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Fantasy Kindle ebooks between 9/18/2013 and 10/1/2013.

Fantasy Kindle ebooks between 9/18/2013 and 10/1/2013.

The goal of this blog is to provide a way to quickly scan new releases in Amazon. Amazon's default search mechanism only shows 10 results at a time, which makes it very difficult to find new books, since hundreds of books are released every week. This article will reduce the amount of clicking and page loads required to see what was released. For more information see About the New Ebook Release Blog.

Below are some books that I found interesting during this timeperiod. I'm sure that there are other interesting books, I encourage people to point out good books in the comments.

Recomended Releases

Bastion: Book Five of the Collegium Chronicles (A Valdemar Novel)Mercedes LackeyA new Valdemar novel
Stonecast (A SPELLMASON CHRONICLE)Anton StroutI read the first book, I will pick this one up as well.
With a Single Spell: A Legend of Ethshar (Legends of Ethshar)Lawrence Watt-EvansA great novel. One of my favorite books of all time.
The IncrementalistsSteven Brust and Skyler WhiteI love Steven Brust and look forward to reading this book.

Between 9/18/2013 and 10/1/2013: 1266 Fantasy Kindle books were released. Click 'Read More' to see the complete list

Released Books Kindle ebooks

TitlePriceAuthor(s)Release Date
Тристан и Изольда1.99Жозеф Бедье9/30/2013
Приключения Алисы в Стране Чудес1.99Льюис Кэрролл and Михаил Блехман9/25/2013
Маленький Мук и другие лучшие сказки1.99Вильгельм Гауф9/24/2013
The Darkling25.00Cosmic ~9/22/2013
Roula - Die Königin der Finsternis (German Edition)3.99S. H. Abelard9/21/2013
tsubo wo kawaseru onna (Japanese Edition)200.00daigyouji a9/25/2013
A Gathering of Twine (The Spirals of Danu)5.49Martin Adil-Smith9/21/2013
A Lady of Resources: A steampunk adventure novel (Magnificent Devices)4.99Shelley Adina9/29/2013
A Brave Youth and A Fair Maiden. Russian Fairy Tales2.99Aleksandr Afanasyev,Irina Lobatcheva,Amanda Bosworth and Ivan Bilibin9/30/2013
THE IMMACULATE PERCEPTION: A Life's Journey3.99Karon Aghotte9/27/2013
As Árvores Sagradas de Nod (Os Tronos da Luz) (Portuguese Edition)5.99Cristina Aguiar9/19/2013
A Profecia de Hedhen (Os Tronos da Luz) (Portuguese Edition)5.99Cristina Aguiar9/25/2013
Bewitch: Book One0.99M. Aishvarya9/25/2013
Many in One: A Collection of Short Stories3.99Saligrama K. Aithal9/19/2013
The Quiet Front (The Gunpowder Gods)0.99Tim Akers9/21/2013
Drachenspeise - Ein Märchen für große Mädchen (German Edition)4.00Alice Alderwood9/19/2013
Lifebreath1.99Harper Alexander9/20/2013
Canticle2.99James Alexander9/30/2013
The Stars Were Right5.99K.M. Alexander9/30/2013
The Fall of the Enigma (The Chronicles of Aallandranon)3.99Benjamin Allen9/30/2013
The Firebird0.99Bret Allen9/18/2013
Wednesday the Tenth / A Tale of the South Pacific by Grant Allen1.49Grant Allen9/19/2013
archurain0.00joseph allison9/25/2013
Experimental Moon3.99Marc Alvarez9/30/2013
Weird Tales of Dark Fantasy: Book 25.99Jeff Ambrose9/30/2013
The Pit and The Beast2.99Jeff Ambrose9/27/2013
The Ghoul King3.99Jeff Ambrose9/26/2013
The Bleak Train2.99Jeff Ambrose9/25/2013
A Couple of Fair-e-Tales1.99Willa Ames9/18/2013
Nemesis8.35Julian Ammons9/24/2013
Taming the Goblin (The McGunnegal Chronicles)0.99Ben Anderson9/20/2013
War of the Worlds: Global Dispatches6.39Kevin J. Anderson9/24/2013
Dragon Talker3.99Steve Anderson9/22/2013
The Final Formula0.99Becca Andre9/26/2013
A vilashi e os Dragões (Almakia) (Portuguese Edition)5.99Lhaisa Andria9/19/2013
Cronache di Wolfopolis I Amore e Vendetta (Italian Edition)3.85Teresa Angelico9/21/2013
La sposa di Kyoto (Italian Edition)0.99Francesca Angelinelli9/19/2013
Visions (The Gifted Series)4.99Laura N. Anile9/25/2013
Billy Hare & The Nine Lives of Sprinkles the Cat2.99Grannie Annie9/29/2013
After the Nuthatch Fell0.99Dennis Anthony9/24/2013
Prowler0.99Dennis Anthony9/24/2013
Eye of Stone: The Inheritors 11.89Fletcher Anthony10/1/2013
Gods of the Inferno: The Inheritors 22.84Fletcher Anthony10/1/2013
Spirits of the Earth: The Inheritors 33.03Fletcher Anthony10/1/2013
Feast, Stray, Love - #1 Feast2.99Kevin Anthony9/25/2013
Kinetic (The Luminaries)2.99S.K. Anthony9/18/2013
The First Book of Carrie (I Am Carrie Carter)5.00D. Antoinette9/20/2013
La Chèvre d'Or (Illustrated) (French Edition)0.99Paul Arène9/24/2013
Pain Masters Bride0.99G.T. Fleming-Roberts and Rexton Archer9/30/2013
Take me into your Hell (Italian Edition)4.03Diletta Brizzi and Yvan Argeadi9/22/2013
Sadie Sugarspear and the Weeping Willow (The Sugarspear Chronicles: The Strange and Dark Journey of Sadie Sugarspear...2.99Nicole Arlyn9/30/2013
Somnium9.99Tom Arnet9/19/2013
Das Geschwärzte Medaillon XXL-Leseprobe (German Edition)1.61Laura Jane Arnold9/18/2013
The Scar of Heaven (Under Heaven's Skies)3.59Kevin Hess and Kate Arsenault9/30/2013
All the Shadows of the Rainbow (The Vampires of New England Series)4.99Inanna Arthen9/27/2013
Chasing the Shadows: Nikki and Michael Book 35.99Keri Arthur9/24/2013
Victoria Carnahan and the Red Cloaks (1)0.99Ramz Artso and Ramzan Artsikaev9/25/2013
The Adventure of Mr Fox (Short Story Collection Series)2.99Sourabh Aryabhatta9/21/2013
The Mourning Spring (Flesh and Fell)4.99Gregory Ashe9/28/2013
Under Ahys (Flesh and Fell)0.99Gregory Ashe9/28/2013
Blood Flesh Gold : A Vampire Forsaken Novella : 32.99Xan Asher9/18/2013
Marassa3.87Glyn Atkins9/22/2013
Aijika: Demon Diary5.00A Augustus9/19/2013
Der Glaube der Götter (German Edition)7.88Eckbert Aust9/29/2013
Die Essenz des Lebens: Fantasy (German Edition)9.19Eckbert Aust9/29/2013
Jewellica: The Apocrypha of Jewel2.99M.E. Austin9/21/2013
The Atlantis Chronicles (Book One: The Chosen)2.99Erika Avery9/20/2013
The Ankhs2.99Amira Awaad9/27/2013
Breathing Air0.99Steven Awalt9/23/2013
Okon-emaki Osumigafutinodaijya (Japanese Edition)6.50Saitou Asuka and Tomari Ayame9/29/2013
The Inquisitor's Song (New Adult Fantasy Novel)0.99Ava Ayers9/29/2013
White Nights6.99Ransom Backus9/21/2013
Hidden Earth Series Volume 2: Planet Land - The Adventures of Cub and Nash4.99Janet Beasley and Dar Bag9/20/2013
Rage's Echo8.99J.S. Bailey10/1/2013
Iron God Killer1.99Russell Baines9/24/2013
Mila and Spellbound: The eerily beautiful life of a cat2.99Marlon Baker9/21/2013
Fifty Famous Stories Retold and Other Stories1.99James Baldwin9/18/2013
Aethernet Magazine Issue 75.00Tony Ballantyne,Chris Beckett,Keith Brooke and Eric Brown9/29/2013
Confronting the Demon2.99Ciara Ballintyne9/24/2013
Stella in the Sky4.99Sergio Bambarén9/18/2013
Abraxmata (German Edition)12.90Andrea Bannert9/18/2013
Eternal Winter: Lost Cities2.99Corinne Banning9/24/2013
Revelations of the Witch of Endor (Book 7 in the Witch of Endor series)2.99Theron C. Barger9/28/2013
HRH = Her or His Royal Heart2.99Alon Bargil9/28/2013
Cats in Command and Other Stories0.99C. M. Barrett9/20/2013
Monster (A Twisted Fairytale)3.99MK Barrett9/18/2013
Redemption2.99C. J. Barry10/1/2013
Mercy's Magic (Mercedes Cruz #1)0.99P.J. Day and Elizabeth Basque9/18/2013
Fiaba Principessa Stella (Italian Edition)1.00ALESSANDRA BASTIA9/25/2013
As the Last Petal Lingers1.99I.C. Basye9/22/2013
Extravington0.99I.C. Basye9/22/2013
Samuel Black and the Book of Life2.99I.C. Basye9/22/2013
Tomorrowland9.99Joseph Bates9/23/2013
'Til Death Does His Part2.99S.E. Batt9/24/2013
Kitsune-Mochi (Kitsune Tales)3.99Laura VanArendonk Baugh9/25/2013
The L. Frank Baum Collection 34 books in one!1.99L. Frank Baum9/27/2013
Laryn Rising (The Chronicles of Nequam)3.99Jenny Baxter9/30/2013
Quest for God's Hidden Creatures: The Legacy of the Doors0.99Tom Bazow9/29/2013
Kaskadenblau (German Edition)2.99Konrad Beck9/25/2013
The Ways of Mages: Starfire-1Catherine Beery10/1/2013
The Three Swords (The Ways of Mages)2.99Catherine Beery9/23/2013
Year of the Demon: A Novel of the Fated Blades7.99Steve Bein10/1/2013
Prom Night: Carrie's Revenge2.99Elise Bellarose9/30/2013
Luminous: An Alternate Reality....Is The Real One0.99E. Bell9/18/2013
Vampire Nocturne (Sabrina Strong series)3.99Lorelei Bell9/25/2013
Behind the Veil (A Celeste Cross Book, #2)3.99Odette C. Bell9/29/2013
Fragments (A Celeste Cross Book, #2)3.99Odette C. Bell9/29/2013
Witch's Bell Book Five3.99Odette C. Bell9/29/2013
Ki Book One0.99Odette C. Bell9/28/2013
Ki Book Two3.99Odette C. Bell9/28/2013
Witch's Bell Book Four3.99Odette C. Bell9/28/2013
A Second Chance Unleashing the Power of Good3.99Horatio M Bennett and Natasha Bearden Bennett9/26/2013
VerHEISSung - Sternhagelwinter (German Edition)11.25Waltraud Grampp and Garbriele Benz9/24/2013
Cathexis (Prophecy of the Amber Eye)9.64NT Bergeron9/29/2013
Mon'te'nhi (Die Chroniken der Drachenschwerter) (German Edition)3.50Ayleen Bernard9/28/2013
xo Orpheus: Fifty New Myths7.99Kate Bernheimer9/24/2013
Thief of War: A Tor.Com Original1.99Beth Bernobich9/18/2013
Comic Insects (Illustrated)0.99R.A.S. Reid and Berry F. Berry9/27/2013
Cleoth e Arkh (Italian Edition)3.20Sergio Bertoni9/18/2013
The Gates of Hades (Hercules)7.59John Gregory Betancourt9/24/2013
Once Upon a Time in a Village (Women on The Edge)3.99Karoline Bethea-Jones9/25/2013
Shifting Winds (Secrets of Nevermore)0.99SK Bhorem9/22/2013
Twisted Path (Secrets of Nevermore)3.99SK Bhorem9/26/2013
Analindë (The Chronicles of Lóresse)7.29Melissa Bitter9/20/2013
Five Empires: Wasps1.99Joely Black9/19/2013
Hunter's Moon (The Godstone War)3.99Marcus Black9/29/2013
One Bite (Book 2) (Blood Prince)4.54Jennifer Blackstream9/29/2013
Incredible Adventures (Illustrated and Annotated)0.99Algernon Blackwood9/25/2013
There is a Dragon in My Closet8.99Raymond Leo Blain10/1/2013
When Shadows Fall (The First Book of the Small Gods)4.99Bruce Blake9/27/2013
Dream Lover (No Ordinary Lovers Collection)0.99Jennifer Blake9/20/2013
Unter der schwarzen Flagge: Piraten in der Karibik (German Edition)2.83Klaus Blochwitz9/25/2013
Retsbol Rises: An Abenaki Lobster Tale3.99Jayne Rowe Jones and Thomas Block9/24/2013
Dare Me: 5 (The Demon Underground Series)9.99Parker Blue9/20/2013
Mia and the Secret of the Cottage1.40Andrea Boettcher9/19/2013
A Model's Dream15.00Lisa-Marie Enaaja and Master Bola9/21/2013
The Convict and the Captive: Book Two2.99Adam Bolander9/26/2013
Die Kraft 1 (German Edition)3.81Andrea Bolena9/24/2013
Stärkere Kraft (Kraft 2) (German Edition)4.33Andrea Bolena9/24/2013
Midrealm (Realm Keepers)7.99Garrett Robinson and Z. C. Bolger9/22/2013
Realm Keepers: Book One Finale2.99Garrett Robinson and Z. C. Bolger9/19/2013
Seaborn (Masters of the Elements)4.99S. A. Bolich9/23/2013
Lincoln in the Basement2.99Jerry Cowling and Johanna Bolton9/26/2013
The Dragonfly Kingdoms:Discovery, Book One4.99Nicole Jamison and Laura Bona9/29/2013
Magic For Hire2.99WL Emery and Tina Bongorno9/20/2013
Dark Princess - The Beginning9.99Maxine Booker9/22/2013
Andy The Silly Animal - Book 2 of The Silly Animal Series by Sprogling0.99Sprogling's Children's Books9/25/2013
Hamanotha (French Edition)1.25Patrick Bouchet9/29/2013
Neutrino (French Edition)1.25Patrick Bouchet9/29/2013
Fatum (French Edition)1.25Patrick Bouchet9/28/2013
The Lost Princess (The Dream Chronicles)3.99Austin Bouse9/27/2013
War in the Backyard: Knock Knock0.99Spike Bowan9/25/2013
Wicked Embers (Sequel to Spur of the Moment)0.99Candace C. Bowen9/18/2013
Dracul vs. Lilyt: Book 12.99Nate Brad9/27/2013
Carnage (Remastered) (A Rising Knight)0.99Vladimir Duran and Shane Braithwaite9/26/2013
The Illusion of Control (The Saulzar Codex)0.99Aaron Brander9/29/2013
The Mystical Lands of the Wizard: Confrontation5.99R.D. Brawn9/23/2013
Elf Queen2.99S. M. Brennan9/30/2013
Un Ciel Rouge... (French Edition)7.82Maud Galichet and Éditions Brettshe9/24/2013
Second Site (Splashdown Droplets SHORT STORY)0.99Grace Bridges9/22/2013
The Third Heaven: The Rise of Fallen Stars3.99Donovan Neal and Adele Brinkley9/21/2013
Spittin' Grits4.99Maggie Brogden9/22/2013
Dido's Tale0.99Anne Brooke9/26/2013
Shattered Nation6.99Jeffrey Brooks9/24/2013
Bestia (Sons of Mil)2.99Nancy Brooks9/29/2013
Tamed2.99Douglas Brown9/24/2013
The Rise of Cridon (The Light of Epertase)4.99Douglas R. Brown9/18/2013
La Leyenda del la Bloodstone (Walkers Tiempo) (Spanish Edition)0.99E.B. Brown9/22/2013
Of Vhielo y Virtue (Walkers Tiempo) (Spanish Edition)2.99E.B. Brown9/22/2013
Return de la Pale Feather (Walkers Tiempo) (Spanish Edition)2.99E.B. Brown9/22/2013
Larantyne (Prince of the Northlands)2.99Marie Brown9/29/2013
Mythic Delirium Magazine Issue 0.22.99Georgina Bruce,Liz Bourke,Jennifer Crow and Patty Templeton9/30/2013
Fireworks in the Rain: A Tor.Com Original0.99Steven Brust9/25/2013
The 9 Sisters-1Frank Buchan9/30/2013
Eventyr's End (An Outline of Universes)7.99Jacob Buchowiecki9/21/2013
Prentice and his Bog Brush0.00Melissa Buckley9/26/2013
A CRY TO SANTA0.99Michael P Buckley9/25/2013
The Unusual Dragon Slayer0.99Grant Buckweed9/19/2013
The Necromancer's House10.99Christopher Buehlman10/1/2013
The Chosen2.99Andrea Buginsky9/28/2013
Hong Kong Werewolf (Urban Werewolves Series)1.24Mary Burnett9/20/2013
Torrent (Rust & Relics, Book 1)3.99Lindsay Buroker9/21/2013
The Mound1.25Hal Burton9/25/2013
Rise of the High King4.99Deborah Brewer and Charles Ernest Butler9/25/2013
The Odyssey: Illustrated Edition4.88Homer and Samuel Butler9/28/2013
Bonus Content -- BLOOD OF THE LAMB (Sam Cabot's Novels of Secrets)0.99Sam Cabot,SJ Rozan and Carlos Dews9/22/2013
il viaggio (Italian Edition)9.99michele caiafa9/29/2013
Elnenok0.99C.J. Cala9/18/2013
The Devil's Pawn (The Devil's Game)2.99Lee Calderbank9/25/2013
Aquamancer (mancer series)4.99Don Callander9/30/2013
A Berserker Tale: Monsters and Men (True Immortals Saga)2.99Cameron Camacho9/30/2013
Hunter (Demons of Oblivion)4.99Skyla Dawn Cameron9/30/2013
Bloodlines (Demons of Oblivion)2.99Skyla Dawn Cameron9/27/2013
Whiskey Sour (and Other Stories) (Demons of Oblivion)2.99Skyla Dawn Cameron9/27/2013
Rugby Renegade6.00Anthony Morris and Stuart Campbell9/18/2013
The Rise of Renegade X (Renegade X, Book 1)3.99Chelsea M. Campbell9/22/2013
The Queen and Her Prisoner (Shoga Warriors)0.00Dee Jacobpito and Rawl Campbell-Dunn9/29/2013
Coven (The Elise Michaels Series, #1 )3.99K.A. Young and Kristin Campbell9/29/2013
The Assassin's Rose (An Immortal Games Novella)0.99KaSonndra Leigh and Kristen Campbell9/27/2013
Greek Gods - Ancient Greek Mythology Gods0.00Susan Canole9/27/2013
Shiny New Swindle4.99Simon Cantan9/24/2013
Sergente Romano (Italian Edition)0.00Marco Cardetta9/27/2013
Fire's Love (Elemental Series)4.99Alex E Carey9/29/2013
Autumn Bones: Agent of Hel10.99Jacqueline Carey10/1/2013
History of Friedrich II of Prussia, Part I: (Vol.1-Vol.5): Book I, Book II, Book III, Book IV, Book V3.99Thomas Carlyle9/18/2013
Solange (Solange Series)1.99Rodric Cascio9/29/2013
Shadowskin3.99Bethany Cassel,Kristen Andryshak and Alexes Spencer9/20/2013
Ghalien - A Novel of the Otherworld (The Otherworld Trilogy)2.99Jenna Elizabeth Johnson and Monica Castagnasso9/22/2013
Celestria (Shadow Lord book one)3.99Dale Castle9/23/2013
Invasion (Shadow Lord book 13)3.99Dale Castle9/23/2013
Luminosity (The White Road Chronicles)2.99Jackie Castle9/23/2013
The Lies that Bind (Hand of Fate)0.99Jessica Catherine9/25/2013
The Hobbit: Illustrated Edition6.98J.R.R. Tolkien and Jemima Catlin10/1/2013
Creed Blood (The Creed Sworn)4.99Sunny Celts9/20/2013
Contra El Destino (Spanish Edition)2.99Andrés Salado Cereijo9/18/2013
Ikkibu and the Water Clock of Babylon8.99Eitan Chamberlin9/30/2013
The Dwellers Below (The Eighth City)0.99R.C. Champagne9/30/2013
Tempt the Stars: A Cassie Palmer Novel4.55Karen Chance10/1/2013
3 Wünsche: drei magische Kurzgeschichten (German Edition)6.50Marlon Baker and Lewis Chapman9/21/2013
The Druid's Wisdom: Die Sicht der Dinge (German Edition)0.99Marlon Baker and Lewis Chapman9/21/2013
Defiled Isle4.99Ben Charters9/25/2013
Six Times a Charm0.99Deanna Chase,Angie Fox,Julie Kenner and Mindy Klasky9/19/2013
The Pied Piper of Hamelin4.99John Chater9/22/2013
The Princess and the Pea4.99John Chater9/22/2013
The Wolf Cub4.99John Chater9/22/2013
We Live Inside Maps Part 1 (The Broken Skyline)4.99Washington E. Chavez9/19/2013
The Conjurer4.99Doug Christi9/30/2013
Secret Society Seeking New Members (The Whiffler's Promise)-1D. B. Christopher9/30/2013
Twinned With Darkness0.99Kayleigh Clarke9/18/2013
I Am A Demon3.99Rory Clark9/28/2013
Anna And The Underground Realm3.99S. Claus9/29/2013
The Crystal Conflict:The Children of Enoch Series3.99D.C. Claymore9/26/2013
Gears and Blood 10.99Delia Voss and August Clearwing9/30/2013
Imaginary Creatures0.99KC Cleveland9/30/2013
Bogeymen2.99Bethany Mathews and Josh Coblentz9/30/2013
Knife in the Dark2.99James Coker,Joshua Coker and Morgan Hadley9/22/2013
Moonless3.99Crystal Collier9/18/2013
Fall to the Sky: Genesis2.99Anthony Combs9/26/2013
Bedlam Stories8.99Christine Converse,Pearry Teo and Aurelio Voltaire9/24/2013
The Wild Hunt. The Messenger of magicians (Russian edition)5.47Elspeth Cooper9/28/2013
The Devil's Apology3.00Kevin Cooper9/21/2013
Sera's Gift (Destiny's Trinities)-1Tracy Cooper-Posey9/30/2013
In the Shadows (Lark)2.99Erica Cope9/20/2013
(3) La primera corona + BONUS (Memorias del Diablo) (Spanish Edition)2.00Alexander Copperwhite9/26/2013
Best of Both Worlds - The Heart of a Seeker (A Touch of Magic)0.99Ann Corbett9/19/2013
Sine Tempore (Italian Edition)5.40Claudio Cordella,AA. VV.,Alexia Bianchini and Daniela Barisone9/30/2013
Order of Earth (Elements of Ink)3.99Jennifer Cornet9/18/2013
Called to Battle, Volume 14.99Larry Correia,Erik Scott de Bie,Orrin Grey and Howard Tayler9/25/2013
The Elves of Oregon4.99Stephen Coryelle9/18/2013
Sisters of the Realm2.99Heather Costa9/24/2013
Memory of Trees, The13.99F.G. Cottam10/1/2013
The Travelers2.99Chad Cowgill9/19/2013
Ghost Mate (Soul Mate - Book Three)1.99Richard Crawford9/29/2013
Purgatory1.78Maureen Turner and CreativeLeaf9/30/2013
Keep New England Weird2.99Bernadette Crepeau9/20/2013
A Hunter and His Legion (The Praetorian Series: Book III)2.99Edward Crichton9/22/2013
Fairy and Blood:Lilac2.99William J Crisel9/18/2013
The Hollow Church0.99Amy Cross9/18/2013
Journey (The Beast Within novellas)0.99Melissa Crowe,Kate Forster and Emily Hobson9/20/2013
Fairytale Princess Part 10.99Larry Dela Cruz9/30/2013
Winds of Salem9.78Melissa de la Cruz10/1/2013
The Deception of Sharmok (The Glowing Ember series)3.99Christopher Cushing,WEP Fiction and WEP Fantasy9/19/2013
Ferillyan - Die Waage der Welt (German Edition)8.81Marco Dülk9/24/2013
King Breaker (The Chronicles of King Rolen's Kin)6.99Rowena Cory Daniells9/22/2013
The Ghostly Grammar Boy (The Dusk Duo)1.99Sandra Thompson and Laura Daniel9/20/2013
Blood Reign (The Beginning Saga)5.99Cheryl Daniels9/21/2013
Gonihmarnik (Ukranian edition)3.51Kornіy Dara9/23/2013
Birth of a Dark Nation4.99Rashid Darden9/30/2013
LA NUIT DES SUDISTES (French Edition)3.10Boris DARNAUDET and François DARNAUDET9/26/2013
Blood Omen Book III: Fulfilment (Blood Omen Saga)3.99Katie Ruth Davies9/24/2013
Exodus Rising (Tales of Starlight)7.99Bryan Davis9/29/2013
A Troubled World5.99Megan Davis9/20/2013
The Blue Hour2.99Patti Davis9/30/2013
Sedona's Secret0.99Samantha Davis9/25/2013
Oddbit: Sons of Monsters3.99Don Dawkins,Ali Ayala and Susan Landbo O'Brien9/20/2013
Zeus: We are Gods! (The Olympian New World Series: Book 1)2.99December Dawne9/18/2013
Betrayal of a Witches Secret (The Witches of the Forest)3.00Darrel Day9/29/2013
Liberty Divided (Isle of Fangs Book 2)2.99Alicia Dean9/27/2013
Ancient Aliens and the Lost Islands: Through the Wormhole3.97Lars Bergen and Sharon Delarose9/25/2013
Me vestiré de medianoche (Mundodisco 38) (Fantascy) (Spanish Edition)9.99Terry Pratchett and MANUEL; VICIANO DELIBANO9/19/2013
Celtic Moon5.99Jan DeLima9/24/2013
The Chosen (The Chosen Chronicles)9.99Emma Delling9/21/2013
L'homme fluorescent (French Edition)3.00Véronique Deloste9/24/2013
The Goddess's Wishes (The Child of Calamity Series)1.55Lissette E. Manning and L. B. Cover Art Designs9/30/2013
The Prophesy Begins Part 1 (The Laudacim Saga)4.50J V Desson9/24/2013
Fall of the Minotaur King (Doomed to Prevail)-1Dave Devine10/1/2013
Debunker: Independence Day2.99Dennis Anthony and Rebecca Dickson9/24/2013
The War of the Serpent Swords8.00Matt Dimpel9/20/2013
The X-Ray Man2.99Mohan R D9/18/2013
The Mountain's Shadow (The Lycanthropy Files)4.24Cecilia Dominic10/1/2013
Forever and a Day ("The First" Series)2.99Dawné Dominique9/29/2013
Dreadmire5.00Elizabeth Donald9/27/2013
Alongrid Knights2.99Stephen Dorning9/28/2013
Tribal Mythology and Folklore. North America. The Great Plains. Part 3 (Cultural Heritage Series)3.87George A. Dorsey,George B. Grinnell,Ralph Linton and Mikael de SanLeon9/27/2013
Game Seven5.99Patrick Douglas9/30/2013
Opprobrium9.99Georgia Doukas,Katy Sara Culling,Sue Culling and Ray John Martin9/20/2013
Dragon Kings Saga: The Lightning Storm (Young Adult Edition)2.99David Lee Downing,Laurie Williams and Paul Beeley9/29/2013
The Lost World (Illustrated)0.99Sir Arthur Conan Doyle9/21/2013
Between light and darkness - L'apocalisse (Italian Edition)2.99Iavy Drake9/24/2013
BLACK COVEN (Italian Edition)3.00Iavy Drake9/20/2013
Shadow King0.99Literary Artist Dream9/28/2013
Cat's Confidence (The Chronicles of Charlie Waterman #3)2.99Natasha Duncan-Drake9/29/2013
The Superstitions (Part One)7.99Pawnii Duncan9/18/2013
10 Weird Tales of Magic and Wonder0.99Kyra Dune9/30/2013
ARK (The Natural Selection Trilogy)3.99Mark Dunstan9/24/2013
The Legend of Arthur King0.99Barry Durham9/25/2013
Knights of Charlemagne2.99Ula Waterhouse Echols9/18/2013
Der Schwarze Mann (German Edition)3.99Jack Eden9/25/2013
Of Unicorns and Leprechauns3.99Mark J Edwards9/20/2013
The Legend of Alfhildr8.50HW Coyle and Jennifer Ellis9/20/2013
Glix Leroux is THE ACOLYTE (The Hallah Saga)2.99E T Ellison9/20/2013
The Luck of Madonna 13 (The Last Nevergate Chronicles)2.99E T Ellison9/19/2013
Glix Leroux is THE RISING STAR (The Hallah Saga)2.99E T Ellison9/18/2013
The Turning War: Dragon Masters Pt. IV (Legends of the Dragonrealm)0.99Richard A. Knaak and Larry Elmore9/30/2013
The Chronicle of Casaara3.99R. S. Embach9/26/2013
Musée d'Eliran (French Edition)3.99Maurice Emileli9/20/2013
Forthright and Clement (The Un-Named)2.99Ellen Mae Franklin and Pete Emmerson9/24/2013
Miss Landon and Aubranael (Tales of Aylfenhame)3.99Charlotte E. English9/30/2013
Wobbit (Russian edition)4.78Paul Erickson9/20/2013
Crossing the Dead Line4.99M P Ericson9/25/2013
Betrayal in the Highlands (The Riddle in Stone Series - Book Two)3.99Robert Evert9/22/2013
Snap-Dragons Old Father Christmas2.99J.H. Ewing9/18/2013
Karia's Path (The Day Magic Died)6.99Ian Fallis9/25/2013
The Occult Detective Megapack: 29 Classic Stories0.99J. Sheridan Le Fanu,Seabury Quinn,Robert E. Howard and E. and H. Heron9/26/2013
Carmilla (Illustrated and Annotated)0.99Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu9/30/2013
ARMAGEDDON'S SONG (Volume 3) 'Fight Through' - Abridged Edition7.00ANDY FARMAN9/19/2013
ARMAGEDDON'S SONG (Volume 3) 'Fight Through'7.00ANDY FARMAN9/19/2013
The Feast (The Feast Series)9.99Jenevieve Farr9/27/2013
Labyrinth2.99James Feldman9/23/2013
Encounters3.99Stewart Felkel9/24/2013
Sacred Tales: Short Stories from Ancient India0.99Morris Fenris9/28/2013
The Harvest2.99Anne Ferretti9/24/2013
Monsoon Reign0.99R.C. Fettig9/18/2013
The Crowned (The Blood & Brotherhood Saga, Book 6) (The Blood and Brotherhood Saga)5.99Jeremy Laszlo and WEP Fiction9/18/2013
THE PHANTOM LOVER ( High Fantasy Erotica )0.00Norman Filler9/22/2013
Simone e la rana (Italian Edition)2.99Silvestra Sorbera and Carmelo Firrincieli9/22/2013
Reanimation Reform School7.99Rusty Fischer9/30/2013
Shirah's Erzählungen: Buch 1 - Shirah & Pedro (German Edition)3.62Peter Fleischer9/25/2013
spirits of decay (The Facade Novellas)0.99Heather Fleming9/29/2013
The Frost's Daughter (The Legend of Old Eyes)2.99Stuart Flint9/27/2013
Halloween for a Heroine0.99Eilis Flynn9/30/2013
Broken (The Divine, Book Three)4.99M.R. Forbes9/27/2013
Humblenot and The Robin & The Sparrow (Humblenot's Story Time)1.99Charlie Forrest9/23/2013
Orders From Above7.69J M Forrest9/27/2013
Hitori (A Chronicles of M Story)-1Nicholas Forristal10/1/2013
When a Tear Falls (The One Soul)2.99Peter Forster9/28/2013
Ix, el Mago (Los Guerreros Solares) (Spanish Edition)0.99Nelly Fortet9/21/2013
Walkers: Climax2.99amber fortune9/19/2013
Walkers: Epicenter2.99Amber Fortune9/18/2013
Forgotten in Darkness (Scimitar Magi)5.99Zoe Forward9/22/2013
The Dwarf War (The Half Dwarf Prince)2.99J.M. Fosberg9/25/2013
Grip of Mortality (Imprint Series)0.99C.L. Foster,Victoria Bright and Bookfabulous Designs9/29/2013
Fire on Iron (Midnight's Inferno: the August Micholson Chronicles)5.99Andrew Fox9/29/2013
The King's Will (Epic Fantasy Romance)2.99Michelle Fox9/19/2013
Caged Instinct (Animal Heritage)2.99patricia franklin9/20/2013
Great Southern Land (Tales of Australia)4.99Stephen C. Orms and Ellen Mae Franklin9/26/2013
Where Waters Meet8.99John Franks9/28/2013
FURTHER TAILS5.00N. "Karmakat" Franzett,Behemel Fatereaver,Xi "Wuffy" Silverwind and Jake Lioner9/29/2013
Blood Relations (Family by Choice)5.99Caroline Frechette9/24/2013
Transitions (The Atlantis Chronicles)1.00Jason Fredericks9/18/2013
The Stone of Destiny (Rathbone & Merryweather)4.69Richard Fredericks9/30/2013
Hero is a Four Letter Word2.99J.M. Frey9/22/2013
The Jewel Folk (Lionstone)3.99Tom Frye9/28/2013
Star-Crossed (Starfall)5.99W.A. Fulkerson9/26/2013
Amazon Sisters4.99Barbara G.Tarn9/25/2013
Angel & Faith Volume 4: Death and Consequences10.09Christos Gage,Scott Allie,Sierra Hahn and Various9/18/2013
A Demon's Redemption - Book 3 of the Unholy Trinity2.99Daniel Gage9/19/2013
Riders From Hell - Book 4 of The Unholy Trinity2.99Daniel Gage9/30/2013
Burn - A Short Story (A File From The EDC)0.99Daniel Gage9/26/2013
Historic tales of old Quebec0.99George Gale9/25/2013
Entangled: Broken Fairy Tales1.99Rabia Gale9/27/2013
Scattered Fates - a novel on the second partition of India0.99Ram Garikipati9/26/2013
Secrets in the Woods1.59PS Garretty9/22/2013
Iron Made: Book Two in the Forged by Magic Trilogy2.99S. L. Gavyn9/28/2013
El Grito Salvaje (Spanish Edition)2.99María Inés Gebel9/22/2013
The Crest (Mentor Chronicles)6.99Steve Gerali9/23/2013
A Perception of Dreams (The Tabitha Hale Saga)6.99Andrea Gerber,Jonathan Ingram and LeeAnne Ingram9/19/2013
Theft of a Myth (Chronicles of the Dreamer Witch)0.00Regina Geroulanou9/22/2013
O Homem que me Chamava de Anjo (Portuguese Edition)0.99Juliana Giacobelli9/24/2013
Traitor Savant (Second Seal of the Duelists)4.99Jasmine Giacomo9/18/2013
The Bloodline (PART OF THE BLOODLINE VAMPIRE SERIES)3.99Paul Gibson9/18/2013
The Crystal Trident, An Archer Adventure (The Archer Adventures)3.99Katharine Giles9/28/2013
Milano Doppelganger (Italian Edition)1.62Alessandro Girola9/25/2013
River of Ghots: A Cedar Valley Odyssey8.99Robert Gish9/23/2013
The Power of Twelve9.99William Gladstone9/24/2013
The Machinist: Making Time0.99Alexander Maisey and Doug Glassford9/30/2013
Sturm der Gefühle: Roman (German Edition)7.39Christine Feehan and Ursula Gnade9/18/2013
Ring of the Farjumpers (The Little People of the Ozark Mountains)2.99Tom Gnagey9/30/2013
In the Balance: An I Bring the Fire Novella (IBF 3.5)1.99C. Gockel9/18/2013
Evenings on a Farm near Dikanki. The Inspector General. Tale (Russian edition)3.04Nikolai Gogol9/23/2013
Kabu Kabu6.99Nnedi Okorafor and Whoopi Goldberg9/29/2013
Sunweavers 3 The Timeless Flower7.99Carolyn Golledge9/28/2013
The Inexplicable Expenditure (Abigail Abernathy Volume 2)0.99TR Goodman9/18/2013
The Fey Queen (A Fey Affair)2.99Byron Gordon9/22/2013
The King's Gate (A Fey Affair)2.99Byron Gordon9/22/2013
The Knight Errant (A Fey Affair)2.99Byron Gordon9/22/2013
A Noble Pawn (A Fey Affair)2.99Byron Gordon9/22/2013
The Wizard of Wyrrid (A Fey Affair)2.99Byron Gordon9/22/2013
The Dark Tower (A Fey Affair)0.99Byron Gordon9/21/2013
Deception (CCR)0.99Sarah Kelsey and Rielle Gordon9/29/2013
Once Upon a Time: New Fairy Tales6.99Theodora Goss,Caitlin R. Kiernan,Tanith Lee and Genevieve Valentine9/29/2013
The TRIALS OF NIAN GAO... A tale of Resistance & Escape!5.99Mark Govier9/30/2013
Curse of the Druid King (Elvenshore Series)2.99Clark Graham9/25/2013
XXL-Leseprobe: Sophias Krieger (German Edition)1.20Dana Graham9/25/2013
Beneath a Blood Red Moon (Alliance Vampires)3.99Heather Graham9/27/2013
On the Road Again (Two for the Road)0.99James Graham9/19/2013
Prelude to a Brawl (Two for the Road)0.99James Graham9/27/2013
The Runaways FIVE CHAPTER SAMPLE (Book One of the Black Lords Trilogy) (Young Adult Epic Fantasy)0.99Brandon Grant9/18/2013
Strider - I marchiati di Minharan (Italian Edition)2.69Andrea Grassi9/21/2013
Full Moon Station (Shifters and Sorcery)0.99Sabrina Grauman9/19/2013
Off the Beaten Path: Eight Tales of the Paranormal3.99Jason T. Graves,Sharon Sant,Angela Roquet and Monica La Porta9/19/2013
Rise of the Dead Magic (Three Wizards Chronicles)3.99Matt Grawitch9/26/2013
Star (Stars and Shadows)5.99Emilie Graye,Kaylee Bowing and Emilie Graye9/22/2013
In Bad Spirits (A Dawn Madison Vampire Babylon Novella)0.99Chris Marie Green9/24/2013
A Cook's Tail (Tales of the ShadowWing)0.99Erin Greene9/24/2013
Eire of Intrigue4.95Gavin Green9/29/2013
Unnatural History: Pax Britannia 1 (German Edition)4.99Jonathan Green9/28/2013
Forever After (The Claus Chronicles)2.99Adam Greenwood9/25/2013
Mo Ghár4.99M.E. Greenwood9/22/2013
Do Not Cross Me... Jacob's Death4.57J J Gregory9/18/2013
Legacy and Fate (The Tomes of Legend)0.99Matthew Grice9/26/2013
Bestia (Italian Edition)1.31Anna Grieco9/20/2013
Made in the Image of the Goddess (The Legacy of Zyanthia)5.99Chantelle Griffin9/22/2013
A World's Schism: The Investigator1.99Rowan Griffin9/25/2013
Unbridled: A Collection of Short Stories from the Alex Crocker Series4.99Lauren Grimley9/28/2013
Grimm 's Scary Tales - 1- Le petit chaperon rouge (French Edition)1.00Anthony Luc DOUZET and Frères Grimm9/19/2013
Running on the waves. Scarlet sails (Russian edition)3.04Aleksandr Grin9/24/2013
The Gnomes of the Saline Mountains (Illustrated)0.99Anna Goldmark Gross9/24/2013
The Gnomes of the Saline Mountains1.99Anna Goldmark Gross9/18/2013
The Gnomes of the Saline Mountains A Fantastic Narrative2.99Anna Goldmark Gross9/29/2013
Naughty or Nice9.99Dale Gross9/28/2013
Plasma Frequency Magazine: Issue 8 October/November 20131.99Alexandra Grunberg,Dustin Adams,Robert Pritchard and John H. Dromey9/24/2013
The Bathing Grounds (A Prelude To Drowning)1.99N.G. Guerrette9/28/2013
The Pixie In My Pocket3.50Ryanne Gumfory9/21/2013
Bowl of Beasts4.99Kenneth Guthrie9/30/2013
Silenciosos signos de guerra y sangre (Spanish Edition)6.99Ricardo Guzman9/18/2013
Malice (The Faithful and the Fallen)8.89John Gwynne10/1/2013
Black Satin (Pretty in Black #2)4.99Rae Hachton9/29/2013
Pretty in Black (Pretty in Black #1)3.99Rae Hachton9/29/2013
Spirit Seeker (The Talisa Santiago Series)3.99Jamie Haden9/29/2013
Darkling Child (The Realm)4.75Stephen Hadow9/19/2013
Behaakst (Dutch Edition)2.99Anaïd Haen9/24/2013
De amulet (Dutch Edition)1.49Anaïd Haen9/24/2013
De doublettes (Dutch Edition)0.99Anaïd Haen9/24/2013
IJzer uit steen (Dutch Edition)0.99Anaïd Haen9/24/2013
Toevals verdwijning (Dutch Edition)0.99Anaïd Haen9/24/2013
Balkonade (Dutch Edition)0.99Anaïd Haen9/23/2013
Jada's Pumpkin Adventure (Jada's Adventures)1.99Deborah Hahs9/20/2013
Hildof and the Seven Given Souls (Book 1)2.99Abraham Mehmet and Pnar Hakki9/23/2013
Marooned On A Brown Planet0.99Bennie Hall9/19/2013
Calling the Circle (Butte Tough Series)6.99Debi Hall9/18/2013
The Secret of the Dragons Tears5.99Jodi Hall9/23/2013
Enter the Bluebird4.99Brendan Halpin9/28/2013
Sergeant Pakistan: Awakening1.99Syed Hamdani and Rose Hamdani9/20/2013
A Wolf's Journey3.99Alicia Hamilton9/30/2013
The Amazing Adventures of Rad Terrier and his Friends (The Skinny Bear Tales)3.99larry ham9/26/2013
Der kleine Nussknacker (German Edition)1.61Tina Hammer9/28/2013
Varan's Gambit2.99Latilya Sivar and Shengyi Han9/22/2013
The Dark Issue 12.99Lisa L. Hannett,Nnedi Okorafor,Angela Slatter and Rachel Swirsky9/29/2013
Wrath of trolls (Russian edition)5.47Christoph Hardebush9/24/2013
Stories for Boys6.95Davis Richard Harding9/18/2013
Janus the Arrival3.99Stephen Harding9/20/2013
Extraction: A Kid Sensation Story0.99Kevin Hardman9/23/2013
Gift of the Goddess2.99Kaje Harper9/22/2013
Cursed: A Fallen Siren Novel5.99S.J. Harper10/1/2013
Peaches for Monsieur le Cure: A Novel (Chocolat Trilogy)7.99Joanne Harris9/24/2013
Lost Freedom2.99Alex Hart9/18/2013
Reality (The Life of Arie series)2.99Dani Hart9/19/2013
English Fairy and other Folk Tales (ilustrated), and The Science of Fary Tales0.99Edwin Sidney Hartland9/27/2013
Paint it Black: 4 (The Black Knight Chronicles)6.39John G. Hartness9/18/2013
Tale of the Orb9.99Robb Hassell9/24/2013
Journey To Chaos (Splicers)2.99Eve Hathaway9/22/2013
Unaufhaltsam (German Edition)2.99P.M. Haupt9/21/2013
Forever and Eternity (The Pure Bloods)9.99Amber Hawkins9/23/2013
Sarmiento Sisters5.99Jayla Hawkins9/18/2013
Una Fiesta Selecta (En Espanol Contemporaneo) (Spanish Edition)1.99Nathaniel Hawthorne,Marciano Guerrero and MaryMarc Translations9/22/2013
In Dreams... The Unavoidable Road4.99S.I. Hayes9/28/2013
Osco Boso and the Game of Death (Maji Muku Forest)0.99Teddy Hayes9/28/2013
Persistent Dread2.99John Hayward9/27/2013
The Beleaguered Butler2.99Hilary Headfoot9/24/2013
The Dragons' Fyre (The Dragons' Prophecy)7.00H M Hearing9/24/2013
Claudette in the Shadows3.03MJ Hearle10/1/2013
The Golden Flight (The Shadow Warden)6.40Lindsey Heath9/28/2013
Whiteout0.99Cambria Hebert9/30/2013
Powerless0.99Michael Heitkemper9/18/2013
Maze Hatter5.99M. Gerald Helland9/27/2013
The Pegasus's Lament (The Swordmage Trilogy)2.99Martin Hengst9/26/2013
When Hell is Full4.99J.B. Tilton and Josephine Henke9/29/2013
Eldra part II (The Valkyrie Chronicle)2.99P.A. Henley9/27/2013
The adventures of foxes and chickens The forbidden zone6.76kieran henry,padraic henry and dermot henry9/29/2013
By Right of Conquest: With Cortez in Mexico (Illustrated Edition)0.99G.A. Henty9/18/2013
Facing Death: The Hero of the Vaughan Pit (Illustrated Edition)0.99G.A. Henty9/18/2013
Mirror Thief7.19Jamie Heppner9/25/2013
Christmas in Oz2.99Robin Hess and Andrew Hess9/18/2013
Seelenrausch - Black Diamond (German Edition)9.99Maya L. Heyes9/19/2013
50 Fabeln für Kinder [Illustriert] (German Edition)0.99Wilhelm Hey,Daniel Reich and Otto Speckter9/22/2013
The Liberator4.00Lee Hickey9/18/2013
The Very Swift Witches3.99Wayne Hicks9/29/2013
Elementari Rising (The Elementari)7.99Nancy Hightower9/27/2013
Sex in a Coffin (Kismet Knight, Vampire Psychologist)0.99Lynda Hilburn9/24/2013
jikusyousetsu runbini (Japanese Edition)7.99amakasu hiroshi9/26/2013
Worm and Needle4.99Jason Hirth9/30/2013
Golden0.99Jason Hirth9/24/2013
A Pearl Unknown0.99Jason Hirth9/24/2013
Plasma Frequency: Year One Anthology2.99Michael Hodges,Liz Colter,Kate O'Connor and Beth Powers9/25/2013
Der Hexer 22: Der Clan der Fischmenschen. Roman (German Edition)0.99Wolfgang Hohlbein10/1/2013
Flut: Roman (German Edition)7.26Wolfgang Hohlbein9/25/2013
A Study in Silks5.99Emma Jane Holloway9/24/2013
The Dirge of Briarsnare Marsh (A Dark Hollows Mystery)3.99J. Kent Holloway9/26/2013
Golden Tears (The Secret Society of Magical Medics)4.99Rebekah Honeycutt9/25/2013
The Underwood - Unity of a dragon10.25David Hooton9/25/2013
Fiction Vortex - September 20132.99Dan Hope and Mike Hope9/29/2013
The Saffron Falcon (Transition)0.99J. E. Hopkins9/23/2013
Masked Omen5.00Keara Hopkins9/27/2013
Runemaster (The Shardheld Saga)2.99Paul E. Horsman9/18/2013
Following the Instruction Manual (Adventures of Tom McLemore)0.99Tom Hoskins9/20/2013
Twisted Desires (novella part1)1.99Sarah Hostler9/18/2013
Vada0.00Neil Hotson9/27/2013
Johannes Cabal: The Fear Institute10.67Jonathan L. Howard10/1/2013
The Hour of the Dragon0.99Robert E. Howard9/20/2013
The Three Queens (The Realm Of The Enchantians)1.00Kristen Howe9/21/2013
Aoni (The Realm Of The Enchantians)2.00KRISTEN Howe9/21/2013
Mother of the Moonrat (The Bowl of Souls: Book Five)3.99Trevor H, Cooley9/23/2013
Stone & Blood (A Grey Guards of Avignon Tale)2.99Robert Michael and Amy Hudkins9/29/2013
A Very Christmas Sweet Tooth0.99R. M. Huffman9/25/2013
Sweet Tooth: Lord of the Pies0.99R. M. Huffman9/24/2013
Sweet Tooth: Raise the Dad0.99R. M. Huffman9/30/2013
Sweet Tooth: Heartstaker0.99R. M. Huffman9/25/2013
Green: The Awakening8.69S.M. Huggins9/30/2013
Darkness Betrayed (Torn)2.99Christine Hughes9/26/2013
The Fourth Corner (The Ostrich Line)5.99Frank Hughes9/30/2013
The Beast - The Complete Trilogy9.95David Humphrey9/22/2013
The Beast - An Introduction1.99David Humphrey9/22/2013
Bloodletting: Book 2.1 - Victoria1.99Joe Humphrey9/30/2013
The Man From U.N.D.E.A.D. - Frights and Fireworks (Agent Ward Short Stories)1.60Darren Humphries9/26/2013
Wish2.99Scott Hungerford9/20/2013
A Case of Jitters [Hammond Hill Rectory] [Fright Night for Real]0.99Lyn Murray and Brian Hunter9/24/2013
Scarecrow to the Aliens (Magical Hoboe Orphan Tales)4.99Joe Hunt9/28/2013
The Virago Book Of Erotic Myths And Legends9.79Shahrukh Husain9/19/2013
The Hemunarth [The Black Rose A Chronicle Of The Elves Book 1]3.99Phillip O Stanley II9/30/2013
The Left Hand of Memory (Redlisted)2.99Sara Beaman and Daniel Ingraham9/28/2013
The Rainbow King4.99Chris Ingram9/30/2013
Return of the Maji (The Maji Trilogy)2.99R.D. Ingram9/18/2013
A New Beginning (Between Heaven & Hell)3.99Arielle Irvine9/22/2013
Ride To The Devil (The Devil Series)2.99Brandy Isaacs9/25/2013
Witch's Brew (Lesbian fantasy erotica)2.99Tsukasa Ito9/23/2013
Chosen2.99Rex Ivar,Sarah Dunwoody,Jenna Hawkins and Helen Vicat9/24/2013
Fall from Grace0.99Brent Jablonski9/26/2013
Mira Corpora7.99Jeff Jackson9/24/2013
Boogerberry Tales2.99Uke Jackson9/30/2013
Voice of the Demon (The Books of Elita)6.99Kate Jaco9/19/2013
The Bluesman Collection: Volume 12.99Stuart Jaffe9/30/2013
Das erste Märchenbuch für die Allerkleinsten (German Edition)3.99Albina Jakorewa9/23/2013
Charming (Pax Arcana)8.89Elliott James9/24/2013
The Volatile Amazon (Alliance of the Amazons)3.03Sandy James9/30/2013
Felix and the Pot of Pinks0.99A. R. Jarvis9/29/2013
Koshchei the Deathless0.00A.R. Jarvis9/21/2013
Lines of the Stave (Sacrifice Trilogy Shorts)3.00Victoria Jay9/21/2013
The Warden Successors0.99Felicia Jedlicka9/23/2013
The Warden (Book 2) Rivals1.99Felicia Jedlicka9/30/2013
Yesterday's Promise3.99Denise Jeffries9/24/2013
Fear (The Tower of Allseers: The Rebirth of Man)0.99John Jeremiah9/23/2013
Crimson Honor: Gathering Storm Act One (A Serial Novel)0.99T.D. Jester9/18/2013
The Animal Coven (Kings In Waiting)0.99G Johanson9/21/2013
Steampunk Voyages: Around the World in Six Gears3.99Irene Radford and Julia Verne St. John9/27/2013
Ravens Legacy (Between Fire and Ice)3.99J.N Johnson9/22/2013
Interzone #248 (Interzone Science Fiction & Fantasy)4.99Carole Johnstone,James Van Pelt,Sean McMullen and Greg Kurzawa9/24/2013
The Metamorphosis (Annotated)2.99Franz Kafka and Eugene Jolas9/18/2013
Aurélia sous la terre (Projet Bradbury, #06) (French Edition)1.30Neil Jomunsi9/23/2013
The Blood Warrior (The Blood Warrior Saga)5.99A.E.Harris and Molaundo Jones9/25/2013
Forbidden: A Prince's Most Coveted Possession-1E.L.R. Jones10/1/2013
The Dream Killer (Baako Prophecies)6.99P Jones9/29/2013
The Golden Rule (The Books of Phi)4.99S. A. Jones9/30/2013
A Plague of Magic2.99Linda Jordan9/24/2013
The Duke of the Lilies0.99Angela Jorgensen9/30/2013
RUFFY AND SCRUFFY0.99DP Joseph9/19/2013
Sufi Tales2.99Ali Keyhani and Susan Josephson9/25/2013
Fairy Princess Raena - Lost in the Great Storm2.99Carly van Heerden and Timm Joy9/21/2013
Paracus3.99Brian C. Kuhn Jr.9/29/2013
Tales from the Cube Company Man: An Alternative Cubicle Reality Story2.99L.V. Thomas Jr.9/25/2013
Psi's Beginning2.99BJ Walker Jr9/22/2013
Part Three - The Journey3.00Joseph P Hradisky Jr9/25/2013
A Wizard's Lot (The Woern Chronicles)3.99A.M. Justice9/30/2013
Time Again and Other Fantastic Stories2.99Faith Justice9/28/2013
Days of Yore: Jack the Giant Killer0.00Arin kambitsis9/18/2013
Revenge2.99Kandi Kane9/22/2013
Diary of the Gone0.99Ivan Amberlake and Yannis Karatsioris9/26/2013
Eternidad y un dia (Vintage Espanol) (Spanish Edition)7.99Lauren Kate10/1/2013
Cut From the Same Cloth (Forgotten Planes)5.99Keia Kato-Berndt,Junli Kato,Lillian Kato and Joshua Berndt9/30/2013
The Body Dwellers0.99J.A. Kazimer and Julie Kazimer9/21/2013
In Her Dreams (Incubus / BBW Romance)0.99J.E. Keep and M. Keep9/24/2013
Forest Nymph2.99J.M. Keep9/24/2013
Undercover Stripper 12.99J.M. Keep9/24/2013
Gar: His Book of Scars (Preview Edition) (My Boyfriend is a Werewolf)0.00Claudia Dawn and Cynthia J. Kelley9/23/2013
Waters of Aqnis (Story of Nypre)2.99Thomas Alcorn and Mary Kelly9/29/2013
The Godborn: The Sundering, Book II15.37Paul S. Kemp10/1/2013
A Fairy Tale (The Fairies Series)5.00Caitlin Kerrigan9/21/2013
Faces In The Shadows0.99Simon Kewin9/27/2013
Kzine Issue 72.99Simon Kewin,Mike Phillips,Sarah L. Byrne and Steve Conoboy9/25/2013
Christy the Angel Book 22.99Rebecca Kidd9/18/2013
Minions of the Servant (Athyxian Chronicles)2.99Kevin Davison and Lun Kikogne9/21/2013
Archangel8.69Garry Kilworth9/30/2013
For a Few Silver Coins (Nether Valley Tales)0.99Dave King9/18/2013
John of the Rhine0.99Margaret R Taylor and Kelsey King9/28/2013
Broken Dolls3.99BR Kingsolver9/26/2013
A DEMON'S DIARY0.99Wesley E. King9/30/2013
A DEMON'S DIARY - BOOK II4.99Wesley E. King9/30/2013
Seeds Volume 35.99M.M. Kin9/18/2013
Tribulations (Emma)4.79Shane Kinsella9/30/2013
ACACIA (Sioria Cailleach)2.99Dori Klaproth9/24/2013
Vampire's Bite9.99William M Klepper9/30/2013
Lore of the Underlings: Episode 5 ~ Into the Pit0.99John Klobucher9/20/2013
Fraud at Snowfields9.54Daniel Klock9/29/2013
TriUnia (EarthSpeak Series)5.68Cathie Sherwood and Lisa Knight9/22/2013
Cretaceous Clay & the Black Dwarf (The Chronicles of Cretaceous Clay)2.99Dan Knight,Tina Musial and Yevgen Timashov9/19/2013
Warrior Apes: Journey to the Dead Valley2.99Glenn Knight9/25/2013
The Whispering Tree2.99DeAnna Knippling9/26/2013
The Legends of King Arthur and His Knights (Illustrated and Annotated)0.99Sir Thomas Malory and Sir James Knowles9/20/2013
Mystic2.99Matthew D. Knudsen9/21/2013
The Devil Dances (Nick Englebrecht #2)4.99K.H. Koehler9/27/2013
The Dark War3.99M. W. Kohler9/19/2013
Storm (Wolf Lake, Book 3)2.99Jennifer Kohout9/30/2013
Awakening from the Shadows (The Mirynthir Chronicles, Book 1)4.99Mark P. Kolba9/30/2013
Cytadela (Citadel - Polish Edition)0.99Algis Budrys and W.B. Kolekcja9/30/2013
Welcome to Freakdom (Athalinda and the Dragon's Pearl)2.99May Koliander9/28/2013
The Montsernan Agreement (Tales of the Lore Valley)2.99Kris Kramer9/25/2013
Theme-Thology: Invasion2.99Lisa Kramer,LJ Cohen,Michael Williams and Micha Fire9/25/2013
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The Guardians Crown (The Guardians Series)2.99Wendy Owens and Chelsea Kuhel9/25/2013
Legendi i mifi Drevnei Grecii.Legends and Myths of Ancient Greece (in russian)1.99Nikolay Kun9/23/2013
six samana seventh abroad hospital (Japanese Edition)9.99kowloon kurosawa9/19/2013
The Dark World ( Illustrated )3.99Henry Kuttner9/18/2013
The First Niklaus Werner (Warnings to the Curious #3)1.99S. Anderson Laatsch9/24/2013
Bastion: Book Five of the Collegium Chronicles (A Valdemar Novel)10.99Mercedes Lackey10/1/2013
L'Hérétique de Brocéliande (French Edition)9.00Claude LAFARGUE9/26/2013
Beyond Planets (Beyond Earth Series)2.99Arlene Lagos9/28/2013
A Fairy Tale4.50N Laight9/22/2013
Shattered Fate (Twisted Fate Trilogy)3.99Leri Lake9/25/2013
Storm Demon (The Jake Helman Files)7.99Gregory Lamberson10/1/2013
Blood of the Exiled (Witch Fairy Book 10)3.99Bonnie Lamer9/19/2013
Bert and the Orcs1.99J L Lane9/22/2013
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Hero Dawn:Rise of the Powers2.99Tor Langeland,Doom Diva and Agent Goat9/22/2013
Born of Oak and Silver2.99Marie McKean and Manthos Lappas9/30/2013
Nameless - The Fires Night (Nameless Saga)2.99Simone Lari,Florinda Zanetti and Maddalena Cioce9/22/2013
Gilfeather (The Isles of Glory)3.99Glenda Larke9/23/2013
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The Spirit Keeper: A Novel7.99K. B. Laugheed9/24/2013
Revelations (The Merlin Chronicles)3.99Daniel Diehl and William Lavender9/23/2013
The Rough and the Smooth5.95Robin D. Laws9/28/2013
Pierced Heart6.00Robin D. Laws9/27/2013
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A Sojourn of Sorts7.99Douglas LeBlanc10/1/2013
Brides of the Impaler4.99Edward Lee9/18/2013
Gast4.99Edward Lee9/30/2013
Mythic Hero (The Paladin Files)4.99Jack J. Lee9/20/2013
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Illustrated)0.99L. Frank Baum and Russell Lee9/18/2013
Blut und Harz: Thriller (German Edition)7.84Timo Leibig9/22/2013
The Magic Clock (For Boys Only) (1)0.99Will Lemen9/18/2013
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Part Thirty-four: Uri'el (Shadow Spinner)0.00Andrew Leon9/25/2013
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ANNA AND THE OTHERWHERE3.99Jancis Dienes and Carita Lewis9/30/2013
All This and Love0.99J Lib9/24/2013
Too Dumb to Fear (Fairy Grim Tales)2.45W.C. Liles,Wilhelm Grimm and Jacob Grimm9/29/2013
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The adventures of Oloorin and Co2.99Mikael Lind9/23/2013
The Legender (Arkosaegen)2.99Jason Link9/23/2013
Apex Magazine - Issue 532.99Shira Lipkin,Damien Angelica Walters,Mari Ness and Kelly McCullough9/29/2013
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Sahara Shozan: It was supposed to be a myth.4.95C.J Lledo9/20/2013
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Dragons of the Smoking Mountain: Book 1: Odessa3.99Donna Louise9/30/2013
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LC4A and the Big Test: A Math Storybook (The Duer Press Children's Math Picture Books)0.99K. Sherrerd Lowry9/25/2013
The Shepherd2.99Travis Luedke9/30/2013
The Content and the Consequence2.99Theresa Hartman and Rita Lumpkin9/19/2013
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Don't Be a Hero4.99Darrian Lynx9/21/2013
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The Book of Nothing (The Eighth Power)0.99Paul Lytle9/27/2013
Der Fluch des Gnomen: Fantasy Trilogie (German Edition)2.26Jürgen Müller9/23/2013
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Historia aún no contada (Spanish Edition)7.00Manuel Machado,Angel Ferreyra and Gabriél Herrera9/22/2013
Black and Gold Formation: Chapter 7 The Metal Guru0.99Harvis Mackie9/21/2013
Chimera4.99Kelly Madden9/21/2013
Hero For Hire (Tales From Beyond the End)2.99Merissa McCain and Margaret Madigan9/24/2013
Hercules and the Stymphalian Birds (Hercules labors)2.99Ryan Madison9/24/2013
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Heart of Esor4.99AJ Mallon9/19/2013
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Saxon Triumphant2.50Kenneth Mann9/20/2013
Dragon Fly (Short Plots)0.99Jk Mansi9/20/2013
LA CITE DES DIEUX (French Edition)7.00Markkus Nelrog and Markkus9/28/2013
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Polaris (Spanish Edition)6.50Lorena Martínez,Guadalupe del Río and Miriam Martínez9/29/2013
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Broken Oath9.99D. A. Martin9/29/2013
Among The Shoals Forever0.99Gail Z. Martin9/29/2013
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Parallel (Parallel Worlds)7.50Robert V Martin9/26/2013
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Potente Visionario (Italian Edition)6.00Roberto Martucci9/19/2013
BALListic2.99Joseph Marx9/19/2013
Temple of the Fox0.99Edwin C. Mason9/29/2013
Lord of Snow and Ice5.99Heather Massey9/24/2013
Black Moon Rising (DarkLife Saga)4.99Ronnie Massey9/23/2013
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De bomenjager (Dutch Edition)0.99Django Mathijsen9/24/2013
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Grounded (The Flightless Trilogy)0.99Emily Matthew9/27/2013
Paranormal Short Story Sampler0.99Marla Braziel and K Matthew9/19/2013
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XXl Leseprobe, der Brunnen der Vergänglichkeit. (German Edition)9.99Lisette Mayer9/28/2013
The Legend of the Last Knight: The Saga of Terminus Mundus8.99Michael Mazzaro9/26/2013
Mad Tales2.99Joseph Mazzenga9/28/2013
Indestructible (A Tale of Nalu)0.99J. L. Mbewe9/27/2013
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The Winged Warrior of the Gods7.99Pamela McConnnell9/24/2013
Knight of Gehenna (Hellsong)3.99Shaun O. McCoy9/20/2013
DeadBlood: the sequel to the #1 bestsellng Urban Fantasy, HeartsBlood (Book 2 of Praxis: Blood Magic Paranormal...2.99Carolyn McCray9/27/2013
Unmasking0.99Karen McCullough9/20/2013
The Fall of Ventaris (The Grey City)5.99Neil McGarry,Daniel Ravipinto and Amy Houser9/20/2013
Freedy Filkins, To Rule Them All.5.99Duncan McGeary9/30/2013
Red Hill: A Novel7.36Jamie McGuire10/1/2013
Blade of Truth (Castle Keepers Tales)0.99Diane Lynn McGyver9/28/2013
King Arthur's Sword and Other Arthurian Tales3.99Stuart McHardy9/30/2013
The Good Pup - A Short Story0.99Bridget McKenna9/24/2013
Hope of Candore0.99Ben McKim,Mark Yates and Michael Mandrick9/27/2013
Fen the Sightless - Tale Teller0.99Micheal McShea9/29/2013
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Dark Places Magazine IIII0.99Frank Meilstrup,Robert Cleave,Dave Cardwell and David M. Smith9/30/2013
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Source & Sorcery (THE STRANGELOVE CHRONICLES)4.99John Salonia and Howard Mertine9/30/2013
Wrath of Nefertiti (Russian edition)2.99Gerald Messade9/23/2013
Blood Rain - A Song of Death3.99Victor Methos9/29/2013
Jenseits dieser Zeit: Eine utopische Begegnung mit Gott (German Edition)20.80Max Meyer9/22/2013
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The Yeti5.99Mike Miller9/27/2013
The Lingerie Shop (Book 2) - Worlds Apart0.00Trisha Miller9/28/2013
Everlee & Lee0.99Katya Mills9/24/2013
Crome - Warrior Lover 2 (German Edition)5.49Inka Loreen Minden9/25/2013
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Dross1.99Kelsey Mitchell9/27/2013
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Drache und Phönix: Goldene Federn: Erster Roman (German Edition)3.62Angelika Monkberg9/25/2013
Winter's Dawn (Age of Alphas)2.99Kele Moon9/21/2013
The American Way2.99C. Dennis Moore9/23/2013
Seven Forges6.44James A. Moore9/24/2013
Neighbourhood Witch (A Paranormal Romance)2.99RK Moore9/19/2013
Sekhmet's Revenge (Volume Four)0.99Ashley Nemer and Stacy A. Moran9/28/2013
Sekhmet's Revenge Vol 1 - 42.99Ashley Nemer and Stacy A. Moran9/28/2013
El color del cielo (Narrativa) (Spanish Edition)4.79Santiago Morata9/30/2013
Crooked Pearl (An Atticus Fish Novel)4.99Shaun Morey9/24/2013
Gossip Girl: It's the End of the World and I Love It (Kindle Worlds Novella)1.99Kass Morgan9/24/2013
Blinded, Kahli's Story0.99Vana Morgenstern9/19/2013
Der schwarze Reiter (German Edition)2.99A.F. Morland9/22/2013
A Short Trilogy of Quiet (Not!) (Cady and Sam)2.99Bea Cannon and Ainsley Morris9/20/2013
Once Upon A Time In Arabia (Critical IF gamebooks)3.90Dave Morris,Jon Hodgson and Leo Hartas9/28/2013
Down Among the Dead Men (Critical IF gamebooks)3.90Dave Morris,Leo Hartas and Jon Hodgson9/29/2013
MIAO-SHAN 'The Awakening' (Miao Shan)0.00Gary Morris9/21/2013
The Journals Of The Guardian Book1 'Dawn Of A Hero'0.00Gary.A.M. Morris9/22/2013
The Necklace of Goddess Athena1.00Effrosyni Moschoudi9/27/2013
The Trappist: Majede Motalebi3.99Majede Motalebi9/29/2013
Cipriano contra los vampiros raperos (Cipriano, el vampiro vegetariano) (Spanish Edition)2.99César García Muñoz9/21/2013
Fiabe sarde (Italian Edition)2.99Carlo Mulas9/22/2013
Castle of Archellot0.99Jerry Mullinax9/29/2013
Jasper in Archellot (Castle of Archellot)1.99Jerry Mullinax9/29/2013
Jasper's Grande Fatality (Castle of Archellot)3.99Jerry Mullinax9/29/2013
Posky's Redemption (Castle of Archellot)2.99Jerry Mullinax9/29/2013
Ekawa I5.00Martin Munoz9/20/2013
The Obeah Woman May4.99Andrew Munroe9/23/2013
Caribbean Stories4.99Andrew Munroe9/20/2013
A Kingdom's Fall (The Light of Epertase)2.99Douglas R. Brown and Steve Murphy9/18/2013
Nightfall's Day0.99Lyn Murray,Brian Hunter and Emma Brown9/18/2013
Tod auf weichen Pfoten (German Edition)4.97Sarah Kolbrún and Indra Maria Muschallik9/23/2013
The Essential Marshal Myers Reading Companion2.99Marshal Myers9/25/2013
The Scarecrow King: A Romantic Retelling of the King Thrushbeard Fairy Tale3.99Jill Myles9/22/2013
LES CHRONIQUES DE NARUKA : GAIJINS (French Edition)3.00Chanko Nabe9/21/2013
LES CHRONIQUES DE NARUKA : LE SAMOURAÏ DE FEU (French Edition)3.50Chanko Nabe9/28/2013
Dream Caster (The Dream Cycle)7.99Najeev Raj Nadarajah9/24/2013
Prince Darius and the Dragon Titular9.99Sheffen Naidoo9/25/2013
Cursed0.99Priya Narendran9/20/2013
Emblazed (The Elemental Prophecy)2.99Nikki Narvaez9/19/2013
The Fifth Tunnel3.99D.J. Natelson9/22/2013
Ein Abenteuer zweier kleiner Robben (German Edition)1.99Rita H Naumann9/23/2013
Cobweb Empire (Cobweb Bride Trilogy)5.99Vera Nazarian9/24/2013
The Rising (BALANCE)3.50Glenn Edwards and Tausha Neal9/26/2013
Dragonslayer Stories: Two Short Stories0.00Resa Nelson9/22/2013
Gawain and Ragnell (The Pendragon Chronicles)0.99Ruth Nestvold9/28/2013
Cyrus Legacy - The Prophecy9.99Sara Von Neutegem9/26/2013
Scott F Neve Anthology # 2 Fantasy is my middle name (Fiction and Fragments, Studies and Similes, Idols and Ideas...1.00Scott F Neve9/18/2013
Jeremy is Stuck5.99Rich Neville9/25/2013
All Is Fair: 35.79Emma Newman9/24/2013
Time Travel Inc. - Rewind (German Edition)5.21Laura Newman9/19/2013
Resonant Bronze (Lodestone Tales)2.99J.M. Ney-Grimm9/30/2013
kaedetoki (Japanese Edition)2.00ehonnsa-kurururu and niradukakazuko9/22/2013
The Dust of Ancients (The Lynher Mill Chronicles)4.99Terri Nixon9/25/2013
Sweet Angel2.99Melissa Nolan9/23/2013
How To Raise A Baby...Penguin1.99Anthony Normand9/24/2013
A Maldição do Tempo (VOLKODLÁK) (Portuguese Edition)5.99Roxane Norris9/19/2013
The Life & Times of Poopsie, Muma's Pen3.99Blue North9/28/2013
Vanished from Dust7.99Shea Norwood9/20/2013
Pyteshestvie Neznaiki v Kamennii gorod (in russian) (Priklucheniya Neznaiki)1.99Igor Nosov9/26/2013
Ostrov Neznaiki (in russian) (Priklucheniya Neznaiki)1.99Igor Nosov9/25/2013
Neznaika na Lune (Priklucheniya Neznaiki)1.99Nikolay Nosov9/23/2013
Neznaika v Solnechnom gorode [in russian] (Priklucheniya Neznaiki)1.99Nikolay Nosov9/23/2013
Priklucheniya Neznaiki i ego dryzei [in russian]1.99Nikolay Nosov9/23/2013
Vento di cambiamento (Italian Edition)0.99Marina Belli and Massimiliano Novelli9/20/2013
Robert Asprin's Dragons Run7.99JodyLynn Nye10/1/2013
Daughter of Braavadom, Once a Princess9.99César Nylander9/26/2013
Amara, Interrupted (An Eden Daire Short)0.99Paulette Oakes9/22/2013
Apsis Fiction Volume 1, Issue 1: Mesohelion 20134.99Goldeen Ogawa9/26/2013
Loki's Children3.99Steven Olafson9/26/2013
Dragons Never Sleeps (Russian edition)3.51Henry Oldie9/30/2013
Call the Lightning (Primani)3.99Laurie Olerich9/29/2013
Zapphyra1.89Sara Olet9/26/2013
Entre Loucos e Condenados (Portuguese Edition)3.09Flavio P. Oliveira9/19/2013
Te Tini o Toi, The Children of Toi, (book one)3.99Narena Olliver9/28/2013
Cool Flashes Book Two plus One0.99Doug Olsen9/18/2013
Badon: And Other Tales From the Courts of the Muslim Kings of England3.50Ian Olsen9/28/2013
Mystical Future (Tomorrow's Past)0.99S Hunter and Steve Onesi9/19/2013
Dragon Revealed (Legends of the Chromatic Dragons)3.99Nulli Para Ora9/25/2013
Project Onyx (The Winters Family Psi Chronicles)0.00John O'Riley9/28/2013
Beauty's Children (Gatekeeper's Choice)2.99Kyrja and Tonia Bennington Osborn9/29/2013
Vatican Spring1.60Rory O'Sullivan9/28/2013
Year of the Blood Rose Master5.00Scott Otis9/22/2013
Rowan to the Rescue (The Rowan Series)2.99Lesley Ouellette,Hal Burdick,Edward Case and Joel Rose9/20/2013
Superhuman Nature2.99Brandon Overall9/26/2013
The Blackstone Vampires Series: Books 1-42.99Carole Gill and Natalie Owens9/23/2013
Meister aller Trolle: - Kurzgeschichten aus Berrá - (German Edition)1.69René Pöplow9/27/2013
Operación Shylock (Contemporanea (debolsillo)) (Spanish Edition)6.99Philip Roth and RAMON BUENAVENTURA; SANCHEZ PAÑOS9/19/2013
My Father's Son4.99Ryan Pack9/20/2013
Vampire brauchen Blut - Die Falle (German Edition)1.35Isabella Pad9/27/2013
Faeya Rehir - Unglückskind (German Edition)1.61Sabine Pagel9/24/2013
Histórias para Ler no Cemitério (Coletânea Histórias para Ler no Cemitério) (Portuguese Edition)2.99Breno Paiva,Cesar Bravo,Claudio Alecrim Costa and Cleiomar Queiroz9/24/2013
The Art of War: a Novel8.87Angela Panayotopulos9/18/2013
Il Cristallo di Nervasinar (La Trilogia dei Cristalli) (Italian Edition)3.60Paolo Parente9/27/2013
Superheroes in Prose Volume Six: I, Pink0.99Sevan Paris9/23/2013
Dimidium Angelus4.99Dennis Parker9/18/2013
Stone Toucher: Diary of Payton Wren4.99Julie Parker9/26/2013
Pure Phallusy (Tales of Phallusy)2.99Rowan Brigid McShane and Lyra Parker9/21/2013
All the Gates of Hell3.99Richard Parks9/18/2013
Beneath Ceaseless Skies Issue #131 (Fifth Anniversary Double-Issue)0.99Richard Parks,Adam Callaway,Alberto Yáñez and Rebecca Gomez Farrell9/22/2013
The Ballad of Lucius A. Bugbee1.99Wynn Parks9/23/2013
Winterdark, Book Two of the Fallen Lands Trilogy2.99Patrick Park-Tighe9/30/2013
Lilith Rising (The Introductory Stories)2.99Darren Brown and Scott Passfield9/22/2013
Babylon the Great has Fallen5.98Franchel Patton9/19/2013
Ghost Hold (The PSS Chronicles, Book Two)3.99Ripley Patton9/27/2013
Forgotten (Kingdoms Gone)2.99Frances Pauli9/21/2013
The Nobodies3.99Warren Pawlowski9/20/2013
Seed of Vyldur (Chronicles of the Tainted Gods)0.99Fawkes Paz9/25/2013
Diaries of a Dwarven Rifleman: Rear Guard (Dwarven Rifleman Series)0.99Linda Pearce and Michael Tinker Pearce9/19/2013
Tyr's Hammer: A Foreworld SideQuest (The Foreworld Saga)1.99Michael Tinker Pearce and Linda Pearce10/1/2013
Darlings of Darkness (A Vampire Anthology)0.00Chrissy Peebles,Kristen L. Middleton,W.J. May and Suzy Turner9/21/2013
The Shalladarian Chronicles: Stories of an Ancient and Forgotten World6.50Rodney Penilton9/20/2013
NÃO OLHE! : Se a morte possui muitas faces, em qual delas confiar? (NÃO PARE!) (Portuguese Edition)2.99FML Pepper9/24/2013
Midnight Danger: A Short Story0.99Kinsey Persson9/18/2013
Uncivil War: The Island1.99Scott Peterson9/30/2013
The Black Monks (Tales of the Black Monks)0.99Craig Pett9/21/2013
Crooked5.99Richard Pett9/29/2013
An Angel in the Attic3.99Carol D. Jones Ph.D.9/19/2013
Scared2.99Chancy Phillips9/22/2013
Goldmond: Roman (German Edition)11.99Susanne Picard9/20/2013
The Prince and The Witch2.00Nikki Walter and Pickles9/26/2013
A Son of Kings - Part 1 (The Arcturian Chronicles)2.99Nicholaus Pilgrim9/28/2013
BSI: Bureau of Supernatural Investigation2.99C.J. Pinard9/26/2013
The Serpent Queen1.99Nancy A. Collins and Maximilian Pirner9/24/2013
Dämonen und Detektive. Leseproben aus neuen Schundheften (German Edition)0.00Alicia Lenneth and Ludwig Plärrer9/27/2013
Wake: Prologue0.00Sam Plank9/25/2013
Storm Front0.99John R. Platt9/18/2013
Willy did WHAT? (From Victim to Soldier)5.00Mark Pleasant9/19/2013
The Adventures of John Esterust3.29David Plumtree9/29/2013
El Tango de las Catedrales (Spanish Edition)8.99Carla Pochettino9/30/2013
The Forsaken Ones2.99A G Pointer9/24/2013
The Eight Golden Pears9.99Doris Jude Porter9/29/2013
Local Heroes8.99J.M. Porter9/24/2013
The Babet & Prosper Collection I: One Less Warlock, Magrat's Dagger, A Different Undead, and Bad Juju.0.99Judith Post9/19/2013
The Babet & Prosper Collection II: Beware the Bogeyman, Celt Secrets, The Trouble With Voodoo, and A Friend in...2.99Judith Post9/19/2013
The Zero Class, Part 2 (Cypher Theorem)0.99Mark Brandon Powell9/23/2013
The Zero Class Part 1 (Cypher Theorem)0.99Mark Brandon Powell9/18/2013
The Zero Class, Part 4 (Cypher Theorem)0.99Mark Brandon Powell9/30/2013
The Zero Class, Part 3 (Cypher Theorem)0.99Mark Brandon Powell9/27/2013
Bonded4.76H.M. Prévost9/25/2013
The Disobedience of the Daughter of the Sun: A Mayan Tale of Ecstasy, Time, and Finding One's True Form9.39Martin Prechtel9/24/2013
Stealing Benefacio's Roses10.99Martin Prechtel9/24/2013
Entering (The Story Dimension Series)2.99Mary Meddlemore and Martie Preller9/19/2013
Will Be: Book Three of the Asylum Saga3.99Miya Kressin and Exciting Press9/23/2013
Young Forever: A Paranormal Tale of a Vampire, a Romance and an Undying Hunger2.99Lola Pridemore9/26/2013
Sarge5.00John Prince9/21/2013
Hawai'i Island Legends: Pele Pīkoi and Others7.99Mary Kawena Pukui,Caroline Curtis and Don Robinson9/24/2013
Tales of the Menehune and Other Legends of Hawai'i7.99Mary Kawena Pukui,Caroline Curtis and Robin Burmingham9/23/2013
Aneba. Die Rückkehr 1. Kapitel (German Edition)1.61Henrik Quedburg9/24/2013
The Vagabond (The Lonely Man Series)0.00Robert Queenan9/25/2013
The Gorgon's Blood Solution (Alchemy's Apprentice)3.09Jeffrey Quyle9/23/2013
Vampyra (Spanish Edition)3.99Claudia L. Córdoba R.9/21/2013
Spy's Honor: The Hearts and Thrones Series5.99Amy Ra10/1/2013
Gargantua and Pantagruel (Illustrated and Annotated)1.99François Rabelais9/24/2013
Noggle Stones: Bugbear's Travels0.99Wil Radcliffe9/25/2013
Eternal Bulwark (T'Quel Magic 3) (The T'Quel Magic - A Trilogy)2.99Candy Rae9/18/2013
Das Tal der abgeliebten Bären (German Edition)5.16Christel Ursel Rafael9/19/2013
The 13th Floor Complete Collection4.99Christine Rains9/24/2013
Enthroned by Amethysts (A Dance with Destiny)2.99JK Ensley and Toni Rakestraw9/18/2013
My Dark Side3.99J. Ramirez9/20/2013
The Grove of the Sun2.99Parvathi Ramkumar9/18/2013
Vampirotica: Letters of Passion0.99Brian C Ramsey9/19/2013
The Fossibles -- Bursting from Extinction to Distinction6.95Heather Rancourt,Claudia Gauches and Inc. Sonalysts9/21/2013
The soul of Scarlet Mare (The Judge Me Knot Collection)29.55K Raphael9/25/2013
The Future (A Time Trilogy)1.99Maci Rayne9/30/2013
The Innovator: In Plain Sight (The Hero Series)2.99La'Ron Readus9/25/2013
Die Diamantin (German Edition)3.39John Redcliff9/20/2013
Sena's Werewolves-The Masters of all Werewolves (Guardians of the Sena)0.00Ana Ree9/24/2013
Hybrid2.99Angie Reed9/22/2013
Moon Lord: The Fall of King Arthur - The Ruin of Stonehenge4.95J. P. Reedman9/24/2013
The Black Orb1.99Sabine A. Reed9/24/2013
The Scott Reeves Megapack1.99Scott Reeves9/27/2013
This Album Full of Angles3.99William Reichard9/21/2013
Cloud 9: Gray Titans2.99Dale Reierson9/23/2013
Breaking Good: A Girl * A Wizard * A Vampire (Book #1) (Dhellia Has a Conscience Series)2.99April M. Reign9/20/2013
Quest for the Keys: A Girl * A Wizard * A Vampire (Book 2) (Dhellia Has a Conscience Series)2.99April M. Reign9/20/2013
The Lusty Dark Elven Maid: All In A Day2.99Leona D. Reish9/27/2013
Alter Ego (La saga di Reba) (Italian Edition)4.99Chiara Babocci and Francesca Resta9/28/2013
Das Wunder der Weihnacht lebt in deinem Herzen (German Edition)2.99Heike Reuschner9/24/2013
Until November (Until series)2.99Aurora Rose Reynolds9/19/2013
Lost Sands The Path of No Shade (The Agate Path)0.99Ronald H. Reynolds9/29/2013
Black Opal2.99Catie Rhodes,Annetta Ribken,Jennifer Wingard and Kimberlee Edgar9/27/2013
The Heavens Rise11.04Christopher Rice10/1/2013
Spiritually Deficient - Episode One0.99Scott Richards9/30/2013
Revolution in America: Unknown Soldier (Sci-fi political thriller)2.99Zackary Richards9/26/2013
Titty3.50David Richter9/27/2013
Der Lichtritter: 1 (Oleipheas Schicksal) (German Edition)7.99Felix T. Richter9/23/2013
Die Steine der Rix: Die seltsamen Reisen des Peter MacDrass (German Edition)2.71Udo F. Rickert9/29/2013
The Tessellation Saga. Book Two. 'The One'2.99D.J. Ridgway9/30/2013
House of strange children (Russian edition)4.38Ransom Riggs9/28/2013
yoseatsumeta fantsy 14 (Japanese Edition)1.00masuda rikio and masuda rikio9/29/2013
yoseatsumeta fantsy 12 (Japanese Edition)1.00masuda rikio9/29/2013
yoseatumeta fantasy 9 (Japanese Edition)1.00masuda rikio9/29/2013
Never The Dawn2.99Grey Wolf and Derek Roberts9/30/2013
The Secret Of The Wishing Tree9.99Roger Roberts-Loose9/29/2013
Fiddlestix2.29Connie Robertson9/24/2013
Oblier (a place of forgetting)2.00Connie Robertson9/23/2013
Time Diving3.00Craig Robertson9/28/2013
The Virus4.99Justyn Robertson9/24/2013
Hurakan's Chalice (Talisman Chronicles #3)4.99Aiden James and Mike Robinson9/19/2013
City of Devils4.99Justin Robinson,Fernando Caire and Alan Caum9/23/2013
The Calendar Plot Part Three (Doodle & Woo)2.99Stewart Robinson9/26/2013
The Calendar Plot Part Two (Doodle & Woo)2.99Stewart Robinson9/26/2013
F.air enouG.h?4.80Stewart Robinson9/26/2013
THe Hog Island Case (Doodle & Woo)4.80Stewart Robinson9/26/2013
The Winter Wasp4.80Stewart Robinson9/26/2013
The Calendar Plot Part One (Doodle & Woo)2.99Stewart Robinson9/25/2013
Loki (Spanish Edition)0.99Mike Vasich and Pedro Román9/28/2013
Crybaby The Legend of La Llorona14.99Edwin De La Rosa9/21/2013
The Demon Mistress (An Eva Prim Novel)4.99Jordan K Rose,Judith Roth and Jane Haertel9/30/2013
Beneath the Veil Anthology (Books One through Five)3.99Aimee Roseland9/27/2013
Princess Interrupted5.99Michael A. Rothman9/30/2013
Berwynn2.99Michayla Roth9/23/2013
Warum willst du mich töten? (German Edition)6.75Doris Rothweiler9/26/2013
Toccatas & Fugues3.99J. McClain and Sonya Rousseau9/20/2013
Il Magico Viaggio (I Racconti di Màgiska) (Italian Edition)5.00Marco Castelli and Marco Rozza9/28/2013
Deflecting Fate1.99Matthew Ruehlen9/30/2013
Dragon Rising (A Hidden Novella)1.99Jaime Rush10/1/2013
Prison State: Episode One0.99Logan Rutherford9/25/2013
Dragon Fire: Book 2 of the Cael Stone4.99Colleen Ruttan9/27/2013
The Name is Emissary2.99William Saise9/25/2013
Cuentos fluidos (Spanish Edition)2.00Juan Antonio Paz Salgado9/21/2013
My Affair With Obama9.99Nigel Salmon9/23/2013
The Charms of Cleavage (THE STRANGELOVE CHRONICLES)4.99John Salonia9/30/2013
The Strange Loves of Dr. Strangelove (THE STRANGELOVE CHRONICLES)4.99John Salonia9/30/2013
"Saguaro" (Excerpt) (Electric Literature's Recommended Reading)0.99Carson Mell and Benjamin Samuel9/29/2013
The Big Exoneration2.99Dennis Sanchez9/23/2013
La Gardienne du temps (French Edition)9.73François Santini9/30/2013
Lucifer's Remnant (PseudoRevelation #1)0.99Jake Santos9/29/2013
A Virgin for Satan: The Witch's Prophecy - An Apocalyptic Christian Thriller2.99John R. Saraceni9/29/2013
More Wishes (Fairy Godmothers' Union; True Love Local)0.00Naomi Stone and Laramie Sasseville9/25/2013
Death and Mr. Right4.79Kendra Saunders10/1/2013
Taovan: Awaken (Seasons of Light)9.99S.J. Saunders9/30/2013
Darkworld (Legends of the Dreamscape Volume III)3.99Ben Savage9/24/2013
Prayer for the Dead (Revenants in Purgatory)2.99Nicki Scalise9/26/2013
Hagens Erben (German Edition)5.24Serge Schäfers9/21/2013
The Dragon Hunters And Other Fantasy Tails0.99Terry D. Scheerer9/18/2013
The sinner Shimas (Russian edition)4.10Scheherazade Scheherazade9/25/2013
Dreams of Maruf-cobbler (Russian edition)3.28Scheherazade Scheherazade9/24/2013
The sins of King Omar (Russian edition)3.28Scheherazade Scheherazade9/24/2013
The ancient spell and Sinbad (Russian edition)4.10Scheherazade Scheherazade9/30/2013
Nine Dream of Scheherazade (Russian edition)4.10Scheherazade Scheherazade9/26/2013
The Irish Princess and the Pearls of Eetanam2.99Jamie Scheid9/26/2013
Der schwarze Römer - Kampf im Reich der Germanen (German Edition)5.75Jürgen Scherf9/24/2013
The Fantastic Forty Something2.99Juliana Schiavo9/27/2013
Element Girl 3 (German Edition)1.61Stefan Schröder9/19/2013
Element Girl (German Edition)1.61Stefan Schröder9/18/2013
Ben Stroker: Vampir und Gentleman (German Edition)1.69Stefan Schröder9/25/2013
In the Beginning (Daughters of Eden)2.99JM SCHRODER9/29/2013
Temujins Vermächtnis - für die Erben Dschingis Khans (German Edition)5.99Manfred S. Schulze9/30/2013
Vicious10.55V. E. Schwab9/24/2013
Die Geisterseherin (German Edition)6.75David Schwarzenstein9/29/2013
Alids Traum: 12 Einhorn-Geschichten (German Edition)9.99Florian Russi and Jonathan Schwarz9/23/2013
Enchanted Moon (Moon Magick Series)3.99Amber Scott9/20/2013
Terry Pratchett Quiz and Trivia Book-1Katy Scott9/30/2013
The Salt Gates Run (Tales of the Vast Land)2.99Zachary Seibert9/21/2013
Italian Easy Reader: L'Uomo Selvatico (Italian Edition)2.99Massimo Lucrezio Tedeschi and Martin R. Seiffarth9/23/2013
Protectors Diaries (Vol. 2): The Six4.99Joseph Selbie9/18/2013
Rosaspina, una fiaba dark (Italian Edition)1.27Luana Semprini9/25/2013
Becoming Brigid2.99Lisa Shafer9/29/2013
Queen Mab3.99Kate Danley and William Shakespeare9/18/2013
Azieran: With Steel He Shall Rule (Brom of the Horde)2.99Christopher Heath and V. Shane9/29/2013
Falling toward the light (The Dreamt Thing of Jeffrey R. Colder)6.00L Shane9/30/2013
Vulpine6.00Damian Sharp9/19/2013
Vulpine6.00Damian Sharp9/29/2013
Love, Death and Time Travel2.99Jonathan Sharp9/18/2013
The Man Who Rained7.99Ali Shaw10/1/2013
In den Klauen der Ikutz (Ricky, mein Action-Engel) (German Edition)2.99Rosmarie Pfister and Richa Shekhar9/19/2013
Cipriano, el vampiro vegetariano. Novela infantil ilustrada (8 a 12 años) (Spanish Edition)0.99César García Muñoz and Linda Shepard9/22/2013
Ashes to Ashes (The Scribing of Ishitar)1.99Carrie Shepherd9/30/2013
Burdened by Desire4.99J. L. Sheppard9/22/2013
Inclemency0.99Tracy Shew9/23/2013
Be happy with this Tales2.99Thanchan Shimray9/30/2013
Ms Patriot: Monster Ball (Grimme City Super Heroines in Peril)2.99Don Ship9/29/2013
Volcrian's Hunt (The Cat's Eye Chronicles)4.99T. L. Shreffler9/29/2013
Ravaged (Elena Ronen, Private Investigator)2.99Jennifer Sights9/23/2013
Familiar (The Others)4.99Nic Silver9/30/2013
One Day In Peace0.99Robert Alan Silverstein9/28/2013
Mystic: Melody3.99Jo Michaels and Tia Silverthorne-Bach9/19/2013
The Four Devils0.00Smangaliso Simelane9/28/2013
The Shrouded Sagas (The Foundlings)2.99R.M. Garcia and Linda Delcamp Simmons9/25/2013
Shadows of the Past (The Shadow People)3.99Shane Sims9/25/2013
GHOSTBOUND - Call from the other Side - US-edition (GHOSTBOUND - US-Edition)2.99C. M. Singer,Diane Ashfield,Clarissa Yeong and Claudia Rapp9/22/2013
The Key to Light and Darkness: Everything can feel like a dream...3.99Navneet Singh9/18/2013
Vanity (Lucia Noir)2.99Marie Sioux9/29/2013
Vision (Lucia Noir)2.99Marie Sioux9/29/2013
Serenity's Sight2.99Cynthia Sisco9/23/2013
Heartless: Tale of the Tin Man0.99E. Nathan Sisk9/21/2013
Morsels0.99Lucinda Siverling9/29/2013
Bad Wolf (Living Dead Girl)3.25Susan Sizemore9/30/2013
Burning Affair Book 2 'Precious Thing' (Submissive Romance)1.99Katelyn Skye9/23/2013
Burning Affair Book 3 'Diamonds Are Forever' (Submissive Romance)1.99Katelyn Skye9/23/2013
Illicit Liaison Book 4 'Final Engagement' (Romantic Thriller)1.99Katelyn Skye9/18/2013
The Twin Ventriloquists1.99Old Sleuth9/18/2013
A Stormy Night (Chapter 8 of 'Why Polly?')0.99Harma-Mae Smit and Paulina Smit9/23/2013
The Cinderella Girl4.99Ava Smith9/20/2013
The Fifth Horseman: The Damned (Teaser)-1Colin Smith9/30/2013
Feather and Bone4.84Gus Smith9/30/2013
I diari delle streghe. La maledizione (eNewton Narrativa) (Italian Edition)7.99Lisa Jane Smith9/26/2013
Naomi Grim (Complete Novel) (Book 1 of The Silver Scythe Chronicles)3.99Tiffany Nicole Smith9/30/2013
Pantheon Magazine | Poseidon October 20130.99Shona Snowden,Linda Hallgren,Kelsie Hahn and Michael Chaney9/20/2013
Confined (A Tethered Novel, Book 3)3.99Jennifer Snyder9/29/2013
Spy Glass6.15Maria V. Snyder9/24/2013
Quantum Woman - Celestial Man2.99Kamelia Sojlevska9/23/2013
kakatodarutonndaiissyou (Japanese Edition)3.50miemine sou9/24/2013
Honor Found (The Spare Heir)2.50Michael Southwick,Keith Leatham and Cindy Southwick9/21/2013
Society of Technology2.99Gerald Spadefore9/23/2013
Vend U.0.99Nancy Springer9/25/2013
April Fooled (The April-May June Series)5.99Patricia Srigley9/27/2013
Guinevere (The Guinevere Series)9.99M S and Mikaela Staire9/21/2013
Schwesterlied (German Edition)5.00Jochen Gernot Stanzel9/19/2013
Brik of Deep Mountain4.99Lisa Starger9/29/2013
Kira's Tale (Descend into Darkness)2.99Dawn Stevens9/26/2013
The Pirate Curse (Spirit Guide)3.99E.J. Stevens9/30/2013
Legends and Pawns3.99Brittiany West and Maddison Stewart9/30/2013
Strange Case, an Urban Fantasy (Hyde Book III)4.99Lauren Stewart9/25/2013
Mission Space8.00Mariana Stjerna9/29/2013
Black Powder Brigade3.99Christopher Stocking9/26/2013
Dracula (Ukranian edition)2.99Bram Stoker9/30/2013
Kes ohne Angst (German Edition)3.60A.G. Stoll9/22/2013
Red Sister (The Sisters of Reah Leah Trilogy)3.00Aidan Stone9/19/2013
THE SWEET SWING: of Jingles Plumlee3.99Lee Stone9/30/2013
Blocked (Master of The Mansion Book 3)3.99Alex Stoutwood9/19/2013
Eleven Steps To Eternity3.49Martyn Stratton9/24/2013
Fashion (Imbala)2.99Adrian Stride and Jane Stride9/21/2013
The Lord of Wisimir (The Wisimir Tales)4.03Allen Stroud9/28/2013
Stonecast (A SPELLMASON CHRONICLE)5.99Anton Strout9/24/2013
What Fates Impose4.99Alasdair Stuart,Sarah Hans,Maurice Broaddus and Jennifer Brozek9/23/2013
JANE AT THE FAIR4.99David Stuart9/30/2013
Naughty Boys Volume Two New Adult Box Set (Four Book Bundle)0.99Lola Swain9/30/2013
Naughty Girls Volume Two New Adult Box Set (Four Book Bundle)0.99Lola Swain9/30/2013
Veil of Life (Alecien)2.99Lyndie Swedersky9/23/2013
Runenkinder (German Edition)4.99H.C. Sylvester9/24/2013
Works of Rabindranath Tagore Vol.2: Glimpses Of Bengal, The Hungry Stones, Sādhanā, Stray Birds3.99Rabindranath Tagore9/30/2013
Dragons: The Champions of 1941 - Part 55.99Kenneth Tam9/22/2013
The Girl with the Bicycle0.99William Tate9/30/2013
Sister Death and Other Tales of the Realms of the Dead0.00McCamy Taylor9/29/2013
The Idea of Good and Evil in Diablo, California (Punk Tectonics)2.99McCamy Taylor9/26/2013
In the Dark2.99Melody Taylor9/28/2013
Grimloch - Yirbaik-baik0.99P A Taylor9/30/2013
Il Tango delle Cattedrali (Italian Edition)8.99Maurizio Temporin9/30/2013
Tutti i Colori del Buio (Italian Edition)6.99Maurizio Temporin9/29/2013
Daughter of Vengeance2.99David Temrick9/22/2013
The Sorcerer of Araich2.99Jeremy Tepper9/24/2013
Exiled Assassin (The Elfin Guild Saga)4.99Savage Terhune9/25/2013
Sicilia Bedda Matri (Italian Edition)7.00Frankie Terranova,Fabio Messina and Guglielmo Manenti9/27/2013
IL FALCO (I SEI RACCONTI) (Italian Edition)1.00Luca Monti and Tiziana Tettamanti9/23/2013
First Frost (The Casting of the Golden Dice)7.99William Tevelein9/18/2013
El Cuento de Adas, y Otros Cuentos (Spanish Edition)8.99J. L. Texido and Sabina Texido9/21/2013
La Brecha en el Muro (Spanish Edition)8.99J. L. Texido and Sabina Texido9/21/2013
The Irish Sketch Book (Illustrated Edition)0.99William Makepeace Thackeray9/24/2013
Home Again0.99Tom Thayer9/22/2013
Reluctant Leader (Trials of Thera)4.99Wori of Thera9/18/2013
The Prince Who Found His Destiny2.99Ash Thiago9/22/2013
The Vampire from Hell Revamped (1st Anniversary Edition)1.99Ally Thomas9/19/2013
XXL-Lesprobe: Cataneo - Der Weg Splendors (German Edition)0.99Christin Thomas9/24/2013
Pilgrims at the White Horizon (Valiant Razalia)4.79Michael Wyndham Thomas9/25/2013
Bards and Sages Quarterly (October 2013)2.99Amanda K. Thompson,David E. Hughes,Gitte Christensen and Dawn Bonanno9/30/2013
Demon Hunter5.99Gabe Thompson9/22/2013
The Battle for Sanctuary (The Titan's Legacy)2.99J. J. Thompson9/18/2013
NightShadow- The Hero Of Dynasty2.99Luke James Thompson9/21/2013
Tunnel (A Frightening Zombie Short Story)0.99J. Thorn9/26/2013
The Undying Fire (The Phoenix Guardian)4.99Steven Thorn9/25/2013
Wanted Woman (Amanda Chronicles)0.99Eric Thornton9/19/2013
Empire of Blood10.49Gav Thorpe9/24/2013
The Sidewalk People (Free Hand Fairy Tales)2.99Kevin Thorsheim9/20/2013
Talonridge (Magefable)3.99Heimdall Thunderhammer9/18/2013
Saturday Night in Vegas0.99I. Tiaret9/29/2013
Faith (German Edition)6.79Ursula Tintelnot9/20/2013
Ben y el Hada (Secretos de la Tierra) (Spanish Edition)0.00Julio F. del Toro9/25/2013
The Shadow That Endures5.99Fernando Torres9/24/2013
Sinister Shadow4.99Daniel Tracy9/23/2013
The Deian War: Siege of Hydron2.99Thomas Trehearn9/18/2013
The Secret of Arden2.99Michelle Trempe9/23/2013
Locus Magazine, Issue 632, September 20135.50Liza Groen Trombi9/27/2013
Locus Magazine, Issue 630, July 20135.50Liza Groen Trombi9/26/2013
Locus Magazine, Issue 631, August 20135.50Liza Groen Trombi9/26/2013
The Tales of Rishon-Rune: The Great Elf Leader and the Other-World Witch2.99Derek V. Trout9/19/2013
Terminal Origins: Guessing Games2.54James Trusty9/27/2013
Thumbilisa-Children's eBook of Fairy tales, Folktales, and Animals. A Kids book for Ages 4-8 (Fairy Tale parade...2.99Jeff Tucker9/23/2013
Thumbelisa: A Children's ebook of Fairytales, FolkTales, and Animals. A Kids book for Ages 4-8 (Fairy Tale Parade...2.99Jeff Tucker9/22/2013
Just Right and other shorts0.99Ken Tupper9/22/2013
Wings Over Tremeirchson0.99Linda Ulleseit9/21/2013
Bound by Ink1.99Kimber Vale9/28/2013
The Wings of Dragons (The Dragoon Saga)-1Josh VanBrakle10/1/2013
Legends of Britain5.49Elias Vandoren9/23/2013
The Long Way3.99Michael Corbin Ray and Therese Vannier9/30/2013
A Short History of a Long Future2.99Andrew Vecsey9/25/2013
Hunter of Sherwood: Knight of Shadows5.99To Venables9/22/2013
SIRACVSA (Italian Edition)0.99Andrea Venturo9/27/2013
Promised Land: A Galatia Novel, Book 1 (The Galatia Series)2.99C. D. Verhoff9/26/2013
Zirkus zur dreizehnten Stunde (German Edition)0.99Cassy Fox and Fantasy Verlag9/20/2013
Padaria (Portuguese Edition)5.99Gislene Vieira9/29/2013
Сэнгоку Дзидай. Эпоха воюющих провинций-1Alexey Vyazovskiy9/19/2013
Cherry smile. Banned works (Ukrainian edition)3.92Ostap Vyshnia9/18/2013
Aradas0.99Sean Wadley9/25/2013
Heaven's Wars: Paradise Lost6.99Tim Wahl9/20/2013
Ethriel: Blood Bonds (Thundous)2.99Joe Walker9/19/2013
The People of the River2.99Edgar Wallace9/25/2013
The River of Stars2.99Edgar Wallace9/25/2013
The Wolves of Paris0.99Michael Wallace9/20/2013
Nara Gazing: Mirror, Mirror Story 2 (Mirror, Mirrory Trilogy/Mythology High)0.99Diana Rodriguez Wallach9/29/2013
Deliverance Comes9.99William Walling9/19/2013
Vandals of the Void1.99James Morgan Walsh9/23/2013
Wünsch dich in die Hölle (German Edition)3.99Verena Walter9/22/2013
Gaining of Larruth2.99Ro Ward9/27/2013
Supernovae3.99Ron Washburn9/29/2013
Scrapyard Surprise, The Adventures of Benjamin Baxter4.99Christopher Watson9/28/2013
Earth's Survivors Settlement Earth: Book Three3.99W. W. Watson9/22/2013
Earth's Survivors Settlement Earth: Book Two3.99W. W. Watson9/22/2013
With a Single Spell: A Legend of Ethshar (Legends of Ethshar)5.79Lawrence Watt-Evans9/19/2013
Celestial Debris5.99Lawrence Watt-Evans9/25/2013
We Will Find This Treasure So Long Hidden (Red Country Trilogy)0.99J.P. Lantern and Aubrey Watt9/25/2013
Theaker's Quarterly Fiction #450.99Howard Watts,Jacob Edwards,Howard Phillips and Douglas J. Ogurek9/29/2013
Knuckle0.99John Watts9/25/2013
Raising Jerry0.99John Watts9/25/2013
Funsters and Gronsters Galore0.99John Watts9/19/2013
A Dragon in my Garage0.99John Watts9/25/2013
The Marvelous Unalooki0.99John Watts9/25/2013
The Tiny Graelegs0.99John Watts9/25/2013
The Watcher and the Bear0.99John Watts9/25/2013
The Dragon Broach0.99John Watts9/19/2013
Bury Me Where They Fall (The Jenvilno Series)2.99Jonathan Watts9/24/2013
Ms Amazing: Reign of the Minotaur2.99JK Waylon9/29/2013
La leggenda del cavaliere e della sua principessa (Italian Edition)1.14R.C. Wayne9/23/2013
Rose Marie (The Archives of Tides of War)1.99shawn weaver9/29/2013
The Cartographer's Apprentice1.49Jim Webster9/24/2013
Palace of the Three Crosses (Palace of the Twelve Pillars)4.76Christina Weigand9/18/2013
The Forest Between3.99M. Eugene Weiss9/21/2013
Red Dirt Road (Saving Angels Series)2.99Annie Rose Welch9/22/2013
Grandes novelas (Spanish Edition)9.99H.G. Wells9/18/2013
Silver Goddess (Books 1-4)3.99Anisa Claire West9/25/2013
Vengeance and Valor (The Fire Horses)3.00Rachel Wetsriru9/22/2013
SEEker 22.99R. Mac Wheeler9/18/2013
Hephaestus Revenge9.99Alicia White9/25/2013
Bloody Power9.99Alicia White9/24/2013
The Cost of Freedom2.99Lisa White9/23/2013
The God Complex3.99Michael White9/30/2013
The Incrementalists10.55Steven Brust and Skyler White9/24/2013
Bog and Mog: A Tale of Two Frogs0.99Patsy Whittle9/28/2013
Dragon Fights For Good: We Walk As One0.99Maria Sansalone and Frederick Wilda9/30/2013
Elan4.99James Kennedy and Hazel Wilks9/20/2013
Shadows Lost2.99Melyssa Williams9/21/2013
Mark Red - Chapter 12.99R. E. Williams9/23/2013
Vampire Cop2.99Sheri Kurtz and Raven Williams9/18/2013
Augustine: a mouse tale (JAW's Fairy Tales)0.99James Andrew Wilson9/22/2013
Grin: a troll tale (JAW's Fairy Tales)1.49James Andrew Wilson9/22/2013
JAW's Fairy Tales Collection: SKIP: a fairy tale, AUGUSTINE: a mouse tale, GRIN: a troll tale2.99James Andrew Wilson9/22/2013
Skip: a fairy tale (JAW's Fairy Tales)1.49James Andrew Wilson9/22/2013
The Necromancer's Gambit (The Gambit)3.99Nicolas Wilson9/21/2013
Feuer: Roman (German Edition)7.26Wolfgang Hohlbein and Dieter Winkler9/25/2013
Sturm: Roman (German Edition)7.26Wolfgang Hohlbein and Dieter Winkler9/25/2013
XXL-Leseprobe - Flut: Roman (German Edition)1.34Wolfgang Hohlbein and Dieter Winkler9/25/2013
Tribal Mythology and Folklore. North America. The Great Plains. Part 2 (Cultural Heritage Series)3.87Clark Wissler,George A. Dorsey,George B. Grinnell and John Maclean9/24/2013
Tribal Mythology and Folklore. North America. The Great Plains. Part 4 (Cultural Heritage Series)3.87Clark Wissler,George A. Dorsey,Robert H. Lowie and Marie L. McLaughlin9/28/2013
The Life of an Achachi: Birth of the Wolf3.99Z. A. Wolf9/18/2013
Iron Champion (Legend of the Iron Flower)4.99Billy Wong9/26/2013
Castaways in Time (The After Cilmeri Series)4.99Sarah Woodbury9/24/2013
The Eighth Square (Fayborn)3.48J. Aleksandr Wootton9/25/2013
Fight Against the Shadow Reapers5.99Joseph Workinger9/27/2013
A Difficult Mirror2.99Benjamin X. Wretlind9/20/2013
The Rebel King9.49Dale Osborne and Cavin Wright9/23/2013
Veiled Shadows (The Age of Alandria: Book Two)2.99Morgan Wylie9/27/2013
Childrens Books: Adventures In Luniper Land The Fairies Birthday Party (Illustrated)2.99Lucy Wyndham-Read9/28/2013
The Haunts & Horrors Megapack: 31 Modern & Classic Stories0.99Chelsea Quinn Yarbro,Lawrence Watt-Evans,Seabury Quinn and Nina Kiriki Hoffman9/19/2013
Ursa's Fiddle (Yeasky's Collections of Short Stories)0.99Sabrina Yeasky,Natasha Smith and Steve Rankin9/21/2013
SQ Magazine 12.99Sophie Yorkston9/22/2013
The Healer (A Short Story) (The Origin)0.99Wilette Youkey9/23/2013
Marvin's Dilemma (A Weekly Challenge Story)0.99David Haywood Young9/18/2013
The Zeuorian Awakening (Volume 1)0.99Cindy Zablockis9/21/2013
SHUDDERVILLE TWELVE0.99Mia Zabrisky9/22/2013
The Book of Igneus (Dragons and Men)5.99R. Ziegler9/24/2013
Infinity [The Amulet Prophecy Book III]3.99Holly Zitting9/30/2013
The Pale Egg9.99Avraham Zorea9/23/2013
Las mil y una noches (Con notas) (Spanish Edition)9.99Anónimo9/20/2013
The Blood Vivicanti - Part 30.99Becket9/27/2013
Rotes Leben (German Edition)2.60Bonnyb.9/29/2013
Il mito di Medea (I classici blu) (Italian Edition)1.99Euripide,Lucio Anneo Seneca,V. Di Benedetto and E. Cerbo9/18/2013
housin-engi (Japanese Edition)8.99KyoTyurin,RiUnsyo,YagiharaKazue and NikaidoYoshihiro9/29/2013
kakatodarutonndainisyou (Japanese Edition)3.50mieminesou9/24/2013
kakatodarutonndaisan... (Japanese Edition)3.50mieminesou9/24/2013
Catzilla vs U-robot (Japanese Edition)0.99orichallcom9/23/2013
Mystery Garden#-In Japanese (Japanese Edition)3.99Sam#9/24/2013
The Leprechauns Tale (The O'Shea Chronicles)3.99Seamus9/26/2013
Fire in the Heart8.99SlaughterBown9/24/2013
Little Merry On A Picnic3.99Sonia9/23/2013
Urban Harvest: Tales of the Paranormal in New York City2.99Various,Alex Shvartsman,Laurie Treacy and Tara Hill9/21/2013

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