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Mystery & Thrillers Kindle ebooks between 10/8/2013 and 11/6/2013

Mystery & Thrillers Kindle ebooks between 10/8/2013 and 11/6/2013.

The goal of this blog is to provide a way to quickly scan new releases in Amazon. Amazon's default search mechanism only shows 10 results at a time, which makes it very difficult to find new books, since hundreds of books are released every week. This article will reduce the amount of clicking and page loads required to see what was released. For more information see About the New Ebook Release Blog.

Below are some books that I found interesting during this timeperiod. I'm sure that there are other interesting books, I encourage people to point out good books in the comments.

Recomended Releases

Swords Are My Business: A Collection of Four Eddie LaCrosse NovelsAlex BledsoeThe first book was good. I'm not sure why Tor prices the collection like this, just a few cents less than the individual books.

Between 10/8/2013 and 11/6/2013: 3147 Mystery & Thrillers Kindle books were released. Click 'Read More' to see the complete list

Released Books Kindle ebooks

TitlePriceAuthor(s)Release Date
Нерусская рулетка2.99Леон Агулянский10/24/2013
Розыскное Агентство «Частный Детектив»0.99Игорь Афонский10/27/2013
Мгла1.99Альбина Десницкая11/5/2013
Восходящие потоки1.99Вионор Меретуков11/5/2013
Paul0.00Jason A.Joseph11/3/2013
Dragen Sangeren Helten (Danish Edition)8.99Jens Østergaard10/17/2013
Drengen & dæmonen8.99Jens Østergaard10/17/2013
La sonrisa del vencido (Spanish Edition)5.59Manuel Álvarez-Xagó10/29/2013
Green in Judgement Cold in Blood6.99Peter Abadie10/17/2013
THUGLIT Issue Eight0.99Patti Abbott,Caleb Ross,Isaac Kirkman and Mark Pruett10/30/2013
The Back Road3.99Rachel Abbott10/8/2013
Finders Keepers (Police Procedural Crime Thriller - DS Linda Jones)1.49Alan Abcart11/5/2013
The Second Achmed Abdullah Megapack: 17 Classic Stories0.99Achmed Abdullah10/23/2013
Short Stories2.99Sir. Faramarz Fred Abolfathi11/6/2013
L'ultimo giro di valzer (indies g&a) (Italian Edition)3.87Maria Acciaro11/6/2013
The Tell Is In The Smile3.99Joy Bassetti Kruger and Ackru11/4/2013
The Hand of God (The Victor McCain Series)3.99Tony Acree10/29/2013
Wintering Over (Electric Literature's Recommended Reading)0.99Jason Brown and Cara Blue Adams10/21/2013
Irony in the Soul (Kind Hearts and Martinets)6.00Pete Adams10/24/2013
La Pila del Corazón2.99Yda Addis,Sterling Saint James and Nancy Nieto10/30/2013
The Street of The Dead Man2.99Yda Addis,Sterling Saint James and Nancy Nieto10/28/2013
A Serpent of the Tropics2.99Yda Addis,Sterling Saint James and Nancy Nieto10/27/2013
The Knotted Rope2.99Yda Addis,Sterling Saint James and Nancy Nieto10/23/2013
Amanda Weavers: Die extravagante Privatdetektivin (German Edition)3.61Rainer Ade11/5/2013
Fluchtgefahr-Band 2: Dem Verbrechen auf der Spur (German Edition)3.61Rainer Ade11/2/2013
Fluchtgefahr-Band 1: Das Verbrechen schläft nie (German Edition)3.61Rainer Ade10/30/2013
Letters to Aimee2.99Luis Adriano10/20/2013
Spynet2.99david agam10/23/2013
Bionic hornet- Rise of the Drone3.99David Agam10/25/2013
The Absurdity3.00Amaan Ahmad10/20/2013
She Pulls Off the Interstate4.99Eugene Ahn10/19/2013
The Litigation Guy3.99Vince Aiello11/1/2013
The Dinner Party: Volume Two (The Dinner Party: Revenge and Regret Series)2.99Nichole Streeter and Akeeris10/30/2013
Kanzenna Kikai - The Perfect Machine (Japanese Edition)3.00Kazuya Akimoto10/8/2013
At Night We Walk in Circles: A Novel11.99Daniel Alarcon10/31/2013
Tamarind Sonata2.99Girolano Albanese10/29/2013
Feber (Danish Edition)8.99Anita Albers10/17/2013
The 4th Icon3.99Harry R. Albers10/16/2013
Evil in High Places7.99Annie Rose Alexander10/15/2013
Seven Days5.99Daniel Alexander11/5/2013
RED ORCHID2.99Gary Alexander11/5/2013
Icon0.99James Alexander10/27/2013
Behind the Shattered Glass: A Lady Emily Mystery (Lady Emily Mysteries)9.83Tasha Alexander10/15/2013
Ghosts Don't Die5.00William Alexander11/6/2013
Indian Killer: A Novel10.99Sherman Alexie10/15/2013
STEEL CITY INVESTIGATIONS1.99Donald Algeo10/24/2013
Chasing the Lies3.99Terri Allan10/22/2013
Dangerous Waters2.99Anne Allen10/30/2013
Murder on the Celtic (Dillman and Masefield)2.99Conrad Allen10/29/2013
Murder on the Oceanic (Dillman and Masefield)2.99Conrad Allen10/29/2013
A Treasury of Regrets (Aristide Ravel Mysteries)7.99Susanne Alleyn11/5/2013
Eldorado Beach (French Edition)0.99Alain Evin and Editions Alliage11/5/2013
Police at the Funeral (Campion)6.99Margery Allingham10/27/2013
Hollow World: Origins0.99Nick Pobursky and Hugh Allison10/30/2013
The Spy's Little Zonbi6.95Cole Alpaugh10/21/2013
Goodey's Last Stand (Joe Goodey)4.99Charles Alverson11/5/2013
Digging Too Deep (Tosca Trevant Mysteries)2.99Jill Amadio10/29/2013
Gárgola y otros cuentos (Spanish Edition)4.99Emiliano Eyl and Editorial Amarante10/28/2013
Made in Acapulco (The Emilia Cruz Stories)2.99Carmen Amato10/29/2013
Silo Saga: Zombies in the wool and other supernatural tales (Kindle Worlds Novella)1.99Daiyu Amaya10/9/2013
The Terminal Reunion3.99Jeanne Amersfoort10/27/2013
LA ZORRA Y... (Capítulos 5, 6, 7 y 8) (LA ZORRA Y EL CRIMEN DE LA ESCALERA DE CARACOL) (Spanish Edition)2.99Belinda Del Amo10/31/2013
Los Manuscritos del Caos. Origen (Episodio I) (Spanish Edition)0.00Bram Stoker and Benjamín Amo11/1/2013
The War of Mind6.99K. A. Amon11/5/2013
Safe and Sound0.99Stacey Amor10/20/2013
Cold as Ice (A Tony Stiles Mystery)3.25Gary Anderson11/5/2013
Twin Deception (The Jet Files)0.99Jennifer Anderson11/6/2013
Naughty and Nice (Dan Shamble, Zombie PI Mini)0.99Kevin J. Anderson10/28/2013
Thrill To Kill (NaNaNaNaNa)10.50Yvonne K Anderson and Johnathan Anderson11/5/2013
La Promesa (Spanish Edition)0.00Adrián Andrés11/4/2013
Duck the Halls: A Meg Langslow Mystery (Meg Langslow Mysteries)9.83Donna Andrews10/22/2013
Bounce The Wire!3.99Paul Andrews10/21/2013
Recoil (The Visions of David Palmer)3.97Stephen Reid Andrews10/30/2013
The Revengers2.49Dan Andriacco10/8/2013
The Four Lost Chicks3.99Yvonne Angelastro11/6/2013
La modelo de Matías. Crimen en el río Cautín (Spanish Edition)2.99Claudio Anguita10/17/2013
This he must know...3.99Identity Anonymous10/15/2013
Raine McKenzie M.D1.50Elle Anor10/20/2013
Dance For Fools (Detective Connie Lambert Crime Series)2.99Lynn McMahon Anstead10/29/2013
To Hide from Death (To Hide from Death: Where Do You Go When Death is Lurking)4.99Theresa Moretimer and Mark Anstine11/6/2013
Block Bosses0.99Lucretia Arceneaux,Maurice Watkins and Tuxx "The Go Boi"11/5/2013
Der Gnadenbringer (German Edition)1.96Max Arngrim11/3/2013
A Desert, A DWI and an Inconvenient Party Crasher (The Bigfoot Stories)0.99Bill Lee and Kathlyn Arthur10/30/2013
The Best of Capitol Crimes Mystery2.99Kathleen Asay,Mertianna Georgia,J. A. Peiper and Nan Mahon10/18/2013
A Ticket to Cusco3.91Anya Ashe11/1/2013
The Promise (A Short Story)0.99Jay Ash10/24/2013
First Cut (Book One of the Blend Series)2.99Jay Ash10/23/2013
Mirror of Darkness0.99Erica Ashley10/31/2013
Terima Kasih25.00Steve Asikin10/26/2013
CACHE IN TRASH OUT0.99Wendy Askin11/5/2013
Die Liste (German Edition)2.99Martin Assmuth10/31/2013
Rigor da Forma: mais um enigma para o detetive Alyrio Cobra (Portuguese Edition)2.30Vera Carvalho Assumpção10/15/2013
The Doppelganger's Dance (An Ezra Melamed Mystery)6.99Libi Astaire11/5/2013
Absence of Reason (The Hilary Adams Mysteries)3.99Linda Y. Atkins10/20/2013
Wightraptor1.10RM Atkins11/2/2013
Tortured Truths (Phillip McGuire Mysteries #1)4.99Randy Attwood10/21/2013
The First Stage4.99Cătălin Pînzaru and Elena Atudosiei11/6/2013
A Pretty Little Plot (A Mary MacDougall Mystery Novella)1.99Richard Audry10/26/2013
Emma (Word Cloud Classics)4.39Jane Austen10/21/2013
Serial Quiller 2 (Bad Mojo Series)1.99Sharon A. Austin10/8/2013
Operation 'Purple Four' ('The Colors' Series)6.99Lyn Avamir10/21/2013
I'll Sleep When You're Dead3.99E. A. Aymar11/6/2013
When the Deep Purple Falls0.99E.A. Aymar,Angela Del Vecchio and Janet Bell11/2/2013
Titolo | ZOMBIE - Racconti horror (Italian Edition)3.00Elizabeth Báthory10/23/2013
Affres (French Edition)5.24Boris Visinski and Maria Béjanovska10/14/2013
Fürstenmord und Hexenbrand (German Edition)9.99Manfred Böckl10/31/2013
Von Henkern und Raubrittern (German Edition)5.51Manfred Böckl10/31/2013
Wach auf (German Edition)1.32Theres Büchner11/1/2013
Dorothea and Preston: a story of love2.99David Bachelor10/22/2013
Philosoph des Bösen (Lisa Fischers dritter ernstzunehmender Zwischenfall) (German Edition)9.90Margrit Bachl10/17/2013
Trapped3.99Othello Bach10/25/2013
Common Place (Common Denominator Series)0.99Richard David Bach11/5/2013
The Reunification of Joseph K4.99Richard Badalamente11/4/2013
The Earth Bleeds Red4.99Jackson Paul Baer10/30/2013
Healing the Dead3.99D. F. Bailey10/25/2013
Suitcase for Eternity0.99D. F. Bailey10/24/2013
Until You Can Scream No More0.99David Bain10/22/2013
Peace at Lambeth Bridge (Rob Royal Spy Thillers)3.95Robert Bair10/28/2013
BLOODLINE Out of the Shadows2.99David W. Sheppard and M. Baker10/24/2013
Todesangst (German Edition)4.84SueAnn Baker10/15/2013
King and Maxwell (King & Maxwell)11.99David Baldacci11/5/2013
King and Maxwell - Free Preview (first 9 chapters) (King & Maxwell)0.00David Baldacci10/22/2013
Robin Hood Reborn2.99Greg Baldwin10/31/2013
Death in the Choir Loft (Belle Franklin Mysteries)7.95Richard Baldwin10/25/2013
Total Victim Theory0.99Ian Ballard11/1/2013
Killer's Motive - 2 Tales of Death and Mayhem0.99W.T. Ballard10/24/2013
El Invitado (Spanish Edition)0.99Diego Lencina and Patricia Ballesteros11/6/2013
Once We Were Brothers8.89Ronald H. Balson10/8/2013
Pennsylvania's Finest2.99Michael Banas11/3/2013
Iteration6.40Biswadeep Banerjee11/3/2013
Murr und der Tanker von Phaistos (German Edition)7.05Bernhard Nette and Alexander Banze11/2/2013
Mushing, Mining, Money and Murder in the Land of the Living Skies2.99Dr. Joseph Barake11/2/2013
Unlicht (German Edition)3.96Ascan von Bargen10/26/2013
Divergence (Book 4 in the Witch's Inheritance series)0.99Theron C. Barger10/29/2013
Deep Dark5.00Brian Bargmann10/17/2013
Reanimator (Italian Edition)2.05Alexia Bianchini and Daniela Barisone10/27/2013
False Perspective - Murder In The Art Department4.95Colin Barker10/28/2013
The Dancer's Ghost4.99Jayne-Marie Barker10/31/2013
Narrenehre: Theissens dritter Fall (German Edition)2.25Urs-Jan Barlander11/6/2013
The Nexus Rift3.75Dave Barlow11/4/2013
Who But We5.99Lee Barmak10/26/2013
Morgan's Point -Part Three (Book 3)0.99Kay D. Barnes10/31/2013
Morgan's Point Book 20.99Kay D. Barnes10/30/2013
Morgan's Point (Book One)0.99Kay D. Barnes10/28/2013
The Joshua Stone8.54James Barney10/8/2013
Il tesoro perduto dei templari. Il segreto dei pittori maledetti (eNewton Originals) (Italian Edition)2.99G. L. Barone10/10/2013
Versus (Twin Towers Estate British Crime Thrillers (Book Six))0.99Chris Barraclough10/26/2013
Des fois, je vis. (French Edition)2.99Véronique Barrau11/1/2013
Practice Run (Mount Faith Series: Book 5)2.99Brenda Barrett11/6/2013
Crying For Joy: BOOK ONE3.99Sarah Barrett10/22/2013
EL PORTERO (Spanish Edition)2.99CANDELA BARRIOS10/31/2013
To Love, Honor, and Perish: Squeaky Clean Mysteries, Book 62.99Christy Barritt11/3/2013
Deadline4.99Graeme Barrow10/23/2013
do i love to kill?0.99Roger Barry10/19/2013
The Dinosaur Feather12.99S.J. Gazan and Charlotte Barslund11/5/2013
ENDLICH GEFUNDEN (German Edition)5.00Anna Katherine Green and Alexander Barth11/2/2013
Schneeweiß (German Edition)7.99Nina Barthel10/27/2013
Cinniri, ASCHE, GELD UN TOD - DIE MAFIA VON IHNEN GESEHEN (German Edition)2.99Caterina Bartoldi10/30/2013
Henry Hartman's Fall Guy Crisis (Off-the-Books Mystery)0.99Sara Barton11/2/2013
Moon Shot: Murder and Mayhem on the Edge of Space5.99Jack Bates,E. Lynn Hooghiemstra,Jeremy K. Tyler and Andrew MacRae10/8/2013
La dictadura del pánico (Spanish Edition)0.99Joan Batlló11/3/2013
specchietto per le allodole (Italian Edition)5.00giuseppe di battista10/16/2013
The Vampire Falcon0.99Kirk Battle10/17/2013
Eden Rising (A Project Eden Thriller)4.99Brett Battles10/15/2013
Wayward Pines: Alone (Kindle Worlds Novella)1.99Brett Battles10/29/2013
Peacemaker: Thriller (German Edition)8.06Howard Gordon and Thomas Bauer10/28/2013
Daddy Long Legs0.99Vernon W. Baumann10/24/2013
Mary Louise Solves a Mystery (Illustrated)0.99L. Frank Baum10/31/2013
The Third Tablet of the Holy Covenant5.99Michael Baum10/28/2013
RAT HUNTER'S3.99Aaron Bebo10/30/2013
The Glass Fortress9.95M.C. Bechum10/17/2013
Deadly Deception2.99Andrea Johnson Beck10/8/2013
Spiel des Lichts (German Edition)4.99Karen Blomain and Astrid Becker10/22/2013
Tales of Terror for the Fireside0.99R. L. Becker11/5/2013
Assault and Batter (The Donut Mysteries)5.99Jessica Beck10/19/2013
Bad Neighbors3.99K. K. Beck11/6/2013
When Trouble Calls3.99Raquel Becton10/24/2013
Space Baby (The Fuller Project)0.99Stan Bednarz10/20/2013
The Eldamunde Cunningham Mysteries Vol 22.99J. Conrad Beech10/20/2013
The Strange Death of Mistress Coffin7.69Robert J. Begiebing11/1/2013
Pleasure and Pain (German Edition)6.62Martin Behrendt and Bernd Behrendt10/19/2013
Pageant and Poison (A Bekki the Beautician Cozy Mystery)0.99Cindy Bell10/16/2013
The Flesh Cartel #11: Permanent Record2.99Rachel Haimowitz and Heidi Belleau11/2/2013
The Collected Stories of Stefan Zweig9.79Stefan Zweig and Anthea Bell10/24/2013
Aluminum Rain1.00S.M. Belser10/26/2013
Secrets from the Forest Floor9.99Hannah Benfield10/30/2013
Calling the Tune2.99DJ Bennett11/2/2013
Now You See Me (The Rona Shively Stories)2.99Rebecca Benston10/21/2013
This Side Up (The Rona Shively Stories)2.99Rebecca Benston10/21/2013
Thy Will Be Done (The Rona Shively Stories)2.99Rebecca Benston10/21/2013
Nothing Is Negotiable2.99Mark Bentsen10/30/2013
Cotton Reloaded - 13: Die Informantin (German Edition)1.99Jürgen Benvenuti10/10/2013
Mauch Chunk4.99Richard Benyo10/24/2013
The Kennedy Revelation (The Kennedy Trilogy)4.99Leon Berger10/31/2013
The Message (The Mattie Mitchell Mystery Series)2.99Mary A. Berger10/21/2013
Tödliches Diner in Paris (German Edition)8.90Nora Berger10/20/2013
The Royal Kidnapping0.99J. Jack Bergeron10/22/2013
In a Cat's Eye1.99Kevin Bergeron10/10/2013
The Isle of Youth: Stories8.58Laura van den Berg11/5/2013
61 Stunden: Ein Jack-Reacher-Roman (German Edition)9.99Lee Child and Wulf Bergner10/28/2013
Family Matters (Jackson Steeg Mystery Series)4.99Ira Berkowitz10/31/2013
Shadows in the Pearl (An Adventure Spy Thriller)2.99M.I. Bermudez11/2/2013
Supercell8.79H.W. Buzz Bernard11/1/2013
Chocolate Mousse Attack (Death by Chocolate)3.99Sally Berneathy10/15/2013
Double Negative2.99Gloria Berneville-Claye10/25/2013
Murder is Suicide2.99C Bernhardt10/20/2013
Cooper Collection 126 (Re-Cooper-ation)0.99Bill Bernico10/29/2013
State Pen Pal0.99Bill Bernico10/22/2013
Cooper Collection 125 (LOL)0.99Bill Bernico10/16/2013
Cooper Collection 127 (To BB Or Not To BB)0.99Bill Bernico11/6/2013
Highway Robbery0.99Michael Berrier10/17/2013
Omicidi a luci rosse (eNewton Originals) (Italian Edition)1.99Francesca Bertuzzi10/24/2013
Les Expériences Fantomatiques de Flaxman Low vol.1 : La Chose dans Le Couloir et autres nouvelles (French Edition...3.99H. et E. Heron and Aurélie Bescond11/3/2013
The Mesabi Medallion (Matt Harper Mysteries)4.99Robert Besteman11/4/2013
The Third Door (Matt Harper Mystery Series)4.99Robert Besteman11/6/2013
The Man From 603 (A Matt Harper/Elm Ridge Mystery)4.99Robert Besteman10/24/2013
Magnificent Loss2.99Anand Betanabhotla11/3/2013
Nessuna Nuova (Italian Edition)3.00Federico Bettuzzi10/20/2013
Friendship Calling...2.99Sayan Bhattacharya11/4/2013
Universo paralelo (Spanish Edition)0.99Carmen Cepeda and Iarla Mac Aodha Bhuí11/4/2013
Weihnachten muss sterben (German Edition)6.99Mario Bial11/4/2013
Giftiges Weihnachten, Herr Thomschek (German Edition)4.52Mario Bial11/4/2013
Broken Will1.99Lee Bickraw10/31/2013
The House Without a Key1.99Earl Der Biggers10/8/2013
Fashion Jade Theft (Azumi and Miki)2.99Stuart Nunn and Carol Bilbe10/29/2013
The God-Man: Rapture, Wrath, and Reign9.99Bruce Biller10/21/2013
Encore 2 Willow Lake2.99Lucinda Bilya10/31/2013
Stone Cold (A Detective Macaulay Homicide Case)1.29Ru Binns-Cagney10/22/2013
The Elf Owl and Imagined Amenities: A Crime Story and List of Inventions to Make Everyday Life More Pleasant or...2.99Sam Biondo10/15/2013
Swamp Walloper (Fight Card)2.99Jack Tunney and Paul Bishop10/29/2013
Die Blutbestie - Horror-Klassiker inklusive Hörbuch (German Edition)2.99Dagmar Bittner,A.F. Morland and Xander Morus10/28/2013
A Touch Of Scarlet1.99Jaycen Bizzle10/28/2013
Shoot To Thrill (4-Book Box Set)0.99J Carson Black,M A Comley,Carol Davis Luce and Michael Wallace10/29/2013
The Survivors Club4.99J. Carson Black10/15/2013
The Price of Innocence (A Theresa MacLean Mystery)13.99Lisa Black11/1/2013
Bulletproof (Unknown Identities)4.99Regan Black10/8/2013
Double Vision (Unknown Identities)2.99Regan Black10/8/2013
Dead On Arrival2.99Thomas Black11/4/2013
L'Ultimo Ordine0.99Tony Black11/6/2013
Exile9.99William Theodore Clemmons and Teddi Black10/29/2013
Death of Life0.99F. C. Blair10/28/2013
Sister Hoods (Portals)5.99P.L. Blair10/30/2013
A Potion to Die For: A Magic Potion Mystery5.99Heather Blake11/5/2013
Atlantis: Revelation8.49Marcus Blake10/24/2013
The Exciting Adventures Of Life In General: An Ollie Reed Mystery0.99John Blandly10/22/2013
Swords Are My Business: A Collection of Four Eddie LaCrosse Novels28.02Alex Bledsoe11/5/2013
The Tale of Millicent Moon4.00KAY BLENCH10/15/2013
The House on Miracle Street6.99Zelma Blitzreiter10/24/2013
Subliminal2.99Brian Blocker10/22/2013
The Dettweiler Solution2.99Lawrence Block11/3/2013
Nothing Short of Highway Robbery2.99Lawrence Block11/1/2013
One Thousand Dollars a Word0.00Lawrence Block11/1/2013
Strangers on a Handball Court2.99Lawrence Block11/1/2013
Cry of the Machi3.99Alan S. Blood10/22/2013
Polly sieht rot (Polly - Krimi mit Herz) (German Edition)1.30Katie Blue10/30/2013
THE KENTON WOOD MYSTERY6.00Denise Board10/31/2013
Steel City Murder2.99Jeff Boarts10/29/2013
Koldkrigerens hemmelighed (Danish Edition)9.99Peter Bogason11/4/2013
KILL THE PRESIDENT2.99Jacobus du Bois11/4/2013
Bankers Tod (Berg und Thal Krimi) (German Edition)4.99Béla Bolten10/20/2013
Tough Lit X (IdeaGems Magazine)2.99Linda Boltman,John Novotny,Ralph Laughlin and Brian Robertson10/30/2013
Missing Melissa2.99Adeline Bolton10/8/2013
The Chicago Law Enforcement Series Traitor From Within3.00Daniel Bond10/21/2013
Incubo a Dubai (Italian Edition)1.80Laura Bondi10/21/2013
Murder One2.99WL Emery and Tina Bongorno11/6/2013
Photos and Foul Play9.73Brynn Bonner11/5/2013
Murphy's Law1.99Patricia Bonn10/25/2013
Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Speckled Band: Spanish Immersion9.99Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Warm Bath Books10/24/2013
The Ice Merchant3.99Paul Boor10/21/2013
Dancing with the Virgins2.99Stephen Booth11/5/2013
Black Dog2.99Stephen Booth10/8/2013
Frank and Harry Monster Detectives2.99Alan Gandy and Bella Borden10/8/2013
Eltvillei sírverem (German Edition)2.99Gabriel Boros10/21/2013
Third Eye Trilogy6.99Bob Frank and Lynn Boston11/2/2013
The Ladies Killing Circle Anthology 4-Book Bundle: Fit to Die / Bone Dance / When Boomers Go Bad / Going Out With...15.39Joan Boswell,Barbara Fradkin and Sue Pike10/8/2013
Number 5: A Chilling Story of Murder4.99Si-Ann Botha10/27/2013
L'Assasí dels escacs (Catalan Edition)3.00Mercedes Gallego and Francesca Bou10/18/2013
Naked in a Pinstriped Suit2.99Al Bowers10/29/2013
James Bond: The New Mission12.99William Boyd10/8/2013
Solo. Una novela de James Bond (Spanish Edition)9.99William Boyd10/16/2013
EN QUÊTE DE JANE (French Edition)3.99Gizelda Morais and Gérard Boyer10/22/2013
Wilding0.99Al Boyle10/20/2013
Micela7.99James F. Boyle11/2/2013
This House is Haunted8.52John Boyne10/8/2013
The Innocent Children4.99Peter C. Bradbury11/5/2013
Clothcaps & Baccy5.99Brian Bradford10/27/2013
Deadly Ambition (Jenkins & Burns Mysteries)0.99Laura Bradford10/16/2013
John Rain: Nuclear (Kindle Worlds Short Story)0.99Latham Bradley10/8/2013
The Buck Private Murders5.95Lyle Bradley10/30/2013
In The Dark Part One10.50Yvonne Bradley11/5/2013
Sloane Monroe Series Boxed Set (Books 4-5) (Stranger in Town & Bed of Bones)4.99Cheryl Bradshaw10/31/2013
Lies, The Beginning (The Secret)3.00Tyler Huff and Micka Brady10/23/2013
Dementia: A Novella4.95Hans Peter Braendlin10/30/2013
Scorned (AMB CORPORATE AFFAIRS)0.99Aija Butler and Amb Branding10/30/2013
Room Service (AMB CORPORATE AFFAIRS)0.99Ebony Eyez and Amb Branding11/5/2013
Hood Bound, Fumble0.99Free Style and Amb Branding11/3/2013
Trill Blood (AMB FLASH FICTION)0.99Free Style and AMB BRANDING10/8/2013
Words With Fiends (A BLACK CAT BOOKSHOP MYSTERY)5.99Ali Brandon11/5/2013
Silent Night: A Spenser Holiday Novel9.83Robert B. Parker and Helen Brann10/22/2013
THE SACRIFICE3.99Peg Brantley10/21/2013
Bad Luck For Little Stevie5.99Jimmy Braswell11/3/2013
Return to Sonneberg9.99Thomas W. Bratt10/21/2013
Dark Garden2.99Kevin Bray10/24/2013
Human Frailty0.99Mark Bredenbeck10/23/2013
The Esposito Caper5.95Karen K. Brees10/16/2013
Tre allegri malfattori (1) (Italian Edition)4.84Davide Bregola11/5/2013
Undercover: A Matchmaker Pearl Romantic Mystery2.99Delia Brendan10/31/2013
Strenth in Beauty2.99Sharon Brenda11/5/2013
Cold Snap (Lucy Kincaid Novels)6.83Allison Brennan10/29/2013
TWIN OBJECTIVE0.99Michael Brennan10/24/2013
Morgan O'Brien Mysteries 2-Book Bundle: Cold Dark Matter / Dead Water Creek (A Morgan O'Brien Mystery)9.99Alex Brett11/4/2013
The Heart Doctor0.99R.A Brewster10/26/2013
All Choked Up0.99John Brickel10/28/2013
An Aria for Nick (Christian Romantic Suspense) (Song of Suspense)4.99Hallee Bridgeman11/2/2013
Snow Kills (D.I. Dylan)2.99RC Bridgestock10/23/2013
Mrs. Jeffries and the Merry Gentlemen (A VICTORIAN MYSTERY)9.78Emily Brightwell11/5/2013
Fugitive Moment1.99B.A. Brittingham10/22/2013
The Moroni Deception2.99Jack Brody10/25/2013
Retribution3.99Victor Brogan10/25/2013
Wuthering Heights0.99Emily Bronte10/29/2013
Bait and Switch7.99Larry Brooks10/21/2013
Darkness Bound7.99Larry Brooks10/21/2013
Eva and Valentine's return3.99Malcolm J. Brooks10/27/2013
In A Drink (Sons of Mil)2.99Nancy Brooks10/18/2013
A Judge, an Irishman and a Hot Dog Vendor go into a Bar...9.99Roderick Brooks11/1/2013
Le bonze perd la boule (Le juge Pao enquête) (French Edition)0.9917e siècle Anonyme and Alexis Brossollet10/22/2013
Secrets in the Shallows (Book 1: The Monastery Murders)2.99Karen Vance Hammond and Kimberly Brouillette10/27/2013
Pinned Heart (Douglas Knight Great Yarmouth Murders)1.99Alan G. Brown11/1/2013
Outsourced (Detective Inspector James Kendell Thrillers)5.99craig stone and lauren brown10/17/2013
Rotten to the Core0.00Leighton Browne10/16/2013
SeaWitch2.99Eliza Brown10/20/2013
In the Early Hours0.99Lois Browne10/19/2013
The Madison Files (Book Three - Old Secrets)0.99Emma Brown10/8/2013
Colours of Murder6.00Beth E Browning10/28/2013
IN FOR A PENNY (The Granny Series)3.99Nancy Naigle and Kelsey Browning11/5/2013
Much Ado Over Murder (The Hey! No Problem! Mysteries)3.99Jennifer Brown10/16/2013
Twisted Revenge (The Edge of Springwood)2.99Jennifer Brown11/3/2013
The Dead Live On2.99Julie Cooper Brown11/1/2013
Mind's Eye7.99M. A. Brown10/28/2013
The Evidence Room3.99Matt Brown11/1/2013
The day i woke up- tester0.99thomas brown10/21/2013
Divas Do Tell: 5 (The Dixie Diva Mystery Series)9.99Virginia Brown10/25/2013
Tower of Peking - 4 Tales of Oriental Menace! [Illustrated]1.99Walter C. Brown11/3/2013
Aim True, My Brothers: A Political Action Thriller2.99William Brown10/29/2013
Cambridge Blue2.99Alison Bruce10/22/2013
Closed for Winter8.79Jorn Lier Horst and Anne Bruce10/17/2013
Arrogância (Portuguese Edition)2.99Marina de Bruchard10/22/2013
Purgatory9.12Ken Bruen11/4/2013
Merrick9.99Ken Bruen10/29/2013
Mirage (THE OREGON FILES)11.99Clive Cussler and Jack Du Brul11/5/2013
Final Detour (Falls)3.99Leanna Brunner11/4/2013
Getting Out2.99Anthony Bryan11/2/2013
The Unseen3.99JL Bryan10/25/2013
Murder In Stilettos2.99Barbara Bryant10/30/2013
Six Points of Steel6.99J D Bryant10/22/2013
No Matter What3.99Amy X Bryce10/27/2013
Greenmantle0.99John Buchan10/29/2013
Mr Standfast0.99John Buchan10/29/2013
The Thirty-Nine Steps0.99John Buchan10/29/2013
The Colonel of Krasnoyarsk2.99Pete Buckley10/18/2013
Because the Rain: A Novel2.06Daniel Buckman10/8/2013
Who Killed Dorian Gray?3.49Carole Buggé10/23/2013
Who Killed Blanche DuBois?3.99Carole Buggé10/22/2013
Who Killed Mona Lisa?3.49Carole Buggé10/22/2013
The Haunting of Torre Abbey3.99Carole Buggé10/22/2013
THE HAUNTED HOTEL MYSTERY3.99Ed Buhrer10/19/2013
Naked Came the Post-Postmodernist: A Mystery10.99Writing Class WRIT-3303-R Sarah Lawrence College and Melvin Jules Bukiet11/1/2013
La Soulier Rouge / The Red Shoe (Crescent City Crime)3.99Karen Bonvillain Bul11/1/2013
Keys, Clef and Redemption (Crescent City Crimes)3.99Karen Bonvillain Bull11/1/2013
Who Was Benny Looter? (Crescent City Crime)3.99Karen Bonvillain Bull11/1/2013
E.V.I.L.5.99Christian Burch10/23/2013
The n-Body Problem8.89Tony Burgess10/15/2013
Eye of the Bear9.99sb Burgie,Lea Danner and Linz Woodie10/28/2013
Queenie Baby: Out of Office3.99Christina A. Burke10/15/2013
Black Light Tales2.99Dean Burkey10/24/2013
Paphos 40.99N.R. Burnette11/6/2013
Thoth - Clues Encoded in Stone7.30Sven Schmidt and Sherry Burnette10/22/2013
Winds of Summer3.99Clarica Burns10/29/2013
The Lake House Secret, A Romantic Suspense Novel (A Jenessa Jones Mystery)0.99Debra Burroughs10/17/2013
Verschwörung der Schmetterlinge (German Edition)6.99Thomas de Bur10/27/2013
Found and Lost (Ancient Mariners Stories)0.99David Burton10/18/2013
IDEAL CONDITIONS7.95Hal Burton and Jeanette Burton10/28/2013
Face Down (Harry Tyler)2.99Garry Bushell10/16/2013
Novela B (Spanish Edition)9.59Mónica Bustos10/13/2013
Blood Brothers0.99AIJA BUTLER10/8/2013
Illusions of Murder (The Murder Series)2.99Vicki Butler11/2/2013
A Season of Innocence: Historical Fiction of Jim Crow Days6.99Barbara Buxton11/1/2013
A Righteous Kill (A Shakespearean Suspense)5.99Kerrigan Byrne10/25/2013
Nel freddo (Italian Edition)1.99Eddie Cadavir11/3/2013
The Small World of Harry Parnes (The Harry Parnes Series)2.99Randy Cade10/18/2013
Severed10.00David T. Cady10/8/2013
The Filthy Few: A Steve Nastos Mystery9.15Richard Cain11/1/2013
Tracks: Part 1 - The Beginning (in Search of Bigfoot)2.99Stan Cain10/18/2013
The Whitechapel Murders & Mary Jane Kelly4.99Peter Caldwell10/26/2013
Popcorn Short Stories and Flash Fiction2.99william calkins10/17/2013
No Such Thing As Destiny4.99John Callaghan11/6/2013
K - I guardiani della storia (M) (Italian Edition)11.99Elisabetta Cametti10/23/2013
Montalbano's First Case7.69Andrea Camilleri10/22/2013
The Inevitability of Dusk Swallowing Twilight3.99Dean Campbell10/22/2013
Saltwater Friends and Lovers5.99James Campbell10/8/2013
Killing Fame1.52Fiona Cane10/26/2013
The Bobcat Mountain Murders: A Hamilton Smith Mystery5.99J R Canfield10/27/2013
La mano: L'inchiesta inedita del commissario Wallander (Farfalle) (Italian Edition)10.99Henning Mankell and Laura Cangemi10/9/2013
La parola del diavolo (Best BUR) (Italian Edition)6.99Leighton Gage and E. Cantoni10/16/2013
Blood Brothers: A Short Story Exclusive0.99James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell10/22/2013
Kriminal.e - racconti gialli evoluti (Italian Edition)3.99Massimo Baglione and Diego Capani11/4/2013
Sulla vita come sulla morte un po' di pioggia cadrà sempre (Italian Edition)2.99Fabio Cappelli11/4/2013
Secrets Change Everything9.99Maggie Branath and Noel F. Caraccio10/21/2013
The Transylvania Detective Squad (Transylvania Series)2.99M L Dunn and Lance Card11/1/2013
Murder Dives the Bahamas (Cinnamon Greene Adventure Mysteries)3.99Bonnie Cardone11/3/2013
A Doce Vingança (Portuguese Edition)5.00Sérgio Brázio and Gleice Carla10/30/2013
The Blogger's Regret (Canton County Chronicles)1.99C.M. Carleton10/8/2013
Collapse: A Survival Thriller2.99Scott Carleton11/1/2013
On the Rocks (Bed, Breakfast, and Betrayal)0.99Lisa Carlisle10/18/2013
Thunder in the Tropics6.99Judith Norling Carlson10/8/2013
The iCandidate (The Michael Bennit Series)3.99Mikael Carlson10/8/2013
Il club Dumas (Vintage) (Italian Edition)9.99Arturo Pérez-Reverte and I. Carmignani10/30/2013
The Mommy Letters0.99Anne M. Carpenter10/26/2013
Crime Beat & Straw Man: A Tales2Film Double Feature7.99Marty Weiss and Brent Carpenter11/5/2013
Sweet Poison0.99Rachel Carrington10/15/2013
The Lost Girls of Rome11.04Donato Carrisi11/1/2013
The Defector1.99E. N. J. Carter10/21/2013
Deadly Odds (G Street Chronicles Presents)3.99Kim Carter10/24/2013
The Red Conspiracy2.99HERMES M. LOURENÇO and BIANCA CARVALH10/20/2013
Dying Eyes (DS Brian McDone, #1)0.99Ryan Casey11/5/2013
Angel Kiss (The Jacki King Series)2.99Laura Jane Cassidy11/6/2013
Eighteen Kisses (The Jacki King Series)2.99Laura Jane Cassidy11/6/2013
Blessed0.99Robert Castellano10/31/2013
Charms and Chocolate Chips: A Magical Bakery Mystery5.99Bailey Cates11/5/2013
The Sunshine Affair - The Director's Cut0.99E.J. Caulder10/22/2013
Donna a metà (Green) (Italian Edition)6.02Lucia Cavallo10/31/2013
The Incarnate4.99Kenneth Beason and James Cavanagh10/23/2013
Killer Crust (A Pizza Lovers Mystery)5.38Chris Cavender11/5/2013
Bootsklau (Schatten über der Karibik) (German Edition)5.80Maria Caviglia11/6/2013
Bang Bang 70.99K. Ceakou10/17/2013
The First Blood (The Inspector Svärta Thrillers)7.99S. Cedric10/15/2013
Of Fever and Blood (The Inspector Svärta Thrillers)7.99S. Cedric10/15/2013
The King's Hounds (The King's Hounds series)4.99Martin Jensen and Tara Chace10/29/2013
Aurora's Ashes3.99Hia Chakraborty10/14/2013
Frisco Blues (Eddie Jackson Private Eye)5.99David Chaloner11/2/2013
Cross of Gold3.19Tim Champlin10/23/2013
Thy Shepherd Thy Wolf2.99Andy Chang10/28/2013
How to Be a Good Wife9.59Emma Chapman10/15/2013
Tales from Majestic - North by North0.99Jason Chapman10/21/2013
The Ice9.99Louis Charbonneau10/31/2013
The Brea File9.99Louis Charbonneau10/22/2013
White Harvest9.99Louis Charbonneau11/3/2013
Two-Faced4.67Edmund Charles10/28/2013
No Escape / A Maze of Greed and Murder9.99H. H. Charles10/24/2013
The Gemini Women Trilogy9.99L. j. Charles10/28/2013
South2.99Lance Charnes10/27/2013
Two Birds (Gabe Rayner)2.99Mark Charteris11/4/2013
Jack Spade: Dream Detective2.99Carl A. Chase11/2/2013
Emily Stone Thriller Series (Boxed Set)6.97Jennifer Chase10/28/2013
Cherry Muffin Madness Murder (A Jazmin Jordan Mystery)3.99L. A. Chase10/17/2013
Singing Sand2.99David Chattaway10/27/2013
The Dogged and the Damned5.99Roland Cheek11/5/2013
When Good Becomes Evil1.99Jeanette cheezum10/8/2013
Inherit the Dead: A Novel11.76Lee Child,C. J. Box,Mary Clark Higgins and Charlaine Harris10/8/2013
Into the Lion's Den4.99Martin Chimes11/4/2013
TWIN TOWERS LOS ANGELES3.99Insung Philip Cho10/20/2013
Little White Lies2.99Cheryl Christel11/4/2013
Für die Einen ist es Plagiat. Für die Anderen ist es die genialste Überlebensstrategie diesseits des Urals. (German...6.75J.F. Christensen10/27/2013
The Oracle at Delphi: (Previously published in the print anthology PARKER PYNE INVESTIGATES)0.99Agatha Christie10/29/2013
The Pearl of Price: (Previously published in the print anthology PARKER PYNE INVESTIGATES)0.99Agatha Christie10/29/2013
Problem at Pollensa Bay: (Previously published in the print anthology THE REGATTA MYSTERY AND OTHER STORIES)0.99Agatha Christie10/29/2013
The Regatta Mystery (Parker Pyne Version): (Previously published in the print anthology THE REGATTA MYSTERY AND...0.99Agatha Christie10/29/2013
The Case of the Discontented Husband: (Previously published in the print anthology PARKER PYNE INVESTIGATES)0.99Agatha Christie10/22/2013
The Case of the Distressed Lady: (Previously published in the print anthology PARKER PYNE INVESTIGATES)0.99Agatha Christie10/22/2013
The Case of the Rich Woman: (Previously published in the print anthology PARKER PYNE INVESTIGATES)0.99Agatha Christie10/22/2013
Have You Got Everything You Want?: (Previously published in the print anthology PARKER PYNE INVESTIGATES)0.99Agatha Christie10/22/2013
The Bird with the Broken Wing: (Previously published in the print anthology THE MYSTERIOUS MR. QUIN)0.99Agatha Christie10/15/2013
Harlequin's Lane: (Previously published in the print anthology THE MYSTERIOUS MR. QUIN)0.99Agatha Christie10/15/2013
The World's End: (Previously published in the print anthology THE MYSTERIOUS MR. QUIN)0.99Agatha Christie10/15/2013
The Man from the Sea: (Previously published in the print anthology THE MYSTERIOUS MR. QUIN)0.99Agatha Christie10/8/2013
The Voice in the Dark: (Previously published in the print anthology THE MYSTERIOUS MR. QUIN)0.99Agatha Christie10/8/2013
The Face of Helen: (Previously published in the print anthology THE MYSTERIOUS MR. QUIN)0.99Agatha Christie10/8/2013
A Fruitful Sunday: (Previously published in the print anthology THE GOLDEN BALL AND OTHER STORIES)0.99Agatha Christie11/5/2013
The Girl in the Train: (Previously published in the print anthology THE GOLDEN BALL AND OTHER STORIES)0.99Agatha Christie11/5/2013
The Golden Ball: (Previously published in the print anthology THE GOLDEN BALL AND OTHER STORIES)0.99Agatha Christie11/5/2013
Swan Song: (Previously published in the print anthology THE GOLDEN BALL AND OTHER STORIES)0.99Agatha Christie11/5/2013
The Case of the City Clerk: (Previously published in the print anthology PARKER PYNE INVESTIGATES)0.99Agatha Christie10/22/2013
Death on the Nile: A Parker Pyne Short Story0.99Agatha Christie10/29/2013
Miss Marple: The Complete Short Stories: A Miss Marple Collection (Miss Marple Mysteries)8.00Agatha Christie11/5/2013
Caribbean mystery (Ukranian edition)4.64Agatha Christie10/21/2013
The Mysterious Affair at Styles4.45Agatha Christie10/19/2013
The Amsterdam Chronicles (Def-Con City)3.99Brian Christopher10/15/2013
The Hidden4.99Jo Chumas10/22/2013
Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Murder (Rhea Tennyson Mysteries)2.99Kate Clabough11/3/2013
THE PURSUIT OF MURIETA3.19Thomas D. Clagett10/23/2013
Greed0.99J C Clarke11/5/2013
Hope0.99J C Clarke11/5/2013
Sacrifice0.99J C Clarke11/5/2013
Terror0.99J C Clarke11/5/2013
Not of Sound Mind1.25Lance Clarke10/23/2013
Boy Next Door - The First 11 Days0.99Emma Clark10/29/2013
The Saladin Strategy4.99Norm Clark10/29/2013
The Fabled Oak2.99Simon Clark10/18/2013
Joe's Diary: Tagebucheinträge des Serienkillers aus »Opferzeit« (German Edition)0.00Paul Cleave10/28/2013
Opferzeit: Thriller (German Edition)8.06Paul Cleave,Frank Dabrock and Alexander Wagner10/14/2013
Deadly Eden (Curtis Palmer)7.99Max Cleaver11/6/2013
Castigate My Sin0.99Elicia Clegg10/28/2013
Traitor2.99Rory Clements11/5/2013
A Substitute for Murder (Lieutenant James Series)3.99J Clemmens10/19/2013
Mystery at Pima Point (Lieutenant James mysteries)2.99JB Clemmens10/28/2013
Mrs. Keith's Crime7.95Mrs. W.K. Clifford10/24/2013
Santa the Cat Burglar2.99G.W. Clift11/4/2013
Six Short Stories0.99Steve Cline11/6/2013
Confession Is Murder (A Lucille Mystery)2.99Peg Cochran10/8/2013
All Fudged Up (A Candy-Coasted Mystery)5.38Nancy CoCo11/5/2013
Power Down - Zielscheibe USA (German Edition)4.84Ben Coes10/27/2013
The Son0.99Brent Coffey11/2/2013
Frogs, Guns and Unicorns (Eric and Amy Howard Mysteries)0.99Andrew Colaninno11/3/2013
Rayqelle's Rage -Book 3- (RATCHET)0.99Shon Cole-Black,BlackExpressions eBooks and Sex Chronicles10/15/2013
Rayqelle's Risk -Book 2- (RATCHET)0.99Shon Cole-Black,BlackExpressions eBooks and Sex Chronicles10/15/2013
Revenge15.12Martina Cole10/10/2013
The Pendlehurst Hop0.99Daphne Coleridge10/28/2013
Born of Blood (Palmetto Moon)2.99Diana Collins10/18/2013
Ask Not (Nathan Heller)10.65Max Allan Collins10/22/2013
THE MOONSTONE (illustrated, complete, and unabridged 1868 edition)2.99WILKIE COLLINS10/26/2013
THE WOMAN IN WHITE (with the original 1860 illustrations)1.99WILKIE COLLINS10/23/2013
The Randall Lee Mysteries Omnibus 15.99Charles Colyott10/15/2013
Virtual Justice (Justice Series Book #7)3.99M A Comley10/24/2013
The Applicant4.99Michael Condon10/25/2013
Zodiac Rogue (Cold Cases Book 2)2.99Dave Conifer10/27/2013
The Communion of the Abyss (The Case Files of Edgar Sullivan SERIES 1/CASE 4)0.99OJ Connell11/4/2013
The Most Dangerous Game (Annotated)1.49Richard Connell10/21/2013
The Gods of Guilt11.99Michael Connelly11/1/2013
The Creeps9.62John Connolly10/29/2013
Asking For It (Detective Marsh Mysteries)4.99Mark Connolly10/22/2013
Grottogate0.79Peter K. Connolly10/17/2013
California Twist3.49John A Connor10/18/2013
The Extremists3.99Haydn Jones and Jill Conrad11/4/2013
The Ghost3.99Mark Conte10/24/2013
Father Turiddu Returns15.39Daniel Conway11/5/2013
Caversham House0.99Michael Stewart Conway10/22/2013
Murder at the Diner (The Klumps Mysteries (Season One, Episode 1))0.99DL Cook10/15/2013
The Mole (The Klumps Mysteries: Season One (Episode 3))0.99DL Cook11/6/2013
The Painting (The Klumps Mysteries (Season One, Episode 2))0.00DL Cook10/26/2013
New Title 1 The McEndrick Option (The Kate Hoagan Investigations)2.99Len Cooke11/5/2013
A Blanket Conspiracy (Sophie's Bluff Mysteries)2.99Jane M. Cook,Nick Weyer and Shannon Weyer10/23/2013
Polonio 210 (Spanish Edition)11.99Robin Cook10/10/2013
Murder on the Lawn2.99Simon Cook11/4/2013
Loud Music1.99RJ Coons10/21/2013
Gone in a Flash (An E.J. Pugh Mystery)13.99Susan Rogers Cooper11/1/2013
Welcome to My Hood; The Life of A Don Diva.9.99T.E. Cooper10/29/2013
Dreams of the Damned (Galvanic Century)2.99Michael Coorlim10/30/2013
Bliss Falls (The Bliss Falls Series)2.99Diane Copeland10/24/2013
Untitled Haunted Guesthouse #5 (A HAUNTED GUESTHOUSE MYSTERY)5.99E.J. Copperman11/5/2013
La vértebra de Dios (Misterios del Manuscrito Voynich) (Spanish Edition)1.10Alexander Copperwhite11/2/2013
Oltre il Sigillo (Italian Edition)3.90Francesco Coratti10/11/2013
The Murder of Delicia7.95Marie Corelli10/22/2013
La chiourme (French Edition)9.99Bernadett Cornette10/17/2013
Dust (A SCARPETTA NOVEL)11.99Patricia Cornwell10/15/2013
I Rotoli dell'Immortalità (Italian Edition)2.50Pierluigi di Cosimo10/22/2013
Florida Shakedown1.50Kerry Costello10/23/2013
Jerry Cotton - Folge 2940: Todesfalle Field Office (German Edition)1.49Jerry Cotton10/22/2013
Jerry Cotton - Folge 2939: Die Rache der "Engel" (German Edition)1.49Jerry Cotton10/15/2013
Jerry Cotton - Folge 2938: Versteck' dich, wenn du kannst! (German Edition)1.49Jerry Cotton10/8/2013
Jerry Cotton - Folge 2942: Das letzte Level ist der Tod (German Edition)1.49Jerry Cotton11/5/2013
Jerry Cotton - Folge 2941: Die Zeit läuft ab (German Edition)1.49Jerry Cotton10/29/2013
Double Homicide - 2 Tales of Murder from the Pulps0.99Ted Coughlan10/24/2013
Sammi3.99W. County10/15/2013
The Wrong Man's Ring0.99David Cousland11/1/2013
Case of the Ghost Maid (The Briony Martin Mystery Series)1.99Stacey Coverstone10/16/2013
Storm: Justice3.99P.J. Cowan11/2/2013
Street Stories NYC Ambulance Tales2.99Michael Night "The New York Cowboy"11/6/2013
The Beginning of The End (The Cure)2.99Tony Cowger10/14/2013
The Avenger: Roaring Heart of the Crucible4.99Greg Cox,Will Murray,Mel Odom and Nancy Holder11/5/2013
I Am Not Myself (Post Apocalypse Stock Market, Book 2)2.99Timothy Cox10/27/2013
Reckoning (Ashes #2)1.99Kelly Cozy10/31/2013
Comic Book Hero (Jeremy Craddock Presents...)0.99Jeremy Craddock11/5/2013
TACKLING DEATH ((a crime thriller))3.99Bud Craig11/3/2013
The Terrorists' Apprentice8.99Walter Craig10/28/2013
Die Frauenkammer (German Edition)9.99Jannes C. Cramer10/15/2013
Fairy of Teeth0.99Norman Crane11/5/2013
The Virgin of the Wind Rose7.99Glen Craney10/26/2013
A Catered Christmas Cookie Exchange (A Mystery With Recipes)9.45Isis Crawford10/29/2013
Carbon Copy9.50Sean O Criabhan11/2/2013
Love Lies Bleeding (Gervase Fen)6.99Edmund Crispin10/27/2013
The Elevator. Boston (Venus & Mars)4.00Raffaele Crispino10/27/2013
People in the Walls (Mystery & Suspense) (Book 2 The Wonder)2.99T. A. Crosbarn10/19/2013
Sacrifice parts 1 and 2 (Male / Female 1.5 and 1.6)0.99Amy Cross11/1/2013
The Doll parts 1 and 2 (Male / Female 1.3 and 1.4)0.99Amy Cross10/27/2013
The Dead and the Dying: A Joanna Mason Novel0.00Amy Cross11/5/2013
Into Darkness parts 1 and 2 (Male / Female 1.7 and 1.8)0.99Amy Cross11/4/2013
The Art of Escape4.99Linda Cross10/19/2013
Wayward Pines: Exit Vertigo (Kindle Worlds Novella)1.99Jordan Crouch10/29/2013
Case Number One (Bradshaw)3.99Sydney Crutch10/29/2013
Taking Care of the Neighbours (Bradshaw)3.99Sydney Crutch10/29/2013
Die Not in Anger2.99Gene Cryer10/22/2013
The Masterful Manipulation of George Cove4.99Gerry Cryer10/15/2013
Helsinki Homicide: Christmas on Duty (A Short Story)0.99Jarkko Sipila and Anna Culp10/21/2013
Trackdown1.49Doug M. Cummings10/27/2013
Moonlight Sacrifice2.99Rob Cummings10/30/2013
Scream Vengeance2.99Chet Cunningham10/15/2013
Dark Works (The Lamp Trilogy, Book 2)3.99Jason Cunningham11/6/2013
KIDDER INSTINCT2.99Laurie Ann Cunningham10/17/2013
Love is Crazy0.00Ryan Cunningham10/24/2013
The Internet Detective Game: Episode #1 The Missoula Kidnapping0.00David Francis Curran11/5/2013
Short Stories0.99D.G Currie10/21/2013
SEAL Team 13 (SEAL Team 13 series)4.99Evan Currie11/5/2013
Across the Dark4.99C.M. Curtis10/21/2013
Memory Scents: A Psychological Thriller0.99Gayle Eileen Curtis10/16/2013
Shell House0.99Gayle Eileen Curtis10/16/2013
The Silence of the Wave9.39Gianrico Carofiglio and Howard Curtis10/22/2013
The Girls Of Lakeview Academy (The Trust Casefiles)2.99Lee Cushing10/23/2013
Der Protektor (German Edition)1.98Christina Czarnowske10/24/2013
Die Hexe vom Fischland - Leben und Leiden der Tillsche Schellwegen (German Edition)8.82Rudi Czerwenka10/31/2013
Daemon Infiri4.99Dave Dabrowski10/28/2013
Access All Areas (Charlie Hart Crime Series)4.78Teddie Dahlin10/28/2013
L'énigme du clos Mazarin (Les enquêtes de Louis Fronsac) (French Edition)9.50Jean d'Aillon11/2/2013
Key West Murders0.99Nicole Daines11/1/2013
The Covenant of Malta9.99G. Dalentini10/17/2013
The Trouble with Turkeys (Zoe Donovan Mystery Book 2)2.99Kathi Daley10/8/2013
Severed Trust: The Men of the Texas Rangers | Book 49.99Margaret Daley10/15/2013
Im Zeichen des Denkmals. Prolog: Ein Isis Just-Abenteuer (German Edition)1.61Helen Dalibor10/19/2013
Die Kunst zu Sterben (German Edition)9.99Jürgen Dallüge11/2/2013
Fallen Women10.65Sandra Dallas10/22/2013
The Snarl of the Beast1.99Carroll Daly11/4/2013
Murder Inspired3.99H. H. Damato10/25/2013
The Morals of Evil3.99Rita Van Damme10/23/2013
Hooperman: a bookstore mystery2.99John M. Daniel11/2/2013
Patience Meurtrière (French Edition)7.50Myriam Daniel10/23/2013
Panik: Лошадь Дерево волчица3.99Lara Daniels10/23/2013
Knjazhna Tarakanova: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Grigorij Danilevskij10/24/2013
Sozhzhennaja Moskva: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Grigorij Danilevskij10/24/2013
Mirovich: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Grigorij Danilevskij10/22/2013
Potjomkin na Dunae: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Grigorij Danilevskij10/22/2013
The God Particle7.49Daniel Danser11/2/2013
Desperate but Serious0.99Joseph Dante10/22/2013
Sempre I1.99J.M. Darhower11/4/2013
The Chicken Skin Murder9.99Denorris Darkley10/25/2013
Madju-Raj,The Messenger of Death2.99Mobi D'Ark11/5/2013
Trois p'tits tours et puis s'en vont (French Edition)8.00Jean DARRIG10/19/2013
Shed1.00Rob Dart10/24/2013
UNA SETTIMANA DI PIOGGIA (Italian Edition)3.50Renato Dattola10/17/2013
Hidden Failure (D. R. Richards Mysteries)2.99Arthur Davenport and Wendy Davenport10/27/2013
Fall to Earth2.99Arthur Davenport10/20/2013
Beyond the Breakers (D. R. Richards Mysteries)2.99Arthur Davenport10/18/2013
Game, Set and Murder (DI Costello)9.99Elizabeth and Davey, Lucy Flynn10/18/2013
The Store2.99Iimani David10/17/2013
Undue Rewards (The Tommy O Connor Series)2.99Dudley Davidson-Jarrett11/3/2013
Stone Shadows: The Nephilim Chronicles II7.99Mr Kenneth Davidson10/24/2013
The Miller Virus0.99Colin Davies10/16/2013
Finding Bev (Finding Me)4.00Fraser Davies10/8/2013
The Noose Is Waiting And Other Stories1.99W A E Davies and Neil Davies11/2/2013
Nessuno conosce il mio nome: Il primo caso di Dan Sommerdahl, il "detective Calvo" (Farfalle) (Italian Edition...6.99Anna Grue and Maria Valeria D'Avino10/21/2013
Leaving Megan By Carol Davis (1)5.99Carol Davis11/2/2013
MARATHON (A Lynn Bryant Mystery)3.19Genie Davis10/23/2013
Cruise Ship Crime Mysteries2.99Paul Davis11/6/2013
Parabellum (Darkside of Justice)5.99Raymond Davis10/28/2013
The Ticker9.99Robert Davis10/28/2013
Jackie Winger, Party Singer (Jackie Winger Cozy Mysteries)0.99TG DAVIS11/4/2013
Martini Satellite3.99Adrian Day10/21/2013
Deep Within3.99Charles Day10/30/2013
The Cabin0.99Cj Hutchison and D'bora D11/3/2013
Al Qaeda: The Hunt for Ali Muhammad1.99Bradley Dean11/3/2013
The Leger - Cat Sleuth Mysteries Volume 1 - 3 (The Leger Cat Sleuth Mysteries)2.50Lacey Dearie10/15/2013
The Flame4.99John L DeBoer10/15/2013
A Breath Of Dead Air (Conspiracy)6.31Sandra Rains DeBusk and Sarah Rains DeBusk10/18/2013
The Affordable Care Contracts2.99Aaron DeCastro10/28/2013
Quick Reads #1 (3 short thrillers)3.49Charles Deemer11/3/2013
Spook Trail3.00Jeff Deischer11/6/2013
Outlaw9.83Ted Dekker10/22/2013
The Israeli Connection Book One Bad Blood3.99Sean Delaney10/28/2013
I Met Him on the Stairs1.99Jon De'Lisle10/15/2013
I peccati del papa. Le maschere della morte (eNewton Originals) (Italian Edition)2.99Fabio Delizzos10/24/2013
Das Gaza Projekt (German Edition)5.82Cyrill Delvin10/31/2013
Breaking Point2.99Jon DeMartino11/2/2013
Opening Bid2.99Jon DeMartino11/1/2013
Lab Work2.99Jon DeMartino11/3/2013
Grand Canyon (Jack Prester Mysteries)4.99sandy dengler10/22/2013
Acadia (Jack Prester Mysteries)4.95Sandy Dengler10/31/2013
Great Smokies (Jack Prester mysteries)4.95Sandy Dengler10/31/2013
Death Valley (Jack Prester)4.95Sandy Dengler10/30/2013
Mount Rainier (Jack Prester Mysteries)4.95Sandy Dengler10/30/2013
Butcher of Laido (West Texas)4.95Sandy Dengler10/29/2013
Doctor of Laido (West Texas)4.95Sandy Dengler10/29/2013
Sheriff of Laido (West Texas Mysteries)4.95Sandy Dengler10/29/2013
Bei den Fischen. Kadir Bülbüls dritter Fall (German Edition)3.00Louise Fu and Asmin Deniz10/31/2013
FULLY LOADED (A Short Story)0.99Mike Dennis10/28/2013
Chain Mail (The Trials of Patrick Bailey)0.99Mary Denny10/25/2013
CECI N'EST PAS UN LIVRE (French Edition)2.07BEATRICE DEPARPE10/26/2013
The Button Man3.99Wayne DePriest11/4/2013
Man In The Lake (Rhonda Pohs Mystery Series)5.99Sherry Derr-Wille11/1/2013
Murder By Mistake (Rhonda Pohs Mystery Series)5.99Sherry Derr-Wille11/1/2013
Murder In The Meadow (Rhonda Pohs Mysteries Series)5.99Sherry Derr-Wille11/1/2013
Reunion For A Murder (A RHONDA POHS MYSTERY)5.99Sherry Derr-Wille10/28/2013
Sheriff Gus5.00John D DeSain10/24/2013
TY WARD'S NEXT WAR (Ty Ward Adventure Series)3.99Donald W. Desaulniers11/5/2013
Ladd Haven (Ladd Springs Book #4)2.99Dianne Venetta and Jaxadora Design10/21/2013
The Crimson Death (For Empire)2.99Alex Destry10/22/2013
A prequel to "Noviza" Series2.99Samuel Dharmendar10/19/2013
Cyber Romance- Virtual Love- Physical Murder2.99David Diamantes10/8/2013
Bleak House0.99Charles Dickens10/29/2013
Our Mutual Friend (Illustrated and Annotated)0.99Charles Dickens10/15/2013
The Mystery of Edwin Drood (Illustrated) With Analysis by Andrew Lang0.99Charles Dickens,Andrew Lang and Luke Fildes10/27/2013
Didn't See This Coming5.00S.C. Dickens10/17/2013
Strings3.99Allison M. Dickson10/24/2013
The Bathtub Murders and Other Stories3.99Jenell Diegor10/25/2013
Buried Innocence5.95Chris Dieterich10/24/2013
Secrets To Keep2.99Chris Dikes10/25/2013
Ski Surgeon5.99David Dimers11/5/2013
The Benson Murder Case1.49S. S. Van Dine11/3/2013
Bishop Murder Case (A Philo Vance Novel)1.99S. S. Van Dine11/3/2013
The Canary Murder Case (A Philo Vance Novel)1.49S. S. Van Dine11/3/2013
The Dragon Murder Case (A Philo Vance Novel)4.99S. S. Van Dine11/3/2013
The Garden Murder Case (A Philo Vance Novel)4.99S. S. Van Dine11/3/2013
The Greene Murder Case (Philo Vance Novel)8.99S. S. Van Dine11/3/2013
The Kennel Murder Case (A Philo Vance Novel)1.49S. S. Van Dine11/3/2013
The Kennel Murder Case1.99S.S. Van Dine10/8/2013
Association Renewed4.78Nicholas Dinnear10/17/2013
Bitter Wash Road16.19Garry Disher10/23/2013
The devil that follows me...2.99Rasheeal Dixon10/15/2013
The impact of death, A prostitute's story0.99Rasheeal Dixon10/20/2013
Le secret du Père Noël (French Edition)2.99nasser djama11/6/2013
Garbage Man9.02Joseph D'Lacey10/21/2013
MEAT9.40Joseph D'Lacey10/21/2013
SQUATTERS6.00MISS D10/27/2013
Buried Secrets (Blackmoore Sisters Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series - Book 4)2.99Leighann Dobbs10/30/2013
Churchill's Triumph9.99Michael Dobbs10/24/2013
First Lady8.89Michael Dobbs10/24/2013
A Hot Time in Whoville0.99Michael Dodd10/8/2013
Leverage3.19Dan Doeden10/23/2013
Food for Thought: A New Orleans Story2.99Sean Patrick Doles10/31/2013
NAZI GOLD (Michael Riley Thriller)2.99Douglas Dollard10/31/2013
Prisoners in Paradise12.95Kathryn Braund and Margaret Dominy10/8/2013
Scotophobia - Fear of the Dark: In These Caves, Darkness Is Not All There Is to Fear4.99Alan Donaldson11/5/2013
The Great Anti-American Novel8.61Daniel Donatelli11/2/2013
Vivere e morire in val Padana (Italian Edition)3.99Daniele Dondi10/20/2013
Una calda vendetta (Italian Edition)2.99Daniele Dondi10/19/2013
Mit Blut beschworen (German Edition)1.32Christine Dorn10/30/2013
S.16.99Doug Dorst10/29/2013
Enough Rope3.99P.L. Doss10/28/2013
Cat in an Alphabet Soup (Midnight Louie Mysteries)5.99Carole Nelson Douglas10/21/2013
R/T/M5.00Sean Douglas11/5/2013
Paris City of Night: A Jay Grant Thriller9.99David Downie11/5/2013
Secret Succession6.00David W Downing10/22/2013
The Leather Funnel [Illustrated]0.99Arthur Conan Doyle11/1/2013
The Story of the Man With Watches [Illustrated]0.99Arthur Conan Doyle11/1/2013
The Fiend in the Cooperage [Illustrated]0.99Arthur Conan Doyle10/31/2013
The Horror of the Heights [Illustrated]0.99Arthur Conan Doyle10/31/2013
The Story of the Beetle Hunter [Illustrated]0.99Arthur Conan Doyle10/31/2013
The Story of the Brazilian Cat [Illustrated]0.99Arthur Conan Doyle10/31/2013
The Terror of Blue John Gap [Illustrated]0.99Arthur Conan Doyle10/31/2013
An Intimate Study of Sherlock Holmes [Illustrated]0.99Arthur Conan Doyle10/31/2013
The Ring of Thoth [Illustrated]0.99Arthur Conan Doyle10/31/2013
Sherlock Holmes Complete Collection (Illustrated)0.99Arthur Conan Doyle10/19/2013
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Illustrated)0.99Arthur Conan Doyle10/17/2013
The New Catacomb [Illustrated]0.99Arthur Conan Doyle11/4/2013
Sherlock Holmes: The Quintessential Collection0.99Arthur Conan Doyle11/4/2013
Playing With Fire [Illustrated]0.99Arthur Conan Doyle11/6/2013
The Kiss of Blood [Illustrated]0.99Arthur Conan Doyle11/5/2013
The Story of the Lost Special [Illustrated]0.99Arthur Conan Doyle11/5/2013
Marakotova abyss. Country of fog (Russian edition)2.99ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE10/27/2013
The History of Spiritualism (Russian edition)2.99ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE10/15/2013
The Sign of Four. The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (Russian edition)2.99ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE10/15/2013
Golden collection of classic detective collection (Russian edition)7.80ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE,Edgar Allan Poe,Edgar Wallace and MAURICE LEBLANC10/15/2013
Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #103.49Arthur Conan Doyle,Marvin Kaye and Amy H. Sturgis10/16/2013
HEAD KILLER2.99Kevin Bernhardt Doyle10/29/2013
The Hounds of the Baskervilles (Annotated)0.99Sir Arthur Conan Doyle10/22/2013
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes9.99Sir Arthur Conan Doyle10/21/2013
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes0.99Sir Arthur Conan Doyle11/1/2013
Ask Nothing in Return4.99Jane Drager10/26/2013
Die Entführung aus dem Rotlicht Milieu (German Edition)2.60Shqiponje DRenica10/25/2013
Burning Blue5.99Jeremy Dronfield11/6/2013
The Locust Farm5.99Jeremy Dronfield11/6/2013
Resurrecting Salvador5.99Jeremy Dronfield11/6/2013
Brilliant Stupidity2.99William Drucker10/26/2013
A Watery Grave (Wiki Coffin Mysteries)7.59Joan Druett10/22/2013
The New Sociopath: Phase 1: Narcissism9.99A T Dua11/1/2013
Lustiges Literarisches Allerlei (German Edition)1.99Lydia Dubielzig10/17/2013
Stone Cold, Blood Red: N.H. Tales of Mystery2.99Brendan DuBois10/16/2013
Cartwheel: A Novel10.99Jennifer Dubois10/8/2013
Ticket2.99Peter Dudgeon10/19/2013
To Love and Perish: A Classic Crime Novel2.99Ernest Dudley10/25/2013
Life is Swede2.99Claire Duffy11/2/2013
Murder Splash (A Crampton of the Chronicle Mystery)5.95Peter Bartram and Caroline Duffy10/8/2013
Crime Czar: a Hard-Boiled New Orleans Legal Thriller (Tubby Dubonnet #5) (The Tubby Dubonnet Series)2.99Tony Dunbar10/30/2013
Never Laugh As a Hearse Goes By: A Penny Brannigan Mystery10.67Elizabeth J. Duncan10/29/2013
Acid Reflux3.99Paul Dunk10/26/2013
Three of a Kind (An F6 Novel)3.99Diana X. Dunn11/3/2013
Transylvania's Most Wanted4.99M L Dunn11/5/2013
Murder in a Library1.99Charles Dutton11/4/2013
Dear Daddy (Oak Trees)2.99Mia Dziendziel10/8/2013
Dear Daddy (Oak Trees)2.99Mia Dziendziel10/24/2013
Dear Daddy (Oak Trees)2.99Mia Dziendziel11/6/2013
CALFARIA6.99Tom Eadie10/29/2013
Mystery at the Marsh3.99Carolyn Eastwood10/21/2013
The Bold Son3.99Joe Eberhart10/19/2013
Family Ties (A John Seraph Mystery)5.99C. G. Eberle10/16/2013
The Tower of Sarah5.99Ben Patrick Eden10/30/2013
DIE SPANNENDSTEN KRIMI KLASSIKER Band 1 (German Edition)8.00Wallace Edgar,Sven Elvestadt,Alfred Schirokauer and Matthias Mc Donnel10/29/2013
The Getaway (A Novelette)1.50Stephen Edger11/6/2013
The Churning2.99Justin Edison11/2/2013
Watching The World Fall2.00Justin Edison11/6/2013
A Secret Among Friends9.99Jay Kosharek and Able Willing Editing11/3/2013
Le moine soldat (French Edition)6.18Alain COLLADO and 7 Ecrit Editions10/22/2013
L'inconnue dans la montagne (French Edition)6.18Eliane RENARD and 7 Ecrit Editions10/22/2013
Benjamin: und die tote Partyqueen (German Edition)1.61Wolfgang Edlinger10/22/2013
Beetles in the Boxcar (The Josephine Stuart Mystery Series)3.99Joyce Oroz and Tomi Edmiston11/2/2013
Inspector Ward and the Ford Focus Case (Inspecor Ward)2.99Ron Edmonds10/21/2013
Inspector Ward and the Ford Focus Case (Inspector Ward series)2.99Ron Edmonds11/3/2013
Flash Visions0.99John R. Monteith and Jeff Edwards11/6/2013
In a Word: Murder - An Anthology2.99Martin Edwards,Pamela Griffiths,Paula K. Randall and Jane Risdon11/3/2013
The Circle6.50Dave Eggers10/8/2013
The Spider Web (Sherlock Holmes Uncovered)3.99Steven Ehrman11/2/2013
Whiskey and a Gun0.00Jade E11/2/2013
Born Guilty: Last Laugh4.99Frank Ekenobaye11/3/2013
Altering Course2.99George Eliseo10/31/2013
The Assistant9.99Jennifer Ellerbee10/28/2013
The Immortals9.99Matthew J Elliott10/22/2013
Countess9.95Mickey F. Elliott10/17/2013
LUCIFERIN ~ At Dusk4.99D. R. Ellis,Karl Hentz,Ann Hentz and Gail Donnelly10/26/2013
City of Lies: A Thriller10.99R.J. Ellory10/31/2013
Red Ribbon (Russian edition)5.47Roger Jon Ellory10/23/2013
Escape to Sanctuary2.99Denise Ellyson,Lorraine Nelson and Denise Frazier10/17/2013
Liberty's Endeavor1.99Catherine Elmer11/3/2013
John's Wedding3.99Wendy Elmer10/23/2013
Il mistero dei massi avelli (Black & Yellow) (Italian Edition)5.96Angelo Fàvaro and Bruno Elpis10/20/2013
Sheila's Indulgence2.99James Gabriel Elwood and Joan Elizabeth Elwood10/20/2013
The Weight Of Loss4.99Charles Van Eman10/8/2013
Blood on a Saint (A Collins-Burke Mystery)13.99Anne Emery11/1/2013
The Electrician's Experiment0.00Thomas Emmet10/21/2013
Blocker's Bluff8.95George Encizo10/17/2013
When Giants Awake3.99Robert Enderle10/30/2013
T.O.E. - 1: Fehlstart (Interaktiver Roman) (German Edition)1.30Theodore O. Engel11/5/2013
Smoke a Parrot: The Peter Englebright Collection2.99Peter Englebright10/19/2013
Another Fourteen Days In An English Village0.99Paul Enville10/27/2013
THE OTTOMAN CONSPIRACY6.00Beverly Enwall10/25/2013
EPIC Justice2.99Wayne Epperson10/19/2013
Dunkler Traum: Ein Kriminalroman (German Edition)3.61Linda Isabelle Erkens10/25/2013
Razing Shadows9.99Brian Eskridge11/5/2013
Febbre Rosa: Euforica (Italian Edition)0.00Renato Esposito10/31/2013
Febbre Rosa: Masterpiece (Italian Edition)0.99Renato Esposito10/24/2013
Febbre Rosa: Contro un muro (Italian Edition)0.99Renato Esposito10/17/2013
Sons of Moriarty and More Stories of Sherlock Holmes11.99Loren D. Estleman10/18/2013
Vixxen 'The Chi-town Storm'2.99Urban Novelist Eureka10/31/2013
Thunder at Dawn3.99Alan Evans10/29/2013
DEATH DUES #11 Rafferty & Llewellyn cozy procedural series3.99Geraldine Evans10/20/2013
WISE GUYS0.99Greg Evans11/1/2013
ALL THE RIVERS RUN INTO THE SEA2.99Greg Evans10/27/2013
FEAR JUNCTION2.99Greg Evans10/27/2013
WHERE THE EAGLES FLY2.99Greg Evans10/27/2013
Rituals: A Faye Longchamp Mystery (Faye Longchamp Series)6.99Mary Anna Evans10/30/2013
Black Coffee: The Deal0.99Nathan Evans11/2/2013
The Terminator Gene (Saving the Planet)3.99Will Evans10/20/2013
Sierra Girls0.99Richard Ewald10/15/2013
The Spider4.08Hanns Heinz Ewers10/22/2013
Il Nulla (Italian Edition)0.00Luca Fadda10/30/2013
Eulogy for a Mime and Other Stories0.99Shawn Hansen and Shelly Fagundes10/18/2013
The Mystery of Carlitos0.99Virginia Fairfax11/1/2013
The Secret of Casa Grande0.99Virginia Fairfax,Helen Randolph and Helen A. Ripley11/1/2013
The Paw Paw Tree1.60Sue Fairfoot10/25/2013
Move the Sun (Signal Bend Series)3.99Susan Fanetti10/27/2013
Last Shot (Dev Haskell - Private Investigator: Case 6)3.99Mike Faricy10/21/2013
Celebrity Team Six 1.2: Matt Damon is Leading the Hunt for Linda Septein; Will He Survive?0.99Carl Farkwad10/21/2013
Predator Unleashed3.99Albert Scott Farnum10/29/2013
Elements2.99Andrew Farrell10/30/2013
One Dog Too Many4.95Lia Farrell11/5/2013
The Smoke Ring: (A Howard Watson Intrigue)3.99JoAnn Fastoff10/30/2013
Baby Shark's GRASS WIDOW LEGACY3.99Robert Fate10/31/2013
A City of Wood (A City by the Lake)4.99Kelly Faunce11/2/2013
The Sands of Time3.00S P FEATES10/19/2013
Murder Outside the Box (Staged for Murder)4.99D. Featherling10/31/2013
Ein tödlicher Job (German Edition)1.99Michael Felske10/8/2013
Poe4.99J. Lincoln Fenn10/22/2013
Max In & Out (a suspense crime thriller)2.99Morris Fenris10/22/2013
"The Residue of Design"2.99James Ferace11/6/2013
Suicide Kings5.99Christopher J. Ferguson10/26/2013
HEGEMONY: A Political Thriller3.99Elizabeth Ferido-Bohlin11/5/2013
Flagelo (Portuguese Edition)0.99Andrei Fernandes10/29/2013
Consequences1.99Nigel Fernandes10/25/2013
After The Flesh (Heresy)5.00Alexander Ferrar10/19/2013
Her Name Was Lola2.99Catalina Ferrer10/25/2013
Thunder Of The Coming Storm9.99Vince Ferrigno10/30/2013
Corpse Flower - Part 4 (A Cornwall and Redfern Mystery)1.99Gloria Ferris11/4/2013
Corpse Flower - Part 3 (A Cornwall and Redfern Mystery)1.99Gloria Ferris10/28/2013
Corpse Flower - Part 2 (A Cornwall and Redfern Mystery)1.99Gloria Ferris10/21/2013
Pegasus Rising2.99R. Clint Peters and WEP Fiction10/16/2013
Mystery at the Rectory1.99A. Fielding11/4/2013
Spirits Of The Darkness3.99Michael S Fields10/22/2013
ReAger - Post Testament | Apokalypse (German Edition)4.00O.M. Fight10/26/2013
Baudelaire Poems3.00Tom Fill10/24/2013
Ultimate Witness0.99Harlan Finchley11/3/2013
Death by Analysis: Another Adventure From Inspector Canal's New York Agency (The Karnac Library)12.82Bruce Fink10/31/2013
In the Shadows (The Outsiders)3.99Susan Finlay10/29/2013
The Elohim Files: File 1 (short story collection)0.99Marc Webb and Ben Finn11/4/2013
All the Pretty Toys (The Cravings Series)2.99Josephine Fischer,Kat Marshall,Colette Stone and Dee Allen10/24/2013
Perlocution1.61Gemma Fisk10/29/2013
Black Welcome6.99Nigel Fitzgerald10/27/2013
Osiris - The Second Coming (Osiris Trilogy Mystery Series)6.66Raquel Zepeda Fitzgerald10/26/2013
Two-Hundred-Dollar Assignment - 2 Detective Tales!0.99Guy Fleming10/24/2013
The Art Dealer (The Rapid Read Series)6.99Suzanne Fleming10/26/2013
Paradise Court1.99J.S. Fletcher10/8/2013
The Bohemian Ruby7.99Louis Fletcher11/5/2013
Jacob's Oath: A Novel11.04Martin Fletcher10/8/2013
Path of Night (Night Beast)7.99Dirk Flinthart10/18/2013
To Fly from Folly: Saving the Polywell2.99William W Flint11/2/2013
The Key to Hell (Thriller)2.99Thomas Graser and Holger Flock10/21/2013
No Margin For Error4.98Liam Flood10/25/2013
Daisy Hill0.99Jessub Flower10/22/2013
The Fox and The Thistle (The Mystery Crime Game) (Jamie Fox Crime Mystery Thrillers)2.99James Flynn10/21/2013
Where There's No Will2.99Jim Flynn10/15/2013
The Survivor: A Novel12.74Vince Flynn10/8/2013
Holmes In Time For Christmas9.49Ross K Foad10/23/2013
Dust0.99Alexander Fontanez-Ordonez10/21/2013
Señales De Humo (Spanish Edition)3.11Marc Fontanillas-Baella11/2/2013
Kid's Army2.99Brent Ford11/6/2013
Last Ditch: A Leo Waterman Mystery (Leo Waterman Mysteries)6.44G.M. Ford10/15/2013
True Nightly News2.99John Ford11/4/2013
Really Dead - Part 6 (A Ria Butler Mystery)1.99J.E. Forman10/21/2013
Really Dead - Part 5 (A Ria Butler Mystery)1.99J.E. Forman10/14/2013
Really Dead: A Ria Butler Mystery7.19J.E. Forman11/4/2013
Dark Side of the River2.99Brian Form10/21/2013
Lettice Fairfax Rides Again1.50J.K. Forster-Walmsley11/5/2013
The Identity Thief5.99C. Forsyth11/5/2013
The Unicorn File (Robert Chase Novels)0.99Edward Forth10/28/2013
Suspension of Disbelief0.99peter foskett10/21/2013
the mystery of coopersville0.99Douglas E. Foster10/21/2013
Double Detective April 1941 The Green Lama #10 The Case of the Vanishing Ships2.99Richard Foster, and Will Murray10/8/2013
Double Detective August 1941 The Green Lama #12 The Case of the Crooked Cane2.99Richard Foster, and Will Murray10/8/2013
Double Detective December 1940 The Green Lama #8 The Case of the Invisible Enemy2.99Richard Foster, and Will Murray10/8/2013
Double Detective July 1940 The Green Lama #4 The Wave of Death2.99Richard Foster, and Will Murray10/8/2013
Double Detective March 1943 The Green Lama #14 The Case of the Beardless Corpse2.99Richard Foster, and Will Murray10/8/2013
Double Detective May 1940 The Green Lama #2 Croesus of Murder2.99Richard Foster, and Will Murray10/8/2013
Double Detective October 1940 The Green Lama #7 The Case of the Clown Who Laughed2.99Richard Foster, and Will Murray10/8/2013
Double Detective October 1941 The Green Lama #13 The Case of the Hollywood Ghost2.99Richard Foster, and Will Murray10/8/2013
Double Detective September 1940 The Green Lama #6 Death's Head Face2.99Richard Foster, and Will Murray10/8/2013
Descent (the adventures of Jack White Deer)3.99David Fowler11/3/2013
FDR's Treasure (Zane Rigby Mystery Series)2.99Joel Fox10/29/2013
Lincoln's Hand (Zane Rigby Mystery Series)0.99Joel Fox10/29/2013
Beyond Capable2.99Matt Fox10/25/2013
MAX VON ASSISI (Hartingers vierter italienischer Fall) (German Edition)8.99Andreas Franke10/31/2013
Affliction (Alfonzo)3.99S.W. Frank10/20/2013
Durst: Thriller (German Edition)8.06Alberto Riva and Claudia Franz10/21/2013
Crush5.99Jennifer Margaret Fraser10/27/2013
Die Melodie des Todes (German Edition)9.41Jørgen Brekke and Günther Frauenlob10/14/2013
Death of a Pantomime Cow - A Falconer File Short Story0.99Andrea Frazer10/30/2013
Pascal Passion: The Falconer Files- File 42.99Andrea Frazer10/24/2013
The Belchester Chronicles Trilogy4.50Andrea Frazer10/22/2013
Inkier than the Sword (The Falconer Files - File 3)2.99Andrea Frazer10/16/2013
Murder at the Manse: The Falconer Files - File 52.99Andrea Frazer11/5/2013
The Chart2.99Andree Frazier10/15/2013
The Crossing - A Novella1.99Steve Frech11/5/2013
The Keepers Of The Sunken Way4.95R. S. Freckleton10/15/2013
Joshua: Son of None5.99Nancy Freedman10/15/2013
Old Dogs : A Novel5.99Don L Freeman11/6/2013
September Song3.99Jeanie Freeman-Harper10/19/2013
Percival Bland's Proxy and The Missing Mortgagee0.99R. Austin Freeman10/28/2013
The Jacob Street Mystery (Dr. Thorndyke Mystery)1.49R. Austin Freeman10/27/2013
When Rogues Fall Out (Dr. Thorndyke Mysteries)1.49R. Austin Freeman10/27/2013
Terminal Consent4.99Michael Freeny11/4/2013
Und alles nur aus Liebe (German Edition)3.87Ana Frei10/8/2013
Find Virgil (A Novel of Revenge)3.99Frank Freudberg10/23/2013
Im Untergrund: Short Storys (German Edition)9.99Kurt Fricke10/16/2013
Death of a Nightingale9.43Lene Kaaberbol and Agnete Friis11/5/2013
Deadly Intentions (Ann Jones Mysteries)2.99Jennifer Frost10/20/2013
The Six Messiahs7.99Mark Frost10/15/2013
Front Stack3.19VM Frost11/6/2013
Barbebrie and the Feather's Touch (A Mouse Sleuth Mystery)0.99Théo Fruy11/4/2013
No Higher Calling4.99Rex Fuller10/17/2013
Credible Threat5.99Eric James Fullilove10/19/2013
Tutto Thriller - La Trilogia (Italian Edition)9.00Nicola Furia,Fabio Cupidi and Matteo Freddi10/22/2013
Pesadelos (Portuguese Edition)5.00Viviane S Furtado11/1/2013
Il mistero della giarrettiera (eNewton Zeroquarantanove) (Italian Edition)0.99Jacques Futrelle10/10/2013
A Clear Conscience2.99Frances Fyfield11/5/2013
A Question of Guilt2.99Frances Fyfield10/22/2013
Die toten Augen vom Elbstrand (German Edition)2.28Frank Göhre10/15/2013
Don't You Forget About Me3.99Erin McCole Cupp and Ellen Gable10/16/2013
La última Verónica (Spanish Edition)8.00Orlando Gaido11/5/2013
Impact For Murder2.99Cherri Galbiati10/16/2013
SAVAGE PAYBACK4.99Seumas Gallacher10/17/2013
Earth & Fire Book II A Murder of Crows (Earth & Fire Coastal Maine Mysteries)2.99Cynthia Gallant-Simpson11/3/2013
Endstation Teufelsmauer (German Edition)8.90Lisa Gallauner10/20/2013
Le Promeneur De l'Eternité (French Edition)2.75Antony GALLEGO10/27/2013
Deathly Silent3.99Rick Gangraw10/20/2013
Mirada de Pieda (Spanish Edition)9.99Marcela Garcia10/17/2013
Veneno a gotas (Spanish Edition)9.99Marcela Garcia10/17/2013
The Liquidator3.99John Gardner11/4/2013
Masquerade0.99Pam Garlick10/28/2013
Run for Your Life0.99Pam Garlick10/27/2013
Uncovering Secrets0.99Pam Garlick11/4/2013
19397.68Richard Garner10/28/2013
Murder and Magic (Lord Darcy)9.99Randall Garrett10/8/2013
The Chinese Chest2.99Theresa Jenner Garrido10/8/2013
CIEN VIDAS PRESTADAS (Spanish Edition)4.00Rafael Salcedo Ramírez and Rafael Salcedo Garrote10/25/2013
Email From A Dead Friend ( Gaskin10/24/2013
Offenbarung 23 - Skript Edition - Band 05 - Lizenz zum Gelddrucken (German Edition)4.98Jan Gaspard10/24/2013
Per Anhalter (German Edition)4.09Oke Gaster10/18/2013
The Camelot Coup7.95Tom Gately11/6/2013
The Triad Conspiracy8.99David Gatesbury10/16/2013
Delivering English9.99Kevin Gaylord10/31/2013
Uncaged4.99Joe Gazzam10/20/2013
Non sono morto (Italian Edition)1.33Ivo Gazzarrini11/4/2013
UNDOCUMENTED VISITORS IN A PIRATE SEA, An Investigation of Certain Caribbean Phenomena by Dr. Thayer Harris4.99Jeffrey Roswell McCord and Alice Gebura10/8/2013
Pumpkin Center 1, Not your usual ghost story. (Pumpkin Center Series)2.99Harley Davitsen and Connie Gee11/6/2013
The Sound of the Spade2.99R. Allen Larsen and Nik Geiger-Duran10/28/2013
Pod gnetom strasti: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Gejnce10/24/2013
Doch' Petra Velikogo: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Gejnce10/25/2013
Arakcheev: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Gejnce10/24/2013
Geroj konca veka: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Gejnce10/24/2013
Knjaz' Tavridy: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Gejnce10/24/2013
Koronovannyj rycar': Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Gejnce10/24/2013
Ljudoedka: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Gejnce10/24/2013
Maljuta Skuratov: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Gejnce10/24/2013
Novgorodskaja vol'nica: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Gejnce10/24/2013
Pervyj russkij samoderzhec: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Gejnce10/24/2013
Samozvanec: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Gejnce10/24/2013
Scena iz zhizni: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Gejnce10/24/2013
Sudnye dni Velikogo Novgoroda: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Gejnce10/24/2013
Tajna vysokogo doma: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Gejnce10/24/2013
V tine advokatury: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Gejnce10/24/2013
Vlast' zhenshhiny: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Gejnce10/24/2013
Lethal Harvest (Technobiz Thriller Series)2.99Brad Gilbertson and Peter Gelfan11/1/2013
Mantelkinder (German Edition)1.99Anna Geller10/31/2013
Dies irae (Spanish Edition)9.99César Pérez Gellida10/9/2013
Die Rückkehr des Bösen (German Edition)16.99F. W. Gensel10/30/2013
Gentlemen Formerly Dressed19.99Sulari Gentill11/1/2013
Wedding Day4.99Sandy Gent10/24/2013
Just One Evil Act: An Inspector Lynley Novel10.91Elizabeth George10/15/2013
Blood and Sawdust2.99Gregory Gerald10/14/2013
I Dream of Zombies (Rose Lee's Zombie Adventures)2.00Charlotte Gerber10/27/2013
The Cost of Silver4.99Chloe Gerhardt10/31/2013
Verdächtige Geräusche (German Edition)2.25Gunter Gerlach11/4/2013
The Vintage Club6.12Darin Gib11/1/2013
Lisa's3.99John Gibson10/26/2013
Singapore Black (Detective Hawksworth Trilogy)6.15William L. Gibson10/29/2013
No Place Like Home4.99Ben Gilbert10/30/2013
Tapioca Fire4.99Suzanne Gilbert10/16/2013
Baptist Beguilement (The Adam Mykonos Mysteries)3.99Thomas Gillen10/22/2013
Envy's Arrows7.99Jane Gillette10/20/2013
Osteria con uso di cucina (Italian Edition)2.99Gerardo Giordanelli10/20/2013
Montana Harvest: A Jim Buchanan Novel (The Jim Buchanan Series)7.99Felix F. Giordano10/23/2013
Everyone in Their Place: The Summer of Commissario Ricciardi7.99Maurizio de Giovanni11/5/2013
Ada1.40Dale Givens10/29/2013
A Lone Star Weeps (An Inspector Gloria Mystery)7.20Joseph Glackin10/28/2013
Savage City: A Johnny Merak Classic Crime Novel2.99John Glas10/25/2013
Malevolent Detour: A Novella1.99Danielle Glass10/24/2013
Just Ducky (A Lexie Starr Mystery, Book 5)4.99Jeanne Glidewell10/23/2013
Jaws 5: The Meowing0.99Kitty Glitter10/27/2013
Art and Milly Montague:golden age detective: Book One (Art and Milly Montague: golden age detectives)2.99Tom Gnagey10/28/2013
Prison Of The Dead2.99Bart Gnarly11/5/2013
Black & White (The Dugan Chronicles)2.99Earl Gobel11/5/2013
Mr. Glamour3.99Richard Godwin10/30/2013
A Proposition2.99Christopher Goewert10/27/2013
Dunkles Licht in heller Nacht (German Edition)2.99Wolfgang A. Gogolin11/6/2013
Echoes of a Killing7.99Ted Gogoll10/24/2013
FALLEN0.99James Aubrey Goins10/23/2013
Maddog lll True Justice (Mike Murodc Mystery New York City's Most Violents Privite Detective)0.99Tom Golabek10/15/2013
The Sphinx Spy5.00Eusebio Gomez10/28/2013
Irreplaceable3.99Mark Gonzales,Phil Abatecola,Denise Stern and Andy Carpenter10/18/2013
LA MIRADA DEL CRESO (Spanish Edition)3.99Gonzalo Javier Gonzalvo10/16/2013
Tod im Museum: John Mackenzies dritter Fall (German Edition)5.10Emma Goodwyn10/31/2013
Hopfen und Malz Gott erhalts (German Edition)8.99Rose Gordon10/20/2013
The Silver Scream3.99Ed Gorman10/29/2013
A Family Concern0.99Ken Gorman10/26/2013
A Year in Fear: A Rookie Detective's First 12 Months3.99Harry Gossett11/6/2013
Kiss Me Before You Die2.99Michael Goulding10/21/2013
Innocence Betrayed : Secrets on the Fox River6.99Richard C. Gove10/24/2013
Imago (A Kate Redman Mystery: Book 3) (The Kate Redman Mysteries)1.49Celina Grace11/4/2013
Murder by Sunlight: The Charity Quilt (Five Star Mystery Series)3.19Barbara Graham10/23/2013
The Big Click: November 2013 (Issue 11)2.99Barry Graham,Marc E. Fitch,Brian Thornton and Nick Mamatas10/21/2013
On Deadly Seas (Jack Warden Detective Series)0.99Clark Graham and Deb Graham10/21/2013
Deadly Night (The Flynn Brothers Trilogy)3.82Heather Graham10/15/2013
Signs of Violence: A Black Shuck Thriller (Declan McIver Series)0.99Ian Graham11/2/2013
Chemical Reactions9.99J.R. Graham10/25/2013
UNE SEMAINE À VIE (French Edition)9.99Adeline Grais-Cernea,FRIDAY STORIES and Sean Beolchini10/23/2013
Der dritte Tempel: Roman (German Edition)5.90Albrecht Gralle10/15/2013
The Last Mistress0.99Dane Grannon10/28/2013
Final Inning - First Strike5.99Ernest Grant10/29/2013
The Key to Hell - Five chapters - five days for free!0.00Thomas Graser10/31/2013
Grand Theft Lotto (Brody and Hannigan Mysteries)0.99Paula Graves10/26/2013
The Judgement Game12.82Charalee Graydon10/15/2013
Dream Chaser 2 - Vengeance2.99Dylan Gray10/30/2013
Driving Miss Crazy8.99Lorna Gray11/1/2013
Linda Gets Even (Jim Owens Action Series)2.99Roger Gray10/15/2013
Chernaja zhenshhina: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Grech10/24/2013
Un sinistro passo sulle scale (eNewton Zeroquarantanove) (Italian Edition)0.99Anna K. Green10/10/2013
Una strana scomparsa (eNewton Zeroquarantanove) (Italian Edition)0.99Anna K. Green10/10/2013
Traveler4.99Dennis Green10/20/2013
The Third Man7.99Graham Greene10/18/2013
Broken Faith (The Jimmy Costello Series)2.99James Green10/31/2013
Miss Tayke Investigates Holly & Ivy Murder Mystery1.50Jim Green10/29/2013
Miss Tayke Investigates Christmas House Party Murders1.50Jim Green10/20/2013
Miss Tayke Investigates Orient Express Christmas Mystery1.50Jim Green10/20/2013
Miss Tayke Investigates Vicarage Christmas Party Murder1.50Jim Green10/20/2013
Miss Tayke Investigates Carol Singers Murder Mystery1.50Jim Green10/16/2013
Miss Tayke Investigates Christmas TV Pilot Murder Mystery1.50Jim Green10/15/2013
Miss Tayke Investigates Murder on the First Day of Christmas0.99Jim Green11/6/2013
Home0.99Lauren Cagliola Green10/25/2013
The Lost Books of Wizardry3.00Marble Green10/19/2013
Fallen Soldiers - The Rise9.99N M Green,Aaron Walker and Jiare Adkins10/30/2013
Ordinary Guy Book 4: Bad Preachers Part 20.99Robin Green10/23/2013
A Water Grove Journal3.99Sebastin Green11/2/2013
Skeleton's Key (A Southern Mystery) (Delta Crossroads)3.99Stacy Green10/27/2013
Effectuation (The Trace Trilogy)2.99Carlyn Greenwald10/16/2013
Code: Team Zebra: (Project 7)3.99Dale Greenwell10/21/2013
The Price of Sanctuary2.99Gaylon Greer10/28/2013
Foreshadows3.99Sharon Harp Gregory10/21/2013
Bigfoot and Superfish3.99David Gregson10/18/2013
Blutrote Steine (German Edition)4.18Adrian Greifenstein10/20/2013
Spectaculum: Paula Sterns erster Fall. Pfalz-Krimi (German Edition)5.99Gina Greifenstein11/5/2013
Deal with the Devil3.99J. Gunnar Grey10/18/2013
Guiltless Man2.99S. P. Grider,Todd Parker,Amber Post and Melissa Fleming11/1/2013
Delaney's Hope2.99Ed Griffin11/3/2013
Muffled Volleys6.99Blair Dryden and Jere Griffing10/8/2013
The Sunbird7.99John Griffin10/18/2013
Black Spring (The Tournament)4.99B. B. Griffith10/28/2013
For Our Liberty2.99Rob Griffith10/22/2013
Battlefield 4: Countdown to War9.99Peter Grimsdale10/24/2013
Collectors: A Novel9.99Paul Griner10/23/2013
A Secret Fate (Whisper Cape #3)0.99Susan Griscom10/29/2013
Sycamore Row6.59John Grisham10/22/2013
Date Night (a flash fiction story)0.99Chuck Grossart10/25/2013
A Basket of Trouble (A Claire Hanover Mystery)8.69Beth Groundwater11/1/2013
Beginning Books for Children - Edition II2.99Lucert Media Group11/1/2013
Christmas Story Books for Children II - Stories with deep Meanings2.99Luert Media Group10/30/2013
Christmas Story Books for Children III - Stories with deep Meanings2.99Luert Media Group10/30/2013
Rhyming Children's Books - Edition III2.99Luert Media Group10/29/2013
Children's Best Selling Books - Edition II2.99Luert Media Group11/1/2013
Children's Best Selling Books - Edition III2.99Luert Media Group11/1/2013
Rhyming Children's Books - Good Reading with Illustration2.99Luert Media Group10/29/2013
Children's Best Selling Books - All new stories for kids2.99Luert Media Group11/1/2013
Books For Gifted Children II - Great Celebration Stories2.99Luert Media Group10/30/2013
Children Series Books - Picture and Stories for Kids2.99Luert Media Group10/30/2013
Children's Art Books III - Stories2.99Luert Media Group10/30/2013
Read Children Books - Develop Resding Habit in Your Kid2.99Nisan Media Group10/24/2013
Read Children Books - Edition II2.99Nisan Media Group10/24/2013
Adventure Books For Children - Edition IV2.99Nisan Media Group10/23/2013
Spring Children's Books - Edition III2.99Nisan Media Group10/22/2013
Young Children's book - Edition II0.99Zang Media Group11/6/2013
Young Children's book - Awesome Stories inside0.99Zang Media Group11/6/2013
Informational Picture Books For Children's - Edition III0.99Zang Media Group11/6/2013
Young Children's book - Edition III0.99Zang Media Group11/6/2013
Eva0.99Vince Guaglione10/20/2013
Harbinger: Renegades Vs. Zombies (Kindle Worlds Short Story)0.99Gabe Guarente10/15/2013
The Da Vinci Diamond (Detective Tony Mariani Mysteries)4.99Jerry Guarino10/27/2013
These Things Hidden7.69Heather Gudenkauf10/29/2013
The Weight of Silence7.69Heather Gudenkauf10/29/2013
GUARDIANES MUERTE (SAGA GUARDIANES) (Spanish Edition)2.99Dani Guerrero11/3/2013
A Dangerous Windfall2.99Richard Guidice11/5/2013
Cash on Delivery 3: Seven Kings3.99Annie Gunn10/15/2013
The Essence of Truth3.99Patrick E. Gunning10/24/2013
MURDER ON BROADWAY (The Mike Fargo Mysteries)0.99Bill Gutman10/27/2013
Der Kopfgeldjäger 55: Und dann schlägt dir die Stunde, McQuade (German Edition)1.49Pete Hackett10/17/2013
Deadly Contact (June Kato Intrigue)0.99Kay Hadashi10/21/2013
Ende. Aus. Vorbei. (German Edition)6.99Ute Haese10/29/2013
Brutal Attraction4.99Sarah Hahn10/16/2013
Bond Bombshell (Jamie Bond Mysteries)0.99Gemma Halliday10/28/2013
Blue Light Series (Two Complete Novels)5.95Mark Edward Hall10/29/2013
Dust to Dust (Ackroyd and Thackeray Mysteries)4.99Patricia Hall11/5/2013
The Harvester3.99Sira Hall10/26/2013
The Ten Sleep Murders (Levi Hill Mysteries)3.95Bill D. Hallsted10/25/2013
The Case of the Love Commandos: From the Files of Vish Puri, India's Most Private Investigator11.04Tarquin Hall10/8/2013
Dead Stock (A Bert Shambles Mystery)2.99Tim Hall10/16/2013
The Seed of Haman (The HaZikaron Series)2.99C.W. Hambleton10/30/2013
Scumbags & Handbags4.99Sinead Hamill10/19/2013
Matt Helm - The Ambushers6.44Donald Hamilton10/8/2013
The Thai Amulet (Lara McClintoch Archaeological Mysteries)3.99Lyn Hamilton10/16/2013
Making Thyme (Thyme Trilogy)2.99TJ Hamilton10/17/2013
Freezer I'll Shoot5.99Victoria Hamilton11/5/2013
The Hunter and Other Stories11.99Dashiell Hammett11/4/2013
The Vanity Game3.99HJ Hampson10/27/2013
The Buried3.99Marcus Hand10/27/2013
Intervention: The King Pin8.00James Hanford10/18/2013
The Murder Wall2.99Mari Hannah10/15/2013
Deadline Istanbul (The Elizabeth Darcy Series)3.99Peggy Hanson10/16/2013
Deadline Yemen (The Elizabeth Darcy Series)3.99Peggy Hanson10/16/2013
Oh Canada (Murder at the Dog Show)9.99Karen Harbert10/26/2013
Malicious Mischief (Rylie Keyes)5.45Marianne Harden10/22/2013
Frayed Noose0.99Sarah Hardin10/26/2013
Bitter Blood12.99Nick Hardway10/21/2013
Depot2.99jay harez10/27/2013
Elijah's Phone (Elijah Chronicals)2.99Kelson Hargis10/28/2013
D260.99Girish Haridas10/31/2013
Double Duplicity1.99Struan Robertson and Anne Harling10/15/2013
Moving Mountains (Separate Ways: 3)4.99Laura Harner10/29/2013
Regret1.99James Harper10/27/2013
Queen (Russian edition)5.47Karen Harper10/22/2013
The Red of Sedona (Honey Samson Series)6.95Danny Harris11/5/2013
First Monday Murder (A Jimmie Rae Flea Market Mystery Series)0.99Lisa Love Harris10/27/2013
Gangland Rackets - 4 Tales of Strippers and Mobsters0.99Margie Harris,C.B. Yorke,Evan Slyter and Graham Deane10/24/2013
The Bin-Laden Prize6.99Frederick Harrison10/31/2013
El pintor maldito (Spanish Edition)8.99Peter Harris10/17/2013
Death by Surprise (Carolyn Hart Classics)7.69Carolyn Hart11/5/2013
Godfather of Atlanta0.99Cole Hart10/22/2013
Taken by the Wind (Jane Lawless Mysteries)11.04Ellen Hart10/8/2013
La máscara de Atreo (Spanish Edition)5.99A.J. Hartley10/17/2013
Dirty Rotten Scoundrel (Romantic Mystery) (J.J. Graves Mystery Book 3)4.99Liliana Hart11/5/2013
The Muse of Violence3.99Bruce Hartman10/30/2013
A Sole Surviving Son (Alan Hast Mystery Series)10.00W. Hart10/19/2013
A Matador's Code (Alan Hast Murder Mystery)5.00W. Hart10/18/2013
A Mega Blast (Alan Hast Mystery Series)10.00W. Hart10/18/2013
A Pacific Princess (Alan Hast Mystery Series)10.00W. Hart10/18/2013
The Butterfly Killer2.99Charles Harvey10/28/2013
The Ex-Club Tong Pang4.99Janis Hashe10/16/2013
American Purgatorio: A Novel7.59John Haskell10/22/2013
Tenderloin (A Sleeper Hayes Mystery)2.99Court Haslett11/3/2013
Slipway Grey2.99Mark C. Scioneaux and Dane T. Hatchell10/15/2013
The Missing Bachelor Farmer: A Nancy Keene Mystery1.99Lewis Hathaway10/16/2013
Coming of Age0.99Jonathan Havard10/23/2013
The Stockholm Syndrome0.99Jonathan Havard10/20/2013
The Devil's Flame4.00David Hawkins10/27/2013
The Corner4.00Marcel Hawkins11/2/2013
First 454.00Marcel Hawkins11/2/2013
The Butterfly1.00Marcel Hawkins10/27/2013
Dark Recesses6.99Scott Hawkins10/8/2013
The Scarlet Letter0.99Nathaniel Hawthorne10/29/2013
The Haunted House and other matters0.99Alexandra Hawthorne and Darlene Hawver10/19/2013
Relatos del Tercer Reich (Spanish Edition)0.99Nikolaus Haydn10/19/2013
Mysteries and Adventures7.80Arthur Conan Doyle and Paul Stuart Hayes10/18/2013
Candleburn3.99Jack Hayes11/4/2013
Pilgrim - Versione light - (Italian Edition)0.00Terry Hayes11/6/2013
The House That Kicked Up Its Hooves On Halloween (A Delmarva Renovators Mini-Mystery) (The Delmarva Renovators...0.99David Healey10/30/2013
Between Rides0.99David Hebden11/5/2013
For Better or Worsted (A CROCHET MYSTERY)10.99Betty Hechtman11/5/2013
Nothing Left to Lose3.99Patrick Heffernan11/6/2013
Still Life In Blood: A Delaware State Police Homicide Unit Mystery9.99Crystal Heidel11/2/2013
Sturzflug (German Edition)2.31Uta-Maria Heim10/28/2013
Das Mal Omnibus Edition (German Edition)2.99Christian Heinke11/3/2013
escape - Teil Vier (German Edition)0.99Christian Heinke11/5/2013
Verfroren (German Edition)4.99Kendra Elliott and Teresa Hein10/15/2013
Matie - מאטי (Hebrew Novel)2.99Raya Heller10/27/2013
Harm's Way2.99K Helms11/4/2013
A Case of Forgotten Identity4.99Merileigh Hemp10/19/2013
Sentinel (Kirby Sloan)3.99Charles Henderson11/5/2013
Shorty to go 2014 - der Kalender für die tägliche Dosis Krimi (German Edition)4.89Susanne Henke10/28/2013
Diva's Last Curtain Call (Kenda Clayton Mystery #3) (Kendra Clayton Series)2.99Angela Henry10/22/2013
Love and Death In Trieste5.99George Henry11/4/2013
Blood Seance: A Horror Novel3.99Ian Henry10/16/2013
Smiley Jackson and The Dark Days1.50Robert Hensley10/24/2013
A Game of Authors4.99Frank Herbert10/18/2013
Blütenrausch (German Edition)3.97Mila Herbst10/22/2013
A Relative Adventure7.99John T. Herman10/23/2013
Strange (Short Story Collection)0.99D. J Pollard and Ian Hernandez10/26/2013
GENTE CORRIENTE (Spanish Edition)0.99Javier Haro Herraiz10/29/2013
Unwelcome Dreams9.99Thomas Herrera10/8/2013
The Watchers9.99Tom Herrera10/8/2013
A Lethal Time and Place2.99Peg Herring11/1/2013
Franz G. - Thriller (Wegners schwerste Fälle) (German Edition)0.00Thomas Herzberg and Inge Herring10/27/2013
Changing the Bloodline0.99Jessi Hersey10/28/2013
Deadtown: Season 12.99L. David Hesler10/29/2013
Strike of the Cobra5.50Stephen Heubach11/5/2013
Wulffers en de zaak van de bloedverwanten (Dutch Edition)9.99Dick van den Heuvel10/8/2013
Wulffers en de zaak van de dode hoek (Dutch Edition)3.99Dick van den Heuvel10/8/2013
The Marsh0.99A.J. Heysmond11/1/2013
Reaping The Harvest (Harvest Trilogy, Book 3)3.99Michael R. Hicks10/26/2013
Murder is Murder1.50George Hiegel10/28/2013
Blowing Smoke6.99George Hiegel10/23/2013
Views from the Asylum6.99George Hiegel10/24/2013
False Step (A Taylor & Graham Mystery)4.99Jo Hiestand10/8/2013
Rock Song (The McLaren Case Mysteries)3.99Jo Hiestand10/31/2013
Such Crooked Wood5.99Doug Hilditch10/27/2013
The Bonnie Hearn Hill Boxed Set8.99Bonnie Hearn Hill10/22/2013
HORROR 020: Kollege Alzheimer (eBook HORROR Heftausgabe) (German Edition)2.99Wolfgang Hiller10/8/2013
Murder Past Midnight (Harry Strong Mysteries)2.99Joe Hill10/18/2013
Dipped0.99Richard E Hill10/19/2013
Die Tränen der toten Nonne: Der zweite Fall für Steinbach und Wagner (German Edition)2.99Roxann Hill10/17/2013
Benjamin Franklin's Doppleganger1.40Jack G. Hills11/6/2013
A Ballad of Wayward Spectres: Day 1 (A Ballad of Wayward Specters)1.99William Hill10/26/2013
Dead Men's Harvest8.00Matt Hilton10/29/2013
Frozen Assets: A Mitzy Neuhaus Mystery (The Mitzy Neuhaus Mysteries, a Cozy Christian Collection)3.99Traci Tyne Hilton10/28/2013
Purgatorium - Autumnal Equinox2.99Connor Hinds10/19/2013
Purgatorium VOL 1 Autumnal Equinox (New York Times Best Seller)2.99Connor Hinds10/19/2013
Hidden Heritage: A Lottie Albright Mystery (Lottie Albright Series)6.99Charlotte Hinger10/31/2013
GINNODANGAN (Japanese Edition)3.50SEKI HIROAKI10/30/2013
The Moscow Enigma2.99Christian Hirsch10/26/2013
Riding To Camille5.99Mary Buford Hitz10/23/2013
Inexorable States of Mind2.99Lin C H10/21/2013
Midnight Blue2.99Michael Hodge10/16/2013
Murder Report - 3 Dwight Berke Novelets0.99Carl Garret Hodges10/24/2013
Chocolate, Lies, and Murder (Amber Fox Mysteries book #4) (The Amber Fox Murder Mystery Series)3.99Sibel Hodge10/18/2013
Sandy9.99Floyd Hodgins10/22/2013
Skinny Ribs And The Savage Stiltwalker4.99A.J. Hoffman10/18/2013
Book of the Dead (Russian edition)4.70Wolfgang Holbayn10/20/2013
Twelve Steps Past Hell4.99Steve Holder11/2/2013
The Last Of The Heroes (John Halle)1.99Nick Holland11/3/2013
When His Dreams Take Flight3.99Andy Holloman,Toni Rakestraw and Allison O'Neill10/22/2013
Guarding Harm (Cal Unknown, Episode 3)0.99C.K. Carlton and Shelley Holloway10/22/2013
Cal Unknown, Season 12.99C.K. Carlton and Shelley Holloway11/5/2013
A Study in Darkness: Book Two in The Baskerville Affair5.99Emma Jane Holloway10/29/2013
Memory Lapse9.00Joshua Holmes10/31/2013
The Vein to the Heart4.99C. P. Holsinger10/21/2013
Guarding Miranda2.99Amanda M. Holt10/26/2013
THE LEGEND OF THE SEVENTH VIRGIN (Russian edition)3.16Victoria Holt10/25/2013
THE TIME OF THE HUNTER'S MOON (Russian edition)3.16Victoria Holt10/23/2013
LORD OF THE FAR ISLAND (Russian edition)3.16Victoria Holt11/6/2013
Limited Capability - Episode Nine (Social Insecurity)0.99Sarah Honeysett10/29/2013
Looking For An Honest Man1.99David M Hooper11/1/2013
That Girl 3 (Dead Or Alive) (That Girl, Dead Or Alive)1.99Jason Hooper10/27/2013
Habeas Corpse3.99Nikki Hopeman10/18/2013
Monster Slayer's Son2.99Karen Hopkins10/21/2013
The Bat2.99Mary Roberts Rinehart and Avery Hopwood10/15/2013
Hounds Of Basalt Ville (Housetrap Chronicles)2.99R. J. Hore11/3/2013
Hawaii Can Wait (The Girls Series)3.59Sheila Horgan10/21/2013
Persona (Psychological Thriller)0.99Marc Horn,C Davies and Angela10/19/2013
The Pumpkin Eater: A Sam Dawson Mystery4.99Steven W. Horn10/27/2013
Angel Masters Game (Some sins can't be forgiven)5.99Ben Horsburgh10/8/2013
Her Majesty's Historical Detective Society3.25Spring Horton11/1/2013
Hacked (The Liv Paxton Series)3.99Geri Hosier10/22/2013
Torn in Two Valor of a U.S. Marine0.99Farid Hotaki10/26/2013
St. Pauli, Barmbek und ein bisschen Hamburg (German Edition)6.40Susanne Hottendorff11/6/2013
Cavaliers seuls (French Edition)8.70Fred Houel10/30/2013
Coup de chaleur (French Edition)2.99Fred Houel10/20/2013
Taking Liberty (Gabe Quinn Thriller #3)4.99Keith Houghton10/18/2013
Ancient Fires Haunt Phoenix7.99Ken Houston10/23/2013
The Cicadas Roar2.99Amanda Howard10/24/2013
Deadly Adagio4.99Carole Howard10/17/2013
Driven to Murder2.99Paul Howard10/30/2013
Dark and Dangerous Special Edition Boxed Set3.99Victoria Howard10/16/2013
The Dinner Party: Volume One (The Dinner Party: Revenge and Regret Series)2.99Nichole Streeter and Simon Howden10/29/2013
The Spector File0.00Mark Howey10/30/2013
Written By Me3.99E.S Hoy11/3/2013
Black Towers to Danger (Stories from the Golden Age)3.19L. Ron Hubbard10/21/2013
Lieutenant Takes the Sky, The (Stories from the Golden Age)3.19L. Ron Hubbard10/21/2013
Sky Devil, The (Stories from the Golden Age)3.03L. Ron Hubbard10/21/2013
False Front1.49Charlie Hudson10/30/2013
Sergeant Johnny J And The Cave Of Dreams3.99Frederick William Hudson,Karen Hudson,Kelly Wilson and Dean Hudson10/15/2013
The President5.99Parker Hudson10/28/2013
Enemy In The Room5.99Parker Hudson10/17/2013
Crosscurrent - A Cash Delaney Novel2.99Beverlee Hughes11/3/2013
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished0.00Giles Hulley10/28/2013
The Warning Signs0.00Alex Humberstone11/3/2013
Murder in the First0.99Jamie Humphrey10/16/2013
Blooding of Jack Absolute: A Novel6.15C.C. Humphreys11/5/2013
Blown Away0.99Gay Toltl Kinman and Ann Hunnewell10/26/2013
The Darkened House0.99Gay Toltl Kinman and Ann Hunnewell10/26/2013
The Truck Stop0.99Gay Toltl Kinman and Ann Hunnewell10/26/2013
The Outsider6.99Arlene Hunt10/28/2013
The Back Gate to Hell, A Novel of the Late Roman Empire (Embers of Empire)5.99Q. V. Hunter10/25/2013
The Devil's Breathe2.99Sam Hunter10/24/2013
SAGE2.99KEVIN HUNT10/22/2013
The Quarterback (Michael Gallagher Mystery Series)7.99Patrick Hurley10/28/2013
PANIC: Rook and Ronin, #33.99J. A. Huss10/15/2013
Russian Hill (Abby Kane FBI Thriller)3.99Ty Hutchinson10/24/2013
Two For the Money (Cassidy StPaul Series)0.99Wix Hutton10/17/2013
A Gaze Of Flint5.49Sandy Hyatt-James10/27/2013
Lies Hunt In Packs1.99Bob Hyslop10/29/2013
Scrambling South1.99Bob Hyslop10/29/2013
Reza-Sharpe1.99Bob Hyslop10/29/2013
Blue Lights3.99Albert Iain10/27/2013
Collected Anna Harris Short Stories6.99Albert Iain10/27/2013
Black Widow (Anna Harris - Makhleb Short Story Trilogy)3.99Albert Iain10/22/2013
The Anna Harris Makhleb Short Story Trilogy6.99Albert Iain11/4/2013
Show Down (Anna Harris - Makhleb Short Story Trilogy)3.99Albert Iain11/4/2013
El Callejón de Los Olvidados: Relatos del Reino de los Muertos (Spanish Edition)3.99Cc Ibarra10/25/2013
Ordysseus Kindheit, Emotionen und Flucht (Ordysseus Götterdämmerung) (German Edition)4.00Hubertus Ihn11/4/2013
The Prophet, the President, and the Pastor (Episode 13) (The Prophet, the President, and the Pastor (Serial Novel...0.99Daniel Whyte III10/8/2013
ChildSaver9.99George Kreigler III10/17/2013
The Power to See2.99Jennifer Anne Davis and MaryAnn Inabinet10/21/2013
Ends by Any Means5.00Ian Ingle10/29/2013
My Children His Victims2.99Ica Iova10/26/2013
The Case of the Shrieking Ghost - A Kitza and Petey Cats Mystery2.99Kate Townsend O'Keefe and Polina Ipatova10/26/2013
Crime Scene3.99Ed Ireland10/29/2013
The Final Chapter2.99Ed Ireland10/29/2013
Life Before Death7.49Thomas Ireland10/28/2013
The Death of Lilah9.99Katelyn Isaacs and Jeannie Isaacs11/5/2013
Nothing But the Truth (Illustrated)0.99Frederic Stewart Isham10/8/2013
Hardcastle's Traitors (A Hardcastle and Marriott Historical Mystery)13.99Graham Ison11/1/2013
Zwölf tödliche Gaben Ein Rebhuhn in einem Birnbaum (German Edition)0.99Stuart MacBride and Andreas Jäger11/4/2013
Zwölf tödliche Gaben Zwei Turteltauben (German Edition)0.99Stuart MacBride and Andreas Jäger11/4/2013
Storm - Aus dem Leben eines Auftragskillers (German Edition)4.00Hannes Kaczmarzyk and Matthias Jähnichen10/20/2013
The Falls: Revenge (The Falls small town mystery series)2.99George Jackson11/3/2013
Flames of Deceit2.99Loretta Jackson10/23/2013
The Knowledge2.99Mark Jackson10/28/2013
Miss Henry Mysteries Volume 1 (Books 2-4)5.99Melanie Jackson10/26/2013
Death Blow5.99Vickie Britton and Loretta Jackson10/24/2013
Dexxman1.99Robert A.V. Jacobs11/6/2013
Live Through This4.99R.K. Jaeger10/22/2013
Lost Client (Nick Teffinger Thriller)4.95R.J. Jagger11/2/2013
The Lost Scroll (Bryson Wilde Thriller)4.95R.J. Jagger10/28/2013
A Lawyer To Kill (Nick Teffinger Thriller)4.95R.J. Jagger10/27/2013
Run Lawyer Run (Nick Teffinger Thriller)4.50R.J. Jagger10/26/2013
Finders (Nick Teffinger Thriller)4.95R.J. Jagger11/3/2013
Pretty in Hong Kong (Nick Teffinger Thriller)4.95R.J. Jagger11/3/2013
Spy (Bryson Wilde Thriller)4.95R.J. Jagger10/26/2013
Among the Shrouded4.99Amalie Jahn10/30/2013
Erbhof (German Edition)5.17Stefan Jahnke10/23/2013
Im Namen des Vaters: Frank Wallerts zweiter Fall (German Edition)4.52Kurt Jahn-Nottebohm10/27/2013
Dunkelkammer: Frank Wallerts erster Fall (German Edition)1.61Kurt Jahn-Nottebohm10/23/2013
Homeland: Carries Jagd: Thriller (German Edition)15.96Andrew Kaplan and Norbert Jakober10/8/2013
The Body in the Bungalow (A Divine Detective Agency Mystery Short)0.99A.L. Jambor10/27/2013
Shot Through The Heart (Supernature)4.49Ed James10/30/2013
The Last Visitor - Large Print Edition5.50Elizabeth James10/21/2013
Mercurial Dreams (The Dreams & Reality Series)3.99Hadena James11/3/2013
A Perfect Escape3.99Maddie James10/22/2013
Guilty Innocence4.60Maggie James10/15/2013
Dead Man's Time (Detective Superintendent Roy Grace)10.65Peter James10/15/2013
Rafael's Gold3.49Russell James10/30/2013
Singularity (The Jevin Banks Experience Book #2): A Jevin Banks Novel9.99Steven James11/1/2013
The Witch9.99W.C. James10/8/2013
Der Blaue Phoenix (Shades of Brilliance - Teil 3) (German Edition)5.10E.L. Jannings10/24/2013
Bloodshot: Kingdom of Shadows (Kindle Worlds Novel)3.99Jonathan Janz10/29/2013
After Your Own Heart & Quickie1.99Mark Jasinski10/18/2013
Reunions4.99Janine Jason10/28/2013
Loverboy5.99Trista Jaszczak,Klassy Editing Service and Beetiful Custom Design10/29/2013
Rapsodie d'Enfer (French Edition)9.99Eve Jauréguiberry10/19/2013
Dans le Dédale des Dholes (French Edition)10.50Didier Jean-Jean11/3/2013
Death Came Stalking2.99Susan Clayson and Alan Jeffels10/29/2013
Love Is The Law (novel)6.83Nick Mamatas and Jemiah Jefferson10/8/2013
Executioner2.99Brian Jenkinson10/22/2013
BY ANY MEANS (JIM HACKER)3.00Peter Jenkins11/4/2013
Bullet Catch: Smoke & Dagger Book 14.99Scott Jenkins10/17/2013
The Beginning of the Story (Story Time Prequel)0.99Linell Jeppsen10/8/2013
The Lucifer Genome5.99Glen Craney and John Jeter10/26/2013
Headlights4.99Crystal Williams-Palmer and Candice Jewell11/4/2013
El lingüista (Spanish Edition)0.99Desirée Jiménez10/24/2013
Cruel Intentions (AMB FLASH FICTION)0.99Ms J10/15/2013
The Art of Death2.99Margarite St. John11/5/2013
The Spirit of Steamboat: A Walt Longmire Story8.79Craig Johnson10/17/2013
Truly Dead1.99Douglas Grant Johnson10/15/2013
Common Enemy2.99Jim Hester and Matt Johnson10/24/2013
Hypocritic Oath2.99Jim Hester and Matt Johnson10/24/2013
Knights of the White Camelia2.99Jim Hester and Matt Johnson10/24/2013
The Lyons' Den2.99Jim Hester and Matt Johnson10/24/2013
Unforgiveable2.99Jim Hester and Matt Johnson10/23/2013
Rub A Dub Dub: From the case files of Andie Adams3.99Juliette Johnson10/24/2013
Isabelle Brownstone8.99L. Johnson10/31/2013
Freedom Strategy (The Savage Codes)0.99S.J. Johnson10/30/2013
Leatherneck G-Man - 2 Big Tales [Illustrated] (Ex Marine Kennedy)0.99William Benton Johnston11/4/2013
Gefahr am Awatschinskaja Sopka (German Edition)3.78Sascha Jokiel11/2/2013
6 Hours, 6 Minutes, 6 Seconds - Part 2 (666)0.99Kirk Jolly11/5/2013
The Devil's Blood9.99Kir Jonas10/25/2013
Bad Dreams0.99Andy P. Jones10/8/2013
HEMMED IN: So If You can't Breathe..... You Might Be Hemmed In!3.99BILL JONES10/31/2013
GONE TO GROUND2.99Bruce Jones11/3/2013
HUNGRY2.99Bruce Jones,Bruce Elliot Jones,Bruce Elliot and Campbell Jones10/28/2013
Not All Stars Sparkle (Avalon Mysteries)0.99Carys Jones10/20/2013
The Child Taker/ Criminally Insane Box Set (Detective Alec Ramsay Series)4.85Conrad Jones10/28/2013
Finest of His Generation3.99David Jones11/5/2013
Boys from the Backfields6.99Derec Jones11/3/2013
The Mouseiah1.50dp Jones10/16/2013
Payback's a Beach (Max Fried Mystery)2.99Falafel Jones11/4/2013
Invisible Chain; Justice is Blind3.99Flame Jones10/21/2013
Cruise to Kill: Revenge in the Caribbean2.99Michael Allen Jones10/21/2013
An Inspector Horace Mystery - The Girl Who Didn't Deserve It2.99P D Jones10/25/2013
Kidnapped! Part One1.00Rhonda Jones10/18/2013
Deadville: A Novel9.99Robert F. Jones10/8/2013
The Catalyst8.99Sylvia Jones10/17/2013
Gun Happy Burn (Burn & Chaos)4.99T.R. Jones10/27/2013
DARK ANGEL: A Mafia Romance -- Book Three: A Violent Love Affair (Erotic Romance)2.99Angela Jordan10/17/2013
The Uhmerican Dream0.99James Bright and Heather Jordan10/26/2013
Foreplay3.63Sophie Jordan10/29/2013
Missing (Five Star Mystery Series)3.19C. T. Jorgensen10/23/2013
The Black Ace7.99G.B. Joyce10/29/2013
Dubliners0.99James Joyce10/29/2013
Stolen ID's and A Deadly Obsession2.99Clarence A Willis Jr.10/20/2013
The Incredible Sparrow3.99Frank K. Myers Jr.10/24/2013
Fireson Bay3.89G.G. Stokes Jr.10/30/2013
Life Bites (A Jay Watson Mystery)3.99George R. Appelt Jr.10/21/2013
Ghost Brother:Outdoor Tales of the Supernatural3.99Harry Guyer Jr.10/26/2013
Guardians of Honor: The Plebes6.99J. E. Bandy Jr.10/21/2013
Hallowing Wings9.95Robert W. Greier Jr.10/8/2013
PAYDAY3.99Ora Lynn Justice10/29/2013
Kein Mord wie jeder andere: Ein Fall für Martha Millers. Bremerhaven-Krimi (German Edition)3.99Karin Köster11/5/2013
Wer zweimal stirbt, dem glaubt man nicht: Ein neuer Fall für Martha Millers. Bremerhaven-Krimi (German Edition...3.99Karin Köster11/5/2013
Thomas Bruck der Sträfling (German Edition)1.35Walther Kabel10/21/2013
Conspiracy of Silence2.99Gledé Browne Kabongo10/15/2013
Bitter Pill2.99Stacey Kade10/25/2013
The Bell Tolls Again: A Bruce Jorgenson Novel3.99Steven R. Kahler10/23/2013
Là où je passe (French Edition)4.99Daniel Kahn10/26/2013
Never Walk Alone4.99Daniel Kahn10/26/2013
Screaming Eagles (a novel)9.99Michael Lawrence Kahn11/1/2013
Haunted Past6.50Robert Kanehl10/19/2013
Favor for a Friend (Lane Parker Mysteries)0.99Kate Kane10/26/2013
Still Life with Badge5.99David W. Kannas10/16/2013
Poison Pill10.91Glenn Kaplan10/22/2013
Widows Walk7.99Gary Karmels10/8/2013
Traitors Kiss4.99Evia Karr10/19/2013
From Mumbai Without Love0.99Vishnu Kataria11/5/2013
Lesson I: Friends & Enemies (Lessons)1.99Katrina Avant and Katrina'sWorks10/18/2013
Darkness & Shadows4.99Andrew E. Kaufman10/22/2013
Dying Is My Business8.89Nicholas Kaufmann10/8/2013
One Last Lie5.99Rob Kaufman10/28/2013
Chains of Marriage2.99Simon Kavanagh10/25/2013
When The Devil Drives2.99Steve Grayson and Frances Kavanagh10/26/2013
MIKENEKONONYOUBOU3 (Japanese Edition)0.99SEVEN KAWAGUCHI10/29/2013
Death By Chocolate 6 (Mystery and Women Sleuths) (Josiah Reynolds Mysteries)4.99Abigail Keam10/17/2013
Doing Wrong (Inspector Ghote)6.99H. R. F. Keating10/27/2013
Probability Chain: The Complete First Book (Parts 1 - 4)2.99Regan Keeter10/8/2013
Probability Chain (Part 4)0.99Regan Keeter10/8/2013
Murderer's Fete (an Inspector Constable murder mystery)1.49Roger Keevil10/18/2013
Better Justice8.99R.M. Kelley10/26/2013
Brilliant (Kick Keswick Mysteries)2.99Marne Davis Kellogg10/15/2013
Perfect (Kick Keswick Mysteries)2.99Marne Davis Kellogg10/15/2013
Priceless (Kick Keswick Mysteries)2.99Marne Davis Kellogg10/15/2013
The Real Thing4.99Marne Davis Kellogg11/3/2013
Death, Taxes, and Mistletoe Mayhem: A Holiday Novella (A Tara Holloway Novel)1.99Diane Kelly10/29/2013
The Stranger's Requiem0.99Lee M. Kelly10/21/2013
Death of a Damn Yankee (A Laura Fleming Mystery)5.99Toni L. P. Kelner10/31/2013
Mad as the Dickens (A Laura Fleming Mystery)5.99Toni L. P. Kelner10/31/2013
Wed and Buried (A Laura Fleming Mystery)5.99Toni L. P. Kelner10/31/2013
Tight as a Tick (A Laura Fleming Mystery)5.99Toni L. P. Kelner10/24/2013
Deadly Intruder4.99Anne Kelsey10/8/2013
Ohne jeden Zweifel: Thriller (German Edition)9.99Tom Rob Smith and Eva Kemper10/14/2013
The Mayflower Murder (Aristotle "Soc" Socarides)6.99Paul Kemprecos11/1/2013
Shadow of the Drill (The Drill Series)3.99Rhani D'Chae and Chaz Kemp10/29/2013
A Simple Case of Betrayal (The Kendall Rose Mystery Series)1.99Laura J. Kendall10/23/2013
Chasing the Devil9.99Jerry Kennealy10/30/2013
Spiders4.99Doralynn Kennedy10/26/2013
Vigilante Patsy2.99Ronald Kent10/8/2013
Lakeside Murders3.99Christopher Kenworthy10/23/2013
Dead Man's Hand3.99Christopher Kenworthy10/21/2013
Blaues Netz (German Edition)8.25Jean-Pierre Kermanchec10/23/2013
Ligurischer Urlaub (German Edition)9.50Jean-Pierre Kermanchec11/4/2013
Secrets of the Bell5.99Tish Kerns10/25/2013
A Hunger Within3.99Michael Kerr10/26/2013
The Dark Portal To Oblivion7.99John Von Kesmark10/17/2013
Schirmer's Headhunters3.99Leo Kessler10/21/2013
ARCOLA and the Killer Goat0.99David K. Key10/14/2013
Dog Gone0.99Eileen Key10/18/2013
Attracted to Agent Buttinsky (Adorable Agents Mystery Series)2.99Ivy Carol Key10/26/2013
Rasputin's Shadow11.99Raymond Khoury10/8/2013
The Myth of Kukulkan (Detective Kelly O'Brian)4.99Geoffrey Tigg and Karen Kibler10/24/2013
9 Stunden Angst: Thriller (German Edition)10.08Max Kinnings and Verena Kilchling10/21/2013
No Easy Solution (Crowley County Series # 1)2.99T. E. Killian10/30/2013
Escape (Rough Hewn)3.99Nadia Kilrick11/5/2013
Mosa II6.80Jungwhan Kim10/22/2013
Mosa I6.80Jungwhan Kim10/18/2013
A Chorus of Wolves2.99Alex Kimmell10/8/2013
Even The Dead May Die3.99Marshall Stephens and Weston Kincade10/16/2013
Shadow of Sin (The Martin Family, Book 2)4.99Parker Kincade11/4/2013
Walls, a Cinderella, P. I. Novel3.99Juliet Kincaid10/8/2013
Angel's Requiem2.99Kate Kindle10/22/2013
The Lifetracer3.99Rosemary J. Kind10/15/2013
The Cut-Out4.83Jon King10/29/2013
Hellbender0.99Laurie R. King10/17/2013
Maid to Murder (Pennyfoot Hotel Mystery)3.99Kate Kingsbury10/30/2013
Mulled Murder (Pennyfoot Holiday Mysteries)7.99Kate Kingsbury10/29/2013
Tempting Freedom2.99Veronica Kingsley10/27/2013
Slash Episode Two: "Wish/Fulfillment"2.99Evan Kingston10/25/2013
The Pits8.33Greg Smith and Paulette Kinnes10/21/2013
The Godfather's Sword3.99Rock Kitaro10/27/2013
The World's Most Dangerous Woman: It's Time (The World's Most Dangerous Woman: One Shot)1.00Alexandra Kitty10/15/2013
odori fujin no himitsu (Japanese Edition)9.99Mary Elizabeth Braddon and Hayashi Kiyotoshi10/8/2013
Jagd auf DNA (German Edition)0.00Viktoria Klein10/16/2013
Donauabwärts (German Edition)6.79Carsten Klemann11/5/2013
Eingeschlossen (German Edition)4.99Kerry Wilkinson and Olaf Knechten11/5/2013
Broadway Murder of 1928 (The Lucille Landau novels)1.99EJ Knight11/2/2013
An Angels Prayer4.00Ken Knipple10/21/2013
Chamber of Skulls - 8 Tales of Weird Murder [Illustrated]2.99John H. Knox10/22/2013
Operation Göring: Der Anti-Nazi-Thriller aus F'hain (German Edition)3.61Michael Knox10/25/2013
Darby's Trouble1.00Mikel Santiago and Leo Kogan10/27/2013
Blutwand (German Edition)1.32Michael Koglin10/30/2013
La Octava Esfera (Spanish Edition)9.99Carlos Fernando Pérez Kohler10/30/2013
Il mio nome è Emma Parker (Italian Edition)6.00cristiana koll10/23/2013
The Riverton Case (Book 3 Rachel Markham Mystery Series)2.99PB Kolleri10/23/2013
Fallstricke (German Edition)8.90Michael Koller10/28/2013
Letzter Elfmeter (German Edition)8.90Michael Koller10/28/2013
Naughty - A Thriller (Chandler Series) (Codename: Chandler)2.99J.A. Konrath,Ann Voss Peterson and Jack Kilborn10/15/2013
Racked (A Lt. Jack Daniels / Nicholas Colt mystery)0.99Jude Hardin and J.A. Konrath11/3/2013
Wilderness (Short Story)0.99Dean Koontz10/29/2013
The Odd Thomas Series 6-Book Bundle: Odd Thomas, Forever Odd, Brother Odd, Odd Hours, Odd Apocalypse, Odd Interlude...45.99Dean Koontz10/21/2013
The Coma (The Moderator)3.99Dwight Kopp11/6/2013
Fixed: A Gin & Tonic Mystery9.73L. A. Kornetsky10/8/2013
The sea for Shulha (Ukrainian edition)4.49Pavlo Korobchuk10/29/2013
Istorija moego sovremennika. Kniga I: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Vladimir Korolenko10/22/2013
Istorija moego sovremennika. Kniga II: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Vladimir Korolenko10/22/2013
Istorija moego sovremennika. Kniga III: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Vladimir Korolenko10/22/2013
Istorija moego sovremennika. Kniga IV: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Vladimir Korolenko10/22/2013
Totgeweiht (German Edition)9.99Gerd Koslowski10/15/2013
Erwin, Mord & Ente: Kriminalroman (German Edition)8.06Thomas Krüger10/14/2013
Demon of the Fall2.99R.P. Kraul10/25/2013
Fated Genes2.99Harry Kraus11/3/2013
VI. THE RECKONING (BEGINNINGS : Where A Life Begins)0.99Gary Heilbronn and Macha Krgovic11/4/2013
Southside9.99Michael Krikorian10/29/2013
My Mother, The Spy4.99Joy Bassetti Kruger,Ackru and Alan Conrad10/27/2013
Amputiert (German Edition)6.64Gord Rollo and Michael Krug10/19/2013
Sarg zu Verkaufen (Nur einmal benutzt) (German Edition)6.64Jeff Strand and Michael Krug10/19/2013
Eiskalte Weihnachtsengel: Sabine Thiesler, Zoe Beck, Petra Busch, Tatjana Kruse, Nicola Förg uvm. verkünden tödliche...7.39Cornelia Kuhnert10/28/2013
Martin5.00K Hari Kumar11/4/2013
Dance of the Winnebagos (Jackrabbit Junction Mystery Series)2.99Ann Charles and C.S. Kunkle10/31/2013
Jackrabbit Junction Jitters (Jackrabbit Junction Mystery Series)3.99Ann Charles and C.S. Kunkle10/31/2013
The world of Bickford (Russian edition)3.50Andrew Kurkov11/6/2013
The Last Will3.99Hermione Kushina10/22/2013
Oscar Wilde im Wilden Westen (German Edition)8.75Walter Satterthwait and Gunnar Kwisinski11/4/2013
No One Can Know9.99Adrienne LaCava10/22/2013
The Deadly Unicorn: A Weird City Mystery2.99Spencer Lackey10/21/2013
In Harm's Way3.99David Lafaille11/2/2013
The Sandcastle Mysteries: Catchmeifyoucan4.99Amea Lake10/20/2013
Hostage Three9.99Nick Lake10/15/2013
Spider On Her Thigh0.99T.K. Lake10/19/2013
Fresh Breath0.99Alain Lalonde10/8/2013
Il gioco del serial killer (eNewton Originals) (Italian Edition)1.99Diana Lama10/24/2013
Justice Served7.99Lewis Allen Lambert11/1/2013
The Black Cocktail0.99Maggie Lamb10/26/2013
Five Six Pick Up Sticks (Grasshopper Lawns)2.99EJ Lamprey10/20/2013
The Shadow Spy7.99Robert Lance11/6/2013
Intravenous5.99Joseph Landers10/19/2013
Rhema3.99D. B. Lane10/25/2013
Murder In The Neighborhood2.99Janis Lane10/29/2013
Do Not Pass Go4.50Joel Lane10/17/2013
Tante Paula - Gemordet wird immer (Tante Paula - kultige Hobbydetektivin) (German Edition)3.93Bettina Potrafke and Irina Lange10/16/2013
Relatively Innocent (Colchester Law World)0.99Julie Langham10/31/2013
Lainee Delaney: Back to Business (Lainee Delaney Series)6.50Frances Langley11/3/2013
Tectonic Shift : Book One The Farallones0.99Mark Lang10/27/2013
Harper's Bluff5.00Susan Lanning10/20/2013
The Hands2.99Hannah Lapehn10/16/2013
Adam's Caverns (Adam's Chronicles)3.99Lawrence Lapin10/21/2013
The Spider Catchers (Lee Carruthers #1)2.99Marilynn Larew10/25/2013
La Coupable (French Edition)5.00Isabelle Larocque-Tobler10/8/2013
Mania (Russian edition)3.28Craig Larsen10/30/2013
In Retrospect3.19Ellen Larson10/23/2013
Tarantula14.95Dax Xenos and Banning Lary10/26/2013
The Hiker5.99Jacob Lassiter,Seth Scofield and Alex Saskalidis10/15/2013
Five Fingers4.99Tony H. Latham10/19/2013
Found Guilty0.99Jean Lauzier10/24/2013
Fat Chance5.99Patti Lavell10/15/2013
The Sins of Angels5.99Tyr Lawrence10/22/2013
A Gathering of One (Six Sisters)2.99P. J. Lazos,Gaspare Perrello and Robert J. Puzauskie10/31/2013
Blue Moon Bench6.99Blanchard D L10/27/2013
Death Toll 2: Hard Targets2.99Stephen Leather,Matt Hilton,Alex Shaw and J H Bográn10/31/2013
Forced Move (Michael Cailen)2.99Mel LeBrun10/24/2013
All That Remains3.99Robert L. LeBrun10/21/2013
Tiny Little Troubles7.99Marc Lecard11/5/2013
Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Crooked Man (Annotated)0.99Arthur Conan Doyle and Russell Lee10/17/2013
Killer Heels (A Dessert First Cozy Mystery)2.99Carol Lee10/30/2013
Dance with the Devil2.99Elseworth Lee10/17/2013
Dreams can Kill3.99Sheilagh or S.G. Lee10/30/2013
Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Naval Treaty (Annotated)0.99Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Russell Lee10/25/2013
Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Reigate Puzzle (Annotated)0.99Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Russell Lee10/25/2013
Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Final Problem (Annotated)0.99Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Russell Lee11/4/2013
Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Greek Interpreter (Annotated)0.99Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Russell Lee11/4/2013
Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Resident Patient (Annotated)0.99Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Russell Lee11/4/2013
Hello, You Don't Know Me7.99Susan Lee10/31/2013
Crow Island4.99John Leggett10/15/2013
Waiting For Eden (Eden Series #1)2.99Jessica Leigh10/24/2013
Blue (Horror / Mystery / Okkult) (Jake Sloburn Horrorthriller) (German Edition)4.99Lutz C. Frey and Ideekarree Leipzig10/21/2013
Mich kriegen Sie nicht (German Edition)0.99Andreas Leitner10/29/2013
A strange package from Mexico6.00Vincense Lelieveld,Grace Bos,Joyce Zimmerman and Kees Thijn10/21/2013
Anton Reiser (German Edition)2.64Karl Philipp Moritz and Sebastian Lemke10/25/2013
Summertime4.99Cheyenne Leo10/24/2013
A mezzanotte sul ponte scialuppe (eNewton Originals) (Italian Edition)2.99Giulio Leoni10/24/2013
The Mystery of the Yellow Room (Translated)2.99Gaston LeRoux10/21/2013
Lake-Crime - Mord am See (German Edition)3.99Rednaxela Lesah10/24/2013
Zahudalyj rod: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Leskov10/23/2013
Detskie gody: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Leskov10/22/2013
Inzhenery bessrebreniki: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Leskov10/22/2013
Judol': Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Leskov10/22/2013
Kolyvanskij muzh: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Leskov10/22/2013
Na kraju sveta: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Leskov10/22/2013
Nekreshhenyj pop: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Leskov10/22/2013
Oskorblennaja Netjeta: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Leskov10/22/2013
Pavlin: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Leskov10/22/2013
Pecherskie antiki: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Leskov10/22/2013
Polunoshhniki: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Leskov10/22/2013
Sheramur: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Leskov10/22/2013
Smeh i gore: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Leskov10/22/2013
Starye gody v sele Plodomasove: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Leskov10/22/2013
Vladychnyj sud: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Leskov10/22/2013
Zagadochnyj chelovek: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Leskov10/22/2013
Zajachij remiz: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Leskov10/22/2013
Zametki neizvestnogo: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Leskov10/22/2013
Zheleznaja volja: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Leskov10/22/2013
Zhitie odnoj baby: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Leskov10/22/2013
Zimnij den': Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Leskov10/22/2013
Ovcebyk: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nikolaj Leskov10/22/2013
Bounty Hunter Blues3.99John Leslie10/17/2013
The Emperor's Treasure2.99Daniel Leston10/27/2013
Mr. Midnight4.99Allan Leverone11/3/2013
The Mechanics of Flight4.99Charles A Lewis10/29/2013
Military Gang Rape0.99Karen Lewis11/3/2013
The Riproar4.99Oliver Lewis10/30/2013
Erben Sterben Schnell (Eric Ward) (German Edition)3.20Roy Lewis10/24/2013
The Italian Affair: A Novel7.99Susan Lewis11/5/2013
The Apprentice: A Novel7.59Lewis Lib10/22/2013
Das Buch Glendalough: Der Mönch und die Wikinger. Roman (German Edition)5.43Claus-Peter Lieckfeld11/4/2013
Das Buch Haithabu: Der Mönch und die Wikinger. Roman (German Edition)5.43Claus-Peter Lieckfeld11/4/2013
XXL-Leseprobe: Das Buch Haithabu: Der Mönch un die Wikinger. Roman (German Edition)1.34Claus-Peter Lieckfeld11/4/2013
The Hero's Companion (Tallent & Lowery)2.99Amy Lignor10/21/2013
I Spy1.99Natalie Sumner Lincoln10/8/2013
The Passer By0.99Douglas Lind10/21/2013
A Plague Of Crows: The Second Detective Thomas Hutton Thriller2.99Douglas Lindsay10/22/2013
A Night to Forget (An Inspector Jim Meldrum Thriller)3.99Frederic Lindsay10/31/2013
Dead Secrets (An Inspector Jim Meldrum Thriller)3.99Frederic Lindsay10/16/2013
Death Knock (An Inspector Jim Meldrum Thriller)3.99Frederic Lindsday10/21/2013
I Love Lucid (Episode 3)0.99Mark Lingane11/2/2013
I Love Lucid (Episode 2)0.99Mark Lingane10/20/2013
I Love Lucid (Episode 1)0.00Mark Lingane10/18/2013
Stilles Echo: Roman (German Edition)7.39Anne Perry and Michaela Link10/28/2013
Tödliche Täuschung: Ein William-Monk-Roman (German Edition)9.24Anne Perry and Michaela Link10/28/2013
In feinen Kreisen: Roman (German Edition)7.39Anne Perry and Michaela Link10/28/2013
The Mecca Plan3.99Nelson Lipshutz10/24/2013
The Endless Line1.99Eric Lisitsa11/1/2013
Thunder Beach (Merrick McKnight)5.99Michael Lister10/31/2013
Shattered Bond5.69Sophie Littlefield10/28/2013
Agent Carter, DHS Volume 4: Ciudad Juarez3.99Robert Little11/2/2013
Patrol, Wiseguy Cop8.99Mitch Goldminz and Bennett Litwin10/27/2013
Vice, Wiseguy Cop8.99Mitch Goldminz and Bennett Litwin10/27/2013
The Solitude Myth2.99Bill Lloyd11/5/2013
American Bittersweet2.99L Lloyd10/23/2013
Sweet Oblivion1.60E Lock11/3/2013
A Subtle Serpent (Arbor Vale Mystery)0.99Eunice Loecher11/4/2013
Burial Plot5.99Gary Logan10/18/2013
Incan Chimera2.99Pedro Marangoni and Rafa Lombardino10/20/2013
Angel's Baby3.99Billy London10/23/2013
Skin Deep7.99Len Long10/15/2013
Engelsflüstern - Roman (German Edition)6.65Lisa Looch11/4/2013
Between the Shades of Light and Dark3.99Kathleen Lopez10/31/2013
Death Rides Bareback3.99J. A. Lordi10/21/2013
Tattoos and Tangles4.99Melinda A. Di Lorenzo10/26/2013
DEADLY ILLUSIONS2.99Janet Lorimer10/29/2013
Tout secret (French Edition)15.00Gérard LOSSEL11/4/2013
Coven of the Spring9.99Jeff Lovell10/30/2013
Kudamm 216 - Erbsünde (German Edition)1.56Nika Lubitsch10/15/2013
Drop Dead1.99Corey Lucero10/24/2013
Série Enquête Enlèvement (French Edition)0.99Louise Alarie and Les productions luc11/4/2013
Die Janus-Vergeltung: Roman (German Edition)8.06Robert Ludlum,Jamie Freveletti and Norbert Jakober10/14/2013
Sangue color ruggine (eNewton Originals) (Italian Edition)2.99Massimo Lugli10/31/2013
Devochki: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nadezhda Luhmanova10/22/2013
Vechnye voprosy. Sbornik rasskazov: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nadezhda Luhmanova10/22/2013
Zhenskoe serdce. Sbornik rasskazov: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Nadezhda Luhmanova10/22/2013
The Toronovsky Collection2.99D. R. Lumiere10/24/2013
The Emerald Cat Killer7.59Richard A. Lupoff10/29/2013
The Ghosts of Jubilee2.99Kathryn Lusty10/31/2013
Sokrates Lieyes - Band 3 - Thriller (German Edition)0.99Matthias Meyer Lutterloh10/23/2013
Der Blinde von Sevilla: Roman (German Edition)8.06Robert Wilson and Kristian Lutze10/21/2013
Die Toten von Santa Clara: Roman (German Edition)10.08Robert Wilson and Kristian Lutze10/21/2013
Latex Letal (vintage Berlin crime stories) (German Edition)4.00Carlo de Luxe10/31/2013
Mord in Mitte (vintage Berlin crime stories) (German Edition)4.00Carlo de Luxe10/31/2013
Tödliches Tarot (vintage Berlin crime stories) (German Edition)4.00Carlo de Luxe10/31/2013
Angel of the Abyss (Russian edition)3.50Lada Luzina11/6/2013
My dead body (Russian edition)3.50Lada Luzina11/6/2013
Mice (A Dave Callaghan Paranormal Investigation)2.99Kfir Luzzatto10/24/2013
Flight From Honour (Honour Series)6.99Gavin Lyall10/27/2013
Sleep (A Post-Apocalyptic Short)0.99Jack Lynch11/3/2013
Dismount and Murder (Double V Mysteries)3.99Jacqueline T. Lynch10/26/2013
A Fine Pursuit (The Chambermaid's Tales Part Two)6.25Sarah Michelle Lynch10/31/2013
Herzstiche (German Edition)2.28Robert Lynn10/21/2013
Die Meute im Nacken (German Edition)4.59Robert Lynn10/18/2013
The Jewel of Nuristan4.60Thomas St. James and J. Lynn10/25/2013
The Gold Bullion Raid2.99Barry Lyons and Michael Lyons10/16/2013
T. E. Striker0.99Lee Lyte10/26/2013
White Rogue8.99David R. Fett M.D.,Stephen Langford and Connie Malcolm10/8/2013
Heart Failure9.99Richard L. Mabry M.D.10/15/2013
Eskapaden (German Edition)8.75Walter Satterthwait and Ursula-Maria Mössner11/5/2013
Aus.Amen!: Krimi (German Edition)9.99Walter Müller11/5/2013
航海・後悔 - kokai-kokai - Voyage et Déception (French Edition)9.99Benoit Maag10/20/2013
Submerged2.99Kedibone Maakana10/27/2013
Der Fall Zamar (German Edition)9.99Ute Maak10/17/2013
Neukonzept (German Edition)6.79Friederike Maass10/8/2013
Eine ordentliche Fassade (German Edition)6.79Friederike Maass11/5/2013
Artists Die Best in Black7.99Martha Mabey10/26/2013
The Las Vegas Special (The Alexandra Merritt Mysteries)0.99Donna Mabry10/29/2013
Eno (Saga Eno) (Spanish Edition)3.00David Machado10/22/2013
O Menino dos Olhos (Portuguese Edition)3.50Emerson Machado10/22/2013
Bulldog, Razer 82.99P.T. Macias10/22/2013
Silenced1.99Catherine A. MacKenzie,Angel Sharum,Langley Cornwell and Pamela Caves10/23/2013
Smoked (The Alex Harris Mystery Series)2.99Elaine Macko11/4/2013
The Harlequin - Part 1 (A Russell and Menzies Mystery)0.99Sinclair Macleod10/30/2013
A Veiled Antiquity (Torie O'Shea Mysteries)7.59Rett MacPherson10/8/2013
Drone10.99Mike Maden10/22/2013
The Quotient of Murder (PROFESSOR SOPHIE KNOWLES)5.99Ada Madison11/5/2013
Canton1.00Andrew Madsen and Paula Madsen10/15/2013
A Lifetime to Wait THE DARKEST SERIES9.99Jackie Mae10/17/2013
Odin's Wake6.99R.W. Magill11/6/2013
Nightmare0.99Jim Magwood11/6/2013
Somewhere Point2.00Leo Maher11/2/2013
Secrets And Sinners (The Christine Sutherland Mysteries)0.99Alex Mahon10/29/2013
Cry From The Grave1.99Carolyn Mahony10/31/2013
I Hear Them Cry4.99Shiho Kishimoto and Raj Mahtani11/5/2013
Fangs for the Memories: A Dark Side of the Moon Mystery (Dark Side of the Moon Mysteries)0.99Terri Main10/31/2013
zieitaimaruhibunsyosyu (Japanese Edition)6.00konishi makoto10/17/2013
Tote Männer Milch (German Edition)2.99Simone Malina10/25/2013
Wild Bay (Port Hope Simpson Mysteries)4.95Llewelyn Pritchard MA11/3/2013
Pagan Spring: A Mystery (A Max Tudor Novel)10.67G.M. Malliet10/8/2013
Polly Deacon Mysteries 4-Book Bundle: Down in the Dumps / Cue the Dead Guy / Dead Cow in Aisle Three / One Large...15.39H. Mel Malton10/20/2013
Repo Girl: A Sophie Yee Mystery4.99Lybi Ma10/26/2013
Bojcy: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Dmitrij Mamin-Sibirjak10/23/2013
Cherty iz zhizni Pepko: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Dmitrij Mamin-Sibirjak10/23/2013
Gornoe gnezdo: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Dmitrij Mamin-Sibirjak10/23/2013
Hleb: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Dmitrij Mamin-Sibirjak10/23/2013
Imeninnik: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Dmitrij Mamin-Sibirjak10/23/2013
Na rubezhe Azii: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Dmitrij Mamin-Sibirjak10/23/2013
Ohoniny brovi: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Dmitrij Mamin-Sibirjak10/23/2013
Rannie vshody: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Dmitrij Mamin-Sibirjak10/23/2013
Sestry: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Dmitrij Mamin-Sibirjak10/23/2013
Vernyj rab: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Dmitrij Mamin-Sibirjak10/23/2013
Vesennie grozy: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Dmitrij Mamin-Sibirjak10/23/2013
Zolotuha: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Dmitrij Mamin-Sibirjak10/23/2013
V gorah: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Dmitrij Mamin-Sibirjak10/23/2013
Utterly Rafted (The Utterly Series)3.00Pauline Manders11/5/2013
The Brodi Exit Interviews4.99D. A. Mangus10/27/2013
Fiction Book: Enter & Delete (A Romantic Novel)2.99John Mann11/4/2013
The Beirut Contract4.99Paul Mann11/1/2013
The Britannia Contract4.99Paul Mann11/1/2013
The Burning Tide4.99Paul Mann11/1/2013
The Ganja Coast4.99Paul Mann11/1/2013
The Libyan Contract4.99Paul Mann11/1/2013
Season of the Monsoon4.99Paul Mann11/1/2013
The Traitor's Contract4.99Paul Mann11/1/2013
L'uomo che dovevo uccidere (Italian Edition)1.29Stefano Mannucci10/26/2013
Quimeras Incas (Portuguese Edition)2.99Pedro Marangoni10/27/2013
Ce que le Silence voulait me dire (French Edition)4.03Sophie Marchal11/3/2013
Mystery and Romance - Lemongrass Road1.99Richard Mann and Rick Marcks10/8/2013
Crane Game4.99Nick Marhefka10/18/2013
Devil's Claw2.99Seth Callen and Allison Marie10/17/2013
Lines You Do Not Cross9.99R. A. Marion10/16/2013
A Strange Turn of Events12.00Pam Markel10/19/2013
THE KILLER'S HANDBOOK1.99Robert P. Maroney11/5/2013
Day of the Dead9.99Andi Marquette10/30/2013
L'AFFAIRE COURTEMANCHE 3/3 (Une enquête de Sam TRUE) (French Edition)1.25Dan MARRON10/15/2013
'Skull & Crossbones' - Zac Tremble Investigates (series 2) (The Zac Tremble Case Files - Series 2)3.99Chambers Mars10/23/2013
The Singapore Assassin4.99Harol Marshall11/1/2013
Antisense3.50R P Marshall10/30/2013
The Deceived5.99Sandra K. Marshall10/25/2013
Trained Murder0.99David Marsh10/30/2013
Clown in Church0.99David Marsh10/25/2013
Digging Up Mr. Stangle0.99David Marsh10/25/2013
Gold!0.99David Marsh10/25/2013
Guns and the Cotton-eyelet Nightgown0.99David Marsh10/25/2013
Gunshots and Silk0.99David Marsh10/25/2013
The House that Burned0.99David Marsh10/25/2013
Truly Deaf?0.99David Marsh10/25/2013
Valentine's Day0.99David Marsh10/25/2013
The Woman Who Worked at Men0.99David Marsh10/25/2013
The Butler and the Maid0.99David Marsh10/24/2013
Candy and Tiffany - Girl Caddies0.99David Marsh10/24/2013
Eight Months Rent0.99David Marsh10/24/2013
The First Reunion0.99David Marsh10/24/2013
The Gambling Murder0.99David Marsh10/24/2013
The Graduation Party0.99David Marsh10/24/2013
The Limping Man0.99David Marsh10/24/2013
The Locked Room Dream0.99David Marsh10/24/2013
The Nightclub0.99David Marsh10/24/2013
The Perfect Bet0.99David Marsh10/24/2013
The Slap0.99David Marsh10/24/2013
Three Shops0.99David Marsh10/24/2013
The Wedding Sniper0.99David Marsh10/24/2013
The Woman Vanished0.99David Marsh10/24/2013
Blowtorch0.99David Marsh10/23/2013
The Dancer0.99David Marsh10/23/2013
Death Times Three0.99David Marsh10/23/2013
The Newspaper Scam0.99David Marsh10/23/2013
The Pious Man0.99David Marsh10/23/2013
Restaurant in the Snow0.99David Marsh10/23/2013
The Sorority Party0.99David Marsh10/23/2013
The Suicide0.99David Marsh10/23/2013
The Supermarket0.99David Marsh10/23/2013
The Tossed Cabbage0.99David Marsh10/23/2013
The Vitriolic Evening0.99David Marsh10/23/2013
The Woman with the Voice0.99David Marsh10/23/2013
The Adventure of the Terrified Maid0.99David Marsh10/22/2013
The Athletic Clergyman0.99David Marsh10/22/2013
The Baseball Injury0.99David Marsh10/22/2013
The Day with Three Cases0.99David Marsh10/22/2013
The Explorers Club0.99David Marsh10/22/2013
The Girl in the Blue Camisole0.99David Marsh10/22/2013
The Gunfight Twice0.99David Marsh10/22/2013
The Hockey Theft0.99David Marsh10/22/2013
The Jogging Trail Murders0.99David Marsh10/22/2013
The Jungletown Apartment Building0.99David Marsh10/22/2013
Laboratory Emotions0.99David Marsh10/22/2013
The Librarian's Legs0.99David Marsh10/22/2013
The Poison and the Wedding Cake0.99David Marsh10/22/2013
The Shocked Criminals0.99David Marsh10/22/2013
The Town with Two Gangs0.99David Marsh10/22/2013
Vaudeville0.99David Marsh10/22/2013
The Body in the Basement0.99David Marsh10/21/2013
The Chinese Cheerleader0.99David Marsh10/21/2013
The Defeated Woman and the Scared Crook0.99David Marsh10/21/2013
Hannah and the Chair0.99David Marsh10/21/2013
The L.A. Dream0.99David Marsh10/21/2013
Not Blackmail0.99David Marsh10/21/2013
South Mountain Bakery and Watch Repair0.99David Marsh10/21/2013
The Golf Instructor's Compliant Girlfriend0.99David Marsh10/25/2013
Uncle Horace0.99David Marsh10/25/2013
The Nun0.99David Marsh10/24/2013
Pracitical Jokes and Threatening Love0.99David Marsh10/23/2013
Rain and the Woman Who Posed0.99David Marsh10/22/2013
The Adventure of the Amorous Football Field0.99David Marsh10/21/2013
The Great Train Robbery0.99David Marsh10/21/2013
Rhondinella (German Edition)0.99George Marsher10/27/2013
Five Dead Canaries: 3 (Home Front Detective series)10.49Edward Marston10/28/2013
Bodies Everywhere - Short Stories of Murder3.99Barbara Martin10/14/2013
Remains0.99Conner Martin11/3/2013
Walk a Narrow Mile (Hillary Greene Series)11.99Faith Martin11/1/2013
Legacy Of The Silver Scorpion4.99H.G. Martin10/21/2013
101 Dead Cops4.99J. R. Martin10/14/2013
Fugue (Further Awakenings)6.00Robert V Martin11/3/2013
Inspector Hobbes and the Curse - a fast-paced comedy crime fantasy (unhuman)7.99Wilkie Martin10/28/2013
Branthwaite's Lot3.20Richard Mason11/5/2013
FEAR THE LIGHT: WHO MURDERED DRACULA?0.99William Massa10/23/2013
Personal Talk (COLD BABY: JAKE WANTS)2.99JEFFERY MASSEY10/19/2013
When Dreams Converge3.99Stephen Massie11/3/2013
Alley Cat2.99L.A. Masters10/23/2013
Need To Know4.99J.G. MAtheny10/19/2013
Hidden Agenda9.99George A. Mathewson11/4/2013
Emerald Coast: To KILL an Actress2.99R. A. Mathews11/6/2013
Mord in der Landesgartenschau - Ostwestfalenkrimi (German Edition)1.99Jakob Maurer10/27/2013
Dare to Dream (Agent Max)0.99T.D. Maxgrove10/16/2013
A Cult of Cole (A Cole Sage Mystery)2.99Micheal Maxwell11/3/2013
Eiswein (German Edition)9.99Carmen Mayer11/3/2013
Invasive Species3.99Mike Mayer10/16/2013
U.S. Marshal Bill Logan, Band 68: Partner des Todes (Western-Serie) (German Edition)2.99Pete Hackett and Steve Mayer10/17/2013
Mystery, Ink: Murder By Text9.99Kelly May10/31/2013
The Ghost of Crumble High (A Bartonville Ghost Mystery)0.99Joan Maze10/8/2013
The Ghost of Crumble High (A Bartonville Ghost Mystery)0.99Joan Maze10/18/2013
The Ghost of Crumble High (A Bartonville Ghost Mystery)0.99Joan Maze10/18/2013
Bird Of Prey (Semya Slotin Mystery)0.99Danielle-Claude Ngontang Mba10/14/2013
The Shears of Atropos2.99Bill McAdam10/25/2013
Letters to Saint Timothy7.99Martha McAfee11/6/2013
The Executioner0.99Scot McAtee10/17/2013
Speaks the Nightbird: A Novel9.99Robert R. McCammon10/8/2013
Charleston0.99Henry McCandless10/22/2013
Murder on the Mississippi: A Brother Jerome Story and Beryl's Cove Mystery3.99Janet McCanless10/26/2013
If They Only Knew3.22Alex McCarthy10/25/2013
Addicted to Murder (Memoirs of a Serial Killer)2.99Barry McCauley11/1/2013
Hill William7.69Scott McClanahan10/14/2013
Identità criminali (Crime & Killers US) (Italian Edition)4.72Sarah McClane11/6/2013
Burn This (Dr Basil Willing)8.66Helen McCloy10/14/2013
Dance of Death (Dr Basil Willing)8.66Helen McCloy10/14/2013
The Deadly Truth (Dr Basil Willing)8.66Helen McCloy10/14/2013
The Goblin Market (Dr Basil Willing)8.66Helen McCloy10/14/2013
The Long Body (Dr Basil Willing)8.66Helen McCloy10/14/2013
Mr Splitfoot (Dr Basil Willing)8.66Helen McCloy10/14/2013
The Pleasant Assassin and Other Cases of Dr Basil Willing8.66Helen McCloy10/14/2013
Who's Calling? (Dr Basil Willing)8.66Helen McCloy10/14/2013
Spy for a Spy (Spy Another Day)3.99Jordan McCollum11/6/2013
Apex Predator Thriller Series Collection (Including the blockbuster new shark park thriller, Salechii)3.99Carolyn McCray10/8/2013
Salechii: A Shark Park that is a fun, safe environment to learn about sharks, what could go wrong? (Book 1 in...0.99Carolyn McCray10/21/2013
The Defenders: The Case of the Stolen Ancestor2.99M.A. McCullough10/19/2013
Cross and Burn (Tony Hill / Carol Jordan)8.59Val McDermid10/22/2013
No Way to Live2.99Chrissie McDill10/27/2013
Into the Crossfire (First Force)2.99Cindy McDonald10/17/2013
In the Lion's Mouth3.99Linda McDonald11/2/2013
We're All Monsters (A Casey Matthews Novel)0.99Matt McDonald11/5/2013
Traitor4.99Murray McDonald11/2/2013
The Mekong Trap2.99John McDougall11/6/2013
The Secret Pledge - Episode 1 (The Secret Pledge Trilogy)0.99Molly McDunn10/26/2013
The Secret Pledge - Episode 2 (The Secret Pledge Trilogy)1.99Molly McDunn10/26/2013
The Secret Pledge - Episode 3 (The Secret Pledge Trilogy)1.99Molly McDunn10/26/2013
Mr Numpty, Former Friend of Humpty Dumpty (Nursery Chryme)2.99Diarmuid McEleney10/21/2013
On the Side of Angels3.99G. Michael McElroy10/30/2013
The Muddy River Markey Series The Story of Sam8.95Michelle McGee10/29/2013
Anybody's Shoes3.99Sharon McGee11/2/2013
Murder in Mariposa Bay (Bella Kowalski California Central Coast Mysteries)2.99Sue McGinty10/16/2013
Pain Killer 2.00.99A. A. McGowan10/15/2013
Edie Kiglatuk's Christmas: An Edie Kiglatuk Mystery (A Penguin Special)1.99M. J. McGrath10/15/2013
Pieces of You9.99Jana McGraw10/17/2013
DoGooder0.00Jeffrey McGraw10/21/2013
First Do No Harm0.99Jeffrey McGraw10/21/2013
The Bogey Man (The Sandi Webster Mysteries)2.99Marja McGraw10/28/2013
The Eidolon6.83Lib McGugan10/27/2013
The Search: Living Stone: Two3.99Debra McIntyre10/27/2013
Mercy and the Cat1.99Jason McIntyre10/29/2013
Bill Miner 'unTold Story' Coldwater Legend2.99Rodney McIntyre11/4/2013
Bill Miner 'unTold Story' Coldwater Legend2.99Rodney McIntyre11/5/2013
Gumshoe Goddess and the Catskill Caper8.99S. McKane10/18/2013
The Before0.99Emily McKay10/31/2013
Long Run Home3.99Joshua McKenzie11/1/2013
Read It and Weep (A LIBRARY LOVER'S MYSTERY)5.99Jenn McKinlay11/5/2013
Extinction5.99Michael McLaughlin10/19/2013
DEADLY TREATMENT5.99David McLeod10/21/2013
Death is Not an Option5.77Michael McManus10/28/2013
Shemlan - A Deadly Tragedy4.99Alexander McNabb11/1/2013
The Terror of Dark Hollow Pass0.99Timothy J. McSwain10/17/2013
Die For You This Way.3.00Jonbenet McVeigh10/21/2013
The Bad Lady (Novel)1.99John Meany10/25/2013
Facebook Stalker, Episode One. (A Novella Series)0.00John Meany11/5/2013
The Cardholder0.00Kelly O'Callan and Nina Meditz10/31/2013
Madame Bovary's Haberdashery11.99Maurilia Meehan10/30/2013
JAEGER Issue #4: Meanwhile, Back At The Office0.99Scott A. Mehlman10/29/2013
Wisecrack5.99Mark Meier10/23/2013
Codename Hannah (Hannah Trilogy)9.99Daniel Melligan10/16/2013
Il cerchio dei morti (Italian Edition)12.99Harry Bingham and L. Melosi10/16/2013
Dangerous Minds3.29LL Pearce and AJ Melville10/26/2013
Blutige Burger (Mittags-Pausen-Krimi) (German Edition)1.29Manuela Mendez10/23/2013
Sorceror (Detective Superintendent Jeff Barton)3.99David Menon11/6/2013
Perfect Pictures (The Search)4.99Jodi Menzie11/1/2013
The graveyard of lost minutes2.99Andy Menzies10/20/2013
Killing is Catching - but sex don't rot your teeth3.99Robert Menzies11/5/2013
Massacre Artistique (French Edition)3.50Pierrick Messien10/15/2013
Trump3.99Joe Messina10/17/2013
Ballerina in a Bottle1.00Millie Mestril10/25/2013
The Murder of Janessa Hennley2.99Victor Methos10/22/2013
Jon Stanton Series - Three Thrillers (Arsonist #4, The Porn Star Murders #5, Sociopath #6)7.99Victor Methos10/15/2013
Mörderische Verbindung (German Edition)7.00Hans K. Metschberger11/5/2013
The Killer Wore Cranberry: Room for Thirds4.99Barbara Metzger,Mary Mackey,Lisa Wagner and Warren Bull10/24/2013
Stranger in the Cove (Hudson Cove Mysteries)2.99Jesse Michael10/22/2013
Zombie Farm (The Cord Wheaton Saga)0.99j gerard michaels10/19/2013
Capital Punishment3.99James Michaud11/6/2013
Conigli di città (I libri del sorriso) (Italian Edition)6.00Flavio Bulgarelli and Graphicompdue Milano11/2/2013
Corpse Racket - 3 Thrilling Tales0.99Joseph J. Millard10/24/2013
Staymaker:The Downfall of Thomas Kingsmill and the Hawkhurst Gang2.99Andy Millen11/2/2013
Fatal Trust (Kindle Serial)1.99Diana Miller11/5/2013
Route 66: Diary of a Killer0.99K.C. Miller10/29/2013
A Dreadful Temptation (Illustrated)0.99Mrs. Alex. McVeigh Miller10/8/2013
Brakus4.99Jeff Millhollin11/3/2013
Kumo People (Carbon Black)2.99Declan Milling11/2/2013
Treasure of the Truth4.99Karl Franklin Milner11/2/2013
Stanley Young is Planning a Murder4.50G.A. Milnthorpe10/23/2013
The Gray Ghost Inn (The Oncoming Storm)3.99Jay Mims10/30/2013
...And The Third Floor Magistrates Took The Rape2.99J.B. Minton10/15/2013
Saving Camelot4.99Marvin J. Wolf and Larry Mintz10/29/2013
Acceptable Risk4.99Gary Mitchell11/4/2013
A Magnum for Schneider7.99James Mitchell10/24/2013
Russian Roulette7.99James Mitchell10/24/2013
LOVE'S DESTINY - THE TRIAL0.99Lee Mitchell10/18/2013
Santa Murders (Jim Richards Murder Novels #31)3.99Bob Moats11/1/2013
Where Wolves Fear to Prey2.99G Mockford11/2/2013
The Glamorous Actress2.99Anthony Modungwo10/16/2013
Drawn To Danger2.50Brian Moffett11/3/2013
The Devil's Bite3.99Kevin Tao Mohs10/23/2013
The Haunted-Mansion (1)3.00Monika Moll10/19/2013
La Villa de Fantome (1) (French Edition)3.00Monika Moll10/19/2013
Chasing The Storm: A Thriller Novel (Rygg & Marin Thrillers)2.99Martin Molsted10/15/2013
Home Movies2.69Joel Momberg10/30/2013
Landing Home (Life And Love Post 9-11)2.99S A Monaco11/1/2013
The Tower Grave2.99J.E. Moncrieff10/24/2013
Sextorsión (Spanish Edition)0.99Matyas Mon10/31/2013
The Seduction of Miriam Cross (A Delilah Percy Powers Mystery)6.99W.A Tyson and Frank Montagna10/27/2013
El amigo español (Spanish Edition)2.99Andrés Montagut10/22/2013
The Blood of the Lamb3.99Thomas F. Monteleone10/30/2013
The Reckoning3.99Thomas F. Monteleone10/30/2013
Un giorno maledetto (eNewton Originals) (Italian Edition)2.99Silvia Montemurro10/24/2013
The Cleaner2.99Alan Moon10/31/2013
Innocent souls (Russian edition)4.10Chris Mooney10/25/2013
The room of dead (Russian edition)3.28Chris Mooney10/22/2013
The Brent Street Haunting2.99Saul Moon10/15/2013
Blood Tracks: Five Furious Novellas with a Rock n' Roll Attitude (Boxed Set)0.99C. Dennis Moore,David Bain,Wayne Allen Sallee and Ken Goldman11/5/2013
The Virgin Knows7.99Christine Palamidessi Moore10/23/2013
L'affaire du GHB (French Edition)3.99Dan A. Moore11/4/2013
Proxy3.99Daniel Moore11/2/2013
The Shroud4.99David Moore,Joseph Ferina and Joseph Mashburn10/17/2013
To Trap A Traitor (Jake Crabtree Adventures)9.95Ernie Moore and Wanda Moore11/3/2013
Blood Mountain Prophecy3.99Joanne Taylor Moore10/30/2013
Dinner Thieves (The Forlorn Hope)2.99Sidney Moore10/15/2013
Relatos de un joven médico (Spanish Edition)3.99Dolores Ventoso Mora11/2/2013
Wayward Son2.99Angela Brooks and Dani Morgan10/23/2013
Murder Girls: The Complete Trilogy7.99Christine Morgan10/27/2013
Vitals0.99Marc Morgenstern11/5/2013
El Crimen de Vaccaro (Spanish Edition)2.99Miguel Ángel Mori10/25/2013
Spree Part Three: The Big Kill0.99Michael Morley10/17/2013
Spree Part Four: Broken0.99Michael Morley10/31/2013
Chasing The Demons (Robert Doyle Mystery #1)3.99Eamon Moroney10/20/2013
Ministry uneventful (Russian edition)4.64Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris10/27/2013
Harbinger: What's In A Codename? (Kindle Worlds Novella)1.99Tee Morris10/8/2013
Bloodshot: Thanks for the Memories (Kindle Worlds Novella)1.99Tee Morris10/15/2013
Nine Lives1.60John Morritt10/25/2013
69 (French Edition)3.97Major Duncan Mortimer,C.GRD and Anji Johns11/2/2013
PERFIDITAS (Roma Nova)4.53Alison Morton10/15/2013
The Last Ride of the Knight Street Posse0.99Edwardo Morton10/22/2013
Fae, Fetch and Pine0.99Matt Morton10/21/2013
Sette Delitti Trilogy. Parte II (eNewton Originals) (Italian Edition)2.99Davide Mosca10/17/2013
PUNTO DE QUIEBRE (Spanish Edition)5.99Francisco Javier Gómez Cadavid and Natalia Mosquera11/4/2013
Evidence of Malice Book Two2.99Kim M Allen and Maureen Moss10/21/2013
The Killing Plan4.84Terence. F Moss10/16/2013
Spinner's Garden4.50Sheila Muckle10/17/2013
Wrath of the Locusts2.99J. Arlo Mullinix11/5/2013
Murder Under the Microscope4.99Jane Bennett Munro11/4/2013
Behind German Lines0.99Ronn Munsterman10/25/2013
Straws, Book 2: Escape (The Straws Trilogy)9.99James Muri10/25/2013
CURRÍCULUM MORTIS (Dan Foster) (Spanish Edition)2.99Luis Murillo10/24/2013
The Vanity3.99Robert Murillo10/17/2013
Three Women0.99Justin Murphy11/3/2013
Crooks Episode 30.99Michael Murphy10/23/2013
Eviction (Phyllis Ludwigsohn Hard-Boiled Lesbian Detective)2.99Paula Murphy10/8/2013
The Ugly Story0.99Dick Murphy-Scott11/4/2013
Is That My Holmes?8.49Andrew Murray11/6/2013
Is That My Watson?8.49Andrew Murray11/6/2013
Tough as Nails: The Complete Cases of Donahue from the Pages of Black Mask9.59Frederick Nebel and Will Murray10/8/2013
Death Dons a Mask (Francesca Bibbo Series)4.95Lorraine Murray10/23/2013
The Return of the Excalibur (Inspector Philip Graves Casebook)2.99Hermione Chase and Imperial War Museum11/2/2013
Taxi Murders (Detective Dave Garner)1.00Innocent Mwatsikesimbe10/15/2013
Wanderurlaub. Thriller (German Edition)9.99Regina Nössler10/24/2013
Sylvie Shine: Senior Sleuth4.99Barbara Nachman10/20/2013
Life's Endless Flame (Love Has No Boundaries)2.99Eric J. Naea11/4/2013
The Blade of Silence (Fang Mu (Eastern Crimes))4.99Lei Mi and Holger Nahm10/24/2013
Weißer Zorn (German Edition)2.99Gabriel Namara10/26/2013
Residentes de Rdrilveria (Spanish Edition)0.99Luis Aníbal Núñez10/30/2013
Lecho de hojas (Spanish Edition)0.99Luis Aníbal Núñez10/17/2013
Murder at Cold Creek College (Cold Creek #1)2.99Christa Nardi10/8/2013
The Camera Never Lies2.99Augustine Nash10/16/2013
Reunions Are Murder (The Mended Hearts Collection)2.99Sharon Landis and Marianne Neff10/16/2013
When the Dead Whisper (A Mia Rushton Mystery #1)2.99Tara Neideffer10/27/2013
LINNEN - Das Grabtuch Mysterium (German Edition)4.99Norman Nekro10/30/2013
Perfect Pawn3.99Andrew G. Nelson10/23/2013
One For The Rook (Blake Hetherington Mysteries)2.99D S Nelson10/29/2013
A Mirror Darkly0.99Jacob Schmiedicke and Madeline Nelson10/22/2013
Butterflies Aren't Free0.99James Nelson10/15/2013
Police10.65Jo Nesbo10/15/2013
Tell Mrs. Kennedy I'm sorry4.99Patricia Netherwood10/23/2013
24 seconds4.99Gretchen Netterfield10/21/2013
Deception at Devil's Harbor (Devil's Harbor Mysteries)2.99Carolyn J. Rose and Mike Nettleton10/22/2013
Höllenfeuererotik (German Edition)6.80Thomas Josef Neumeier10/16/2013
Millstone1.99Colin Neville10/16/2013
One Grave Secret3.99Cindy Ponds Newell10/16/2013
The Clearing5.79Dan Newman10/29/2013
The Executive4.99Joe Newman10/24/2013
BITCH ON HEAT18.00Richard Tong and James Ng11/3/2013
Visions1.99Diana Nguyen10/26/2013
Conner0.99Jordan-Paige Nichols10/29/2013
Trouble And Strife (Ian Dodge Mysteries)2.99Judy Nichols10/19/2013
Teesside Missed (The Nick Guymer Series)4.80John Nicholson10/31/2013
Queen of the Tees (The Nick Guymer Series)4.80John Nicholson10/30/2013
Teesside Steal (The Nick Guymer Series)4.80John Nicholson10/30/2013
Box of Boo: Four Horror Thrillers (Boxed Set)2.99Scott Nicholson10/8/2013
What? (Juici Juici)2.99William S. Butler and Bruce Nicholson11/3/2013
Angel of Destruction2.85Christopher Nicole10/19/2013
Gottesacker (German Edition)6.85Christina Niemann10/27/2013
Fourteen Million to One4.99Jason Nightingale10/31/2013
Durch Tod heilbar (German Edition)7.49Bernd Niklas11/6/2013
The Katrina Contract4.99Larry Nocella10/31/2013
Missing: A Folly Beach Mystery3.99Bill Noel10/16/2013
Die Heilerin (German Edition)9.99Daniela Noitz10/21/2013
The Lady was a Spy2.99V.A. Nokes11/2/2013
The Obama Factor3.99Elaine North11/5/2013
King Con2.99James Scott and Kiera Northington10/19/2013
Deep Deception1.24James North11/3/2013
Perfectible Animals: A Post Apocalyptic Technothriller3.99Thomas Norwood10/19/2013
The Poisoned Cure: Murder in the Cancer Clinic (A Detective Ginsburg Mystery)4.00Estelle Novak10/15/2013
Eaux troubles plage Péreire (French Edition)11.00JJ. Dagnac and P. Novella11/6/2013
Grit3.99John M Nuckel10/28/2013
Dazzled (Five Star Mystery Series)3.19Maxine Nunes10/23/2013
Thoreau at Devil's Perch (A Thoreau Mystery)9.39B.B. Oak10/29/2013
To Love, No Right To Die3.99Anatoliy Obraztsov10/19/2013
Sully and the Saint9.37Nicholas O'Brian10/29/2013
The Manhattan Puzzle3.79Laurence O'Bryan10/10/2013
Age of Blood: A SEAL Team 666 Novel9.59Weston Ochse10/15/2013
Whispering Minds4.99A.T. O'Connor10/30/2013
EYE of a NEEDLE: The otherside of truth3.99CHRISTOPHER ODIJIE10/17/2013
To Sleep: Book One of The Soliloquy9.99Paula Offutt11/6/2013
The Devil You Know3.99Mike Ogden11/1/2013
THE FOREVER GIRL5.99Chris O'Grady11/2/2013
ENEMY ARROWS: TORONTO IN THE YEAR 14204.99Will O'Hara10/24/2013
Fostering Darkness (Detective John Harrison Series)2.99James O'Hare10/26/2013
Unless Someone Dies1.99Nora O'Harra10/22/2013
The Book of Darkness. Collection (Russian edition)6.02Henry Lion Oldie,Andrey Dashkov,Marina and Sergey Dyachenko and Marina Naumova10/20/2013
The Whippletree2.99Gary Oldman10/29/2013
The Wrath of Shiva: An Anita Ray Mystery2.99Susan Oleksiw10/29/2013
Everything9.99Chick Gallin and Phyllis Olmstead10/23/2013
Somebody Shoot Me0.99Zach Olsen10/20/2013
Behind Prison Bars4.00Sandra Olson10/24/2013
Chasing the Golden Dragon (Kenny Jones)5.99Warren Olson11/3/2013
Crooked Numbers11.04Tim O'Mara10/15/2013
Twitter: The Tweet Files {DC Bookdiva Publications}0.99Mike O10/24/2013
A Prayer for the Dying8.89Stewart O'Nan10/8/2013
Pirates in the White House and Terrorists under Lake Erie3.99Richard Ondo10/25/2013
The Whore of Truth7.98Alexander O'Neil10/15/2013
Killer Shine4.99Shannon O'Neil10/31/2013
The Faceless One2.99Mark Onspaugh10/28/2013
Downpour1.99James Oputa10/19/2013
Throwing the Dog at the Father-in-law3.00Tim Orchard10/30/2013
Freakie and the A. K. Club1.95Lewis Orde10/28/2013
The Furies' List0.99John Ord10/20/2013
Nursing a Grudge (A Maternal Instincts Mystery series)3.99Diana Orgain10/17/2013
Stranger Ways1.00Kevin O'Rourke10/21/2013
The Father Daniel Mysteries Book 1: Something in the Shadows2.99Ephrain Tristan Ortiz10/24/2013
Short Changed3.99H. L. Osterman10/31/2013
Isabel Ostrander's Collected Works: At One-Thirty, The Crevice, The Fifth Ace, Anything Once0.99Isabel Ostrander10/22/2013
Des Teufels Plan: Thriller (German Edition)8.06Stephen Leather and Barbara Ostrop10/21/2013
Natural Causes2.99James Oswald10/8/2013
Glass House Trilogy Book 1: Glass House3.99Max Overton and Ariana Overton10/31/2013
WOMEN of MYSTERY, Volume 14.99K.B. Owen,Kassandra Lamb and Kirsten Weiss11/4/2013
Ghosts of Pennington (Kevin Stone)9.95Glenda Owens11/2/2013
Outplacement2.99M.J. Oxford10/20/2013
LA COLUMNA MONET (Spanish Edition)0.00José Antonio Pérez Rodríguez and José Javier Pérez Pérez10/22/2013
ON TOP1.34José Manuel Pérez Padilla,Francisco Molina de Dios and Maribel Balius11/6/2013
A Corpse In A Teacup: A Tuesday's Tea Leaves Mystery, a Cozy Mystery with Female Sleuth Tuesday the Tea Leaf Reader...0.99Cassie Page10/23/2013
Secret Clue - 4 Strange Tales of Murder [Illustrated]1.99Norvell Page11/2/2013
A Person of Interest6.99R. Pahl10/22/2013
The Education of John Capaletto5.99Gene Paleno10/22/2013
Werewolf Interrupted (Werewolf Detectives)2.99Eve Paludan,Suzanne Wilson and Tracy Seybold10/24/2013
Ostatic 2.0: Camera din Teheran4.00Alex Deva and Darius Panaite10/15/2013
Un Cadre Imparfait (French Edition)0.99Claudio Ruggeri and Peggy Panetta10/15/2013
El manuscrito de mi abuelo. (Spanish Edition)4.10Rafael Pardo10/15/2013
Wretched Fate (The Sam Osborne Series)4.99F. Sharon Swope and Genilee Parente-Swope11/4/2013
Critical Mass (V.I. WARSHAWSKI NOVEL)10.91Sara Paretsky10/22/2013
Operation Bourbon - The First Chapter2.99Iain Parke10/19/2013
HARD CASE III - Voyage of the Damned (A John Harding Novel)2.99Bernard Lee DeLeo and RJ Parker10/18/2013
Bake Sale0.99Brandyn J. Parker10/22/2013
Specimen (Specimen the Diagnosis)2.99Brandyn J. Parker11/3/2013
Integrate2.24Chrissie Parker10/27/2013
Laguna Heat2.99T. Jefferson Parker10/22/2013
The Triggerman's Dance2.99T. Jefferson Parker10/22/2013
Naufragio al lago (Perugia Mistery) (Italian Edition)3.00Santi Parlagreco10/18/2013
Panama Takedown. (A Damian Wolf, Assassin, Short Novel Series)2.99Mike Pettit and Janell Williams Parque11/6/2013
OLTRE IL MURO - Quando la corrente elettrica può uccidere (Italian Edition)2.99Salvatore De Pascalis10/27/2013
The Fire Waker: An Aelius Spartianus Mystery (Aelius Spartianus Mysteries)7.99Ben Pastor11/5/2013
25.4: Presidents' Odyssey3.99V.B. Patel10/28/2013
Un piccolo anello d'oro: Kjell Ola Dahl (Farfalle) (Italian Edition)6.99Kjell Ola Dahl and Giovanna Paterniti10/21/2013
Cirque Macabre #1: The Show Must Go On (Volume 1)8.36C.S. Patra10/28/2013
The Warren Omissions6.99Jack Patterson11/6/2013
Going Rogue0.99Kerry Patton10/28/2013
Marked Man: A Vigilante Justice Crime Thriller0.99Jared Paul10/15/2013
Gun Molls - 3 Pulp Thrillers! [Illustrated]0.99Perry Paul,Anatole Feldman and Charlton L. Edholm10/21/2013
THE BASEMENT3.99Selin Paul10/30/2013
Adrenaline0.99Thomas Steuten and Joanna Paul10/22/2013
La prima fase (Italian Edition)5.39Cătălin Pînzaru and Barbara Pavetto10/30/2013
To Catch a Butterfly2.99T. M. Payne10/22/2013
Long Lies the Shadow7.89Gerda Pearce10/30/2013
The Movement (Colin and Leora Crime Thriller series)5.00Ruthie Pearlman10/31/2013
T.1 Nuit blanche au Tivoli (L'Inspecteur Leif Anders Pedersen) (French Edition)0.99Sasha Pedersen10/30/2013
The Third Realm: Part I0.99Adam Train and Joe Pee11/3/2013
The Third Realm: Part II2.99Adam Train and Joe Pee11/3/2013
Without A Conscious (A Cliff Fulton Mystery)3.99James William Peercy10/30/2013
Max Pemberton's Collected Works: The Iron Pirate, Féo, Jewel Mysteries, The Lady Evelyn, Aladdin of London, Hindoo...1.99Max Pemberton10/28/2013
The Reunion (Beneath the Trap Door)6.99A.A. Pencil11/5/2013
National Security Dad & The Argentine Job: A Tales2Film Double Feature7.99Antony Davies and Michael Penhallow11/3/2013
NADA. A historical thriller.0.00Arthur J Penn10/18/2013
The Return of Sherlock Holmes4.99arthur dowle and tim penner10/28/2013
The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes [illustrated]3.32arthur doyle and tim penner10/28/2013
The Hound of the Baskervilles [illustrated]4.99arthur Doyle and tim penner10/29/2013
A Study in Scarlet [illustrated]2.99Arthur Doyle and tim penner10/29/2013
Up in Smoke: A Dr. Zol Szabo Medical Mystery8.79Ross Pennie11/1/2013
THE CONCRETE CANOE (Escaping Dystopia Trilogy)0.99Volt Penn,Electra Penn and Jodi Egerton10/22/2013
JFK: The Umbrella Conspiracy (action, adventure, espionage, intrigue, thriller, terrorism)6.00William Penn10/28/2013
Bargain with Death (The Pierre Chambrun Mysteries)7.99Hugh Pentecost10/8/2013
Nightmare Time (The Pierre Chambrun Mysteries)7.99Hugh Pentecost10/8/2013
Remember to Kill Me (The Pierre Chambrun Mysteries)7.99Hugh Pentecost10/8/2013
Time of Terror (The Pierre Chambrun Mysteries)7.99Hugh Pentecost10/8/2013
With Intent to Kill (The Pierre Chambrun Mysteries)7.99Hugh Pentecost10/8/2013
The Best American Mystery Stories 2013 (Best American Series)8.52Lisa Scottoline and Otto Penzler10/8/2013
The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries (Vintage Crime/Black Lizard)10.65Otto Penzler10/22/2013
Deadly Duo Trilogy3.99Paul E. Pepe10/16/2013
Muffins Filled With Murder (Jackie Valentine Cozy Mysteries)0.99Cheryl Pepper10/31/2013
Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Threatened New Yorker7.00Ember Pepper10/25/2013
Blood-Tied6.00Wendy Percival10/8/2013
El símbolo (Spanish Edition)6.00Leonardo Kuperman and Daniel Pereyra10/8/2013
Shadows in Societies (The Beginning)2.99Phillip Perez11/3/2013
The Ultimate Mystery Thriller Horror Box Set (7 Mystery Thriller Horror bestsellers for 99c)0.99Cathy Perkins,Taylor Lee,J Thorn and Nolan Radke10/30/2013
Пентагон (Pentagon)5.99Ричард Перл and Richard Perle10/30/2013
The Rising Scandal (The Dirty First Term Trilogy)8.99Alicia Perry10/8/2013
The Jury4.95Brandi Perry10/30/2013
Was It A Rat I Saw0.00Sue Perry10/23/2013
It's Colder Than an Ice Monkey Out Here9.88Walter Perry10/30/2013
The Mystery of Arnold Hall2.99Helen M. Persons10/29/2013
The Heist2.99Demi Peters10/25/2013
El gorrión del santuario (Spanish Edition)4.99Ellis Peters10/17/2013
El peregrino del odio (Spanish Edition)4.99Ellis Peters10/17/2013
La virgen de hielo (Spanish Edition)4.99Ellis Peters10/17/2013
El novicio del diablo (Spanish Edition)4.99Ellis Peters10/17/2013
El rescate del muerto (Spanish Edition)4.99Ellis Peters10/17/2013
Methuselah's Secret0.99Chris Petersen10/15/2013
The Crescent City Boomers1.99James D Peters10/17/2013
"Mermaid Madness" An Original Screenplay8.00Lori Peters10/25/2013
The Mystery of Loch Duny (Mick Malone Mysteries)4.99Sallee Peterson11/5/2013
The War Within2.99Pamela Peters and Karen Peters10/27/2013
Power Games (Operation Enduring Unity)2.99Richard Peters10/20/2013
Mobile Inconnu (French Edition)4.05Emmanuelle Petit10/17/2013
Bluitt & Bodgitt3.20Ian Bradley Marshall and Alexander Petricca10/25/2013
Stunde der Rache - Alex Cross 7 -: Thriller (German Edition)7.39James Patterson and Edda Petri10/31/2013
The Shining Girls (Narrativa) (Italian Edition)8.62Lauren Beukes and S. Pezzani10/15/2013
Prime Stalker0.00Walt Brown Ph.D10/17/2013
Heroes (The Harry Waters Series)0.99James Philip10/22/2013
Quiet Dell: A Novel11.99Jayne Anne Phillips10/15/2013
Parking The Zeitgeist And Just Walking: a clandestine aberration (The Scottish Psychic: Andrew from St. Andrews...9.99Gordon Phinn10/17/2013
Betraying Innocence0.99Airicka Phoenix10/29/2013
Marbeck and the King-in-Waiting (A Martin Marbeck Mystery)13.99John Pilkington11/1/2013
La Crème de la Crem5.55John Piper10/22/2013
Watchmen For Morning3.99Jennifer M. Pitkin10/29/2013
Vegas Snap: A Tale of Greed & Graves (A Billy Snow Novel)7.99P. Lawrence Plansky10/17/2013
The Quest for the Datar (Transverse)2.99Dew Platt10/25/2013
Tombs0.99John R. Platt10/31/2013
Called to Witness4.99John Plummer10/18/2013
The Two Daughters (The DCI Sophie Allen Crime Mysteries)3.93Michael Hambling and Kat P10/30/2013
Hollow World3.99Nick Pobursky10/31/2013
Mordswald - Hamburgkrimi (German Edition)2.99M. C. Poets10/20/2013
Fraud Flight2.99Joseph E Poff CPA and Robin Poff10/19/2013
Chernobyl7.59Frederik Pohl10/22/2013
Untitled Grigori Legacy #34.27Linda Poitevin10/15/2013
Die Ehefrau (Preis ausgezeichneten Kurzgeschichte) (German Edition)0.99F. Poj10/17/2013
Dark Alleys (A Spencer Manning Mystery)0.99Rick Polad10/31/2013
Change of Possession0.99M.R. Polish11/2/2013
In the Game2.99Peter Pollak10/31/2013
Hero In The Hood (Things You Can't Tell Mama)2.99D T Pollard10/28/2013
The San Isidro Mysteries: The Story of Maria del Sueño2.99Maria Justa Polotan10/20/2013
Witching circle (Russian edition)4.10Sergei Ponomarenko10/21/2013
The Devil's Field4.99Robin Porecky10/23/2013
Dragonfly: A Novel2.99Ronnell D. Porter10/21/2013
Codename: Greenland2.99Steve Porter11/5/2013
NOTHING IN BETWEEN (Coconut Psalms)3.99Philip Portman10/21/2013
Vita facile ha un carburatore (AltriCentoMondi) (Italian Edition)0.99Fabio Postini10/22/2013
Tante Paula - Hippokrates ist auch schon tot (German Edition)3.91Bettina Potrafke11/5/2013
An Uncertain Faith3.99Allie Potts10/29/2013
Internal Threats3.49G. Poulos10/20/2013
DARK WINDOW2.99C. T. Boudreaux and Karen Powell11/3/2013
Fate (KayEff)9.99Elisabeth Powell10/15/2013
Matryoshka2.99Goran Powell10/24/2013
Strangers on a Sleigh4.99James Powell10/29/2013
Dirty Business2.99Julie Elizabeth Powell10/27/2013
The Swan Song of Doctor Malloy11.99Robert Power10/30/2013 - An Adoption Insider's Story of Corruption7.99Hillary Powers10/31/2013
The Reckoning (The James Women Trilogy Book 3)2.99Eric Praschan10/26/2013
Therapy for Ghosts: (The James Women Trilogy Book 1)0.99Eric Praschan10/15/2013
The Honduran Plot3.99Horton Prather11/4/2013
The black wind (Italian Edition)1.02paolo preppi10/23/2013
Chasing Omega2.99Michael Prescott10/22/2013
A Place Called Home4.28T.D. Presland10/27/2013
Crime Wave (Maggie, PI Mysteries)3.99Rose Pressey11/5/2013
Last Train to Gloryhole9.32Keith Price10/20/2013
The Charmer9.59Allan Prior10/24/2013
One Away9.59Allan Prior10/24/2013
Z Cars Again9.39Allan Prior10/24/2013
Paradiso9.99Allan Prior10/24/2013
The Lonely Death of Barney Shand: At The El Rey Motel (Dig Your Own Grave)2.99Nick Proctor10/31/2013
Goldengrove: A Novel8.89Francine Prose10/29/2013
La dinastia della famiglia Dracula (eNewton Narrativa) (Italian Edition)6.99Royce Prouty10/10/2013
A Better Time3.99Jill Province10/28/2013
A Cycle of Greed3.99Jill Province10/28/2013
Silent Epidemic3.99Jill Province10/28/2013
Verdammt zur Ewigkeit - Ich komme wieder - Supernatural Thriller - Teil II (German Edition)4.69Patrizia Prudenzi10/25/2013
The Whacker Man4.99Rose St. Andrews and Blushing Publications10/18/2013
As American as Apple Pie (Zachary Gagewood Mysteries)7.00Lee Pulaski10/31/2013
Mystical works of Russian writers (Russian edition)2.99Alexander Pushkin,FYODOR DOSTOEVSKY,Mikhail Gogol and Anton Chekhov10/26/2013
The Fall0.99Alexandre Puttick10/30/2013
Lost Girls: A Novel8.89Andrew Pyper11/5/2013
The Sparkle Cord 21.99Solomon Q.Z.10/19/2013
Fly By Midnight (A Sister Witches Mystery)2.99Lauren Quick10/31/2013
Quilting On Mars0.99Carl Quiltman10/18/2013
Dry Bones10.99Peter Quinn10/31/2013
Monkey Tales - 5 Pulp Primate Stories [Illustrated]2.99Seabury Quinn,Wilder Anthony,Ralph Powers and Charlton L. Edholm10/22/2013
Alpha: Thriller (German Edition)5.99J. T. Brannan and Barbara Röhl10/11/2013
In den Fängen der Macht: Roman (German Edition)7.39Anne Perry and Ulrike Röska10/28/2013
Il sezionatore (eNewton Narrativa) (Italian Edition)6.99Marc Raabe10/10/2013
So This is War: Part III, A Shot in the Light0.99Hart Johnson and Leanne Rabesa10/8/2013
Fight or Flight: A Shot in the Light Part IV0.99Hart Johnson and Leanne Rabesa10/29/2013
The Rules of Hate Deluxe Edition (SHAR)5.85Davide Racah,Glenn Debattista and Michele Testori10/24/2013
Captain Combat #3 August 19402.99Barry Barton and RadioArchives.com10/18/2013
A Fine and Dangerous Season3.99Keith Raffel11/5/2013
Fall2.99Vijay Raghav10/17/2013
The Tarot Card Detective (Mahu Mysteries)2.99Red and Catherine Rahm11/4/2013
Experiment 432.99Tony Raimen10/30/2013
Hear No Evil (The PSI Trilogy #1)2.99A.K. Alexander and J.R. Rain10/25/2013
Played Three Ways0.99Fergus Rainbow10/18/2013
Hours Till Morning0.99Fergus Rainbow10/21/2013
How To Win The Lottery: Six Zero Winners0.99Fergus Rainbow10/15/2013
Silent Echo4.99J. R. Rain10/22/2013
The Giant Killer2.99Richard Vasquez and J.R. Rain10/15/2013
Crimen Perfecto (Spanish Edition)6.00Juan José Rambla11/6/2013
BLOODSMOKE (The Tommy Darlington Action-Adventure Thriller Series)0.99Rio Ramirez,William Garner and Leoni Smit10/27/2013
Post Road Promises3.99Jim Ramsey10/23/2013
RUN and the Den of Thieves (Twilight of the Gods, Book 2)2.99R Ramsey10/20/2013
Crossed Trails in Mexico : Mexican Mystery Stories2.99Helen Randolph10/31/2013
How Did I Get Here? (The Rourk Family Saga)0.99Robert Rand10/19/2013
Why Did You Leave Me? (Rourk Family Saga)0.99Robert Rand10/19/2013
One Step Ahead2.99Peter Rankin10/29/2013
ENGRENAGE MEURTRIER (French Edition)3.99F. RANKY10/8/2013
The Cape Meares Murder0.99Joanne Rattigan10/30/2013
A Man Feared (Death Series)5.00Frank Raud10/15/2013
Searching for Max4.99Norman Rawlings11/1/2013
The Parrot Told Me3.99Rachael Rawlings10/30/2013
Best Defense (Beth Bowman, P.I.)8.69Randy Rawls11/1/2013
John Rain: THE HAWAIIAN AFFAIR (Kindle Worlds Novella)1.99JOHNNY RAY10/27/2013
Rise of a Gangsta Pt. 1 (Gangsta Chronicles)0.99Crystal Rayne10/19/2013
The Shadow Patriots3.99Warren Ray11/1/2013
The Great Divide5.99Hal Reames10/29/2013
The Widow File4.99S.G. Redling11/5/2013
Long, Slow Suicide2.99Annie Reed10/15/2013
A Life Without Fear (Sins of the Father)2.99Leo King and Staci Reed10/30/2013
The Merry Marauders1.99Arthur J. Rees10/8/2013
Arthur B. Reeve's Collected Works, Craig Kennedy Series: The Silent Bullet, The War Terror, The Treasure Train...1.99Arthur B. Reeve10/15/2013
The Spirit of the Samurai2.89Brian Reeve10/26/2013
Le ossa dei perduti: La serie di Temperance Brennan #16 (Italian Edition)13.99Kathy Reichs10/9/2013
The Nightmare of Sara Farraday2.00Annette Reid10/23/2013
A Vivid Imagination (Sammy Greene Thrillers)0.99Deborah Shlian and Linda Reid10/18/2013
The Freedom Fence (Four Friends Series)7.70Sally Reid10/19/2013
Hijack in Abstract (A Cherry Tucker Mystery)4.99Larissa Reinhart11/1/2013
Fragile Underwater Things1.00Travis Remington11/2/2013
Fragile Underwater Things1.00Travis Remington11/6/2013
No Man's Nightingale: An Inspector Wexford Novel11.89Ruth Rendell11/5/2013
Aura in Whiskey-722.99Chuck Render10/30/2013
The Pope Column2.99Chuck Render10/30/2013
Snake Oil2.99Chuck Render10/30/2013
Sawtooth2.99Chuck Render10/29/2013
Jihad to Illinois2.99Chuck Render10/26/2013
Mankato Debate: A Caucasus Cacophony2.99Chuck Render10/26/2013
War Field2.99Chuck Render10/30/2013
The 45 Stitch Rule: A Week in the D.A.'s Office2.99Stephen Resnick10/16/2013
Horny Ghost Of Osama Bin Laden : Rise Of The Ghost5.99P R Resurrector10/27/2013
Queen (Dragons & Machine Guns)2.99H.J. Rethuan10/20/2013
The Eyewitness Protocols, A Serial Thriller, Episodes 5-81.49PJ Reynolds10/27/2013
The Eyewitness Protocols, A Serial Thriller, Episodes 1-41.49PJ Reynolds10/26/2013
When THEO Came Home7.99Ron Rhody10/31/2013
Tokyo Star0.99Tobietta Rhyman10/29/2013
America's Bin Laden (Potomac BOOK CLUB)9.99James Rhys10/24/2013
Palavras mortais (Portuguese Edition)1.37Eder Ribeiro10/26/2013
Inimigo meu (Portuguese Edition)0.99Eder Ribeiro11/3/2013
Nachbars Katze (Ein Clara Pirol Krimi) (German Edition)0.99David Ricardo10/30/2013
Where the Monsters Are0.99Gerald Dean Rice10/24/2013
Prima Facie2.99E.J. Richards11/6/2013
Greetings, Kali3.99Mary Lyons and Christine Richards10/15/2013
Under the Skin (Ritual Crime Unit)3.49E. E. Richardson10/29/2013
CHALK WHITE FEAR3.99Linda Bryant Richardson10/22/2013
The Temple War (Fallen Cross Trilogy Part 2)2.99Thomas B Richardson10/21/2013
Speedballing3.00David Ricketts10/21/2013
The Chalice9.99Phil Rickman11/1/2013
The Happy Bomber9.99Glyn Ridgley10/19/2013
Faces da Perversão (Portuguese Edition)6.00Grace Ridher10/18/2013
Justice in Paradise (Nothing Ever Happens in Paradise)3.99Nancy Riecken10/20/2013
Opportunities in Paradise (Nothing Ever Happens in Paradise)3.99Nancy Riecken10/17/2013
Possibilities in Paradise (Nothing Ever Happens in Paradise)3.99Nancy Riecken10/17/2013
Problems in Paradise (Nothing Ever Happens in Paradise)3.99Nancy Riecken10/17/2013
Impaled0.99Rodney Riesel10/19/2013
The Whole Golden World9.19Kristina Riggle10/29/2013
Valerie's Retreat7.99Joseph Rinaldo10/31/2013
Familiar Faces: Stories of People You Know7.99Mary Roberts Rinehart10/15/2013
Tish Marches On (The Letitia "Tish" Carberry Series)7.99Mary Roberts Rinehart10/15/2013
Tish Plays the Game (The Letitia "Tish" Carberry Series)7.99Mary Roberts Rinehart10/15/2013
The Circular Staircase (Illustrated by Lester Ralph)0.99Mary Roberts Rinehart10/30/2013
The Case of Jennie Brice (Illustrated by M. Leone Bracker)0.99Mary Roberts Rinehart10/18/2013
The Window at the White Cat (Illustrated by Arthur I. Keller)0.99Mary Roberts Rinehart10/16/2013
When a Man Marries (Illustrated by Harrison Fisher and Mayo Bunker)0.99Mary Roberts Rinehart11/5/2013
The Man in Lower Ten (Illustrated by Howard Chandler Christy)0.99Mary Roberts Rinehart10/31/2013
Privileged Corruption8.99Ursula Ringham10/24/2013
Dagger of Adultery2.99Romeo Risica10/30/2013
The Proposition0.99John Risvold10/29/2013
Remember Me!2.99Toni Kay Rittenhouse10/15/2013
Trotzkis Narr: Roman (German Edition)9.99Ulrich Ritzel10/8/2013
Typewriter from Hell2.99Diane Cox and Rebecca Rivers10/30/2013
The Inferno Corporation (James Wright's quest for justice)0.99SD Robb10/27/2013
Street Justice1.99Jay Roberts11/6/2013
SPQR XI: Under Vesuvius (The SPQR Roman Mysteries)8.89John Maddox Roberts11/5/2013
Trouble Brewing (The Trouble Trilogy)2.99Lee Roberts10/20/2013
The Medea Complex6.39Rachel Florence Roberts10/31/2013
The Deep Secret3.99David Robinson10/18/2013
White Ginger8.69Thatcher Robinson10/8/2013
Night Bus to Progreso3.00Haydon Rochester10/31/2013
Hemmed In (A Quilters Club Mystery No. 4) (Quilters Club Mysteries)3.99Marjorie Sorrell Rockwell10/28/2013
MURDER AT DELTA SHORES P.D.2.99James M. Roddy10/31/2013
El búnker de Noé (Noah´s Bunker) (Spanish Edition)2.99Gabri Rodenas10/8/2013
Cárceles (Relatos de Borja Iglesias Rodríguez) (Spanish Edition)0.99Borja Iglesias Rodríguez10/17/2013
El artista adolecente que confundía el mundo con un cómic (Spanish Edition)11.99Sergio González Rodríguez10/10/2013
Bis morgen, Mörder: Kriminalroman (German Edition)3.70Irene Rodrian10/24/2013
Wer barfuß über Scherben geht: Kriminalroman (German Edition)3.70Irene Rodrian10/24/2013
Harlem Nocturne: A Detective Jack Kenny Mystery9.99John Roe11/5/2013
The Midnight Cry2.00Alistair Rogan10/15/2013
Heartless: A Journey to Second Earth4.88Frank D. Rogers11/4/2013
Sentinels at the Gates: A Telepathic Thriller1.95Joseph Rogers10/22/2013
A Killing In Oil [A Bishop Bone Murder Mystery]4.99Robert G Rogers10/15/2013
The Adventures of Bazarada - All 6 Houdini Inspired Tales! [Illustrated]3.99Sax Rohmer11/2/2013
Las Garras del Arcángel Volumen 1 (Una obra de arte) (Spanish Edition)0.99Rene Roicher10/18/2013
Las Garras del Arcángel Volumen 2 (Una obra de arte) (Spanish Edition)0.99Rene Roicher10/18/2013
Beyond Redress (Five Star Mystery Series)3.19Kinley Ro10/23/2013
Death By Icicle (A Mogie and Marin Mystery)2.99Shirley Rollins-Scott,Wendy Scott and Zoe Rollins-Scott11/5/2013
Flesh & Blood (Short Fiction Collection Vol. 3)2.99Gord Rollo,Gene O'Neill and Harry Shannon10/15/2013
Bodycaught (German Edition)9.99Chris P. Rolls10/26/2013
Bodycaught - XXL Leseprobe (German Edition)0.99Chris P. Rolls10/16/2013
The Yeti Child: The Sasquatch Enounters SHORTS: Two0.99Clint Romag10/16/2013
Les Marcheurs de Lumière (French Edition)4.99P Romanin10/26/2013
Wayward Pines: Before the Fall (Kindle Worlds Novel)3.99Stephen Romano10/29/2013
Geografía humana en tierras imaginadas (Spanish Edition)1.23Rocío de Juan Romero11/1/2013
La posada de los vientos y otros cuentos inquietantes (Spanish Edition)1.37Rocío de Juan Romero10/31/2013
Sarah's Key. Neighbour (Russian edition)5.33Tatiana De Rone10/20/2013
Death Offshore - 3 Tales of Murder0.99Edward Ronns10/24/2013
Firlefanz - Ein Beginn (German Edition)1.29Linda Roos10/23/2013
The Laboratory of Love9.99Patrick Roscoe10/14/2013
The Greenland Breach3.99Bernard Besson and Julie Rose10/23/2013
Misión Damasco (Spanish Edition)9.99Joel C. Rosenberg11/1/2013
Ejercito de sombras (Dándole cuerdas a los recuerdos ajenos) (+Fuerzas Perdidas) (Spanish Edition)3.00Lucio Rosenkreutz10/20/2013
Nine, Ten ... Never sleep again (Rebekka Franck #5)4.99Willow Rose10/16/2013
ENDEX0.99Craig Ross10/21/2013
The Deadliest Game: A Novel9.99Hal Ross11/6/2013
Tony Scram1.99Phil Rossi10/18/2013
Pabby's Score (Prairie Winds Golf Course)8.99James Ross10/30/2013
Lifetime Loser (Prairie Winds Golf Course)6.99James Ross10/30/2013
Orion2.99Tony Ross10/16/2013
Wenn Loa erwacht (German Edition)0.99Mira Roth11/3/2013
Gnadenlos (German Edition)0.99Mira Roth11/2/2013
Apollonia: Schatten der Vergangenheit (German Edition)2.99Verena Rot11/5/2013
Pero (Davy Jones' Lock, Notorious Space Pirates, Pero Book II, #2)0.99Crimson Rouge10/28/2013
Paper Drugs Burn0.99A.G. Rougier10/31/2013
Il killer di piazzale Dateo (eNewton Originals) (Italian Edition)2.99Paolo Roversi10/24/2013
An Old Friend 22.99Mark O'Neal and Willsin Rowe10/20/2013
Scam "H"4.99Jon Rowland10/27/2013
The Case of the Private Members' Club (Holmes & Watson)4.99Kevin James and Steve Rowley10/22/2013
The Key Man (A Martin McDonough Mystery)2.99Bruce Rubenstein10/31/2013
The Foot Soldier0.99Mark Rubinstein10/28/2013
Das seltsame Leben der Scarlett Ostermann (German Edition)9.99Alexa Rudolph10/22/2013
Prank Night2.99Kristopher Rufty10/8/2013
Cursed2.99Simon Rumney10/23/2013
Slave Dog Journals2.99Robert A. Rupp10/21/2013
Fumes2.99Kristine Kathryn Rusch10/17/2013
Trick or Treat: A Spade/Paladin Conundrum2.99Kristine Kathryn Rusch10/24/2013
St. Nick (Kindle Serial)1.99Alan Russell11/5/2013
Die-Off (A John Marquez Mystery)13.99Kirk Russell11/1/2013
Crimespree Magazine #533.99Hank Phillippi Ryan,Russel McLean,J. L. Abramo and Sara Paretsky10/25/2013
3 Gates of the Dead9.99Jonathan Ryan10/15/2013
Just Give Me A Minute (part two)0.99Robert Ryan10/15/2013
The Marked File3.99E.J. Rycer11/6/2013
Scorched (The Trent Taylor Mysteries)5.99Nevil Ryker10/28/2013
Chills: A Short Story Collection1.99Sahar Sabati10/20/2013
Death Card7.95Nick L. Sacco10/15/2013
Swedes' Ferry7.96Allan Safarik10/15/2013
The Dangerous Truth about Mad Catwomen (Tales of ice-cream and espionage)3.99J M Salisbury11/2/2013
Borrowed Bones : Brad Stout Adventure #4 (Brad Stout Adventures)0.99Charles A. Salter11/1/2013
LE LIVRE SECRET (French Edition)0.99Gregory Samak10/27/2013
OBSESSIONS - 3 Short Stories With a Twist.0.00Susan Sammon10/31/2013
Avalanche Warning1.99Lior Samson11/1/2013
War Torn Boxset: Three Thrilling Reads!1.53Luis Samways10/17/2013
If You Go Down To The Woods Today (The George Campion Mysteries)4.99gregory sanderson10/28/2013
Vlad V Vampire R.I.P.3.99Mit Sandru10/22/2013
UNTURNED STONES: People of the State v Nicholas Thaddeus Kristos2.99Eugenia Sandy10/19/2013
Lust & War (The Nathan Davett Cooper Series)5.95Michael Sanford,Dorothy Jo Vitek and Elizabeth Fieler10/31/2013
Muerte en la madrugada (Spanish Edition)5.00Sergio Alfonso Amaya Santamaría11/2/2013
Cuentos policiacos No. 3 (Spanish Edition)4.00Sergio Alfonso Amaya Santamaría10/18/2013
La Tourmente d'un Passé (French Edition)8.00Evelyne Santos11/6/2013
Sunset Grove1.00Luis Santos10/26/2013
La Biblia de los Caídos. Tomo 1 del testamento de Mad (Spanish Edition)2.99Fernando Trujillo Sanz,Nieves García Bautista and Javier Charro10/22/2013
The Head Men (The Destroyer #31)2.99Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir10/22/2013
Last Call (The Destroyer #35)2.99Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir10/22/2013
Outlaw City Of Fear9.99Joshua Sargent10/28/2013
Amsel, Drossel, Fink und Tod - Ein Inspector Collins / Moira Hertfield Krimi (German Edition)3.99E. A. Saunders10/30/2013
Broken Raven: Don't get mad ... Get everything!0.00Scarlett Savage10/23/2013
Murder Myth-Begotten: A Modern-Day Short Story0.99Steven Saylor10/20/2013
WILL OF MAN - PART THREE2.99William Scanlan11/6/2013
Wannabes4.75E.V. Scarbrow10/16/2013
Giù la testa (Italian Edition)6.00Luciano Scateni10/16/2013
Ulrike D. (German Edition)1.99Heinz-Jürgen Schönhals10/29/2013
The Process of Murder (Richard Poole Mysteries)3.99William and Martha Schafer11/3/2013
Codename: Omega (You Only Live Forever)2.99Bernard Schaffer11/4/2013
Take A Breath2.99J.R. Schaur11/5/2013
Der Kindermacher (Eifel-Krimi) (German Edition)5.22Ulrike Schelhove11/4/2013
Die Leiche im Landwehrkanal: Von Gontards sechster Fall. Criminalroman (Es geschah in Preußen) (German Edition...9.77Uwe Schimunek10/29/2013
Big Deal oder Der Stecher von Mainz: Mainzer Kriminalroman mit Karl Napp und der Meenzer Handkäsmafia (German...9.99Dieter Schmidt11/2/2013
Die rote Halle: Psychothriller (German Edition)3.99Karla Schmidt11/6/2013
Ein Fall von großer Redlichkeit (German Edition)4.80Peter Schmidt10/15/2013
St. Elmo's Ghost3.99Vernon Schmid11/6/2013
Das Gurren der Tauben (German Edition)0.00A. Schneider11/4/2013
Benders Flucht: Band 1: South Dakota (German Edition)1.69M. D. Schoppenhorst10/30/2013
Café Rebica (German Edition)1.61Gertraud Schubert10/25/2013
Watch.0.99Grant Schubert11/1/2013
Cause and Effect2.99Dan Schuler10/8/2013
Wunder gibt es immer wieder. Kurzkrimi (Ein Fall für die Privatdetektivin & Putzfrau Karo Rutkowsky) (German Edition...0.99Gesine Schulz11/3/2013
The Bashan Agenda (The Newstead Trilogy)3.99Melanie Schulz10/15/2013
Falsches Gold (German Edition)2.99Julia Schumann10/16/2013
Das Schicksal der Brueder (German Edition)4.90Katharina Schuster10/30/2013
When the Mirror Breaks4.99Decker Schutt10/31/2013
The Good Boy11.04Theresa Schwegel11/5/2013
Matroyshka Memory I1.99Justin Vaughn Schweigert11/3/2013
Was sie nicht weiß: Thriller (German Edition)11.76Simone van der Vlugt and Eva Schweikart10/28/2013
Weird Tales #313 (Summer 1998)2.99Tanith Lee and Darrell Schweitzer10/23/2013
Aufgeweckt (German Edition)3.00Lara Scorell10/23/2013
A Past Problem8.99Grayson Scott10/22/2013
Buffalo City Czar4.99James Scott10/8/2013
Snowfall4.99Jim Scott10/23/2013
Algorithm And Blues -- A Virgil Jones Novel3.99Thomas L. Scott10/30/2013
The Slithy Toves5.99Ryan Scoville10/22/2013
The Cyclops Case : A Judge Marcus Flavius Severus Mystery in Ancient Rome3.95Alan Scribner10/24/2013
Bloodless2.99D R S10/30/2013
Roanoke Vanishing (The Vanishing Series)4.99Auburn Seal,Brenda Errichiello and Steven Novak10/29/2013
Sleight of Hand0.99Mitch Sebourn10/30/2013
Ring of Fire (Book 2 in Raven McShane Series)2.99Caroline Dries and Steve Seca11/1/2013
Det. Lupée: The Impossible Cases5.95James Secor10/26/2013
A Hunting She Did Go9.99Irene Sedeora10/20/2013
The Bridge of the Americas : A Jack Sloan Novel9.99Larry Seeley10/22/2013
Silent City2.99Alex Segura10/22/2013
Bis, dass der Tod uns verbindet (German Edition)1.37Dominic Seiler10/19/2013
Three Bones2.99Andrew Koob and John Selburg10/28/2013
Crimes of Memory (A Detective Jackson Mystery)4.99L.J. Sellers10/15/2013
A Bullet for the Teacher3.49Eric Serebro10/21/2013
three short stories with death (Italian Edition)0.99Antonella Sacco and Marco Sernissi11/2/2013
Nessun indizio tranne il successo (Italian Edition)0.99Andrea Serra10/19/2013
256 recipes Fresh's with bananas and other fresh fruits. Humor, Detective, Fighting Fantasy, Epic fantasy0.00Vitaliy Serrgeev10/26/2013
Killers and Horror: Ink Black, Blood Red0.99Anthony Servante10/30/2013
My Girlfriend is a X Murderer3.99Dion Seth11/6/2013
Verbiss: Kriminalroman (German Edition)9.24Michaela Seul10/14/2013
Erbschuld: Psychothriller (German Edition)5.99Kitty Sewell,Anita Krätzer and Xenia Osthelder10/11/2013
Finer Spirits2.99S. J. Seymour10/20/2013
Louise's Dilemma (A Louise Pearlie Mystery)13.99Sarah R Shaber11/1/2013
Badger Lake1.99Aaron Shaffer10/28/2013
The Color of Light5.99Helen Maryles Shankman10/31/2013
First Kill All the Lawyers (A Samantha Adams Mystery)5.99Sarah Shankman10/25/2013
Tunneling for Revenge5.99Travis Sharpe11/1/2013
She is Mantooth (A Mantooth Series Thriller)2.99Rayburn Sharp10/22/2013
Mystery Thriller Classics Vol. 32.99Adam Shaw11/1/2013
Mystery Thriller Classics Vol. 22.99Adam Shaw10/29/2013
Mystery Thriller Classics Vol. 42.99Adam Shaw11/5/2013
Mystery Thriller Classics2.99Adam Shaw10/28/2013
Kyiv Rules - A Director Dudka Short Crime Thriller0.99Alex Shaw11/3/2013
The Baseball Bat (Help from Gramps)8.95James shaw10/28/2013
Kirk's Landing2.99Mike Young and Ian Shaw10/27/2013
All The Silver Souls (What Goes Around)3.30T D Shaw10/15/2013
The Alligator Man9.78James Sheehan10/8/2013
The Battle for "Witches Lair"3.99Paul Sheets11/5/2013
Myrtle's Penultimate Walkabout: Chapter 11: A Myrtle Drinkwater Astrological Investigator Mystery: 20.00Linda Shelnutt10/15/2013
The Bookworm That Turned6.41Delle Shepherd11/1/2013
Descending Son4.99Scott Shepherd10/29/2013
The Sheridan Hope Thrillers2.99Demetrius Sherman11/6/2013
Before the Flood: Of Dreams and Dreamers0.99John Sherman10/20/2013
Before the Flood: The Artist and the Collector0.99John Sherman10/20/2013
Before the Flood: The Reluctant Apostle0.99John Sherman10/20/2013
Red Dog Saloon4.99R.D. Sherrill,Seth Wright and Donna Anderson10/21/2013
Ally Cat, A Tale of Survival2.99Kathleen J. Shields10/14/2013
The Armchair Detective The Early Years (The Armchair Detective Collections)7.99Ian Shimwell11/1/2013
Dixie Autumn7.99Jerry Shinn11/6/2013
Unti John Shirley2.99John Shirley10/15/2013
Tie Dyed and Dead: A Stain-busting Mystery (Stain-Busting Mysteries)5.69Sharon Short11/5/2013
Death in the Cards: A Stain-busting Mystery (Toadfern Mysteries)5.69Sharon Short11/5/2013
Death of a Domestic Diva: A Toadfern Mystery4.74Sharon Short11/5/2013
Hung Out to Die: A Stain-busting Mystery5.69Sharon Short11/5/2013
Murder Unfolds: A Stain-busting Mystery5.69Sharon Short11/5/2013
Death by Deep Dish Pie: A Toadfern Mystery (Toadfern Mysteries)4.74Sharon Short11/5/2013
For Love0.99Robert Shroud10/19/2013
INOCHIWOKAKETEKUDOKU... (Japanese Edition)0.99Yoshihiko Shugo10/27/2013
Jaguar Moon7.99Michelle Shuman10/16/2013
Cerberus Nurtured9.99J. J. Shurte11/2/2013
A Lesson in Revenge2.99Daniel Side10/16/2013
The Many Lives of Samuel Beauchamp (a demon's story)3.99Michael Siemsen11/6/2013
Ambrose Fountain3.19Brian Sieve10/28/2013
Echo Year4.99Casper Silk10/28/2013
Black Orchids and Blood3.25Ed Silvera10/15/2013
The Big Fiddle (DI Michael Angel)9.59Roger Silverwood11/1/2013
The Hands of A Potter1.00Amber Silvia10/17/2013
Project Hydra0.99Anton Sim10/29/2013
FOOLISH HEART (A Chloe's Spirit Afterstory - Book 3)2.99Ann Simas10/31/2013
SECOND CHANCE (A Chloe's Spirit Afterstory - Book 2)2.99Ann Simas10/31/2013
Fornication Volume Three: Game Over2.99Julia Press Simmons10/26/2013
Mill Village Road3.99Linda M. Simmons10/22/2013
Bear Witness (DI Joseph Hunter Saga)3.99Laura E Simms10/28/2013
Fugitive Vengeance (The Vengeance Duo)2.99Michael Simonson10/24/2013
Stovepipe0.00Daniel Sink10/26/2013
Le feu du ciel, Guerres sous-marines, tome 4 (French Edition)8.00Claude-Jean Siré10/8/2013
Pour l'amour d'Eva - Guerres sous-marines, tome 6 (French Edition)5.00Claude-Jean Siré10/16/2013
Heaven's Prey (Redemption's Edge)4.99Janet Sketchley10/28/2013
Death by Obsession (Book #8 in the Caribbean Murder series)6.99Jaden Skye11/6/2013
Finding Evil0.99Mark Slade10/30/2013
Rage (Ukranian edition)5.07Karin Slaughter10/29/2013
The Will Trent Series 6-Book Bundle: Triptych, Fractured, Undone, Broken, Fallen, Criminal37.99Karin Slaughter10/21/2013
The Boyz: A Journey to Forgiveness3.99Yolanda Smallwood10/27/2013
Ben Franklin's Secret Love5.99A. Robert Smith10/31/2013
The Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon: No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (14)10.65Alexander Mccall Smith11/5/2013
How did he know?3.99Bill Smith10/15/2013
Something Radiates9.99Brenda Marie Smith10/30/2013
The Man With The X Ray Eyes Part One: The Robbers0.99C K Smith10/31/2013
The Yewtree Dominoes4.00Cheryl Smith and Derri Smith11/1/2013
Dallas Noir (Akashic Noir)9.99David Hale Smith10/30/2013
Dead Money7.99Dean Wesley Smith11/5/2013
Who will wear my clothes when I die?3.99Donavan Smith10/26/2013
Bad Environment (An Agent Juliet Thriller)0.00E. M. Smith10/30/2013
Murder in the Rockies6.12Eldon G. Smith11/1/2013
Death Comes to a Small Town9.99Jeff Smith11/4/2013
Favour the Dead9.34Mackenzie Smith10/10/2013
Moist and Delicious2.99Mark Haskell Smith11/1/2013
AKA Jesus1.99Mark Smith10/17/2013
The Twisted Hill Road (Good Old Boys Murder Mystery)2.99Michael Smith10/31/2013
House of V (Unraveled Series)2.99Raen Smith11/3/2013
Grind His Bones (Jack Scully Thrillers)2.99Richard Newell Smith11/1/2013
R.I.P. Katherine Colton (One of life's distorted moments)0.99Roberta Smith10/22/2013
Bed of Thorns (One of life's distorted moments)0.99Roberta Smith10/21/2013
In His Shoes and The Miracle (One of life's distorted moments)0.99Roberta Smith10/21/2013
The Devils Inside Us0.99Shyrone Smith10/27/2013
Empirical Evidence2.99Wally Smith10/8/2013
Vicious Circle12.59Wilbur Smith10/8/2013
Prisoner 3-57: Meltdown0.99Simon Smith-Wilson10/26/2013
Verstrickung - Marlowes erster Fall XL-Leseprobe (German Edition)0.99Indira Wirths-Kosub and Ute Smola11/4/2013
Kill Green Chronicles: Killing in Ordinary Time3.99April Brewster Smythe11/5/2013
The Crystal Ball (Illustrated)0.99Roy J. Snell10/29/2013
The Crystal Ball0.99Roy J. Snell11/5/2013
The Gatekeeper: The Final Secret Tribulation7.99Keith Sniadach10/29/2013
Secret Skeleton (Tess Case)1.25Terry Snodgrass10/21/2013
Carnsbury Abbey7.99Brian Snowden11/2/2013
Desolation Run3.99James Snyder10/16/2013
8 Funny Detective Stories with Maynard Soloman, Gal-Damn Detective3.39Benjamin Sobieck10/20/2013
Maynard Soloman vs. The Kidney Thieves (Funny Detective Stories #8)0.99Benjamin Sobieck10/20/2013
In manchen Nächten: Kriminalroman (German Edition)8.06Monica Kristensen and Ulrich Sonnenberg10/14/2013
More Things in Heaven and Earth0.99Sandor Jay Sonnen11/5/2013
The Learning Curve (A Homework is Homicide Mystery)0.99R.M. Sorace10/29/2013
City of Lights (City of Whispers, #3)3.99Katherine Sorin10/16/2013
Sociópata (Spanish Edition)4.99Marcopolo Soto10/8/2013
To Get Even (The Grievance Committee)4.99Frank R. Southers11/5/2013
Shopping (French Edition)0.99Alan Spade10/16/2013
Mightier than the Sword (Endurance)0.99Amy Spahn10/22/2013
BERYL'S PUP2.99Harry Sparagus10/17/2013
ANNA (Psychothriller) (German Edition)3.00Bina Sparks10/31/2013
Chaos M'Gee2.99Pablo Spears10/23/2013
In The Eye Of The Beholder (Augustus Westcott Victorian Mysteries)8.00Lilian Spencer11/6/2013
Long Time Dead, A (A Chief Inspector Woodend Mystery)10.09Sally Spencer11/1/2013
Sins of the Fathers (A Chief Inspector Woodend Mystery)2.80Sally Spencer11/1/2013
An Accidental Killing3.88Bev Spicer10/17/2013
Five More Eerie Tales Plus One0.99Marianne Spitzer10/15/2013
Dunkle Sonne (German Edition)5.20Joachim Springer10/20/2013
Drawn Into Darkness7.99Nancy Springer11/5/2013
This Corporation of Ours: Arrangements0.00Matthew Spychala11/5/2013
Der Genesis-Plan - SIGMA Force: Roman (German Edition)8.06James Rollins and Norbert Stöbe10/21/2013
The Black Coats: The Parisian Jungle 1: The Engraved Armband6.99Paul Feval and Brian Stableford10/28/2013
The Black Coats: The Parisian Jungle 2: Trois-Pattes6.99Paul Feval and Brian Stableford10/28/2013
The Black Coats: Heart of Steel 1: Marguerite de Bourgogne6.99Paul Feval and Brian Stableford11/5/2013
The Black Coats: Heart of Steel 2: Monsieur Coeur6.99Paul Feval and Brian Stableford11/5/2013
Macyn's Letter (Macyn McIntyre Series)0.00SL Stacker,J Latham and J Lemke10/20/2013
Chasing Jenny: A Philatelic Mystery (The Philatelic Mysteries)3.99Jeff Stage10/30/2013
Happy Mutant Baby Pills8.79Jerry Stahl10/22/2013
One More Body (Moses McGuire)3.99Josh Stallings10/31/2013
The Night3.99Terence Stamp10/16/2013
Saving Texas7.99Nancy Stancill10/20/2013
All The Way Dead2.99Stephen E Stanley10/22/2013
Blood2.99David Stansfield10/14/2013
Legacy of Evil3.99MK Staple10/30/2013
Das Leben dahinter (German Edition)0.99Christine Diana Stark10/24/2013
Madame Bovary (Vintage Classics)5.12Gustave Flaubert and Francis Steegmuller10/23/2013
Dark Rosary2.99Melissa D. Steele11/1/2013
The Canning Jar4.99Ben Steinlage10/24/2013
Hamton Pigs (The Sandy Mantle Series)2.99Aaron Steinmetz10/27/2013
Gina Takes Bangkok (The Femme Vendettas)3.49S. M. Stelmack11/1/2013
Wanted (A Leopold Blake Mystery / Thriller)2.99Nick Stephenson10/16/2013
KO0.99Thomas Steuten10/29/2013
The Ennin Mysteries: The Demon King0.99Ben Stevens11/4/2013
The Survivor Chronicles: Book 2, The Divide2.99Erica Stevens10/31/2013
Dreamy Eyed Stripper (The Sin Room)1.29K.B. Stevens10/31/2013
Feverish Desire (The Sin Room)1.29K.B. Stevens10/24/2013
Suicide Club. The Black Arrow (Russian edition)4.10Robert Louis STEVENSON10/17/2013
Faria Beach3.99Hudson Stewart10/26/2013
A Use of Riches8.99J.I.M. Stewart11/3/2013
Mark Lambert's Supper8.99J.I.M. Stewart11/2/2013
The Naylors8.99J.I.M. Stewart11/2/2013
Beim zweiten Mann wird alles besser (German Edition)15.96Catherine Alliott and Kattrin Stier10/28/2013
Betwixt and Between9.99Jessica Stilling11/4/2013
Keeping Secrets (Laurel and Helen New York Mystery Series)4.95Cathi Stoler10/21/2013
BAUERNOPFER (German Edition)3.95Volker Stollberg10/24/2013
Lincoln Falls9.99J A Stoll10/29/2013
Midnight in Valhalla (Kay Francis mysteries)4.99B. C. Stone10/23/2013
Loss of Light3.99DM Stone10/31/2013
The Unexpected Passenger (E.G. Stone's Urban Legends)0.99E.G. Stone10/20/2013
Breakthrough (Julian Palmer Thrillers)7.59Jonathan Stone10/29/2013
The Fallen Body (Taylour Dixxon Series)2.99Taylor Stonely10/25/2013
The Bleeding (Warren/Bennett/John...1.99Max E. Stone10/23/2013
Death of the Black-Haired Girl9.00Robert Stone11/5/2013
Caught at the Edge6.00Raymond Storm10/16/2013
The Trouble with Harry (Allison & Busby Classics)7.89Jack Trevor Story10/28/2013
Rex Stout Collection7.50Rex Stout10/28/2013
Fair Disclosure: A Jillian Hillcrest Mystery3.99Joyce T Strand10/29/2013
Brutta storia Belladonna (Fuori Collana) (Italian Edition)3.99Fulvio Strano10/26/2013
Das Vermächtnis (German Edition)3.90Friedrich Strassegger11/5/2013
Der Grenzgang (German Edition)3.50Friedrich Strassegger11/5/2013
Der Vatermörder (German Edition)3.90Friedrich Strassegger11/5/2013
Goldsteins Confessions - A true story (German Edition)2.99Friedrich Strassegger11/5/2013
Goldsteins Geständnis (German Edition)4.50Friedrich Strassegger11/5/2013
Milliardengrab (German Edition)3.50Friedrich Strassegger11/5/2013
After the Storm (The Storm Series)2.99M. Stratton,Angi Black and Amanda Gordon10/24/2013
Regenzeit (German Edition)2.99Florian Straub11/4/2013
Nefer: chapter VII0.99A Strickland11/5/2013
Deuce Creek Speed4.99Douglas L Welsh and Pahom Striker10/22/2013
Cyber Death (Dr Jack Parker Stevens)8.99Fritz Strobl10/27/2013
Hundsgemein (German Edition)1.61Klaus Strohmaier10/25/2013
Delivering Death - A Rural Murder Mystery5.49Mark Stroud11/2/2013
Heart Stopper4.99JP Struck11/2/2013
Energy5.99Nicole Stuart11/1/2013
OPERATION Tango Two Two7.99DJ Stutley10/8/2013
To Love A Thief2.99Chérie De Sues10/19/2013
Black Collar: Book 1 of the Uncommon Rebels Trilogy2.99Daniel Sullivan10/20/2013
Dark Lilly E.4.99Larry Sullivan10/15/2013
Outlaw: A Robin Monarch Novel10.91Mark Sullivan10/22/2013
Loop (Ring Trilogy)7.99Koji Suzuki10/29/2013
Italian Summer (Mina's Adventures)2.99Maria Grazia Swan11/2/2013
The Force (The Kingdom Chronicles)4.99Alexandra Swann,Joyce Swann and Stefan Swann10/17/2013
Past Due5.95Peter Swan10/31/2013
Unfolding Illusions (Sue Charter Mystery)3.99Michael Tadman10/31/2013
Sidamo: A Novelette1.19Augustine Tagaste11/2/2013
The revenge of the fox.6.49jack jackson and Albert Tait10/25/2013
Keystone2.99Luke Talbot10/24/2013
MINOS - 1 - Lendemain de Fêtes (French Edition)1.00Anthony Luc DOUZET and Magic Tales10/31/2013
Lasting Impressions 10.99Kolina Tales11/1/2013
Dynasty. Monk Abel's Compass1.99Rita Talverdieva10/27/2013
FORBIDDEN (A Novella on Which TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE is Based)0.99Marta Tandori10/25/2013
People Are Gonna Die3.99J. C. Tannelli11/6/2013
A Shot of Brandi ( Phialdelphia Crime Series )4.99Mr David S Tanz10/8/2013
ScatterShot3.99R.J. Tasker,Devin Harris and Elick Gibson10/18/2013
Hidden Threat (Threat Series)7.99Anthony J Tata10/26/2013
Rogue Threat (Threat Series)2.99Anthony J Tata10/26/2013
Sudden Threat (Threat Series)2.99Anthony J. Tata10/26/2013
The Most Hated Man3.20JP Tate10/20/2013
Blutschande: Schuld und keine Sühne (German Edition)1.63Gabriela Tauschwitz10/18/2013
Listen4.49Clare Taylor10/23/2013
The Final Kiss9.95Dashawn Taylor11/4/2013
The Wall (The Woodlands)4.99Lauren Nicolle Taylor10/8/2013
Overdue1.00Liam Taylor10/20/2013
The Lockbox4.99Steven Taylor,Deb Taylor,Joanne Taylor and Michael Burdick10/22/2013
ERIN & CRAIG three book Series7.99Kenneth Teicher10/25/2013
USA Noir: Best of the Akashic Noir Series9.95Johnny Temple10/30/2013
A Ghostly Shade of Paale9.99Merle Temple11/1/2013
Bad Blood (DI Marjory Fleming)10.49Aline Templeton10/28/2013
Der Serienmörder von Paris (German Edition)9.99David King and Alan Tepper10/23/2013
Twisted Clues (Owens Investigative Services)3.99Q E Terry10/22/2013
The Blink of Her Eye2.99Angelica Thaddeus,Tatiana Yakovleva/ and NAS CRETIVES/Shutterstock.com11/4/2013
Too Beautiful to be Working Nights (Arthur Murray Thrillers)4.99David Thayer10/17/2013
The Forty Column Castle (Mystery-in-Exotic-P...0.99Marjorie Thelen10/25/2013
The Oil Eater2.99Bill Thesken10/24/2013
The Lords of Xibalba2.99Bill Thesken11/5/2013
At The End Of The Norris Branch (Detective Brian Cohen Case Files)0.00Troy Thibodeau10/21/2013
Bed, Breakfast and Murder1.59Lonna Thiem10/19/2013
Guilty4.00Heidi J Thomas11/4/2013
The Law of Pangutz2.99Laura Thomas10/28/2013
Forgiven2.99Rachel Thomas11/2/2013
Sharecropper Hell (Illustrated)5.99Jim Thompson11/2/2013
Hong Kong Deception9.99John Thompson10/30/2013
The Shaken Cradle4.99Lena Thompson10/27/2013
Silencing Sapphire3.03Mia Thompson10/20/2013
The Journeyman2.30Mickey Thompson10/8/2013
Gottes geheime Schöpfung: Thriller (German Edition)8.06Ted Kosmatka and Wolfgang Thon10/21/2013
The Pick Up (The Case Files of Daniel Thorne)0.99Daniel Thorne10/28/2013
Lady Justice and the Vet0.00Robert Thornhill and Peg Thornhill10/19/2013
Web of Hate3.99James Thornton10/26/2013
Lorsqu'une étoile tombe (French Edition)5.20Edgard THOUY10/19/2013
Outlawe Lake0.99Debra Thrall10/23/2013
Cyberhunter4.50Jill Thrussell10/17/2013
Gardening for Her Life0.99Liana Olive Quinn and Diane Tibert10/27/2013
Chasing Madness0.99kirsten Tidey and Stephen Tidey10/26/2013
The Violent Century16.84Lavie Tidhar10/24/2013
Santa's Naughty List (Mahoney and Me Mystery Series)2.99Mary Lee Tiernan10/21/2013
The Black Veil3.99Delsie Tindel10/16/2013
The Molly Murders5.99Karen Tisdale10/24/2013
24 Sussex Drive3.99Sherrie Todd-Beshore10/24/2013
Money Flow2.99Martin Todorov10/8/2013
Picking Lemons: A C.J. Whitmore Mystery2.99J.T. Toman11/2/2013
Big Black Little Blonde4.99c Tom11/5/2013
Womble and the Shrink0.99Jonathan P. Tomes10/22/2013
Blame It On The Dog (Gabe and Tigger Mysteries)2.99Jim Toombs10/23/2013
Letting Go5.00Belinda Tors11/5/2013
Marcario2.99C.C. Towers11/5/2013
Jimmy's2.99Derek Townsend11/1/2013
The Last Hit2.99Derek Townsend10/26/2013
Cielo Nero (Italian Edition)1.00Luigi Traverso10/19/2013
WEST, TEXAS, MURDER (Dan Ballantine Mysteries)5.99Mark Travis10/18/2013
Holdem's Hold: The movie Runner, Runner should have been!7.99Alexandre Gosselin and Remi Tremblay11/4/2013
Ask Me Tomorrow2.99P.J. Treweek10/27/2013
Sex, Crimes, and Videotape0.00J.R. Tribe11/4/2013
TOXIC INTENT7.99Mrig Trishna10/16/2013
El crimen de Nochebuena (Spanish Edition)1.99Raúl Tristán10/20/2013
Absentee List: An Old Horse Mystery0.99Tom Triumph10/16/2013
Crimson Rose (A Kit Marlowe Mystery)15.49M.J. Trow11/1/2013
Maxwell's Chain (Peter 'Mad Max' Maxwell mystery)7.89M.J. Trow10/17/2013
The Kyoto Protocol1.60Roger G. Trow10/25/2013
Devil Dancer2.99Roger Trow11/6/2013
Soft Target : A Cybertech Thriller5.99John D. Trudel10/23/2013
Small Cracks (1)5.99Timothy Trull10/17/2013
bloody house murder (Japanese Edition)2.99Toki Tsukasa10/28/2013
Adrian's Blight0.99Phillip Tucker10/20/2013
Bella's Pact0.99Phillip Tucker10/20/2013
Charleston's Elegant Sinners3.75Terry Ward Tucker11/4/2013
Ghost Sub: The Complete Novel2.99Todd Tucker10/8/2013
First Do No Harm (Benjamin Davis Book Series)4.99A. Turk,Dimples Kellogg,Jessica Turk and Dan Swanson10/19/2013
Murder in the Bi Degree II0.99J. A. Turner11/5/2013
November Echo4.99James Houston Turner10/24/2013
Trial of the Gemini11.99Scott Turow10/16/2013
Presumed Innocent8.37Scott Turow10/24/2013
il bosco sacro (la Trilogia delle Dee) (Italian Edition)2.99joanna leyland and alfredo tutino10/28/2013
Feuer im Finanzamt (German Edition)9.24Axel Ulrich10/15/2013
MAC WALKER'S BETRAYAL: The Collection5.77D.W. Ulsterman10/20/2013
Dog of the Afterworld8.99Leon Unruh10/15/2013
The Will Of Desire4.99Sonya Urban11/3/2013
A.C.E. Vanguard9.99James Usavage10/15/2013
Medea's Gift0.99Dan Ust11/5/2013
La última oportunidad (Spanish Edition)8.99Edwin Atzin Pérez Vélez10/16/2013
Guardianes del falso edén (Spanish Edition)1.50Gabriel Monte Vado11/3/2013
The Girl in the Ice (A Stephen Attebrook mystery)0.99Jason Vail10/8/2013
Diary of a Cheating Spouse: A Cautionary Tale6.17Chad Matthew Valiant11/6/2013
Threading the Needle (Roma Series)7.99Gabriel Valjan10/20/2013
Spirit on the Run7.99D.J. Vanas10/20/2013
Sheep's Clothing1.49Louis Joseph Vance10/25/2013
Finding Hope0.99Bree Vanderland10/22/2013
A Moment of Reflection0.99Anthony Varano10/17/2013
Shelter for the quick devil (Ukrainian edition)7.99Vyacheslav Vasilchenko10/29/2013
Malice Stalks the Leopard (The Vespers Series)5.99RM Vassari,Lucia Olivia Lampe,Karolyn Walker and Franco D'Angelo10/29/2013
Duplicitous, or the Gospel from the ghoul (Ukrainian edition)7.99Vyacheslav Vasylchenko10/29/2013
For My Family (Nikki & Kenny Book 6)2.99Juliann Vatalaro10/21/2013
Die schwarzen Moenche: Die Abenteuer des Sascha Prignitz - Privatdetektiv aus Leidenschaft (German Edition)1.71Anne Vater10/15/2013
In The Chair: A Crinkled Mind Novella0.99Drake Vaughn10/16/2013
Resurrection (The Hayden Keller Trilogy)7.30Michael Vaughn11/4/2013
PsychKick2.99Mark Marks and Joseph Vecchiarelli11/1/2013
Innocent (A Peter and Rosetta Story)0.99Giulio Venezian10/17/2013
Kingdom of God2.99Alexander Vennes10/21/2013
The Masterpiece2.99Alexander Vennes10/21/2013
Tin Roof (Elements of Mystery)4.99Terri Talley Venters10/23/2013
El rompecabezas del cabo Holmes (Spanish Edition)5.59Carlos Laredo Verdejo10/29/2013
Dva konca: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Vikentij Veresaev10/24/2013
K zhizni: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Vikentij Veresaev10/24/2013
Na povorote: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Vikentij Veresaev10/24/2013
Sestry: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Vikentij Veresaev10/24/2013
V tupike: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Vikentij Veresaev10/24/2013
Bez dorogi: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Vikentij Veresaev10/24/2013
Dark Seed: No-one Knows What Evil Grows7.99Lawrence Verigin10/27/2013
Ein bizarres Geschäft (German Edition)4.99Ha. A. Mehler and Para-normal Verlag10/23/2013
Lucky Sevens2.99Cynthia Vespia10/20/2013
LES CHEMINS DE LA CONSCIENCE (French Edition)4.00Didier Veziano10/26/2013
Cold Comfort3.99Ellis Vidler10/15/2013
Murder on a Small Island (Murder by Angus)4.99Angus Vieira10/15/2013
Fixing to Die: Josie Marcus, Mystery Shopper (JOSIE, MARCUS MYSTERY SHOPPER)4.55Elaine Viets11/5/2013
Mortelle Renaissance (French Edition)4.00Georges VIGREUX10/16/2013
Kiss of Revenge: A Novel (The Kiss Trilogy)5.13Debbie Viguie10/29/2013
Dark Night of the Navajo2.99Barbara Villemez10/31/2013
The Last Winter of Dani Lancing: A Novel10.99P. D. Viner10/8/2013
Like my update, bitch! (Dutch Edition)2.99Luc Vos10/30/2013
Amazing Grace4.99Herkko Vuorinen10/21/2013
Red Graffiti2.99Herkko Vuorinen10/20/2013
The Best of YOU CRIME 2013 (Italian Edition)0.00AA. VV.10/18/2013
Der Marodeur von Oxford: und andere Geheimnisse aus dem Fallbuch von Henry St Liver (Penser Pulp) (German Edition...9.99Thomas Wörtche,Gary Dexter and Zoë Beck11/4/2013
Unter dem Auge Gottes (Penser Pulp) (German Edition)9.99Thomas Wörtche,Jerome Charyn and Jürgen Bürger11/4/2013
Rainbow Mafia3.99Bruce Wachob10/24/2013
Legendary Detective0.00Kaye Wagner11/2/2013
The Secret Lives of Married Women5.67Elissa Wald10/8/2013
Unbearable4.99Laura C Walden10/15/2013
Unbelievable4.99Laura C Walden11/3/2013
(The) Unwilling4.99Laura Walden10/8/2013
The Hazard Chase (The Felicia and Robin Mysteries)1.99Sarah Waldock10/31/2013
Marcie's Secret (Keeping Secrets from the Donovans)0.99Hope Walker11/1/2013
Nick Carter: Deal with the Devil (A supernatural thriller)2.99James Walker10/25/2013
To Their Dreams (Stasis Rift)0.99John Moore Walker10/20/2013
Sherlock Holmes and the Essex Werewolf2.99Woodrow W. Walker10/27/2013
Di scherzi si muore (eNewton Zeroquarantanove) (Italian Edition)0.99Edagar Wallace10/10/2013
L'angelo del terrore (eNewton Zeroquarantanove) (Italian Edition)0.99Edgar Wallace10/10/2013
La mano rossa (eNewton Zeroquarantanove) (Italian Edition)0.99Edgar Wallace10/10/2013
Mr. Reeder indaga (eNewton Zeroquarantanove) (Italian Edition)0.99Edgar Wallace10/10/2013
Eternal Patrol3.99Michael Wallace11/2/2013
Showdown at Evil High2.99Christine Wall10/24/2013
Death Waits In The Shadows2.99Patty Wallis11/2/2013
Gold Shavers2.99Patty Wallis11/3/2013
St. John's Folly (A Bay Tanner Mystery)5.99Kathryn R. Wall10/15/2013
With Evil Intent3.99Jackie Walsh11/2/2013
Evil Screams for Blood / Monster in the White House3.99Frances Walter10/8/2013
A Gathering of Shadows and Evermore: Two Fantasies0.99John Walters11/2/2013
Goldbroiler oder die Beschreibung einer Schlacht: Kriminalgeschichte (German Edition)7.78J. Monika Walther10/17/2013
MUTT ART3.99Bill Walton and Gary Walton10/29/2013
The Men Who Built The End5.00James Walton10/27/2013
Half Day Closing5.00Clive Ward and Elaine Ward10/31/2013
In The Dark Shadow Of The Sun3.99Daniel Ward10/22/2013
The Tarot Murders (The Mrs Charles Murder Mysteries)2.99Mignon Warner10/18/2013
The Mole: The Cold War Memoir of Winston Bates: A Novel11.04Peter Warner10/22/2013
The Modern Aristocrat2.99Harry Warraich10/19/2013
Counting on Danger (Jaswinder Mystery Series)4.99Cynthia Washburn10/21/2013
The Fatal Funnel Cake: A Fresh-Baked Mystery7.99LiviaJ. Washburn11/5/2013
Murder Around The Clock (Grayson McGregor Adventures)2.99D. C. Washington10/15/2013
The Bedroom Killer8.97Taylor Waters10/17/2013
Hex, Death & Tock 'N' Roll5.60E. F. Watkins11/6/2013
The Lady Killer: Scorned2.99Ed Watson10/22/2013
Black Coffee (Emaline Banister Mysteries)3.99Jaye Watson10/17/2013
The Park Place Rangers Story 5, The Naked Green Man & Other Colorful Stories (The Park Place Rangers, A Series...0.99Larry Watts10/28/2013
The Red Star of Ulster2.99M. A. Way11/4/2013
Matthew Brannigan2.99Timothy J. Weaver11/2/2013
Silence: The Faces of Evil Christmas Prequel (The Faces of Evil Series Prequel)2.99Debra Webb11/1/2013
The Lawyer's Muse4.99KC Webb10/28/2013
Crippen's Secret, or, The Doctor and the Demons2.99Simon Webb10/19/2013
The Broken Road Cafe (The Broken Road Cafe #1)4.99T.A. Webb11/2/2013
The Price Of Betrayal (The Price OF Series)7.99Kenneth A Weber10/19/2013
Gefrorene Liebe (Wolffs Fälle) (German Edition)9.90Peter Weber11/4/2013
Country Hardball6.99Steve Weddle10/18/2013
In der Gruftbar (German Edition)2.99Bruno H. Weder10/31/2013
The Days of the Devil0.99TJ Weeks10/21/2013
Obsessed With The Kill2.99TJ Weeks10/21/2013
The Pink Man O' War3.99Sigrid Weidenweber10/15/2013
Rat-Butler (Short Story 100 Cent)1.00Danielle Weidig11/1/2013
Bittersweet9.95Constance Dunn Weinmaster and Mark Weinmaster10/21/2013
The Bomb on the Rock0.99Michael Weiss10/15/2013
Criminal Mischief (The Rhodes to Murder Series)2.99Mary V. Welk10/23/2013
Double Trouble 2-in-1 Mystery Collection (Too Good to be Truman, Too Bad to be Truman)6.99Chris Well10/20/2013
As a Roaring Lion - a UK & Africa thriller2.99Jack Welles10/31/2013
The Gold Bag: A Resurrected Press Enhanced Edition (Annotated)0.99Carolyn Wells11/5/2013
The Luminous Face: A Resurrected Press Enhanced Edition (Annotated)0.99Carolyn Wells11/5/2013
CUT - Rewind1.99R. Wells11/6/2013
Horrible People4.95M.E. Welman10/17/2013
Justice (a Robert Grant Novel)2.99JoAnn Welsh10/8/2013
Teamwork (A Danny Roth Novel)6.99Ray Wenck10/30/2013
Verkauft (German Edition)6.62Monika Wenninger10/19/2013
Patricia Wentworth, Collection3.80Patricia Wentworth10/30/2013
Season of the Unholy Moon2.99C G Wesley10/19/2013
Shadow of the Alchemist: A Medieval Noir10.65Jeri Westerson10/15/2013
The Crimson Alley2.99Skyler West10/30/2013
Eye of the Hurri-Kaine (Book 3, Volume 2) (The Hurri-Kaine Series)2.99Kathleen West-Townsend11/3/2013
Speaking from the Heart2.99Ed Weyhing10/17/2013
The Neptune Deception8.99Gary Whaley11/3/2013
"SAY NO"3.99George Whatley10/21/2013
The Fundraiser3.99Deborah Wheatley10/25/2013
The Scarlet Impostor7.39Dennis Wheatley10/10/2013
The Black Baroness7.39Dennis Wheatley10/10/2013
Come into my Parlour7.39Dennis Wheatley10/10/2013
The Second Seal7.39Dennis Wheatley10/10/2013
Contraband7.39Dennis Wheatley10/10/2013
Cherry Pie Lies (Churchill Street Stories)2.99Lynne Whelon10/23/2013
MONTEREY PULP [A Barker Mystery]4.99Patrick Whitehurst10/17/2013
Next To Heaven9.99Jeanette White10/16/2013
The Pack A Werewolf's Saga 22.99Michael Lampman and Ashley White10/26/2013
Changes A Werewolf's Saga 12.99Michael Lampman and Ashley White10/17/2013
In The Rosary Garden9.32Nicola White10/24/2013
Remote Possibilities6.95S.P. White10/31/2013
Sein Schmerz - Extrem (German Edition)3.23Wrath James White10/26/2013
Ghostly Revenge1.00Gary Whitmore11/2/2013
Bob Rigsby, the Beginning2.99James Whitney,Marian Kopay and Darko10/30/2013
Powder Blue Tweed & Rye12.00Faye Whittaker10/30/2013
LOST DAYS OF THE PINTA2.99W. W. Whitten10/23/2013
The Prophet, the President, and the Pastor (Episode 14) (The Prophet, the President, and the Pastor (Serial Novel...0.99Daniel Whyte III and Meriqua Whyte10/22/2013
Through a Watery Veil (The Epic Forgotten)3.99J Christopher Wickham11/6/2013
Jonas wird misstrauisch (German Edition)5.93C. U. Wiesner10/26/2013
Ein Todesfall und andere Missgeschicke (German Edition)9.99Gabriele Wiggen-Jux10/30/2013
Der Fall des Botschafters. Ein Madrid-Krimi (German Edition)9.99Gabriele Wiggen-Jux11/2/2013
Aftershock (The Lt. Hastings Mysteries)6.39Collin Wilcox11/5/2013
Calculated Risk (The Lt. Hastings Mysteries)6.39Collin Wilcox11/5/2013
Dead Aim (The Lt. Hastings Mysteries)6.39Collin Wilcox11/5/2013
A Death Before Dying (The Lt. Hastings Mysteries)6.39Collin Wilcox11/5/2013
The Disappearance (The Lt. Hastings Mysteries)6.39Collin Wilcox11/5/2013
Doctor, Lawyer . . . (The Lt. Hastings Mysteries)6.39Collin Wilcox11/5/2013
Hiding Place (The Lt. Hastings Mysteries)6.39Collin Wilcox11/5/2013
Hire a Hangman (The Lt. Hastings Mysteries)6.39Collin Wilcox11/5/2013
The Lonely Hunter (The Lt. Hastings Mysteries)7.49Collin Wilcox11/5/2013
Long Way Down (The Lt. Hastings Mysteries)6.39Collin Wilcox11/5/2013
Mankiller (The Lt. Hastings Mysteries)6.39Collin Wilcox11/5/2013
Night Games (The Lt. Hastings Mysteries)6.39Collin Wilcox11/5/2013
The Pariah (The Lt. Hastings Mysteries)6.39Collin Wilcox11/5/2013
Power Plays (The Lt. Hastings Mysteries)6.39Collin Wilcox11/5/2013
Stalking Horse (The Lt. Hastings Mysteries)6.39Collin Wilcox11/5/2013
Victims (The Lt. Hastings Mysteries)6.39Collin Wilcox11/5/2013
The Watcher (The Lt. Hastings Mysteries)6.39Collin Wilcox11/5/2013
Mords-Reform (Tatort Hunsrück) (German Edition)9.99Hannes Wildecker11/3/2013
THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY (Classic Version: Published 1890) by Oscar Wilde0.99Oscar Wilde10/16/2013
An Absent God (A Cody Harper Novel)4.99Vincent Wilde10/18/2013
Tech Wolves2.99William Wilde10/30/2013
Abgeschrieben - Kurzkrimi (German Edition)0.00Sonja Wild10/30/2013
Peters' Patch 1 The Bodmin Moor Mystery4.48David J Wiles11/5/2013
Equity [Illustrated]0.99Hugh Wiley11/2/2013
Gammon2.99Steven Bosak and Matt Wilkans10/21/2013
Autumnal Equinox (Novella) (Purgatorium)9.99Connor Hinds and Michael Wilkinson10/16/2013
Regression Therapy0.99J Wilkinson10/25/2013
Gefährliches Geheimnis: Roman (German Edition)7.39Anne Perry and Elvira Willems10/28/2013
Köln bei Nacht Buch 1 Ein Nebenjob Kapitel 1 Die Disco (German Edition)0.99Chris P. William11/1/2013
PREY FOR THE ANGEL3.99Anthony E. Williams11/6/2013
For Two By One (From The Wicked Corner of My Brain)1.26B. Antoinette Williams11/6/2013
The Lost Lichtenstein (The Arthur Quinn Mysteries)2.99Bill Williams10/27/2013
Sound of Madness0.99Brett Williams11/1/2013
The Nero Decree4.99Greg Williams11/5/2013
Wheels of Justice and Other Stories2.99Les Williams10/18/2013
Moon Surfers (The Stacey Files)3.99Louis Williams10/8/2013
Wine Dark (The Stacey Files)3.99Louis Williams10/23/2013
Designer Deeds3.99Mansell Williams10/27/2013
Stars or Stripes 4th of July3.99Mariana Williams10/26/2013
Twisted Tales4.99Marlin Williams10/19/2013
Cold New Year (Banned Library)0.99Evan Williamson10/8/2013
The Rift4.99Walter Jon Williams10/27/2013
A Twist of Fate (The Twist Series)3.99Jo Willow11/4/2013
Wayward Pines: The Widow Lindley (Kindle Worlds Novella)1.99F. Paul Wilson10/29/2013
The Race: A Novella2.99Jacke Wilson10/17/2013
Spider Season: A Benjamin Justice Novel (Benjamin Justice Novels)7.59John Morgan Wilson11/5/2013
Banksters3.99Nicolas Wilson10/28/2013
pete and tulley - the light house murder case (pete and tulley murder mysteries)2.99robert wilson11/4/2013
DRAMA IN KITZBUHEL0.99steve wilson10/24/2013
Makey's Ghost and The Scorpion Conspiracy7.99Stuart Wilson,Lindsay Wilson and Bruce Rushin10/26/2013
Truths and Trusts9.99Tyra Wilson10/15/2013
How to Start Living or Die Trying7.99Vicki Wilson10/27/2013
Devil Among Us9.95Jack Winnick10/23/2013
Decoupage Can Be Deadly (An Anastasia Pollack Crafting Mystery)3.99Lois Winston11/5/2013
Caitlyn Rocket Mysteries No. 1 & 24.99Jill Winters10/31/2013
The Unspinnable Big Clock Scandal (Caitlyn Rocket Mystery No. 2)3.99Jill Winters10/18/2013
The Mystery on the Miniature Railway0.00J Winton10/16/2013
Solid Citizens (A Marcus Corvinus mystery)13.99David Wishart11/1/2013
Burning Twilight: A Novella0.99Kenneth J. Wishnia10/29/2013
Secrets in San Remo7.99Susan Peterson Wisnewski10/21/2013
XXL-Leseprobe INGESCHENK: Der ominöse Fall der Ingeborg Ginster (German Edition)0.99Steffen Wittenbecher10/22/2013
Medium Rare: Dead Man Talking (Medium Rare Series)5.99Michelle Witvliet10/26/2013
Nemti (German Edition)6.80Manfred Wloch10/16/2013
Wen der Falke küsst (German Edition)9.52Elmar Woelm10/21/2013
Magdalena's Conflict9.99Frances Bries Wojnar11/6/2013
Squeeze5.99J. B. Wolfe10/21/2013
DYING TO TEACH2.99Pearl Wolf10/28/2013
Second Chance (Tom Steele)2.99Neil Edward Wolfson10/27/2013
Deception (a Whidbey Island mystery)3.99Colleen Woodall10/8/2013
Web of Obsessions9.99Diane Wood10/16/2013
King's Chameleon, The (A Kit Faulkner Naval Adventure)13.99Richard Woodman11/1/2013
Drink With The Devil4.99David Woods11/6/2013
Doing Hard Time (STONE BARRINGTON)9.99Stuart Woods10/8/2013
The Game7.99Tom Wood11/5/2013
I'm Dangerous Tonight2.99Cornell Woolrich10/20/2013
Ghost (An Angela Masters Detective Novel)3.99Mike Worley11/1/2013
The Torch0.00Glover Wright10/15/2013
Straight Up1.99J.A. Konrath and Iain Rob Wright11/5/2013
The Closet (Summerset Tales #1)0.99Jac Wright10/27/2013
The Reckless Engineer2.99Jac Wright11/5/2013
Blood Stains From the Past3.99PJ Wright10/31/2013
The Goon Squad8.95Ronald Wright10/17/2013
Breeding Ground2.99Sally Wright10/24/2013
Dieses Mädchen gründete ihr eigenes Land (Grafen von Monte Cristo) (German Edition)4.99Holy Ghost Writer10/24/2013
Die letzte Lektion (German Edition)2.99Friedrich Wulf11/6/2013
P.I. The Wedding2.99Kamilla Gary Wyatt10/16/2013
Dimension M2.99Scott Wyatt11/6/2013
Steel Talons9.99Ed Wynkoop10/30/2013
Blood (Japanese Edition)4.00Takashi Yama11/6/2013
Wake up.2.99greg yano10/19/2013
Blood Is Thicker Than Stupidity0.00Alexander Yates10/26/2013
Axeman's Progress0.99Dennis Yates and Pamela J. Yates10/19/2013
Disturbing the Peace9.99Richard Yates10/9/2013
The Search for Arctic 310.99Chip Yde10/19/2013
The Greatest Hunt Of All0.99Tim Yingling10/24/2013
Mistaken0.99Tim Yingling10/24/2013
Birdbrain4.99Jim Yoakum10/24/2013
The Strong Brain4.99Nathan Yocum10/30/2013
Death is a Certainty2.99Ted York11/5/2013
The WASP Nest Murders5.00Pamela Youngblood10/20/2013
R.E.M.0.99Ian Thomas Young11/2/2013
The Compound: A Dead Walk Diaries Novella1.49Joe Young11/3/2013
Yottsunonegai (Japanese Edition)2.99Kageyama Yukihiro10/19/2013
Brynskij les: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Mihail Zagoskin10/22/2013
Russkie v nachale os'mnadcatogo stoletija: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Mihail Zagoskin10/22/2013
Tri zheniha: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Mihail Zagoskin10/22/2013
Muerte en el arrabal (Spanish Edition)6.70Guillermo Zambrano10/19/2013
Los amores de una mujer decente (Spanish Edition)4.99Guillermo Zambrano10/20/2013
Más allá del rencor (Spanish Edition)4.90Guillermo Zambrano10/19/2013
Missing Mates0.99Kevin Keeley and Ken Zarnoch10/24/2013
Jenny's Favorite Room0.99Kevin Keeley and Ken Zarnoch10/22/2013
The Old Shed0.99Kevin Keeley and Ken Zarnoch10/22/2013
Services Rendered0.99Kevin Keeley and Ken Zarnoch10/22/2013
The Coy Little Cowbird0.99Kevin Keeley and Ken Zarnoch10/20/2013
A Tale or Two, The Ultimate Collection2.00Mac Zazski10/18/2013
Mord an der Grenze: Krimi (German Edition)9.99Ernest Zederbauer11/5/2013
Posts From The Underground3.99Aaron Zehner10/23/2013
Shadow Killer (A Short Story)0.99Zewery Zetarn10/30/2013
Evil Matchmaker (A Short Story)0.99Zewery Zetarn10/26/2013
Terror Eye ( A Short Story)0.99Zewery Zetarn11/6/2013
Otstalaja: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Julija Zhadovskaja10/22/2013
V storone ot bol'shogo sveta: Russian Language (Russian Edition)3.19Julija Zhadovskaja10/22/2013
Gridlock5.20Alvin Ziegler10/8/2013
Styx & Stone: An Ellie Stone Mystery8.69James W. Ziskin10/15/2013
Pawn of Satan7.99Mark Zubro10/19/2013
Le lacrime del lago Tai: Il settimo caso dell'ispettore capo Chen Cao (Farfalle) (Italian Edition)15.99Qiu Xiaolong and Fabio Zucchella10/9/2013
Titan (French Edition)9.99Frédéric Zumbiehl11/3/2013
Netrpělivost srdce2.99Stefan Zweig11/1/2013
The Art of Drowning2.9910/8/2013
England Mystery Books : Detective Marco: Minority's Complication4.97A.K.Artorias10/16/2013
Mr. Park's Private War7.99ado10/29/2013
3 Days in Paradise1.19Chameleon10/28/2013
The Prince and The Pauper-modern America version (Japanese Edition)2.99dydy10/20/2013
The Asshole Theory0.99ipam10/17/2013
Resurrecting Eve1.25LaRedeaux10/27/2013
A corps défendant (La Charmelière) (French Edition)2.50Malusyle10/15/2013
arisu no mori no satsujin (enjoji ashley kyo ichiro series) (Japanese Edition)2.99naritarion10/16/2013
The United States of Africa3.99Rafael10/22/2013
Look At The Bright Side2.99TKK10/28/2013

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