn How to Box9.99Bil Wright8/27/2013
Horrible Harry and the Missing Diamond10.99Suzy Kline and Amy Wummer10/3/2013
The Final Descent9.99Rick Yancey9/10/2013
Dog Loves Counting10.99Louise Yates9/10/2013
Penguin and Pinecone7.99Salina Yoon8/1/2013
Don't Eat the Baby10.99Amy Young5/16/2013
Fortunately, the Milk8.99Neil Gaiman and Skottie Young9/17/2013
Hooray Parade10.99Barbara Joosse and Hyewon Yum6/13/2013
Boy Nobody9.99Allen Zadoff6/11/2013
Sleeping Beauty's Daughters9.99Diane Zahler8/27/2013
The Lucy Variations9.99Sara Zarr5/7/2013
Hug a Bull: An Ode to Animal Dads3.99Aaron Zenz12/3/2013
I Love Ewe: An Ode to Animal Moms3.99Aaron Zenz12/3/2013
Gangsta Rap7.19Benjamin Zephaniah7/4/2013
Lights, Camera, Fashion!5.99Chloe Taylor and Nancy Zhang8/27/2013
Sew Zoey Untitled Book 45.99Chloe Taylor and Nancy Zhang10/22/2013
Dot.9.99Randi Zuckerberg11/5/2013
Noah's Story7.996/4/2013
Eighth Doctor: 50th Anniversary (Doctor Who Digital)2.528/23/2013
The Smurfs 2 Movie Novelization (Smurfs Movie)5.696/25/2013
Along a Long Road8.996/4/2013
Letting Ana Go9.99Anonymous5/7/2013
The Man Who Was Poe5.59Avi7/1/2013
Transformers: Rescue Bots: Meet Heatwave the Fire-Bot (Passport to Reading Level 1)3.99Hasbro6/4/2013
Transformers: Rescue Bots: Meet Chase the Police-Bot (Passport to Reading Level 1)3.99Hasbro5/7/2013
Ladybird Tales: The Little Red Hen5.07Ladybird6/6/2013
Ladybird Tales: The Ugly Duckling5.07Ladybird6/6/2013
Beauty and the Beast - Read it yourself with Ladybird: Level 24.11Ladybird7/4/2013
Chicken Licken - Read it yourself with Ladybird: Level 24.17Ladybird7/4/2013
The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck - Read it yourself with Ladybird: Level 24.17Ladybird7/4/2013
The Tale of Peter Rabbit - Read it yourself with Ladybird: Level 14.17Ladybird7/4/2013
Ladybird Histories: Tudors and Stuarts8.10Ladybird7/4/2013
Peppa Pig: Little Creatures - Read it yourself with Ladybird: Level 14.05Ladybird7/4/2013
Peppa Pig: Nature Trail - Read it yourself with Ladybird: Level 24.17Ladybird7/4/2013
Peppa Pig: Sports Day - Read it yourself with Ladybird: Level 24.01Ladybird7/4/2013
Tinga Tinga Tales: Why Giraffe Has a Long Neck - Read it yourself with Ladybird: Level 14.17Ladybird7/4/2013
Tinga Tinga Tales: Why Lion Roars - Read it yourself with Ladybird: Level 24.17Ladybird7/4/2013
Ladybird Histories: Ancient Egyptians8.11Ladybird7/4/2013
The Mischievians12.99Moonbot10/22/2013
Seventh Doctor: 50th Anniversary (Doctor Who Digital)2.61Puffin7/23/2013
Lalaloopsy: TV Tie-In 8x83.19Scholastic9/1/2013
Of Witches and Wind8.89ShelBach7/23/2013
Max Goes Fishing (MAX AND RUBY)3.99Unknown5/16/2013
Sixth Doctor: 50th Anniversary (Doctor Who Digital)2.61Unknown6/23/2013
A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch (DINOSAUR TRAIN)5.99Unknown8/15/2013
Andi Unexpected (Andi Boggs Novel, An)7.99Zondervan9/24/2013

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