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Mystery & Thrillers Kindle ebooks between 7/25/2013 and 8/20/2013

Mystery & Thrillers Kindle ebooks between 7/25/2013 and 8/20/2013.

The goal of this blog is to provide a way to quickly scan new releases in Amazon. Amazon's default search mechanism only shows 10 results at a time, which makes it very difficult to find new books, since hundreds of books are released every week. This article will reduce the amount of clicking and page loads required to see what was released. For more information see About the New Ebook Release Blog.

Between 7/25/2013 and 8/20/2013: 1028 Mystery & Thrillers Kindle books were released. Click 'Read More' to see the complete list

Released Books Kindle ebooks

TitlePriceAuthor(s)Release Date
The mystery of Sheremetyevo airport0.99Karmen Špiljak8/1/2013
Murder on the Rocks (Mack's Bar Mysteries)5.38Allyson K. Abbott8/6/2013
A Measure of Trouble (Alex Warren Mysteries)2.99Zach Abrams8/3/2013
Attachments (Dragonscale Series)4.99Preston Adam,Chris Wirtzfeld and Peter Eastwood7/30/2013
El tour (De la serie "La abuela que escribe novelas de detectives") (Spanish Edition)0.99Jesusa Aguirre8/1/2013
Atenea (De la serie "La abuela que escribe novelas de detectives") (Spanish Edition)0.99Jesusa Aguirre7/30/2013
De los Urales al Nilo y al Machu Picchu (De la serie "La abuela que escribe novelas de detectives) (Spanish Edition...0.99Jesusa Aguirre7/30/2013
Ambición (De la serie "La abuela que escribe novelas de detectives") (Spanish Edition)0.99Jesusa Aguirre7/29/2013
El asesinato del párroco de Bristol (De la serie "La abuela que escribe novelas de detectives") (Spanish Edition...0.99Jesusa Aguirre7/30/2013
El taxidermista (De la serie "La abuela que escribe novelas de detectives") (Spanish Edition)0.99Jesusa Aguirre7/30/2013
Ravages of the Sun (The Safe Haven Trilogy)3.99Randall G Ailes7/29/2013
Kansatsu - The Observation (Japanese Edition)1.59Kazuya Akimoto8/1/2013
Plain Murder: A Penguin Special from Obsidian2.99Isabella Alan8/6/2013
Desert Blood: The Juárez Murders9.99Alicia Gaspar de Alba7/29/2013
Blood and Roses3.99A.K. Alexander8/20/2013
Covah Gurls: Brooklyn We Go Hard!14.99Constance Alexander8/6/2013
The Headless Horseman of Ormskirk (An Inspector McGowan Mystery)2.99Andi Ali8/6/2013
No Heaven (The Imagine Trilogy)4.99Lex Allen8/1/2013
Gulf and Glacier or The Percivals in Alaska2.99Willis Boyd Allen8/1/2013
The Omega Project11.04Steve Alten8/6/2013
John Rain: The Broken Year (Kindle Worlds Short Story)-1Daiyu Amaya7/30/2013
Killer's Draw: The Circuit Rider (Kindle Serial)1.99Dani Amore7/30/2013
Under Fire1.99Rachel Amphlett8/4/2013
Dark Waters3.99Toni Anderson8/6/2013
The Disappearance of Mr James Phillimore9.59Dan Andriacco8/6/2013
TWISTING STEELE (A Sarah Steele Thriller)4.99Aaron Patterson and Ellie Ann8/6/2013
Post Office Robbery and Margaret's Pottery Stall (Cuntry Tales)0.99Keith Argyle8/4/2013
Omens: A Cainsville Novel11.04Kelley Armstrong8/20/2013
The Gossip Tree Free Preview0.99Vincent Armstrong8/6/2013
Mysterious Death of Miss Jane Austen10.09Lindsay Ashford8/6/2013
Blood Shield (Urban Hunter)1.20RM Atkins7/28/2013
Henery Press Mystery Mashup Volume 2: Double Whammy and Diners, Dives & Dead Ends4.99Gretchen Archer and Terri L. Austin7/30/2013
THREE TOP NOVELS IN ONE4.00BILL FRANKS - British Author7/31/2013
The Classic Mystery Collection: 30 Novels and 74 Short Stories1.99Various Authors8/6/2013
The Eighth Day7.99Tom Avitabile8/6/2013
Hammer of God0.99Tom Avitabile8/6/2013
A Dose of Murder (Pauline Sokol Mysteries)5.69Lori Avocato7/30/2013
One Dead Under the Cuckoo's Nest: A Pauline Sokol Mystery5.69Lori Avocato7/30/2013
The Stiff and the Dead: A Pauline Sokol Mystery5.69Lori Avocato7/30/2013
Doctor Robin Hood (The Pauline Sokol Mystery Series)1.25Lori Avocato7/31/2013
DECÁLOGO PARA NO MOIRIR (Spanish Edition)2.99Gabriel Rodríguez B.7/28/2013
Mystery Collection2.99Pauline Baird Jones and Ana Baird8/4/2013
Doppelspiel: Thriller (German Edition)8.49David Baldacci8/16/2013
MADE III; Death Before Dishonor; Beware Thine Enemies Deceit. (Book 3 of MADE Crime Thriller Trilogy)9.99ANTWAN 'ANT ' BANK$8/3/2013
Dog Detectives2.99Clive Banks8/4/2013
A Tap on the Window11.04Linwood Barclay8/6/2013
Detection2.27Edwin J Rogers and Liam Bardsley8/1/2013
White Death3.99Philip C. Baridon7/26/2013
Der Karpaten-Job (EU Undercover 6) (German Edition)2.99Martin Barkawitz8/1/2013
Die Kinderschänder von Brüssel (EU Undercover 3) (German Edition)2.99Martin Barkawitz8/1/2013
Die Organdealer von London (EU Undercover 7) (German Edition)2.99Martin Barkawitz8/1/2013
Die Sklavenhändler von Malta (EU Undercover 4) (German Edition)2.99Martin Barkawitz8/1/2013
Die tote Unschuld (SoKo Hamburg 1) (German Edition)2.99Martin Barkawitz8/1/2013
Fleetenfahrt ins Jenseits (SoKo Hamburg 3) (German Edition)2.99Martin Barkawitz8/1/2013
Frauenmord im Freihafen (SoKo Hamburg 5) (German Edition)2.99Martin Barkawitz8/1/2013
Musical-Mord (SoKo Hamburg 2) (German Edition)2.99Martin Barkawitz8/1/2013
Reeperbahn-Blues (SoKo Hamburg 4) (German Edition)2.99Martin Barkawitz8/1/2013
Todesroulette in Monte Carlo (EU Undercover 5) (German Edition)2.99Martin Barkawitz8/1/2013
Todesschwadron von Lissabon (EU Undercover 1) (German Edition)2.99Martin Barkawitz8/1/2013
Lilienmorde: Theissens erster Fall (German Edition)3.56Urs-Jan Barlander8/3/2013
The Curse of Underghast0.99Colin Barnes8/4/2013
Deadlight - Fresh Cut Edition2.99Troy Barnes7/28/2013
Blind Stab4.99Ernest Barrett7/29/2013
Henry Hartman's Boondoggle Crisis ("Off-the-Books" Mystery)2.99Sara Barton7/30/2013
Die Verschwörung (German Edition)3.90Cecilia Bayern8/4/2013
All I Can Do I Have Done (Flash Fiction)0.99Mari Bayo7/29/2013
An Impenetrable Screen of Purest Sky: A Novel9.99Dan Beachy-Quick8/12/2013
The First Bird: Episode 33.03Greig Beck8/1/2013
The First Bird: Omnibus Edition5.99Greig Beck8/1/2013
FJORD: Thriller (German Edition)5.10Halvar Beck8/7/2013
Nefarious North3.99Stephanie Bedwell-Grime,Karen Blake-Hall,Linda Cahill and Cindy Carroll7/29/2013
Faith to Heal0.99Derrick Beech7/29/2013
Stars' End4.99John Behardien8/1/2013
Tanz der Walküren (German Edition)3.99Ingolf Behrens8/1/2013
Höllenjob in Kansas (Neal Chadwick Western-Edition) (German Edition)2.99Alfred Bekker,Neal Chadwick and Steve Mayer8/6/2013
Das Gesetz des Don Turner (Neal Chadwick Western-Edition) (German Edition)2.99Alfred Bekker,Neal Chadwick and Steve Mayer8/4/2013
The Flesh Cartel #9: Trials and Errors2.99Rachel Haimowitz and Heidi Belleau8/3/2013
Dan Turner Hollywood Detective #14.99Robert Leslie Bellem7/30/2013
The Girl of the Sea of Cortez: A Novel9.99Peter Benchley7/30/2013
Chamberlin2.99John R. Bendle7/30/2013
Solastra0.00Daniel Ekine and Jennifer Bengen7/29/2013
Penny Farthing Adventures (The Adventures of Penny Farthing)0.99Galen Bennett8/6/2013
KRIMI - Kurzgeschichten (German Edition)7.90NOEL-Verlag Link and Gabriele Benz7/29/2013
Hot Dog (Melanie Travis Mysteries)5.79Laurien Berenson8/6/2013
Cooper Five-Pack (Five Short Stories)2.99Bill Bernico7/29/2013
Cooper Four-Pack (Four Short Stories)2.99Bill Bernico7/29/2013
Cooper Moves On (Three short stories)2.99Bill Bernico7/29/2013
Cooper Six-Pack (Six Short Stories)2.99Bill Bernico7/29/2013
Cooper Three-Pack (Three Short Stories)2.99Bill Bernico7/29/2013
Cooper Times Five (Five Short Stories)2.99Bill Bernico7/29/2013
Cooper Times Four (Four Short Stories)2.99Bill Bernico7/29/2013
Cooper Times Six (Six Short Stories)2.99Bill Bernico7/29/2013
Cooper Times Three (Three Short Stories)2.99Bill Bernico7/29/2013
Cooper's Dozen (13 Short Stories)2.99Bill Bernico7/28/2013
Death Canyon: A Jake Trent Novel10.38David R Bertsch8/13/2013
The Critical Element (A James Becker Suspense/Thriller)6.99John L. Betcher8/1/2013
Ihr liebt sie nicht: Psychothriller (German Edition)9.99Belinda Bauer and Marie-Luise Bezzenberger8/12/2013
Deadly Secrets3.99Gordon Bickerstaff8/6/2013
The Dying Hours (Tom Thorne)11.99Mark Billingham8/6/2013
Red, White, and Scotch (The O Line Mysteries)4.99M. Saylor Billings8/1/2013
The Dead Grasses2.99Morgan Bird7/28/2013
Rain Dogs9.59Baron Birtcher8/15/2013
Contro il Tempo (Italian Edition)0.99Pietro Birtolo7/29/2013
Holy Orders: A Quirke Novel11.04Benjamin Black8/20/2013
Fino Al Collo (Italian Edition)2.99Tony Black8/1/2013
Under A Grecian Moon4.99Margaret Blake7/31/2013
The Smiler With The Knife (Nigel Strangeways)6.99Nicholas Blake8/6/2013
Dark Waters (Cragg & Fidelis Mysteries)11.04Robin Blake8/20/2013
Endurance0.00T. J. Blake7/29/2013
Diamond Circle9.99Ray Blower8/1/2013
Joiken: Ein Piet-Hieronymus-Roman (German Edition)7.39Henning Boëtius7/25/2013
Going Home Again12.99Dennis Bock8/13/2013
The Legend of Greenbeard, the Famous Pirate of Poitiers0.00David Boe8/3/2013
Syeribus Book 1 and 24.99L. M. Boelz8/3/2013
A Dozen Shorts2.99J. H. Bográn7/28/2013
Deadly Sources3.19Janet Boling7/30/2013
Box Number Two9.99EJ Bones7/31/2013
Big Blue and Other Stories4.99Billy Booth8/6/2013
Der Profi: Roman (German Edition)10.08Fernando S. Llobera and Matthias D. Borgmann8/19/2013
Eisfischen (German Edition)0.00Nils Bornhorst8/1/2013
Project Purple2.99Pauline Bowden8/1/2013
The Gifted: A Joanne Kilbourn Mystery13.99Gail Bowen8/13/2013
Heirs and Graces10.67Rhys Bowen8/6/2013
The Highway11.04C.J. Box7/30/2013
Moon in a Dead Eye9.99Pascal Garnier and Emily Boyce7/29/2013
Sex Drugs Marriage (Contingency Plan)2.99Michael Boyd8/1/2013
Save Yourself: A Novel12.99Kelly Braffet8/6/2013
The Coven4.99Lee Bragan8/4/2013
Podunk3.99Eric Brehm7/29/2013
Projekt Nyx: Der Mordanschlag - Kurzgeschichte (German Edition)0.99M. P. Breif8/1/2013
Arctic Legacy3.19Loretta Jackson and Vickie Britton7/30/2013
When justice calls8.99Wilbur Brower8/6/2013
Legitimate Businessman2.99Daniel Brownell8/6/2013
The Backs13.75Alison Bruce8/6/2013
Greenmantle0.99John Buchan8/7/2013
The Thirty-Nine Steps0.99John Buchan8/7/2013
Death Al Dente7.59Leslie Ann Budewitz8/6/2013
Jump the Gun: An Annabelle Starkey Mystery (Annabelle Starkey Mysteries)6.99Zoe Burke8/1/2013
Tränenmanko (German Edition)9.99Chrisanna Burkhardt8/6/2013
Home Is the Hunter3.99James K. Burk7/30/2013
Cut (Max Eden Crime Stories)2.99P R Burrell7/30/2013
White Walls9.99H.M. C.8/1/2013
Blood of the Lamb: A Novel of Secrets12.74Sam Cabot8/6/2013
Let Me Go (Archie Sheridan & Gretchen Lowell)11.04Chelsea Cain8/13/2013
Tattoo (Melville International Crime)9.99Manuel Vazquez Montalban and Nick Caistor7/30/2013
Winter at Death's Hotel: A Novel10.09Kenneth Cameron8/6/2013
The Gate4.00Fiona Cane7/29/2013
Kingmaker4.99Christian Cantrell8/13/2013
Alicia Puissance Trois (French Edition)0.99Adriano Justin Capuano8/6/2013
Flight of the Damned (The Magic Bullet)0.99Mark Carbajal8/3/2013
Hope House3.99Tracy L Carbone8/1/2013
Hot Scheming Mess (Madison Cruz Mysteries)2.99Lucy Carol7/29/2013
Madhouse Fog: A Novel9.99Sean Carswell7/29/2013
The Mission4.99John Caruthers8/1/2013
Remnants of Murder7.59Elizabeth Lynn Casey8/6/2013
WEREFOOT Rise of the Hunter9.99Michael Castleberry8/6/2013
Dead Secret7.19Deveney Catherine8/1/2013
A trip to say goodbye0.99francisco fernandez santana and ruben garcia cebollero8/1/2013
Un viaje para decirte adiós (Spanish Edition)0.99Francisco Fernandez Santana and Ruben Garcia Cebollero7/31/2013
Kurt Stein - Ein Schwein wird Privatschnüffler (Kurt Stein Reihe) (German Edition)9.99Thomas Cerveny7/29/2013
SAY MURDER WITH FLOWERS: A Rex Graves Mini-Mystery1.99C.S. Challinor7/29/2013
Un Secuestro De Narices (Spanish Edition)0.00David Chamadoira8/4/2013
Long Way Home (John and Liz Collier Mysteries)2.99Don Chambers8/3/2013
Cover Story7.59Erika Chase8/6/2013
AS LÁGRIMAS DE JESUS - O SEGREDO DA SÍNDROME DA AVERSÃO À CRUZ (Portuguese Edition)8.88Peter Chavier7/29/2013
The Complete Father Brown Collection1.99G.K. Chesterton7/25/2013
The Innocence of Father Brown0.99G.K. Chesterton7/29/2013
LEGGENDA E MISTERO: nove enigmi inestricabili dall'isola non trovata al caso Taman Shud (Italian Edition)3.83Duilio Chiarle8/7/2013
High Heat: A Jack Reacher Short Story1.99Lee Child8/6/2013
Fade Route (Burnside Mysteries)5.95David Chill8/1/2013
BRIGHT HAMMER2.99Marc Paul Chinoy7/30/2013
The Quiet Girl: A Novel8.89Peter Høeg and Nadia Christensen7/30/2013
Frühling, Sommer, Herbst und Tod: Vier Kurzromane (German Edition)10.08Stephen King and Harro Christensen8/12/2013
The Mystery of the Baghdad Chest: (Previously published in the print anthology THE REGATTA MYSTERY AND OTHER STORIES...0.99Agatha Christie7/30/2013
Dead Man's Mirror: (Previously published in the print anthology MURDER IN THE MEWS: FOUR CASES OF HERCULE POIROT...0.99Agatha Christie7/30/2013
How Does Your Garden Grow?: (Previously published in the print anthology POIROT'S EARLY CASES)0.99Agatha Christie7/30/2013
Murder in the Mews: (Previously published in the print anthology MURDER IN THE MEWS: FOUR CASES OF HERCULE POIROT...0.99Agatha Christie7/30/2013
Problem at Sea: (Previously published in the print anthology POIROT'S EARLY CASES)0.99Agatha Christie7/30/2013
The Third-Floor Flat: (Previously published in the print anthology POIROT'S EARLY CASES)0.99Agatha Christie7/30/2013
The Unbreakable Alibi: (Previously published in the print anthology PARTNERS IN CRIME)0.99Agatha Christie8/20/2013
Blindman's Buff: (Previously published in the print anthology PARTNERS IN CRIME)0.99Agatha Christie8/13/2013
The Sunningdale Mystery: (Previously published in the print anthology PARTNERS IN CRIME)0.99Agatha Christie8/13/2013
A Fairy in the Flat: (Previously published in the print anthology PARTNERS IN CRIME)0.99Agatha Christie8/6/2013
The Gentleman Dressed in Newspaper: (Previously published in the print anthology PARTNERS IN CRIME)0.99Agatha Christie8/6/2013
A Pot of Tea: (Previously published in the print anthology PARTNERS IN CRIME)0.99Agatha Christie8/6/2013
The Clergyman's Daughter/The Red House: (Previously published in the print anthology PARTNERS IN CRIME)0.99Agatha Christie8/20/2013
The Crackler: (Previously published in the print anthology PARTNERS IN CRIME)0.99Agatha Christie8/13/2013
The Watcher9.99Ladee C8/3/2013
Land of the Silver Dragon (An Aelf Fen Mystery)13.99Alys Clare8/12/2013
From Knife to Noose4.99Marina Oliver and Writing As Caroline Clare8/1/2013
Murder In Thrall (An Acton and Doyle Scotland Yard Mystery)9.99Anne Cleeland7/30/2013
A Spider in the Cup (Detective Joe Sandilands)12.99Barbara Cleverly8/20/2013
False Impressions3.19Ina Coggeshall7/30/2013
Some Like It Hot-Buttered (A Comedy Tonight Mystery)2.99Jeffrey Cohen8/1/2013
The Barge Killer (Perfect Murders)2.99Bryan Colchester8/3/2013
An Estate near You (Unpleasant Tales)0.99Bryan Colchester8/3/2013
The Knowledge: A free digital compendium0.00Martina Cole8/15/2013
Seed No Evil: A Flower Shop Mystery7.59Kate Collins8/6/2013
Black Eagles4.99Larry Collins8/2/2013
Early Crimes2.99Max Allan Collins8/6/2013
La pietra (Italian Edition)2.99Walter Comunello8/6/2013
THE CONDOR PLAN4.99Santiago Martinez Concha8/3/2013
The Diva and the Devil1.49Lee Connor8/3/2013
Heart of Darkness4.99Joseph Conrad7/30/2013
Oh, I Do! (Sylvanus Kent)2.99Chris Cook8/7/2013
Hands Up; or Thirty-Five Years of Detective Life in the Mountains and on the Plains Reminiscences by General D...3.99D. J. Cook8/1/2013
Amor and Psycho: Stories12.99Carolyn Cooke8/6/2013
Sandrine's Case10.99Thomas Cook8/6/2013
Chain of Evidence2.99D.B. Corey7/29/2013
Good As Gone11.99Douglas Corleone8/20/2013
The Infatuations13.99Javier Marias and Margaret Jull Costa8/13/2013
Jerry Cotton - Folge 2928: Auch virtuelle Killer können töten (German Edition)1.49Jerry Cotton7/30/2013
Jerry Cotton - Folge 2931: Verbrechen ohne Ausweg (German Edition)1.49Jerry Cotton8/20/2013
Jerry Cotton - Folge 2930: Wettlauf mit den Kopfgeldjägern (German Edition)1.49Jerry Cotton8/13/2013
Jerry Cotton - Folge 2929: Rien ne va plus (German Edition)1.49Jerry Cotton8/6/2013
ABSOLUTION (French Edition)8.00Philippe Cougrand7/29/2013
Then We Die5.99James Craig8/1/2013
Who Killed Bob? (The Dr. Jacobs Mysteries)0.99Stephen Craig8/3/2013
Imitation of Death (Nikki Harper Mystery)5.38Cheryl Crane8/6/2013
The Boy Who Spoke Mosquito0.00Norman Crane7/30/2013
The Floating Man2.99William Crawford8/1/2013
Technophobe!1.49Matthew Crawley8/4/2013
Compound Murder: A Dan Rhodes Mystery (Sheriff Dan Rhodes Mysteries)10.67Bill Crider8/13/2013
Multiple Exposure10.67Ellen Cros8/6/2013
Pasodoble4.49Martin Cross8/1/2013
Kidnap3.99Ed Culhane8/1/2013
Pritchard's Paranoia4.99George Culling7/29/2013
Mark of the Lash4.95Chet Cunningham8/6/2013
Dying Fall (A Sophie Rivers Mystery)7.99Judith Cutler8/12/2013
Dying to Write (A Sophie Rivers Mystery)8.99Judith Cutler8/12/2013
Power on Her Own (A Kate Power Mystery)7.99Judith Cutler8/12/2013
Staying Power (A Kate Power Mystery)7.99Judith Cutler8/12/2013
Die Lehrerin (German Edition)4.10Oliver Döhring7/30/2013
Delitti e Misteri all'Air Force (Italian Edition)6.43Grazia Dalberto7/28/2013
To Perish in Penzance (A Dorothy Martin Mystery)7.69Jeanne M Dams8/12/2013
Sins Out of School (A Dorothy Martin Mystery)7.69Jeanne M. Dams8/1/2013
The Adventures of Charlotte Wolff0.99Celdon Daniel8/3/2013
The Girl Number Two8.75Andre d'Aquinas7/29/2013
Identity Thieves and Swindlers0.99Adrian Davieson8/3/2013
Atlantic Run11.04Bart Davis8/20/2013
Raise the Red Dawn11.04Bart Davis8/20/2013
Voyage of the Storm12.99Bart Davis8/20/2013
Destroy the Kentucky11.04Bart Davis8/20/2013
The Pursuit of Joy2.99Jonathan Davison7/29/2013
Visions of Alfrance (The Buck Chronicles)2.99Randy Davis8/6/2013
The Hired Gun2.99Robert Davis8/7/2013
Dark Eyes - A Police Story0.99John Davy8/3/2013
The Imposter (Soho Noir Thrillers, #2)2.99Mark Dawson7/29/2013
Nowhere to Hide (Stephanie Carovella)2.99Nina D'Angelo and Emily Dawson8/3/2013
A Place of Confinement: The Investigations of Miss Dido Kent (Dido Kent Mysteries)11.04Anna Dean8/6/2013
Bought and Sold - Silver 44.95M.K. Dee7/28/2013
Captive Witness - Silver 24.95M.K. Dee7/28/2013
Rules of Murder (A Drew Farthering Mystery Book #1)8.99Julianna Deering8/1/2013
ENUF (The Big Lulu Crime Series)2.99Jim DeFilippi8/4/2013
Redemption of the Dead3.79Luke Delaney8/1/2013
A Cold White Sun: A Constable Molly Smith Mystery (Constable Molly Smith Series)6.99Vicki Delany7/31/2013
The Fale of Flintlock Sam2.99Robert DeLuca7/29/2013
THE TAKE4.99Mike Dennis8/1/2013
Dead Pan: 4 (The Jocelyn O'Roarke Mysteries)7.99Jane Dentinger7/30/2013
First Hit of the Season: 2 (The Jocelyn O'Roarke Mysteries)7.99Jane Dentinger7/30/2013
The Queen Is Dead: 5 (The Jocelyn O'Roarke Mysteries)7.99Jane Dentinger7/30/2013
Who Dropped Peter Pan?: 6 (The Jocelyn O'Roarke Mysteries)7.99Jane Dentinger7/30/2013
Dead Unlucky3.99Andrew Derham8/6/2013
La fin de la fin du monde (French Edition)1.00Paul Descauchereux8/6/2013
Le gris des Hommes (French Edition)1.00Paul Descauchereux8/6/2013
Ghosts of Bungo Suido11.43P. T. Deutermann7/30/2013
The Saturday Pledge - Book One - Rancliffe - Abridged Version2.99Joseph Dickerson8/6/2013
The Saturday Pledge - Book Two - Britannic2.99Joseph Dickerson8/6/2013
Rachespiel: Thriller (German Edition)9.24Niamh O'Connor and Karin Diemerling8/12/2013
New South Britain Book Two2.99Craig Dirgo8/1/2013
Gemma and the 2012 Olympic Vote2.99Stan Divis8/1/2013
La rose rouge ou le chevalier pourfendu (French Edition)2.99Denis DOBO-SCHOENENBERG8/4/2013
Asa's Deadly Dreams2.99K Doggett7/28/2013
Grail Knight: Number 5 in series (Outlaw Chronicles)17.39Angus Donald8/1/2013
Saratoga Backtalk (Charlie Bradshaw)5.99Stephen Dons8/1/2013
Saratoga Bestiary (Charlie Bradshaw)5.99Stephen Dons8/1/2013
Saratoga Fleshpot (Charlie Bradshaw)6.19Stephen Dons8/1/2013
Saratoga Haunting (Charlie Bradshaw)5.99Stephen Dons8/1/2013
Saratoga Headhunter (Charlie Bradshaw)5.99Stephen Dons8/1/2013
Saratoga Hexameter (Charlie Bradshaw)5.99Stephen Dons8/1/2013
Saratoga Longshot (Charlie Bradshaw)6.19Stephen Dons8/1/2013
Saratoga Snapper (Charlie Bradshaw)5.99Stephen Dons8/1/2013
Saratoga Strongbox (Charlie Bradshaw)6.19Stephen Dons8/1/2013
Saratoga Swimmer (Charlie Bradshaw)5.99Stephen Dons8/1/2013
A Crack in the Pavement9.99Georgie Binks and Molle Dorst7/31/2013
Cat in an Alien X-Ray: A Midnight Louie Mystery (Midnight Louie Mysteries)11.99Carole Nelson Douglas8/6/2013
ZOMBIES of United States - Episode 3 : GUNPOWDER (French Edition)1.00Anthony Luc DOUZET7/31/2013
Death of Innocence1.50John Dowds7/31/2013
The Alex Hollick FBI Series (Part Four: Malice and Macabre)4.99Andrew Downs7/28/2013
A Study in Scarlet: The Beautifully Reproduced, Fully Illustrated 1893 Edition, With Introduction2.46Arthur Conan Doyle8/1/2013
Abra-Cadaver1.47Matt Drabble8/3/2013
The Imp2.99Anna Drake7/29/2013
the dream tongue2.99Philip Drew7/28/2013
The Amazing Martin Brett: Classic Crime Stories2.99Ernest Dudley7/30/2013
Sherlock Holmes in Paris5.99Seamas Duffy8/4/2013
A KEPT SECRET (Get Away Diner Mysteries)2.99Peggy Dulle8/3/2013
City Blues (French Edition)7.90Jean-Marie DUMARQUEZ7/28/2013
Never Homeless - A Short Story0.99John Duncklee8/6/2013
Hot Trash I - Pumpgun Edition -: Europe Connection" - Version (German Edition)4.45Pete Mc Dunhill8/1/2013
Vampires, Bones and Treacle Scones (Liss Maccrimmon Scottish Mysteries)9.99Kaitlyn Dunnett7/30/2013
A Bed Of Blood3.99tammy dunning7/31/2013
The Transylvania Flying Squad of Detectives (Case Files of The T.C.P.D.)2.99M L Dunn7/31/2013
10 Cuts3.99Boe DuRansier8/2/2013
Pall in the Family7.59Dawn Eastman8/6/2013
Unwanted Inheritance3.19Glen Ebisch8/6/2013
Soul Peeker0.00Charles Edgar7/29/2013
The Blood War (Private Investigator Andrew Knight Mysteries)9.99RL Edinger8/6/2013
Into the End Boxed Set7.99Bonnie R. Paulson and BriLee Editing8/4/2013
Marek (French Edition)6.18Benjamin TEISSIER and 7 Ecrit Editions8/1/2013
The Excuse0.99Giovanni Masi and Federico Rossi Edrighi7/29/2013
Darren Coding (Line Of Sight)3.99Vincent Edwards7/29/2013
Das Mondrian-Mysterium (German Edition)4.99Ulli Eike8/1/2013
The No Death Option21.95Brian K. Eller8/7/2013
The Last Alibi (A JASON KOLARICH NOVEL)11.04David Ellis8/1/2013
Mistress12.74James Patterson and David Ellis8/5/2013
The Final Cut Free Preview0.00Catherine Coulter and J. T. Ellison8/19/2013
Getting In The Wind9.99Harlan Ellison8/6/2013
Pulling A Train9.99Harlan Ellison8/6/2013
Monica's Sister (The Thomas Black mysteries)8.99Earl Emerson8/6/2013
Book of Lies and Nonsense2.99Emilio Tomamus and James England7/28/2013
No Body's Friend (Portrait of a Murder)0.99John Entrekin7/29/2013
Stillness Dancing3.99Jae Erwin8/7/2013
The Republic9.99Jeffrey H. Essary7/29/2013
Death Stalks a Friend9.99Carlos Eton7/29/2013
Seelenangst: Thriller (German Edition)8.49Veit Etzold8/16/2013
BROTHERS OF HONOR9.99Dale Euga7/31/2013
Nefarious Doings: The Forrest Murders 16.06Ilsa Evans8/1/2013
Black Coffee: The Hero0.99Nathan Evans8/2/2013
The Good Thief's Guide to Berlin11.04Chris Ewan8/6/2013
A SLIPPERY SLOPE (A Sarah McKinney Mystery)2.99Marian Exall8/6/2013
Murder in the Squared Circle (A Max, Brad, and Maisie mystery)4.99L.G. Fabbo-Gonnella8/4/2013
Spiral of Doubt2.99G. M. Fahey7/29/2013
Death Angel9.99Linda Fairstein7/30/2013
Deadly Truth4.99Tim Falk8/6/2013
Diva (Family Shadows Series)5.99Jeanne Moon Farmer8/6/2013
Seven for a Secret Free Preview0.00Lyndsay Faye8/12/2013
Die zweite Tochter: Thriller (German Edition)9.24Lisa Scott and Herbert Fell8/19/2013
The Janus Code6.99J.C. Ferguson8/3/2013
Psicopatia (Portuguese Edition)5.99Ahtange Ferreira7/29/2013
Good Girl, Bad Girl (Alex Novalis)3.99Christopher Finch8/6/2013
Due Process2.99Jane Finch7/29/2013
The Memory Key: A Commissario Alec Blume Novel (Alec Blume Novels)9.99Conor Fitzgerald8/6/2013
Affairs of Death6.99Nigel Fitzgerald8/6/2013
Fried Green Tomatoes, Can't Wait to Get to Heaven, and I Still Dream About You: Three Bestselling Novels24.99Fannie Flagg8/12/2013
Demarco's Awakening (A Homoerotic Mystery Novella)2.99Gavin ML Fletcher8/6/2013
Ph.D in Murder (A Cozy Mystery Short)2.99R. Barri Flowers8/3/2013
Winter Chill5.38Joanne Fluke8/6/2013
Rising Knights (Liberty Knights)2.99D.J. Foley8/6/2013
Zona de Retaguarda - Uma estratégia nuclear (Bruno Vermont) (Portuguese Edition)5.99Enio Fontenelle7/31/2013
Atentado a Itaipu (Bruno Vermont) (Portuguese Edition)2.99Enio Fontenelle8/2/2013
I Can Transform You (Apex Voices)2.99Maurice Broaddus and Matt Forbeck8/6/2013
Murder Laid Bare (Revised Edition)3.99Robert Forrester7/29/2013
Rogues (Revised edition)3.98Robert Forrester7/29/2013
The Kill List12.74Frederick Forsyth8/20/2013
Eva's Eye: An Inspector Sejer Mystery11.99Karin Fossum8/6/2013
The Angel Bug3.41Ann Foweraker8/3/2013
Organs of Greed6.99Alpha A. Fowler8/1/2013
Der Schlaf und der Tod: Thriller (German Edition)9.99A. J. Kazinski and Günther Frauenlob8/19/2013
BAD BITCH 8:Armed Response (Rebecca Sledge book 3)0.99Leon Freeman8/3/2013
The Memory Man (T14)3.99Marcus Freestone8/3/2013
Cold Turkey2.99Shelley Freydont8/6/2013
Nest: Jake Sloburn Horror-Thriller ( Horror / Mystery ) (German Edition)2.99Lutz Frey8/7/2013
Die Rose des Boesen (German Edition)3.99Angelika Friedemann8/1/2013
Tod beim Biikebrennen (German Edition)3.99Angelika Friedemann7/31/2013
Todbringender Schlaf (German Edition)3.99Angelika Friedemann7/31/2013
Baby vom Deich (German Edition)3.99Angelika Friedemann8/2/2013
Der Tote aus dem Container (German Edition)3.99Angelika Friedemann7/31/2013
Die Tote im Sand (German Edition)3.99Angelika Friedemann7/31/2013
La macchina pensante (eNewton Zeroquarantanove) (Italian Edition)-1Jacques Futrelle8/6/2013
Das Erbe des Bösen (German Edition)3.00Patrick Göbel8/6/2013
Rebecca (Madness Loneliness and Secrets Short Stories)0.99Özge Göztürk,Nilgün Yüksel and Umur Çelikyay8/6/2013
MISHA (Spanish Edition)4.00erlantz gamboa8/1/2013
DE ASESINO A DETECTIVE (Spanish Edition)3.50erlantz gamboa8/7/2013
EL GRAN CAZADOR (Spanish Edition)4.00erlantz gamboa8/7/2013
ENTRE LOS NOPALES (Spanish Edition)4.00erlantz gamboa8/4/2013
A Perfect Crime4.99S. V. Tonali and S. Gantres8/6/2013
Ultime séance (French Edition)2.99Charlotte De Garavan8/6/2013
Maggie's Man: A Family Secrets Novel7.59Lisa Gardner8/6/2013
Sometimes8.79Rex Garland8/6/2013
Swamp Secrets2.99Theresa Jenner Garrido8/6/2013
Deadly Instincts7.99Racquel Brown Gaston7/30/2013
A Fine Kettle of Fish0.99Kaye George8/7/2013
Lo Scudo Sacro (Italian Edition)4.99Antonio Giansante8/6/2013
The Crime Files of Inspector Blaise; Foetal Attraction9.99Robert Gibb8/4/2013
High Treason (A Jonathan Grave Thriller)7.19John Gilstrap7/30/2013
Dog Collar Crime (Romantic Mystery) (A Lucie Rizzo Adventure)2.99Adrienne Giordano8/4/2013
The Ash Murders: Supernatural Mystery Stories2.99Edmund Glas7/30/2013
Eagle Squad: A Novel of Suspense2.99James C. Glass7/29/2013
A Gunman Close Behind: A Mike Lantry Classic Crime Novel2.99A. A. Glynn7/29/2013
Needle in the Chest3.99Jeff Goldberg7/29/2013
Um Cappuccino Vermelho (Portuguese Edition)1.99Joel G. Gomes8/7/2013
The Blithe Years2.99D.C. Gordon7/28/2013
Old Bones9.99Greg Picard and Wendy Gorham8/3/2013
Flashpoint (A Dev Conrad Political Thriller)13.99Ed Gorman8/12/2013
Matanzas (The Brigio Series)2.99Mitch Goth8/7/2013
The Killer Sex Game (A Frank Boff Mystery)2.99Nathan Gottlieb8/1/2013
Asche auf sein Haupt: Ein Fall für Jessica Campbell (German Edition)7.49Ann Granger8/16/2013
Hector Gunn and the Afghan Heroin War6.95Biff Grant7/29/2013
Body of Evidence (Evidence Series)3.99Rachel Grant7/31/2013
Zander9.99Oliver Gray7/31/2013
White Dove over Helmand (Helmand Trilogy)2.99Chris Grayson7/29/2013
Crooked Pieces7.89Sarah Grazebrook7/29/2013
La casa dei pini fruscianti (eNewton Zeroquarantanove) (Italian Edition)-1Anna K. Green8/6/2013
Interstate 645.99Deidra D. S. Green,Chyta Curry and Leah Frieday7/29/2013
Miss Tayke Investigates Murder by Proxy1.50Jim Green8/7/2013
The White Princess12.60Philippa Gregory8/13/2013
The Assassin's Game0.00H. Terrell Griffin7/29/2013
Chasing Oblivion5.00Evan Grinde8/6/2013
The Highway4.99Steven Grosso8/1/2013
The Highway--Preview (The First 36 Chapters)0.00Steven Grosso8/1/2013
The Passenger (Surviving the Dead)3.99James Cook and Joshua Guess8/4/2013
Weaponized11.04Nicholas Mennuti and David Guggenheim7/30/2013
UNDER A BROKEN STREET LAMP2.00Michael Essington and David Gurz7/29/2013
Borderliners: A Novel7.35Peter Høeg8/6/2013
Bis dein Zorn sich legt: Roman (German Edition)8.06Ã…sa Larsson and Gabriele Haefs7/31/2013
Der schwarze Steg: Roman (German Edition)10.08Ã…sa Larsson and Gabriele Haefs7/31/2013
Weiße Nacht: Roman (German Edition)9.24Ã…sa Larsson and Gabriele Haefs7/31/2013
Unforeseen Consequences2.99D.E. Haggerty8/4/2013
Viable0.99R. A. Hakok8/3/2013
Pillada in fraganti: La venganza (Spanish Edition)3.80H. Hex and Angus Hallen8/4/2013
The Whistling0.99E. Hallford7/30/2013
Fundamental Error - A Katla KillFile (Amsterdam Assassin Series)1.99Martyn V. Halm8/4/2013
Darktown2.99Omar Hamed7/31/2013
Matt Helm - Murderers' Row7.49Donald Hamilton8/13/2013
Runaway Man: A Mystery10.67David Handler8/20/2013
Death Takes a Holiday (A F.R.E.A.K.S. Squad Investigation)9.99Jennifer Harlow8/1/2013
Crucify (Triple Threat #4)2.99Laura Harner and L.E. Harner7/30/2013
Brave Hearts8.99Carolyn Hart8/13/2013
Rowan's Well5.99C.J. Harter7/29/2013
El hotel de los sueños (Bestseller (debolsillo)) (Spanish Edition)5.99Kathryn Harvey7/25/2013
9-11/Phase 2: Operation Golden State0.99loujen haxm'Yor8/6/2013
Crimes & Coincidences7.99Mike HAYES8/7/2013
The Scream of Angels2.99David Haynes8/4/2013
Human Remains9.78Elizabeth Haynes8/20/2013
From a Killer's Mind2.99Jason Helford7/29/2013
Die Verlassenen (German Edition)0.99Amanda Stevens and Diana Beate Hellmann8/16/2013
Havana Lost4.99Lib Fischer Hellmann8/16/2013
A Special Request0.99Gamal Hennessy8/6/2013
Pearls Before Swine (A Taylor & Graham Mystery)3.99Jo Hiestand8/1/2013
Swan Song (The McLaren Case Mysteries)3.99Jo Hiestand8/1/2013
A Terrible Enemy (A Taylor & Graham Mystery)3.99Jo Hiestand8/1/2013
Siren Song (The McLaren Case Mysteries)3.99Jo Hiestand8/4/2013
On the Twelfth Night of Christmas (A Taylor & Graham Mystery)3.95Jo Hiestand8/3/2013
Stanley Park4.99Racine Hiet,Monique Loveless and Jennifer Kwong8/1/2013
The Hammarskjold Killing9.99William Higham8/7/2013
Guilty as Charged: Fantastic Crime Stories2.99Philip E. High7/29/2013
Apartment M-34.99Kendall Hightower7/28/2013
Der Mann im Park: Roman (German Edition)9.99Pontus Ljunghill and Christel Hildebrandt8/12/2013
Confession (Free Story Friday)0.99Josh Hilden8/7/2013
TABOO - forensic thriller feat CSI Reilly Steel #1 (preview)0.00Casey Hill7/29/2013
Adeline4.99P. Hillier7/29/2013
Works of Warren Hilton, 5 Works: Driving Power Of Thought, Making Your Own World, Initiative Psychic Energy, Psychology...3.99Warren Hilton8/3/2013
Tod im Gymnasium (German Edition)8.20Thomas Himmelbauer7/29/2013
Da Truth: Da truth shall set you free!!3.99Carlos Polo Hinks7/30/2013
G-8 and His Battle Aces #95 December 19412.99Robert J. Hogan,RadioArchives.com and Will Murray7/29/2013
G-8 and His Battle Aces #107 December 19433.99Robert J. Hogan,RadioArchives.com and Will Murray7/30/2013
TORMENT (Hank Janson)4.99Hank Janson and Steve Holland8/3/2013
Hostage9.99Kay Hooper8/6/2013
The Baby in the Icebox: and Other Short Fiction7.99James M. Cain and Roy Hoopes8/13/2013
Career in C Major: and Other Fiction7.99James M. Cain and Roy Hoopes8/13/2013
Humpty Dumpty: The killer wants us to put him back together again (Book 1 of the Nursery Rhyme Murders Series)...3.99Carolyn McCray and Ben Hopkin8/2/2013
Nursery Rhyme Murders Collection (the highly anticipated new series from McCray/Hopkin)3.99Carolyn McCray and Ben Hopkin8/1/2013
Deadly Inheritance (A Hank Tower Novel)4.99Charlie Horn8/7/2013
The Coffin Watchers (A Taylor & Graham Mystery)3.99Jo Hiestand and Paul Hornung7/31/2013
Epitaph for Joanna (Glenn Bowman)6.99Hartley Howard8/6/2013
Student Body (The Stonewater Series)7.50Neil Howard8/1/2013
Hunter's Prey (Stonewater Series)7.50Neil Howard8/4/2013
City of Mirrors: A Diana Poole Thriller (Diana Poole Thrillers)13.99Melodie Johnson Howe8/6/2013
Dust (Silo Saga)5.99Hugh Howey8/17/2013
The Paradise Trees7.39Linda Huber8/1/2013
SHADOW MAN - Angie Bartoni Case File #6 (ANGIE BARTONI CASE FILES)3.99Marshall Huffman8/4/2013
Lake Como8.89Anita Hughes8/13/2013
The Black Image6.95Fergus Hume8/4/2013
The Amethyst Cross6.95Fergus Hume8/7/2013
The Year of Miracle6.95Fergus Hume8/4/2013
Le Secret d'un Crime (French Edition)6.40Fergus Hume,Jean de La Vingtrie and Jean-Daniel Brèque8/4/2013
The Piccadilly Puzzle7.95Fergus W. Hume8/3/2013
No S.I.N.2.99Mary Ellen Humphrey7/29/2013
The Bride Wore Blood3.19Vicky Hunnings7/25/2013
Death on a Cellular Level3.19Vicky Hunnings7/25/2013
Hand of Darkness2.99Roger Hurn8/4/2013
City of Fog11.04Gregg Hurwitz8/20/2013
Savage Holiday2.00James Hussey7/29/2013
Payback in Panama (Cuban Trilogy, The)9.99Noel Hynd8/6/2013
The Fifth Blunder (Screenplay)1.00David Grother II8/6/2013
El trono de Dios (Spanish Edition)5.99Antonio Manuel Infantes8/1/2013
Shutdown (New Road Series)2.99Steven Inman and David Inman8/6/2013
Auld Lang Syne (The Kate Lawrence Mysteries)2.99Judith Ivie7/29/2013
The Last Witness (BADGE OF HONOR)12.74W.E.B. Griffin and William E. Butterworth IV8/6/2013
Beat The Devil (A John Childress Thriller)2.99Anthony Izzo8/4/2013
Bis zum Gefrierpunkt (German Edition)5.12Carmen Jäger7/31/2013
The Falls: Return (The Falls small town mystery series)2.99George Jackson7/30/2013
A Texan Goes to Nirvana9.99Kelly Jackson7/29/2013
Ready to Die5.24Lisa Jackson7/30/2013
Sleep Tight6.49Jeffrey Jacobson8/6/2013
Der Schachspieler: Thriller (German Edition)7.39Jeffrey B. Burton and Norbert Jakober8/12/2013
An Artist's Impression (The Retribution Fantasies)3.99Beatrice James7/31/2013
Purgatory Key (A Del Shannon Novel)9.99Darrell James8/1/2013
Second Watch13.17J. A. Jance8/20/2013
Women Hate Till Death (Hank Janson Crime)4.99Hank Janson8/3/2013
Karibische Hochzeit (German Edition)9.98Ulli Jenisch8/1/2013
The Masque of Innocence ((A Sarah Woods Mystery #5))2.99Jennifer L. Jennings8/1/2013
The Boy Who Could See Demons: A Novel12.99Carolyn Jess-Cooke8/6/2013
The Essayist3.99Debra G. Johar7/29/2013
How to Fuck Up Everything and Die Alone: The JRJ Drug Sampler0.99Jeremy Robert Johnson7/30/2013
Hungry Fucking Animals: The JRJ Crime Sampler0.99Jeremy Robert Johnson7/30/2013
Secrets of Magnolia Falls0.99Tonia Johnson8/7/2013
27 Flagship Cove (Tommie Lane Christian Thriller Series)6.99Yolanda M. Johnson7/30/2013
Defiance of Eagles5.38William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone8/6/2013
Do Not Go Gentle8.95James W. Jorgensen,Kim Coghlan and Amanda Kelsey8/1/2013
Dubliners4.99James Joyce7/30/2013
Echoland7.44Joe Joyce8/1/2013
The Bayside Murders4.99John A. Miller Jr.8/3/2013
Das Bild: Roman (German Edition)10.08Stephen King and Joachim Körber8/12/2013
Delayed Impact7.99M. Stanton Kaiser8/1/2013
A Brother's Justice5.99J.D. Kalb8/6/2013
ZERO (Japanese Edition)0.00Chiyoko Kana8/4/2013
The Patron7.99Chuck Kannan7/30/2013
Beast11.99Faye Kellerman8/6/2013
Pardee Holler9.99Roland Keller7/30/2013
Caribbean Capers8.99Dan Kelly8/3/2013
The Witness7.49Marsh Kevin8/4/2013
Alana and the ...2.99Aihber Khan7/29/2013
Сradle of the Devil2.99Dimitry Khlyustov8/1/2013
Murder in Aix (The Maggie Newberry Mystery Series)3.99Susan Kiernan-Lewis8/7/2013
The Greatest Game4.99Andy King7/29/2013
Ring for Tomb Service (Pennyfoot Hotel Mystery)3.99Kate Kingsbury8/4/2013
Chinese Puzzle4.99James Kingston7/29/2013
Run Girl0.99Mark Klein8/4/2013
Secrets9.99Erin Klingler8/1/2013
The Gowrie Conspiracy (Tam Eildor)8.15Alanna Knight7/29/2013
DAVY JONES' LOCKET (Lloyd Dozen Mysteries)2.99D. Drake Knight7/29/2013
The Adventures Of Alice Creek1.52Emily Knight7/31/2013
Harbinger: Double Trouble (Kindle Worlds Novella)1.99Leigh Knight7/29/2013
Widows, Orphans & Thieves0.00Bob Zee and Miranda Koerner7/31/2013
Barely Breathing3.99Michael Kolinski8/2/2013
Tödliche Perfektion - Poesie der Macht: Thriller (German Edition)5.34Astrid Korten8/1/2013
Tödliche Perfektion - Poesie der Macht - XXL-Leseprobe: Thriller (German Edition)5.34Astrid Korten8/8/2013
Anarchy at the Asylum (A Clayton Leonard Mystery)5.99Rod Kroes8/3/2013
Tamarack County10.67William Kent Krueger8/20/2013
A Dubious Position: A Colton Banyon Mystery # 72.99Gerald J. Kubicki and Kristopher Kubicki8/4/2013
The Man Who Loved Dogs: A Novel16.99Leonardo Padura and Anna Kushner8/6/2013
Verscharrt: Thriller (German Edition)10.08Peter de Jonge and Conny Lösch8/12/2013
The Mackenrowe Murders (The Fool & The Faultless)9.99Mo'Dayvia LaBeija8/1/2013
Revenge (For The Sake Of Love)9.99Enid A. Johnson and Link LaCaille8/4/2013
Death at the Devil's Tavern (A John Rawlings Mystery)7.69Deryn Lake8/1/2013
Death on the Romney Marsh (A John Rawlings Mystery)7.69Deryn Lake8/1/2013
A Vicious Cycle9.99Christopher W. Lambert8/1/2013
The Cairo Codex10.99Linda Lambert8/13/2013
Stark in the Bronx9.98Saul Landau7/29/2013
Strong Rain Falling: A Caitlin Strong Novel11.04Jon Land8/13/2013
Death Smells of Cordite: A Classic Crime Novel2.99Gordon Landsborough7/29/2013
St. Peter at the Gate (Peter Stoller Trilogy)2.99M Pepper Langlinais7/29/2013
Monogramma Novecento (Italian Edition)0.99Mike Lanzetta8/1/2013
L'inconnu (French Edition)4.99Robert Larivière8/7/2013
Ruptures (French Edition)4.99Robert Larivière8/7/2013
The Order (Coffeehouse Chronicles)0.99John Teubner and Craig Laughlin8/4/2013
All Dogs are Blue9.79Rodrigo Souza Leao,Deborah Levy,Stefan Tobler and Zoe Perry8/1/2013
De minuit à sept heures (French Edition)0.99Maurice Leblanc7/28/2013
Cross Stitch Before Dying: An Embroidery Mystery7.59Amanda Lee8/6/2013
Dark Heart (A Cooper & Quinn Crime Thriller)2.99Catherine Lee7/31/2013
The All Fired Up OMNIBUS Collection: Riveting Romantic Suspense (The All Fired UP Series)7.99Taylor Lee8/2/2013
Speak of the Devil10.67Allison Leotta8/6/2013
The Check Out3.99Richard Lester8/4/2013
Death Flies on Final3.19Jackie Lewin7/30/2013
Cul De Sac9.99Bradley Lewis7/31/2013
City of the Dead7.99Herbert Lieberman7/30/2013
The Girl with the Botticelli Eyes7.99Herbert Lieberman7/30/2013
Crawlspace7.99Herbert Lieberman7/30/2013
The Eighth Square7.99Herbert Lieberman7/30/2013
Shadow Dancers7.99Herbert Lieberman7/30/2013
Snatched4.99Guy Lilburne8/6/2013
Convictions (An Inspector Jim Meldrum Thriller)3.99Frederic Lindsay8/6/2013
Deadly Games: A Mystery-Thriller Collection7.99Ernie Lindsey7/28/2013
K-Girls (Kylemore Abbey School)4.99Lydia Little8/6/2013
Revenge of the Past5.99Narielle Living7/29/2013
Shattered By Fate4.80A. J. Llewellyn7/29/2013
Ezekeil One9.99Andy Lloyd7/29/2013
Jim Thompson Is Alive! (A Sam Collins Mystery)4.99T. Hunt Locke7/29/2013
Cotton Reloaded - 11: Tod auf Bestellung (German Edition)1.99Alexander Lohmann8/8/2013
The Choice4.99Kristina Longo8/6/2013
3 Kurzgeschichten - zum gruseln und nachdenken (German Edition)0.99Michael Lorenz7/30/2013
The Contract0.99T K Lorimer7/25/2013
All Saints' Secrets (Saints Mystery Series)2.99Nicole Loughan7/29/2013
First Semester8.00Della Louise8/4/2013
Sherlock Holmes - The Stuff of Nightmares8.99James Lovegrove8/20/2013
2quadrat: Vier (German Edition)0.99Max Lupin8/7/2013
The Night Caller7.39John Lutz8/6/2013
Spy's Honour6.99Gavin Lyall8/6/2013
Untitled #29.73David Lyons8/13/2013
Les Sorcières (French Edition)1.00Stéphane Mékil8/1/2013
Beyond The Bridge (Charlestown Connection: Dermot Sparhawk Thriller)10.09Thomas MacDonald8/6/2013
Gabriel and the Chicago Devil2.99Mayleene Macias8/1/2013
The Double Image6.59Helen Macinnes8/6/2013
Horizon6.59Helen Macinnes8/6/2013
Message From Malaga7.49Helen Macinnes8/6/2013
Neither Five nor Three6.59Helen Macinnes8/6/2013
Snare of the Hunter7.19Helen Macinnes8/6/2013
While We Still Live7.49Helen Macinnes8/6/2013
Agent in Place6.59Helen Macinnes8/6/2013
Murder Most Magic2.99Audrey Mackaman8/6/2013
The Ayes Have It (A Jessie Schroeder Mystery)5.99Janet Majerus7/29/2013
A Marker to Measure Drift12.99Alexander Maksik7/30/2013
Gothic Pursuit (The Tim Simpson series)9.99John Malcolm7/30/2013
Dulce, Sophie. (Spanish Edition)4.00J.K. Malena-Martinez7/28/2013
Kill the Mother!: A Dave Beauchamp Mystery Novel2.99Michael Mallory7/29/2013
Das mazedonische Messer: Kommissar Wengler (German Edition)3.56Olaf Maly8/4/2013
The Papers of Sherlock Holmes Volume II9.99David Marcum7/29/2013
Memory Lane4.99Vince Cancasci and John Marentay8/6/2013
karuizawa no natsuyasumi (rie no suitsu misuteri) (Japanese Edition)2.99kawai mariko8/1/2013
Nemesis1.50Louise Marley8/4/2013
Slip Knot Zac Tremble Investigates (The Zac Tremble Case Files)1.49Chambers Mars7/29/2013
Hide and Seek - Zac Tremble Investigates (The Zac Tremble Case Files)1.49Chambers Mars8/6/2013
Obsession0.99Kieran Marsden8/4/2013
L'oro di Dante (Estratto) (Italian Edition)0.00Filippo Martelli8/4/2013
The Diary of Osric Martext 20122.99Osric Martext7/30/2013
THE DAY THE FISH DIED (THE DAY THE FISH DIED Part 1)4.99Santiago Martinez8/3/2013
Blood Lines4.95L. J. Martin8/2/2013
Three Kick Starters & The Odd Things Life Can Bring1.50Marlow Martin7/29/2013
Little Black Book of Murder: A Blackbird Sisters Mystery9.78Nancy Martin8/6/2013
The Wicked Girls: A Novel8.89Alex Marwood7/30/2013
Zen Attitude8.89Sujata Massey7/30/2013
Final Curtain, The (A Joanna Piercy Mystery)13.99Priscilla Masters8/12/2013
Alone Among Strangers10.00Betty Maura-Cooper8/7/2013
Rebecca8.89Daphne du Maurier8/6/2013
The Defective Detective : The Curious Case of the Kilchester Courier0.99Adam Maxwell8/4/2013
Knock, knock... (Psychic Visions)4.99Dale Mayer8/3/2013
Nimm den Stern, Shannon (Ein Pete Hackett Western) (German Edition)0.00Pete Hackett and Steve Mayer7/29/2013
U.S. Marshal Bill Logan, Band 46: Keine Chance für Cliff Randall (Western-Serie) (German Edition)0.00Pete Hackett and Steve Mayer7/29/2013
U.S. Marshal Bill Logan, Band 49: Ein Rudel Bluthunde (Western-Serie) (German Edition)2.99Pete Hackett and Steve Mayer8/6/2013
After Her: A Novel11.89Joyce Maynard8/20/2013
Precious Thing9.99Colette Mcbeth8/1/2013
The Mackinac Incident11.99Len McDougall8/1/2013
My Kilted Hero1.99William McEwan,Kate McEwan and David McEwan8/1/2013
Slightly Off (A Nate Thomas Adventure)5.99Arthur McGillem8/4/2013
Close Enough to Kill3.19Marjorie M. McGinley7/25/2013
The Old Man and The Girl3.99Harold McGlothin and Susan McGlothin7/29/2013
The King's Corrodian8.39Pat McIntosh8/15/2013
Close My Eyes11.04Sophie McKenzie7/30/2013
Cloche and Dagger7.59Jenn McKinlay8/6/2013
La banda nera (eNewton Zeroquarantanove) (Italian Edition)-1H. Cyril McNeile8/6/2013
Seven Shades of Grey2.99Vivek Mehra7/29/2013
The Hole4.99William Meikle7/30/2013
Strangers Alone3.69D Mendonca8/4/2013
Murder, She Rode11.04Holly Menino8/13/2013
Desert Hunt6.99K. S. R. MENON8/6/2013
I SEE A RED DOOR6.99Ayna Meppelink8/1/2013
Deadly Feast0.99Marilyn Meredith7/29/2013
Deeds of Darkness4.95Marilyn Meredith7/31/2013
Crimson - Teuflische Besessenheit (German Edition)9.99Joseph Merrick7/29/2013
Echo Six: Black Ops - The First Trilogy (Books 1-3)7.99Eric Meyer7/29/2013
SEAL Team Bravo: Black Ops - The First Trilogy (Book 1-3)7.99Eric Meyer7/29/2013
What You Wish For6.83Fern Michaels7/30/2013
Tangled Web2.99Fay Wentworth and Donald Millar8/3/2013
The Philippine File (The Penn Gwinn Series)4.99Harold R. Miller8/7/2013
Thai Moon Saloon (The Penn Gwinn Series)4.99Harold R. Miller8/7/2013
The Helium Murder3.19Camille Minichino7/30/2013
Soul Mates: Echoes from the Past1.49Melissa Monroe8/1/2013
Unbidden Peril5.99Brad Moore7/29/2013
Death Over the Dam (A Hunter Jones Mystery)3.99Charlotte Moore8/1/2013
Grandma's Farm0.99Rosey Moore8/3/2013
Grand Theft (Small-Town Series)0.99Iza Moreau8/1/2013
Golding - Lord of the Flies - Book Summary in 1,000 Words0.99Read Less Know More7/30/2013
Au port de Montréal (French Edition)2.99Louise Morin,Les productions luca and Lucie Brodeur7/29/2013
Gentlemen of the Night / Captain Phantom (French Mystery)5.99Paul Feval and Frank Morlock8/4/2013
Domestic Violins: A Blanchard House Mystery3.99Cynthia Morrow7/30/2013
Blood of the Dragon Trees3.99Nik Morton7/29/2013
The Talbot Mundy Megapack: 28 Classic Novels and Short Stories0.99Talbot Mundy8/3/2013
Eight O'Clock Hydrox0.99Ben Murphy8/4/2013
Lonely Murderer0.99Joshua T. Marshall and Larissa Nakagawa8/4/2013
Unsound (A Lei Crime Companion Novel)4.99To Neal8/1/2013
Death Order3.99Jan Needle8/4/2013
Story to go - 07 - Heiliger Berg (German Edition)1.45Manuel Negwer8/7/2013
The World in Reverse5.00Latrivia Nelson8/1/2013
O'Nelligan and the Perfect Game0.99Michael Nethercott8/13/2013
Das Komplott (German Edition)21.84John Grisham and Oliver Neumann8/12/2013
The Wind Took Your Answer Away1.43Jason Newton8/1/2013
Black Lace (Special Agents Flynn and Tanner, FBI VICAP)3.99Michael Newton8/6/2013
Dead Heat (Special Agents Flynn and Tanner, FBI VICAP)3.99Michael Newton8/6/2013
Jigsaw (Special Agents Flynn and Tanner, FBI VICAP)3.99Michael Newton8/6/2013
Wet Work (Special Agents Flynn and Tanner, FBI VICAP)3.99Michael Newton8/6/2013
You Never Know9.04Connie Nguyen8/4/2013
Angel Rising5.99Christopher Nicole7/30/2013
Dieners en donners (Afrikaans Edition)9.99Mike Nicol8/1/2013
Fifth Avenue (Erstes Buch in der Fifth Avenue-Serie) (German Edition)0.00Christopher Smith and Joachim Noob8/3/2013
Home Goes The Warrior3.99Jeff Noonan8/1/2013
Strange Bird (The Maria Wern Series)8.49Anna Jansson and Paul Norlen8/16/2013
Fast Focus2.99Cheryl Cooke Harrington and Anne Norman7/30/2013
P-Quad (P-Series)9.99John O'Bannon8/3/2013
Murder At Wicklow Mensa (Mensa Mystery series)5.80Clare O'Beara7/29/2013
Death of a Robber Baron (A Gilded Age Mystery)9.39Charles O'Brien7/30/2013
Callyandra9.99Carron O'Collins7/30/2013
It Happens in the Dark (A MALLORY NOVEL)11.04Carol O'Connell8/20/2013
Shadowman: Dead Reckoning (Kindle Worlds Short Story)0.99Mel Odom7/29/2013
UNTITLED Clare O'Donohue #2 (Special): A Penguin Special from Plume2.99Clare O'Donohue7/30/2013
Vidocq: Detective Extraordinaire, His Life and Adventures6.99Richard Jasper and Sandra Oertell8/7/2013
Dicey Man0.00Jaehyuk Oh8/3/2013
Psycho Alley (A Henry Christie Mystery)7.69Nick Oldham8/12/2013
Critical Threat (A Henry Christie Mystery)7.69Nick Oldham8/1/2013
Die Knochenfrau, XXL-Leseprobe, die ersten fünf Kapitel (German Edition)0.00Susami Oliver8/4/2013
Challenge (The Daniel Series)3.99David Rory O'Neill7/29/2013
Beyond Endearment3.19Dorothy P. O'Neill7/25/2013
Double Deception3.19Dorothy P. O'Neill7/25/2013
An Upward Draft2.99Guy Orgambide8/7/2013
Cuckoo Clock Caper (the Josephine Stuart Mystery series)2.99Joyce Oroz8/6/2013
RAINBOW BRIDGES: The Harrowing Tale of the Calendar Kidnapper2.99Jon Osborne8/1/2013
Die Washington-Akte: Thriller (German Edition)11.76Steve Berry and Barbara Ostrop8/19/2013
Over the Rainbow8.99Jack Ouellette8/3/2013
A Cry of Shadows3.99Max Overton7/30/2013
Armoires and Arsenic: A Darling Valley Cozy Mystery with Women Sleuths Olivia M. Granville and Tuesday (A Darling...2.99Cassie Page8/6/2013
The Hound of the Baskervilles (Illustrated) (Top Five Classics)1.99Arthur Conan Doyle and Sidney Paget8/4/2013
CHOCMARRE (French Edition)0.99Jean Pailler8/6/2013
Bell Rock, Book, and Castle (A PORTRAIT OF CRIME MYSTERY)4.74Sharon Pape8/20/2013
Sudden Anger (Gracie Greene Mysteries)0.99Jack Parker7/29/2013
A SECRET STEP9.00Ian Parson,Janet Farrage,Bill Beadle and Simon Sibley8/4/2013
A FITZJOHN MYSTERY VOL 1-3 BOX SET5.99Jill Paterson7/30/2013
Two Leaves and a Bloody Bud4.99Suparna Pathak7/29/2013
Firewalker: An Only in Tokyo Mystery (InterMix)4.74Jonelle Patrick8/20/2013
Original Death: A Mystery of Colonial America12.99Eliot Pattison8/1/2013
Beautiful Ghosts (Inspector Shan Tao Yun)8.89Eliot Pattison7/30/2013
Bones3.19John Paxson7/30/2013
A Golden Trail of Murder3.19John Paxson8/6/2013
Bride Box, The (A Mamur Zapt Mystery)13.99Michael Pearce8/12/2013
Black Lace in Lisbon3.99Colin Peck7/29/2013
Dead End9.99James Pecora8/6/2013
Kwik Krimes3.99Otto Penzler8/20/2013
onore tra i ladri (Honor Among Thieves)0.99Elle Pepper8/1/2013
Death Is Overrated2.99Jeffrey Perren8/1/2013
Where Wolf? (Womak Mystery Stories)2.99H. Robert Perry7/29/2013
Borne Darkly6.99Lee Perry8/6/2013
Naked Once More7.59Elizabeth Peters8/6/2013
Night Train to Memphis (Vicky Bliss Mysteries)6.64Elizabeth Peters8/6/2013
Escaped (The Escaped Series)2.99Joanna Peterson7/30/2013
No Warning, A Jake Stone Thriller (Book 18) (The Jake Stone Thrillers)0.99T.L. Peters8/1/2013
CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY: A1H1W27.99Joyce A. Kovelman Ph.D. Ph.D.8/7/2013
Blindsided (Jane Candiotti and Kenny Marks Series)3.99Clyde Phillips8/13/2013
Fall From Grace (Jane Candiotti and Kenny Marks Series)3.99Clyde Phillips8/13/2013
Sacrifice (Jane Candiotti and Kenny Marks Series)3.99Clyde Phillips8/13/2013
Unthinkable (Jane Candiotti and Kenny Marks Series)4.99Clyde Phillips8/13/2013
To Kill a Yachting Nerd3.15Craig B Phillips7/31/2013
A Murder Amongst Angels4.99Tony Piazza8/4/2013
Makhia9.99James Pierce and Carletta Pierce8/4/2013
Puoi chiamarmi Zebatinsky (Italian Edition)0.99NIcoletta Grillo and Massimiliano Pini7/29/2013
Der blonde Engel - Eine mörderische Geschichte (1) (German Edition)9.97Jan Pirma7/31/2013
Mordszorn (German Edition)2.99Astrid Zahn and Tina Plavius8/6/2013
The Twisted Chassis9.99MARTIN DU PLESSIS8/6/2013
13 Histórias de Medo (Portuguese Edition)9.99Ademar Lopes Junior and Andrei Polessi7/30/2013
Daniel's Demons4.99H. Poquette7/29/2013
Das Ende der Nacht 2 - Horror (German Edition)0.99Nikolas Preil8/1/2013
Das Ende der Nacht 3 - Horror (German Edition)0.99Nikolas Preil8/7/2013
Winona Short Story0.00Alta Pridi7/29/2013
Bärendienst (German Edition)9.99Robert Pucher7/28/2013
Las Mentiras de Abril (Spanish Edition)4.00Fabián Pou de la Puente7/29/2013
Espiral (Exitos De Plaza & Janes) (Spanish Edition)10.99Paul McEuen and FERNANDO; GARI PUIG7/25/2013
Use las escaleras (Spanish Edition)5.00José David de la Purísima8/4/2013
Blood Like Cherry Ice (Miki Radicci Book 3)3.99M.E. Purfield8/4/2013
Death at the Voyager Hotel2.99Kwei Quartey7/29/2013
Midnight Train (Sally Quilford Pocket Novels)1.40Sally Quilford8/3/2013
Untitled #20.99Spencer Quinn8/6/2013
Chrodigildis. Mord im alten Haren (German Edition)2.59Dirk Röse8/6/2013
Captain Combat #1 April 19403.99Barry Barton and RadioArchives.com7/30/2013
Migraine2.99Desean Rambo8/3/2013
You Make Me Feel So Dead (A Rat Pack Mystery)13.99Robert J. Randisi8/12/2013
The Honky Tonk Big Hoss Boogie2.99Robert J. Randisi8/6/2013
Cold Blooded (The Detective McQueen Series)3.99Robert J. Randisi8/3/2013
The Turner Journals (The Detective McQueen Series)3.99Robert J. Randisi8/3/2013
Murder for Glacier Blue (High Seas Mystery Series - Book 3)0.99Diane Rapp8/6/2013
The Mysterious Castle26.00Wilmer Rarick8/6/2013
Shadow Campus9.99Kathleen Kelley Reardon8/4/2013
Sherlock Holmes and The Lufton Lady8.49Christopher Redmond7/29/2013
The Angel of Vengeance (A Glimpse into Hell)0.99Wade H. Garrett and Debra Reed8/6/2013
Dragon Mountain9.99Daniel Reid8/13/2013
Bumpy Roads - A Mary O'Reilly Paranormal Mystery (Book 11) (The Mary O'Reilly Paranormal Mystery Series)2.99Terri Reid7/29/2013
Henery Press Mystery Mashup Volume 3: Front Page Fatality and Portrait of a Dead Guy4.99LynDee Walker and Larissa Reinhart7/30/2013
Freedom From JUSTICE2.99Joe Reister8/1/2013
Take My Hand7.99Amber Renee7/30/2013
In sechzig Sekunden um die Welt und wieder zurück - Teil 2 (German Edition)1.58Nate Reynolds7/29/2013
Merrily Watkins collection 3: Prayer of the Night Shepherd and Smile of a Ghost9.32Phil Rickman8/1/2013
Night Symbols2.99Landa Rielly8/4/2013
23 Hours0.99Kevin Riley7/31/2013
Three, Imperfect Number8.89Patrizia Rinaldi8/6/2013
The Album7.99Mary Roberts Rinehart8/13/2013
Alibi for Isabel: and Other Stories7.99Mary Roberts Rinehart8/13/2013
The Door7.99Mary Roberts Rinehart8/13/2013
The State vs. Elinor Norton (Kensington mystery)7.99Mary Roberts Rinehart8/13/2013
The Wall7.99Mary Roberts Rinehart8/13/2013
The Yellow Room7.99Mary Roberts Rinehart8/13/2013
Devil's Night (Kat Campbell Mysteries)12.99Todd Ritter8/20/2013
The Last Kiss Goodbye: A Charlotte Stone Novel12.99Karen Robards8/13/2013
Nevwas' Gold2.99Cliff Roberts8/1/2013
In the Path of Judgment (Drifter Series)2.99Kent Roberts8/6/2013
Paulie's Web4.99Wendy Robertson,Jane Peers and Angus Robertson8/7/2013
Past Reason Hated (An Inspector Banks Mystery)6.83Peter Robinson8/7/2013
The Hanging Valley (An Inspector Banks Mystery)6.83Peter Robinson8/20/2013
A Necessary End (Inspector Banks Mysteries)6.83Peter Robinson8/20/2013
Wednesday's Child6.83Peter Robinson8/20/2013
News0.99Sally Robinson8/3/2013
The Imposter (Alex Destephano)3.99Judith Townsend Rocchiccioli,Jen Mandell and Eric Blumensen7/29/2013
A Dangerous Fiction: A Mystery11.04Barbara Rogan7/25/2013
Secrets, Sex, & Lies5.99Suzan Rogers8/1/2013
Buzzers3.99Maurice Rosaler8/6/2013
The Storyteller2.99D.M. Rose8/6/2013
From Herring to Eternity (A Deadly Deli Mystery)5.38Delia Rosen8/6/2013
Spire Trilogy: Action-Adventure Thrillers5.49Simon Rosser8/6/2013
Memory's Door (A Well Spring Novel)9.99James L. Rubart8/6/2013
Dead of Nyte2.99Jearl Rugh8/1/2013
The Hospat0.99D M RUGWE8/4/2013
Buck Fever2.99Robert A. Rupp8/6/2013
Blood Trail3.99Kristine Kathryn Rusch8/2/2013
Don Carina: WWII Mafia Heroine5.09Ron Russell8/9/2013
The Hanging of Samuel Ash (A Hook Runyon Mystery)11.04Sheldon Russell8/20/2013
Shakin' Bacon (J.J. Carrington Capers)0.99Carol Rutkowski8/1/2013
A Little Birdie Told Me (Brown Bag Broads)0.99DT Ryan7/29/2013
Jigsaw: The Case of the Psychic Seductress2.99Carol Culver Rzadkiewicz8/3/2013
Being Cool16.47Charles J. Rzepka8/16/2013
EL HOMBRE SIN SOMBRA (Spanish Edition)20.00Rafael Salin-Pascual8/6/2013
Love, Thais (Psychological thriller)0.99Natasha A. Salnikova8/6/2013
Süßer Schmerz (German Edition)0.99Diana Salow8/4/2013
Nelson's Story - Part 22.99Sam Samson8/7/2013
LESEPROBE Velten & Marcks - Eine Frage der Zeit (German Edition)0.99Georg Sander8/7/2013
Cracks4.99Louis Santacroce7/31/2013
War of the heavens0.99Fernando Trujillo Sanz,César García Muñoz,Nieves García Bautista and Albert Arribas7/31/2013
War of the heavens. Volume 20.99Fernando Trujillo Sanz,César García Muñoz,Nieves García Bautista and Alberto Arribas7/31/2013
The Day Remo Died (The Destroyer)0.99Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir8/6/2013
VIOLENCE AS A BEDTIME STORY: From the Journals of the Street Vigilante2.99Erick Sapp7/29/2013
Transformation3.00Johan Sarbach8/6/2013
Transformation (German Edition)3.00Johan Sarbach8/6/2013
The Vigilante (Sarah Roberts Book Seven)4.99Jonas Saul8/15/2013
More Than a Dream (Legends of the Dreamscape Volume I)3.99Ben Savage7/29/2013
The Inheritance3.99Tom Savage8/4/2013
Scavenger3.99Tom Savage8/4/2013
Matchpoint7.99Elise Sax7/30/2013
Twin Cities Noir: The Expanded Edition (Akashic Noir)9.99Julie Schaper,Steve Horwitz and Steven Horwitz7/31/2013
The Lighter Side of Sherlock Holmes9.99Glenn Schatell8/6/2013
Dante Inferno (Die Teufelslotterie von Chinatown - Band 1) (German Edition)1.57Michael Lutz and Sergej Schell8/3/2013
Dante Inferno (Unschuldig im Höllenknast auf Rykers Island - Band 2) (German Edition)1.57Michael Lutz and Sergej Schell8/3/2013
Frozen Flight6.99Ray Schenkel7/29/2013
Schwarzer Skorpion - Psychothriller (German Edition)2.99B.C. Schiller8/4/2013
The Collini Case: A Novel11.04Ferdinand von Schirach8/1/2013
Das Heavens End Projekt (German Edition)8.90Astrid Pfister and Chris Schlicht8/6/2013
Das Böse, das im Herzen schläft: Thriller (German Edition)7.39Erin Kelly and Rainer Schmidt8/19/2013
Der Experte: Thriller (German Edition)9.59Mark Allen Smith and Dietmar Schmidt8/16/2013
Erfindergeist (German Edition)4.80Peter Schmidt8/7/2013
Die Sahneschnitte (German Edition)9.23Sylvia Schnackenbeck8/4/2013
Bußpredigt: Ein Krimi aus dem Bayerischen Wald (German Edition)9.24Wolf Schreiner8/19/2013
Der Professor mit dem Katzenfell (German Edition)4.84Gerd Schuster7/31/2013
Nephilim5.59Ã…sa Schwarz8/15/2013
The Sound Mixers8.79Eric Scott8/6/2013
Shattered Images... A Connelly Witches Paranormal Thriller3.99Jolynn Raymond and Rachel Scott8/7/2013
Accused: A Rosato & Associates Novel (A Rosato Mystery)14.99Lisa Scottoline8/20/2013
When Fates Collide - Arm Candy6.99Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc,Yvonne Mason and Kelly J Koch8/1/2013
Watershed2.99Mitch Sebourn7/30/2013
The Prodigal Son (A Roger the Chapman Mystery)7.69Kate Sedley8/1/2013
Secrets of Harbor House3.19Norma Seely8/6/2013
Poisoned Politics (A Molly Malone Mystery)9.99Maggie Sefton8/1/2013
The Case of the Curious Corpse0.99Roy Segal8/3/2013
The Secret of the Scrolls2.99s.r. seidel8/6/2013
A Hint of Smoke (Hardboiled Detective)2.99John Warren Self7/29/2013
An Unacceptable Death7.99Barbara Seranella8/13/2013
Deadman's Switch7.59Barbara Seranella8/6/2013
A Serpentine Affair4.99Tina Seskis7/29/2013
The Last Raven2.99John Shanahan7/29/2013
The Law of Second Chances1.99James Sheehan8/6/2013
If Bread Could Rise to the Occasion7.59Paige Shelton8/6/2013
A Fatal Likeness: A Novel12.99Lynn Shepherd8/20/2013
Murder By Suspects (The Novella Range)1.26Ian Shimwell8/1/2013
The Bogeyman, a Dr. Adam Karl Mystery4.99Leon Shure7/29/2013
The Golden Door Chronicle (Issue IV)0.99Kristen Sidney8/4/2013
The Dentist's Torture: (It's not what you Think)3.99Bryan Siegrist7/31/2013
A Circle of Secrets3.99Joy Sigmon7/31/2013
Trip Down Memory Lane (DI Ivor Gunn)3.99Laura Simms8/4/2013
A Crime For All Seasons3.99D.I. Simpson8/7/2013
Gangstertopia0.99Mikey Robert Simpson7/29/2013
The Enemy Within (Joseph #2)2.99Danielle Singleton7/30/2013
Lydia0.99Andrew Sirrell8/3/2013
The Confession of a Paedophile Priest6.00James Skivington7/29/2013
The Enemy Inside (Edge of Darkness)4.99Vanessa Skye8/7/2013
The Sexiest Detective in West Florida0.99Jonathan P. Slow8/3/2013
Le ugualianze diverse (GialloAdda) (Italian Edition)9.00Nunzio Smacchia7/29/2013
Random Allotment2.99Bernard Smith8/1/2013
The Black Room, Part Four: The End - A Paranormal Mystery0.99Luke Smitherd7/29/2013
COUP D'ETAT: Seven Days in October3.99J. Randolph Smith7/31/2013
The American Mandarin4.99M. Eugene Smith8/6/2013
The Fifty Year Kill (Charley Grant Series)8.50Zane Smith8/6/2013
Turn On A Dime - Blane's Turn (The Kathleen Turner Series)2.99Tiffany Snow8/6/2013
Whiskey, Roses and Cigarettes2.00Adam Ochs and Janet Sobieraj7/29/2013
Plummet0.00Alex Solstice7/29/2013
Signal to Murder (The Sorrell Mysteries)3.99Rhone` Louviere` and Barbara Sonnier8/1/2013
Hanging Curve (A Mickey Rawlings Mystery)8.69Troy Soos7/30/2013
The Ash of Winter's Work3.99Peter Soutowood7/28/2013
The Daughter of Fantomas (French Mystery)5.99Pierre Souvestre,Marcel Allain,Randy Lofficier and Mark Steele8/4/2013
Butcher Beyond, The (A Chief Inspector Woodend Mystery)8.99Sally Spencer8/12/2013
Witch Maker, The (A Chief Inspector Woodend Mystery)8.99Sally Spencer8/12/2013
101 Nights (Dr. Hoffman series)3.99Christoph Spielberg8/6/2013
Diamonds on the Desert Floor0.99Michelle Stanton7/28/2013
The Winners5.98Fred Steadman8/4/2013
Operator 5 #36 November-December 19373.99Curtis Steele,RadioArchives.com and Will Murray8/3/2013
An Eagle View II9.99Joseph Lo'Vel Steele8/7/2013
Der Metallmann ('The Metal Man')0.00Ben Stevens8/6/2013
Deep into Dusk (A Gabriel McRay novel)3.99Laurie Stevens7/29/2013
Der Coltan Krimi (German Edition)4.85Peter Stieglitz8/6/2013
Die falsche Madonna (German Edition)3.65Peter Stieglitz7/31/2013
Universal Language0.99Gareth Stokes8/3/2013
Daniela Harbor (Robert Davis Grimes III Series)2.99Clayton Stone7/28/2013
Adults weren't meant to Fly in Paper Planes: A Short Story2.99Vincent Strangecraft7/30/2013
Alien Hunter11.04Whitley Strieber8/13/2013
Retribution (Travis #WebOfDeceit mystery thrillers)2.99Charles R Stubbs8/7/2013
Brotherhood and Others: Three Robin Monarch stories2.99Mark Sullivan8/1/2013
Lawless & The Devil of Euston Square6.29William Sutton7/30/2013
Breathless11.04Anne Swärd8/15/2013
Things to Come2.00Christine Szymanski8/1/2013
WAR - What Was It Good For? (Caffeine Nights Short Shots)0.99AJ Taft8/6/2013
Shaman's Lure1.99Frank Talaber7/29/2013
Client Privilege: 9 (The Brady Coyne Mysteries)7.99William G. Tapply8/6/2013
Close to the Bone: 14 (The Brady Coyne Mysteries)7.99William G. Tapply8/6/2013
Cutter's Run: 15 (The Brady Coyne Mysteries)7.99William G. Tapply8/6/2013
Dead Meat: 5 (The Brady Coyne Mysteries)7.99William G. Tapply8/6/2013
Dead Winter: 8 (The Brady Coyne Mysteries)7.99William G. Tapply8/6/2013
Death at Charity's Point: 1 (The Brady Coyne Mysteries)7.99William G. Tapply8/6/2013
The Dutch Blue Error: 2 (The Brady Coyne Mysteries)7.69William G. Tapply8/6/2013
Follow the Sharks: 3 (The Brady Coyne Mysteries)7.99William G. Tapply8/6/2013
The Marine Corpse: 4 (The Brady Coyne Mysteries)7.99William G. Tapply8/6/2013
Muscle Memory: 16 (The Brady Coyne Mysteries)7.99William G. Tapply8/6/2013
One-Way Ticket: 24 (The Brady Coyne Mysteries)7.99William G. Tapply8/6/2013
The Seventh Enemy: 13 (The Brady Coyne Mysteries)7.99William G. Tapply8/6/2013
The Snake Eater: 12 (The Brady Coyne Mysteries)7.99William G. Tapply8/6/2013
The Spotted Cats: 10 (The Brady Coyne Mysteries)7.99William G. Tapply8/6/2013
Tight Lines: 11 (The Brady Coyne Mysteries)7.99William G. Tapply8/6/2013
A Void in Hearts: 7 (The Brady Coyne Mysteries)7.99William G. Tapply8/6/2013
The Vulgar Boatman: 6 (The Brady Coyne Mysteries)7.99William G. Tapply8/6/2013
The Equation14.99Frank Taucher,Michael Vance and R.A. Jones7/29/2013
The Long Sonata of the Dead (Bibliomysteries)1.99Andrew Taylor8/13/2013
Rocambole: Two Stage Plays (French Mystery)5.99Pierre-Alexis Ponson du Terrail,Anicet Bourgeois,Lucien Dabril and Frank Morlock8/4/2013
Sottozero - München Underground 3 (German Edition)2.99Stuart Tesco8/4/2013
Remorseless3.99Thomas Tessier8/4/2013
Fernsteuerung (Robocop) (German Edition)6.19Georg Erwin Thaller8/7/2013
Relevance (The Magarelli Series)4.99PJ Morvant-Alexander and Josephine Thane8/1/2013
Chile Pepper: Into The Valley0.00D. Mila Bulic and Stephanie Thomas8/4/2013
WILL2.99Martyn Thompson8/3/2013
Deep Blood7.69Phillip Thompson7/26/2013
Hell to Pay5.79Jenny Thomson7/26/2013
Lady Justice and the Lottery7.99Robert Thornhill and Peg Thornhill8/6/2013
Summer Storms0.99Jack Thorpe8/6/2013
A KISS IS JUST A KISS0.99Robert W. Tinsley8/7/2013
SMOKE AND MIRRORS0.99Robert W. Tinsley8/4/2013
Corpse on the Court3.19Deborah Tisdale7/30/2013
Who the hell is Schimanski? (German Edition)3.49Ernesto Che Toller8/6/2013
Death by Education, a novel2.99Tina Tomei8/6/2013
UP AND GONE (Dan Ballantine Mysteries)5.99Mark Travis8/4/2013
The Spring of Azumino Hinata Hospital (Japanese Edition)9.50Masahito Tsunokai8/6/2013
I Am The Guardian0.99Chas Tuer8/4/2013
The Crimes of Charlotte Bronte: The Secret History of the Mysterious Events at Haworth7.89James Tully8/1/2013
No Way Back6.49J.B. Turner7/30/2013
Cutter's Wake3.19Lynn M. Turner7/30/2013
Jahrestag (German Edition)1.66Alexander Urban7/29/2013
Juan Fantasma (Spanish Edition)4.99Ricardo Madriñán Valderrama7/29/2013
Faux Visages (Les Aventures du Loup Solitaire) (French Edition)6.40Louis Joseph Vance,Théo Varlet,Louis Postif and Jean-Daniel Brèque8/4/2013
Divina de la muerte. Asasinato no centro comercial (Spanish Edition)2.99Jorge Emilio Bóveda and Vault7/30/2013
The Beard of the Prophet: A Mr. Budd Classic Crime Tale2.99Gerald Verner7/30/2013
Luck Be a Lady (Tahoe Tessie Mysteries)3.99Gemma Halliday and T.Sue Versteeg8/13/2013
I Took Grandma To The Strip Club0.99Brad Vertrees7/29/2013
Una tranquilla cittadina di provincia (I Misteri di Villa Brandi) (Il Commissario Caterina Ruggeri) (Italian Edition...1.30Stefano Vignaroli7/31/2013
Kiss of Life (Kiss Trilogy)0.99Debbie Viguie8/6/2013
Show on blood (Russian edition)3.83Anna Vladimirskaya and Petr Vladimirskiy8/4/2013
Shooting Genji4.99Richard Voorhees7/29/2013
The Albuquerque Turkey5.99John Vorhaus8/3/2013
Territory (An Oliva West Crime Thriller) (Thin Blood)0.99Luan Vorster8/1/2013
Catch Your Death, All Fall Down, Killing Cupid: 3-Book Thriller Set12.74Mark Edwards and Louise Voss8/1/2013
Le Cercle Rouge (French Edition)0.99Edgar Wallace7/25/2013
Il fante di fiori (eNewton Zeroquarantanove) (Italian Edition)-1Edgar Wallace8/6/2013
Il ritorno del mago (eNewton Zeroquarantanove) (Italian Edition)-1Edgar Wallace8/6/2013
L'inafferabile (eNewton Zeroquarantanove) (Italian Edition)-1Edgar Wallace8/6/2013
The Fair God by Lew Wallace0.99Lew Wallace8/1/2013
Das Gesetz - Alte Freunde (German Edition)2.11John Grisham and Imke Walsh-Araya7/29/2013
The Secrets of Harry Bright11.99Joseph Wambaugh8/14/2013
The Girl Who Was Clairvoyant (The Mrs Charles Murder Mysteries)2.99Mignon Warner8/6/2013
Pure Illusion (Web of Deception #1)3.99Michelle Watson7/29/2013
Unwanted Visitor4.99Marjelene A. Watts8/1/2013
Revenge5.69Debra Webb7/30/2013
Der Königsberg-Plan: Thriller (German Edition)7.13Alexander Weiss8/1/2013
The Earl Walker Mysteries (3-in-1 Cozy Mystery Collection)4.99Chris Well8/4/2013
A Chain of Evidence4.99Carolyn Wells7/31/2013
Wolfe Odyssey (The Time To Tell, Book II, Thriller Suspense)4.99H.C. Wells7/29/2013
Do Or Diner: A Comfort Food Mystery7.59Christine Wenger8/6/2013
Killer Chameleon5.69Chassie West7/30/2013
Bad Apple5.99Richard S. Wheeler8/6/2013
Fantomas in America5.99David White8/4/2013
The Catherine Wheel0.99Niya White7/29/2013
La Colère de Némésis (French Edition)6.80Rod J. White8/3/2013
Compound Fractures12.74Stephen White8/20/2013
Accident- or Homicide2.99Bo Widerberg7/30/2013
Disappearance0.99Ryan Wiley8/1/2013
Blood Guardians (Blood Guardians #1)0.99Heidi Willard7/28/2013
Peeping Tom1.49Siler Williams8/7/2013
Bad Blood: A Crime Novel12.99Arne Dahl and Rachel Willson-Broyles8/13/2013
The First Horseman: Number 1 in series (Thomas Treviot)9.99D. K. Wilson8/8/2013
The blind instinct (Russian edition)4.78Andreas Winkelmann8/7/2013
Pacific Clipper & Selected Short Subjects9.99Will Bellais and Carl Wise8/1/2013
Tam, 250.99John Wither8/4/2013
Threads of the Jade (Jade Trilogy)4.99Dalia Woodliff8/7/2013
The Making Of A Man9.59John Worth8/6/2013
The Attic Murder: An Inspector Combridge & Mr. Jellipot Classic Crime Novel2.99S. Fowler Wright7/30/2013
Black Widow: A Classic Crime Novel2.99S. Fowler Wright7/30/2013
Last Resort 1 in both English and Japanese (Japanese Edition)3.00Takashi Yama8/4/2013
A Thug's Redemption 3: The Wrath of Andre5.99The Author- Yani8/1/2013
The Realm of Last Chances12.99Steve Yarbrough8/6/2013
Charlotte Mary Yonge, 6 Works Collection, Volume 2: The Carbonels, The Chaplet Of Pearls, The Clever Woman Of...3.99Charlotte Mary Yonge7/30/2013
Parade (Vintage Contemporaries Original)9.99Shuichi Yoshida8/13/2013
Ich will vergelten: Thriller (German Edition)7.39Mari Hannah and Sigrun Zühlke8/19/2013
The Victorian Murders3.00Gerald Zabell8/7/2013
Elixir de Vênus (Portuguese Edition)5.99Raul Zambello7/29/2013
Hyperchaos 9D (German Edition)0.99Peter Zauberpunk8/1/2013
Death Will Extend Your Vacation: A Humorous New York Mystery; Bruce Kohler #3 (The Bruce Kohler Series)0.99Elizabeth Zelvin7/29/2013
Schlankheitswahn (Ein Fall für Lizzy Gardner) (German Edition)4.99T. R. Ragan and Peter Zmyj8/20/2013
The conquest of Plassans : or The priest in the house ; a realistic novel0.99Emile Zola8/1/2013
Enemy Among Us:Whistle-blower0.99Shelia Zulfiqar8/4/2013
ABAJAM Chronicles: Two Families Lost in Time3.99A.R.E.M.8/7/2013
Tether's End3.98Allingham, Margery and MonkeyBone Publications8/3/2013
yamiyonokaigohelper (Japanese Edition)1.10FUJISAWASHUUICHI7/30/2013
A TREASURY OF SAYERS STORIES1.79Sayers, Dorothy and MonkeyBone Publications7/31/2013

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